Image of the Beehive crop circle. The Language of ONE #33-65

3. The Language of ONE #33-65


The Language of ONE is brought forth as crop circle definitions that are made available unto ascending initiates by the Great Central Sun for the purposes of transcendence. Each symbol will invoke a holographic energy movement in the field, just as the Language of Light symbols cause movement that dissipates density and allows for ascension. Please see Chapter 3 of Ascension Insights, Volume 6 for definitions of the Language of ONE #1-32


Crop Circle Interpretations


Caution: If these symbols cause one to feel dizzy, nauseous or faint and uncomfortable, we guide you to return to the Language of Light symbols and master these tones first in one’s personal ascension.


When Finish: Please intend to disengage from the movement that each symbol fosters when you are finish with your focus. We recommend using these symbols in small amounts a little at a time until one has embraced a flow that supports these tones. These tones are “macro” commands that invoke the entire scale of the Language of Light single, dual, tri and quad tones all at once. Also intend that one adjusts the movement to serve one’s current level of ascent by requesting this of Earth’s angels. Earth is holding a dream to support the learning of the movement of the Language of ONE for all whom are ready for this next level of work.


33. Holographic Record Keeping









Holographic records are kept in a tightly organized manner in which there is 900 times more memory than spiral based storage. Holographic records allow for much more information stored in a more organized manner, not unlike current human data keeping on CD Rom that emulates Earth’s field. The increasing record keeping capabilities allow Earth to retrieve lost holographic records and store them for reference or use in the continued ascent of each kingdom or the whole of Earth.


34. Holographic Consensus Based Knowledge









Holographic knowing allows one to access all information ever understood at a particular bandwidth of frequency within one’s species or the consensus at large. No information is withheld and nothing is missing. All that is required to access the knowing is the right vibrations and keys and as long as one does not misuse the information in any manner, then one will have access to whatever one requires to understand in order to ascend. This is the same for each species as well as Earth as a whole. 


35. Holographic Gender Balance










Holographic gender balance allows masculine and feminine knowledge to be equally weighted and expressed in each species or consensus reality. As humans move towards holographic gender balance, female and male equality shall be the result in all cultures upon Earth. Masculine and feminine serve a purpose in the Great Central Sun. Feminine energy is golden and masculine is silver; the two work together with gold moving in one direction and silver in the other to retain balance of each kingdom or the consensus at large.


36. Holographic Amalgamation









Holographic amalgamation is the process through which light and dark are united into a single rainbow of tones. It is through holographic amalgamation that 75% of Earth has crossed into the Great Central Sun Dream as of this year. Amalgamation causes denser tones to be interwoven with lighter tones into a single rainbow of colors in which light and dark cease to be split or separate. Through amalgamation, the dance of light and dark ceases, giving way to a new state of being that is united and whole.


37. Holographic Center Point









Holographic center point has to do with the balanced spinning of a field that is held in a magnetic rotation. If one sits in the center of the rotation, there will be absolute balance. In the balance, the field does not wobble and one can continue to ascend in greater ease. In the center, there is greater peace and an ability to remain in the world but not of the world; or in other terms one is less likely to be drawn into the turmoil of others around oneself.


38. Triple Lotus Flow









Triple Lotus is the energy flow that all chakras, subtle bodies and energy fields are constructed from through ascension into the Language of Light upon Earth. This flow allows for the expression of non-mechanical thoughtform that is conscious in nature and soul driven. Soul can infuse itself into the Triple Lotus flow to assist in managing the life, the kingdom or the consensus known as Earth. Each kingdom is moving from a state of soullessness to soul infusion at this time of ascension; and Terra herself is becoming soul driven by the Tao in support of her ascension Home into the Great Central Sun dream. Each must master this flow to enter the new dream.


39. Beehive Energy Flow









Beehive energy flow is a new movement that allows for a stronger magnetic field rotation to push up against the electrical and electromagnetic pressure that is both within and pushed upon Earth. Electricity shall be detoxified gradually over the coming quarter century and magnetic energy shall prevail thereafter.


Magnetic energy is founded upon a rotation that requires no chi to sustain itself; magnets are shut on and off, on and off, and in opposing forces will rotate around one another. As the fields rotate, they self sustain in movement without requiring chi due to the push and pull between the magnets. This is the first step towards self sustainable energy flow that shall lead to self sustainability within the human dream over time and in the century ahead. The outer is only a reflection of the inner and the energy flow of the consensus known as Earth.


40. Male and Female Beehive Flow







The female and male move opposite to one another to create a greater degree of balance. Male is silver and female is gold in the Language of ONE. Gold and silver dance together in harmony, unity and peace. The beehive rotation between males and females allows for unity between genders and within group environments. Asur’Ana and Per have been experimenting with this flow at their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) workshops or meditation retreats and have successfully created greater unity.


41. Dream Amalgamation









The new dream is an amalgamation of light and dark into a single fabric or tapestry that does not separate matter from spirit. The result is a balanced dream that can ascend without creating opposites. In a split dream, ascending the light also ascends the dark until the dark destroys a creation as it inflates rather than allowing for further ascension. In amalgamating the light and dark, neither the light or dark inflate separately; but rather light and dark inflate in an integrated and unified manner. In so being, the pathway home to the Great Central Sun opens up as this dream is also amalgamated and balanced light and dark. One cannot enter this dream without unifying light and dark within.


42. Amalgamated Balance









In amalgamated balance, the male and female move in opposite to one another in the consensus known as Earth. Male can be considered the land and female the ocean. As land and ocean move in syncopation in opposite to one another, then balance is sustained upon Earth. Within groups, as the female moves in one direction and the male in the other, balance and unity is sustained. As the human kingdom learns this movement collectively and in 75 years’ time, unity shall become the new foundation of human civilization.


43. Balance of Light and Dark










Balancing light and dark requires a particular arrangement of density to light. As the density and light is interspersed in a manner that sustains balance, the field can rotate without losing chi; the non-loss of chi then sustains the ascent and with continued push outward of the field and up in vibration of the body or consensus. Balanced light and dark lead to fewer moments of contraction or “bad ascension days” as ascending humans experience them as the balance leads to non-contraction and holds the field at the current pace of rotation and vibration in greater ease.


44. Holographic Intention









Holographic intention is an energetic flow that allows the conscious action of intending one’s dream for the body and the life to be fulfilled upon in relation to holographic dream weaving. Solar holographic dream planes host all possibilities of dreams that humans could experience within them and as the intention is relayed through the energetic dynamics of the field, the dream is then drawn down the manifestation planes to be experienced in the dance of life. Holographic movements are a more powerful force than other movements to call the desired dream into the dance of life.


45. Holographic Language Key









Holographic planes have their own language known as the Language of ONE. Each symbol in the Language of ONE has a key that allows for the accessing of the knowledge associated. Languages are hosts to knowledge that support and sustain vibrations along with allowing for ascension. History is recorded in the language and often missing karma from one’s ancestry can be found as holographic language is accessed in one’s ascension. In order to access holographic languages, one must master a particular pitch of vibration and field rotation that allows the language library to open.


46. Holographic Navigation









Holographic navigation has to do with navigating through holographic libraries once they have been accessed. For those mastering the Language of ONE movements, there are libraries within libraries that one may enter to find records and information you are in need of in order to ascend. Most access these libraries in dream time. There are also libraries from within the Tao that are being made available through the intervention for the purposes of succeeding at ascension. One must learn to navigate through the archives or can become lost and this is the purpose of this movement.


47. Holographic Planes









The holographic planes have gone through massive restoration and recasting within recent months leading to a new manner of holding the information related to each hologram of each species, or each hologram within the human species. Holograms have gone through vast manipulations in times past and have lost much of their original knowledge not only from the seeding of the human species upon Earth, but also from other dimensions. All holographic knowledge is in the process of being restored so that all will be known ahead for the continued ascent of Mother Earth. The new holographic patterns emulate the Tao’s holographic nature which then allows access to Tao based libraries in support of evolution Home.


48. Entering the New Dream









The new dream of the Great Central Sun has boundaries and one must pass through a hall of mirrors in order to enter. In order to enter, the movement within the dream must be matched in the field, along with the amalgamation of tones so that balance is achieved. Lack of balance in an attempted entry only leads to combustion, and there are many creations that combusted in times past vying to go “home”. Terra has learned how to balance tones so that she can cross into the new dream in ease, and so, must each ascending human learn the same.


49. Divine Union Dreams









Divine union dreams allow for dreams to overlap where they are shared between beloveds or between species or between consensus realities. This is a new pattern that many ascending beloveds are experimenting with including Asur’Ana and Per. The overlapping dreams allow for a dance that resonates together, as the dreams align. Per and Asur’Ana have noticed how much easier their days flow together as a result of this new dream pattern which causes their dance to be more harmonious.


50. Free Energy Magnetism









Free energy magnetism is a thoughtform associated with the Tao. Free energy is an ongoing never ending rotation of field that provides all the chi required to ascend. There are so many patterns and dances in the nonphysical that vampire Terra’s chi that finding an alternative that provides plenty of chi has been necessary to assure her continued ascension ahead. The new free energy movement allows for this shift. Asur’Ana and Per have also discovered that in the free energy movements, there is less likelihood of backsliding in their mastery and there is enough chi to aid Earth as needed in her ascent, along with hold the dream of their school.


51. Algorithm of Amalgamation









The Tao is providing many new algorithms to aid those who are ascending in the new dream. Amalgamation is a process by which light and dark unites into a new language or tones that are more greatly balanced, allowing entrance into the New Dream of the Great Central Sun. The intent to amalgamate the field allows one entrance into an amalgamated dream, and one crosses through a threshold of mirrors and into a new dance of energies associated with all kingdoms that have also moved into the new dream at this time in history. At this time, the ocean, mountain peaks and other pristine regions of nature sit in the new dream, and one joins them in the intent to amalgamate one’s field.


52. Algorithm of Transmutation









The Tao is providing many new algorithms to aid those who are ascending in the new dream. The algorithm for transmutation allows all foreign energy flow that is angular or box shaped and not round in nature to be transmuted into a new magnetism that is spherical. This is transmutation in action, and as all that is angular ceases to exist in all thoughtform of the entire holographic consensus upon Earth, war, disease, abuse and starvation shall cease in the human dream. The new dream will not embrace angular thoughtform and would reject Earth upon entry otherwise. Therefore, this is so for each human or sentient species; each must embrace spherical flow or one will have no dream as Terra enters the new dream in full.


53. Algorithm of Power and Love United









The algorithm of Power and Love United is a new energy flow anchored by the Tao for the purposes of empowering love upon the physical plane. Love has been lost, and love is required for the self-healing of each ascending sentient species and Mother Earth herself. Without empowered love, there is little hope of real ascension Home to the Great Central Sun or the Tao. Therefore, new algorithms are being anchored upon Terra through the ascending map makers in human, whale and dolphin form and in collaboration with the Tao to allow for the birth of self healing through love of all. As self healing begins, one will release the patterns most obstructing one’s ascension, or at cause of why one may have become ill in the choice to ascend.


54. Algorithm of Synchronization









The algorithm of synchronization synchronizes and harmonizes each field with the other within the consensus of each species, and between each species upon Earth and within the new dream. Harmony has been vastly missing upon Terra, and the new algorithm of synchronization aids in harmonizing kingdoms within themselves and between kingdoms, allowing a new level of unity to be born within the new dream. This new algorithm has also come from the Tao.


55. Algorithm of Equality









The algorithm of equality also comes from the Tao to allow each species their full expression. Each species in the new dream is equal to any other species, whether it is plant, animal, mineral, dolphin or whale, human or little creatures (insect) in nature. Each kingdom contributes equally to the global ascent of the whole and therefore has equal voice and say within the new dream. Each species forms a counsel through which they can contribute to the ascent of each other and the whole of the Earth.


56. Algorithm of Truth









The Tao is providing new algorithms that allow each species to align in their own sovereign truth in the new dream. The new algorithm of truth creates a new form of magnetism that allows for boundaries of truth between members of any fully conscious species or between species. The magnetism spins oneself into oneself, allowing one’s own truth, dream and life expression to be pressed into one’s own field, and the truth, dream and life of each other pressed into their own field. The end result is that each in the consensus expresses their own unique truth upon the physical plane and in the new dream.


57. Consensus Tao Based Time









Earth and the multidimensional consensus that she is associated with is entering Tao Time. Tao Time essentially aligns the end of time bell with all dimensions of life and thoughtform that Terra (Earth’s consciousness) is associated with. Tao time states that the time of expansion has concluded and the time of contraction has begun, and all that does not resonate with the choice to return home to the Great Central Sun dream and the Tao within must depart the consensus at large.


There is a giant cleansing underway of old patterns that no longer resonate with Terra’s choice to go Home and it is Tao based time that is pressing Earth into her cycle of ascension at this time. Each that attunes to Tao time will anchor the end of time bell within and conclude with those patterns that do not resonate with one’s “homecoming” ahead. This movement will help align one’s field to Tao Time.


58. Consensus Music Alignment









There is a new music that is playing throughout Earth’s field that was launched in collaboration with the Tao as of this July. July is Terra’s “New Year”; and the year begins with the new moon every July. Asur’Ana and Per orchestrate their summer dreamtime events to coincide with Terra’s new year so that she can conclude with the past year’s karma and carry on in her ascension in her global year ahead.


This year Terra completed with sour music that was the result of numerous false ascensions that caused the sounds of fission to echo throughout her field. Fission causes the sourest music of all and sour music draws dark dreams in all of their many disasters unto the dance of life. Terra completed with sour music this new year and has launched sweet music and new methods to tune up her music throughout the mountains, open spaces and sea along the surface of the Earth along within her Aurora. The new music sweetens the fields of each choosing to tune up and learn new melody lines such that one calls a lighter and more joyful dream unto the dance of life. This movement will help align one’s music playing within one’s bones and field to come into alignment with the new music that Terra is now playing.


59. Consensus Music Rhythm









There is a new rhythm and timing unto Terra’s new music. The new rhythm aligns the mountains, sea and open spaces along with Aurora into variant orchestrations that play in time with one another. Humans must learn to play in time with one another and as you do, then more harmonious relationships unfold. Learning to keep time with the rhythms of Earth causes new and harmonious relationships to occur between the land and the humans residing upon the land. This movement is to help one’s new music rhythm to align with Earth’s and nature’s rhythm so that all may syncopate together in sweeter consensus-based music.


60. Interspecies Music









There are many new orchestrations of music that each species plays that are varied and yet in harmony together. Much like an orchestra of many variant instruments, one species plays the flute section, and the other the violins, others the clarinet, trumpet, base, piano and so on. In playing all the variant themes, there is a beautiful new orchestration of sound coming through each species and when united plays a symphony of music.


The music has many components but plays around the clock. Earth tunes up each kingdom’s music every 24 hours so that all stay in harmony with one another. Each human in parallel has a particular music that plays in harmony and orchestration with all other humans; which then plays in harmony and orchestration with all other kingdoms. This movement helps one learn one’s music lines in relation unto other ascending humans and all other kingdoms upon Earth when attuned unto.


61. Male and Female Duet









The male and female sides of each kingdom play duets of love unto one another in the new music that the Heart of the Tao is helping Terra to orchestrate at this time. The duets play songs of love that help to sustain the love of the Tao in Earth’s field. The love of the Tao helps to sweeten yet other music in many regions that are sour to very sour. In time all music will sweeten upon Earth and all dark dreams dissipate leading to a new day for humanity and all kingdoms alike. This is coming but will take many additional years of ascension ahead to orchestrate.


Humans can also learn to play duets of love songs between one another’s fields and this causes the return of love as the foundation of the relationship or group experience. This movement will help allow one to learn to play duets of love between one’s inner male and female within; and this then can be extended outward to play love songs between those of male and female gender in the dance of life. Love duets will sweeten the dreams between men and women and groups at large.


62. Multidimensional Consensus Music









There is a new duet of music that plays between Earth and the Sun; and between the Sun and the universal Sun; and between the cosmic Sun that embraces all ascending planets and stars including Earth. The new music is held in divine timing through a particular movement that Earth has set in motion throughout her field. Each may attune to this movement in order to play one’s music in harmony with the entire multidimensional ascending consensus. In the mastery of this movement, one moves into multidimensional consensus stewardship of the ascending consensus of which we are a part of.


63. Algorithm for Tuning Up Inner Sound









There are new algorithms beginning to flow upon Earth to allow her to tune up her music. Music that is sour often has notes that are too short or flat or too long and sharp. As the notes are tuned up, the music sweetens to retain the key that it harmonizes within. Sounds in different regions occur in different keys and so this algorithm allows Earth to sweeten and tune up her land-based regions to the key that they were cast within in sound. In parallel, this algorithm can aid humans in tuning up the inner music to the key that one’s genetic inheritance best holds. As one plays in the key that one’s inheritance is resonant with, one is more likely to sit in the truth of who one is as an ascending human.


64. Algorithm for Amplifying Inner Sound









There are new algorithms flowing upon Earth to amplify the sweet music related to certain scores that better serve her self healing. Some music is to be amplified that is sweet and filled with love. Yet other music that remains sour and perhaps cannot be tuned up at this time due to sour records contained upon the land can be diminished so that it no longer affects Terra’s (Earth’s) overall sound. In parallel this algorithm can aid humans in diminishing sour music where it has yet to be released and enhancing sweeter music and sound so that sweeter dreams are drawn to oneself overall. Sour dreams are related to sour music playing within the field. Sweeter dreams are related to sweet music playing within the field. As one learns to play sweeter music then the sweetness of life is drawn into the dance.


65. Algorithm of Balance of Inner Sound









Much as one would balance the sound upon the stereo with enough bass and treble to create lovely music, sound must also be balanced within Terra’s field. The deeper sounds cannot override the higher sounds or the music would have too much bass and not enough treble. In counterbalance, if there is too much treble, the music becomes too shrill. This algorithm balances the bass and treble to create a more refined sound in Terra’s field. In parallel this algorithm can aid humans in retaining balance in the sound that their overall music plays in terms of the deeper or lighter tones that one has mastered. As more balanced sound resounds, a more balanced field is also retained.


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Language of ONE #33-65 in PDF


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With Infinite Love and Gratitude, we (Asur’Ana and Per) dedicate this book to the One Source, All That Is, or the Tao. Their Divine Intervention has cleared the pathway of ascension to make possible the Ascension of Earth a Living Reality. We are going Home, Beloveds!



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