Image of the crop circle of Holographic Dream Weaving. The Language of ONE #1-32

3. The Language Of ONE #1-32


The Language of ONE is a holographic language that is emerging upon Earth in her continued ascension. The Language of ONE defines oneness concepts. Oneness is a state of self sustenance in which all is provided from within.


The images in this chapter are brought forth as crop circles which capture this new language upon the land. Each symbol will invoke a holographic energy movement that causes density to dissipate and allows for continued ascension.




Asur’Ana has been requested by Mother Earth to begin to interpret crop circles for those who are ascending in human form at this time in history. Crop circles are static pictures of key codes and fire letters emanating through photonic sources. Some crop circles are electrical or radioactive, and these will have straight lines or edges or angles unto them. Such crop circles are from other Great Central Suns and are their languages.


Your Great Central Sun hosts a magnetic language. The symbols for magnetic tones of creation are rotational or circular in nature. Earth is traversing through a diverse region of domain in the choice to re-enter the dream of the Great Central Sun. Within the “Star Gates” leading into entry are many languages. Earth feels blessed for all of the information made available, as many of such languages have assisted in her ascent to date.


In essence, each tone and symbol provided unto Earth by the Great Central Sun(s) and through each Star Gate entered is captured within the Aurora. The symbols rotate. Earth then tries each symbol to see if the rotation fosters ascension of her field or portions of her field or not. Those symbols that fail to foster ascension are discarded and erased. Those that foster ascension are embraced as a part of Earth’s new “operating system” or language.


About the Many Languages Upon Earth


Language much like a program in one’s computer allows for an operating system through which Earth and all sentient species therein functions as a living movie. All of life upon Earth is a living movie. The program one functions from is known as a life script and is held in the DNA. In order to receive the life script, one must host language to receive it within.


Language is not only spoken words, as you know it in human form, but founded upon symbols, movement and sound. Language is encoded into the DNA and then the molecules, etheric cellular structure, grid work, chakra system, subtle bodies, light body and greater auric field woven with the associated language. As the molecules and chakras along with subtle bodies and light body spin, the language emanates sound in a chorus of music. The chorus of music is known as one’s “vibration”.


There are many languages upon Earth due to the diverse planets, stars and universes that life forms originated from. In addition, humans have added 18 languages in their own right from many diverse creations that they originated from. This is because the humans that were seeded from Sirius held DNA from 18 other creations that this is so. Furthermore, the Pleiades, Andromeda, Jyreion and Alpha Centauri (Reptilians) added their languages in the blending of DNA with human form.


For those that are new to the information that Asur’Ana brings forth, we have a host of information on ascending into greater numbers of segments of DNA and what each level of evolution means in the life dance of the ascending human. One may wish to read the Ascension Insights, Volumes 1-5, Holographic Record Keepers, Dancing with Trees and Plants, Gifts from the Animal Kingdoms, Vegetarian Ascension Recipes, Mineral Treasures, and Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 to get a basic understanding and overview of ascension. One will then better understand the levels of evolution we speak to below.


DNA, Ascension and Language


In order for any human to ascend to 1,024-1,800 segments of DNA, any one of twelve different languages has proved to be useful for this purpose. The languages are embedded in one’s root race or Anu ancestry. As one embraces the sound, tone, movement and symbols of one’s ancestries language, that was held at a previous time when one’s ancestry was higher vibration in the physical form, one ascends. As one ascends the etheric, the biology begins to transmute itself gradually over time to a new cellular structure that is known as “crystalline”, which is also a cellular structure that one’s ancestry knew at an earlier time in human history upon Earth.


Crystalline cells regenerate and do not age or become ill. Crystalline form is known as “Unity Biology”. Unity biology leads to an ageless form that can ascend upwards in vibration to a new level of awareness or in other terms, “full consciousness”. The current cellular structure that humanity and all life upon Earth know is non-regenerative. Cells must be replaced each seven-year cycle, and cells die over time leading to the experience of aging. If enough cells in a given organ or system become dysfunctional, there is the experience of disease. If an important system to the health and well-being of the form becomes too dysfunctional over time, there is the experience of death. There are also destructive agents known as viruses and bacteria that outright destroy the cellular structure.


Through ascension to the crystalline form, cells learn to regenerate and need not be replaced every 7 years. New organs and glands grow and are restored from an earlier blueprint in one’s ancestry that maintain and restore cells or resurrect cells that are dying. Viruses and bacteria receive a new blueprint that is non-destructive. This is known as unity biology.


Ascending into unity biology is the first steps in ascension, and it will resurrect the form to a more youthful appearance. Many older humans have de-aged through ascension in Asur’Ana and Per’s own experience and organization, Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS), including themselves. Asur’Ana now holds a biological age of 30 and Per at age 35 (she is 48 years and he is 53 years of age founded upon birth date this year of 2021). At this time, they have pushed beyond full consciousness (embodying 36,000 segments of DNA) and are beginning their journey of soul infusion to the fourth dimension in their personal ascent. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 4 “Ascending into A Regenerative Biological System” for more information.)


Asur’Ana and Per’s ascent began two decades ago. Early on, Asur’Ana ascended to 1,800 segments through Sirian-based language; this is because she was of Tibetan red root race in her recent ancestry. On the other hand, Per ascended to 1,800 segments through Anu-based language; this is because he was of Anu-slave biology in the more recent ancestry that he was born with. As such, Asur’Ana first ascended out of dogma into the 18 thoughtforms associated with the Red Race; and Per first ascended out of dogma into the 18 thoughtforms associated with the Anu.


There are many other thoughtforms that can ascend humans of indigenous root race origins in their more recent ancestry. Some have brought through such languages and their associated symbols, one of which is known as Reiki. Reiki is a Tibetan Root Race language. Each of such languages is useful in the ascent to 1,024-1,800 segments, but not beyond this. The reason for this is that one will find straight lines and edges in all symbols of most languages that humanity has relied upon following the fall of the Anu about 30,000 Earth years ago (120,000 years as humans define them). Straight lined energy flow or sacred geometry will only ascend one so far. This is also so for Earth.


Over time each of the key codes from the Great Central Sun captured by the Aurora and held straight lined geometry was ultimately discarded as the rotation of such patterns did not foster the continued ascension of Earth. This is also the same for each species upon Earth. Each has learned over time through trial and error that it is only rotational magnetic patterns that foster the increasing rise in vibration of Earth, otherwise known as “global warming” as well as global ascension. Therefore, these are the only languages at this time retained upon Earth.


The Origins of the Language of Light       


Beyond 1,800 segments of DNA, each species along with ascending human map makers and whale and dolphin map carvers learned that rotational movement allowed for further ascension and embodying more DNA to 3000 segments (Becoming the Dreamer and the Dream), 9000 segments (Bodhisattva Level Evolution), 15000 segments (Mahavishnu Level Evolution) and 36000 segments (Full Consciousness Level Evolution). The collective movement that was useful to ascension was mapped into a scale of tones known as the Language of Light.


Each note in the scale of the Language of Light allows for the dissipation of density in the field as it rotates and is applied to problem areas within the form. As the density dissipates, one ascends upwards in vibration and the biology becomes increasingly crystalline in form. Each note embodied upon the scale leads to the physical ascent of the form.


In the Language of Light, there are 48 base notes known as “Single Tones”. This allows for ascension to roughly 4,200 segments of DNA. Beyond this, more than one note is combined with another to create a higher vibrational energy flow for further ascension, and these are known as “Dual Tones”. Embodying Dual Tones allows for the ascent to roughly 9,000 segments of DNA, and beyond this, two notes are combined with a third known as “Tri Tones” to allow for further ascension. Tri tones allow for even a higher vibrational energy flow allowing for continued ascension.


Embodying Tri Tones allows for the ascent to roughly 30,000 segments of DNA. Beyond this, a fourth note is added to the three allowing for yet a higher vibrational rotation known as “Quad Tones”. Quad Tones have yet to be shared and interpreted by Asur’Ana, until approval is given by Mother Earth. Quad Tones has allowed a selective but small number of surface Earth humans, dolphins and whales to attain Full Consciousness in the physical (36,00 segments of DNA embodied).


Soul Infusion into Photonic Biology


Beyond this another language is required for continued ascension into soul infusion. Soul infusion leads to self-sustaining biology or photonic biology. Photonic self-sustaining biology does not require the need to eat, as everything is contained within. Each system within the form has the capacity to repair and retain its health and continued ascension as all nutrients are contained within; or in other terms the waste from one gland, organ or system provides the nutrients for another gland, organ or system.


Furthermore, one ceases to operate upon blood sugar in one’s cellular metabolism, but instead relies upon photonic energy in its place. Photonic energy is collected in the cellular structure and much like a battery provides the chi required to subsist without the requirement to consume anything. Asur’Ana and Per are many years away from mastering this type of biology, but their journey has begun. As a result of their journey, they are beginning to embody the Language of ONE, which is a photonic language. Photonic language is not primary or pastel in color, but gold and silver.


Gold is feminine and silver is masculine in nature. Gold and silver are not polarized to an extreme, but rather exists in an opposing dance or movement from one another founded upon unity. Asur’Ana’s energy and field spins in one direction and manner, and Per’s in another in a dance of divine union. The gold and silver movement allows for a new level of unity and another form of polarity to become expressed beyond the Language of Light. Such unity knows not destruction at one end of the polarity; instead there is only the possibility of ascension and evolution in gold and silver polarity.


The Language of ONE and Crop Circles


Asur’Ana and Per now open a new section of energy flow beyond the Language of Light known as the Language of ONE. They are mapping symbols captured in the form of crop circles surrounding Earth since the year 2000. Some of such symbols have use in human ascension from the perspective of the Great Central Sun. Only those symbols that in the rotation are deemed useful to humans that have ascended to 3,000 segments or beyond are ever to be shared in our materials.


Crop circles are captured photonic symbols emanating from the photonic Star Gates that Earth has been entering from some time. Each Star Gate entered leads Earth closer to the skin of the Great Central Sun, also known as the Photon Belt. Earth is now entering 2 to 3 Star Gates per year; as each Star Gate is entered, more photonic tones of creation are collected by Earth to foster her continued ascension. It is for this reason that crop circles may only appear in certain months of any given year and generally as Earth has entered the next Star Gate towards the Great Central Sun.


What Causes Crop Circles?


Underneath the land that the crops are grown is great density, often in the form of radiation. The radiation may be from previous nuclear bombs detonated on Earth surface, or under the surface in human experiments. Such activities go back to ancient times over 30,000 Earth years ago (120,000 human years) and may not be from present time. One can see in this that there is a load of radiation to be cleared from Earth in order for her to ascend into the future as a result.


The collective radiation creates a barrier or wall through which the photonic energy and symbol cannot move through to the Aurora of Earth. As the photonic energy is held at Earth’s surface, and if there are crops upon the land, then the crops fold over in the shape of the symbol due to the magnetic pull of the energy associated. There are many other places that photonic symbols are captured but there is no field of crops to allow the symbol to be discerned by the current human populace.


Electrical Failure and Photonic Energy     


One place that is beginning to capture photonic energy in parallel manner to crop circles are highly dense cities such as New York in the US, Stockholm in Sweden, and other cities around the globe. Last year, many cities including New York and Stockholm experienced massive electrical failures. These failures occurred after Earth had entered a new Star Gate. The photonic symbols were captured in these regions and as they rotated, blocked the flow of electricity for a time, causing a major electrical power outage.


Such power outages are not new to those in Sweden and Norway. Power outages are common in these countries. Trains stop for no reason, sometimes for up to an hour. The power will simply not flow. Why is this so? Norway and Sweden exist in a region that receives the magnetic pulsations of the Language of ONE as emanating from the Aurora of Earth and generated by the Inner Earth People.


The Inner Earth Peoples, some of which exist in the fourth dimension due to the ascension of their race at earlier times in Earth’s history, and some of which are in the third dimension, are much further along in their collective ascension. The Inner Earth collective ascension is having an impact now upon surface Earth human life; as the magnetic pulsations cause electricity to fail to move if they are strong enough in regions that are near the Inner Earth Gateways to the outer Earth.


In due course, and as Earth enters further Star Gates leading to the Great Central Sun, power outages will become common all over Earth in the human experience. The cause will be the increasing Language of ONE that Earth is capturing and then utilizing in the rotation of her own field. Perhaps humanity will develop alternative and magnetic energy supply as a result. This will require the end to the civilization that you know founded upon electricity and fossil fuels, as such forms of chi and combustion will no longer move or combust the further Earth ascends and the more magnetic that she becomes.


Human Ascension and the Language of ONE


For those who are intending to ascend in this lifetime, one must master the Language of Light. The further that one masters the Language of Light, the more magnetic that one becomes in energy flow. The nervous system becomes magnetic, the field becomes rotational in nature, and one exists or subsists from magnetic chi rather than electrical or radioactive chi. As this occurs, one becomes increasingly resonant with the dream and energy of the Great Central Sun.


The Great Central Sun operates in the Language of ONE. The Language of ONE is a holographic language. It is for this reason that Earth and upper-level ascending initiates in human, whale and dolphin form are embodying this language. As one masters the movement of gold and silver energy, one will be better prepared to exist inside the Dream of the Great Central Sun. For a time, the Language of Light will also be accepted and until future generations of ascending humans master the Language of ONE. It is only rotational energy however that will be resonant in the Dream of the Great Central Sun; and those running other types of energy flow will become ill the closer Earth moves towards entry into her dream.


It is perceived by the Tao along with Mother Earth that having humans focus upon the movement of the Language of ONE is a useful tool to aid in preparation of field for entry into the Great Central Sun. It is for this reason that the symbols and definitions are offered unto ascending initiates at this time. However, there is a catch; and that is if one has failed to master at least the first 10 base notes of the Language of Light and embodied 3,000 segments of DNA; if one has failed to do so fully, then the movement of the Language of ONE may make one feel ill. If this occurs, we suggest that those having this experience go back to the Language of Light, and master these notes first before working with the Language of ONE.


Each note on the scale of the Language of Light or Language of ONE is designed to move the energy in one’s field in a particular manner. One can apply the movement to the dense or stuck regions of the etheric body, chakra system, subtle bodies or light body and the rotation of the tone will assist in the dissipation of the density. It is through the dissipation of density that one ultimately ascends upwards in vibration. Each of the Language of ONE symbols will move the energy therefore in a particular direction; and perhaps this will be useful on bad ascension days when one is clearing a load of density from a particular karmic thoughtform one is transcending. It is for this reason that these tones are made available at this time unto ascending initiates.


How Does One Master A Language in Ascension?


In order to master the Language of Light in ascension, one reweaves the DNA with a new set of encoding obtained from one’s own inheritance known as a crystalline set of instructions. As the crystalline instructions are added to the genetic grid work, the etheric grid work, meridian system, chakra system and subtle bodies begin to be rewoven or recast according to a new blueprint. The new blueprint ultimately calls for a change in the tones held in the grid work. Tones are associated with color, and perhaps this is the best way to explain the shift that ascension makes possible. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 4 “Creating a Complete Ascension” for more information on reweaving the etheric cellular structure in ascension.)


Human etheric grid work at 2 segments of DNA is sticky and dense, hosting colors that are black, brown, muddy red, muddy blue, puke green, muddy purple, pus yellow or muddy orange, and so on. Such colors are the colors of decay and disease along with the thoughtform of judgment, lust, greed, pain and suffering that are held in the biology.


In ascension, the etheric field is gradually rewoven removing all such dense colors and converting the field to clear clean primary tones. This occurs in the ascent to 1,024-1,800 segments of DNA. In ascension beyond this, the colors of the Language of Light, which are pastel in color, begin to replace the primary colors in the etheric grid work and energy flow. The more primary and pastel the etheric grid work becomes, the more of the crystalline cellular structure has the capacity to grow in the physical in the intent to ascend.

New Global Sacred Geometry-1

Mastering the 10 base notes of the Language of Light in the ascent to 3,000 requires that the positive ley lines and meridians of the grid work holds each of these pastel colored colors. The space between the grid work also becomes increasingly primary toned in color. Furthermore, the Language of Light symbols can be clearly seen rotating in all moving energy systems, including the chakras, subtle bodies, sexual energy or kundalini and digestive system. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 10 “Changes in the Ascending Energy Field in the Ascent to Bodhisattva” for more information on the energy field in ascension.)


Spiritual Lessons Associated with Mastery


Mastering the Language of Light also offers spiritual lessons. Ascension is ultimately about spiritual mastery. One learns to live one’s life founded upon new principles in the mastery of the Language of Light. We include the lessons of learning the first 10 notes of the Language of Light in this chapter to give each an idea of the emotional and spiritual work required to ascend into unity in this lifetime.


The Lessons of Mastering Forgiveness



In embodying the forgiveness tone of pink in one’s ascent, one learns the lessons of forgiveness. One learns to release the grudges and judgments of the past in the greater understanding that one’s own ancestry has perpetrated the same dance of darkness as the other that one is forgiving. As one forgives, the debts of the past are wiped clean and one is free of the karmic bonds that once held one captive to a particular dance with another, or a group of others.


One sign of a lack of mastery of forgiveness is one that wishes to hold on to the grudges of the past. Another is one who is incapable of releasing the karma; for all karmic release is founded upon the ability to forgive. If one cannot forgive, then karma cannot be released and all other attempts to transcend will fail in ascension. One can think of the lesson of forgiveness therefore as the foundation of ascension.


The Lessons of Mastering Structure




In embodying the structure tone of lavender, one embraces a new energy flow that is rotational in nature. Instead of piercing another with barbs of straight-lined electrical energy, one learns to rotate one’s field around another embracing them instead. One learns to master this in association with the sexual energy movement as the tone of structure is embodied in one’s ascent.


One sign of a lack of mastery is one that wishes to “own” their friends or significant other or children and tell them how to be, what to do and what their truth is. Ownership is a form of attachment that begins to be transmuted by the new rotational energy flow as this tone is mastered in one’s ascent. Another sign may be the inability to release the relationship after the karma is complete. If one cannot release the relationship, job or possession as the karma is complete, then one will create karma on the other side of the dance that one’s future ancestry will have to clear. One can think of mastery of the structure tone as the foundation from which one begins to release attachment to all others.


The Lessons of Mastering Power





In embodying the power tone of peach, one comes to understand that one’s power lies within; and that any time one feels powerless, helpless or hopeless, that one has given one’s power away. In the choice to retrieve one’s own power, one can then stand in one’s own truth in any dance with another or a group of others. One also relinquishes the dance of abusive power in which one manipulates or controls another in order to be in dominion; or on the other hand one ceases to be manipulated and controlled in the dance of life.


One sign of a lack of mastery is one who takes the abusiveness of other and rolls over becoming a victim; another is one who must abuse another emotionally to stay in control. One learns to step out of the control-blame-shame-victim games as one embraces the power note of the Language of Light. One can think of power as the foundation from which one can stand in their truth as an ascending being.


The Lessons of Mastering Compassion




In the embodying the turquoise tone of compassion, one comes to relate to others out of compassion. Compassion teaches one to embrace all others as a fellow human being with similar patterns to one’s own ancestry, regardless of how abusive one may be. Compassion does not mean however that one must roll over like a doormat and take the blows or abuse of another, even in the form of unconscious harm. One may even shatter the abusiveness of another in one’s own field; however, one still recognizes that all humans are a part of one species and therefore are to be embraced. Embracing another may occur at a distance if they themselves cannot transcend and continue to abuse; and one may choose to love them from afar. This is compassion in action.


One sign of a lack of mastery is one that fails to have compassion for the difficult individuals that one has called into one’s life dance to settle karma with. Ultimately as karma is complete, one must come to a place of compassion for such individuals. A lack of mastery would cause one to hold on to one’s ill wishes or judgmental view of those that one has completed karma with. Sometimes compassion cannot be embraced until the karma is complete, and one has distanced oneself from the painful dance enough to embrace the other as a fellow human being; however, all humans regardless of role must be embraced in compassion in order for this tone to be sincerely considered mastered.


The Lessons of Mastering the Breath of Life

Breath of Life



In embodying the golden tone of the breath of life, one learns to open up and express their truth upon the physical plane. One learns that one may draw upon any interest that brings one joy and create a dream that allows the interest to be expressed in physicality. One also learns that one does not have to give one’s dreams away leading to non-fulfillment or disappointment in the dance of life. Embodying this tone allows for creative self-expression in the physical day to day life of the initiate.


One sign of failing to master this tone is one who has difficulty in finding what expression might give one joy in physicality. Often such individuals give all their dreams away leading to boredom or the repeat of the past in present time. Another sign is one who has all dreams come their way, which is really the result of taking the dreams of others for oneself. The point of this tone is to learn to master dream weaving; which does not involve any form of dream manipulation. In the mastery of dream weaving, one weaves one’s own dream and then monitors it to fruition upon the physical plane.


The Lessons of Mastering Non-Conditional Love

Non-Conditional Love



In the embodying of the silver tone of non-conditional love, one refines the structure energy movement more greatly and ceases to relate unto others out of attachment. Attachment is founded upon ownership; ownership seeks to possess or dominate or reject that which has no use. Non-conditional love seeks to embrace those that freely love in return in an exchange of energies between heart chakras; or seeks to have boundaries with those who do not freely love as perhaps they have yet to open their heart chakras enough through ascension to allow for such an exchange.


One sign of a lack of mastery of non-conditional love is the need to reject others that one is disgruntled without compassion or understanding. There are many levels of evolution in the human dance, and not all will be able to love at this time or in this lifetime; one need not be angry towards those who cannot love. One may however choose to remove such individuals from one’s life over time if it is uncomfortable to be around unloving folk. However, one will only choose to do so as the karma is complete, as otherwise one will only draw another of “like” kind into the dance to settle the karma. Many ascending initiates rejected their family long before the karma was complete; in so doing, they only drew others that were perhaps even more difficult to dance with to settle the karma.


The Lessons of Mastering Freedom





In embodying the yellow freedom tone, one learns to free oneself of the ties to the past so that one can create a new future that is not a repeat of the prior life dance. It is in embracing the freedom tone that many initiates make many changes in the life dance in embodying 3,000 segments. For embracing 3,000 segments requires two major life changes; either one will leave the job that one has held for a long time; or leave the family; or leave the region that one has lived in for a time; or leave the spouse or significant other; or leave the spiritual organization that one has been with for a time. All of such change requires the freedom tone to release the ties that would cause one to carry on in a particular dance long after the karma was completed upon.


One sign of failing to master this tone is an inability to bring the changes that karmic completion offers all the way into the physical. Sometimes humans become attached and comfortable and it is far easier to remain in the same dance than change. Sometimes such initiates then reject the freedom tone, as they are afraid of change. The point of this tone is to learn to master karmic completion; change is a requirement of completion. If one fails to complete all the way to the physical, one only creates more karma on the other end extending the dance another cycle.


The Lessons of Mastering Divine Union

Divine Union



In embodying the pale lavender of the divine union tone, one masters anchoring soul internal to the form along with a solid grounding unto the Aurora of Earth. This requires that initiates learn to run their proper gender-based tones of creation; i.e., if one is female one runs feminine tones of creation as these ground soul into form; if one is male, then one runs the male vibrations as these also ground soul into form. One also learns to commune with Earth along with soul for the experience of divine union, leading to a soul driven life.


Failure to embrace divine union leads to a false god driven life. Those that cannot relinquish the need to rely upon inflated body level consciousness and embrace guidance from Soul, Nature and Earth are examples of those who fail to master this lesson in the ascent to 3,000. This translates into a need to release old guidance if such guidance is in the form of false gods, and embrace Earth, nature and one’s soul for guidance instead.


The Lessons of Mastering Unity

Unity Consciousness




In embodying the pale pink of the unity tone, one learns to dance in unity in group relations. Unity allows each their place within the whole of the group; none is perceived as greater or lesser than another; each contributes something to the whole; and each is honored for their particular contribution. Each gives and receives in balance so that the whole of the group is not depleted in energy and can sustain the movement of the group energy flow. It is embracing the lessons of unity that one can then enter the new consensus of ascending humans and participate in the energy flow offered between associates therein.


Failure to embrace the unity tone leads to group dynamics that are not necessarily conducive to the new consensus. Some initiates like to take all the chi, dream and power of the group for their own endeavors. Such initiates are expelled from the new consensus as this thwarts the human ascension movement by depleting those who are evolving. One must relinquish the need to take dream, power or chi from groups in order to master the unity dance in ascension.


The Lessons of Mastering Non-Conditional Governance

Non-Conditional Governance



In embodying the pale yellow tone of non-conditional governance, one learns to direct one’s life in a new manner that is founded upon unity. One can also embrace the direction and leadership of others that have founded a unity-based organization. Unity based leadership is different from the old modalities of governance as one does not rely upon abusive or controlling and manipulative tactics to retain one’s power. Instead, one retains power based upon spiritual mastery and evolution of field. The further that one masters, the more powerful a field one constructs; but it is powerful in the ability to conduct energy for the purposes of unity and not harm. One begins to bridge into unity-based leadership as one embraces this tone of creation.


Failure to embrace this tone will have one relate to unity-based leadership out of competition rather than equality and unity. The competition may seek to take the leader out through unconscious harm. One therefore must dismantle competitive thoughtform in order for mastery over the 10th note of the Language of Light. Competitive thoughtform comes in many patterns that may take one a lifetime to dismantle at 3,000 segments. However, those that accomplish such will also clear all karma from their tapestry of ancestry in so doing, as competition is the foundation of the karma of the human species. As such, one may work one’s way off the wheel of death, rebirth and reincarnation.




We hope you have enjoyed what we have shared. We hope that you utilize the symbols in the Language of ONE to foster a complete ascension in this lifetime. The more resonant one becomes with the Great Central Sun and the language of her dream, the more likely ascending humans will live through the coming times of cleansing to witness the birth of a new day and era upon Earth. It is for this reason that this information is offered up by the Great Central Sun at this time in history.


Ascension also requires learning to move the energy in the field in manner that fosters evolution or expansion. It is for this purpose that Asur’Ana and Per have created the DAS dreamtime workshop events and meditation retreats. During such events, groups of ascending humans may gather and learn to move energy together to foster ascension of the individual, the collective of humanity and all of Earth. The collective energy is then utilized to clear karma and reweave the dream for the human species for a new day of unity and love ahead. One also learns to move the energy of one’s own personal field in a new way that fosters one’s continued evolution home. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join these dreamtime events by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep.


We hope that more choose to join us for these events in the year and years ahead.


Crop Circle Interpretations


Caution: If these symbols cause one to feel dizzy, nauseous or faint and uncomfortable, we guide you to return to the Language of Light symbols and master these tones first in one’s personal ascension.


When Finish: Please intend to disengage from the movement that each symbol fosters when you are finish with your focus. We recommend using these symbols in small amounts a little at a time until one has embraced a flow that supports these tones. These tones are “macro” commands that invoke the entire scale of the Language of Light single, dual, tri and quad tones all at once. Also intend that one adjusts the movement to serve one’s current level of ascent by requesting this of Earth’s angels. Earth is holding a dream to support the learning of the movement of the Language of ONE for all whom are ready for this next level of work.


1. Evolutionary Fulfillment

1. Evolutionary Fulfillment









Evolutionary fulfillment allows one to embrace a script for life that allows for ascension to take hold and unfold. This symbol when focused upon shall redirect one’s dream for the journey Home. Thoughtform, machinery and other psychic attachments unto one’s field will be dissipated as this tone is focused upon to bring one’s dream into alignment with the choice to ascend.


2. Evolutionary Creational Cycles

2. Evolutionary Creational Cycles









Evolutionary creational cycles allow one’s dream and life script to align with other humans, dolphins, whales and the nature kingdoms choice to ascend. Each has a particular role to play in the dance of life in association with ascension. Focusing upon this symbol will align the dream for one’s life with the creational dream for ascension of all kingdoms upon Earth. One will become a part of the ascension dream of Earth in focusing upon this symbol.


3. Ascending Consensus Reality

3. Ascending Consensus Reality









One is a part of an Ascending Consensus Reality in the choice to ascend with Earth at this time in history. This symbol will allow one’s script and dream to align and participate in a greater dance of energies associated with Earth as a consensus, along with the Great Central Sun. One will become a part of the dream of the Great Central Sun in focusing upon this symbol.


4. Holographic Integration

4. Holographic Integration









One is consistently retrieving parts of self that fractured off in this life or one’s ancestry in the choice to ascend. Much like de-fragmenting one’s computer, one’s field is continually being recast so that all the recovered information is easy to understand and utilize to ascend. The integration symbol allows for the integration of all the bits and pieces of self and knowledge to be reformatted into a new format that is holographic. Holographic information is whole and complete. When one passes holographic information on to another, one transfers the entire hologram and not just the parts and pieces therein. This symbol will begin to allow initiates to reweave the field into a manner that parallels a holographic state of being.


5. Holographic Knowledge

5. Holographic Knowledge









Entering a state of holographic knowledge allows one an interconnection to all other humans and all other species functioning in holographic awareness. This symbol assists ascending initiates in aligning one’s own holographic information with all others in human, whale, dolphin form along with the natural world. In so doing, there is a sharing of ascension knowledge and experiences amongst all species that occurs. In so doing, one feels a part of a greater orchestration of energies that are multi-species and multi-consensus, and the state of separation ceases.


6. Holographic Creations

6. Holographic Creations









As one enters the dance of holographic knowledge, one begins to access other creations that function holographically. This is how and why communication is now occurring with the Great Central Sun, which is another holographic creation. This symbol will align one’s dream to participate in the holographic creation of Earth in alignment with the holographic creation of the Great Central Sun.


7. Holographic Fusion

7. Holographic Fusion









Fusion allows all parts of self to unite into a whole and contiguous manner. Fusion allows many of many holographic natures to unite into a consensus reality. Fusion also allows many consensus realities to come together in unity and under the umbrella of one dream. It is through fusion that one enters the dance of the Dream of the Great Central Sun. This symbol will assist in aligning one’s dream with the Great Central Sun’s holographic dream.


8. Holographic Recasting

8. Holographic Recasting









Holographic Recasting allows information from many holograms of many variant holographic nature to be compiled into a single hologram that contains the entire set of information of all concerned. The Great Central Sun functions founded upon holographic information and therefore this symbol allows one to align one’s own information in like kind within one’s own field as an ascending being.


9. Holographic Synchronization

9. Holographic Synchronization









All holograms are synchronized with the information that they contain into a flow that allows all members of each associated consensus reality access to all knowledge therein. This symbol allows one to begin to synchronize the information in one’s own field in a manner that is associated with the holographic nature of the consensus reality known as the Great Central Sun.


10. Holographic Freedom and Sovereignty

10. Holographic Freedom and Sovereignty









Although holographic consensus realities share information, there is also freedom and sovereignty within each reality that gives expression unto the variances and nuances that each consensus experiences. This symbol allows for holographic freedom between humans and between species upon Earth, and prepares one for the nature of holographic interrelatedness within the Great Central Sun.


11. Wheel of Holographic Knowledge

11. Wheel of Holographic Knowledge









Holographic knowledge is shared in a manner that allows information of like kind to be contained within a wheel that allows for easy retrieval for the purposes of evolution. This symbol allows one to begin to archive one’s own ascension information in a holographic manner founded upon knowledge of “like resonance”. Many wheels of like resonance knowledge are then contained in greater and greater wheels, allowing much more information to be stored in smaller and smaller spaces within the field. This allows for more knowledge per cell, organ or system, which allows for the increasing complexity of the crystalline form to be encoded into the DNA.


12. Holographic Divine Union

12. Holographic Divine Union









A holographic field creates a different dance between body, soul and consensus reality than prior to ascension. Holographic divine union causes the soul associated with all other holograms to also ensoul oneself; there is therefore a sharing of soul, oversoul and source amongst all of parallel holographic nature. This symbol begins to prepare oneself for holographic-level ensoulment.


13. Holographic Dream Weaving

13. Holographic Dream Weaving









Holographic dream weaving spins a new dream that is honeycomb in appearance. Holographic dream weaving has equal proportions of light to dark allowing only a dream for unity to be caught as the dream is projected down the manifestation planes of any consensus reality. This symbol will allow initiates to re-orchestrate the threads of one’s own field to become honeycombed so that one catches a unity-based dream. A unity-based dream does not allow for destruction, only evolution Home.


14. Holographic Dream Fulfillment

14. Holographic Dream Fulfillment









Holographic dream fulfillment allows for the fulfillment of all dreams for all members of any species. There is no lack or experience of non-fulfillment therefore in holographic dream weaving. This symbol prepares the field of ascending initiates to co-exist in a new dream in which all dreams are fulfilled upon for all parties involved. This allows the patterns of dream brokering or bartering or the manifestation of a non-dream (death) to be left behind through ascension into the new paradigm.


15. Holographic Inner Knowing

15. Holographic Inner Knowing









Each member of the holographic consensus knows from within the direction one is to take and the dream that one is to spin in association with all others. This symbol allows for holographic inner knowing to guide one’s dream weaving as an ascending being.


16. Holographic Flow

16. Holographic Flow









Holographic energy flow is another type of movement above and beyond the Language of Light. Within holographic flow is an ongoing association of all others within one’s human hologram, within each hologram associated with each species, and each holographic consensus reality including Earth, your solar sun, and the Great Central Sun. In the flow, all aligns for the creational cycle “home”. This symbol will assist initiates to learn to move in the flow with all others in the holographic cycle Home.


17. Holographic Equality

17. Holographic Equality









Holographic equality understands that each holographic component within a consensus reality is equal and has equal responsibility to sustain the consensus, and equal say in all governance of the consensus. It matters not the size of the hologram or consensus; regardless of size all are equal. This symbol assists initiates in embracing holographic equality so that they are better prepared to enter the dance of the Great Central Sun.


18. Holographic Archetypes

18. Holographic Archetypes









Holographic archetypal nature has a particular energy movement. Each archetype has a subset of qualities or characteristics that are associated with a larger set, which are associated with a yet larger set, which are associated with the whole. The New Astrology for Ascension has been modeled after holographic archetypal patterns. In the New Astrology, there are a wheel of 18 signs; each sign is associated with three different base notes of the Language of Light. Therefore, each sign has similarities to other signs along with differences.
The entire wheel is associated with the Language of ONE, and there are many wheels of astrology as there are Language of ONE tones. Therefore, archetypes are every expansive in nature. This symbol prepares one to enter the holographic archetypal system of the Great Central Sun. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information.)


19. Holographic Freedom in Dream Weaving

19. Holographic Freedom in Dream Weaving









Holographic freedom in dream weaving allows each to freely dream one’s own dream and then live to experience the dream dreamt. The only limitation to the holographic dream is the many agreements that the consensus reality that one associates with holds to be so.


20. Holographic Syncopation

20. Holographic Syncopation









Syncopation aligns the heartbeat of each dream in the holographic consensus to the same timing. As each aligns to the same beat of the same timing, divine timing is sustained. As divine timing is sustained, all occurs in the appropriate moment and flow in each cycle of expansion or contraction home for each within the consensus, and between consensus realities.


21. Holographic Synthesis

21. Holographic Synthesis









Synthesis aligns the tones of creation into a rainbow from dense to light in frequency. Holographic synthesis aligns each holographic truth into a rainbow within and without, from smallest to largest in size. Each truth within a consensus reality is synthesized in this manner, and each consensus reality is synthesized within the whole of the consensus known as the Great Central Sun.


22. Holographic Divine Timing

22. Holographic Divine Timing









Holographic divine timing is the foundation from which each holographic dream can take flight. Divine timing is a state of being that is sustained through the ongoing synthesis and syncopation of each member of the holographic consensus reality, and each consensus reality within the Great Central Sun. Learning to synthesize and syncopate with the dream of the Great Central Sun is necessary to move into harmony in preparation for entry.


23. Holographic Truth

23. Holographic Truth









Each within the holographic consensus has a truth. Each consensus reality also has a holographic truth. Holographic truth aligns each truth within a consensus and between consensus realities into a rainbow from smallest to largest in size. One can think of this as a synthesis of truth within each consensus reality and between each holographic consensus reality.


24. Holographic Consensus Reality

24. Holographic Consensus Reality









Holographic consensus reality aligns all consensus realities into a syncopated movement and dream that is whole and united. Everything has its place within the whole, and each part of the whole is necessary unto the whole. The Great Central Sun is a holographic consensus reality of its own; in order to enter the dream of the Great Central Sun, Earth must find her place within the whole; so does each upon Earth including each species and each human find their place within the whole of this new consensus.


25. Holographic Magnetism

25. Holographic Magnetism









Holographic magnetism has to do with thoughtform holding vibrations which push and pull in a manner that sustains balance within the field of any consensus reality or between consensus realities. Magnetism is key to ascension as a field that wobbles or becomes unstable fractures instead of uniting into greater wholeness.


26. Holographic Balance

26. Holographic Balance









Holographic balance weights denser and lighter tones of creation evenly so that the rotation of field is smooth and even for continued expansion through ascension of any consensus reality or between consensus realities. Balanced field also sustains balanced relations between all species and kingdoms in the consensus reality or between consensus realities.


27. Holographic Divine Union

27. Holographic Divine Union









Divine union is a state of consciousness where soul merges with the energy flow generated by form or physicality. In holographic flow, soul has a specific manner of anchoring in the energy movement of the consensus reality that supports and sustains the goal of ascension.


28. Holographic Relations

28. Holographic Relations









Holographic relations is created through holographic divine union between individuals, species or consensus realities. In holographic relations there is only balance, and out of a state of balance, there is harmony, unity, peace, honor and joy in all associations between individuals, species or consensus realities.


29. Holographic Key

29. Holographic Key









Keys are tones of creation that unlock knowledge within holographic libraries; each library has a specific key required to remember what was known long ago and before the key and information was lost in the many falls in consciousness experienced over time. As each key is recalled, then a more expansive set of holographic knowledge emerges to support and sustain the next phase of ascension of each individual, species or consensus reality.


30. Holographic Library

30. Holographic Library









Each series of holographic knowledge is known as a library. Each library holds information that is resonant and therefore unites together in common language and truth. Each key that unlocks each library is a unique tone of creation and energy movement that is associated with the particular truth of information held therein.


31. Holographic Introspection

31. Holographic Introspection









Holographic introspection is the capacity for each attuning to holographic knowledge to search inward, researching records of import along with karma to be released for continued evolution. Holographic introspection is also the capacity of the entire hologram of any species or consensus to examine itself and make changes, release karma and integrate new information to allow for continued evolution of the whole.


32. Holographic Field Rotation

32. Holographic Field Rotation









Holographic rotation of field creates balance, harmony and unity. It is through holographic rotation that each species or consensus finds their place in the whole and works to sustain the whole for further ascension. Earth finds her balance in rotating her field in conjunction with the ascending multidimensional consensus that include dimensions 3, 5, 12 and 18 at this time which are all choosing to return “home” to the Great Central Sun Dream. Within the new dream, this rotation allows the ascending multidimensional consensus to find its place amongst all other Suns that exist upon other dimensions above and within the new dream.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human Form willing to become the Dreamer and the Dream. Through Ascension, one may learn to consciously dream weave and intend one’s life, and then live to experience the life intended. This is the gift of Ascension. It is Mother Earth’s Greatest Hope that more shall choose the Spiritual Path of Ascension in this lifetime due to the gifts that this Path makes possible for each.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 6. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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