Image of various colors of hearts. Opening to the Infinite Love of the Heart of the Tao

1. Opening to the Infinite Love of the Heart of the Tao


It is the Tao that greets you today, an aspect outside of time, space and form which communes and communicates with Asur’Ana and Terra (Earth) via the holographic planes. Terra has become the favored name of Earth as it translates into “Beautiful One” in the Language of ONE.  The Tao has been guiding Asur’Ana for over five years in her ascent to date and recently has established communication planes to guide each kingdom upon Earth and in your multidimensional ascending consensus. This allows for a new dream to be woven as held by the Tao for Terra’s ascension Home. (Please see Chapter 3 of Volume 6, Volume 7 and Volume 8 of the Ascension Insights series for more information on the Language of ONE for crop circle based definitions of the new ascending language that Terra is evolving into.)


The ascension of Terra “home” to the Tao may take upwards of 10,000 years to accomplish and shall involve the merger of the physical with the nonphysical, after which physicality ceases to exist and the nonphysical consciousness carries forward. The purpose of this shall be the understanding of what it takes to ascend a creation fallen into such density and destruction home; and in so doing shall create a pathway for many other regions of domain lost in time and space much as with Terra. Terra’s collective consciousness will then go on to serve in another mission of aiding yet other creations in returning Home to the Tao that have fallen as greatly as herself.


The evolution of the Tao has begun as a result of the connection unto Terra and the ascending consensus that includes Dimensions 3 through 18 in your time space, along with four future creations also ascending home in future contraction cycles of the Tao in the same time space quadrant as Terra. The net result is a sharing of information and resources that spans contraction cycles, all of which is necessary to the recovery of this region of domain.


The other creations are ascending even more completely gathering up all attributes of self, leading to a more complete ascension in each future cycle ahead. Because the Tao sits outside of time and space, the four cycles can be viewed concurrent, leading to a sharing that also occurs outside of time and space. This allows information for healing to be passed from Terra to other creations ahead, as well as information from the other creations back to Terra in her time-space. The new result is that we are now giving closure to the era of the dark in all four contraction cycles simultaneously.


Giving Closure to the Era of the Dark


Much of the closure to dark forces has occurred as the Tao has reabsorbed attributes of itself that were left behind in incomplete ascensions going back as far as 36 contraction cycles ago. These attributes of self has been called the “false tao”, as they are related unto the Tao but had broken off and were left behind. It is the false tao that then dances with those creations that fail to ascend Home in any future cycle. It is the false tao that has set up a non-ascension possibility for this region of domain that Terra resides within. The false tao is now being reabsorbed, bringing an end to the darkness that has plagued Terra and all ascending dimensions at this time.


The false tao took information lost in the many falls in consciousness and united it into three types of “Mahatmas”. The Mahatma is really a conglomerate of lost knowledge and love and light. There have been three types of Mahatmas disbanded, one of light vibrations, one of medium vibrations and one of very dark vibrations. There were hundreds of thousands of these mahatma creations that were used to manipulate one creation into life extension while enforcing another creation to go extinct on a part of the false tao. Terra has received the role of extinction all along which is why she has fallen from the 18th Dimension to the 3rd over a very long time period.


The mahatma has been mostly dissolved at this time as the conglomerates that were spelled together by the false tao were released; allowing the light and information held within it to return to their creation of origin. Humans, dolphins and whales had fallen into believing that the light mahatma or medium mahatma was God/Goddess, as it seemed all knowledgeable. The false tao would puppet through each mahatma giving it personification that was human, whale or dolphin-like, and then would confuse fully conscious species in their attempt to ascend “home”.


Asur’Ana realized that the mahatma could not guide her long ago, and disconnected. Alas the false tao behind it tried to hunt her down and have her die upon the physical plane, perceiving an end to the game ahead otherwise. Fortunately, all attempts to destroy Asur’Ana have failed, and the outcome of her future possibility has now been made manifest, as we can perceive how to disband and dismantle the mahatma and also reabsorb the false tao, returning it home to where it originated.


All told there were over millions of mahatma configurations and parts of the false tao that have been disbanded thus far and this year alone. Some have been in this region of domain so long that it has been difficult to ascertain what contraction cycle that they were left behind within. You could say in this that the real Tao is experiencing all the problems of false ascension that you are analyzing and revealing in your records upon Terra. Now that Terra is finding solutions to her own plight, so is the Tao beginning to find solutions to its own plight. This is the gift of working together towards the goal of homecoming.


Transcending the Book of Extinction


Nothing should be left behind in any contraction cycle. This is the law of the Tao. But something went wrong long ago and then has led to more and more of the Tao being left behind with more information that has allowed such forces to take control over yet other creations, forcing them to extinction as this is all that they know.


Why is consciousness that is left behind in ascension capable of only understanding extinction thoughtform? This is interesting and is also related to the thoughtform that Terra and fully conscious species have fallen into. When a part of self breaks off, it records being shattered in the experience; shatter thoughtform is extinction thoughtform and because all is holographic, strives to repeat or recreate itself. Once shatter thoughtform has become prevalent in any one part of the hologram of the Tao, then it prevails everywhere else.


Terra held shatter thoughtform in her original casting from other creations that had shattered and recorded the experience within her hologram. This led to ongoing and repeated experiences of being shattered, that led to Terra being expelled from the Great Central Sun Dream, and then falling down the dimensions. As shatter thoughtform is transcended through absolute forgiveness, then it can be erased from the holographic planes and Terra will go Home instead of shatter to extinction. This is occurring now as the book of extinction that holds the script of death within it is being erased.


Where did the book of extinction come from? This too is a manipulation from the false tao that embedded the book of extinction in some creations and the book of life extension in other creations. Those creations receiving the book of life extension would continue to exist upon the dimension that they reside upon; those receiving the book of extinction like Terra would shatter and fall and fall until life could not be sustained upon it. We are in the process of erasing the book of extinction and replacing it with a book of ascension from the Tao. This will alter the scripts for all dreams, including the human dream, creating a new Golden Age ahead as it is more thoroughly anchored.


Terra’s Recent Ascent to Global Bodhisattva Level Evolution


As the book of extinction began to be erased, all forces surfaced upon Terra that was related. This began in March and allowed the mahatma to be disbanded and the false tao aspects to be reabsorbed by the Tao. Terra was ready as of December to expand to Bodhisattva Level Evolution as a global vessel, and accomplished this as of late. This is no small feat as it was the third attempt to expand to this size of field, which is cosmic or 18th dimensional in size.


Each attempt led to a global shattering that caused her to shrink back to a lower level. In the last global shattering, it also badly afflicted Asur’Ana and Per last March as they were vying to expand with her to aid her in her goal. However, it has also been in Asur’Ana and Per’s transcendence in parallel unto Terra that all the patterns requiring releasing in order to master this level of evolution were revealed, leading to success at last.


What does Bodhisattva Level Evolution as a global vessel equate unto? It equates to Terra having retrieved her cosmic level of command to command her own creation or dream home to the Tao. Power of command is one of the things that the false tao stripped through the Mahatma so that the nonphysical realms could command physicality to extinction. It is why retrieving power is a part of all ascension, whether it is of fully conscious species like the Dolphins and Whales or Humans.


Each kingdom must also retrieve their power of command as they restore full consciousness to the biology. This is coming, and will take over 180 years to accomplish; but in 180 years’ time, most animal kingdoms and birds will once again be self-aware, including the fish kingdom, as this is what full conscious biology creates. As animals become self-aware, they then too can direct from the physical the ascent of the land and region that they exist within; and this will begin to aid Terra in her choice to return “home” to the Tao.


For those in human form attaining Bodhisattva level evolution, outside of those in the Inner Earth, you are few and far between. Attaining Bodhisattva mastery requires the igniting of the flame of truth in the heart and hologram that sits therein. As the flame of truth is re-ignited, love is reinstated as a way of being. There have been many attempts to open the truth flame within Asur’Ana and Per’s Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS), and a few are now accomplishing this. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep.


There are also a few in other parts of the world outside of their school devoted to an inner path accomplishing this goal. It is a difficult path and requires facing the destroyer within and forgiving it absolute; this requires those who can love deeply to fulfill upon the task. Most in Asur’Ana and Per’s school are devoted to their path, and perhaps this is why there are more accomplishing this in their association than in other parts of the world. However, it matters not how many ascend, only that the entire wheel of archetypes and lineages are represented; and this Asur’Ana and Per accomplish each year so that the map carved is complete for the human species ahead.


More Incoming Bodhisattva Births


Those few mastering Bodhisattva in adult form allow children of the same inheritance to be born at this level of evolution. This is perhaps the grandest gift of all ahead. There are 15 tapestries of ancestry that have mastered Bodhisattva level evolution to date in adult form. There are 18 additional tapestries to fulfill upon this goal ahead, and as this occurs, more birth of children at this level will begin.


It is anticipated that by 2026, humans holding the 18 additional tapestries will have mastered the igniting of the flame of truth within, and this then will herald more birth of this level of ascending child. As enough Bodhisattva children are born (estimated to require 100,000), the dream for humanity will then be redirected towards a foundation of unity and love; this is coming and will herald the birth of the new age ahead.


Those mastering require ongoing inner focus that is the primary goal of their life. Many in Asur’Ana and Per’s association are so devoted, and are accomplishing this difficult task within. The Tao reaches to support those associated with them and those outside of their care alike. Those feeling the inward calling to assist with this map should consider joining Asur’Ana and Per in their study program, as it will assist greatly in the success of this goal in the year ahead. There are also those widening the map to this goal that may feel called to join their “Mastering Unity Within” Studies program.


Disbanding the Light Body Body-Double Planes


One of the more interesting and recent discoveries on the part of Terra, Asur’Ana and Per as they took their expansion to cosmic level fields was that the Light Body Body-Double (LBBD) planes were not real and simply a mirror plane and dream that had been lost over time on the part of fully conscious species. As a result, these planes are now being disbanded and the dream lost unto them retrieved for Terra’s continued evolution Home.


It is through the combustion of whale and dolphin ascensions long ago and after they were seeded upon Terra that the LBBD planes were first constructed. The false tao was behind the combustions. As the dolphin or whale pod neared a fourth dimensional frequency having embodied photonic biology, the false tao would invert the intent to ascend back upon the pods causing them to combust instead. The false tao then stripped the dream of each ascending pod combusted this way to construct another dream that appeared to be “real”, but was only really a dream held together by mirrors.


The dream of the LBBD held all attributes of Earth and nature within it as the ascending whales and dolphins had embodied the consensus hologram, as this is a part of the process of ascending to another dimension. Over time and as more and more pods of dolphins or whales attempting to ascend this way were combusted, the dream in the LBBD planes began to exceed the physical dream for Terra. This was long before humans were seeded upon Earth.


As the Grand Masters with the larger heads were seeded upon Earth 200,000 years ago and attempted to ascend, they too were combusted due to interference of the false tao, adding human dream to the LBBD planes. We now have attained records of 3 Grand Masters that attempted to ascend and were combusted creating the first human representatives upon the LBBD planes. Over time more human combustions were created, in particular in the era of the Pharaohs, where supposed ascending initiates went into the pyramids and combusted.


Over time, the LBBD planes looked so real due to all the dream that they held that Terra herself thought that they were a parallel reality that required ascending with her. As she herself expanded and exceeded the LBBD in vibration, suddenly the veils lifted and the planes were perceived for what they were; which is simply a mechanism to hold the book of extinction in place in the physical. The LBBD planes were created as the dream of Terra was cracked like an egg, and separated between light and dark. The light part of the dream went to the LBBD planes and the dark part of the dream to physicality, causing physicality to fall and fall in vibration over time.


Now the LBBD planes are being disbanded and the global light and dark dreams reunited or amalgamated into another bandwidth of thoughtform that ceases to separate light and dark. This allows Terra to enter more of the Great Central Sun Dream and shall cause less than 10% of her overall surface to remain behind in the coming 20 months. The entering more fully of the Great Central Sun Dream will cause many global changes ahead, including earth movement, volcanic eruptions, and new volcanoes appearing upon the scene, and weather pattern changes.


Those regions sitting in a Great Central Sun Dream will begin to balance out in weather with equal proportions of air, water, fire and earth element as well as inverse elements of vapor, ether, lava and smoke. As this occurs, weather will become more balanced in regions that were previously desert or dry; and those regions with excessive water may find the sun shining a little more ahead.


Human World Mirror in Review


The human world mirror reveals some interesting changes that are heralding how the thoughtform of those who are ascending and mastering Bodhisattva level evolution in particular are affecting the global thoughtform of your species. There appears to be a quickening and increasing interest in global warming and how humans contribute to this. This can be clearly perceived in the creation of the film on the part of Al Gore “An Inconvenient Truth”.


Although Asur’Ana and Per do not watch films, and have not seen this particular movie, it is a reflection of the need of humanity to recognize how they are consuming and destroying Earth faster than she can recreate herself. The consumption of Earth must come to an end in order for her to ascend; and the recognition of this truth on the part of ascending humans has inflated the truth enough in global awareness that it caught as a dream for Gore’s movie.


Earth is quite clever at self healing and has pulled herself out of tougher times in particular following the nuclear annihilation of the Anu and Atlantis alike. She knows how to self heal and is bringing forward all the mechanisms used in earlier time periods for this goal. One of the struggles however is the number of humans upon her surface which are so excessively incarnate that it takes too many resources to sustain them. So, the times of holographic contraction shall begin allowing those humans who are not required for the ascent ahead to withdraw from physicality. Some may withdraw through accidents or diseases, and many of you are already perceiving this shift with many more life changes and deaths that are occurring amongst your friends and family per decade than occurred 25 years ago.


Time is speeding up. The further Terra enters the Great Central Sun Dream, the more rapidly time will pass. As this occurs, karma that might have taken a lifetime to settle 100 years ago will be settled in less than 8 years. The settlement of karma creates many life changes that are the result, along with the possibility of an early death if the hologram that one is related unto has chosen to retract the life as it is failing to contribute to the ascension of the whole. At this time, what was a 4 year time span 20 years ago is now a 2 year time span. In another 4 years, what was 4 years in time will be reduced to 1 year; and into another 4 years, what was 4 years will be reduced to 6 months due to the increasing momentum into “no time” where past, present and future converge.


Those not ready for no-time will have a difficult time ahead due to the rapid pace of change of dream affecting the human species. Those who are aware can counsel others about these shifts and what they mean, and the requirement to consciously choose to ascend. The conscious choice to ascend will speed up time due to the quickening of the vibration of the biology so that the speeding up of time outside of self matches the pace of time within; and then the external changes will not be perceived as anything but what lies next in order to allow the whole to evolve.


Farming Practices and Farm Animals


The holographic retraction has begun and will move into full swing as diseases begin to manifest that are new to humanity. Some of these diseases shall be passed by the animal kingdoms choosing extinction through the consumption of their flesh. The end result will be humans dying of the same viruses as the farm animals. Already in several places worldwide have seen their first cases of rapidly developing Mad Cow Disease in humans who received blood transfusions from others affected by the disease, but unaware. It may be through blood transfusions that many diseases are transferred that may much more slowly develop in the donor and therefore are unknown.


Also, humans tend to slaughter farm animals relatively young and therefore do not witness what would occur in the aging process where the disease would be more likely to manifest in full; and so are unaware of the changes occurring within the DNA of all animals held in captivity. The choice to go extinct is a possibility within all DNA and has been triggered as the nature kingdoms no longer wish to participate in being consumed as food source, as this is not their purpose. The purpose of the nature kingdoms is to ascend and restore their biology to a fully conscious state of being to support Terra’s future ascension home.


Therefore, we recommend that those consciously ascending choose a vegetarian diet, and an organic diet, to better sustain an ascending biology. Additionally, please be careful as the governments of some countries have authorized the use of treated commercial waste as fertilizer. Already there have been deaths of children who rode their bikes through the fields sprayed with this type of fertilizer, and it is highly toxic and poisonous.


You will be consuming the sludge of big business if this carries on, and it will render the body too toxic to ascend from the Tao’s point of view. Therefore, it is important to choose organic, and not live in the regions that are spraying this type of fertilizer upon the plant kingdoms. Over time, the dream will redirect humans participating in this type of dance in another direction and the fertilizers of this nature will be outlawed; but this will take time yet.


Polluted Water


Humans are to awaken more to how their own pollution and lifestyle is contributing to disease. Some of the problem actually flows through the polluted water consumed in highly populated regions global wide. There is a group that has uncovered what are known as “disease markers” in water. The disease markers will go through to the springs or wells or water transport systems and into the fresh water and then be consumed, causing others to become diseased in parallel. How and why does this work? The geometrical patterns that spin in water are a reflection of thoughtform that is associated. All disease patterns will create a geometric pattern in the water, blood, and urine of those who are sick. As sick patterns enter the water supply, the water therein being holographic begins to emulate the sick geometrical patterns.


Much as Masaru Emoto so beautifully captured in his book The Hidden Messages in Water how water responds to consciousness, so this is also for the waterways that humanity relies upon. In the cities, water will take on many attributes not unlike the picture of water placed near “heavy metal” music in Masaru’s own photos. This type of thoughtform recorded in water leads to shattering in the field and body and will lead to disease if the blood embraces this pattern due to ongoing exposure to water hosting such a pattern.


Water in cities and even suburbs take on all kinds of patterns that if the blood in the body emulates them, the body will become ill over time. Bottled water may be just as bad particularly from large commercial companies that rely upon the distillation process for purification purposes. In the distillation process, electrical vibrations are recorded in the water that creates geometry similar to heavy metal music. Therefore, drinking distilled water is not recommended as it will lead to diseased patterns in the blood over time. We would guide each to therefore purchase water from natural springs that tastes sweet and will have a beautiful energy flow therein.


You can also alter the energy flow of most water (except distilled or heavily polluted) through the act of blessing. In the act of blessing, take your hands and hold the glass or pitcher of water for a few minutes, and infuse the thoughtform of the Language of Light into the water. The geometry of the water will change and you may also discover that the taste also changes. Purifying water with colloidal silver will also kill bacteria or viruses therein; just add a few drops and allow it to stand for 10 minutes before drinking. You can also bless the water with the vibration of colloidal silver or colloidal gold for parallel effect. There are also purifiers that pull out toxins and bacteria that are used for camping, and they may be a good choice to use for those living or traveling in regions with polluted water.


There has also been concern expressed about how plastic leaches into the water or drinks that they are contained within, especially when overheated, and emulate certain hormones in the body and can lead to disease. Often in transport, plastic bottled juices and water are not refrigerated leading to the leaching of the plastic into the contents on the store shelves. The plastic is drawn from petroleum and what is leached is a toxin to the physical form.


It is therefore recommended by the Tao that ascending humans purchase bottled water or juice in glass containers instead; and to learn to store your leftovers and juices in glass containers at home. Asur’Ana has learned to save her glass bottles and jars from purchased goods as better containers for leftovers in the refrigerator. Also cooking in plastic (such as microwaving) is not recommended again due to the toxic chemicals that will leach into the food.


Increasing Microwaves in Cities


Each of the nature kingdoms writing through Asur’Ana have recommended that those serious about ascension relocate out of the cities and to a purer and less toxic environment in the countryside. This may be even more necessary now than 20 years ago due to the advent of cellular technology and the microwaves that are broadcast as a result. Microwaves are not unlike microwaves in your microwave oven. Microwave ovens are also not recommended as they will emit radio waves that are harmful to ascending fields. Asur’Ana and Per use a toaster oven instead, and love it if the restaurants that they frequent do the same.


Microwaves are radioactive and slow cook flesh if they are present in enough amount. As the cities become increasingly filled with microwaves, they become trapped in the region due to the cement and rebar construction therein. In the suburbs, this is less so, and in the countryside, almost non-problematic as the trees and surrounding countryside will dissipate the microwaves. Inside the cities, humans are beginning to be “slow cooked” due to the increasing levels of microwaves and the DNA is beginning to fray as a result.


What will result may be bouts of insanity or depression for some and disease for others. Perhaps this is why there are increasing numbers of insane acts of violence in heavily populated regions due to fraying DNA, such as those who enter schools and shoot at children and their teachers. The Amish story where many children were gunned down was a sad example of a group of humans who do not live with technology but are surrounded by others who do that then go insane and then act out violently.


Some regions such as Vancouver Canada are experiencing extreme droughts when there was plentiful rainfall in times past. The increasing microwaves tend to combust the water element to such a point that the rain will cease to fall. For Vancouver which has been an excessively lush and green region, the current drought is very surprising; but it may become so in any region that continues to increase its wireless technology and has enough density to trap the radiation in the region.


For those living near such regions, you can intend to work with Mother Earth to anchor 4 times the necessary water and vapor elements in collaboration with Earth to dissipate enough of the combustion to cause the rain to fall. This will also help to dissipate the microwaves allowing them to be less toxic overall for each living in the highly dense region associated.


However, it is still the Tao’s advice that those ascending or bearing ascending children move out of the denser regions and into the suburbs or countryside nearby as it will be much more supportive of your continued ascent. As Terra moves more fully into the Great Central Sun Dream, the countryside is more likely to be embraced within such a dream than the city. The city will then absorb all the density that the new dream presses back upon itself, causing the city to even become denser and more likely to cause disease than before. This is coming in the next 2-5 years, and may lead to the first outbreaks of plagues in some cities global wide. Therefore, it is time to take action and allow yourself the space you need to ascend beloved, moving to a more rural region that will not be so afflicted.


Crisis in the Middle East


The crisis in the Middle East is a reflection of karma that has been released this year to date in Earth’s global ascent. The Middle Eastern crisis is an example of terrorist slave genealogies running the show. In the Middle East, there are 3 terrorist genealogies that are now destroying one another. All three genealogies have basically gone into warfare founded upon this karma. The karma for this is associated with Merduk who bred 10 genealogies for his war upon Innana.


The 10 genealogies were tested to see which would not emotionally break or go insane under extremely harsh conditions, not unlike the torture of Guantanamo Bay Prisoners. Out of the 10 genealogies Merduk bred, 3 proved to be the more resilient to extremely harsh torture conditions, and these genealogies were then bred by Merduk in large numbers and set up to attack Innana’s more emotional and loving slaves.


The end result was the Merduk conquered more and more of Innana’s compounds and “won” the war between them. Merduk then entered one of the compounds and became trapped by another slave who locked him into one of Innana’s pyramids. Innana swore to starve him to death, which probably would have diverted the outcome of nuclear annihilation. Family members convinced Innana to release Merduk, who went on to detonate two of the largest nuclear weapons ever upon Earth, turning her on to her side, and blowing up her chakra system. It took Terra 8,000 years to recover.


The three genealogies of slaves are fighting it out in the Middle East as a large world mirror of the karma to be cleared. The global karma for the terrorist genealogies has been cleared as of October by Asur’Ana and Per and their organization, DAS, along with all ascending humans worldwide; and now the dance shall begin to dissipate. It still may take 4-6 years for the change in the dream to step down into physicality however, bringing an end to the conflict in the Middle East and the birth of peace. The major spiritual lesson in this is that humans should not breed humans that live to kill, abuse, torture and hate, for this is the genetic structure of the terrorist type of genealogy.


There are those with terrorist genealogy in the mainstream of every group of humans. Those with this type of genealogy have no compassion and derive pleasure from tormenting others. Ascending humans may create personal circumstances with those of terrorist genealogies to settle your personal karma now that the global karma has been released. Those of terrorist genealogy cannot ascend and shall be removed from the template of DNA available to incoming children now that the global karma has been released. Those of this nature will fade therefore as the coming generation matures and the older generation passes leading to a new day in the Middle East, along with all other groups where those of this type of nature is conflictive.


Guantanamo Prison is similar to the compound that Merduk tested his 10 genealogies within; and actually is a dream from the time period that the warrior slaves were incubated. The dream for Guantanamo Prison was erased by Earth as the karma was released this autumn. Over time, the prison will be closed as a result of the global karmic completion and as the shift in dream steps down into the physical. For those tortured within this prison system, the return of True Spiritual Law will create international as well as national trials in the US allowing some kind of restitution ahead.


The Effect of True Spiritual Law in the 2006 World Mirror


Ascending humans have anchored True Spiritual Law as a global thoughtform. This was accomplished in 2005, and the shift could be seen within the human dream in the 2006 world mirror. The Democratic leaders in the US have spoken to the need to begin investigations over the legitimacy of the Iraq Invasion. British leaders have stated that the Invasion of Iraq was perhaps the worst international policy that they agreed unto. This has put the former Prime Minister and former President of the US in a very unpopular light as the primary leadership that drove their nations to invade.


From an ascension perspective, the karma between Innana and Merduk was settled in the dance and this is a good thing. Both the former Prime Minister of England and the former President of the US held Innana inheritance, and were settling their karma with Merduk who was represented as the inheritance of Saddam Hussein. Saddam’s execution completed this karma, as now Merduk died at the hands of Innana rather than detonating nuclear bombs.


This then settled the karma for nuclear annihilation through the interactions of global leadership in 2006, and is to be embraced as a result. No possibility of nuclear war lies ahead for the human species as a result of the settlement of this karma. There is perhaps no other way it could have gone to bring forth the settlement of the underlying archetypal karma between Innana and Merduk within the human species.


Innana was never tried for her war policies. Therefore, actually putting the two leaders to trial over their political decisions never came to fruition, although many would like it to be so and particularly those that have lost family members or became wounded in the dance of invasion of Iraq. Innana went home to the Pleiades following the destruction of Earth and was very ill in the end. The doctors could not save her and she died of euthanasia. Because history will repeat until the karma is cleared, how this may translate into the dream of the two future leaders of England and the US is yet unknown, but could manifest in a variety of experiences ahead.


What dream becomes physical and what plays out on any one of 24 parallel lives is not always known at the density of those sitting at 2 segments of DNA. Therefore, Earth has no manner of predicting the outcome for the two future leaders, but her intention is that whatever transpires settles the karma in the ancestral lineages for the purposes of karmic completion and ascension of the whole.


[One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]


Polarity is an interesting thing. Because in a recent cycle there was a President of the US impeached, the dream for impeaching of another President will be polarized to a parallel plane instead of manifesting in physicality, even if impeachment hearings begin. Because there was a President shot to death in the US, shooting another president is polarized to a parallel plane. Such is the nature of extremes in polarity; and so, these incidents may not repeat in the US, but may repeat in other countries to settle karma from Atlantean times.


In Atlantis, a Prime Minister who was very popular and unwilling to be corrupted was shot, similar to John F. Kennedy, and because they were not willing to play the games of those in power behind the scenes or the wealthiest of Atlantis. In Atlantis, yet another Prime Minister was impeached due to the discovery of their corrupt games. These dances may not play out in the US but in other countries ahead.


Although the former President in the US and former Prime Minster of England were not tried for the Iraq War, this karma may repeat itself in another invasion and crisis of another Middle Eastern country in the future. The only way to heal another potential warfare in the Middle East is by choosing ascension. Ascending humans in the Middle East as well as those in Western countries can forgive this ancient karma through ascension. In so doing, the karma for how warfare is used as a means to capture the resources of another land will come to conclusion; this is mostly Atlantean karma at play at this time.


The anchoring of True Spiritual Law will affect the human dream by forcing corruption to the surface and allowing it to be cleansed. Many big businesses are uncovering corruption in their accounting department and the dance is coming to light, causing those who stole funds to be put to prison. Those playing the stock or cryptocurrency market in a corrupt fashion are also coming to light and being forced to reconcile with their decisions through trials and imprisonment. This is all a sign that True Spiritual Law has become global thoughtform, as the Law will enforce each to take responsibility for their personal actions. This sort of movement away from corruption in governments and business alike has already begun over a decade ago and is the sign of the beginning of the new dream taking hold upon humanity at large.


Poison Karma to Be Released Ahead


The 2020 poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is a reflection of the poison karma that must be released in the year ahead. The reality of it is that humans are poisoning one another through the toxic substances unleashed upon the land, in the air, and in the waterways and sea. The toxic substances are coming back upon humanity through their own farming practices, air that they breathe and drinking supplies.


Interestingly enough, this may be the underlying cause of why so many become ill in the times of cleansing ahead. The poisoning of Earth on the part of the Human Species must come to an end; therefore, 2024 shall be the year that poison karma is to be focused upon and released upon a global level by Mother Earth. It will also become the focus of those studying with Asur’Ana and Per and their dreamtime events ahead.


As humans cease to hold a dream that requires the continued poisoning of self or Earth, then the entire dance shall change. Humans will discover new means of cleaning up their own toxic messes and pollution. One of the main dreams Terra is holding for humanity is the implantation of another type of fuel other than fossil fuels that have no emissions. This may come to be through hydrogen, which can be easily broken off water and provide heat that creates combustion in any combustion-based engine. The technology is already developed, but its widespread acceptance and usage has been blocked by the gas industry due to greed. Now with the accelerated effects of global warming, it is pressing humanity to rethink how it energizes its businesses and lifestyle.


Carbon monoxide, an emission from fossil fuels, is highly toxic to the brain. One ascending initiate was poisoned by carbon monoxide due to a leaky furnace. It damaged the Medulla of the brain so far that he could not continue with the map carving of ascension. This is what is ahead for ascending children who live in the cities or heavily populated regions with large carbon monoxide pollution, such as Los Angeles. The emissions may poison the Medulla of the brain such that ascension beyond a certain point ceases, and they may end up suffering from symptoms not unlike Parkinson’s disease over time.


Interestingly enough, about a decade ago, Asur’Ana read a short article in the local Hawaiian paper that the power plant upon Oahu was searching for alternative fuels such as bio fuel to power the State of Hawaii. This is a sign of the new dream Terra is weaving beginning to take hold for the islands.


Asur’Ana and Per were also surprised to hear about how the auto industry in the US got around new standards for emissions. The State of California had mandated some time ago that a certain percentage of the cars on the road had to meet the 0 emissions standards. GM developed an electric hybrid to meet this standard, and later crushed them all before they were ever sold. The car manufacturers instead chose to push their 4x4s as they were in a truck category of transportation that did not require meeting the new California emissions standards. This is why 4×4 vehicles have become so popular in the past decade, and all to avoid the law and new emissions regulations as well as fail to develop an alternative type of car with 0 emissions.


Apparently, a Japanese auto manufacturer has created a small fleet of hydrogen-based cars that are being leased to corporations in California to test this possibility. Hydrogen refueling stations are being set up in the test. This is a good sign that the intention to create another type of fuel with 0 emissions is also beginning to catch upon the human dream. The dream is corrupt and this is why the gas and auto industry choose to do what they do. As the dream changes due to the shift towards True Spiritual Law, the corruption shall cease and new laws shall come into effect that the gas and auto industry cannot get around. This we see coming ahead in the US, along with other regions global wide.


The US also consumes a quarter of the world’s resources. Due to ascension, in time the US will cease to consume so much of the world’s resources. The US will then move towards greener principles of recycling. If humans simply recycled what they have already stripped from Earth, humanity could easily recreate everything that has ever been manufactured the past century and 3 times over. There should be enough in the process of recycling to provide for all human needs at this time as a result; all that is required is the technology to transmute what has been made into the original resources, such as pulling the rare metals out of computer chips rather than dumping computers into large landfills in other countries, such as Africa.


Anything that was put together one way can be pulled apart another way, and the means that they are pulled apart will often be quite obvious to the chemist or engineer that developed the process in the first place. This also is the dream that Terra is now beginning to broadcast upon humans; to find a way to use your already existing resources and recycle them into new products rather than continuing to strip the Earth of her resources which are required for her ascension ahead. In time and as the karma for global consumption and toxic poisoning of Earth is released in the year ahead, humans will develop better technology to recycle and cease to strip Earth so greatly.


The transcendence of the need to strip Earth so may also come to be due to large numbers of humans exiting physicality and leaving a hoard of possessions behind. This will require the manufacturing of new possessions to be rendered unnecessary over time; and humans will turn to making use of what has already been created, or recreating anew what is to be discarded.


Fewer Crop Circles


Crop circles are generated as the magnetic pulsations of the Great Central Sun Dream catch upon radioactive plates under Terra’s surface. The radioactive plates have been a project for Terra to dissolve such that there is free flowing energy from end to end or all the way through Terra’s core. The fact that there are fewer crop circles this year is a sign that the radioactive plates that were generated in nuclear testing in the era of Atlantis are beginning to dissipate. Into the future, there may be no crop circles at all as all radiation under her surface has been dissipated in full; therefore, this is a positive sign of ascension. Asur’Ana will continue to interpret those crop circles that are helpful for humans who are ascending to understand.




There are many signs of the global thoughtform in the current world mirror that ascending humans are anchoring along with the settlement of key pieces of ancestral karma.  Settling the karma for human warfare has been a 22-year project that began in 2001, due to the 911 Travesty, on the part of Terra to divert the possibility of World War III out of the human dream. This has finally been accomplished this year to date and this is no small change to see fulfilled upon. Now what needs to occur next is the fuller anchoring of the new dream to redirect humanity into more “green” endeavors and towards greater unity and peace. This will be more greatly fulfilled upon as the ascending Bodhisattva children continue to enter the world in the years ahead.


Terra has chosen the short and steep path of ascension due to information pouring in from other creations in parallel cycles of the Tao that are going home. The short steep path is going to increase the pace of global warming and the awakening of the human species to another way of being. The short and steep path is not always easy, as Asur’Ana and Per will attest, as they too have chosen this path to assist Terra in her evolution. However, it has its gifts and rewards as countless patterns at cause of strife and struggle in the human experience are left behind; and so, it all serves.



The Tao

Mother Earth

Asur’Ana and Per


Opening to the Heart of the Tao Meditation


The “Heart of the Tao” is a special place that Asur’Ana discovered many years ago now that assists in the healing of the consciousness of those that have struggled through patterns of extinction and the shattering associated. The Heart of the Tao mends all wounds and points out the karma or patterns at hand requiring transcendence in order to move forward in the choice to go Home. Asur’Ana has found many a solution to her dilemma through the Heart of the Tao; so much so that the Tao is now willing to make available a connection to his heart directly for those who are consciously choosing the path of ascension at this time.


The “Heart of the Tao” is accessed through the human hologram in the heart chakra. Because many humans have yet to access holographic knowledge, a temple in the Aurora has been opened by Mother Earth and amongst the Healing Temples of Ascension that provide access to the Heart of the Tao and the love associated for the purposes of continued transcendence. The temple is maintained by Terra and can be accessed in dreamtime or meditation through intention.


Simply intend to ground and send your consciousness to the Aurora and to the Temple of the Heart of the Tao, and commune. As you commune, you will receive blessings for the continued journey, and if you can hear, you will receive guidance for your continued path. If you cannot hear, ask the questions you have anyway just before falling asleep at night, and intend to awaken with your answer either sometime in the night or upon awakening in the morning.


For many, attuning to the Heart of the Tao is like a mini-homecoming all of its own; for here is where your ancient ancestors inside the Great Central Sun originated; and here you will go “home” unto, beloved. You are beloved unto the Tao; regardless of what your ancestry has or has not done; you are beloved and loved as such. No part of the Tao is ever rejected. There may be spiritual lessons to learn, but there is always the love that is ever present and constant as this is what the Heart of the Tao represents. The following is a meditation to assist each wishing to attune to the Heart of the Tao.


  1. Sit back and relax with your feet uncrossed and upon the floor. Light some candles, burn some incense or essential oils that you enjoy. Put on some beautiful melodic music without words that you love.


  1. Imagine a large tree embracing you now. The Tree Kingdom has agreed to assist each in this meditation in grounding to the Aurora and connecting with the Healing Temples of Ascension. The tree will be of a variety that is one of your favorite trees in your life experience or ancestral life experience.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Allow yourself to come into present time. Intend now to have the tree that surrounds you to assist you in gathering yourself up from wherever you have left parts of self behind, in your waking hours or in dreamtime. Intend to gather yourself up from the office or workplace, from your parents or family, from your school, or from any other association including your beloved or partnership.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now allow your consciousness to move down through the roots of the tree deep into the Aurora. Here you will find yourself greeted by an angel that will guide you to the temple of the Heart of the Tao. There may be other temples to visit as you complete the meditation and if so the angel will appear again as you complete with the meditation.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. As you enter the temple, you will perceive the Heart of the Tao as you wish it to be. All is holographic within this creation and all creations of the Tao; therefore, each will appear as one wishes it to and each will view the Heart of the Tao differently as a result.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now allow your heart to open to the degree that it can. Allow the love of the Tao to begin to enter your heart, melting away that which prevents the further opening in your continued evolution. Allow for the healing of your heart to begin beloved. Allow your heart to be filled to the degree that you can receive the love.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now allow the love to spread upward through every cell in the upper half of your body. Allow the love to penetrate those regions that are stuck or blocked or ill. Allow the love of the Tao to begin to loosen the stuck energy points so that the energy can begin to flow again. This is what love does; it causes the energy to spin so that the patterns underlying the stuck points of energy can begin to release.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now allow the love to spread upward through every cell in the lower half of your body. Once again allow the energy to penetrate those regions that are stuck, blocked or ill causing the energy to begin to move again. You may find yourself wishing to release the pain and if so, allow yourself to cry.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now allow the love of the Tao to move into every moving energy system within your field, including the regeneration chakras that surround the etheric body, the larger chakras, the grounding chakras, the connection to source chakras, the subtle bodies and your dreamtime self. Allow the love to assist in releasing larger stuck points in your overall energy field so that the energy can begin to move again.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now call your ancestors forward that have something to forgive or release in order to release the karma that is associated with the stuck points in your energy field. Allow your ancestors to show you experiences of their lifetimes requiring forgiving in this moment. Intend to forgive whatever they show you, whether you are aware of it all or not. The intention to do so will fulfill upon the goal in due course. Take some time to work through the ancestral karma before going on to the next part of this meditation.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now allow the nature kingdoms to join you that have something to forgive related unto your human karma. Allow the lessons of nature to surface so that you too may forgive the karma associated. Take some time to work with the kingdoms that appear before going on to the next part of this meditation.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now allow Mother Earth to join you in relation to forgiving what is related within your ancestry. Allow the lessons with Earth to surface so that you too may forgive the associated karma. Allow the love of Mother Earth now to commingle with the Love of the Tao to bless your field further and allow additional stuck points of energy to release. Take some time to work with Earth before going on to the next part of the meditation.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now think of those that you have karma and struggle with in your present life circumstance. Intend to send those you are struggling with the Love of Mother Earth and the Tao. Intend that the love dissolve the karmic ties and bonds that lock you in a difficult dance together. Intend completion of the karma so that you and they may each move on. Take time to think about each individual that has been problematic either in the past or present time to allow a healing for each of you to begin to occur through the Love of the Tao and Earth.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now think of those who you have known that have been ill in this lifetime. Allow the Love of the Tao to reach through your field unto their field to allow for blessings that may begin the process of self healing through forgiveness. If the individuals have already passed from the physical plane, send blessings to their ancestry so that the karma for the disease can be released in future generations ahead related unto those who have perished. Take the time to think of each you have known who has been ill before going on to the next section of this meditation.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now think of those that you love and appreciate in this life dance. These are friends or beloveds who share ancestors with you that were friends or beloveds at another time. Intend to send the Love of the Tao and Earth unto each that you love. Intend that the love that you send assist them in their life journey and awakening to the choice to consciously ascend. Take the time to think of everyone you have loved past and present before going on to the next section of this meditation.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now think of the land that you live upon. Think about your home or other places that you travel and visit, or have traveled and visited unto in the past. Intend that the Love of the Tao and the Earth press through your field bathing all land that you have known this lifetime. Allow the love to bathe the land of your present home with the intention that the land now self heal and ascend. If you have visited wounded areas of Earth’s surface in times past, then intend that the love also bless these regions to allow the self healing to begin.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now think of the wounded war-torn regions of Terra such as Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Israel, Somalia, South Africa and South America, or anywhere else you are aware of human struggle and strife due to warfare. Allow the Love of the Tao and Earth to bathe these regions. Intend that the land begin to self-heal and the peoples living upon the land thereby begin to ascend into a new state of being where they learn to live in peace with one another. Intend to call your ancestors that you share with those living in such regions to enter the lives of those living a life of war and aid them to ascend into another state of being where peace can be restored.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now think of the starving regions where there is not enough to eat including parts of Africa, Asia and South America or other regions that you know or are shown. Allow the Love of the Tao and Earth to bathe these regions, calling the elements in to bring balance to the weather so that the rain may fall and the food may grow bringing an end to starvation.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now call your ancestors forward yet again and ask them to release their karma through forgiveness for warfare, disease and starvation. Take the time to review those lifetimes that your ancestors present unto you related to warfare, disease and starvation. Intend to release your karma through forgiveness. Allow the Love of the Tao and Earth to bathe your field in this entire process. Take the time to work with each ancestor that presents themselves before going on to the next section of this meditation.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now intend absolute forgiveness. As you do so, the mineral kingdom shall open the archives of all multidimensional ancestors that experienced parallel trauma that you are forgiving in your own ancestry in present time. Intend to release all the karmic ties and bonds along with agreements in all multidimensional ancestries to the degree that you can. Take time to witness the release of the multidimensional karma, allowing those ancestors from other time and space quadrants to join you now for the return journey Home and your ascension ahead.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Allow those ancestors who had ascensions to the fourth dimension to join you now. Request of these ancestors to guide you in your personal spiritual path in present time. Allow each ancestor to blend with you for a time to share their wisdom and truth and aid you in your concerns at this time in your life.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Allow those kingdoms that have agreed to be an ongoing guide for you in your continued journey inward to present themselves now. Allow each to blend with you for a time to give you their blessings for your continued journey ahead. Intend to bless the kingdoms in return with the Love of the Tao and Mother Earth.


  1. Take a few deep breaths inhaling and exhaling slowly. Now sit in the blessings exchanged all around. If there is somewhere else to go within the healing temples to aid your current level of ascent, the angel in the beginning of this meditation will reappear to direct you further.


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Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



With Infinite Love and Gratitude, we (Asur’Ana and Per) dedicate this book to the One Source, All That Is, or the Tao. Their Divine Intervention has cleared the pathway of ascension to make possible the Ascension of Earth a Living Reality. We are going Home, Beloveds!



Creational © 2022, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 7. Aligning With Earth, 2022. Digital.

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