Image of an adorable mouse holding a nut to eat. The Field Mouse

8. The Field Mouse


Blessings for Retrieving One’s Power


The Mouse Kingdom


The Mouse Kingdom is happy to greet ascending humans today. Mice have long been considered a pest to humanity. Pests are often that which one seeks to exterminate without consideration to how each species supports the whole. In parallel manner, humanity has been considered a pest to the consciousness of Earth. Over time, Earth has also attempted to exterminate humankind. Alas, her extermination attempts ended up warbled and created a dream instead of global extinction and falls in consciousness.


Earth’s Magnetism


Why is any species considered a pest? Each species contributes unto the whole and in so doing, provides their pieces that no other kingdom can to the ongoing energy flow and evolution of Earth. Mice contribute focus upon the movement of energy within the Earth and soil in a magnetic sense. The magnetism of Earth is an important facet of knowledge that causes the consensus to hold together. Without magnetism, Earth would fall apart. Magnetism can be equated with love and life force that holds one’s cells together, as it is love and life force that is the glue for creation, and it is the love of each species for one another that causes the kingdoms to unite into a consensus reality and remain as such.


Through our collective energy, the mouse kingdom moves magnetic energy through the soil that allows for an ongoing push of chi through the grid work of Earth’s etheric body. Just as a human etheric body has ley lines and meridians, so does Earth have global ley lines and meridians. Many of such ley lines and meridians have been obstructed over time due to mass human occupation such as your overpopulated cities, or equipment that harvests and holds electricity, as electricity and magnetism are at odds with one another.


Electricity cuts holes in the ley lines and meridians of Earth. The original energy system for Earth that existed inside the Great Central Sun long ago and in Earth’s ancient global history was a rotational honeycomb form of grid work and meridian system. Each meridian had multiple spheres that rotated, similar to the “consciousness symbol” in the Language of Light that appears as a triple sphere. These pockets rotated and generated energy that would rush down each meridian. Each ley line of grid work had their own set of triple spheres that were smaller in nature and would generate chi of their own and also direct some of the energy from the meridians down through the grid work. This system was sufficient in energizing all of Earth to sustain the life of over 1,900 kingdoms of plant, animal and mineral form.




Existence within the Great Central Sun


Mouse is a kingdom that has always existed upon Earth. Our history goes back well into the times of existence within the Great Central Sun. Our work is the same now as it was at the time we existed within the Sun; we are a species that supports the movement of magnetic energy through Earth’s grid work. When humans seek to exterminate our presence, they assist in plugging up the flow of chi in the grid work under one’s living environment. Read more

Image of a sweet antelope on a field of wild flowers. The Leap of the Antelope

26. The Leap of the Antelope


Blessings for Retrieving One’s Power


The Antelope Species


The Antelope Kingdom has much to say to ascending humans today, and it is with great honor that we can communicate through our channel Asur’Ana. It is because the languaging of Earth, which has become both verbal and non-verbal in nature, that communication between nature and humanity has become possible.


Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications


Humanity knows verbal thoughtform; nature only knows non-verbal thoughtform, which is akin to whale and dolphin sounds, or music without words. Much like a symphony of sound, non-verbal communication utilizes repetitive musical stanzas to communicate sentences of meaning. Dolphin and whale sounds in particular construct communication founded upon tones in octaves way above humanities ability to hear in the physical; these are the sounds of what one may equate to sonar or ultrasound. The scales that the Whales and Dolphins utilize therefore are as complex as any human language in the variances and nuances expressed.


Antelope and all other kingdoms only understand communication constructed upon sound, as this is the original form of communication that has been prevalent upon Earth, even in her time inside of the Great Central Sun which ended about 96 million years ago. Humans add verbal thoughtform to the consensus known as Earth, which is equivalent to adding words to the musical stanzas of sound. Verbal communication has turned out to be a very important addition in Earth’s choice to ascend; as humans can analyze the dance in another manner than nature given the dance of verbal communication.


Earth has learned verbal communication herself as a consciousness and has added this communication to the Language of Light so that both verbal and non-verbal are now a foundation of communication available unto all species. The Language of Light is the new language upon Earth that allows all species to understand one another. All are choosing to leave behind any other former languaging so that communication between species can freely flow and support the ascent of the whole. It is for this reason that Antelope can so readily channel through Asur’Ana unto human initiates, and she fully understands what Antelope is expressing as we share the Language of Light in common.


Antelope represents the Evolutionary Truth Bearer in the new astrology for ascending initiates. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information.) Antelope unites as a global energy flow with many other land and aquatic species to experience a multi-creational experience upon Earth. Such species includes flying fish, mollusks such as the Scallop and Muscle Kingdoms, several other fish kingdom species along with land mammals such as groundhog and ferret. In so doing, we understand what it is to be under the sea and upon the land in a variety of forms of life experience that each teaches our species and our soul about evolutionary truth. Read more