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8. The Field Mouse


Blessings for Retrieving One’s Power


The Mouse Kingdom


The Mouse Kingdom is happy to greet ascending humans today. Mice have long been considered a pest to humanity. Pests are often that which one seeks to exterminate without consideration to how each species supports the whole. In parallel manner, humanity has been considered a pest to the consciousness of Earth. Over time, Earth has also attempted to exterminate humankind. Alas, her extermination attempts ended up warbled and created a dream instead of global extinction and falls in consciousness.


Earth’s Magnetism


Why is any species considered a pest? Each species contributes unto the whole and in so doing, provides their pieces that no other kingdom can to the ongoing energy flow and evolution of Earth. Mice contribute focus upon the movement of energy within the Earth and soil in a magnetic sense. The magnetism of Earth is an important facet of knowledge that causes the consensus to hold together. Without magnetism, Earth would fall apart. Magnetism can be equated with love and life force that holds one’s cells together, as it is love and life force that is the glue for creation, and it is the love of each species for one another that causes the kingdoms to unite into a consensus reality and remain as such.


Through our collective energy, the mouse kingdom moves magnetic energy through the soil that allows for an ongoing push of chi through the grid work of Earth’s etheric body. Just as a human etheric body has ley lines and meridians, so does Earth have global ley lines and meridians. Many of such ley lines and meridians have been obstructed over time due to mass human occupation such as your overpopulated cities, or equipment that harvests and holds electricity, as electricity and magnetism are at odds with one another.


Electricity cuts holes in the ley lines and meridians of Earth. The original energy system for Earth that existed inside the Great Central Sun long ago and in Earth’s ancient global history was a rotational honeycomb form of grid work and meridian system. Each meridian had multiple spheres that rotated, similar to the “consciousness symbol” in the Language of Light that appears as a triple sphere. These pockets rotated and generated energy that would rush down each meridian. Each ley line of grid work had their own set of triple spheres that were smaller in nature and would generate chi of their own and also direct some of the energy from the meridians down through the grid work. This system was sufficient in energizing all of Earth to sustain the life of over 1,900 kingdoms of plant, animal and mineral form.




Existence within the Great Central Sun


Mouse is a kingdom that has always existed upon Earth. Our history goes back well into the times of existence within the Great Central Sun. Our work is the same now as it was at the time we existed within the Sun; we are a species that supports the movement of magnetic energy through Earth’s grid work. When humans seek to exterminate our presence, they assist in plugging up the flow of chi in the grid work under one’s living environment.


Why would humans be so immersed in attempting to stop the energy flow of Earth? This is a question that all other species hold, and the reason goes back to one’s inheritance from other creations far away and long ago. Long ago, humans were just like mouse and held a special role in each consensus within the Great Central Sun. There were not so many humans as you know now; only a few per planet or star. Such humans lived generally within the planet much as the Inner Earth peoples of today.


Within the Great Central Sun, planets and stars were stratified in layers held together by the mineral kingdom. Such layers were not compressed as they are today due to the many falls in vibration and dimension that Earth has suffered. Such layers were aerated allowing life to grow in-between each layer along with the core. Light permeated the layers from both the outside in from the Sun of Earth’s solar system and the inside out from Earth’s own Aurora; the light refracted through the minerals providing adequate sun and chi to each layer of life stratified around the Aurora.


Humans resided within the layers and not upon Earth’s surface. The role of such humans was to manage the energy flow between the layers so that the consensus would hold its overall vibration and energy flow. This only requires a few humans for such a job, and generally there were only small tribes or families numbering less than 10 in 18 regions in any consensus such as Earth. This equates to 180 humans global wide; however, the globe itself was much larger and more expanded than you know now. Such humans lived in crystal homes provided by the mineral kingdom. They were not dense as you are now; did not require sleep nor did they walk but rather floated, as they were semi-etheric in nature, as was all of Earth.


Returning to Our Original Blueprint and Purpose


Mouse and all kingdoms upon Earth, including ascending humans, are drawing upon the original blueprint for form that was held in the Great Central Sun long ago and before we exited. This is the form that we shall each return unto; and then as this is accomplished, we will ascend Home with the Great Central Sun unto the Tao, concluding this evolutionary cycle. Humans have fallen further perhaps in consciousness than nature, for nature recalls its original purpose when humankind does not. However, there is an awakening underway, and each reading these materials is an example of such. Those awakening such as Asur’Ana and Per are intending to return to such a state of being; in such an intent, a dream is set in motion in which over time the changes necessary to allow such a shift to manifest are anchored.


This is not a short term nor small project. However, our collective return to the state of being once held in the Great Central Sun will reveal over time all that has occurred on each dimension of falls that Earth has experienced. This will also be true for mouse as well as for humankind. Humans have been used vastly to perpetuate falls in consciousness when this was not the original purpose that your species held.


The cause of this is due to the command and power that humans held within any consensus in the Great Central Sun; humans move global energy or solar energy systems or repair them consciously for maintenance. As forces desiring another outcome overran humans, such power was used to shatter the consensus rather than sustain it. This makes mouse very sad, and never again will Nature or Earth give so much power over global energy movement to any one species.


Power and Command Equally Distributed for Each Kingdom


This is perhaps the largest change that the experiences outside the Great Central Sun have provided the lessons for. If mouse or any other kingdom relies upon another species to manage the overall energy movement of our consensus, then mouse has given their power away to do so itself unto the other kingdom. Mouse and each kingdom therefore choose at this time to retrieve the power that had been allotted unto the human species for global energy management, and in so doing we are now learning to do what humans once did inside of the Great Central Sun of our own volition. Such a shift has been applauded by Asur’Ana and Per who say “Each kingdom should share equally in all power and command and in so doing, no force will be able to overrun the whole ever again through a single species, or a group of species.”


Humans, like mouse, have also given their power away; only humanity has given their power unto dark forces or non-souls. In the last chapter through the Bat Kingdom, the nature of the dark and how it originated upon Earth as she exited the Great Central Sun was explored. Over time, the commands that humans utilized to manage the consensus that they existed upon were transferred to beings that existed in the space between creations. What lies outside of the Great Central Sun is a vast hall of mirrors that separates creations or in other terms, separates your Sun from many other Suns that co-exist in the same time-space quadrant of the Tao. This is also known as the space between, but of a vastly larger order than the space between within oneself.


Falls in Consciousness Due to Serpents Dancing with Creations


No life form was meant to exist in the space between creations. However, something occurred that caused each Great Central Sun to collapse, and in the collapsing parts of each Sun were expelled into the space between. Within the space between are many serpents that were cast by the Tao as a form of soul to hold the hall of mirrors between creations. Such serpents were created for the purposes of holding inter-creational boundaries. Such serpents had never seen the dance of life as it occurred within the Suns as this was outside of their region of domain.


Suddenly there was life expelled from within the Great Central Sun into the space between; and the consciousness of the serpents were attracted, interested and wished to participate. However, the serpents had the wrong casting to sustain life, and so as they asserted themselves into the dance of each creation, the end result was a shattering of existence and a fall in consciousness. The more serpents that chose to dance with Earth and creations like Earth, the further her energy flow was shattered until she dropped into the next vibrational bandwidth beneath.


Over time the serpents desired to “rule over” Earth. They shattered and pushed aside the souls that had exited the Great Central Sun with Earth. Such souls ended up giving their knowledge to the serpents in the destruction. The serpents used soul knowledge thereby pressing Earth into an energy flow that served their own existence rather than the health and well-being of Earth as a whole. The serpents further entered human form, stripping humanity of their ability to command.


Perhaps if all of nature held human ability to command, nature could have offset the damage done and repaired the global energy flow leading to less falls over time. However, nature held not such abilities; only humans, and so as humans were overrun, much like a set of dominos, all of Earth could be manipulated. The serpents had no conscience nor any interest in sustaining life let alone evolving life as this is not a part of their casted knowledge; and so, fall after fall in consciousness upon Earth followed.


Each fall paralleled the last fall. Similar sets of circumstances emerged amongst the “false gods” or serpents in control of Earth. Such false goods or serpents expanded and expanded their region of domain, which increased the density and darkness. Over time so much expansion occurred that the grid work and meridians ceased to have any chi flowing within them at all. As this occurred, Earth fell into the next dimension of thoughtform and life beneath her; and in the fall, all was forgotten about how we arrived in such a convoluted and dissonant state of being. In the forgetfulness, the same group of beings would cause the same dance to recur, leading to the next fall to yet another dimension beneath many millions of years later.


Global Warming and Earth’s Ascension


It has only been in this time of ascension that the possibility of why each fall had occurred could come to be understood. Humans holding a large piece of the karmic puzzle have provided the understanding gained from their personal ascensions. This has allowed Earth to begin to better understand her own global circumstances in a way that allows for her transcendence and ascension.


In essence, nature and Earth alike are retrieving their power to direct existence in a manner that fosters ascension or the increasing of energy flow through the meridians and ley lines of Earth rather than continued increasing of the space between. As this occurs, Earth heats up which is also known as global warming. The warming shall continue until Earth bursts through to a fourth and then fifth dimensional state of being, becoming a star again in the coming 1000-year cycle.


Retrieving One’s Power to Command One’s Reality


What does mouse wish to close with? At this time in history, each human has an opportunity to retrieve the lost knowledge of one’s ancestry to command one’s own reality. In so doing, one will become the dreamer and the dream. Mouse understands the movement of energy through the grid work; call upon us if one is having difficulty in the movement of chi in one’s own etheric body and we will assist in allowing one to perceive the underlying cause.


Asur’Ana has had a few experiences with mice over time. Generally, the mice have not been in her home but in the field or park, as she would go out and take a walk. As we were perceived, generally Asur’Ana would query us as to why we had crossed her path and what we had to say about her own state of being. Often, we would mirror unto her how “small” or “helpless” she felt during difficult phases of her ascent. We reminded her that she was not small, that she had ascended into a powerful field and thoughtform, and that she must remember to retrieve her power to command her reality and fate in the direction that she desired, and not in the direction that the dark forces preferred.


Asur’Ana has been surprised to discover mice in Norway. Several mice ran across the road during Per and Asur’Ana’s drive from Oslo to Lillehammer, Norway. She once again inquired what we might like to share. We offered unto her that their battles with the dark were coming to conclusion; soon she would better understand their origins and how they were manipulating her and Per would come to completion as a result. So, this has come to be.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Little Creatures that have crossed the Path of Ascending Humans. May their Gifts and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Mysteries of the Little Creatures. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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