Image of a sweet antelope on a field of wild flowers. The Leap of the Antelope

26. The Leap of the Antelope


Blessings for Retrieving One’s Power


The Antelope Species


The Antelope Kingdom has much to say to ascending humans today, and it is with great honor that we can communicate through our channel Asur’Ana. It is because the languaging of Earth, which has become both verbal and non-verbal in nature, that communication between nature and humanity has become possible.


Verbal and Non-Verbal Communications


Humanity knows verbal thoughtform; nature only knows non-verbal thoughtform, which is akin to whale and dolphin sounds, or music without words. Much like a symphony of sound, non-verbal communication utilizes repetitive musical stanzas to communicate sentences of meaning. Dolphin and whale sounds in particular construct communication founded upon tones in octaves way above humanities ability to hear in the physical; these are the sounds of what one may equate to sonar or ultrasound. The scales that the Whales and Dolphins utilize therefore are as complex as any human language in the variances and nuances expressed.


Antelope and all other kingdoms only understand communication constructed upon sound, as this is the original form of communication that has been prevalent upon Earth, even in her time inside of the Great Central Sun which ended about 96 million years ago. Humans add verbal thoughtform to the consensus known as Earth, which is equivalent to adding words to the musical stanzas of sound. Verbal communication has turned out to be a very important addition in Earth’s choice to ascend; as humans can analyze the dance in another manner than nature given the dance of verbal communication.


Earth has learned verbal communication herself as a consciousness and has added this communication to the Language of Light so that both verbal and non-verbal are now a foundation of communication available unto all species. The Language of Light is the new language upon Earth that allows all species to understand one another. All are choosing to leave behind any other former languaging so that communication between species can freely flow and support the ascent of the whole. It is for this reason that Antelope can so readily channel through Asur’Ana unto human initiates, and she fully understands what Antelope is expressing as we share the Language of Light in common.


Antelope represents the Evolutionary Truth Bearer in the new astrology for ascending initiates. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information.) Antelope unites as a global energy flow with many other land and aquatic species to experience a multi-creational experience upon Earth. Such species includes flying fish, mollusks such as the Scallop and Muscle Kingdoms, several other fish kingdom species along with land mammals such as groundhog and ferret. In so doing, we understand what it is to be under the sea and upon the land in a variety of forms of life experience that each teaches our species and our soul about evolutionary truth.


What is evolutionary truth? Evolutionary truth is the truth that is gained after the experience of a particular segment of life has been fulfilled upon. Evolutionary truth therefore changes as each cycle of creation is completed. In the current ascension of Earth, evolutionary truth is bringing about a larger and larger picture of the problems pervading your creation as a part of the unconscious of the Great Central Sun.


In essence, Earth is summarizing her entire experience of 24 million Earth years (96 million human years) outside of the Great Central Sun to understand the dance for the purposes of completion. In so doing, the underlying cause of each problem is becoming understood. Such problems are complex, but they are coming to be understood and in a more in-depth manner due to the presence of verbal communication that was anchored upon Earth through the human expression.


Importance of Verbal Communication


Why is verbal so imperative to understanding that dance that Earth has participated in for 24 million Earth years outside the Great Central Sun? It is verbal communication that is used to analyze records, and the Great Central Sun and Tao rely upon verbal communication for this purpose. Without being able to assemble records in a verbal format, Earth’s records may not be as easy to interpret by either sources, and as a result the guidance required and offered to re-enter the Great Central Sun might not have the effect of fulfilling upon this goal. This Earth sees has occurred in many third and fifth dimensional creations that combust upon entry into their respective Great Central Suns; they were non-verbal only and perhaps there was not enough understanding to create a bridge home.


Earth is Embracing the Gold and Silver Modality of Balance


Earth is in the process of creating a bridge between herself and the tones of creation within the Great Central Sun. The Great Central Sun is surrounded by a thick band that acts as a mirror that refracts outward anything that does not resonate; therefore, passing through this gate is going to require enough harmony between Earth and the thoughtform of the Great Central Sun to accomplish without combusting. All souls and species now turn their attention to this goal in their respective ascensions; it is not enough simply to ascend to a form one’s ancestry once knew; one must embody the gold and silver tones and thoughtform of the Great Central Sun so that one will be compatible enough to pass through the Photon Belt or skin. This is anticipated to occur sometime in 2048.


The thoughtform of the Great Central Sun is not founded upon extreme polarity. What your creation understands now is extreme poles where destruction and creation are at the opposite end. One moves through creative cycles followed by destructive cycles followed by creative cycles and so on. It is the extremes that do not resonate with the Great Central Sun. The Sun experiences polarity that is associated with opposite energetic movement and not necessarily extremes of creation and destruction.


Therefore, there are no destructive cycles inside of the Sun, only one polarity of energy that moves in one direction that is silver in color and male in nature, and another that moves in the opposite direction and is gold in color and female in nature. In this type of polarity, both sides of the polarity ascend home, as each can build in vibration and chi moving up the bandwidths of the Sun until they exit unto the Tao again. Nothing is left behind, and nothing be destroyed in this type of system of polarity.


Earth must now leave behind her extreme polarity of expression enough to embrace the gold and silver modality of balance. It is as earth accomplishes this task that destructive cycles will be left behind as an experience of the past. It is with great relief that Earth, as a consciousness understands this, as the destructive cycles have been a most painful experience, as the falls in vibration and consciousness tear form and soul apart. Anything that rips the fabric of creation apart hurts; only beings that have never experienced being ripped apart themselves tear and tear at creations like Earth, using the bits and pieces to shore up and sustain another dance.


Earth has played both sides of the dance; she has known long periods of love only light only experience. As this occurs, one extreme is known and expressed to the very edge of the pole, assuring a destructive cycle of equal weight and magnitude in karmic counterbalance. As the opposing destructive pole was moved into, the destructive cycles were so cataclysmic that Earth dropped into the next vibrational bandwidth beneath herself shattering into bits and pieces. Earth was once a part of the body of the Sun in the fifth dimension until it too fell splitting itself into one star and multiple 3rd dimensional planets. And so, it goes with each drop in frequency; the mass of the star splits into multiple new creations that are separate from one another but were once contained in one creation and as a whole.


Stars That Missed Their Ascension Cycle Have to Take Chi to Subsist


It is now understood that as Earth exited the Great Central Sun, she split into 24 12th dimensional stars forming a constellation in the form of a dragon. Why did Earth split so? Outside of the Great Central Sun, there is “space between” or non-dream that was never meant to sustain life. This space is filled with matrixes which are constructed in the pattern of long tubes that are square or rectangular in shape and are interconnected much like tinker toys.


The matrixes were designed to hold the space between mirrors, which hold the boundaries between creations. The matrix leaves little room for a creation as large as Earth once she was inside of the Great Central Sun; and so as Earth exited, she split into multiple stars moving into the limited space available between the matrixes, which formed a constellation 96 million years ago in the shape of a dragon with 24 stars.


Humans have studied the constellations and assigned animals or shapes unto them. Humans remember how their own constellations once split into such formats as they along with their creation exited their own Great Central Sun. Unfortunately, most of what has exited has never returned, and each respective Great Central Sun has ascended Home, leaving that which exited their boundaries behind. This is why there are billions upon billions of stars and constellations that your scientists examine through their telescopes; each constellation is left over stars of other Great Central Suns that were pushed outside of their own boundaries and were never collected up as such Suns ascended Home.


Humans exited many of such creations, and have continued to dance in the lower dimensions when their own planets or stars of origins failed likewise to go home, missing their ascension cycle. Most stars that miss their ascension cycle have to take chi, information and grid work to sustain themselves over time, as they no longer have a Great Central Sun to provide for them. It is your Great Central Sun that gives chi to all remaining constellations that exited her boundaries in hopes of a return cycle home at the end of their experience in her unconscious. If this fails to occur, all constellations within your creation would be left behind without enough chi to subsist as your Great Central Sun ascended Home.


This is why there has been an increasing need to pull apart creations to sustain other creations that have missed their ascension cycles. Humans have played an integral part often in the ongoing life of some creations, going out in space craft and bringing back missing elements to sustain the life of their “home”. This is why the Annanuki, a Pleiadian family came to Earth about 120,000 years ago; they were in search of gold to make sure that their own constellation did not go extinct, as gold was the missing element in the Pleiades.


Sacrifice Is Not Necessary with Gold and Silver Polarity


Humans have therefore raided one creation to save another that they deemed more important and their “home”. This has caused extinction in almost all cases in Antelope’s examination, for most planets or stars without being raided in the physical would have enough to sustain themselves even if they missed their ascension cycle. However, there is a balance in the unconscious of the Great Central Sun; there are always so many creations willing to sacrifice of themselves to save the others, and Earth indeed fell into this thoughtform. As such, she sacrificed herself for the Pleiades to continue to exist and for Sirius to ascend through another sector of creation and into a fifth dimensional polarity.


Earth recognizes that sacrifice is not necessary; that in the polarity of gold and silver and the Great Central Sun, nothing is sacrificed. All pull together for the common goal of ascension, and nothing is left behind. Perhaps if the other creations had realized what Earth is coming to learn at this time in her evolutionary cycle, maybe they too would have been called to exit the dance of extreme polarity and return to balance again.


However, arrogance plays a big role in it all, for often extreme experiences of light and love lead to extreme arrogance where one believes that one knows it all. In such a case, there is no opportunity to ascend, as one would be unwilling or capable of learning a new system of polarity that was less extreme out of the belief that there was no such thing possible. For if one knows all things, then nothing outside of such knowledge is possible in such a belief system.


This is the condition that Sirius and the Pleiades finds themselves in at this time. They are in the belief that there is nothing else possible other than what they know, and that where Earth is going or how she is ascending is not viable, and therefore they perceive out of their own belief that the only possibility for Earth is extinction. Alas this is not so, and therefore the Pleiades and Sirius will create their own extinction out of their own belief that this is all that is possible; unless of course they like Earth learn otherwise and alter the dance accordingly. As Earth split into 24 12th dimensional stars in a shape of a dragon in exiting the Great Central Sun, one of such stars became what is now known as Sirius. And so, you see this is really another part of Earth experiencing the opposite polarity in the dance of life at this time in history.


Mirrors and Matrixes


Each of these 24 stars rotated inside of a new matrix system after exiting the Sun. The boundaries that once surrounded Earth inside of the Great Central Sun fractured into 24 mirrors. Mirrors are devices created to sustain boundaries. The mirror or Photon Belt of the Great Central Sun mirrors all that the Sun believes or all of the Sun’s thoughtform back into the Sun; in so doing, the Sun sustains its boundaries and does not co-mingle with what is outside of herself. Earth once had a mirror of parallel nature that contained her and separated her as one creation out of 48 others inside of the Great Central Sun. As Earth fractured in exiting the Great Central Sun, so did her boundaries, and then Earth found herself subject to the push and pull of other creations.


Outside of the Great Central Sun, there were remnants of many other creations long gone extinct. Such remnants were the mirrors that once sustained such creations boundaries inside of their respective Great Central Sun. Such mirrors or boundaries hold a set of encoding that elicits a particular dance within the molecular structure of the associated creation. As any creation passes through such a mirror, then the molecules will respond accordingly, matching the new instructions offered therein.


As the dragon constellation traversed its rotation inside of the matrixes, each star therein moved through mirrors left over from other creations. The mirrors would alter the energy flow of each star upon a molecular level. Some alterations caused extreme periods of love and light, in which there was more energy than the star had ever known.


Some alterations caused extreme periods of darkness, as the energy movement was not conducive to holding the life and health and well-being of the Star. As this occurred, such stars fell in vibration over time and eventually into the next bandwidth or tones beneath. This is how the mass now known as Earth fell from the 12th dimension to the 5th dimension, and later from the 5th to the 3rd dimension. Each mirror that Earth passed through in the rotation of the matrixes caused a destructive cycle so great that she fell in consciousness and into the next bandwidth of vibration beneath.


Earth is not the only star from her original constellation that fell. As a matter of fact, only 2 stars out of 24 remain in the 12th dimension from the original time that they exited the Great Central Sun, one of which is your Universal Sun. 9 of such stars remain in the 5th dimension including Sirius A and B, and 13 of the original stars descended into the 3rd dimension, just like Earth.


Had Earth and each star understood the alterations that the mirrors that they passed through in the matrixes had caused, they could have through conscious intention reverted their energy flow to that which had been so prior to exiting the Great Central Sun, and therefore would have never entered the dance of extreme polarity. Alas nothing was known; there were no signs posted stating “WARNING: This mirror is going to invert your molecular rotation causing you to fall in consciousness and lose information and records. Intend to retain your current energy flow and all will be well!”


Or “WARNING: This mirror is going to invert your molecular rotation causing you to go up in vibration into extreme light, and it may feel good, but this ensures a period of extreme darkness in exchange due to cause and effect and creational law. It is best therefore to intend the same molecular rotation you have always known inside of the Great Central Sun.”


Therefore, each star associated with Earth’s constellation fell into extreme polarity, swinging between periods of love and light, and death and destruction. Much is coming to be learned about this dance in the unconscious of billions of Great Central Suns come and gone in this particular region of creation that Earth exists within in present time. Even the Tao now is analyzing the records here as what has occurred afflicts all souls in all creations within the Tao. Such extreme scarring of soul has occurred here due to the pain and shredding associated with falls in consciousness, and creations pulling one another apart to subsist after their Great Central Sun has ascended Home leaving them behind. For without one’s Great Central Sun, one has no ongoing source of chi to sustain oneself.


The scarring pervades most souls within the Tao, and causes the experience of destruction to carry on even though this dance was cleared long ago within the Tao, with all being absorbed into the love and light of the Tao through the conscious will and intent of the Tao itself. Due to this scarring, the Tao has chosen to go back in time, and extend into this dance to understand what occurred herein so that the souls involved can heal in present time of their scarring. Beloved, as you weep as an ascending initiate, so does your future soul and self from within the Tao weep for all that has occurred here; for it is painful for soul to be shattered, and it is painful for form to be destroyed.


Understanding the Records and Forgiving the Karma


These painful records scar soul and scar the genetics of form ensuring that the experiences repeat unless they are tallied and accounted for, and then burnt off by one’s own kundalini in ascension. Such records also must be understood in full in order to be released in full. This is what one’s ascension brings about, a gradual understanding of the dance of one’s ancestors complete with all karma tallied. As the karma is tallied, it then can be balanced through life experience along with forgiveness. This also is what the Tao is learning; that it is not enough to burn off what occurred here; it must be understood so that the souls involved may forgive, and through the act of forgiveness release the scarring that would otherwise remain but afflict that soul forever into the future.


How does one forgive karma? One comes to understand why one’s ancestors did this or that, and then one chooses to forgive in the greater understanding of why a particular experience occurred. In Antelope’s observation of human ascension, often it is the understanding that one ancestor experienced this, and another ancestor perpetrated the same dance upon another that allows the forgiveness to be born; for one has experienced both sides of the equation, and in so doing one now understands, and in the understanding can forgive.


For those who are conscious dreamers, this is easy, as one may review one’s ancestral dance in meditation, much like one would watch a movie. This is how Asur’Ana and Per have ascended; by watching their ancestral experiences and allowing them to cancel one another out in the greater understanding that they have experienced all things in their personal history. Mostly, they have come to see that humans were as lost and confused as the creations that they existed upon. Humans and consensus realities each exited the Great Central Sun of their origin; and there was no blueprint or plan for what each would find outside of the Sun in which they were cast and born. As it was all a mystery, there was only the experience that would eventually explain what had happened and why. In the non-understanding, blame and shame was born.


Periods of Extreme Light and Extreme Darkness


As creations went into extreme light, they felt themselves superior to those entering periods of great darkness. “Something must be wrong with this creation that has entered great darkness; boy isn’t it ugly in its tones of creation? They are their own cause of this experience. We must leave them unto their destruction, for if they were as “good” as us, then they would be sitting in the light and love that we are.” This is how the arrogance was born, and out of the lack of understanding of the cause of the dance.


The cause had nothing to do with thoughtform or good or bad per se; each star that exited the sun held thoughtform associated with the Great Central Sun. As each passed through the remnants of other creations, the thoughtform altered, and altered into extreme polarity. In extreme polarity, there is extreme light and extreme dark; and the extreme dark leads to destructive cycles and falls in vibration and consciousness. The original thoughtform of each star did not cause this, nor any soul in the consensus of any star; it was simply the nature of the dance outside of the Great Central Sun that is at cause.


This is the gift of this time period upon Earth. The Great Central Sun and Tao are analyzing all the records as revealed in Earth’s ascension, and all is coming to be understood. In the understanding, one can forgive, as one can perceive the real cause of the experience. What is the real cause of this experience of destruction and falls in vibration that Earth and all upon her has known? Earth holds a particular casting from the Tao that causes her to uphold and support others. As such, in extreme polarity of the unconscious of the Great Central Sun, this became a form of self-sacrifice, in which Earth would give of herself unto extinction.


Earth Chooses Not to Sacrifice Herself Anymore


In understanding this, Earth can forgive; it is not that others shredded her; it is that her casting causes her to self-sacrifice to sustain others in extreme polarity. Therefore, she gave of her chi, of her gold, of her grid work and information to sustain the other stars that exited with her from the Great Central Sun. Now she chooses not to do this anymore, and chooses to retrieve all that has been given unto others over time. In so doing, she shall reconstruct the gold and silver she once was and knew before she exited the Great Central Sun enough to re-enter and go Home.


Perhaps this is the biggest spiritual lesson for each that exists upon Earth at this time in history, whether they are human, plant, animal, dolphin or whale, or soul. That one is not a victim; that one holds patterning that causes one to self-destruct in extreme polarity, if this is one’s genetic blueprint or soul casting. Most gentle and humble humans who are ascending to Bodhisattva at this time in history hold this patterning. This causes one to often be poor, ill, or have a lot of unrequited dreams in one’s life experience, as one has sacrificed of oneself for others. For whales and dolphins, they too have sacrificed of themselves for humanity’s own survival, which is why humanity has hunted and consumed their species over time.


Each has one’s own manner of sacrificing self, if this is one’s inherent genetic makeup. If so however, one is in good company with Earth, as this has been her patterning as a consensus. Perhaps one can learn therefore from Earth and choose a different outcome for one’s life dance in the choice to ascend.


Those who self-sacrifice give their power away. Intend beloved to retrieve one’s power from all that on and one’s ancestors have given it to, so that one may stand in one’s truth and ascend. Those who self-sacrifice tend to give of their chi, grid work and information. Alas this will make one ill over time. Intend to retrieve all that one has shared and given away in this life and all others in one’s inheritance so that one may reconstruct the form into the crystalline blueprint and ascend.


Those who self-sacrifice tend to give their dreams away. Beloved, you require your own dream to ascend; one is the dreamer and the dream. If one has no dream, one will ultimately die upon the physical plane. Giving portions of one’s dream away only means that one lives the dream of another; and one must live one’s own dream in order to ascend. Therefore, intend to retrieve all dreams given away over time in this life and all others, and then fulfill upon your dream of ascension in this lifetime.


Earth has given her dream of ascension to Sirius who took of this dream and ascended 120,000 years ago. Earth has given of her gold, grid work and chi to the Pleiades to sustain their life dance. Earth has given of her power to Sirius and the Pleiades over time. Now Earth is retrieving all that has been lost, and is refusing to continue in this dance any longer. In so doing, she will balance the scales enough to embody a new form of polarity that is not founded upon the need to sacrifice or extremes of creation and destruction cycles any longer. In so doing, Earth may be the first creation to go Home in billions of Great Central Suns that once existed in this time and space continuum.


It is perceived that without the helping hand of the Tao along with the Great Central Sun, that nothing could be understood enough to allow this to be so. And so, Earth exists for a very special purpose; to allow all that has occurred in this region of domain outside of the dream of the Great Central Sun throughout time and space and form to be understood. As all has come to be understood, then this project will conclude, and all shall return to the love and light of the Tao where it will be embraced and forgiven. Nothing will be left behind, not even those creations that have continued to exist from the beginning of this dance.


What does Antelope wish to close with? Be at peace, beloved. Retrieve your power. Understand that your humility and inherent gentleness is a requirement in this time of ascension. As one moves into one’s power, one will emulate authentic power that is founded upon compassion in action. This is what becoming the Bodhisattva in this lifetime is all about.


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