Image of a sweet golden bird. Angel Archive #8

Angel Archive #8: Sacred Waters


Sacred water and light go hand in hand to emulsify the body better in light wave motion. Bathing, showering, swimming, Jacuzzi’s or mineral springs are very useful to balance light if used daily or as frequently as you can. The water hits the skin and emulsifies light around the epidermis. If you have not a bath, standing in the shower for 15 minutes will suffice to foster the same effect. Bath additives are best with rock salt plus lavender essential oil along with vitamin C powder. The salt nourishes the field and the lavender revives the skin while the vitamin C allows dead skin to depart. If you cannot bathe, making a salt scrub of the above ingredients and apply ¼ cup following each shower will have parallel effect.


(Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 5 “Supporting the Human Form in Ascension”  for more information on the detoxification process and making and using salt scrub.)


Feet Care


Make sure to scrub the bottom of each foot in each shower to renew and revive the feet too. Leathery skin upon the feet causes so many physical problems in extreme light that it is best to avoid. If you have leathery feet, it may be best to go to a spa for a foot treatment to remove all of the dead skin for the sake of your health. The feet are natural conductors of the meridians of the body. Leathery feet do not conduct light through the meridians evenly leading to every disease you could imagine. It is not a time not to take care of feet. If you need a kit for home treatment, purchase one; but a professional spa treatment may suffice to catch you up so that the vitamin C scrub upon the bottom of the feet in each shower or bathing in vitamin C each night fosters a release of what is dead so that your meridians can flourish in light properly.


Face Care


Washing the face is another sacred journey all of its own. Finding a seaweed facial wash and cream is best. Seaweed nourishes the skin in a gelatinous substance that allows light not to damage the epidermis. Vitamin C powder scrub upon the face each morning will remove dead skin cells off the profile too. Sprinkle only ¼ teaspoon of vitamin C powder upon the hand and blend with a sprinkle of water and apply to the face and rinse immediately. Follow with a seaweed facial cream for a soft and beautiful profile.


(Please refer to Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 7 “Blessings for Remembering the Ancient Past”  for homemade recipes for regenerative facial cleanser, regenerative face cream, and regenerative facial mask.) Read more