Image of a gentle gum tree. Blessings For Remembering The Ancient Past

7. Blessings For Remembering The Ancient Past


From the Gum and Eucalyptus Trees Kingdom  


It is the Gum and Eucalyptus Trees that greet you today. Our kingdom is the most ancient tree kingdom upon Earth. Through ascension, our kingdom is beginning to recall our times within the Great Central Sun and would like to share of our records with those reading these materials today.


Earth’s Sublime Origins Inside the Great Central Sun


Our memories go back to the very origins of Earth within the Great Central Sun about 15 billion years ago as measured by time as Earth currently calculates it, or 60 billion human years. Time is deceiving in present time as there are much shorter cycles than those that occurred when Earth existed inside the Great Central Sun. One rotation of Earth around her sun inside the Great Central Sun took 100,000 years in her measurement. Time flowed much slower at this time per year as well. Earth was also a 160th Dimensional semi-etheric vessel that was 1,000-fold larger than in present time.


Earth’s surface was layered in the shape of a spiral that began in the Aurora or Core and extended out to the outer surface creating a multi-layered place for life of all kinds to flourish. Most kingdoms existed inside and within the spiraling land and not upon the surface of Earth as today, as there was sufficient space and air between the layers. The layers were often several miles apart creating a ceiling of sorts that was inhabited by hanging crystals and large minerals of all kinds. The Inner Earth holds this shape in present time but without all the layers.


The crystals refracted the light of the Aurora up through the inside of Earth’s spiraling land; and the light emanated down through the surface from other Creations or Suns and refracted light through the crystals within the spiraling ceilings. Light also moved up through the floor of each layer as the dirt itself was not opaque as it is today but rather tiny translucent round crystals. Flora and fauna grew in a bed of tiny translucent crystals which provided a place to root and grow very tall, sometimes as high as the crystals hanging from the floor above. Water and waterfalls were prevalent as well along with lakes, rivers and streams throughout Earth’s spiraling core. Much like a terrarium or green house, the water rose into the air creating clouds that would condense against the crystals and then shower back down upon the plants and trees and land again.


There were many animals of both aquatic and land-based nature that roamed through the plants and trees or lived within the lakes and streams. These animals were semi-etheric and lived not from consuming anything other than the air. In like kind, the aquatic species such as dolphins and whales existed from the air; and the fish obtained their sustenance from inhaling the water. The out-breath of the animals and fish provided the sustenance for all plant kingdoms, both of land and aquatic in nature; and the out-breath of the plants provided the sustenance for the animals or fish in a symbiotic relationship.


Nothing died in this time period; animals did not give birth to young only to die of old age; instead, each animal kingdom had been cast by soul and was to continue to exist until soul was complete with the experience and all ascended “home” together and into the nonphysical again. This was to be the future cycle of the Great Central Sun and all cast within her.


Humans lived alongside the animals and amongst the spiraling landscape. The humans existed to assist with the conscious direction of the consensus reality and all kingdoms therein. There were not large numbers of humans as today; our records show that there were only 18 tribes of six each living upon all of Earth in this era. These humans were not “born” as in present time, but were cast by soul directly from the nonphysical to the physical. Humans could teleport and levitate. They did not eat or sleep. Most of their time was spent consciously dreaming and attending to the maintenance of the consensus when they were not enjoying the beauty of their surroundings.


The Fall of Earth


The vibrancy of energy flow of the plants, animals, minerals and aquatic life could be perceived by the naked eye of all humans. Perhaps in perceiving the chi flowing from Earth and all kingdoms, it was unlikely that these humans would ever think that Earth was not alive. Humans played the role of watching the energy movement and repairing that which became problematic. Something happened over time; now we understand that the outer edges of the Great Central Sun began to be pulled apart from that which has continued to exist in-between the boundaries of Suns for many expansion and contraction cycles within the Tao. These forces rely upon the next expansion of each successive Great Central Sun to subsist; and they began to pull apart the Sun at her boundaries or edges.


Earth was near enough the edge of the Great Central Sun to begin to be affected by the manipulations of other creations outside of the Sun’s boundaries. One by one, the creations closest to the Sun’s boundaries began to fall in vibration due to the manipulations from the outside in that caused a loss of life force. That which was bright and beautiful to begin with began to go sour and off key in sound and became increasingly opaque in color. In the shift, the minerals became increasingly opaque over time and failed to allow as much light to flow through the spiraling layers of Earth’s core. As the plants received less light, they began to die; those plant kingdoms that survived mutated becoming denser and requiring less light to subsist.


The fall of the plant kingdoms caused an alteration to the air that all animals and humans breathe, as our out-breath altered in biochemistry. The animals and humans relying upon the air for sustenance then likewise fell as they did not receive the proper nutrients to sustain their biology. At first the falls of the humans, animals and aquatic kingdoms was not noticeable, as it was gradual enough to not be perceived day to day.


By the time the humans managing the energy of Earth awakened to the fact that something was not right, they were unable to see how to rectify the dwindling light. Perhaps they could not see what to do as they knew nothing of what existed outside of the boundaries of the Great Central Sun, or how to deal with these “dark forces” as you call them. It was these forces outside the Great Central Sun that were taking their life to sustain their existence.


The end result was a continuous fall that was ongoing and recurrent for 56 billion years; Earth sank from a 160th Dimensional vessel to a dense 25th Dimensional vessel that was then expelled outside the boundaries of the Great Central Sun altogether. Earth fractured as she left the boundary of the Great Central Sun. This boundary is a semi-etheric membrane that acts as a barrier of thoughtform; the boundary is designed to contain that which belongs to the casting of the Great Central Sun in any cycle until one ascends Home. The boundary caused large portions of Earth to shatter and as she exited, she broke into 18 different and smaller 25th Dimensional stars in the shape of a dragon. Dragons are a part of Earth’s casting and was one of the great animals that roamed Earth’s land at another time in history, and perhaps it is why she became a constellation in the shape of a dragon.


Majestic Dragons


Dragons existed of many colors in the physical when Earth was a part of the Great Central Sun. Dragons could fly as well as swim. In current human mythology, dragons are “fire breathing”; in the Great Central Sun, dragons would breathe in the fire element of the Aurora or other Suns that they flew and traveled unto and breathe out the air, earth or water element. Dragons were the only kingdom that could travel between creations as they had large wings. Sometimes humans rode upon their back to other creations for gatherings to understand the problems occurring within the Great Central Sun. This is where the memory of riding upon the dragon’s back comes from in human lore.


Dragons would balance the water element of Earth by adding more fire to create steam causing more rain to fall if a particular region within Earth’s core became too dry. Dragons would breathe fire into the air to cause the wind to blow in order to transport the clouds where the moisture was required. In essence, the dragon kingdom managed the weather and balanced the elements of air, water, fire and earth for the consensus known as Earth.


Today the Dragon Kingdom is related unto the Koto dragon, gecko, lizard, walrus, elephant seal, hippopotamus and elephant upon the physical plane. These small and large animals along with aquatic species each received a part of the “dragon” DNA as it fractured down the dimensions creating many forms of life rather than a single form with a “dragon” shape. Their original DNA is now better understood due to the piecing together of ancient information prior to exiting the Great Central Sun in Earth’s memory banks.


Over time, these kingdoms will unite DNA through ascension creating a new species of dragons that will be small, medium and large in size and similar to their kingdom in the Great Central Sun. They will one day resume their job of maintaining Earth’s weather and elements. This is a part of the blueprint of ascension into the fourth and fifth dimensions, and beyond in Earth’s future.


Dragon souls have often been associated with Earth. In reality, nonphysical forces are shapeless or formless in nature. Souls or angels were never cast in any shape such as dragon or human form; souls as they were originally cast in the Tao or within the Great Central Sun were formless, or in other terms, a ball or sphere of consciousness and light. Nonphysical form in dragon shape is a nonphysical consciousness associated with the Dragon Kingdom.


Dragons as a nonphysical consciousness do exist upon Earth at this time and have extended themselves from the 18th Dimension for the purposes of supporting Earth’s ascension home. They also make themselves available to support ascending humans. One must be wary however of forces that desire to manipulate that may take the form of a dragon.


Dragons exist as a nonphysical life upon the 18th Dimension. This 18th Dimensional star hosts an abundance of nonphysical life much like Venus, Saturn and Jupiter in your solar system. However, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter are from other Great Central Suns and lack the biochemistry to continue to exist in this Great Central Sun that Earth and your solar system is about to enter. The nonphysical life upon Venus, Saturn and Jupiter has already begun to retract as a result, going to other creations that are more resonant unto their energy flow and future evolution Home.


Intertwining of Creations


Your Great Central Sun exists alongside twelve other Suns that have experienced falls in consciousness in parallel to Earth’s own experience. Each Sun has lost creations out of their boundaries just as Earth exited the boundary of the Great Central Sun long ago. Many of these creations have become intertwined over time. This is how Venus, Saturn and Jupiter came to be a part of your solar system.


Long ago when your solar system existed upon the 18th Dimension, it transited another neighboring solar system in another galaxy; some of the planets in your solar system were pulled into the other galaxies solar system; and some of their planets were pulled into your solar system. This is how Venus, Saturn and Jupiter came to be and why it is non-resonant with your Great Central Sun. These planets shall go extinct over time and into the future following entry; but nonphysical life is far easier to move to another galaxy than physical life, and so it will not be as painful an experience as a physical extinction.


Some of the stars that exited each Great Central Sun have long gone extinct; some were blown up in human warfare; some have remained upon dimensions well above Earth and are choosing to ascend Home at this time and end of cycle experience; some like Sirius created false ascensions and will have a heap of karma to clear in order to go home when the time comes. Out of the 18 original stars that Earth was a part of, only 3 exist today in a form that can go Home to the Great Central Sun at this end of cycle time. One exists upon the fifth dimension and is your solar sun, and another one exists upon the 12th dimension and is your solar sun’s Sun or that which directs your universe; and the last exists upon the 18th dimension and is your 12th dimensional sun’s Sun or that which directs the cosmos.


Multidimensional Consensus for Ascension


Earth and these three other stars are choosing to work together to create a multidimensional consensus for the entrance into the Great Central Sun. This is known as a multidimensional consensus for ascension that is now taking shape and involves all species upon Earth, your solar sun, along with the ascending 12th dimensional and 18th dimensional stars that are associated. We are actively sharing records at this time between the dimensions and as a result so that all may go home and defeat the dark forces that are trying to prevent our return journey. Earth is the most vulnerable in line to return; however, she also provides the most keys to the success of the other stars’ evolution. As such, Earth is turning into a major teacher for all other ascending consensus realities at this time, and the shared information is allowing the shifts necessary to foster the return journey of all associated.


Ascension requires accessing one’s ancient history. Recorded in one’s ancient history is the genealogy of a higher vibrational DNA that can be called upon in present time to ascend into. One of the roles of the Gum Tree Kingdom is to piece together the collective consensus-based history and genealogy. This is our primary focus at this time in history; out of the history that we are retrieving, keys and codes of energy movement along with tones of creation to foster global ascension. As they are applied, global ascension comes forth. In parallel, each ascending human must research their ancient ancestry upon Earth and retrieve genealogy for a regenerative crystalline biological structure and energy flow. As the genetic information is retrieved, then one and one’s future ancestry will have the encoding necessary to allow for evolution.


Gum trees exist in many regions upon Earth and have a global presence. Often ascending humans living upon one continent may never visit another continent that holds the necessary ancestral records for one’s continued evolution. You can call upon our kingdom to assist in retrieving ancestral records upon other continents that one requires to continue to ascend. We have provided information for all ascending initiates for many years now and this has been helpful in the map making of human ascension. So, call upon our kingdom for this purpose.


Gum Trees Hold More Air Element


Gum Trees and Eucalyptus trees have a lighter form of wood and a skin that exfoliates recurrently. Gum Trees and Eucalyptus retain a form of crystalline structure that is lighter in texture and vibration as well. Asur’Ana once heard a story about a group of investors who anticipated making a fortune by planting many fast-growing Eucalyptus trees in California, thinking that the wood would be good for the construction and repair of the railroads.


Alas, the wood proved to be so light that it easily splintered and their forest did not pan out in profit as hoped. The reason for this is that our trees hold more “air” element. Air creates permeability or space between the cells causing our wood to be softer, easier to crack, and easier to carve, if one were a wood carver. The crystalline structure of all kingdoms will host a larger portion of air element as this is one manner in which one will rise out of the density of the third dimension through ascension.


Gathering Records and Preserving Crystalline Blueprint


Gum Trees are primarily recognized by humanity at this time for our oils. Gum leaves, gum flowers and eucalyptus leaves are harvested for their oils in Australia and China, and more recently in California along with the Pacific Northwest. Asur’Ana has been enjoying eucalyptus essential oil for many years in her essential oil burner, blended with salt in her salt scrubs, and blended with green or white clay for a mud bath. For some time, she has craved the scent of eucalyptus on a recurrent basis. This connection that was created in the smelling of the essential oil of eucalyptus put her in touch with the Gum Tree Kingdom so that she could gather records from other continents to further her ascent.


Eucalyptus oil has played an important role in the ascent of one initiate’s nervous system. The biochemistry of his ancestry requires a particular fatty acid that is only found in eucalyptus leaves, lime skin and olives. He would inhale the eucalyptus essential oil and provide the needed fatty acid to the nervous system via the sinuses. More recently, he has taken to brushing his tongue several times per day with eucalyptus oil, which stimulates his digestive system energy flow and provides these same acids through the mucous membrane of the mouth.  Brushing the tongue in addition to the teeth is a nice way to stimulate the digestive juices to flow in the physical as well.


We will further point out that the only fully conscious land animal remaining in the form of the Panda Bear subsists solely upon gum leaves. The chemistry of the gum leaves has preserved their crystalline nervous system when all other kingdoms lost these genetic records long ago. The Gum Tree Kingdom therefore has played a key role in preserving the crystalline blueprint for the animal kingdom and humanity to draw upon through ascension at this evolutionary time period.


We also assist in gathering the records of ancient human history to support human evolution. Long ago and as the Ancient Grand Masters with the large heads arrived upon Earth, they did not eat to subsist, but instead subsisted through the breath. These humans brought with them many sacred herbs and flowers from their home upon Sirius. These herbs and flowers were blended into tinctures and essential oils to assist in maintaining the vibration of the Grand Master biology. Although they ate not of any food source, the Grand Masters were known to drink teas, alcohol distilled from certain herbs and fruit, along with essential oils and herbal tinctures. The essential oils were generally brushed upon the tongue to stimulate certain organs, glands or systems in the biology, or massaged into the skin to stimulate the regenerative energy flow.


The Grand Masters and Acupuncture and Herbs


The Grand Masters also brought with them the art of acupuncture. Acupuncture was not a part of the Red Nations’ Peoples knowledge. The Red Nations Peoples had been seeded upon Earth 100,000 years before the Grand Masters arrived. The Red Nations Peoples existed in a simple tribal life that was vegetarian based. The Grand Masters introduced many substances as they arrived, and taught them about making essential oils as well as working with herbs. The oils and herbs also proved to be useful against certain diseases or problems that the Red Nations Peoples were already predisposed unto.


Acupuncture was an art of inserting a needle into a particular energy meridian or ley line of the etheric grid work to stimulate organs, glands or systems to maintain their proper energy flow and function within the biology. The Grand Masters came with this knowledge as it was perceived that they might not survive otherwise or fulfill upon their agreements for coming to Earth. Why did the Grand Masters come to Earth? They came to oversee the red human dream as the new Spiritual Elite of Earth. Alas long before they could fulfill upon this mission, they were overrun by the dark forces that existed upon Earth and not upon Sirius, and as a result they did not know how to defeat the dark and died.


Over time, even the acupuncture, herbs and tinctures from home could not remedy the distortion that the Grand Masters had gone into. They had begun to fall in consciousness or lose genetic materials. Recent records show that the Grand Masters were seeded with biological agreements to send their genetic knowledge to Orion and Alpha Centauri; these agreements were triggered the moment that they chose to ascend out of the distortion that they had gone into. This of course led to increasing distortion rather than a recovery and eventually most died.


What is the spiritual lesson in this? One cannot become dependent upon herbs or outside techniques to sustain one’s vibration or ascend. Nor should one be dependent upon outside machinery, such as the machines used to ascend Sirius to another level of vibration. It is the use of outside machinery that ultimately caused Sirian ascension to be far from complete; for with the use of machines, one fails to transmute the thoughtform that caused the existence of a third dimensional form, and artificially raise the biology to another state of being without understanding.


Without understanding the very thoughtform that caused Sirius and Sirian humans to fall into the third dimension, there can be no forgiveness; and without forgiveness the karma cannot be released. The karma must then be depressed somewhere else, and this is exactly what the Spiritual Elite of Sirius did; they depressed their karma upon a small group of larger headed descendants or Grand Masters seeded upon Earth. This karma acted out and the Grand Masters fell; and as they died, a cycle of falls and death was set in motion without enough awareness of any human or Mother Earth to rectify it. This locked Earth into a destruction cycle that has taken her 50,000 Earth years (200,000 human years) to understand.


Spiritual Lessons for the Grand Masters on Self Reliance


Asur’Ana has often been grateful for the fact that little is available other than meditation, essential oils, herbs, salt scrubs, and mud baths to assist with her ascension. The result has been a thorough examination of all karma and records of her history as ascension is not possible without transmutation of each layer of thoughtform associated with the density on Earth. The end result is a very complete ascension in which all has been examined and understood and then forgiven. Through the forgiveness, even large karmic debts can be cleared allowing for the continued freedom to ascend.


Relying upon anything outside of self to ascend is a denial of the God Goddess within that is capable of managing its own creation, which is one’s own biology and life. Human consciousness in particular was devised to be not only capable of maintaining the biology in health but directing an ascension home to the nonphysical as a representation of God Goddess upon Earth. This is the truth of the human hologram and human capabilities. This is the truth that requires coming forward at this time in history so that ascension can be fulfilled upon; as a result, this is coming to be so through the map makers of ascension of the human species. Perhaps the Grand Masters failed because they failed to believe that they could rectify their own circumstance from the inside out and as God Goddess in form, and did not require anything from the outside to accomplish this goal.


This is the spiritual lessons of the Grand Master ancestors who are witnessing human ascension at this time from the nonphysical. The Grand Masters admit that they had fallen into codependence with nature and upon the Spiritual Elite of Sirius to direct them to retain their vibration. Perhaps had they chosen to seek inward and only to rely upon themselves instead, they would have uncovered the necessary information to rectify their circumstance from within. This is indeed how Asur’Ana has ascended as she has had nothing to draw upon from the outside. The lack of anything to rely upon however has led to her success; along with an internal restoration of the truth that one is and always has been God Goddess in form; and as such, nothing is impossible and everything is possible, provided one intends it so.


We hope you have enjoyed what we have shared. Please call upon us to assist you in your path of ascension and evolution Home. Please call upon our kingdom for the restoration of the crystalline nervous system in this life and in your future ancestry. The crystalline nervous kingdom creates biology that resonates with the Language of Light and Language of ONE; and as such creates a human form that can live in peace, unity, joy and unconditional love with all other kingdoms and Earth. This is what the Gum Tree Kingdom stands in support of within each species and all of Earth.


Homemade Lotions, Masks and Cleansers from Simple Ingredients


Asur’Ana has attuned to the Gum Tree Kingdom for many years now in her ascent. We have witnessed her struggles and provided guidance as we could in support of her goal of evolution. More recently, we observed her frustration with the cost of organic cosmetics on the islands. An $11 bottle of moisturizer in Europe costs $35 in Hawaii. We suggested that she make her own moisturizer from simple ingredients that would support her crystalline skin.


Most cosmetics have ingredients that are not useful to crystalline skin in our observation. Many contain preservatives and other substances that are actually harmful. Asur’Ana was happy to experiment with the following formulas that we provided, and we invite those reading these materials to do the same. She was very pleased with the results.


Regenerative Facial Lotion


4 Tablespoons Aloe Vera Gel (fresh or pure organic from the health food store)

1 Tablespoon Apricot Oil

½ Tablespoon Grape Seed Oil

1 Teaspoon Vitamin E Oil

10 drops Jasmine Essential Oil

10 drops Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

5 drops Orange Essential Oil

2 Tablespoons Organic Witch Hazel (or more for desired consistency)


Place all ingredients in a blender. Turn on medium and blend until the lotion turns into a nice opaque white color. Place in an air tight glass jar. The orange oil and witch hazel will act as a preservative.


From the Gum Tree’s perspective, crystalline skin is soft much like a flower petal. Essential oils from the Jasmine and Ylang Ylang flowers are very similar in nature to the oils produced by crystalline oil glands. The orange oil gently dissolves dead skin cells. Crystalline skin cells will continue to die or be sloughed off, but at a slower pace than non-crystalline skin.  Apricot oil contains beta carotene, a substance necessary to the regeneration of crystalline skin. Grape Seed Oil has an astringent quality that assists in drawing toxins through the pores. Vitamin E is helpful in balancing the elements of air, water, fire and earth along the skin. Witch hazel creates the necessary base through which the lotion can be absorbed by the skin rather than sit upon the surface preventing the skin from breathing.


For Dry Skin or Dry Climates: Add 1 Tablespoon Jojoba and/or Avocado Oil to the above formula. Jojoba and Avocado Oil have smaller molecular structure than olive oil, coconut oil or nut oils (peanut and walnut). They are therefore easier to absorb and will not leave oil sitting upon the top of the skin, which only blocks the skin’s ability to breathe the air in one’s environment.


For Oily Skin: Remove the Apricot Oil and add 5 drops Lavender Essential Oil to the above formula. Lavender oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and will assist in controlling that which desires to create break outs.


For Acne Prone Skin: Remove the Apricot Oil and Ylang Ylang oil, and add 2 drops Lavender and 4 drops Tea Tree Oil to the above formula. Lavender oil assists in controlling break outs; tea tree oil actually provides a fatty acid that assists the regions that produce acne to heal so that the break outs cease. Acne is also associated with too much fire element along the skin which can be the result of the mismanagement of the sexual energy, or records of combustion or nuclear annihilation in the skin. Release the karmic records and begin to run the fire element evenly and in just the right amount and the acne should cease.


Regenerative Creams


Creams are thicker in nature and can be placed upon the lips, under the eyes, or wherever there is dry or problem skin. Creams can also be placed upon certain regions of the body so that the skin can more easily regenerate scar tissue or other abnormalities.


4 Tablespoons Shea Butter (melted on low heat)

1 Tablespoon Apricot Oil

½ Tablespoon Grape Seed Oil

10 drops Essential Oil of Lavender

10 drops Essential Oil of Orange


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend into a smooth creamy paste. You can also put the shea butter in a pot upon the stove and warm it so that it melts together prior to mixing and storing in an airtight jar (particularly in colder climates). In the Gum Tree’s opinion, Shea Butter makes a wonderful creamy foundation and hosts a molecular structure that will be slightly oilier in nature, but will retain the treatment upon the skin where it is needed.


Hand and Foot Cream: Add 10 drops each of Lemon, Grapefruit, and Lime essential oils to the above recipe to assist in dissolving scar tissue so that crystalline skin may grow in its place. This is helpful to the regeneration of the feet.


Acne and Blackhead Treatment: Remove the orange and apricot oils and add 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil to the above recipe.


Colloidal Silver Ointment


4 Tablespoons Aloe Vera

20 drops colloidal silver


Whisk together in a glass bowl and store in an airtight jar. Colloidal silver has been known to kill bacteria and viruses upon contact. Some initiates use colloidal silver dropped into their eyes in case of an infection (without the aloe vera), or upon the skin in case of a skin infection (with the aloe vera). This is what this ointment is good for; skin infections.


One initiate recalls that when his son got “pink eye” on the playground that colloidal silver ended the infection in 20 minutes when the prescribed eye drops from the doctor never did work. For a small fee, one can purchase a colloidal silver maker and this allows one to create as much of this substance as one wishes, along with colloidal gold. Colloidal gold and silver have similar anti-bacterial and anti-viral capabilities and are also good to ingest in the event of a cold or flu or place upon the skin in the event of an infection.


Regenerative Body Lotion


1/2 cup Aloe Vera Gel

1 Tablespoon Apricot Oil

1 Tablespoon Grape Seed Oil

1 Tablespoon Witch Hazel

10 drops Essential Oil of Orange

10 drops Essential Oil of Jasmine

10 drops Essential Oil of Lemon

1/4 cup Filtered water or more for desired consistency


Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until white and creamy, adding water as desired for consistency. Place in an airtight container and spread upon the skin after bathing or showering.


Dry Skin Formula: Add 1 Tablespoon each Vitamin E Oil, and/or Jojoba and Avocado Oils to the above formula (or more as desired).


Joyful Formula: Replace the Essential Oil of Lemon with 10 drops of Geranium. Will trigger the fire element along the skin.


Stimulating Formula: Omit the Jasmine and Orange Oils. Add 10 drops each essential oil of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosemary to the above. Will stimulate the release of toxins and trigger the air element along the skin.


Regenerative Formula: Add 10 drops each essential oil of Lime and Grapefruit to the above. Will assist in the removal of dead skin cells and trigger the water element along the skin.


Grounding Formula: Omit the Orange and Jasmine Oils. Add 10 drops each essential oil of Sandalwood, Lavender and Ylang Ylang to the above. Will assist in moving the earth element along the skin.


Language of Light Formula: Omit the above essential oils. Add 5 drops each essential oil of Geranium, Lavender, Orange, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. Will assist in running all ascension tones of creation along with elements of air, water, fire and earth along the skin.


Regenerative Body or Facial Cleanser


Refreshing Formula

(Good for oily skin)


1/3 Cup Aloe Vera Gel (fresh from the plant or organic from the health food store)

1/3 Cup Liquid Vegetable Glycerin (the substance used in glycerin soap)

1/3 Cup Fresh Squeezed Orange, Lemon, Lime or Grapefruit Juice or more for desired consistency.


Blend all ingredients in a blender. Store in an airtight container and use in the shower or to wash one’s face in the evening. This formula is inspired by a company in Canada that produced shower gels with fresh squeezed juices. The acid in the juice will act as a natural preservative. The purpose of a cleanser is to remove dead skin cells along with oil and sweat that has gathered upon the skin over the course of the day or night; and this formula will do an excellent job of this.


Soothing Formula

(Good for Normal or Dry Skin)


1/3 Cup Aloe Vera

1/3 Cup Liquid Vegetable Glycerin

1/3 Cup Coconut Milk or more for desired consistency (organic from a can or fresh)

20 Drops Essential Oil of Orange

10 Drops Colloidal Silver (preservative)


Blend all ingredients in a blender. Store in an airtight container and use in the shower or to wash one’s face in the evening. To the above formula, one can add other essential oils for the fragrance as well as for healing properties.


Dry Skin Formula: Add a tablespoon each of apricot, grape seed, avocado and/or jojoba oil to the above recipe.


Joyful Formula: Add 20 drops each essential oil of Jasmine and Geranium to the above formula. Will trigger the fire element along the skin.


Stimulating Formula: Add 20 drops each essential oil of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Rosemary to the above formula. Will stimulate the release of toxins from the pores of the skin and trigger the air element along the skin.


Regenerating Formula: Add 20 drops each essential oil of Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit to the above formula. Will assist in the removal of dead skin cells and trigger the water element along the skin.


Grounding Formula: Add 20 drops each essential oil of Sandalwood, Lavender and Ylang Ylang to the above formula. Will assist in moving the earth element along the skin.


Language of Light Formula: Add 5 drops each essential oil of Geranium, Lavender, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang to the above formula. Will assist in running all ascension tones of creation along with elements of air, water, fire and earth along the skin.


Regenerative Facial and Body Masks


Facial Masks


4 Tablespoons French Green Clay

1 Tablespoon Witch Hazel

2 Tablespoons Filtered Water (or more for desired consistency)

1 Teaspoon Grape Seed Oil

1 Teaspoon Apricot Oil

5 drops Essential Oil of Orange

5 drops Essential Oil of Jasmine

5 drops Essential Oil of Ylang Ylang


Whisk together in a glass bowl with a fork or whisk until creamy and smooth. Store in an airtight jar. Place a small amount upon your face. Allow the clay to dry and wash off. Follow with a toner on a cotton pad such as organic witch hazel. One can complete the treatment by placing a small amount of facial lotion upon the skin.


The clay will absorb toxins and oils and attach to dead skin cells pulling them off. The oils will lubricate the skin leaving it soft and subtle. One initiate has discovered that her crystalline skin likes to have this treatment each night before retiring for sleep.


For Dry Skin: Add another teaspoon or more of Avocado and/or Jojoba oils to the above formula.


For Oily Skin: Remove the Apricot Oil and add 5 drops essential oil of Lavender to the above formula.


For Acne Prone Skin: Remove the Apricot and Ylang Ylang oils and add 5 drops of Essential Oil of Lavender and 2 drops Tea Tree Oil.


Tea Tree Oil Toner: 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil can be added to purified water in a 4-ounce mister to spray upon the skin many times per day to assist in the healing of acne. This formula can also be sprayed upon one’s toothpaste before brushing one’s teeth as well. Tea Tree Oil kills bacteria that are not healthy for crystalline skin, gums or mucous membranes.


Witch Hazel Toners: Asur’Ana has discovered organic witch hazel blended with aloe vera and lemon, lavender or rose at the health food store. It is the Gum Trees perspective that alcohol as a toner is too astringent for crystalline skin and will dry it out. As a result, we recommend witch hazel in its place.


Body Masks and Scrubs


Home mud baths are an excellent means of cleansing the crystalline skin for optimal health and capacity to detoxify. The Gum Trees recommend a full body mask once per week; or more in travel. Some initiates often have their mud baths right after a lengthy plane flight and as soon as they check into the hotel. The mud adheres to the epidermis that has died due to the lack of oxygen upon the plane allowing their skin to breathe again. This allows them a rapid recovery from travel.


Body Mask

(Single Person Formula, double the amounts for a Mud Bath for 2)


½ Cup French Green Clay or Bentonite (white clay)

¾ Cup Boiling Water

½ Tablespoon Apricot Oil

½ Tablespoon Grape Seed Oil

5 drops each of Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lavender Oil


Blend together in a glass bowl adding more water or mud for the desired consistency (should be similar to pudding). Allow the mud to stand until cool to the touch. Place a thin layer all over one’s face and body. Allow the mud to dry upon one’s skin and shower off using a washcloth to remove the dead skin cells. Follow with a Salt Scrub to further stimulate the epidermis. One can also soak the feet in the remaining mud at a later time to assist with any foot related problem.


Floral Salt Scrub


1 Cup Salt or Epsom Salt

2 Tablespoons Apricot Oil (or Jojoba or Avocado Oils)

1 Tablespoon Grape Seed Oil

10 drops Essential Oil of Jasmine

10 drops Essential Oil of Orange

10 drops Essential Oil of Lemon

10 drops Essential Oil of Grapefruit


Place all ingredients in a container and close the lid. Shake until blended. Take a palm sized amount of the scrub and spread it all over one’s body. This can be done at the end of each shower to stimulate the skin to regenerate, exfoliate and retain moisture.


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Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



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