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Angel Archive #8: Sacred Waters


Sacred water and light go hand in hand to emulsify the body better in light wave motion. Bathing, showering, swimming, Jacuzzi’s or mineral springs are very useful to balance light if used daily or as frequently as you can. The water hits the skin and emulsifies light around the epidermis. If you have not a bath, standing in the shower for 15 minutes will suffice to foster the same effect. Bath additives are best with rock salt plus lavender essential oil along with vitamin C powder. The salt nourishes the field and the lavender revives the skin while the vitamin C allows dead skin to depart. If you cannot bathe, making a salt scrub of the above ingredients and apply ¼ cup following each shower will have parallel effect.


(Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 5 “Supporting the Human Form in Ascension”  for more information on the detoxification process and making and using salt scrub.)


Feet Care


Make sure to scrub the bottom of each foot in each shower to renew and revive the feet too. Leathery skin upon the feet causes so many physical problems in extreme light that it is best to avoid. If you have leathery feet, it may be best to go to a spa for a foot treatment to remove all of the dead skin for the sake of your health. The feet are natural conductors of the meridians of the body. Leathery feet do not conduct light through the meridians evenly leading to every disease you could imagine. It is not a time not to take care of feet. If you need a kit for home treatment, purchase one; but a professional spa treatment may suffice to catch you up so that the vitamin C scrub upon the bottom of the feet in each shower or bathing in vitamin C each night fosters a release of what is dead so that your meridians can flourish in light properly.


Face Care


Washing the face is another sacred journey all of its own. Finding a seaweed facial wash and cream is best. Seaweed nourishes the skin in a gelatinous substance that allows light not to damage the epidermis. Vitamin C powder scrub upon the face each morning will remove dead skin cells off the profile too. Sprinkle only ¼ teaspoon of vitamin C powder upon the hand and blend with a sprinkle of water and apply to the face and rinse immediately. Follow with a seaweed facial cream for a soft and beautiful profile.


(Please refer to Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 7 “Blessings for Remembering the Ancient Past”  for homemade recipes for regenerative facial cleanser, regenerative face cream, and regenerative facial mask.)


Hair Care


In parallel, seaweed shampoo and conditioner are best to allow the hair shaft to renew and revive in light. Hair that is using the wrong substance may begin to fall out as extreme light can deaden the core of each shaft. Seaweed protects the shaft allowing the loss of hair to be less so through time. Trimming the bottom of the hair every other month is also important to retaining the longevity of each hair strand. Dead ends can cause the core to split leading to loss of hair. Once lost it is difficult to revive the scalp in extreme light so it is better to preserve with the right substances.


Hair that glistens in the sun is healthy. Hair that does not is not. Sometimes hair dyes deaden the hair’s shine. Fostering an oil treatment on the hair restores the shine and fills the core so that you do not lose the shaft. Oil treatments are needed once per month (or more if that hair is not shiny). Avocado oil is best and can be massaged to the scalp for about 5 minutes, followed by a shower cap to “cook” for an hour; and then washed with a seaweed shampoo followed by conditioner to restore the shine. Weekly oil treatments may be best to retain the hair in its fullness ahead.


(Please see Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 23 “Blessings for Physical Regeneration and Ascension” for more information on hot oil treatment, scalp and hair massage, and hair rinse.)


Some may need to dye the hair or highlight. Finding a system of dyes that are natural is important to the health of the hair in extreme light. Some hair products motion light and others not. Finding hair dyes that motion light is important to the preservation of the hair. Aveda has a dye that works with light as do some Italian natural dyes found in fine hair salons. Do not skimp upon the budget; go to a salon to have your hair cut and/or dyed professionally with the right products to preserve your hair through time in extreme light wave motion. If you start losing your hair ahead, you will be disappointed as it may not revive.


Sometimes hair cannot be revived after it is lost in which case you may be requiring extensions or a wig to feel normal in today’s oligarchy society. If you need a wig, shave the head and find a hair replacement made from a knit cloth if possible. The knit cloth will allow the scalp to aerate as the wig is worn. If you cannot find such a wig, make sure to wear your hair only for 8 hours and take it off wrapping a silk scarf around the head to allow the scalp to aerate enough. A dead scalp is painful in light, so be careful of the length of time wearing any wig. The scalp can still be washed with seaweed shampoo each day to preserve and scrubbed with powdered C to retain the skin’s health.


Eye Care    


The eyes are a problem often in extreme light. The surface of the lens can grow scratched in light wave motion leading to loss of vision through time. The best solution is to use an eyewash cup and rinse the eyes daily with purified water or an herb system that revives the eyes. We have a useful eyewash therapy in a recipe below. If you don’t have time to make the herbal rinse, you will find a system of eyewash that parallels that you can purchase through Dr. Christopher on line.


If you don’t have the herbal eyewash, you can substitute 1 cup purified boiled water that is then cooled with 10 drops of colloidal silver and rinse with this daily. Colloidal silver preserves the eyes by killing bacteria that can grow into a damaged lens. The herbal eyebright may not do this so make sure to add colloidal silver to your herbal eyewash too if you have purchased Dr. Christopher’s prescription.


Teeth Care


The mouth can grow inflamed in the gums in light wave motion. Using a sonic toothbrush will help but with the right toothpaste. By and large, most toothpaste are filled with surfactants that are un-useful to the health of the gums in light wave motion. A tooth powder with salt may be better. You can make your own baking soda-based toothpaste and perhaps this is better in the long haul.


(Please refer to Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 28 “Blessings for Ascending Out of Biological Separation” for homemade recipes for regenerative toothpaste and regenerative mouth wash.)


Rinsing with colloidal silver each day also kills off bacteria in the gums. Light causes bacteria and viruses to reproduce greatly in soft tissues exposed to the air such as the gums or eyes. Colloidal silver will deaden the capacity of the bacteria and viruses to kill your gums or eyes. As a daily gum rinse, add 30 drops colloidal silver to one cup purified boiled water; cool and rinse liberally morning and night.


Body Care


Lotions for the body need to be carefully thought out. Many organic lotions prevailing today will deaden the outer layer of your epidermis as the substances grow rancid through time in light wave motion. A seaweed lotion may be better but what may be best is a formula that is homemade as shared beneath. You can moisturize the body by retaining a bottle of apricot kernel oil in the shower. The oil can be spread upon the entire body after each shower and then toweled off as you dry off and this is the right amount of moisture to retain the health of the skin. Apricot kernel oil in small amounts preserves the skin through time in light.


As a daily moisturizer, plain Aloe Vera gel may be a better treatment for the skin most days. Aloe Vera nourishes in a sacred context of a plant that grew in the southwest near the Anasazi who needed an ointment for light wave skin and invested it in their mind only to have it grow nearby. Aloe Vera can also be used upon the face. The face is a sacred emblem of your divine blueprint of the truth of your beauty through time. The incantations behind Aloe Vera is to restore the divine blueprint of your face and body through time in light wave motion. Use Aloe Vera regularly and be well with your physique.


Cleaning Clothes


Clothing that is of the wrong fibers are very un-useful in light and can hurt the epidermis. Polyesters or synthetic fibers may melt in extreme light causing the skin to grow ill underneath. Natural fibers have a healing effect in comparison as long as they are clean. Cleaning clothing after each wearing is vital in light wave motion. Clothing from yesterday is filled with consciousness of others you encounter throughout the day plus what you are releasing as you transfuse. It is better to wash all garments after each wearing.


Dry cleaning is expensive but resourceful in preserving your clothes. There are dryer based dry cleaning packets from Woolite and other resources that are very useful in light wave motion. As the garments are dry cleaned, light motions around them causing the consciousness of others to fall off along with yourself. Sometimes home dry cleaning is better at removing consciousness than washing the clothes in water with an organic soap and then drying. If the consciousness cannot come clean, the garment will smell funny even if you home dry clean. This is a sign that you need to either throw it out or take the garment to a professional dry cleaner that fosters a system of removing consciousness in light better than your own dryer. Wearing other’s consciousness or your own ill consciousness attracts weird dreams into your life that belong to others and should be offset in what you wear that is clean.


Natural and Organic Make Up


Lips often go dry and crack in light wave motion. Lipstick or chap stick that are organic and of natural substances are useful to preserving your lips. In parallel, make up should be of natural minerals such as organic lines in the health food store or Aveda products. It is best not to wear foundation make up as it deadens the skin upon the face. A natural earth-based bronzer powder is best as an all over face glow and will not cause the skin to die off in extreme light. Eye powders should be natural too and will preserve the eyes some if used daily giving minerals to the body to restore eyesight.


Ionizer and Ozone Machines


The home or office often needs cleansing with the right gases or incense. By and large, the mind is best in extreme light with one ionizer machine (negative ion generator) per 1,400 square feet of living space. Ionizers produce ions much as living near the sea. The ions clear out consciousness of you that you are releasing along with others in the family or who have visited you or who you work with. Having a small ionizer at the desk at work may make your day brighter and easier too.


Ozone machines are useful for the bath and home too. One ozone bath is very cleansing as all bacteria that sticks to the skin dies off. Do not mix your bath salts, vitamin C or lavender oil with the ozone bath. Instead just run the ozone machine in the water for 20 minutes before bathing. The ozone machine will purify the water and clean the bathtub too; and the gases are useful for the mind to rest for better sleep at night. Ozone in the environment also kills off mold that can grow into the lungs leading to congestion or lung problems through time in extreme light. Ozone water can also clean the vegetables better than other store-bought substances. Ozone water can also clean your home naturally. Generally speaking, the ozone water works for about 2 days and then must be generated again.


If you do not have an ozone machine yet, vinegar and purified water is a better cleanser for the floors, counters, kitchen and bathroom than store bought products. Vinegar naturally catches light and so you will better light clean your home in its use than most other substances.


(Please see Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 18 “Blessings for the Fragrance of Health, Beauty and Love”  for homemade natural household cleaners’ recipes.)




The environment may be cleansed with incense too. Generally, spirit likes frankincense as a smoke when placed over charcoal rounds. Frankincense cleanses the environment of ill self or sick angels or fairies that may be dying in light wave motion. Sometimes angels die off as the light grows. Be aware and allow them to heal in the frankincense of your home daily and they will aid you in healing too. Palo Santos wood is also helpful in clearing ill consciousness of others from your home or yourself as you smudge. The love of sage must be left behind however as the scent of sage kills angels as it burns. Incense made of herbs may be disturbing to angels also and are to be avoided in extreme light.


Natural Recipes for Skin, Teeth, Eyes and Hair


The following recipes are age old systems of cleansing and nourishing the hair, skin and eyes in times of very bright light. The recipes are angelic in stature and call in the little angels to adorn the skin, eyes, mouth or hair for a sacred healing treatment when used. Please try the recipes and see if this works better for you than some commercial products that may have ingredients that go putrid in light.


Bath Salts or Scrub


2 Cups Rock Salt

1 Teaspoon Lavender Essential Oil

1 Tablespoon Apricot Oil

6 Tablespoons Vitamin C Powder

Aloe Vera Gel to Follow


Mix the rock salt, lavender, apricot kernel oil and vitamin C powder; shake in a plastic container (for the safety in the bath or shower). Add ¼ cup to each bath and enjoy your emerging soft skin. If in the shower take a handful of the salts and scrub the skin (but not the face) along with the bottom of the feet. For the face, take a small amount of C powder and scrub with this alone and then rinse. Spread the aloe vera gel upon the skin and face following your bath or shower to preserve you.


Tooth Powder


½ Cup Baking Soda

10 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

5 Drops Cinnamon Essential Oil

2 Drops Clove Essential Oil

10 Drops Colloidal Silver


In a glass jar, add all the above ingredients and shake liberally. Brush with a sonic brush. Rinse afterwards with colloidal silver water (1 cup purified boiled water with 30 drops colloidal silver) to preserve your gums and teeth.


Herbal Eye Rinse


2 Tablespoons Eyebright Herb

2 Tablespoons Raspberry Leaf Herb

2 Tablespoons Goldenseal

¼ Teaspoon Cayenne Powder

Colloidal Silver

1 Glass Eye Cup (purchased at any pharmacy)


Blend the above herbs in a glass jar and shake. Take 1 teaspoon of the herbs and add to 1 cup purified boiling water. Allow to cool and the herbs settle to the bottom. Strain through a clean and new piece of cotton and store in a new jar adding 10 drops of colloidal silver.


To use the eye wash, fill a glass eye cup with the rinse. Place the cup over the eye and tip the head back while blinking up to 20 times underwater. Throw out the remaining eye rinse down the sink. Then cleanse the other eye in the same manner. Foster the eye cleanse each morning and night. The herbs will revive the eyes, kill off emerging glaucoma or cataracts, and allow the eyesight to be preserved through time. In extreme light it is easy to go blind through time due to hardening of the eye socket. This formula will preserve your eye socket ahead if used daily.


Preservative Hair Treatment


1 Cup Avocado Oil

1 Teaspoon Rosemary Essential Oil

1 Shower Cap


In a glass jar shake the above ingredients together. Liberally apply to your hair and especially the ends. Cover your hair with the shower cap and relax for 45 minutes. Shampoo and condition to follow with a seaweed shampoo or the below seaweed hair cleanser. Store the remaining oil and use very week for the shine of your hair.


Seaweed Hair Cleanser


1 Teaspoon Nori (Seaweed) flakes

1 Cup Hot Filtered Water

2 Teaspoons Pink Clay

2 Drops Rosemary Essential Oil


Combine the hot water and seaweed flakes and allow to steep for 15 minutes. Add the clay and essential oil and mix. Following an oil treatment, start by applying to the roots and then work the cleanser down to the hair to the ends. Rinse liberally and style into the shine of you.


Seaweed Body Lotion


1 Cup Aloe Vera Gel (not juice)

1 Cup Apricot Oil

3 Tablespoons Hot Water

2 Teaspoons Nori (Seaweed) Flakes

10 Drops Lavender Oil

10 Drops Rosemary Oil


Steep the nori in hot water for 15 minutes. Place all ingredients in a small hand blender. Whip until creamy. Store in a glass jar in lieu of plastic. Use small amounts upon the skin only (1 tablespoon for the upper body and tablespoon for the lower body.)


Facial Cleansing Products       


There are some facial cleansing products that work well with light. It is far better to scrub the face with a tiny amount of vitamin C powder, rinse and apply aloe vera jelly liberally if you cannot afford quality products. You can add a drop of apricot kernel oil on top of the aloe vera if you are in need of moisture. Below are some recipes you might consider. There are some commercial products that are amazing in light wave motion to an extreme. Aveda is a line that may be expensive but is glorious in the illumination of the face.


Be careful of the sun for your face. The sun is blaring and you could form scabs on the face or hurt the eyes if you fail to wear a hat and sun glasses. If the skin scabs, using the vitamin C scrub should release the dead cells so that the skin can revive properly underneath. Sunscreens may not block the rays hitting the skin from the sun at this time. Hats are better along with blue grey sunglasses of fine quality manufacturing when in bright sunlight. In cloudy sunlight, a fine pair of glasses of brown auburn hue is best to preserve your light wave eyesight. Do not go without fine sunglasses in this time period until dusk as you may develop light wave blindness otherwise.


Seaweed Face and Body Wash


¼ Cup Castile Soap

¾ Cup Whole Coconut Milk

2 Teaspoons Flaked Nori (seaweed)

3 Tablespoons Hot Purified Water

2 Tablespoons Apricot Oil

1 Soap Dispenser


Add the nori to the hot water and steep for 15 minutes. Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Use a small amount to wash the face; or a larger amount to wash the body.


Vitamin C Toner


1 Cup Purified Water Boiled

2 Tablespoons Vitamin C Powder

5 Drops Rose Essential Oil


Place all ingredients in a jar when hot and shake. Cool and add to a fine amber or blue bottled spray mister. Spray liberally upon the face after cleansing or spray on a cotton pad to cleanse the face in between washings.


Seaweed Facial Cream


1 Tablespoon Nori (seaweed) flakes

1 Cup Aloe Vera Gel

½ Cup Apricot Oil

¼ Cup Whole Coconut Milk

2 Tablespoons Hot Purified Water

10 drops Rose Essential Oil


Soak the nori flakes in the hot water steeping for 15 minutes. Add all ingredients into a blender and blend unto smooth and creamy. Store in a glass jar. Use only ½ teaspoon upon the face each day after cleansing and toning.


Lip Balm


2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil

1 Tablespoon Candelilla Wax

10 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, or Grapefruit Essential Oil


In a glass jar melt the coconut oil and candelilla wax in a pan with hot water. Once melted, remove from the water and add the essential oil and stir with a spoon. Pour into lip balm tins or tubes right away. If it has already starting to harden, don’t panic. Put it back into the pan for a few seconds until it melts again and pour the rest in the containers. Let it cool for one or 2 hours until it has completely solidified.


Preserving the Abdomen         


In extreme light, the outside of the liver, spleen, kidneys or pancreas along with intestine can grow hard. If the major gland skin grows hard, they soon begin to detriment into disease. The best solution to this is what is known as a Castor Oil Pack. This is an ancient treatment that is done at night while you rest 3 evenings per week at first for one month and then later once per week for maintenance. It is a simple treatment involving a piece of flannel and castor oil. In some health food stores, the flannel is sold as an Edgar Cayce castor oil pack treatment. If you cannot find this, purchase cotton flannel pillow cases and use these instead.


The treatment is easy and involves pouring castor oil on to the flannel. Place the oil side down on the abdomen and cover with a towel. Put a tee shirt on and rest in bed while the abdomen warms. As the abdomen warms, the castor oil will be absorbed to heal the skin of your major organ groups. The lungs also occasionally need castor oil and as you awaken, you can move the flannel up towards the chest and rest again for an hour before removing entirely. Do not wash the flannel but re-use 3 times and then discard, purchasing a new flannel pillow case for the next treatment (otherwise the oil goes rancid in the fabric and fails to serve).


Castor oil has a healing system all of its own for the body. Focus upon rolling in the light motion castor healing system into your bedroom as you rest. Occasionally, also put the castor oil flannel face up under the sacrum, and also upon the upper back. The bones and nerves are also nurtured by castor oil through time. Castor oil is also a natural resource of hormones to balance the endocrine system and reproductive system. Drinking castor oil is difficult as generally it leads to dysentery of the bowels. Remember you are a light emulsifying star seed in need of sacred action to preserve yourself through time. Do what is best for your physical infrastructure in terms of diet and hygiene and you will be well for a decade ahead.


Medicinal Mushrooms for Mindset Development 


Medicinal mushrooms are useful for many biological and nervous system dysfunctions for those choosing to fulfill upon evolutionary sequences in this lifetime. The nervous system is the originals of all imbalances of self including mental, emotional and physical. Nerves repose from the toes up the ganglion of the biology into the spinal column flowing through the neck into the synapses of the cortex of the brain. Full health requires a repose from each nerve through the body to a particular synapse in the brain. Health is sustained as the nerves repose back and forth daily unto each associated synapse.


Nerves repose not only up and down between the toes and synapses but also relay a wave of action to cause renewal of the biology. Stem cells are triggered to regrow cells out of balance or in dysfunction when the proper nervous system stimulus is provided. All aging and disease are the result of improper nervous system repose in the body. The medicinal mushroom kingdom has substances necessary to the repair of the nerves for the purposes of proper repose for health and mindset development in sequences of evolutionary fulfillment of dream.


Tantric Self Mushroom Tincture


Tantric Self


There are six medicinal mushrooms useful to aiding in the repair of the nervous repose system of self. The Tantric Self formula contains Chaga, Turkey tail and Mycelium. Chaga medicinal mushroom aids in the healing of the skin of the vehicular of each nerve. Turkey Tail helps restore the systems of synapses in each nerve to repose through unto the synapses in the cortex. Mycelium that grows underground provides network information for the synapse relays in the biology. You can combine these three mushroom tinctures to repose the self of the self within.


Tantric Truth Mushroom Tincture


Tantric Truth

The Tantric Truth formula contains Birch Bark, Lion’s Mane and Zhu Ling medicinal mushrooms. Birch Bark heals the cranium of foreign nodes that fail to repose in the mindset developed. Lion’s Mane heals the synapses of impurities from toxic substances of life. Zhu Ling sustains the ganglion of the nerves in the mindset of self. You can combine these three mushroom tinctures to assist in the healing of the cortex of the brain for mindset development in evolutionary sequences of dreams.


Each mushroom is tinctured in rum. If alcohol is a concern, please drop into water in order to diffuse the alcohol content. Medicinal mushrooms also repair many ailments in physicality. We refer you to the web site of Paul Stamets, the mushroom guru for more information on medicinal mushroom properties:


Helpful Link to Support Transfusion


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