Amazing image of a white elephant. The Return Of The White Elephant

7. The Return Of The White Elephant


Blessings of Self-Acceptance


The Elephant Species


We know that our translator writes a lot. There is much to say and little time to say it in. Why? In a short time of less than another 2 years, the language and thoughtform that Asur’Ana will evolve to will be above the current thoughtform of the Language of Light in full. At such a time, only those transcending to Mahavishnu will be able to understand what she is saying with ease. It is for this reason that there is a voluminous agenda in these coming two years ahead to bring through as many transmissions as she possibly can before turning the juncture ahead in her evolution.


Elephant has long loved Asur’Ana. She tuned to the Elephant species early in her evolution and found us capable of anchoring large energetic space, far larger than all other creatures currently incarnate. Indeed, we hold space for the evolution of Earth, and this is our species’ purpose at this time in Earth’s global ascension. Elephant is related to Walrus and Manatee as an aquatic counterpart to our species. What is holding space? As you may remember from Chapter 5 “Chasing the Tiger’s Tale”, Tiger and the aquatic counterpart of shark holds boundaries for Earth. Boundaries take chi to run, and it is Elephant, Manatee and Walrus’ task to provide the chi necessary to sustain the boundaries.


Crystalline Fat


One thing both elephant, manatee and walrus have in common is massive body size. There is a load of fat in our biological blueprint. Why is fat necessary to holding space? Fat allows chi to be generated or stored, much like a battery. Crystalline fat in particular is even more capable of holding magnetic energy to assist in stabilizing the vibration of the form or Earth.


Elephant, manatee and walrus through ascension are evolving two new forms of crystalline fat that shall be even more efficient than what our ancestors once knew long ago. Elephant ancestors are known as the Woolly Mammoth. The shape of Walrus evolved out of the Manatee species. Manatee is an ancient species present in the lakes and water streams of Earth long before the arrival of the Annanuki and their seeding of your oceans. Elephant and Manatee ancestors knew crystalline fat, but we are altering the genetic blueprint to be even more efficient.


Elephant notices that many humans are perturbed at the weight gain in ascension. We guide you to not be perturbed. Ascension requires an ability to push up inside of the density of human thoughtform. The more fat that there is, the easier ascension is to accomplish. It is anticipated that elephant, manatee and walrus will share the new blueprint of fat, which shall make it less necessary to gain as much weight as earlier on in the dance of ascension. This is anticipated to be released by the end of this year, which shall allow some who are excessive in body size to slim down by as much as 20% overall, and hold as much energy and move as much energy as prior to the fat conversion.


Some initiates have grown large in their ascension. Some of their “massing out” is the growth in bone, muscle, ligaments and organs. Some is the result of requiring so much body fat to hold the boundaries of their ascension workshops and healing. In relation to biological function and movement, this is often uncomfortable, as the weight is heavy upon the land, far heavier than those species in the sea. It is for this reason that elephant agreed to pioneer a new form of fat so that all ascending land species need not gain as much weight. For those species upon the land, this will allow the mass carried to be less cumbersome and more fluid.


Biological Changes


Indeed, the crystalline diaphragm will give all species a larger torso and stomach regardless of size. Asur’Ana has noticed the rounder size of pigeons and other birds in Hawaii that are bordering upon Bodhisattva in vibration. Each species of bird appears larger and rounder in size than only a year ago, and the color of the feathers is more vibrant. Much like the plant life, which is also larger and brighter in color, so will it be so for each species upon Earth over time.


Elephant is undergoing many changes. For one, our skin color shall go from gray to white in the coming quarter century. Why? White is the original color of our crystalline skin. Asur’Ana read an article in the news about a white elephant captured in Burma. There was also a story about how the King of Burma raged war many hundreds of years ago over possession of 4 white elephants. Why is the white skin color so important to elephant? White reflects light, and it allows us to generate light that shall be contributed to the overall light of Earth.


In human form, there is much thought about skin color. White has become associated with the Annanuki, who actually had pale blue skin and blue blood. Their slave race had a pale skin like the Annanuki, only red blood; however, such skin was not compatible with the yellow-orange sun of your solar system. Why? The blue skin and blue blood are related to another solar system with a green-blue sun that exists in the Pleiades. The Annanuki used a derivative of their own genetics in cloning the slave race. As a result, such skin aged in the yellow-orange sun of your solar system.


Ascending humans have found in pulling their red ancestries forward that they have become over time more golden brown in skin color. This golden colored skin may be the new pigment color many originally “white” humans will one day hold. All humans will evolve over time to a totally compatible form in preparation for ascension as a species. It has been determined by Earth that the honey brown skin pigment of the Polynesian, Eskimo and Native American races along with chocolate brown skin of the African and Aborigine races is the most compatible with Earth. Black, brown, or honey colored hair and black, brown or hazel eyes in human form also falls into the category of greatest compatibility to Earth.


Why is this so? A yellow orange sun gives off a particular vibratory rate. The honey brown or chocolate color of skin, hair and eyes absorbs such rays with the greatest ease and in the right amount. The sun is important, far more important than most humans understand. The sun, when looked into with the eyes, fills the pituitary and pineal with the chi necessary to sustain the form without food. It is a great truth that all species are moving to a self-sustaining form that requires not food to subsist within the coming 250-year cycle. For humans, this will include the gradual phasing out of blond and blue-eyed lineages and an embracing of the lineages that are related to the original red seeded race which are honey to chocolate in color.


Biological Modifications


One ascending map carver whom we shall call Dominic, has blond hair and blue eyes. His blond hair is gradually darkening, especially that which is converting from gray to color again in his regeneration. His eyes are under reconstruction, and this shall alter the pigment gradually over time from blue to hazel in color. The receptors to receive the vibrations from the yellow orange sun in this solar system are more of a green color as manifest in human form than blue. Blue receptors originated in the Pleiades and are subject to damage or sunburn in receiving the energy of a yellow-orange sun. Dominic’s skin is also becoming increasingly honey colored in his ascension and he burns in the sun far less than earlier in his life dance.


What is sunburn? Sunburn occurs when the cells of the skin collect the vibration of the sun, but collect too much chi and then “fry”. The fried cells receive more chi than they can handle, as there is far less chi generated in a blue-green sun than a yellow orange sun. One could say that blue-white skin of the Pleiadians was attuned to receiving more chi as their sun generated less chi overall, and so the white cells developed over time a wider capacity to receive the chi necessary to sustain the longevity of the form. The same wide-open receivership when doused with a yellow orange sun receives far too much chi, and burns. Over time, Dominic has edited his “white” receptors to be “golden” based upon the records of his golden Sirian ancestors. As a result, he less readily burns than earlier in his life.


One can see that regardless of what skin color or eyes one has at birth, it can be modified through ascension to become again compatible with Earth. The modification may not be easy however, and in particular Dominic’s eyes have suffered on going mucous that often causes the eyelids to stick shut in the morning and creates an overall blood shot look. This has been occurring for well over a year in his ascension since this modification began. And it is far from finished, as such is the difficulty of mapmaking a path to a new destination. Blue eyes were never a part of the Sirian encoding, and so a pathway must be carved from blue to green receptors, and this is gradually occurring but may take another year or more to complete in full.


White Skin of Elephants and Buffalo


What is so wonderful about white skin then for elephants? And what about Buffalo? Why are they also going from brown to white? White skin for elephant is not the white of the Pleiadian ancestry. It is a white skin that has been present upon Earth since her inception as a consensus reality. Our white skin acts as a generator of the light that enhances the light of the sun upon Earth. Our white skin collects up the light and then amplifies it allowing more light to be present upon Earth again. This shall be needed in the coming quarter millennia of Earth’s continued ascension, and therefore elephant is choosing to phase out all gray lineages over time and become white as a species. This is also so for the buffalo species.


Blue-Gray Skin of Walrus and Manatee


Walrus is also going to evolve, but from brown skin to a blue-gray skin, much like the current dolphin populations that dance upon Earth. The blue gray skin underwater refracts the light also adding to the global light possible for all of Earth. The Manatee already holds this skin color and walrus is drawing upon manatee’s records in order to create the transcription.


Pink Skin of Dolphins


Dolphins on the other hand will evolve to hold a pink skin again much like their earlier ancestors upon Earth. The pink will allow even more light to be amplified, which is the agreement of fully conscious species, to contribute even more to the whole than those species that are not fully conscious. Fully conscious species also have more “say” in the dance of the whole, and in exchange contribute more. This is the unity-based paradigm in action Earth is moving towards; one has say or power based upon how much any individual or species gives to the whole.


Black and Dark Brown Skin and Hair


Many other species will indeed alter the pigment of their hair over time to contribute to the light of the whole. This is not anticipated to be all at once, nor for all species global wide, as each pigment color of skin and hair contributes something. So, what does black and dark brown pigment of skin and hair offer? Such dark pigment plays the role of the keeper of the void. What is the void? The void is the space from which all dreams are cast.


Those species with dark skin tones are keepers of the void. Many know that Aboriginal humans in Australia, the land of dreamtime, have a chocolate skin color. They too contribute to the void in having such skin tone. Those in Africa once sat in the dreamtime chakra, however due to the warfare of the Annanuki, Earth rotated on her side and the chakras changed in location 8,000 years later in compensation. However, the African lineages holds the remembrance of the chocolate skin of the keepers of the void of the original seeded red race and retain that skin color to this day. Therefore, there will be places upon Earth that will have darker humans than other places, and it will be related to purpose. Those humans holding the dreamtime will have darker than honey toned skin or brown hair, and the skin and hair color shall contribute to their overall purpose as guardian of the land upon which they reside.


White Sirian Humans


Will there be white humans like elephants one day? The white Sirians that were seeded along with the red brown variety indeed had a similar role to elephant. The white skin was designed to pick up and amplify light in such lighter pigment humans. However, such light skinned humans were never “blue white” but more of a golden honey color that was still indeed lighter than the darker red-brown or black skinned variety that was designed to hold the void. Humans will gradually move to such skin pigments in order to support Earth again as a fully conscious species should.


Love Your Body


Perhaps humans can learn to love the skin and hair that they possess in the moment, and learn to love whatever size that they have become. Love your body, beloved. It works hard in support of Earth’s global ascension, and in support of your personal ascension as an ascending human. So much emphasis goes into appearance in the human dance that elephant is hard pressed to understand. We are large and yet we judge not our size. The size is necessary to our job at this time. As another blueprint comes in, the size will be modified through ascension and the birth of our young. So, it will also be for human form one day.


What does elephant wish to say to our human ascending initiates today? Humans too like elephant are designed to hold space. Either one is designed to hold “light” or to be the keeper of the “void”. Keepers of the “void” are avid conscious dreamers. Keepers of the “light” are less attuned to dreamtime, and more attuned to the multidimensional realities that surround Earth as this is related to how light travels to Earth from not only the sun, but also the many stars in your third dimensional universe and creation.


For each, one can acknowledge the special role that one has been designed to fulfill upon, and quit comparing abilities, appearances, gifts and talents between you. Each is gifted and talented at what the form was genetically designed to do best. As each human fulfills upon their role, then the whole of the human species is held in ease. As each species fulfills upon their role, then the whole of the consensus reality known as Earth is held in ease. Honor the role that you are here to play beloved. Honor the body that allows the dance upon Earth in the physical. And honor one another as a cast of characters that are gathering for the clearing of enough karma to allow the new era for humankind to be born.


Space is held through generation of light. As enough light is generated, the boundaries hold with ease. This is often so in one’s partnership, with one individual who is the keeper of the void and the other one who is a holder of light, and together they do what each alone could never accomplish. Usually within any spiritual group or organization, there are equal number of light and dark-skinned humans in ancestral origin learning to hold what their biology does best to create group unity. So, one day it will also be for all of humanity, and will not this be the most joyous thing to witness in the unfolding? Be at peace, intend to ascend, carve or follow the map as you are destined, and all shall unfold as it should. A new golden era shall be born. And so, it shall be. As Asur’Ana says, let us make it so HO!


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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