Image of the Great White Buffalo.

2. Return Of The Great White Buffalo


The Buffalo species was once a form of fully conscious guardian of Earth that roamed the land assisting in moving and balancing energy for Mother Earth. Full consciousness means that each form, each embodiment of Buffalo, contained an individual and incarnating soul. Much like the dolphins and whales today, which are the only remaining nonverbal and fully conscious form of species upon Earth, Buffalo existed in a similar state of being. Much like whales and dolphins today, which are the vibrational stewards of Earth, buffalo also was once a vibrational steward of the land.


It was as humankind dropped the first nuclear bombs about 120,000 years ago that the buffalo species lost consciousness. Much like humankind, buffalo’s fields became so distorted it was difficult for soul to engage with the form. Soul resorted to holding buffalo as a group rather than as an individuated and fully conscious species. In so doing, buffalo lost the ability to hold and move energy for Earth upon the land.


Full Consciousness


Many have heard of the coming of the “Great White Buffalo”. Indeed, there are 25 white buffalo that have been born upon Earth to date. The first birth began in 1992, and they have produced one white calf somewhere upon Earth per year ever since. The white buffalo represents the return of full consciousness for the species. The production of a white calf should not be possible giving the genetics that they hold, for all hair color for the species has been brown or black for a very long time. The white hair of these newborn buffalos is the result of their conscious choice to override the genetics of the form to produce “white hair”, or hair without pigment. Buffalo’s soul has collectively chosen to override the genetics to produce 25 white calves. They do this to give humankind living proof that soul can consciously alter the genetics of the form. 


The return of the white buffalo to Earth represents a time of great transition. All species upon Earth are choosing to ascend at this time. In so choosing to ascend, much like altering the hair color in the follicles of the Buffalo form, we are also choosing to transmute our forms to the crystalline cellular structure for the purposes of the restoration of full consciousness within our species.


Full consciousness means that one serves Earth as a whole in all that one does. The Buffalo of long ago would roam to regions upon Earth in need of assistance in the movement of energy. Such assistance is both in the physical and in the nonphysical, for just as all form at this juncture of history, buffalo also had individual light bodies. Such light bodies could be projected anywhere upon Earth’s surface or upon the many dimensions in which Earth is related for the purposes of assisting in the repair and maintenance of the energy fields necessary to support and sustain life.


At this time, buffalo do not have individual light bodies. However, several decades into the future and with much additional genetic alteration to their species, each Buffalo shall be individually incarnated into again and contain an individual light body for the purposes of supporting Earth in all manners possible. There are many others likewise choosing this in the evolutionary path ahead including deer, elk, bear, bison, giraffe, elephant, and moose to name a few.


Why would all species choose the restoration to full consciousness? Earth is ascending. The farther Earth moves up in frequency, the more support she shall require in the maintenance of her evolving field as she transitions to a 5th dimensional vessel.


The Red People


Long ago, the Red People received visions from the Buffalo species that as the white buffalo returned to Earth, that the time of transition would begin. The transition they speak of is the transition from a 3rd dimensional Earth to a 4th dimensional Earth, and then on to a 5th dimensional world. Such transformation shall not be rapid, but has begun, and everything upon Earth is beginning its evolutionary journey “home”. A time awaits ahead that shall be filled with joy as all species, including humankind, enter the dance of unity and oneness, harmony and unconditional love.


The Red People, along with many Indigenous Humans, hold the keys to remembrance of full consciousness within the human species, keys to a human form that lived in unity and harmony with Earth. However, regardless of what genetic package a human currently has, whether they be white, yellow, black or red, there is a connection to the time of unity. Perhaps such a connection is not in one’s recent ancestry, but in one’s ancient ancestry from long ago.


Each human, just like Buffalo, can now choose to consciously alter their genetic structure and begin the journey to full consciousness. One shall accomplish this goal only if one chooses it so, and continues to choose it each day, each week, each month, and each year until such a goal is fulfilled upon. Such a shift shall only occur through conscious intent. Humankind must choose to restore their biology to full consciousness if they are going to survive the coming centuries upon Earth.


Earth is rising in frequency more rapidly than ever. The further Earth goes up in vibration, the faster she shall transmute herself into yet a higher vibration. Perhaps those in human form cannot feel these shifts yet, particularly in the density of our cities. Go into the country, go to a lake, or by an ocean, or by a forest stream, and FEEL. Feel the unity that pours out of nature. Feel the joy of the dance that nature is in.


Changes Ahead


Everything shall change. There is no present thought-form, no present technology that is going to make the shift into the next dimension. Only that which is conscious shall survive. That which is conscious is all species upon Earth, including the plant, animal and mineral, dolphin and whale, and those humans whom are awakening. There is nothing in our world that shall remain as Earth’s vibration reaches a high enough vibration to dissolve it. This shall include the buildings that we rely upon, the cement of our roads, the plastic that we contain things in, and the craft and technology that we perceive as so very important. None of it shall be a part of Earth’s future in the centuries ahead.


Perhaps if humanity was more aware and more awakened to the impending change, technology and housing would be developed that could transition. Such housing would need to be alive and evolving itself, such as minerals. Humans in other worlds whom have ascended, such as the Sirian Race about 120,000 years ago, have developed such housing that ascended with them. However, humanity is too lost to remember that it is time to ascend and that there are great changes ahead. Perhaps this is also a blessing, as those whom ascend shall be required to not rely upon technology to ascend the form for them. This shall mean that humanity shall need to learn to consciously transmute the form just as Buffalo is learning.


Why does the form require transmutation? The current cellular structure does not hold enough chi. One must be able to build and build in chi in order to move from one dimension to the next. So a new cellular structure must be created that can hold a higher vibration and more chi. However, such a cellular structure is not new. One’s own ancestors held such a structure once long ago. So one simply calls into present time the structure of the past, and begins to embody it little by little, until one holds increasing higher frequencies day to week to month to year. This is how all species are ascending.


There are many humans seeded for this awakening and to make this journey to full consciousness. Perhaps you are one that now can understand that it is time to awaken and move forth. Earth needs humankind to participate in her ascension. Without some of the human form ascending, not all karmic records shall be understood, not all history shall come to be known for Earth. This shall create a problem and potential disaster rather than Earth’s future ascension.


The human form, just like Buffalo, can be altered through conscious intent. You too can enter a new kingdom, one based upon unity, honor, joy and unconditional love along with all species. The time of the return of the Great White Buffalo has come. Let us move forth together and co-create a new tomorrow based upon joy!


New Communities


Those whom are ascending shall retreat together and form new communities of ascending humans. Such communities shall work hand in hand with nature and all kingdoms upon Earth to be in absolute harmony, and yet provide all needs for all concerned. Such communities shall be devoid of most of the technology that humanity currently relies upon, and live a simple life that revolves around the cycles of nature. The simple life allows for time for the inner work, for meditation if you wish, which is required upon the spiritual path. These new communities shall support those in human form whom choose to ascend.


Embrace and Forgive


It is a great truth that there has been much pain inflicted upon Earth, upon her species, and upon humanity by humanity. Such experiences, when forgiven, are erased in full from the memory bank of Earth and all ascending species. As such incidents are erased in full, they shall cease to recur again in Earth’s future.


We invite humans not to sit in judgment for past or present wrongdoing by human sources, but to embrace and forgive. Each human is a part of the human species, and each human therefore has inflicted such atrocities upon nature, upon Earth, and upon one another. One’s ancestry is the human ancestry, and as one forgives themselves, and forgives their ancestors for their wrong doing, a new tomorrow can emerge that is different from the past.


Choose to Ascend


It is human nature to attempt to change perceived problems upon Earth through uprisings, war, demonstrations, by becoming an advocate for this or that. This is not what we ask, for such thought-form does not serve. Such thought-form only causes animosity and hatred between humans of different beliefs, and this is the root of warfare in the human dance. Instead, we ask that each human take responsibility for oneself and choose to ascend, choose to evolve, choose to alter their thought-form and biology. It is in the choice to ascend that the atrocities of the past and the distorted human dance in the present shall be resolved.


One may wonder, how can this be so? It is so because Earth is a conscious being and is evolving; Earth is ascending. Earth is rising above the thought-form of right and wrong, victim and victimizer, abuser and abused. In so doing, everything upon Earth must rise above such thought-form or it shall perish. Therefore, such stands and uprisings are useless, and those participating in such endeavors and choosing not to ascend shall die off in due course.


The vibration of Earth is quickening. As Earth quickens, that which does not quicken with her shall become ill. It shall become ill because there shall be more energy running through the form than the form was designed to handle. As more chi runs through the etheric body, it exacerbates the blockages or stuck regions of form causing disease to manifest more rapidly than before. The higher in vibration Earth goes, the more rapidly those whom are not ascending shall become diseased. In time, and in the next 30 years, we anticipate that there shall be no non-ascending humans remaining upon Earth.


The technology shall die with those that are attached to it. Those whom are ascending shall retreat away from such devices along with the cities of your world. Such density hurts the field of those whom are ascending. It is for this reason that Asur’Ana minimizes all travel into denser regions and lives upon a tropical island surrounded by water. The frequencies of electricity behind the technology humankind relies upon hurts her form and field tearing holes into the subtle bodies. The density in the cities causes such a loss of chi that she can ascend no further living in such regions. So it shall be true for all intent upon the choice to ascend, sooner or later each shall retreat into the country. In so doing, the form and field shall be supported, and one may choose a simpler life upon the land that allows for the meditation and inner focus that self-mastery requires.


Time is running out. Today, we stand upon the precipice of great change, and yet perhaps things seem the same as they have ever been. Once long ago, our ancestors stood upon the precipice of great change and were also told about impending global shifts. Some heeded such warnings, and others chose to ignore it ending their lives in great travesty. What will you choose today? Will you choose to ascend? Or will you choose the dance of death that lies ahead for those whom choose not to rise with Earth in frequency?


Each human must do their part. Just because humans are in forgetfulness does not exempt them from the responsibility towards Earth that they inherently agreed upon in coming to live upon this land. Each human has agreements to support Earth in her choice to ascend. Most humans are choosing to default upon their agreements in their forgetfulness. We ask you to wake up and remember, choose to ascend, and choose to support Earth in her choice to ascend.


World Peace is Attainable through Ascension


Ascension brings forth completion. Completion creates a new dream, a new consensus for Earth. There are many advocates for peace, however, the peace they search for shall only be found as humanity chooses to ascend and chooses to release all karma for warfare. There is no other way, for all others have failed in the past 120,000 years of human history. We can honestly say that any other means of creating world peace that is everlasting is not possible without ascension, for all other means have indeed been tried, and have indeed failed time and time again.


The World Wars that you know of in our recent history are just a replay of countless other wars in times past of similar nature. The “holocaust” and deliberate destruction of countless human forms is just a repeat of other holocausts too numerous to remember. The dropping of the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima is two of sixteen of such expressions caused by human warfare, and those earlier in our history were far more devastating, creating nuclear winters killing all plant kingdoms around the globe. As all karma for warfare from humanity’s past is released in full, there shall be no future war of any kind upon Earth.


How does ascension create World Peace? It does so by altering the dream for Earth. The dream is a living breathing consensus reality that has boundaries that state “this can occur upon a global level”, and “this cannot occur upon a global level”. Global level occurrences are complex in their manifestation, and let us suffice to say that as Earth transcends destructive thought-form, there shall be no further destruction of Earth, for Earth shall not allow for it.


The Gift of Ascension


As Earth does not allow for it, the responsibility for destructive thought-form returns back upon those that hold on to such thought-form in their choice not to ascend and transcend. As such, personal destruction shall follow instead. Sometimes it can be made manifest in an accident, a suicide, or a murder. Most of the time it comes in the form of disease. All disease is the result of destructive thought-form that has become internalized and cellular. Ascension allows for the transcendence of such thought-form upon a biological level, and those whom are ascending simply bypass such an outcome in their choice.


Disease is equated to cells that have died, or are dying, or deliberately killed by other cells known as viruses. In ascension, all cells that have died or are dying are resurrected into the crystalline form. All cells that are viral in nature receive a new blueprint that is supportive rather than destructive to the overall health and well-being of the form. This is the gift of ascension, an ageless and disease free form that can live to see a new era of peace and unity emerge for humanity and Earth.


However, such transmutation in ascension is not without known difficulties. Sometimes the difficulties come from a weak organ. We have seen many whales and dolphins beach themselves due to liver failure from an attempt to ascend. So ascension is not a cure-all for disease. In many respects, starting with a healthy body is of the utmost import, for it requires a healthy form to detoxify all of the biological changes inherent in ascension. It is for this reason that we anticipate that only the healthiest members of all species to make it and attain full consciousness. This may mean a drastic reduction of our overall population. However, this is not of import to us, only that some live to make it, as they too shall reproduce increasing the representatives of fully conscious stewards in the future.


Attachment and Loss of Consciousness


For humanity, this is a difficult thing, so attached one has become to the particular body that one inhabits, along with one’s friends and family. Such is the nature of the loss of consciousness, for in such a loss, one fails to see the overall picture, and sees life upon Earth only from the limited vantage-point of one’s individual self. It is in the selfishness and the lack of overall vision that humanity has become so far out of sync with Earth. This changes in ascension, for as one approaches full consciousness, one begins to perceive the overall dance of the human species along with all species upon Earth. This gives one another vantage point, another means of relating to one another along with all other species therein.


White Buffalo Agreement with Red People


Long ago, White Buffalo agreed with the Red People to assist in the evolution of the human species. These agreements came hand in hand with the loss of the Red Man’s land. This loss we speak of is not in recent times, although such history has indeed repeated itself. This loss we speak of was over 154,000 years ago as Lemuria was flooded and most of the Red population drowned. At this juncture, Buffalo agreed to support the Red People in the restoration of consciousness, and the restoration of hope for a new future for Earth in her global ascension.


Buffalo work with the Red people today, and those that are seeking their Red inheritance, whether they be black, white, or yellow. For all races are related to the original seeded race upon Earth which is indeed Red. Buffalo have shared their visions with the Red brothers and sisters to give them hope, for they indeed lost all hope as the white people took away their land and destroyed their herds in the century past. Buffalo shared with them that another time was coming, another time when the principles for which they stood and remembered would flourish. Indeed the time is coming. We honor the Red People for holding onto the dream, holding onto the vision, holding onto the TRUTH. We invite all of Red heritage from one’s ancient past to become this new dream, live this new vision, and stand in the TRUTH.


The TRUTH supports Earth. The TRUTH honors all species. The TRUTH loves unconditionally. The TRUTH blesses all with the love of God Goddess/All That Is. The TRUTH stands not in judgment, but honors all in the dance of life. It is time for the TRUTH to reign again upon Earth.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the magnificent Seekers of Truth, Light and God Goddess/All That Is within. May the compass of your heart guide you on your journey Home.



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