Amazing image of a white elephant. The Return Of The White Elephant

7. The Return Of The White Elephant


Blessings of Self-Acceptance


The Elephant Species


We know that our translator writes a lot. There is much to say and little time to say it in. Why? In a short time of less than another 2 years, the language and thoughtform that Asur’Ana will evolve to will be above the current thoughtform of the Language of Light in full. At such a time, only those transcending to Mahavishnu will be able to understand what she is saying with ease. It is for this reason that there is a voluminous agenda in these coming two years ahead to bring through as many transmissions as she possibly can before turning the juncture ahead in her evolution.


Elephant has long loved Asur’Ana. She tuned to the Elephant species early in her evolution and found us capable of anchoring large energetic space, far larger than all other creatures currently incarnate. Indeed, we hold space for the evolution of Earth, and this is our species’ purpose at this time in Earth’s global ascension. Elephant is related to Walrus and Manatee as an aquatic counterpart to our species. What is holding space? As you may remember from Chapter 5 “Chasing the Tiger’s Tale”, Tiger and the aquatic counterpart of shark holds boundaries for Earth. Boundaries take chi to run, and it is Elephant, Manatee and Walrus’ task to provide the chi necessary to sustain the boundaries.


Crystalline Fat


One thing both elephant, manatee and walrus have in common is massive body size. There is a load of fat in our biological blueprint. Why is fat necessary to holding space? Fat allows chi to be generated or stored, much like a battery. Crystalline fat in particular is even more capable of holding magnetic energy to assist in stabilizing the vibration of the form or Earth.


Elephant, manatee and walrus through ascension are evolving two new forms of crystalline fat that shall be even more efficient than what our ancestors once knew long ago. Elephant ancestors are known as the Woolly Mammoth. The shape of Walrus evolved out of the Manatee species. Manatee is an ancient species present in the lakes and water streams of Earth long before the arrival of the Annanuki and their seeding of your oceans. Elephant and Manatee ancestors knew crystalline fat, but we are altering the genetic blueprint to be even more efficient.


Elephant notices that many humans are perturbed at the weight gain in ascension. We guide you to not be perturbed. Ascension requires an ability to push up inside of the density of human thoughtform. The more fat that there is, the easier ascension is to accomplish. It is anticipated that elephant, manatee and walrus will share the new blueprint of fat, which shall make it less necessary to gain as much weight as earlier on in the dance of ascension. This is anticipated to be released by the end of this year, which shall allow some who are excessive in body size to slim down by as much as 20% overall, and hold as much energy and move as much energy as prior to the fat conversion. Read more