Image of a delicate flower with a stack of polished stones. Tips For Retaining One’s Level Of Mastery In Ascension

6. Tips For Retaining One’s Level Of Mastery In Ascension


There are many changes underway that shall lead to the fulfillment of the ascent of Earth. Such changes are both energetic and physical. The kundalini of Earth is heating up significantly. This can be perceived as the increasing brightness of the “Northern Lights” or Aurora of Earth (the Sun in Earth’s Core) along with the melting of the glaciers. There are also significant shifts in the human ascension movement that shall ensure the survival of your species.


For you see the survival of humanity upon the surface of the Earth has never been guaranteed; for so low in vibration and consciousness you have fallen. Without a pathway to a new frequency, there would be little hope of surviving, for all would perish in the end in plagues due to an inability of the cellular structure to handle the increasing rotation of the molecules of all living things upon Earth.


This Asur’Ana heard the calling for, and she ascends for the sake of her own species more than her own personal self. Asur’Ana could exit physicality and enter the Great Central Sun and be embraced without any further ascent; she chooses to continue to persevere so that there will be a viable pathway into the fourth dimension for the current genetics of surface Earth human. One must understand that there is little reward for the role Asur’Ana and Per have chosen; their life revolves around ascending their own form and creating a pathway for others to do the same.


So much of the dance of the remaining dark held upon Earth has been to attempt to end their lives premature so that the possibility of human extinction would be viable; as there would also be the possibility in such an outcome of the extinction of Earth. The dark chose to push for extinction to retain the polarity of life elsewhere; for in the current dynamics of extreme poles, one creation must die in order for another creation to ascend.


End of Cycle Time


Extreme polarity is something that Earth is leaving behind at this time. In so doing, Earth is entering a new polarity known as gold and silver in which all may ascend home; that nothing requires dying or going extinct for another creation to ascend. Within the Great Central Sun, there is no extinction; only gold and silver dancing so that all may go Home. The homecoming is a joyous outcome for Earth, for it involves a return to life and a return to the joy that expansion and ascension make possible.


Humans have by and large been an obstacle in Earth’s choice to ascend; this is more so upon the surface of the Earth where consciousness has dropped so significantly that few are aware that you are in an end of cycle time in which one must choose to ascend or perish out of the lack of making a conscious choice. The time to choose is coming to closure; one will have had to move beyond a certain vibrational frequency in the coming 8 years in human form, or the vibration of Earth will so far supersede one’s own frequency that disease will rapidly manifest in physicality.


In particular, this will be so for those at 2 segments of DNA, although some at 1,024 or higher may also experience disease if the ascent is far from complete in nature. It is for this reason that Earth has focused so heavily upon what it takes to create a complete ascension and now how to sustain one’s vibration that one has mastered in the Ascension Insights series.


Sustaining one’s vibration requires ongoing focus; one must consciously choose to continue to focus upon one’s ascension along with synthesizing each day. In so doing, one will more likely offset the possibility of disease through incomplete ascension into one’s future, and are more likely to witness the coming birth of the golden age ahead.


The Problems with Retaining One’s Frequency


Creating a complete ascension is the first step. A complete ascension allows for all cells in each given region of transformation to become crystalline. For those ascending to 1024, only healthy cells are addressed in the ascent. For those pressing on to 3,000 segments, one begins to work upon resurrecting decayed regions that have died within the form. Death of portions of the cellular occurs gradually through aging. Regeneration in ascension is therefore a slow process, especially for those whom are in their forties, fifties, sixties or seventies in present time. The older one is, the more cycles that are required through the entire cellular structure to resurrect enough decay due to aging to 3,000 segments and 100% in the physical.


By and large, once the ascent becomes physical, it is less likely to be lost causing one to slide backward in vibration. Cells are holographic and self recreate the new genetics, even if regeneration fails. Sometimes some parts of the form of those mastering 3,000 fail to fully regenerate in any given quarter, half-year or year cycle; this is generally due to a lack of circulation or lymph fluid adequately nourishing or detoxifying the region of the body that fails to regenerate once it has become crystalline.


The number of veins, arteries and lymph ducts doubles in the ascent to 3,000; by 6,000 segments, the circulatory and lymph doubles again in numbers of veins, arteries and lymph ducts. The circulatory and lymph systems feed the crystalline cells; without adequate circulation or movement of the lymph, cells die and need to be replaced. Furthermore, if there is inadequate circulation to any pocket of crystalline cells, the cells will begin to deteriorate and die again.


One way to assist circulation is to give the body simple and gentle exercise each day. Walking and swimming are helpful to assure that enough blood or lymph fluid reaches all cells in the form so that they are adequately nurtured. Also intending that the circulatory and lymph systems develop fully to one’s level of ascent in this lifetime is paramount to the ability of the form to adequately regenerate. It is for this reason that we guide those ascending to create as complete an ascension as possible. Incomplete ascension leaves patches of crystalline cells un-transmuted to the new structure; this can also mean that the veins, arteries or lymph ducts inadequately develop in a certain region which can lead to disease over time if not rectified.


How does one know if one is having an incomplete ascension? One can muscle test for verification to see if one has adequately embraced the crystalline cellular structure in all parts of the form in one’s ascent to date. Those in group mastery have used this technique with a lengthy checklist; then in the ongoing monitoring of one’s continued ascent, one can intend to rectify those regions of domain that are weak or do not ascend easily. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 4 “Ascending into A Regenerative Biological System” for more information.) The Checklist is also included at the end of this chapter.


Why Do Ascending Initiates Schism?


What prevents the ascent of a particular part of the form? Generally, such regions hold karma and thoughtform along with patterning that one would rather not acknowledge in one’s own self. It is far easier to perceive the darkness outside of oneself and in others than in one’s own ancestral inheritance. However, the outside life experiences are only a mirror for one’s own internal state of being. If the darkness is present in one’s life, then it is also within one’s genetic encoding. It is far better perhaps to choose to transcend the darkness mirrored unto oneself than try and brush it under the carpet and ignore it; for this will only mean schisming over a part of one’s ascent, following which the associated region of the form will fail to become crystalline and then become diseased in one’s further ascent.


Maintaining one’s vibration along with continuing to ascend therefore becomes the paramount focus for those ascending at this time in history. Earth chooses to support those who are ascending by providing healing and angels for the task. Such support can be requested during the day as one takes the time to meditate and synthesize the field; it can also be requested during dreamtime at night.


There are 18 healing temples that Earth has constructed to support human ascension. These can be visited during meditation or dreamtime for support and reparation of field. These temples have been written of before, but we would like to review them today so that one may attune to the associated dreamtime consciously as well as intend to travel to such temples at night and while asleep.


Healing Temples for Ascension


The following temples are available unto each mastering 1,800 to 3,000 segments in this lifetime. These temples sit within one’s own Aurora, which is created through the larger chakras that sit in the Core of Earth. One follows one’s own grounding chakras under the feet to gain access to one’s temples; or one can pull one’s temples around oneself during meditation or at night by pulling them up the chakras into one’s home or hotel room. There are angels and guardians associated with Earth’s dream for ascending initiates that administer all healing in collaboration with one’s oversoul and source.


1. The Temple of Interconnection


This temple assists one in connecting with their source if they have lost their connection. The temple with support of Earth and all species therein holds all connections for all Source Groups related to Earth. As one visits the temple, a more effortless connection to one’s Soul, Oversoul and Source shall be provided.


2. The Temple of Ascension Tests and Assessment


This temple is where each goes to take their tests for ascension or to be assessed for the next phase of work. Sometimes when one is unsure of what is wrong, a visit to this temple shall suffice at putting one back on track. It is also from this temple that one’s soul can assess one’s karmic issues.


3. The Temple of Grounding


This temple holds all records of grounding and the changes therein in each phase of ascension. Grounding changes from initiation to initiation, however, wherever one is, one can crosscheck their information and intend to retrieve anything that has been lost.


4. The Temple of Sexual Energy Flow


This temple holds all records of sexual energy movement and the movement of the kundalini through the grid work of the form and subtle bodies. Sexual energy movement also changes from initiation to initiation in ascension. However, one can crosscheck one’s own information against the knowledge provided therein and intend to retrieve anything that has been lost over time or in a karmic encounter.


5. The Temple of Subtle Bodies


This temple holds all records of subtle body changes and repairs in each phase of ascension. One can compare one’s own records to the records contained herein for one’s given evolutionary status to determine what has been manipulated or lost, and then strive to retrieve it.


6. The Temple of Physical Grid Work


This temple holds all records of grid work changes and repairs for each phase of ascension. One can cross check their grid work against a template of what should be present at any given phase of evolution. In so doing, one may discover foreign grid work that has become mixed in causing the energy flow in certain pockets of the form to wane.


7. The Temple of Ascension Grid Work


This temple holds all records for constructing ascension grid work in each phase of ascension. In essence, this temple holds information for transcribing the genetic blueprint for ascension and anchoring it around the physical form. Ascension grid work changes from level to level in initiation, and therefore one’s own level can be compared to what should be in place given the knowledge held in the temple.


8. The Temple of Ancestral Knowledge


This temple holds all human lineages sorted out thus far in human ascensions upon Earth. At this time, all 144,000 lineages are present, but some are not complete back in time. One assists in building the records for this temple in one’s own ascension. One may ask for the original 144 lineages that were their birth inheritance at this temple, or any updates that have come in from other ascending initiates.


9. The Temple of Light Body


This temple holds records of light body development at each phase of ascension. The light body is sometimes susceptible to manipulation during one’s dreamtime travels. One can compare their light body to the records in this temple for the purposes of repair. Understand that there are two types of light bodies; one of which is a modified “astral” body that one’s consciousness travels during dreamtime, and this is the light body that we speak of. There is a second light body that is actually a physical vessel upon another plane of reality exactly one octave above oneself. It is the real light body forms into a fourth dimensional vessel that the physical body ascends into as consciousness in the act of ascension from one dimension unto the next.


10. The Temple of Recasting


Each recasting that occurs within one’s source during dreamtime is recorded within this temple. Recasting reweaves the fractured pieces of soul into a single and “whole” unit as enough pieces are gathered in each phase of ascension. By and large for those at 3000, 4200 or 5000 segments, recasting occurs a minimum of once per week. For those mastering 6,000 and above, recasting may occur two to three times per week.


11. The Temple of Time


This temple holds the records for how time is altered within the field of an ascending human in each phase of ascension. One builds towards moving outside of time such that the body no longer ages. One is therefore invited to visit this temple for an assessment if they are having difficult sustaining an expanded state out of time periodically in their process of ascension. The assessment will give clues as to what may be out of order or missed within your current phase or past phases of ascension, which can then be acted upon and corrected.


12. The Temple of Schisms


Schisms are portions of ascension skipped over leaving behind fractured pieces of soul that were never woven in during one’s more recent recasting. This temple holds all knowledge attained thus far about schisms, and the tones necessary to integrate missing portions of soul and to release the related karma.


13. The Temple of the Language of Light


This temple holds the Language of Light, which is all of the tones of creation necessary to sustain the ascension to date of the form and for the form to continue to ascend into the future. One may visit this temple and view what tones should be integrated in full given their current level of evolution. Any missing tones can then be pulled from this temple into the field to trigger the related karma in need of releasing in order to embody all tones in full.


14. The Temple of Genetic Information


This temple holds all genetic information on the human dance revealed thus far in the human ascensions global wide. This temple is linked to the Temple of Ancestry as genetic records are held by one’s ancestral inheritance. One may visit this temple and compare their current records to those held in the temple to assure that all genetic knowledge necessary to ascend through one’s current initiation is present.


15. The Temple of Visionary Knowledge


This temple holds all information about vision retrieved and compiled thus far in human ascensions global wide. One may visit this temple and compare their current visionary records to see what is missing at your current phase of evolution. Such information includes clairvoyance, telepathy, and modalities of channeling soul through form.


16. The Temple of Ascension


This temple holds records of all human ascensions that have occurred within the new consensus thus far. This includes successful and non-successful ascensions. One may review such records for the purposes of their own evolution.


17. The Temple of Karma


This temple contains a karmic board held by the Solar Counsels. It is from this temple that all human karmic disputes are assessed and rectified in relation to the new consensus.


18. The Temple of Guardians


This temple is a new temple that is pressing guardians into the dream of those from 1,800 segments to 3,000 segments so that true spiritual law will be minded. These guardians shall work through the global dream for humanity suspended by Earth. It is through these guardians that infractions of law that are outside karmic boundaries shall be prevented, along with the ascension into a supercharged human state.


Working with the Healing Temples


The healing temples are holographic archives that are open to all ascending humans for the purposes of continued evolution. Given that they are holographic, one must have begun to open the petals in the heart so that one may access the human hologram that is seated inside of the heart lotus. (Please refer to Chapter 2 of this volume for more information about the human hologram in ascension.)


It takes the activation of 2,400 segments of DNA before one may have enough energy flowing through the heart to communicate holographically with the healing temples. As one can holographically communicate, one will be able to attune to each temple in meditation and consciously experience their support through focus. Up until this time, one will rely upon the time just before falling asleep or awakening when one is “between the worlds” to perceive or communicate with the healing temples.


The temples are designed to provide information only; however, there are also angels associated with Earth that are known as “Marias” that one may ask for assistance from. Ascension is a conscious choice and given that one is the member of a fully conscious species, one is expected to self-direct one’s own evolution. Therefore, the healing temples will only provide the insights or blueprints for the next phase of shifts in one’s etheric or physical form. Then it is up to oneself and one’s soul, oversoul and source to research one’s ancestry to release karma and retrieve the genetic information that was a part of one’s ancestry at another time in history; and then alter the energy flow within one’s field and integrate the new genetic materials into the biology of the form.


Detecting False and Incomplete Ascension Patterns


Understand that it is important to ascend into one’s own ancestral DNA. We have uncovered a form of “false ascension” where initiates receive duplicates of the DNA of others. These duplicates may ascend the etheric, but the DNA cannot root into the physical. Why will the DNA of another not root in one’s own body? One’s cellular structure is unique; only DNA that is sincerely from one’s own history can grow inside oneself. Therefore, taking duplicates may seem as though they are an easy way to “cheat” in ascension, as they do provide a more rapid evolution in the etheric; alas, they do not allow for biological ascension and the end result will be disease into the future for those that attempt to ascend in this manner.


We invite initiates to make sure that all DNA that one is ascending into is of one’s own inheritance, and return anything that is not to its source of origin. Then research one’s own ancestry for the missing information, and as one’s own DNA is pushed into the ascension grid work; it will take root leading to a complete biological ascension. Often those ascending into duplicate DNA will also attempt to weave the etheric body with light body grid work instead of physical grid work.


Real ascending grid work is obtained as one releases the karma for how one’s ancestry fell in consciousness. As this occurs, the genetic information and DNA from another time period is gathered up along with the associated grid work that once formed physicality in one’s ancestry; then such information is woven into the physical during one’s recasting in the recasting temples.


Physical grid work is made up of the elements of air, water, fire and earth; light body grid work is made up of the inverse elements of ether, vapor, smoke and lava. Light body grid work does not hold enough density to sustain a physical ascent, as the grid work itself will be incapable of moving the new crystalline genetic information down the ley lines of the etheric body, leaving pockets of cells un-ascended in the physical wherever such grid work is woven in. Furthermore, stripping one’s own light body of grid work or another’s causes the light body to become ill upon the plane of reality that it exists upon; this is a form of harm to oneself or another.


Earth has estimated that MS, Fibromyalgia and other degenerative autoimmune diseases are the result of false ascension in one’s ancestry; through false ascension, the molecular structure of the physical is taken and used to enhance the light body upon its plane of reality. The end result is a sick form in the physical. In parallel manner, stripping the light body of grid work causes it to develop a parallel disease upon its plane of reality. Earth has chosen to make these forms of false ascension illegal at this time in history as they do not lead to real biological ascension. The Annanuki in their life extension practices used these types of manipulations to enhance their field; alas they destroyed many others in so doing.


Much as with duplicated and foreign DNA, it is far better to intend to return all light body grid work to the planes of origin, and make sure one is weaving the etheric with physical grid work and DNA from one’s own ancestry and composed of the elements of air, water, fire and earth. Furthermore, it is good to intend to retrieve any molecules that have been used to enhance one’s own or another’s light body now and throughout one’s ancestry.


The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt


False ascension that caused an intertwining between physical and semi-etheric human form also occurred during the era of the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt along with during the era of the Anu. Earth would like to delve into greater detail about this karma so that those who are ascending may not fall into the same pitfalls of the Pharaohs. We have just recently uncovered the records from this era due to the ascent of Earth.


The Pharaohs existed in Earth’s history roughly 15,000 to 18,000 Earth years ago (60,000-72,000 human years). Recent records recovered from Earth shows that the region that the Pharaohs existed was not where Egypt is today. The continents have moved substantially since this time period; during the incarnations of the Pharaohs, the pyramids and continent of South Africa existed in a region now known as Glacier National Park of the US and Waterton National Park in Canada.


Understand that Earth records and the human history associated with the land is recorded in the ley lines of her energy field and not in the land or dirt of each continent. Although the continent of Egypt has moved southeast from its original place 18,000 Earth years ago, the records remain in the original grids that they were recorded. It is for this reason that the records are in North America and not in Egypt in present time.


At the time that the Pharaohs were alive, Earth was much warmer. This region of Ancient Egypt experienced little snow, and was filled with waterways in the form of freshwater lakes and streams along with islands, not unlike the Northwestern Canada today. Many forests blanketed the region along with a vast and divergent animal and plant life. The region was an oasis of beauty at the time that Egypt thrived.


Up until the emergence of the Pharaohs, the continent of Africa and Egypt was populated by thousands of red tribes that lived peacefully together. Each tribe took a particular region as their hunting, farming, and fishing habitat. This region extended from what is now Canada to Mexico in size. There were many large headed humans remaining as the descendants of the Grand Masters amongst these tribes. These humans exerted themselves as leaders of spirituality within each tribe that they associated with.


Some of the larger headed humans began to exert themselves in other ways. These larger headed humans had part Annanuki inheritance. Innana (Aphrodite) and Zeus had many lovers over time and due to their lengthy life extension practices. Out of boredom, they sought out unusual sexual experiences. Each managed to corner several larger headed humans for a sexual encounter; three of these encounters produced offspring that were part Anu and part Grand Master in ancestry. This is the ancestry of the Pharaohs. The Pharaohs were not like the other purely red ancestry of the other large headed humans. The Pharaohs wanted to be “supreme god” or “supreme goddess” ruling over all, which is the archetypal nature of the Anu lineages that they were constructed from.


Over time, these part Grand Master, part Anu humans rose to power and became the chief over their tribe. As this occurred, they received visions of conquering each of the thousands of red nations that lived upon their continent. They were also shown visions that the purpose behind this was to bring all humans upon the continent of Africa under one rulership; and to gather all large headed humans into one region.


Under the direction of the Pharaohs, armies were created that went out to conquer region after region. This was not an era of vast technology; instead the armies are more reminiscent in nature to the recent era and rise and fall of Rome. It is estimated by Earth that Egypt grew over time to reign over land as far north as Copenhagen and as far south as South Africa in present time.


The Pharaohs were guided to conquer to gather other large headed humans under the guidance of the false gods. Within each nation that was conquered, the large headed humans were sought out and invited to join a community of other large headed humans under the direction and guidance of the Pharaohs. These humans were called the “Mahavishnu” class during this era. Mahavishnu translates into “One with Vision and Spiritual Awareness”.


Over time, about 190 large headed humans came to live near the Pharaohs upon a special island that Earth has called “Pharaoh Island”. Upon Pharaoh Island, all their needs were met and vast luxuries were provided that were unavailable at home. The luxuries tempted most of the large headed humans to relocate; however, many chose not to. The purpose of this clan of large headed humans was to ascend, or so the Pharaohs told them.


However, the ascension was under the direction of Pharaohs and of the false gods; and the false gods did not have real interest in fourth dimensional ascension, as this would have eliminated their dominion over humankind. Therefore, a form of false ascension was created in which the Pharaohs extended their lives 300 to 500 years beyond what they would have lived otherwise and in parallel manner to the Annanuki life extension practices.


After 300 to 500 years, each Pharaoh went on to attempt to ascend through the utilization of the energy remaining in the pyramids; alas there was no fourth dimensional body to ascend into, and as a result, each combusted in the pyramids. The combustion was a form of internal burning up of the physical form, and a very painful way to die. In combustion, the ancestor associated with the physical form moves into a “void” of non-existence.


There is no ancestral afterlife in combustion. Furthermore, the false gods inflated themselves through the combustion into global dominion. This is how the “red false gods” asserted themselves into dominion over the “white false gods” that had held dominion since the fall of the Anu and their nuclear annihilation of Earth. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 5 Chapter 7 “Earth’s Perspective on the History of the Human Dream” for more information.)


As enough Pharaohs and Mahavishnu combusted in the pyramids due to attempted ascensions without a fourth dimensional vessel to ascend into, radiation permeated the human dream. For a long time, the records of radiation from this time period was assumed to be caused by a nuclear war. The records now gathered from the era of the Pharaohs clearly show that there was no technology to support nuclear warring; instead, the radiation created was from the Pharaohs’ own combustions through false ascension; and this is what caused a fall of all humans upon the surface of the Earth during this time period. Radiation frays DNA; as enough radiation is created through enough combustions of the Pharaohs, a fall of humankind followed.


Furthermore, this is the cause of the loss of the genetic information to construct the larger cranium and head of the Mahavishnu. As enough radiation permeated the region, the Mahavishnu and Pharaohs themselves experienced a fall as their own DNA also frayed. Over time and within 8 generations of Pharaohs, no further children were born with large heads due to this fall; this is also the same for the offspring of the Pharaohs. The last Pharaoh gave birth only to small headed children; as they too combusted in the Pyramids, it was the last of the reign of the larger headed humans upon Earth.


Life Extension Practices of the Pharaohs


Records have been gathered about how the Pharaohs and Anu alike extended their lives. Each Pharaoh took physical grid work and light body grid work from 16 other large headed humans who subsequently became ill with a parallel disease to MS or Fibromyalgia; the grid work was woven into the physical etheric body. The light body of the Pharaoh was also strengthened through the stripping of 16 others upon the light body planes of reality. This strengthened the body and light body or body double of the Pharaoh without real biological ascension allowing him or her to extend their lives. Each time one of the 16 used in this manner died, another of parallel ancestry became ill as they were stripped in like manner.


The Pharaohs extended their lives at the expense of the large headed humans, who were more or less energetically devoured for this purpose. This is why the false gods had the Pharaohs gather so many larger headed humans nearby; to feed off of them for the purposes of life extension and dominion. The Pharaohs became increasingly arrogant over time. Over time, many of the Mahavishnu began to perceive through the dance and chose not to participate in the experience, for the purpose of the Pharaohs teaching was not real ascension. This occurred at a time that not all records of real ascension had been removed from the surface of the Earth, and so there was some understanding amongst these more greatly aware humans of what ascension really is.


The Rebellion of the Mahavishnu


Some groups of larger headed humans rebelled. We have records now of one Mahavishnu having so much awareness that soon the others in the clan perceive them as a greater leader than the Pharaoh. This large headed human foresaw that the Pharaoh was only going into competition with him and would have him killed, and so he chose to leave. 10 others from Pharaoh Island chose to join him and leave with him. Alas, they never made it to their destination, but rather were intercepted by a group of soldiers who beheaded them for betraying the Pharaoh.


Yet a larger group rebelled during the era of “Ra”. Ra was the second Pharaoh in a line of 8 that ruled over a 4,000 human year period. Ra came to the conclusion that there was only one god, and not many gods or the god in all kingdoms. Ra wanted all large headed humans to follow his lead and believe in the only one god principle. 72 of the 190 Mahavishnu upon Pharaoh Island disagreed and chose to leave due to a lack of “spiritual freedom”.


This group of 72 Mahavishnu moved north about 200 miles and into the region known as Banff in present time; they lived peacefully more or less for a year. Then psychic attacks began to flow through the remaining Mahavishnu associated with Pharaoh Island and under the direction of the Ra himself, who felt vindicated that they had left and would not worship him. 2 of the 72 left the group at this point and survived. The other 70 died within 8 months of ongoing psychic attack, which over time debilitated their health enough to cease to exist.


Mummification of the Mahavishnu


The red nations people who lived nearby chose to mummify the Mahavishnu that died. They did not know why so many large headed humans had died; the mummies were moved underground out of the belief that it would preserve the genetic information for a future time and recovery out of the decline in consciousness of humanity. Although the bodies of these mummies have long disintegrated, Asur’Ana uncovered records of their existence over 10 years ago in the mountains of “Ice Field Parkway” between Jasper and Banff in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Fortunately, the mummification had worked; the genetic materials had been preserved and could be recovered in present time.


It was the discovery of this information that caused Earth to advise Asur’Ana and Per to host their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) annual Group Mastery dreamtime event in the Jasper region since 2020; as here was the genetic information required for human ascension to take off for the purposes of the restoration of full consciousness of the human species. Now the karma from this era is better known as the records from the era of the Pharaohs has begun to be recovered.


The records for the lives of the Pharaohs and Mahavishnu incarnate during the reign of Ancient Egypt are not complete yet; along with them were vast machinery used to psychically destroy the Mahavishnu that rebelled so very long ago. These machines will be removed during the Group Mastery dreamtime event in 2023 and permanently erased by Earth so that such devices cannot be reconstructed to harm ascending humans into the future. It is for this reason that more shall be known in the coming 12 to 18 months about the Pharaohs and Mahavishnu alike as all earth-based records have been recovered and interpreted.


Pharaoh Karma


Earth perceives the above karma of the death of the Mahavishnu as significant to human ascension at this time. Many with direct lineage to Pharaohs are going into parallel false ascension patterning akin to the Pharaohs themselves. This will only create disease in one’s ascent. In understanding that one may be falsely ascending, one can choose to consciously redirect such patterning through releasing the associated karma in one’s ancestry. Then one will be more likely to create a real biological ascension instead, which will not lead to disease in the long haul.


How does one know if one is creating a false ascension? False ascension will give one the illusion of being much higher in genetic materials than the biology actually has mastered. How and why is this so? One can consider it veils of illusion that surround the form without real biological transmutation to support it. The veils are run through what are called “Matrixes”, which is a hall of mirrors utilized to suspend the polarity of life of the Pharaohs.


The mirrors will give one the sensation of climbing further in genetic materials without actual physical mastery. We have seen initiates in Asur’Ana and Per’s Group Mastery Program that would muscle test having ascended to full consciousness or beyond (sometimes up to 200,000 segments of DNA). All such feedback was the illusion of the matrixes that they had surrounded themselves with due to the weaving of the etheric with light body grid work. The solution to this is to intend the removal of all light body grid work and DNA and the anchoring of real DNA and grid work from one’s ancestry into the etheric body of the form. Then one will begin to get an accurate read of the real level of mastery in the physical.


Real physical mastery is a slow process. One can consider it parallel to the melting of the glaciers upon Earth. Glaciers are melting at roughly 13 meters per year; in parallel manner, the icy regions within one’s own etheric form heat up enough to melt or move the energy therein a little at a time. The pace of transmutation is held back by one’s physical state of being; one must detoxify the form in ascension. To a great degree, the pace of ascension is therefore held back by one’s own body’s ability to detoxify through the blood, waste management systems and pores of the skin.


Give to the body that which supports detoxification in the form of ongoing baths, mud baths, swims, gentle exercise, drinking large amounts of fluids, and eating the right foods, herbs or minerals to support the ascent, then ascension comes forth with greater ease and at a more rapid pace. However, at the very best, we have seen initiates master little more than 500 to 1,000 segments of DNA per year in the physical if they were above 1,024 to begin with. Below 1024, one is lucky to master 300 segments per year given the body’s ability to detoxify.


It has taken Asur’Ana and Per over a decade to master full consciousness and a little soul infusion. The possibility of mastering higher than 3,000 segments however is restricted by solar ascension counsels due to the complexity of the associated mastery. The ascent to 3,000 does allow those who are willing to walk this path the possibility of a greater level of freedom than one’s ancestry has known in 72,000 human years; and the opportunity to witness the birth of the Golden Age ahead.


Current Gurus Humanity Worships


Many of your current spiritual gurus have become Pharaohs in present time. These individuals have not ascended the biology; or only ascended to a certain point and then have stripped their following of molecules to enhance their light body and light body grid work to enhance the physical. This creates a strong presence and under other circumstances would extend the life; it also destroys those that follow them who have karma to give of their molecular structure or light body.


Alas the sacred geometry, which is primarily electrical that these gurus and groups run, is being inverted back upon them as it shatters the chakras of Earth and Nature. This is how the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt caused the fall of Earth at the time that they existed; they ran such discordant geometry and inflated such geometry to global proportions that it shattered all of Earth’s chakras leading to a massive drop in frequency and vibration.


Earth now understands the underlying patterning that such humans are at cause of long ago. Earth is blocking a repeat of this patterning, as it will only lead to the extinction of the whole instead of the ascension home into the Great Central Sun. It is for this reason that the destructive nature of such movement of energy is being forced back upon those participating in its flow; to prevent the shattering of Earth upon a global level. Over time, those holding such patterns will become ill and die in the coming times of cleansing. For those who wish to ascend and are caught up in such patterning, now is the time to withdraw and create a real biological ascension into a magnetic sacred geometry instead and to withdraw from such movement in full.


For Asur’Ana and Per, they have many a Mahavishnu ancestor who died during the era of the Pharaohs. Per also has ancestry to several who combusted in a false ascent. The dark have used machinery parallel to what destroyed the Mahavishnu against them many a time now in their ascent to date. They have long sought the original cause to better understand what occurred that created such cruelty and pain in the unconscious of humanity. Now all records from this time period shall come to be known so that all humans may transcend and create a new era of harmlessness, expansion and ascension Home.


Crucifixion Karma


The above karma and death of 70 large headed humans added crucifixion karma to all seven root races; African, Tibetan, North American Indian, South American Indian, Aboriginal (Lemurian/Australian), Inuit (Alaska/Mongolian) and Polynesian. The reason for this is that the 70 who died had interbred with all root races over time. This set up humanity for an extinction cycle across all lineages and tapestry of ancestries. Extinction is associated with crucifixion and the belief that the spiritual path leads to annihilation rather than evolution and ascension home. As this karma is transcended by enough ascending humans, the extinction cycle humankind has been upon can conclude and a new era and day be born.


The crucifixion karma we speak of is not associated with the life of Christ, for Christ’s ancestry was primarily Anu and Anu slave at the time that he died. He had yet to access his ancient red ancestry that held the records of the Mahavishnu; it appears that long before this could occur, the crucifixion karma associated with the destruction and annihilation of the slaves was triggered and Christ manifest his own death before he could ascend beyond it. Asur’Ana has long said to others “It is time to take Christ off the cross and allow him to resurrect and ascend instead”. This karma was released during the Banff Group Mastery dreamtime event in May of 2020.


Asur’Ana and Per honor all ancestors and understand the delusion humanity has lived within for a long time now; it is as we lift out of the delusion that the truth can be perceived for what it is. And what is the truth of Christ? That he was conned into being crucified which led to another 2,000 years of warfare and bloodshed of the human species as he was ascending at the time of his death, and the death and blood shedding became world thoughtform as such.


Mother Teresa as Christ’s direct ancestor released much of this karma in her lifetime, and she is honored as such. Mother Teresa now assists in the evolutionary process and testing of all initiates due to her own level of mastery of close to 5,000 segments or Bodhisattva level in her lifetime. And so, the purpose of Christ was fulfilled upon in Mother Teresa’s life.


What was the purpose of Christ? To end the annihilation and birth the ascension movement for all of humanity to attune to; Mother Teresa’s life has allowed for the birth of the ascension movement in present time, and so one can say that Christ’s purpose has been fulfilled upon. Now what must occur is the birth of unity, compassion and honor as Mother Teresa exhibited it in each ascending master. As this occurs, one could say that the return of Christ to Earth has been fulfilled upon as a prophecy; however, it shall not come through a single individual but many carrying the flame of divine union of the Bodhisattva within.


Now it is understood that the red race carries parallel crucifixion karma that must be released in order to see this through. One can also say that those of Annanuki descent time and time again have crucified the red race, which is a repeat of not only the era of the Anu but also the era of the Pharaohs. This too ascending initiates must intend to transcend whether they be white, yellow, brown or red in present time; for those who are ascending will each have ancestors associated with the era of the Pharaohs in ancient times. As this karma is released, a new type of leadership that has holographic wisdom may come forth and step into power.


Fear of Standing in One’s Truth


It is Earth’s observation that many who are ascending are afraid to stand in their truth; afraid to make the changes in their life dance that are required to ascend or will bring them joy; are afraid to stand out above and beyond the masses of humans alive today. Where does this fear come from? We see that it comes from the shattering of the Grand Masters about 48,000 Earth years ago (192,000 human years), and the repeat of this karma again in the energetic slaughter of the 70 Mahavishnu 18,000 Earth years ago (72,000 human years). As each who is ascending intends to release this karma, one will find one’s way to standing in one’s truth and fulfilling upon one’s soul’s mission in this lifetime.


Soul cannot ascend if physicality does not ascend. Often this fear prevents ascension beyond a certain level in Earth’s perception. Asur’Ana held the same fear and conquered it through forgiveness. In forgiveness, the slates are wiped clean and clear and the destruction of the past cannot repeat again; in so being, one is free to take a stand for one’s evolution. Such a stand may be more of an internal change than an external one; however, out of such an internal shift, ascending initiates can then change the life circumstances necessary for the continued ascent; whether it be leaving the spouse, leaving the family, leaving the job or leaving the region of origin as the karma is complete.


The reality is that there is little time left to plan for the change. By 2030, the cleansing will be in full swing and many of the places humans live en masse may become complicated and difficult for those that remain. The time is now to plan and execute a shift to a new region of origin that will support one’s ascent, and provide the possibility of working with the land again.


Mass production of food will come to an end as enough die from plagues causing bans to be placed upon food grown in certain countries or regions. Factories may be shut if workers die of certain diseases. Humans will turn to tending to their own gardens primarily because there will be little other food otherwise. It is far better to be prepared for this shift now by relocating to the country where such a pursuit is still viable. This is the future that Earth perceives stepping into physicality in 8 years’ time.


World Events and Karma


Earth wishes to express that the drama known as 9-11 has served humanity very well. How has it served humanity? Ascending humans have released their karma for warfare enough that the possibility of World War III is no longer a future human dream. Karma that requires releasing on the part of ascending humans will manifest in the world through world events. If this is so for 9-11, what about crucifixion karma? Well this too may manifest as a world event for all to see, and then through such a manifestation, allow the karma for crucifixion to be cleared by those who are ascending.


How might this manifest? One possibility is that a major global leader is assassinated, much like John F. Kennedy in 1963. Dara (from the Order of Dari) often told Asur’Ana that the era from 1960-1990 was a preview of the times to come. The dark orchestrated a time manipulation so that they could watch world events and the energy behind it so that they would know enough to prevent global ascension and the ascent of humankind from taking off. Alas their attempt to prevent ascension has failed, and in due course the dark will retreat altogether being unable to affect the human dream whatsoever. We are close to such a time, but it will take a few more years of continued human evolution to push such an outcome fully into the physical.


In order for the dark to retreat in full, the karma for crucifixion must be released in full by humanity. DAS will now focus upon the release of this karma at Group Mastery dreamtime event of 2023; in so doing the dark will retreat enough to allow humanity’s ascension unimpeded by the nonphysical. This is important, as ascending children could not make it to adulthood without such a shift; as the dark would manage to create a manipulation great enough that they would die instead, leading to the extinction of humanity upon the surface of the Earth. We invite each who reads our books or our website regularly to join us at these dreamtime events to support our collaborative goal.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human Form willing to become the Dreamer and the Dream. Through Ascension, one may learn to consciously dream weave and intend one’s life, and then live to experience the life intended. This is the gift of Ascension. It is Mother Earth’s Greatest Hope that more shall choose the Spiritual Path of Ascension in this lifetime due to the gifts that this Path makes possible for each.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 6. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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