Image of a striking sunset with reddish hue. Earth’s Perspective On The History Of The Human Dream

7. Earth’s Perspective On The History Of The Human Dream


The ancient human history has been a mystery not only to humanity at large, but also to Earth. For humanity has existed within a separate dream from Earth since the original seeding of humankind about 200,000 years ago. It was not until the human holographic planes were opened several years ago in Earth’s global ascension that the entire human history could be assessed. It has taken much time to recompile the archives of information and history so that an accurate account of all occurrences could be available for the purposes of global ascension and human ascension alike.


Ascension requires an accurate compilation of all ancestral experiences and karma so as to clear the karma at any given vibratory bandwidth in order to ascend. The souls in care of the human dream had little interest in ascension; so accurate records of human experiences were never kept. However, all occurrences were still recorded in the human dream, but in a non-sequential manner. Instead of time occurring sequentially with all incidents recorded from beginning to end, records were recorded and found based upon emotional resonance. In so doing, all records of certain nature were held in one region rather than sequentially through time.


In human ascension, this translates into one region of the form holding all records for a particular type of experience. If the experience is excessively painful, the region can also be excessively decayed or scarred due to all of the painful records compounded on top of one another in the same part of the form. As this is for the human form, this is also for Earth. Earth’s most painful records are recorded one on top of another in the Middle East primarily; however, there are 17 other regions equally painful, most of which are currently under the water of our oceans.


As the holographic planes were opened, the bits and pieces of human history not understood through record gathering in human ascension could be filled in. For the holograms have recorded a sequential history of every human life ever lived upon Earth. Opening these archives has therefore been very helpful, as it has allowed much that had not been known until now to become understood. In this light, Earth would like to share a recounting of human history from both a physical and nonphysical perspective.


Understand that this is your history. History repeats itself unless one chooses to learn the associated spiritual lesson, and then choose a different outcome. Ascending humans are choosing to learn their spiritual lessons and create a new era of unity ahead. Earth, as a global vessel, is choosing to learn her lessons as a consensus reality. In so doing, the future is shifting now to allow for the birth of a golden era ahead rather than a repeat of the many disasters that have plagued humanity and caused falls in consciousness upon Earth.


Sirian Human Manipulations of Earth


6 million Earth years ago (24 million human years), Arcturian humans caused an ice age in utilizing Earth to hold a group of poisons that the Arcturians required removing from their own solar system so that they could ascend. They froze Earth deliberately to assure that such toxins would release slowly. Most of the poisons prevailed although the snow melted and became embedded in the genetic structure of all living things upon Earth. One could say that such poisons along with the associated ice age caused a major fall in consciousness for all sentient species upon Earth thereafter.


300,000 Earth years ago (1.2 million human years), Sirius chose to create ice shields suspended in Earth’s atmosphere to create global warming and a return out of a severe ice age. Much like a terrarium, the ice shields held enough moisture and heat upon Earth’s surface that the snow could melt and Earth could return to a tropical Garden of Eden again. There were many fresh water lakes and ponds that formed as the ice melted following the formation of the ice shields. Sirian human scientists, unaware of the poisons prevailing upon the land, seeded such ponds and lakes with fresh water varieties of dolphins and whales about 1.1 million years ago and after Earth had thawed out.


One remaining species of a rather pure genetic inheritance to such forms of whales and dolphins is the Manatee in present time. The Manatee was found to be the most peaceful and gracious of underwater species. Indeed, the Manatee retains a magnetic energy flow akin to the early dolphins and whales seeded upon Earth. It is through the Manatee that a blueprint has been carved for all whales and dolphins to ascend into that shall lead to a magnetic, peaceful and gentile nature that resonates with Earth.


The dolphins and whales lived within the poisons that Arcturus had displaced upon Earth, as the poisons had merged with all waterways as the ice thawed. Over time and within 400,000 years, the whale and dolphin consciousness declined. The full consciousness that they had known had been lost as the poisons created genetic distortions within their brain. When a decline happens slowly and over time, it goes unnoticed. It has only been in piecing together their own genetic records that the dolphins and whales have come to understand how the eight poisons embedded in all things upon Earth affected their biology. The poisons created a slow genetic alteration in which the brain capacity declined leading to an increasing non-conscious state of being.


One can liken a non-conscious state of being as a part of self that splits off and is no longer acknowledged by the rest of self. The split off part of self separates as the genetic encoding associated is no longer used by the physical in the construction of future offspring. This split off part of self is also known as the “unconscious”. It is through the unconscious that the dark that have worked through in the human-whale-dolphin dream to manipulate Earth into an extinction cycle.


The Nature of Consensus Agreements


Although the dolphins and whales were added to Earth, they were not a part of Earth’s consensus dream. This is an area that humans do not understand; that one cannot move species between creations and have them blend in with the souls and energy flow of another consensus reality, unless the consensus reality agrees unto it. Earth and the souls therein never agreed to embrace whale and dolphin form; nor did Earth ever agree to embrace human form. In fact, Earth did not know that dolphins and whales existed upon her as they remained in a separate dream anchored around Earth by the Sirian scientists along with the ice shields.


Earth never agreed to the ice shields either. Although it may have been supportive of a rapid heating up and return to a tropical wonderland, the cause of this was not understood at the time that it occurred.


Earth and the souls therein thought that they must have mastered the thoughtform at cause of the ice age to allow for such a rapid rise in vibration. Alas this was not so; the cause of the rise in vibration was a human made device that turned Earth into a large terrarium. This left the souls of Earth thinking that they mastered when they had not; and a certain level of arrogance prevailed. This arrogance prevailed until through the human dream, the ice shields broke creating the oceans, and caused a rapid fall in vibration and another minor ice age. This minor ice age is the last one that most scientists are aware of, and occurred 152,000 years, and Earth has been thawing out from it ever since.


However, this time the souls upon Earth choose mastery of thoughtform to “warm up”.  In essence, Earth’s ascension began 152,000 years ago, and one can see in this that the process of consensus ascension in the third dimension is slow indeed. However, it is quickening; the photonic energy available in the aura of the Great Central Sun is causing a more rapid warming of Earth than ever before.


The Origins of Humankind


Earth now understands that the Sirian scientists were creating an alternative planet to escape to in the event of a nuclear cataclysm in the Sirian solar system. Sirius was a third dimensional planet at this time in history and had yet to ascend into a star. 300,000 human years ago, Sirian scientists seeded the first humans upon Earth. These humans were cloned and incubated in a spacecraft laboratory. Such scientists were attempting to see if Earth could sustain a magnetic human life in the event that more Sirians had to relocate to Earth under emergency circumstances.


Such seeded humans had 15,000 segments of DNA activated and limited holographic knowledge that allowed them to survive in the tropical wonderland that Earth was at the time. Many fruits and vegetables necessary to sustain such human lives were also seeded, along with a few pet “dogs” and “cats” that escaped from the space craft that continued to thrive in the wild known as the current panther and tiger kingdoms, along with wolf and fox. Such animals escaped their Sirian owners and continue to reproduce and thrive unto this day in the wild.


All humans and species of plant and animal nature along with the whales and dolphins were unknown to Earth at the time of seeding. They were unknown, as they existed in a parallel dream that did not interact with the dream of Earth until a problem occurred leading to an alteration of the global magnetic field. This alteration involved the harvesting of electrical chi and the formation of a global mer-ka-ba energy patterning on the part of another group of humans that had come to live upon Earth known as the Pleiadian Anu or Annanuki.


As the previously entirely magnetic field became electro-magnetic, and against Earth’s will or choice, Earth knew that she had a sincere problem. It was also at this time that Earth chose a parallel recourse to a previous problem of parallel nature known as the dinosaur, and chose to cause the “human problem” to likewise go “extinct”.


The History of the Dinosaurs


Dinosaurs had come to reside upon Earth about 16 million human years ago. The dinosaur species was never resonant with Earth; however, a dream broadcast for their presence along with souls and genetics associated was deferred onto Earth from another parallel creation known as Alpha Centauri. The dinosaurs bred and existed only in those regions that had thawed enough to become tropical in nature, which included Earth’s then “equator”.


The equator is not where it was at the time the dinosaurs were alive, which is why dinosaur remains are found in North America along with the Middle East and Norway. If scientists could work under the frozen tundra of the North and South Pole, there they would find the largest harvest of dinosaur remains, as this region was once upon Earth’s equator. Alas as the poles melt, humans interested in such things shall perish in the coming times of cleansing bringing an end to the use of fossil fuels, which is a good thing as they are antagonistic unto Earth as they are toxic to our carbon-based structure.


Earth chose to allow the dinosaurs to go extinct by creating another minor ice age. Four million years ago, a large enough asteroid hit Earth’s surface in the “Death Valley” region currently in California. This asteroid raised enough dust as it hit Earth’s surface to cool Earth just below the threshold that the cold-blooded dinosaurs could subsist. All dinosaurs went to sleep and subsequently died in a single year period. This was a great relief to Earth as such species had become increasingly destructive and carnivorous towards the other species upon Earth. Earth was able to redirect the dream from Alpha Centauri back into space so that it could not reformulate itself again here.


The Origins of the Solar False Gods


The humans seeded upon Earth had also been seeded with a soul group of their own to oversee life in the human dream. The human dream was an extension of a dream from Sirius that was both solar and global in nature. This dream had nothing to do with the dream of the consensus known as Earth. This dream was run by a group of 27 false solar gods imported from Sirius. They had remained a mystery until recent global ascension opened the solar bridge planes of reality.


The solar bridge is composed of planes of reality that step down the dream from our solar sun into the holographic planes that then broadcast the dream onto seven manifestation planes surrounding Earth. Such a broadcast creates all life in the third dimension upon Earth. The solar bridge planes had been manipulated long ago as Sirian scientists seeded dolphin, whale and human life; for Sirian souls were left behind with the responsibility to redirect a dream from Sirius into the solar system and onto Earth to sustain such life forms upon Earth. The solar bridge planes were modified at this time to receive such a broadcast from Sirius.


This modification was never with the agreement of Earth or the solar system. As such the entire presence of human, whale and dolphin life along with all other species associated with the Sirian dream is a breach of creational law; for it is not the right of any species or any creation to invade and manipulate another creator’s creation or dream. However, the invasion occurred nonetheless, and the consequences of this invasion are that Earth and the solar system must contend with and understand, along with rectify in order to ascend. So, this is what we are doing at this time of global and solar ascension. We are coming to understand how our dream was invaded, and allowing this invasion to be healed and redirected in a manner that serves the ascent of the whole.


The Origins of the Red False Gods


There were nine souls that came specifically with the red seeded humans incubated in a Sirian spacecraft 300,000 years ago. Earth considers these souls “Red False Gods”. They are false gods upon Earth as they never were a part of Earth’s dream; they were a part of a Sirian dream that was anchored around Earth to sustain human, dolphin and whale life. These false gods have come to be known as Rama, Yahweh, Thoth, Sananda, Vishnu, Solaris, Shiva, Buddha and Lady Buddha (also known as Quan Yin). These false gods originated upon Earth through the Sirian scientists who incubated human life in a spacecraft laboratory.


Indeed, Asur’Ana recalls viewing a videotape of Ramtha long ago (who is really another name for the soul known as Rama), where the “creation of life” was spoken of through his channel, JZ Knight. The creation of life was a recount of the nonphysical forces ensouling humans incubated in spacecraft laboratories and then placed upon Earth to see if they would survive. This recount however has nothing to do with the creation of life upon Earth; as life upon Earth originated billions and billions of years ago and before Earth ever exited the Great Central Sun. The recount of Ramtha was really about humans incubated in a spacecraft laboratory and then seeded upon Earth by Sirian scientists.


Even though life is incubated, there must be a nonphysical force that agrees unto the life. Therefore, devas, angels, genetics and souls all co-create life even if such life is under the direction of humans. From Earth’s point of view, humans have no business seeding life. Humans historically know very little about consensus realities and life as it originated within the Great Central Sun. Humans have learned to manipulate life in a manner that often leads to extinction of the planets that they inhabit. Earth never agreed to have human life upon her, and yet so it can be nonetheless, just like countless other places through time, space and form, some that continue to exist, most of which have become extinct.


The Sirian scientists seeded 18 groups of humans in total and only 7 survived. The seven red human tribes that did survive have their origins in the present day tribes associated with the North American Indians, South American Indians, Inuit/Mongolian Peoples (Eskimo/Chinese), African Peoples, Tibetan Peoples, Polynesian Peoples and Aborigine (Australian) Peoples. Over time, the seven root races remained pure unto themselves as they were seeded in separate regions in which one did not find the other for many hundreds of thousands of years, primarily due to the lack of transportation. For such humans were not seeded with the technology that Sirius knew; only a limited set of tools and enough holographic understanding to survive in the tropical rainforest that Earth was at this time in history.


At first, the “nine false red gods” divided up the humans created in the laboratory and each took two of the 18 root races as their “offspring”. Out of the current seven root races above, the red god associated with each in origin includes Rama who ensouled what is now associated with the Aborigine peoples (Australia); Buddha who ensouled what is now associated with the Tibetan Peoples; Thoth who ensouled what is now related to North American Indian Peoples; Sananda who ensouled what is now related with the South American Indian peoples; Quan Yin or Lady Buddha who ensouled what is now associated with the Polynesian Peoples; Solaris who ensouled what is now associated the African Peoples; and Shiva who ensouled what is now associated with the Inuit/Mongolian Peoples.


Alas 11 of the original 18 root races perished within the first 4,000 years of life. This left nine gods with only seven root races to give jurisdiction over. Two of the gods were left with no humans at all to “rule” over; this included Yahweh and Vishnu. These two gods then went into extreme competition with the remaining seven gods who had humans that they were overseeing the life of. None of the seven gods were willing to share their jurisdiction with the remaining two, and basically told them to “get lost”.


100,000 Years of Peace for Red People Nations


For 100,000 human years, life went along peacefully for the seven root races. Some migrated finding one another and began to interbreed. However, most remained within less than 1,000 miles of where they were originally seeded. The root races multiplied during this timeframe. Human holographic records show that most tribes never exceeded 4,000 humans at this time in human history. This equated to only 28,000 humans worldwide that existed much of this 100,000-year period. The lifespan for the average human during this time period was 2,000 human years. These humans had a regenerative biology that did not age until 1,800 years had been lived; then a gradual breakdown lead to disease and death.


Some of such red people nations lived a nomadic lifestyle traveling between seasons from region to region, gathering nuts, fruits, berries and vegetables in season. Yet others learned to farm and remained within the same region from season to season. Hunting or fishing was not commonplace as the seeded humans were strictly vegetarian. Vegetarianism allows for peace in human relations.


Carnivorous behavior leads to violence and warfare; one cannot destroy another without ultimately destroying oneself; slaughter is a form of warfare upon Nature which leads to human slaughter. This is not so with vegetation, as vegetation and fruit have agreements to be consumed. In so doing, consuming vegetation is not perceived as an act of harm. As these humans were vegetarian, they remained in peace with one another and within each tribe for 100,000 years. (Please refer to Gifts from the Animal Kingdoms Chapter 25 “The Grunt of a Feral Pig” and Holographic Record Keepers Chapter 7 “Global Peace – Being Responsible for One’s Ancestry” for more information.)


The red nation humans created simple spiritual practices associated with their respective “gods”. Such practices revolved around the cycles of life, the growing and harvesting or gathering of food, marriage, reproduction, child rearing, and living in harmony with the Nature kingdoms surrounding the tribe. The Nature kingdoms provided adequately for the number of humans then present upon Earth; there was no starvation, nor lack. Clothes and housing were developed of simple designs from provisions offered by Nature. This is the “Garden of Eden” that most humans holographically remember and long for. However, it was never really ever a part of Earth’s dream.


Matching Consensus Realities


Earth has a consensus reality that creates a form in which the land is brown, the plants are green, the fruits and flowers are brightly colored; there are forests, lakes and streams, mountains, valleys and meadows along with blue skies and white clouds. This patterning was a part of Earth’s original casting in the Great Central Sun. There are systems of other casting that know not physical life, as you perceive it here; indeed, many planets in our solar system have a different type of life from Earth. Neptune, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto all have energetic only life upon them that hold not genetic form. Such planets have soul with etheric form only. Although from a human perspective such planets are “life-less”, they are teeming with etheric life and energy flow and humanity simply has not a manner to perceive it so.


Over time, humans that came from planets with consensus realities much like Earth learned to develop technology and spacecraft to travel. As they traveled the Omniverse, they discovered other solar systems with planets that looked much like “home”. They also saw many other planets that had no seeming life upon them; this is sincerely inaccurate as most planets have life, just a different type of consensus life from Earth.


The only exception to this within our solar system is Mars, which is from another silica-based creation known as Alpha Centauri. Mars went extinct after it was brought to your solar system via human space craft with “tractor-beam” capabilities. It took Mars 288,000 years to go extinct. At the time that the Anu arrived in our solar system, life inside of Mars was still present but had retracted in full from the surface of the planet.


For a time, the Anu thrived inside of Mars, as it really was more resonant with their silica-based DNA. However, it was a planet going extinct and so ultimately the Anu moved to Earth as Mars was dying, and they could not facilitate a shift otherwise given that Mars had been transported into a carbon-based solar system and was non-resonant. It is non-resonance that ultimately causes extinction, and Mars is an example of this.


Etheric Life vs. Etheric Afterlife of the False Intervention


However, most planets of seeming lifelessness do hold life; some upon other dimensions within our creation even hold an etheric humanoid form. Generally, such form has not polarized into male and female nature and is androgynous; birth, death and rebirth are not a part of such etheric lifestyles as there is no physicality to die off. There are humans upon many dimensions of our creation that experience such a nonphysical life.


This life is not to be confused with the “False Intervention” which is constructed of etheric afterlife of many creations (hundreds of thousands) that went extinct over time. Nonphysical human life upon energy only consensus realities has a form that soul incarnates into and dances with. It is simply that the blueprint for form is etheric in nature rather than comprised of physical DNA, as is all life upon such planets and stars.


Life Inside and Outside the Great Central Sun


Life within the Great Central Sun was designed to teach many things to soul. Soul went from experiencing energetic only consensus realities to consensus realities that had a greater density of form and were driven by physical genetics. Souls experience all things in the Great Central Sun, and when they graduate, they have learned and mastered creational law, and are considered “Creators.” As such, such souls can then go on to experience other creational experiences offered in the Tao, as they understand enough creational law to participate. As the blueprint for form no longer is of use, soul having learned all lessons from such creational experiences, soul and form merge into one vessel and “ascend home”.


Life outside of the Great Central Sun is another dance. In the first place, life was never meant to exist in the unconscious of the Great Central Sun, for this is the region of domain that is to hold the space between creations or the space between Great Central Suns. Earth and many other parts of other Great Central Suns were pushed outside of their own boundaries and into the space between. The cause of this is complex, but let us suffice to say that two non-resonant forces blended causing a tearing and ripping of each Great Central Sun. As the Great Central Sun twisted downward, parts of it were cast outside of its boundaries and into the space between.


This is how Earth came to exist outside of the Great Central Sun. As Earth exited, she was a 24th dimensional star that split into 24 separate vessels, shattering much like a mirror, and created the constellation of a dragon within the space between. Earth as you know her now is only one part of that which exited. The entire solar sun and all planets in our solar system are also bits and pieces of what existed long ago within the boundaries of the Great Central Sun, except for Mars. All are choosing at this time to go home, even in our tattered state and density. We have much to teach the Great Central Sun about life outside of its boundaries, and such information will assist the Sun in repairing itself as to why it fell so that it too may gather itself up and ascend Home.


Traveling Humans


Over time, humans existing upon planets and stars within the space between Great Central Suns came to learn to construct spacecraft and travel between creations. Often, they traveled to destinations that were never designed to hold human form of a given particular nature. Human form, much like all form exiting any Great Central Sun, has a particular blueprint of resonance. In the space between, many creations have shattered over time leading to other stars exiting yet other Great Central Suns. This has led to billions and billions of stars, as we perceive them in our nighttime sky; each of which is a fifth dimensional vessel that exited another Great Central Sun long ago.


Such stars are not necessarily the same. Carbon based systems are from carbon-based Great Central Suns, whereas silica-based systems are from silica-based Great Central Suns. Our Great Central Sun is carbon-based Star; one must therefore return to a carbon-based genetic system in full to re-enter and ascend home with the Sun. There are 16 other forms of matter that are associated with yet other Great Central Suns that have existed over time. The Arcturians know yet another type of system that is founded upon hydrogen or is hydrogen-based. The Arcturian wastes deposited upon Earth 24 million years ago were hydrogen based which was poisonous to a carbon-based life form. It is for this reason that a decline in consciousness upon Earth occurred thereafter.


Humans traveling from one creation to another may perceive the parallels in consensus realities; for each Great Central Sun has both energetic and physical life associated. Therefore, there will be silica based, carbon based, and hydrogen based planets and stars that host both physical and nonphysical life forms. Although the physical life forms may appear similar, with brown land, green plants, blue skies, mountains, valleys and lakes surrounded with trees, in reality they are not alike at all.


As humans learned to relocate into creations that were not like those that their ancestors had left behind in their respective Great Central Sun, extinction became prevalent. Sometimes the human species itself would go extinct due to the non-resonance of the planet that they had relocated to. Much of the time, however, the entire consensus reality along with the solar system that non-resonant humans had migrated into went extinct.


It was never the design of human form to travel, or create technology for that matter. Fully conscious humanoid form inside of our current Great Central Sun lives a semi-etheric life without birth, death or rebirth. The main focus of the life is to support the energy flow of the consensus upon which they reside along with the entire Great Central Sun; and experience the nonphysical dance surrounding them so that form and soul can come to understand creational principles and law. Humans do not travel therefore between creations inside of the Great Central Sun; they may visit as a nonphysical light body consciousness through what one would call conscious projection; but they do not travel in craft designed to carry them from one place unto another in the physical.


In the assessment of the Tao and Great Central Sun, the requirement to travel in the physical that humans have become enamored with is really the result of a blending of human and soul dream. It is soul that travels between creations, incarnating into various forms to learn, grow and evolve. Over time and outside of the Great Central Sun, soul dreams and human dreams became intertwined. Suddenly humans were enamored with the idea of traveling to other creations, when this is sincerely a broadcast reserved only for soul. As this was projected in the intertwining of scripts in the space between Great Central Suns, humans developed craft and then left one creation only to seed other creations with life that never had agreements to host human form or worse yet, seed human life that was non-resonant leading to extinction of the whole.


Humans may have developed vast understandings of science and biochemistry. However, such understanding can never embrace all that soul, angels and devas understand about genetic information and formation of form. Therefore, humans ended up residing upon creations that were non-resonant with their genetic structure; or interbred with other humans that held completely different DNA from different Great Central Suns than their star of origin exited from.  It is the blending of DNA and blending of non-resonant life forms that ultimately leads to aging, death and extinction of any creation throughout time, space and form.


The story of Earth is no different. Earth ended up with one human form bred in a Sirian spacecraft. The genetics of the seven root races were more or less resonant with a carbon-based system upon Earth, or they would not have survived in the long haul. However, such humans were not in the form that they had exited the Great Central Sun; the blueprint had been modified and holographic knowledge pared down. Humans were never designed to create life. However once again the broadcast for soul that indeed does create life became intertwined with the human dream and the idea to create life became a part of the dream for humankind.


As that which is incompetent for a particular job strives to do the job at hand, generally the job is half-done or fails. This is what Earth perceives about humans creating life; they did a half-done job at best because they could not possibly understand the complexity of the task; nor would souls with the ability to create life desire to dance with life that was to be genetically modified and “pared down” within a human laboratory.


Therefore, the resultant seeded human form upon Earth was not fully conscious; nor was it capable ultimately of ascending home to the Great Central Sun. This is a sad thing, as many with such holographic and genetic origins will simply perish in the coming times of cleansing, as they have not what it takes to ascend. This involves not only the red seeded race, but also yet another pared down slave race created by the Pleiadian Annanuki to mine gold.


Competitive Gods


Over time, the remaining two gods, Yahweh and Vishnu, searched for another form to inhabit. They were not interested in plant or animals or whales and dolphins. One can see that the ownership of Yahweh and Vishnu each involve the mer-ka-ba patterning. The mer-ka-ba is an electrical signature. Electricity destroys life in a magnetic creation. In essence the signature of Yahweh and Vishnu was non-conducive to life upon Earth and the four humanoid races seeded under their care went extinct as a result of running excessive electrical impulses through the form. However, these gods went on in search of life to rule over, as none of the other false red gods would give them any say over their own root races.


Vishnu and Yahweh looked far into the distant future; they saw a possibility of another human race arriving upon Earth that they could dance with. These two lost gods then searched for a manner in which this dream could be anchored to become a living reality for Earth. Alas they found a way to anchor the dream in present time. The dream was for a small family of humans from the Pleiades that ran an electrical based mer-ka-ba energy flow that was compatible with Vishnu and Yahweh to come to Earth and set up camp. As they anchored the dream, it caused another difficulty for yet another group of humans that had been seeded upon Earth, the Grand Masters.


Sirian and Pleiadian Wars


Sirius and the Pleiades had warred over certain solar systems that held certain minerals or resources each was interested in over time. Such warfare rarely affected their “home” solar systems of Sirius or the Pleiades; instead such star wars occurred out in space where little other than the associated army, commanders and spacecraft were affected. One solar system that the Pleiades and Sirius warred over was Earth’s solar system. Each saw that there were many resources here, primarily gold and other minerals upon Earth. Finally, one Commander within the Pleiadian brigade took the war a little too far, and shattered the ice shields over Sirius B, making her a water planet.


This outraged Sirius; Sirius was ready to launch a full-blown attack upon the Pleiades. Instead, Sirian Spiritual Elite saw another possibility; the possibility of ascension. Through ascension to another dimension, the Sirians would simply leave behind all of the warmongers trying to take of the Sirian resources. As this came to be the decision for Sirius A and B, Earth and the solar system were given unto the Pleiades for the resources that it held. Now from Earth’s point of view, this solar system is not the property of any other creator or creation, human or otherwise. This too is a large breach of creational law that has incurred huge karma from the point of view of the Great Central Sun.


Both Sirius and the Pleiades and in particular the humanoid races therein along with Arcturus, have so much karma for causing falls in consciousness upon Earth, that there may be too much karma for any of them to return home to their own respective Great Central Sun when their end of cycle rolls around. This perhaps plagues not the Pleiades which missed its last opportunity to “go home” over 10 million years ago; it does however plague Sirius that is planning on returning home much like Earth in 192,000 years time. Arcturus much like Sirius is bothered, and the records from Earth’s ascension are being disseminated to their respective Great Central Sun, which is in another parallel creation.


Sirius and Earth were a part of the same set of stars that broke apart forming the dragon constellation as they exited the Great Central Sun 96 million years ago. Over time, Sirius forgot that Earth and your solar system was really another part of “self”, and chose to use it to launch an incomplete ascension to the next dimension; and gave it unto other humans that pirated and raided it for resources from the Pleiades. Much like one’s own experiences of betrayal in the dance of life, this is a large betrayal for Earth. However, in the end it may be that Earth returns to the Great Central Sun and Sirius fails or combusts. However, if Sirius learns its spiritual lessons, then it will offset this probable future.


The Grand Masters


As Sirius offered up Earth in compensation for destroying one of the Pleiadian planets in retaliation over Sirius B, and devastating the golden frequency of their solar system, there were many agreements struck. For one, agreements were struck for Sirius to provide a race of humans to mine the gold upon Earth that the Pleiades was now in need of to survive. Sirius chose to utilize the humans that had survived their initial seeding experimentation for this purpose, and went on to create a set of ruling class humans with extended heads and brain capacity that would guide and direct the seeded humans towards the goal of mining gold for the Pleiades.


No Sirian Grand Master human desired to relocate to Earth. Therefore 48 Grand Masters were incubated in a laboratory from DNA derived from present time Sirian spiritual elite. Some of the genetic information was cut however leaving the cloned Grand Masters with 36,000 segments of DNA, when the ruling spiritual elite upon Sirius had 128,000 segments at the time in the third dimension. This left many gaps and holes in the field and form of these cloned masters that in time relocated to Earth.


As the Grand Masters arrived upon Earth, they found the current human form primitive and afraid; little was understood about current human technology or thoughtform of Sirius. It is much like present day humans discovering some hidden tribe of aborigines in the rainforests of Peru in recent decades and trying to embrace or modernize them; the aborigines of course go into fear surrounding the technology of the current human dance.


The Grand Masters found themselves left behind in primitive circumstances upon Earth. Although it appeared as though it was their personal freewill choice; in the end when problems developed, Sirius refused to respond to their crisis calls. Why was this so? It appears in review of Sirian holographic records that Sirian spiritual elite had set up Earth as an opposing polarity for Sirian ascension; that Earth would fall and Sirius would ascend in equal proportions. The Sirian Elite sincerely believed that this is the only way that they could ascend and alas they set up the entire dance upon Earth to allow this to be so.


Unfortunately, it also has created a load of karma, as it is against creational law to weave a dream for another to experience devoid of agreement. Earth had no agreement to experience a fall. The fall was manipulated through a Sirian human dream anchored surrounding Earth and through the human, dolphin and whale species therein.


The Red Gods and the Grand Masters


The false red gods overseeing the seven remaining human nations were impressed with the Grand Master knowledge; they were also jealous of the souls ensouling the Grand Masters of such great seeming level of information and understanding. Out of the jealousy, a coup was created with the assistance of a future human dream that would draw the Annanuki unto Earth. This future caused the Grand Master fields to be quartered and divided with the information rushing to a future set of humans not yet present upon Earth. Because the Grand Masters could not perceive where their information was going so as to try and ward off their collapsing fields. Most died within a 2-week period; the remaining survived no more than 8 months thereafter. The collapse of the Grand Master fields was orchestrated through the whale and dolphin unconscious.


The false red gods then confiscated the information from both the Grand Masters and their souls, shattering the souls to bits until they remembered not who they were or why they had come to Earth. Once again, Sirian jurisdiction failed to adequately observe or intervene; furthermore, humans being in a separate dream from Earth, Earth’s counsels knew not about the violation and therefore failed to take action. In the end, the red false gods attained information that had not been earned through evolutionary means. They also wove into their fields grid work from other souls and humans alike. This is how the first souls blended with human grid work and DNA. In turn human form found itself also with soul grid work and DNA.


Physical vs. Soul Grid Work


Grid work and DNA for soul is very different from etheric grid work associated with form; nonphysical grid work is also very different from that which sustains a biological vessel. In the intermixing of the two forms of grid work, the first diseases within the red race, and in particular to those related to the grand masters, began to occur in the human’s dance.


Up through this point, disease was only something that occurred at the end of a lengthy life; now disease began to appear in younger forms or newborn red children. This is the result of the elements that hold soul and form; one form of element holds the etheric weaving, and another holds form. The elements that hold etheric do not know how to properly hold form to sustain the lifespan, health and well-being. Furthermore, soul fell into human pursuits and interests as the dream broadcast for humanity suddenly became a part of soul’s dream.


What Is A Living Dream?


Understand that creation is designed as a living dream. The dream for life upon Earth is sent from the Solar Sun to Earth. Many dreams are sent to Earth; some are for soul and some for form, and some for specific types of souls and specific types of form. If one were human and received the dream of a plant or say a Buffalo, it would not work out very well. One would find oneself desiring to stand in the sun all day, or eat grass, as this is what the projection of dream offers to those of different holographic nature.


The dream is filtered through the holographic planes. Dreams for souls are broadcast from the sun and then filtered by holographic soul planes that then broadcast upon the souls dancing with form. Dreams for different types of form from plant, mineral or animal in nature are broadcast from the sun and filtered by the varying holographic planes associated with each species. Each species receives a dream appropriate for its nature as the dream is filtered down the holographic planes associated. In so doing, bears do not try and fly south for the winter, and geese do not try and find a cave to hibernate within.


The human dream became scrambled with the dream for soul as the false red gods obtained information from the Grand Master holograms, with soul and form merging in both holographic planes and physical grid work. This occurred due to the manner in which the Grand Master holograms were shattered so that the red gods could extract the information following their death. In the shattering, human holograms intertwined with one another, and soul holographic planes intertwined with the human holographic planes. As this occurred, soul and human form began to receive dreams appropriate for one another.


The false red gods found themselves increasingly interested in human pursuits as they began to receive a dream associated with human form. As such, the red gods went on to create more and more dreamtime planes that emulated human physical life; they created temples, castles, etheric farmland, etheric ponds, lakes, trees and mountains, along with etheric gadgets and art. The more dreamtime that the red gods formed, the more the red nation became depleted of chi. The lifespan of the red nation shortened substantially thereafter, as a result of the loss of chi. The red nation dropped from a 2000-year lifespan to an 800-year lifespan in less than 8 generations.


The red gods wanted more. The dreamtime that they had concocted was not enough. They then decided the solution was to birth more red humans so that there would be more chi to create more dreamtime planes. The red gods invoked a spell in which each human hologram would produce 200% or 300% more humans. The result was that every red woman upon Earth suddenly conceived. Conception of the crystalline structure of the red nation did not require intercourse or sperm to develop a fetus; the crystalline form of the female can produce a child without a man. This ensures the survival of the species and was a part of the Sirian programming of the original seeded nations.


The red nation took this to be a sign from “God” that they were to become more fertile and have more children. And indeed, they did. It is now estimated that by the time that the ice shields collapsed creating the oceans about 25,000 years later that 8 billion red nation peoples died in the valleys of Earth. As more humans came to be, there was less for all; lack and starvation became the norm for some regions without enough vegetation to allow so many humans to subsist. Earth was never designed to host so many of a single species. And yet, the red gods had loads of chi to construct their ever-increasing castles in the air as collected from the large numbers of red nations peoples; up until the ice shields collapsed however. Then suddenly their castles collapsed along with their power.


The Origins of the White False Gods


The Annanuki had already arrived upon Earth by the time of the collapsing of the ice shields. The false red gods Vishnu and Yahweh had crossed over and began to work with the Pleiadian humans who shared a similar energy flow. The Anu altered the energy flow of Earth by creating electromagnetic poles and launching mer-ka-ba shaped sacred geometry that was global and solar in size. It was at this point that Earth knew that she had a real problem with her human inhabitants, and she had become increasingly aware of the presence of their dream and craft upon her body. It was also at this time that Earth chose to intend that humanity simply go extinct.


Such an intention backfired upon Earth in the long haul. The red and white gods had no interest in having humanity go extinct, and they were more in control over the human dream than Earth.  It is for this reason that Earth is choosing at this time to overtake the human dream and command it in full. In so doing Earth will be able to command her fate into ascension rather than extinction.


The white gods arrived with the Anu. Such gods included Kuthumi, Djwal Khul, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Lady Nada, Paul the Venetian, Lord Maitreya, Jehova/Melchizedek and St. Germain. These gods worked along with Vishnu and Yahweh to create another set of human slaves to dance with. The Anu found the red seeded humans too docile to work the gold mines, and so chose to create a slave race of their own. Such human slaves were incubated in a laboratory with even less genetic material than the red seeded race.


With only 5,000 segments of DNA that was half silica and half red in origins, a human that could dance, think, speak, raise their young, build houses, farm food, and serve the Anu was born. Such slaves were not bright enough to evolve, nor were they bright enough to contest the dominion of their “Anu Gods” who they immortalized and worshipped.


The Anu Gods were immortalized as the Anu family learned life extension practices extending their lives up to 18,000 human years. This is where the Greek and Roman Gods and their mythology came to be. The slaves in comparison only knew a lifespan of 500 years that aged and became diseased in the end. Much of this was due to the dissonance internal to the form due to the blending two non-resonant genetic structures, one from the Pleiades that was silica based, and one from Sirius that was carbon based. The carbon-based information came directly from Vishnu and Yahweh. Without their help, such a form of blending would not have occurred; and perhaps this would have been better after all, as internal dissonance always leads to war in the end.


In the beginning, Yahweh and Vishnu got along with the white false gods from the Pleiades. Over time however, competition broke out, and the gods began to war upon one another through the slaves. St. Germaine did not like Vishnu’s arrogance, and would send barbs into his dreamtime through groups of the slaves associated with Vishnu. Melchizedek resented Yahweh and began to shred his dreamtime through the slaves that Yahweh incarnated into. As the underlying cause of the loss of dreamtime realms was uncovered, Yahweh and Vishnu began to fight back. They too began to harm the planes of the other false white gods through the human slave population. The increasing nonphysical violence between the false gods lead to increasing disease within the slaves as well as within the Anu themselves.


The War of Red and White False Gods


Physical form was not designed to be warred through. Form was designed to be housed by soul in honor. Furthermore, form was designed to honor soul and work in harmony and unity for the purposes of evolution. However, the slave forms were not in harmony to begin with; they had an internal dissonance due to the blending of two non-resonant cellular structures and DNA. The dissonance within will translate into a dissonant society in the long haul. The Anu taught the slaves to push their need to be dissonant and war upon one another into “sports”. This is how games akin to football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and hockey were developed; they were developed to give the slaves an outlet for their own violence in a manner that did not incur war.


The white gods along with Vishnu and Yahweh, in their continued dance with the slaves became increasingly dissonant much like the slaves themselves. Alas the false gods did not put their dissonance into sports; instead, a full out war developed between the false gods. The war was over dreamtime space. Vishnu and Yahweh chose to over-breed their slaves by triggering out of control reproduction so that they would have more chi to draw upon and create larger and larger castles in the air, holding dominion over the rest of the white false gods. This worked for a time, but soon their dreamtime began to overrun the red false gods who had likewise increased the populations of the red nations people for the same purpose.


The red false gods did not like Vishnu and Yahweh and their slave humans that were viewed as lesser due to lesser genetic materials overrunning the red false god land or dreamtime. The war then transferred from Vishnu and Yahweh and the white false gods to between Yahweh and Vishnu and the red false gods. This time Yahweh and Vishnu aligned the white false gods to side with them; they chose to create a dream in which the red false gods would lose their dominion. The dream caused the ice shields to break leading to vast oceans and waterways surrounding Earth, which drowned larger numbers of red nation people along with Anu slaves.


As the red nation people died by the billion, the red false gods’ dreamtime collapsed and was overrun by the white false gods along with Vishnu and Yahweh. For the slaves tended to populate not the deep valleys of Earth held in mist as the red nation peoples had; therefore, far less slaves drowned than red nation peoples in the great floods.


The family of Anu also was at cause of the collapsing ice shields. Through a major transaction in which large crystal points the size of 10 story buildings were sent to another planet for large sums of Pleiadian funds. Alas, they were unaware that these crystals were the very structures that retained the ice shields in the atmosphere. Within 8 days after the crystals were removed from Earth, the ice shields collapsed. The collapsing shields lead not only to the formation of your oceans, but to greater radiation and electrical storms upon Earth’s surface thereafter, which was devastating to all species upon Earth.


Following the Formation of the Oceans


The Anu chose not to take the time and expense to restore the ice shields. Instead, they moved inside of Earth to protect their fair skin from the radiation. The slaves remained upon the surface of the Earth along with the remaining red nation peoples that survived. Those that survived were blasted with radiation from the sun. Red nation peoples went from a lifespan of 800 years to less than 200. Anu slaves dropped from 500 years to less than 100 in short order. Some left the surface much like the Anu and relocated into the Inner Earth.


Some humans foresaw the great floods and relocated into the Inner Earth before this occurred. Those incarnate in the Inner Earth are the remains of those who relocated during this and many time periods to follow. The red false gods could obtain less and less chi from the surface Earth red people, as they were declining in genetic material due to the exposure to high levels of radiation; or in other terms experiencing a fall in consciousness. The red gods moved their interests into the Inner Earth for a time, thus leaving the surface Earth humans under the jurisdiction of the white false gods along with Vishnu and Yahweh.


The War of the Anu


As the red false gods retracted to dance only with the Inner Earth people, this ended the war between the red and white false gods for a time. As the war ceased in the nonphysical, a war broke out in the physical between Innana and Merduk (Aphrodite and Hades), two family members of the Anu. These two family members had extended their lives longer than any others, and were going into insanity due to their life extension practices. However, Earth would like to point out that the dissonance inherent in the blending of genetic materials of the slaves along with the dissonant electrical sacred geometry launched by the Anu had to be expressed somewhere. If such dissonance could not be expressed in the nonphysical, then it would become physical; and so, it did between the Anu themselves.


Earth admits that the war was pressed even further than it should have ever gone out of her own desire to have humanity go extinct. It was this dream pressed also on top of the Anu’s own war games that lead to a nuclear annihilation so great that it became the single largest drop in vibration over such a short timeframe that Earth has ever known.


The war of the Anu lasted 2,000 human years; the Anu used their own slaves to war upon one another under the command of Zeus and Merduk. Zeus and his team of slaves came to be known as the “Ashtar Command”. Zeus created an army of slaves to defend Innana; however, this was not the original Zeus that had left the Pleiades long ago. The original Zeus had chosen euthanasia after 10,000 years of life extension practices and failing health. The “Zeus” that became known as Ashtar was the third generation of offspring that held 100% Pleiadian DNA.


There were 12 Anu that came from the Pleiades that continued to interbreed to retain their dominion in the physical upon Earth as “Gods” over the slaves. One could consider this heavy interbreeding necessary to retain the purity of DNA that they had known from home; however, such interbreeding also created yet another form of insanity, and so the remaining Anu were pulled into the insanity of war along with Innana and Merduk.


Innana and Merduk were the oldest and the only remaining of the original Anu that had arrived from the Pleiades. All other family members were second, third or fourth generational offspring from the mating of the original 12 and their interbreeding amongst themselves. The Anu family found themselves pulled to take sides; almost half siding with Merduk and half with Innana. Much like one might watch a football game, the Anu would hover in their spacecraft over the battlefields cheering on the winning slaves. The slaves were viewed as pets or chattel and of non-worth; destroying a few thousand slaves was therefore as inconsequential as slaughtering a few thousand heads of beef in present time.


The war raged for 2,000 years. Over time, the other Anu family members became bored with the war and ceased to root for one or the other, moving on to other life pursuits. Merduk however was determined to win. Merduk bred a group of slaves more brutal than all others. These slaves had only 1,024 segments of DNA, no emotional body, and a kinesthetic desire to war and harm. Such humans with lineage to the war slaves today are related to terrorists of all kinds around the globe.


These war slaves indeed pushed Innana’s slaves out of the running. Innana was furious, for not only had Merduk taken over all of her gold mines, but also now she had no remaining Pleiadian currency to travel home with. Out of a fit of rage, she cornered Merduk personally and locked him in one of their many pyramids. Innana was going to kill him, or leave him therein to starve. The other family members convinced Innana to release Merduk. Merduk took his outrage one step too far; he detonated 3 nuclear bombs that turned Earth onto her side and desecrated over 2/3rds of her surface. Merduk took off in his craft committing suicide by running it into the surface of Mars. Innana left Earth returning to the Pleiades, only to be diagnosed as incurable. She chose death via euthanasia. All other family members died in the blasts launched by Merduk.


The bombs detonated came as a result of the skewing of the human dream to create extinction. Perhaps this speaks of a great truth; that one cannot intend the extinction of another without going extinct oneself. Earth is learning her spiritual lessons from this dance. However, this is not the end of the human history; there is more although it is sincerely a repeat of the past again and again.


False Ascensions of the False Gods


Nuclear warfare is associated with fission thoughtform. Fission is combustion where the elements blow apart rather than sustaining life. The elements of air, water, fire and earth sustain life by pressing together to hold form and weave the DNA from the nonphysical to the physical. In fission, the elements blow apart and death is the result. Combustion is the nature of fission; or in other terms the elements combust as they blow apart.


As the red false gods obtained information from the Grand Masters following their death, information upon ascension was obtained. There are two types of ascension that have occurred historically upon Earth and within the human, dolphin and whale dream. One form of ascension leads to the development of a fourth dimensional biology and a “real ascension” to the next dimension; the other leads to the enhancement of an ever-increasing nonphysical field that inflates the souls associated without ascending the form. Earth has chosen to call this second form of ascension a “false ascension”.


Information upon ascension was not distributed evenly amongst the red false gods. Some received the information surrounding biological changes, and these were the gods that ascended their tribes of red nations people into the fourth dimension over time. Such gods include Buddha and Lady Buddha (Quan Yin) along with Thoth.


There are records of real fourth dimensional ascension occurring in many time periods amongst human groups both upon the surface of the Earth along with the Inner Earth under the guidance of these souls. One of the more recent ascensions upon the surface of the Earth under the direction of Thoth included the Anasazi Peoples in the Southwestern US, along with the Mayans and Incas of Mexico and Peru (2,000 to 8,000 human years ago). It was the false god Buddha who guided the last known human ascension in the East also known “Buddha”. There are also a host of records of unknown ascensions under the guidance of Quan Yin or Lady Buddha having occurring in Hawaii.


The other false gods including Sananda, Shiva and Rama had not all of the information on biological ascension. This is primarily because of how the grand master information was divided up after they were shattered. Without information on biological ascension, these gods united human groups into a form of false ascension. False ascension causes the guru to ascend at the expense of the following; however, the guru does not really ascend; he or she only combusts as no fourth dimensional form was created in the ascent.


In a false ascension, the light body is constructed into an ever-increasingly large formation and united with many other light bodies of many other humans, often in complex swirling energy flows of varying sacred geometry patterns. However, because none of the forms of the associated humans have moved up in vibration in biology, as the ascent of the guru is launched, his or her body combusts, and the entire united light body collapses back upon the following who then become ill and die.


Earth has assessed the ascension of “Rama” or otherwise known as Ramtha. The ascent of Rama was a false ascent; this human was used by the soul known as Rama to unite thousands of other humans into a giant energy flow until the body of Rama burnt up and combust. In the combustion, the soul of Rama was puffed up and inflated into greater power than before. The majority of those used to allow Rama to ascend died thereafter becoming very ill. This is the purpose that Sananda, Rama and Shiva utilized ascension; to inflate themselves into greater dominion in their warfare against the other red and white false gods.


The earliest known false ascent of this nature began less than 8,000 years following the death of the Grand Masters (184,000 human years ago). Each of these three Gods, Sananda, Shiva and Rama, would create groups of varying size to ascend in this manner, puffing themselves up into greater and greater dominion. Each false ascension inflated the thoughtform of combustion, as the forms did not ascend, but rather combusted into a pile of ashes. Furthermore, the human ancestors associated with such ascensions went into a void of non-existence.


The combustion thoughtform anchored fission thoughtform into the human dream. Ultimately, it was fission thoughtform that is the underlying cause of nuclear annihilation. The more false ascensions that occurred over time, the more that the Anu were propelled to develop nuclear weaponry. One cannot create fission in the nonphysical with such thoughtform ultimately becoming physical in nature. Such is the nature of physical creational law; whatever occurs in the nonphysical will ultimately repeat in the physical.


The more humans that combust from the inside out due to false ascension, the greater the likelihood of a larger exterior combustion associated with a nuclear annihilation. By the time Merduk detonated his bombs upon Earth, over 18,000 false ascensions had been launched in the competition of these three false red gods. Such souls inherit the underlying original cause of the nuclear devastation of Earth.


The Era of the Mahavishnu

(15,000-18,500 Earth years ago or 60,000-74,000 human years)


After the nuclear devastation of the Anu, the remaining surface Earth humans went into barbarism again, living in caves and hunting animals and the eating of flesh to survive. Over time, Earth regenerated, and the surface Earth humans moved back out into nature, resuming a vegetarian diet as there was enough again to provide for them. For 4,000 Earth years (16,000 human years), humans upon the surface of the Earth lived peacefully with one another, much like the ancient red seeded nations. Such humans gathered the vegetation necessary to subsist; over time farming practices were remembered and reinstituted.


Technology did not develop until a visit from a neighboring set of humans known as the Reptilians brought radioactive technology back into the human dance. The Reptilians were interested in perpetuating their own species, as they were leaving behind a dying creation. The Reptilians interbred heavily with certain red tribes and in particular with the Mongolian/Inuit Peoples along with the Tibetan Peoples. The resultant races were the majority (about 2/3) of the Chinese and Japanese as you know them today.


The Reptilians did not choose to remain upon Earth primarily because the energy flow was too non-resonant and made them ill. Many humans think that there are Reptilians upon Earth today. This is simply not true; the Reptilians withdrew prior to the end of the era of the Mahavishnu. Most of the experiences with Reptilians in present time are either due to time rifts in which one is transported into a more ancient past of 15,000 to 18,500 Earth years ago (60,000 to 74,000 human years), or an etheric level expression. There are etheric level planes that have remained in the human dream since the time that the Reptilians first interbred with humanity. Sometimes those gifted at clairvoyance relive such an ancestral experience in present time.


Buddha and Shiva constructed the agreements for the interbreeding of their own root races with the Reptilians. They did so in exchange for information that they had lost surrounding ascension. In the bargain, humans were provided physical technology that they had long forgotten. Soon devices similar to modern technology including televisions, the media, radios, cars and computers began to be constructed. Such technology had been heavily used during the era of the Anu, but not by all slaves. Only slaves that had earned great popularity were granted such devices at the time that the Anu lived. This left the remainder of the slaves in great jealousy of those with fame and with the desire to experience such technology for themselves.


During the era of the Mahavishnu, this dream of the slaves was realized. Technology not unlike present time human civilization became available unto all who could afford it. This prevailed primarily in the regions associated with Greece and Europe along with land that is now under the Atlantic Ocean, where the Anu slave nations continued to live.


The era of the Mahavishnu ended in another nuclear cataclysm. Certain leaders between nations went into great enough competition to annihilate themselves and their civilization once again. This time the nuclear blasts were nowhere near as devastating as the annihilation of the era of the Anu. Although humanity moved back to barbarism, they returned more rapidly into nature as nature regenerated in less time than the era before.


False Ascension of the White False Gods


Preceding this nuclear devastation and around 64,000 human years ago, the white false gods chose to launch false ascensions of their own. Through a coup against Sananda, the white false gods had obtained all information on false ascension that Sananda had utilized to inflate himself. The white false gods chose to guide groups of humans into the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt to attempt to ascend founded upon the records that they had obtained from Sananda. Humans with large heads and who held heritage to the original Grand Master lineages were guided to set up ascension temples in the physical surrounding the pyramids. Many of such humans were the current day pharaohs of ancient Egypt.


Much like the red false ascensions, energy fields were united without the ascension of the physical form. All told, 160 pharaohs combust in the pyramids over an 8,000-year period. Following the false ascension of each pharaoh, the disciples and devotees died en masse having become severely ill. As the combustions became increasingly incomplete with entire body parts such as heads, legs and arms left behind, the prevailing spiritual elite eventually outlawed ascension.


The combustions inflated the white gods into greater dominion over the red gods at this time in history. However, the combustion thoughtform once again lead to the expression of human use of nuclear weaponry to destroy, which ultimately lead to the devastation of the whole human civilization upon the outer Earth through nuclear warfare.


It was after this period that any remaining genetic structure surrounding the large brain cavity and brain along with brain stem for those of Grand Master inheritance was lost within the human dance. One could say that those of such inheritance were misguided by the false gods into using the information that they carried for the purposes of false ascension. It was in the false ascensions that the white gods accessed the genetic information of the large headed pharaohs and took such information for themselves. Within 6 generations after the last false ascension, all remembrance of the DNA required to build this level of awareness in human form disappeared from all human genetic archives.


The Fall of Atlantis

(10,000-13,000 Earth years ago or 40,000-52,000 human years)


Humans once again worked their way out of barbarism and back into nature after the nuclear devastation of the era of the Mahavishnu. Once again, humans returned to simple living from the land. Once again, humans left behind the eating of flesh by and large and embraced a vegetarian diet as nature regenerated. Once again, technology was brought in from an outside humanoid species and civilization again flourished. This time the species known as the Greys who were also from a dying creation chose to interbreed with humanity to perpetuate their species.


The Greys chose primarily to interbreed with remaining Anu slave nation lineages, as they required a silica-based foundation to merge their own DNA and have the offspring survive. The Greys appear to be a pared down race created by the Pleiadians long ago as slaves. In exchange for the interbreeding with humanity, technology was provided leading to the development once again of a technologically based human civilization. One can see in this how history repeats itself incessantly until the karma is released.


Those of Grey inheritance in human form over time ended up in conflict with those of pure Anu slave inheritance. The conflict escalated to the point of nuclear devastation with all of Atlantis sinking under the ocean over a 4,000-year period. The cause was ultimately the war between two white slave nations, one with Grey inheritance and one without. Human life returned to a state of barbarism once again thereafter.


In the era of Atlantis, the red and white gods had completely withdrawn out of the human dance. The human dance was simply too painful for them to engage with. They began to devise a method to remove themselves from humanity and Earth and find another consensus reality to dance upon. Both red and white gods attempted many forms of ascension during the era of Atlantis to try and extract themselves out of the human gene pool. The attempts failed as they simply were too intertwined. Many ascended their fields up the dimensions of your creation, but could not withdraw completely. Those who had created false ascensions that lead to nuclear combustion thoughtform did so again. This ultimately caused the nuclear war between the humans upon the physical plane and the fall of Atlantis.


After the Fall of Atlantis

(10,000 human years ago until present time)


Human form returned to barbarism after the nuclear fallout of Atlantis. This time however humanity failed to give up their choice to eat the flesh of animals after the vegetation regenerated. Eating flesh sustains a thoughtform that includes slaughter mentality. Slaughter mentality leads ultimately to warfare and the slaughter of one another. This past 10,000-year period has had the greatest number of wars of any other time period in human history.


Red nation peoples warred upon other red nation peoples over territory and resources. White nation peoples warred upon one another over religious beliefs and pursuits. The birth of Christ did not assist; if anything, Christ anchored crucifixion thoughtform in his death as an ascending being. The past 2,000 years since his life has led to even greater warfare than the previous times before his incarnation.


More Information on Jesus Christ


We would like to speak a little about many of the lies which have been perpetuated upon Earth by the seven Kumaras. There is much material channeled stating that Jesus ascended from the cross, yet, upon review of both the cosmic unconscious and Rama’s soul records, there is no such record of this occurring. We do not believe that Christ was far enough along in his crystalline conversion to ascend at that point in his life. It took Buddha three-hundred years to ascend. We believe it might have taken Jesus even longer due to the density of the Earth plane at the time of his incarnation. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 9 “Christ and Buddha Are ONE” for more information on the Kumaras.)


Recent discovery from the cosmic archives also revealed that John the Beloved, Disciple of Christ, was actually a woman by the name of Joanna. Joanna dressed as a man and traveled with Jesus and the disciples. Joanna veiled herself this way because it would have been difficult for her to teach as a woman, especially following the crucifixion of Jesus. Joanna also wrote the “Book of Revelations” just prior to her death. We point out that it is the feminine genetics that hold the capacity to see the future, and such material would most easily be channeled through a feminine form. Joanna was also an extension of Rama and the twin flame aspect to the soul incarnate in the embodiment of Jesus. Their relationship was never consummated because they took vows of chastity, although they loved each other greatly.


There have been many lies perpetuated by the Kumaras about a form of ascension that does not require the conversion of the form to a crystalline cellular structure. This is false ascension as stated earlier. There is no record of anyone ascending from the Earth plane since Lord Buddha’s incarnation 34,000 years ago per the cosmic libraries. We believe that such lies were holographically implanted into the human genetic memories by the Kumaras to perpetuate their control over humanity. Every human being will contain records within their own genetic encoding of the lifetimes of everyone upon Earth, including Jesus, Buddha and Rama. The Kumaras have had access to the genetic archives and have had a free hand at adding whatever fantasy or lie that they wished for 34,000 years.


Recent revelations also disclosed that Jesus Christ was an incarnation of Sananda. Sananda lead Christ to his crucifixion. Why would Sananda or any red god enter the human dance again after retracting long ago because it was so painful? Sananda entered the dance to steer humanity towards extinction so that he could extract himself and move on to another dance that more greatly pleased him. Crucifixion thoughtform is akin to extinction.


Within the past 100 years, more and more of the white and red gods have made their presence known. They have been entering the human dance again. Most humans have thought that perhaps they are entering to ascend humanity and turn the human experience around into the Golden Era. Earth is here to explain that these are self-centered beings that have no interest in turning humanity around; they only have interest in pulling themselves more fully out of the dance so that they can carry on elsewhere.


If the red false gods had any interest in humanity at all, they would never have mutilated the Grand Masters to death or shattered their souls. Instead perhaps, they would have learned from the souls and humans of great knowledge. However, these red false god souls are incapable of learning anything and they have fallen into extreme arrogance. As a result, Earth is choosing to remove them from the human dream so that humanity may ascend, as the red false gods are nothing but an interfering factor.




Who then is Jesus or Buddha or any other that many perceive as God? They are your ancestors; all ancestors continue to exist and work with those that are related to their inheritance. Jesus tried to ascend in his lifetime and failed, causing his own crucifixion instead. In recognizing upon death that the crucifixion was the wrong choice, he resurrected the body. This was a grand feat and allows for resurrection and ascension today. Buddha was the last known ascension and took his body into the fourth dimension. This too created a pathway through which evolution to take hold in present time. However, they are no more God or Goddess than oneself.


There is no one God or Goddess; there are only the many who extended from the ONE in the Tao who choose to experience existence together, and when complete with the experience, chooses to go Home to the ONE again. God Goddess lies in all living things. As each human recognizes the God Goddess in every human, warfare and abuse will also come to a conclusion between individuals as well as nations. This is what the time of awakening ahead will cause.


Our Current Electronically Based Civilization


This century past, yet another bargain was struck with another faction of Greys to interbreed with humanity in exchange for technology that is electrical in nature. This has led to your current electronically based human civilization. The half Grey half primarily white humans are reliving the interbreeding that occurred over 40,000 years ago and during the era of Atlantis. History does indeed repeat itself. Such humans cannot ascend. They are extremely mechanical and devoid of all emotion at all. Such humans will most likely become increasingly ill the further that Earth ascends.


Current abductions and reproduction with Greys has by and large ceased. This is because the Greys themselves were becoming ill due to the dissonance of energy flow between Earth and their forms. There are still many etheric planes remaining, particularly in the density of your cities however, that hold the memory or charge of past abductions. Often those recalling such abductions attune to such planes of reality and relive them. Those ascending release the abduction memories and manipulations of this era generally in embodying 1,024 segments of DNA in one’s ascent.


The History of Fourth Dimensional Human Ascension


In polarity, one will have extremes of both ends of the pole represented. To the degree that three red false gods and the white false gods created false ascension leading to nuclear annihilation upon the surface of the Earth, three other red false gods were ascending groups of humans into the fourth dimension. The fourth dimensional humans ascended into greater peace and unity. Most of the Inner Earth civilization is fourth dimensional as a result of the work of these three gods (Buddha, Lady Buddha and Thoth). Alas, it also polarized the extreme destruction into the surface Earth human expression, which has led to three periods of nuclear annihilation in human history.


Earth as a whole must ascend. It is not just the Inner Earth that can ascend. If the outer Earth does not ascend along with the inner, nothing will make it and Earth will combust as she attempts to enter the Great Central Sun. The Inner Earth peoples have come to understand this. Alas, the false gods of Buddha, Quan Yin or Lady Buddha and Thoth were non-resonant with the choice to ascend all of Earth; they preferred to carry on as before polarizing the darkness onto the surface of the Earth. The counsels overseeing Inner Earth human ascension removed these three false red gods long ago as a result and due to their continued interference. Alas, these false gods simply moved to the outer Earth to carry on with their dance.


Within this past year, Earth and the Solar Sun have determined to remove both the red and white false gods from the human dream altogether. The reason for this is simple; they are interfering with the launching of enough human ascension so that more of humanity will make it through the coming times of cleansing. Such souls cannot grow or evolve; both the red and white false gods only perpetuate their destructive dance. This makes a point that Dara from the Order of Dari clearly spoke of long ago, and that is both soul and form can become so pared down that it is unable to evolve. As this is so for many humans of slave lineage, this is also the same for the red and white false gods.


The Nature of Ascension Today


Dara from the Order of Dari launched the early attempts to ascend surface Earth humans from 2016 to 2019. This was partially successful, and those holographic and lineage-based natures that are incapable of ascending began to be mapped out. Dara had become so shattered due to the ongoing war of the red and white false gods that she had lost too much information to succeed at her goal. Dara is currently under recasting with the Tao, a force outside of time and space and form that governs all creation and evolution.


Asur’Ana then turned to the Tao for assistance. Alas, another set of souls presenting itself as the Tao, which Asur’Ana has since called the “false tao” began to interfere. The false tao has since been removed from the human dream. It has finally come to be understood by Earth and under the guidance of the real Tao that Earth must take charge in full of the human dream. This shift began more than 24 months ago. Earth now ensouls Asur’Ana and offers new souls to assist all ascending humans. Earth is choosing to phase all dreams into a single dream in the coming half century. Earth is also choosing to expel all souls that are problematic to her global ascension. This includes now the red and white false gods, who are being removed as global level entities from the human dream at this time.


However, these souls are so embedded in the human DNA, that it may take the ascent to 15,000 segments of DNA for each lineage to completely remove and separate humanity from such souls. It is perceived that by 2070, few humans will have survived unless they have mastered 15,000 segments, and at this time the complete end of the dance of the white and red gods will come to fruition.


Ascension counsels have done the best that they could to direct the human evolution through the continued experimentation in dreamtime. Over time, the holograms and lineages that are capable of ascending further have been mapped out. Those of Anu and Anu slave hologram and lineage are to be restrained at 1,800 segments of DNA by Earth’s ascension counsels. In essence, the forms of those with this inheritance do not know how to ascend any further than this, and if they attempt to go beyond this, they go into false ascension patterning where the field inflates without ascending the biology.


False ascension would only lead to combustion of form instead of ascension to the next dimension. However, false ascension also creates difficulties in association with global harm, as those who ascended beyond 1,800 with Anu or Anu slave inheritance each created global harm by allowing their fields to be used by dark forces against Earth. Therefore, it is for Earth’s own protection that those of this human inheritance are restrained at 1,800 segments at this time in history.


Ascension shall occur gradually and in a generational sense in the human dance. Those limited at 1,800 can produce offspring that chooses alternative lineages that can ascend to the next level. Furthermore, even if one does not have a child of one’s own, one’s ancestry is associated with 2 billion other humans who will have children. As a result, and after death, one’s consciousness will go on to experience the ascension of others related to oneself but who chose other lineages in their birth tapestry that augment the next phase of evolution.


Those with red seeded nation hologram and DNA shall be restrained at 3,000 segments. The reason for this is that such humans lack the innate ability to modify the genetics to carry on with the next phase of ascension in the experience of the map carvers. If one does not know how to modify DNA as a biological set of knowledge, one can only ascend so far. It appears that only those with direct grand master lineage and grand master hologram have the knowledge required to ascend to the next level of evolution.


For each human who is limited in ascension, one is still clearing the karma from thousands if not hundreds of thousands of ancestors. At 3,000 segments, there is the possibility of clearing the karma for one’s entire tapestry of ancestry in a single life and working one’s way off the reincarnation wheel. This is no small feat, and is what ascension is all about; ascension makes possible one’s evolution Home.


From Earth’s point of view, humanity fell repeatedly over a 200,000-year period. One is not going to ascend out of such a predicament over night or even in a single lifetime under normal circumstances. However, with the increasing photonic energy from the aura of the Great Central Sun, one has the possibility of heating up from within, and developing the kundalini energy flow. It is the kundalini that burns off karma from one’s ancestry and allows for a state of forgiveness to be embraced. The more photon energy available, the more one can heat up from the inside out and clear more karma, regardless of where one may cease ascending in genetic materials.


Ascension is a process. One is not going to move magically into peace and unity overnight. Peace and unity are gradually embraced as all karma for warfare and disease is transmuted from one’s lengthy ancestry. This is not accomplished significantly until 6,000 segments or Bodhisattva level evolution is embodied at this time in history. For those resting however at 3000 segments, continued work upon one’s patterning, thoughtform, karma and field will bring about the same result over time; one will move increasingly towards unity and peace, and leave behind the dissonance and difficulties of the past.


Ascension is biological. One cannot ascend only the field and not the DNA of the form. Those who believe that they are ascending if they are constructing only a light body are misled by the nonphysical realms. Even the ascent to 1,800 will bring about expansion of form. For those who begin small to medium in size, one will end up medium to large, and with a small protrusion known as the budding Buddha belly as 1,800 segments is mastered.


Why expand? There is nothing beautiful about a skinny form beloved; there is no chi running through a skinny form. One can barely perceive those at 2 segments in the nonphysical, as there is not enough energy surrounding such forms to provide enough light for soul and the nonphysical realms to perceive the etheric body.


As one ascends, that which is decayed and scarred resurrects and becomes crystalline. Healthy cells that become crystalline are roughly 10% larger than their previous non-crystalline state. However, those cells that were decayed or scarred are compressed in upon themselves with thousands of cells crushed into a small region. As the thousands of cells are resurrected and as the decay becomes healthy living crystalline cells, the region expands in size. The expansion is a sign of regeneration and health, and should be embraced as such amongst all ascending humans.




We hope you have enjoyed our human history in review. Understand that it is in the choice to ascend and the choice to learn the spiritual lessons of one’s ancestors that the requirement to repeat the past is transcended. What are the lessons of the human ancestors? It is Asur’Ana’s Grand Master ancestors that conclude this chapter.


The lessons of humanity are many. For one, the paring down of genetic materials and the incubation of life in a laboratory is wrong; it goes against creational law and creates a human form that cannot ascend home. The paring down of human consciousness leads to a life that is more outer-focused than inward looking and seeking. Outer focus will never lead to evolution Home; for the gateways to ascension are an internal experience of the inner reality that surrounds every human being.


Humans that become preoccupied with technology lose touch with their inner reality, as they become distracted by outer noise that the media, or games, or their jobs or other preoccupations provide. We have continuously advised Asur’Ana to give up all such preoccupations, and choose as simple a lifestyle as she can, given the current requirements to “pay the rent” and “buy the food” in the physical. This she has mastered, and it gives her the freedom to focus inward daily to ascend.


Humans need not travel in the physical once they open unto their inner reality. Within the inner reality, one may project to any place upon Earth, within your creation or inside of the Great Central Sun as a consciousness. If one can be anywhere that one requires, why would one need to travel in the physical? This too is a problematic preoccupation of humans throughout your creation and outside of the Great Central Sun. So much time, resources and energy are wasted in human life focused upon technological development and pursuits, and then the travel that such technology enables that there is no time for the inner focus of evolution.


Technology cannot ascend anyone or any creation home. Much of the Sirian ascension was incomplete due to the development of technology that assisted in raising the vibration of these two planets into stars. The technology could not process the emotional lessons that each sentient species including humankind required understanding in order to ascend. Machines do not have emotions; nor do they have enough consciousness to understand. This has led to Sirian humans in the fifth dimension who failed to learn their lessons in the third dimension; the end result is that now they will repeat their third dimensional lessons in the fifth dimension instead of transcending into a new state of being.


Humans upon Earth have become like living machines themselves due to the very technology that they have developed. As a living machine, one does this or that day in and day out without understanding why, and without an ability to change or alter anything let alone evolve and ascend. Without an ability to alter one’s destiny, one feels powerless, trapped and in fear; over time, the fear breeds contempt that leads to warfare and abuse in all of its varied expressions, from jealousy to hatred to outright murder and annihilation.


The only solution is for humanity upon Earth to ascend and evolve out of the current state of being that is so mechanized and so devoid of love and life. Television and the media will not heal one’s wounds; nor will the many products humans possess or seek fortunes to purchase fill one’s heart with the love that one is longing for. Love is an internal state of being that comes from the interconnection of body, soul and Earth. Such a connection must be mastered through evolution, as humans at 2 DNA segments have lost all connection to the spiritual realms that surround them.


Soul was never designed to mutilate form or put its needs and dreams ahead of the physical planes needs and requirements of the embodiment. The souls dancing with the human species upon Earth are a vast travesty of expression of the realm of the nonphysical. Humans have withdrawn from the experience of soul as it has only partially supported life in the physical; sometimes soul supports life, other times it mutilates life for its own dreamtime gain in the nonphysical. This is not the purpose of soul or the nonphysical; nor is it the purpose of soul to war upon other souls. Soul is designed to work in honor and collaboration with all nonphysical realms along with the physical.


The Grand Master ancestors advise all ascending initiates to cease to work with any soul or nonphysical force that does not support the health and well-being of form. We also advise that each monitor their ascension daily. If at any time one is not feeling well or is becoming ill in the ascent, it is sincerely a sign that the nonphysical is failing to do its job. Intend to connect with Earth and replace the souls overseeing one’s ascension by calling for a soul assessment through the ascension counsels of Earth. One may intend so before drifting off to sleep at night and may find that one awakens feeling much better the next day.


These are the spiritual lessons of the human dance upon Earth. These are the lessons that the Grand Master ancestors of ancient times are coming to understand. In our death, a great travesty was set in motion that is only now coming to be repaired. Those associated with our biology have survived, Asur’Ana being one of billions that are related global wide. It is our deepest hope that those related unto us awaken at this time and ascend. Through the process of ascension, all may be healed, all may change, and the coming times of unity ahead may be born. This is why we came to Earth; it is never too late to fulfill upon one’s goals.


In Lemurian:


“O ono oto oko o. La lassi lani anu om. Om noti nati nauti na.”


“Wisdom comes through life experience and expression. Life teaches many things. When complete life teaches us to go Home.”


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This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human form willing to walk the evolutionary Path of Ascension in this lifetime. May the New Age of Joy, Peace, Unity and Unconditional Love amongst all species be born.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 5. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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