Image of the evergreen cedar tree. Blessings for Truth and Beautiful Harmonious Inner Music

15. Blessings for Truth and Beautiful Harmonious Inner Music


From the Cedar Tree Kingdom


It is the ancient Cedar Tree Kingdom that greets you today. Cedar Trees are indeed an ancient kingdom. Much like the Gum Tree Kingdom, we can trace our history to times within the Great Central Sun when Terra (Earth) was a magnificent expression of flora and fauna, animal kingdoms, bird kingdoms, insect kingdoms, waterfalls, lakes, mountainous regions and vast valleys. (Please see Chapter 7 “Blessings for Remembering the Ancient Past” for more information.)


Endless Life of Harmony, Unity and Joy on Magnificent Terra


As the Gum Trees shared in Chapter 7, Terra at this time was semi-etheric in nature and the land spiraled to the Core or Aurora of her Sun. The land was multicolored minerals rather than dense and thick dirt or sand allowing light up from the Aurora to shine through the layers to the outer Earth. Terra was bathed in light from the suns above her in vibration and the sun within her to sustain life without the experience of death. It may be hard to imagine life that is endless, but so it was in this time period; and there were not seasons or difficult weather patterns as experienced today. Life was a gentle ongoing experience and expression of harmony, unity and joy.


Feeding of Terra


Then something happened seemingly eons of time inside the Great Central Sun’s golden pink aura. Terra began to fall in vibration. The layers of her spiraling crust began to compress in upon themselves. This was long before Terra left the boundaries of the Great Central Sun dream. What was at cause of Terra’s demise?


The upper dimensions of creations above her were being stripped of life force and consciousness; the consciousness of the upper dimensions began to feed upon itself for survival. As a result, Terra became one of the creations that was ‘fed off’ by the dimensions above. Over time she weakened and weakened, and then dropped to dimensions beneath her within the Sun. The continued feeding off of Terra eventually caused her to collapse enough to be pressed outside the Great Central Sun Dream altogether. This took seemingly eons of time.


Why would any creation feed off another? Why do humans consume the flesh of other kingdoms? Humans believe they must eat flesh in order to survive. If the beliefs were otherwise, humans might be vegetarian en masse. However, the pattern of consumption began long before Terra exited the Great Central Sun as she was consumed until she fell therein. Read more