Image of the evergreen cedar tree. Blessings for Truth and Beautiful Harmonious Inner Music

15. Blessings for Truth and Beautiful Harmonious Inner Music


From the Cedar Tree Kingdom


It is the ancient Cedar Tree Kingdom that greets you today. Cedar Trees are indeed an ancient kingdom. Much like the Gum Tree Kingdom, we can trace our history to times within the Great Central Sun when Terra (Earth) was a magnificent expression of flora and fauna, animal kingdoms, bird kingdoms, insect kingdoms, waterfalls, lakes, mountainous regions and vast valleys. (Please see Chapter 7 “Blessings for Remembering the Ancient Past” for more information.)


Endless Life of Harmony, Unity and Joy on Magnificent Terra


As the Gum Trees shared in Chapter 7, Terra at this time was semi-etheric in nature and the land spiraled to the Core or Aurora of her Sun. The land was multicolored minerals rather than dense and thick dirt or sand allowing light up from the Aurora to shine through the layers to the outer Earth. Terra was bathed in light from the suns above her in vibration and the sun within her to sustain life without the experience of death. It may be hard to imagine life that is endless, but so it was in this time period; and there were not seasons or difficult weather patterns as experienced today. Life was a gentle ongoing experience and expression of harmony, unity and joy.


Feeding of Terra


Then something happened seemingly eons of time inside the Great Central Sun’s golden pink aura. Terra began to fall in vibration. The layers of her spiraling crust began to compress in upon themselves. This was long before Terra left the boundaries of the Great Central Sun dream. What was at cause of Terra’s demise?


The upper dimensions of creations above her were being stripped of life force and consciousness; the consciousness of the upper dimensions began to feed upon itself for survival. As a result, Terra became one of the creations that was ‘fed off’ by the dimensions above. Over time she weakened and weakened, and then dropped to dimensions beneath her within the Sun. The continued feeding off of Terra eventually caused her to collapse enough to be pressed outside the Great Central Sun Dream altogether. This took seemingly eons of time.


Why would any creation feed off another? Why do humans consume the flesh of other kingdoms? Humans believe they must eat flesh in order to survive. If the beliefs were otherwise, humans might be vegetarian en masse. However, the pattern of consumption began long before Terra exited the Great Central Sun as she was consumed until she fell therein.


The records for this experience are just coming to be recalled at this time in her global evolution. Sad as it might be, the dance of being consumed has plagued Terra all the way down the dimensions outside of the Great Central Sun as well. Now she is choosing to turn the dance around and instead of being consumed unto extinction by creations vying to survive due to her demise, she is retrieving all that has been lost over time and orchestrating an ascension “home” into the Great Central Sun dream again.


Returning Home to the Great Central Sun Dream


Entering the new dream has already occurred partially upon Terra’s global body. Terra has recalled how to blend light and dark in a manner that emulates the new dream and return into its fold. In 10 years time, most of Terra will exist inside of this new dream more fully, and the potential of extinction will be put behind her. From the point of view of the Cedar Tree Kingdom, this is such a short time in the overall existence it is equivalent to a blink of the eye; therefore, we are already Home from our point of view.


What is home? Home is an inner state of being in which one has returned unto one’s own truth. In the truth, nothing can deter one from one’s goals or the dream of ascension that one is intending. In one’s truth, one stands in the center of one’s being, and no one can push you off track or off your path. Manipulating one in their truth is very difficult; it is only when one is off center or playing sour music that one can be easily manipulated. What do we mean by this? Sour music?


The Music of One’s Symphony


Every field is like a small orchestra of its own. Every field plays a series of music that when combined is one’s own symphony of sound. The music is the result of the rotation of one’s molecular structure in both the physical and etheric. Music that is harmonious and beautiful in the sound and complete in its expression is an example of the tones that those that are in their truth. Music that is sour or missing segments of the entire score are incomplete and result in the expression of non-truth in human or consensus form.


Asur’Ana and Per are just learning what this means unto themselves. They each host a symphony of sounds that is 22 scores long and plays through in its entirety in roughly 8.5 hours; and repeats around the clock due to the rotation of their molecules. There is also a combined orchestra of sound that is 44 scores long that represents their divine union.  If they lose segments of their music, they begin to fracture and then roll back in vibration. As long as all segments are playing as they should in harmony, they easily retain their vibration and their truth in the dance of life. Learning to hold this type of symphonic sound has not been an easy thing to learn to do. Even in the new dream in which they have crossed, there are those forces desiring to strip consciousness.


One manner of stripping consciousness is to duplicate the sounds of one’s field and then remove segments so that one begins to go sour. Another is for destructive souls to duplicate the sound and then emulate the field and enter the dance, stripping them of chi, information or moving energy systems. However, Asur’Ana and Per are learning to retain their sound by recasting their music daily, and even altering the sequence of score playing to detect that which has entered their field to manipulate them.


Initiates who have mastered 3,000 DNA segments play between 12 and 14 scores of music over a 2-hour period around the clock through one’s molecular rotation. The number of scores grows increasingly complex in numbers and length of tune the further that one ascends. Humans as fully conscious species are designed to contribute to the overall music of Terra in an individual manner. Whereas all other kingdoms host music that is collaborative between all bodies of any given species, humans play individual music. This is also the same for dolphins and whales who are fully conscious.


Other Creations Stripped Terra of Her Music


Terra has learned how she became stripped inside the Great Central Sun dream. Other creations began to mimic her music when at another time, each creation held distinct music of their own. There are a total of 19 creations cast inside this particular Great Central Sun that Terra originates from; however, they were gigantic in proportions next to anything that exists outside and in this region of domain.


Each of the 19 creations played distinct chorus of music that was complimentary unto one another in Terra’s remembrance of her times therein. Suddenly creations above and beyond began to strip the music of some of the 19 creations; in response, those creations that were stripped began to strip the music of Terra to shore themselves up. Terra in turn went sour and began to fracture but without understanding how or why.


Now a very long time later, and many dimensional falls beyond where she exited the Great Central Sun dream, Terra understands. No longer will Terra allow any other creation to strip her music; nor will she allow duplication or mimicking to gain access to her field to strip her of other information necessary to ascend. Much of the understanding of how and why this has occurred has come due to the analysis of the Tao.


The Tao is a force outside of time and space that has extended into this region of domain to assist Terra in returning Home as well as understanding what has occurred that has caused such great pain, destruction and extinction. It is only in understanding the dance here that greater difficulties that parallel can also be healed within the Tao; and so, Terra serves greatly in the understanding that she provides. In exchange, the Tao extends in of itself its love, understanding and support in Terra’s global evolutionary path.


The Tao provides a backdrop of truth that allows the distortion to be perceived for what it is and then Terra can rectify her own sour music. All distortion is ultimately sour music.  As the music is purified and cleansed coming back to harmoniousness and a complete set of scores again, the veils lift and truth shines brightly again. In the truth of the harmonious music, little that is in distortion can enter the field, and as a result, there is greater peace and freedom in the dance of life.


Leaving the Cities is Vital to One’s Health and Well-Being


Humans exist in places of extremely sour music global wide. The sourest of music of all exists in the density of your cities. The music there is cacophonous in nature. Much of the head banger music is simply a reflection of the nature of the music in the inner cities in present time. This was not so earlier last century where jazz was more a reflection of the music of the inner cities. Going back several hundred years, the music of Brahms, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, List and Chopin was a reflection of the sound of the inner cities. You can see as a species that you have declined or are falling in consciousness which is a reflection of the sour music that humans are playing in their physical plane orchestras.


The greatest dissonance in music comes from the blending of electrical and magnetic tones of creation. It was as humans began to harvest electricity that the music became increasingly discordant. Furthermore, the cities by and large continue to trap further radiation over time due to all the electrical gadgets now prevalent therein. This is causing an even further fall into more greatly sour music, so sour in fact that it is mimicking Atlantean civilization near the end of their era. Fortunately, the culmination of this time period in a nuclear disaster has been offset by Earth’s global evolution and ability to manage the human dream; otherwise, this too would be your future beloved.


Now more recently the density of the cities is increasing yet again but through “microwaves” that are used for cellular telephones and wireless internet services. This too occurred in Atlantis, and the outcome was that the cities became the most unsafe regions to exist within. Those of great enough means and affluence began to move out of the cities as a result within the last 250 years of their civilization. This too may occur, however the cause may be different from Atlantean times; instead, it may be that the plagues hit the cities harder in the times to come and humans will leave out of fear of death rather than violence.


For ascending humans, leaving the cities behind and finding a more rural environment to live and work is vital to your continued life, health and well-being. The continued development of microwave technology can cause an ascending field to become even more sour than it would be otherwise. Sour music leads not only to a sour dream, but disease rather than regeneration. Sour music in any part of the field will cause distortion of the cellular structure if it is played long enough and over time.


Intend for Harmonious Music


Most humans have one to three regions that tend to be denser than the rest of the body. These are regions that store excessive karmic records in the cellular structure. Unfortunately, karmic records are not spread evenly throughout the body; if they were, there would be less occurrence of disease in the extreme forms that humans as well as nature experience it upon the physical plane. Karma tends to be recorded upon emotional trauma or response, and often this occurs in two to three regions over all others. Such regions also tend to host the more greatly sour music of anywhere else in the energy flow of the field.


One way to begin to work with such regions is to intend harmonious music to play in the molecular structure associated. With focus and in providing enough chi, one can turn the music from sour to harmonious again. Perhaps this will not last all day, but for a few hours at a time. Then as the music goes harmonious, the karma recorded in the region will spin off beginning with the outermost layer that requires transmutation in ascension. The ongoing intent to turn sour regions to harmonious music will also prevent the associated parts of the biology from becoming diseased over time. Therefore, this is a useful focus for ascending initiates, particularly anywhere that one is sensing stuck energy or where the field and form are in pain.


Pain is only the result of increasingly sour music that is played recurrently in any region of domain. Ascending humans become very sensitive to the etheric body and its energy flow, particularly as one masters 2,200 segments or higher in vibration, that one will feel the etheric pain long before there is physical disease that sets in.


In intending to harmonize the music in the regions that are in etheric pain, one draws chi from other parts of the molecular structure that are already harmonious, and presses the chi into those regions that are sour. As there is more chi available, the sour music turns harmonious, and harmony in and of itself will press out any non-harmonious entities, machines, personality beings, thoughtform or other patterning that one is transmuting at one’s current vibration.


Ascension brings about an ongoing release of density as well as thoughtform that is non-resonant and an embodying of new tones of creation that are resonant with the continued evolution home. Home is experienced in stages from the Cedar Tree Kingdom’s perspective. Each time that one spirals upwards to a place of overall harmony of music, one experiences a “homecoming” within. Such days are considered “good ascension days” in which one feels good or even “high” in the dance of life. The Cedar Trees share with each that to the degree one can harmonize one’s inner music, the more frequently one will experience good ascension days. To the degree that the music goes sour, this also results in “bad ascension days”.


Purifying One’s Music


For most, there is sour and there then there is sour. What we mean by this is that most humans already exist in a relatively sour music state of being. It takes the music going beyond a certain threshold of sourness for a bad ascension day to take hold; or a cold or bout of the flu to occur. This is when Asur’Ana relies upon taking a mud bath and spreading a nice thick coat of French green clay mixed with water and essential oils of spearmint, lavender, or eucalyptus. Why is the mud bath so useful upon a bad ascension day? One begins to attune to the music of Mother Earth as one bathes in the clay; suddenly the sour chakras in the skin or surrounding the etheric body begin to play harmonious music again, and one feels better as a result.


One initiate who has two children noticed that they were coming down with the flu. She placed them in a bath together with the French green clay, creating a nice story about swimming in the rivers like the elephants and hippopotamus, which experiences murky water. Lo and behold all symptoms disappeared the following day and each were well enough to go to school. Why? Her children went from sour music to harmonious music as they attuned to Mother Earth and recovered. This can be so for anyone of any age beloved.


Another manner of purifying one’s music is to take a walk in a park, or the mountains, or the woods, or by the lakeside or the seashore. Nature plays a harmonious symphony of sounds together in such regions. As one attunes to the sounds of nature, one can purify one’s own sour music playing in one’s own field; and perhaps even for a time play along with nature in a parallel symphony of melodies. As one plays the beautiful and harmonious music with nature, one will feel better, and pull the parts of one’s field that have gone sour out of enough distortion to release the density and carry on in your ascension. It is for this reason that daily walks in nature are recommended to all ascending humans.


If you cannot get outdoors, try sending your etheric body for a walk in the woods at night while you sit by the fire or in a bath. There is no time and space for Spirit; and you will gain the same gift as if you had walked in the woods in the physical from the Cedar Tree’s point of view. You can also intend to attune to the music of nature in your bath or by the fire and to “tune up” your field to match the melodies for a time. This too will be useful in the purification and healing of the biology in ascension.


Understand that this may be tremendously difficult to do if one lives in the density of the city, even when intended. Why is this so? The density is so sour in and of itself it may be difficult to learn to play harmonious music in such a region. What to do if this is the case? Even if you work in the city, intend to move into the country or suburbs where you have some open space or parks around you. Intend to find a job that allows you to remain in the suburbs if at all possible. And if you can, give yourself an opportunity to live in a region that hosts a lake, open space, the mountains or the seashore within a relatively short distance. In so doing, one can draw upon the music of the lake, open space, sea or mountains to attune to and provide the harmonious melodies one requires to ascend into regeneration rather than disease.


The further that one moves up in vibration, the more rapidly the etheric is called into the physical. For those mastering above 2,200 segments, the etheric is called into the physical in roughly 8 months time. Any region of the field that remains sour and does not harmonize enough will end up diseased or problematic in the physical unless one alters the course of action before it steps into physicality. For those at 3,000 segments, 8 months is shortened into 6 months in time. For those above this, the timeframe is even shorter. It is for this reason that we guide those living in the density of the cities to move themselves into the countryside or less dense suburbs to assure ascension into health and well-being.


Attachment Causes Sour Music


Attachment also causes sour music. There are two kinds of attachment. One involves the positive energy or ley lines of the etheric body, chakra system and subtle bodies. Such attachment causes lines or cords of positive energy flow between persons, places, objects, land, trees or pets. Often the attachment can be used to transfer chi or information from one party to another. This type of attachment generally causes pain in the etheric body when it is up to be released in any great amount. Therefore, it is often attachment that causes the sensation of pain in the physical in ascension. As one chooses to release the attachment, then the pain subsides. Attachment can be released through the harmonization of the music in the associated chakras surrounding where the cords have formed.


There is also space between attachment that most are unaware of. There is the space between the positive ley lines of energy flow. The space between carves the pathway that the light or moving energy flows. Space between attachments is the most difficult perhaps to release as generally initiates are numb to its presence. Out of numbness, often those ascending schism over the space between and fail to ascend it altogether. This can be more problematic than many may understand, and so the Cedar Tree Kingdom would like to explain.


Ascending the Space Between


About a decade ago, a famous Ascension teacher died. This human was in bardo (life review) with Earth’s counsels at the time. What was discovered was that this initiate ascended the positive ley lines of the form to 36,000 segments without ever modifying the space between. The space between is equivalent to the space surrounding the cells in the physical form. If the space between is not modified in ascension, the glue-like substance that holds the cells together does not become increasingly permeable.


The higher that one goes in ascension, the more toxic gases that the cells produce. If the toxic gases cannot pass through the space between the cells, they will gather and gather inside the physical form, bloating the biology and ultimately making the form ill; and if ill enough the body will die. This is what occurred for this particular initiate; they died due to failing to modify the space between the cells in their ascension.


This is also known as a false ascension. In a false ascension, the space between is not modified at all. Many an ancestor has died of this type of attempted ascent in times past. Such ancestors do not include those like Buddha who actually mastered a fourth dimensional biology; Buddha’s ascent would never have occurred if he failed to ascend the space between.


However, the false gods love to use those of the false ascending nature as the failure to ascend the space between provides a bloated region of domain for them to operate through. The false gods will use those of this nature to try and control Earth and humanity to prevent global ascension. Perhaps in this it is best that those having false ascensions die; and indeed, the physical will not survive as the toxic gases increase to such a degree that a major organ or system fails. This is what occurred to this famous teacher of ascension in the West.


False Ascensions of the Pharaohs


We will further point out that the inflated false gods have no region of domain to operate within once the body has ceased to exist in the physical. Perhaps at another time, this type of false ascent would not have caused death so rapidly. Indeed, the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt ascended falsely and used the dance to extend their lives hundreds of years.


However, Earth and humanity at large was at a much higher frequency in the Ancient Egypt era; and there were those that still retained 15,000 segments of DNA known as the Mahavishnu. The Pharaohs fed off the Mahavishnu to extend their lives and to a point that after 3000 years, all the DNA had been swiped and no further larger headed humans were born upon the physical plane. The DNA was swiped through the exaggerated space between inflated in the false ascents of the Pharaohs.


Today there are many pharaohs that are falsely ascending founded upon karmic patterns from the era of Ancient Egypt. These humans often find themselves in positions of spiritual fame either in the West or the East. Regardless of how famous that they are, they are used by the dark to attempt to prevent global and human evolution. This occurs due to the failure to ascend the space between and create a complete ascension in this lifetime.


At this time, Nature, Earth and the multidimensional consensus for ascension that spans through Dimension 18 that is returning Home to the Great Central Sun Dream refuse to allow false ascension to prevent global ascension. The desire for death is returned to those having this type of ascension allowing for an early retraction from the physical plane. This is to assure that real and complete ascension takes off in human form and that global ascension is not waylaid beloved.


Retrieve Your Power, Chi and Information from Spiritual Gurus


There may be many famous spiritual gurus that die in the years ahead as a result of Terra’s intention to enforce their own desire to cause extinction in the unconscious back upon the physical. This is difficult, however unless this is so, Earth’s ascension would fail and all would go extinct. And so, Terra takes whatever strides that she requires to allow for her continued expansion home.


For the devotees of these gurus, generally one has given power, chi, and information unto them to foster their false ascension. This is how the gurus work; they utilize fame to feed off the masses that will give them their power, chi, truth and information. Those that have been involved with famous gurus or even invested time in reading their books may discover that one has given a load of one’s own truth, information, power and chi to such individuals. The reality is that each requires their own chi, truth and power to ascend. So, retrieve your power and chi beloved and all spiritual knowledge that you have lost to such individuals. And intend to release your karma to give of yourself to another out of the belief that they are somehow superior or mastered.


Intend a complete ascension beloved. Intend to modify both the space between and the space without. Intend to release both space between and space without attachment. Asur’Ana has channeled or translated a lovely Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 with focuses that will be useful to creating a complete ascension in this lifetime.  We invite those devoted to ascension to give consideration to working with these materials.


The Desire for a Savior Breeds Spiritual Laziness


There are many humans that believe in the second coming of Christ. Some even believe that the ascension teacher that passed whom we’ve discussed earlier is an incarnation of Christ and is the “second coming”. Indeed, this individual holds lineage to Christ; but so do 2 billion other humans currently incarnate upon Earth also hold direct lineage to Christ. Christ does not need to return; he already exists as a human ancestor to all other humans who share his lineages.


Such a need for a savior to pull one out of the human plight for most humans that they are willing to believe in the “second coming”. All of this is simply a delusion set up by false god Sananda to prevent evolution. For as long as humans believe that there is a savior on the horizon, why should they do anything at all? All this breeds is spiritual laziness, and this is exactly what the false gods desire. If enough humans are spiritually lazy and fail to intend to ascend, then no karma is released and as a result, the false gods will have a longer time to play through human form and try and cause global extinction. This is the real goal behind the concept of the savior on the part of the false gods.


The Cedar Trees suggest that each reading this book cease to desire a savior and learn to become one’s own guru or savior in the intent to ascend. Through the intent to ascend, you will begin to transmute the karma that is your ancestral inheritance. In so doing, you will contribute to the collective ascent of the entire human species, and as such allow for the collective karma to also be released. It is only as the collective karma for warfare, disease, abuse and disunity is released that a new era can be born and a new dream can be launched by Earth for the human species.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



Creational © 2019, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Dancing with Trees and Plants. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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