Image of the ocean waves. Dragon Dreaming Archive #6

Dragon Dreaming Archive #6


Dragon Dreamers of Spirit


Dragon Dreamers of Spirit


The Spirit

Of the dragon

Is a journey of design

Defining Soul

As the purveyor of life

To drive the dreams

Forward through time

As ignited by Spirit

To foster awareness

Of the sublime dreams

Of All That Is and all that has ever been

Through life


Dragon Dreamers of Spirit


Dragon dreamers of spirit foster estuaries of soul that directs dreams of honor, truth, gentleness and spiritual development. Dragons are spirit in form that emulates an imaginary creature in childhood fables that is fire breathing, sometimes flies with large wings and has a face akin to a horse but a body with scales not unlike a fish. Dragons can appear similar in the nonphysical although are sincerely of the fabric of light and not form. The nonphysical rearranges in appearance to suit each human who dreams with the dragon spirits of oneself. Dragons can also appear human or of nature kingdoms in the vision of the mind.


Dragon spirits are less prevalent today than in more ancient times. Most humans are un-aspired in the spiritual contexts of existence. Eras of spiritual development occur in eight hundred year increments in current cycles. The current era is another development foray of dream for a limited number of humans who are dragon spirited within. Dragon spirited humans generally reside in sacred regions only. Sacred regions occur in many places fostered in lush natural world wonders such as national parklands and forests.


Dragon dreams are sacred dances to foster spirit and soul in a union divine. Dragon dreamers strive for spiritual pursuits of honoring one another and fostering the care of the two or the family of care. Care of the heart is the theme of dragon dreamers. Honoring spirit is another theme of dragon dreams. Spirit is a metaphor for the nonphysical aspects directing the life. Many today do not believe that the nonphysical exist or fear what cannot be perceived through the eyes. The nonphysical is always present and directs the dreams of each in the life. Demons direct the dreams of most. Dragons direct the dreams only of dragon dreamers in this era. Read more

Image of brilliant light in the middle of turquoise concentric waves. Dragon Prose

Dragon Prose


Ckanton of Association


I am the dragon

Of the dragon realm

Of an association Divine

That seeks to synergize

In all aspirations now and anew

In a forensic play

Of a Divine day

In which the birth of a new era may unfold

In a synergistic foreplay

Of a sensual ecstatic reunion

Of the truth of the testimony

Of the Soul and physical

Reunited in a configuration

Of Love


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