Image of brilliant light in the middle of turquoise concentric waves. Dragon Prose

Dragon Prose


Ckanton of Association


I am the dragon

Of the dragon realm

Of an association Divine

That seeks to synergize

In all aspirations now and anew

In a forensic play

Of a Divine day

In which the birth of a new era may unfold

In a synergistic foreplay

Of a sensual ecstatic reunion

Of the truth of the testimony

Of the Soul and physical

Reunited in a configuration

Of Love


Dragon Dreamtime Accolades


Dragon Dreamtime Accolades

I am that I am that I am

The One of the One

Of the dragon lore realm

Accolading to dream my dreams

In a happenstance of mirth

In a cadence of beauty

In a purity of sweetness

In a rendition in time

To provide the estuary of Self

A beautiful foray

To realize itself


The Banter of the Ckantor


The Banter of the Ckantor

The banter of the ckantor

Is a message of Self

From the dragon lore realm

Accolading the foray of happenstance

Into a new day

Filled with mirth and happiness

Departing the non-sweetness

Filling the life with truth

Sincere to the postulation

Of myself

And my Soul


Dragons of Truth


Dragons of Truth

The dragons of truth

Are a foray of happenstance

Of the lore of Spirit

Accolading its freedom

To dance with Self of the Self within

In a symposium of mirth

In the laughter of the girth

Of a sacred path

In which the forgiveness and compassion

Of the dreams I dream

May manifest


Dragon Beauty


Dragon Beauty

The beauty of the dragon

Lies within the heart

In a never-ending motion

Of the sublime nature of Spirit

Inaugurated in the gentile persona

Of the one who loves

And the one who cares

Causing a sensation of fulfillment

Of the Love of the Love

Opening the challis

Of the Divine within


Dragon Preciousness


Dragon Preciousness

The preciousness of the dragon

Is a heartfelt desire

To love and care

In an oscillation of sincerity

Of the heart

In a motion of truth

In the caress of the two

As the Beloved of Self

Of the Love of the Love within

In the challis

Of the Divine


Dreamer Within


Dreamer Within

I am the dreamer of the dreams

In a Ckanton prose rebirth

Of a synergy in time

When the Divine elements align

In a configuration of mirth

Allowing a synergy of the moment

To unfold

To delight the senses

Of untold stories

Of sequences of synergistic delight

That failed to be lived

At the time my ancestors

Expressed their dire circumstance

And can be reborn anew

Into a synergy of the foresight

In which the Love may flow

Again and anew


The Love of the Love Within


The Love of the Love Within

Is a dream

Of the life form

To foster union in life

With each in a sway

And each group that sways

In the love of the Dao and Tao

In the truth

Of the planetary Tao and Earth

And the care

Of the planetary Dao and Jupiter

In a yin and yang fostered in unison

With all of life

Through time

In an apartheid not with Self


The Monad in Love


The Monad in Love

A new monadic family

Is about to be born

To witness the emergence

Of the Love of the Love within

Amongst a clan of incarnate humans

Upon Earth

Willing to walk their truth

From ascension into mindset development

And realization of Self

In deep care of each and the whole

In this life


The Care of the Monad


The Care of the Monad

I am a part

Of a monadic Soul family

That cares for myself

And cares for each

And has been awaiting

My arrival into the clan

On the stage of my life

To foster my truth

And the truth of each

In alignment with Spirit

In the dance of life


Becoming the Assemblage Point of You


Becoming the Assemblage Point of You

The assemblage point

Is a fostering of dream

Of a mirror of your life

That can show you the darkness

Plaguing your night

Or show you the lightness

Of the care and love of you

Forgive those who trespass

Rising above the delusion

Into the truth of who you are

Beyond the veils of life

So that the love of you

May fly with Spirit

And soar with your Soul

In the Love of the Whole


The Love of the Whole


The Love of the Whole

The Love of the Soul family

Fosters your dreams

In the stage play of life

In the love of the three

In the dream of yourself

In the life of each

In the care of the whole

Where each receives a perch of Self

To forgive themselves

And be happy with yourself

In the love of you

In the love of me

In the gentleness and truth

Of Spirit into matter

In the love of the Tao

And the care of the Dao through time


The Actions of Love of the Babaji


The Actions of Love of the Babaji

The river of me

Is a forensics motion to understand myself

In the Love of the one and the two and the three

And the many in the care of the heart

Of the Babaji in himself

In which each is blessed and loved

And fostered into their truth

In the Love of the Tao of Earth

And the care of the Dao of the planet

In the sway of the Love of ourselves

In a swing Divine

In which all boundaries hold

Inside and outside of ourselves

And inside and outside of the Self of myself

In the Soul family swing of care


Healing the Heart in the Love of the Babaji


Healing the Heart in the Love of the Babaji

The Love of myself

Is a love perch of the Babaji

To foster the sway of the heart

In the care of my Tao

And the love of my Dao

In the truth of Self

Flowing through time

In the Love of the Divine

In the sway of the Soul family

Caring for ourselves

In the swing of the Babaji

In a life unfolding

That heals the heart

And mends the Soul


Being Here Now


Being Here Now

Be Here Now

In this moment in time

To Love your Tao and Dao

In the care of the heart accolade

Of the Self of you

In gratitude and compassion

For All That Is

And all that has ever been

In Love and Light in your life

In light wave motion

In the love of the planetary Tao in himself

And the fostering of the planetary Dao in herself

For all of your dreams to be actualized

In the care of you

And the Soul family

In truth and honor

Of the fate of each





Are a succinct motion of light

In which you are you that is you

And they are they that are they

In all aspects of life

In the dreams of you

Lie yourself

In the dreams of each

Lie their own dream of themselves

To foster one another

As Soul family group clusters

In a reservoir of truth

Of the abundance of the whole

In the sway of the two

And the many

In the Love of the Mother

Of the Planet

Who fosters each


Light Transfusion


Light Transfusion

The Assertion

Is a light wave notion

That fosters a motion

That transfuses you

Into the Self of you

And not someone else

In deep care of the heart

In a fostering of truth

Of the Tao of your heart

And the care of

The Dao of the archetype

In a transfusion lore fable

Of the Babaji stories of life

In the love of the two

And the many

In Soul family configurations

Of fate


Right Mindedness


Right Mindedness

The right mind

Fosters joy within

In a life that is loved

With people that care

In Soul family sway

Of the two three and many

In Love with the Whole

In the beauty of Spirit

In light wave syncopated motions

Of the Divine understanding

That there is only Love

And there is only Light

And that the shadows of themselves

Are only a delusion

To be transfused through

To find peace within

And love yourself


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