Image of the ocean waves. Dragon Dreaming Archive #6

Dragon Dreaming Archive #6


Dragon Dreamers of Spirit


Dragon Dreamers of Spirit


The Spirit

Of the dragon

Is a journey of design

Defining Soul

As the purveyor of life

To drive the dreams

Forward through time

As ignited by Spirit

To foster awareness

Of the sublime dreams

Of All That Is and all that has ever been

Through life


Dragon Dreamers of Spirit


Dragon dreamers of spirit foster estuaries of soul that directs dreams of honor, truth, gentleness and spiritual development. Dragons are spirit in form that emulates an imaginary creature in childhood fables that is fire breathing, sometimes flies with large wings and has a face akin to a horse but a body with scales not unlike a fish. Dragons can appear similar in the nonphysical although are sincerely of the fabric of light and not form. The nonphysical rearranges in appearance to suit each human who dreams with the dragon spirits of oneself. Dragons can also appear human or of nature kingdoms in the vision of the mind.


Dragon spirits are less prevalent today than in more ancient times. Most humans are un-aspired in the spiritual contexts of existence. Eras of spiritual development occur in eight hundred year increments in current cycles. The current era is another development foray of dream for a limited number of humans who are dragon spirited within. Dragon spirited humans generally reside in sacred regions only. Sacred regions occur in many places fostered in lush natural world wonders such as national parklands and forests.


Dragon dreams are sacred dances to foster spirit and soul in a union divine. Dragon dreamers strive for spiritual pursuits of honoring one another and fostering the care of the two or the family of care. Care of the heart is the theme of dragon dreamers. Honoring spirit is another theme of dragon dreams. Spirit is a metaphor for the nonphysical aspects directing the life. Many today do not believe that the nonphysical exist or fear what cannot be perceived through the eyes. The nonphysical is always present and directs the dreams of each in the life. Demons direct the dreams of most. Dragons direct the dreams only of dragon dreamers in this era.


Demon Dreamers of Seduction


Demon dreams are sometimes pleasant but rarely include care of the heart. Seduction is the attractant that draws two together in demon dreams. Seduction is a form of lust that attracts and repels. Often those attracted for a time find themselves repelled at the end of the union. Families of demons often foster one who is dejected as the black sheep in non-seduction of one. The black sheep is a difficult dream for dragons to assume in life. Often a family of demons will deject the one dragon dreamer incarnate in the clan. Demons form clans while dragons form ohana (families of the heart). Dragon ohana dreaming includes everyone and there is no black sheep dejected in the family.


Demons and dragons rarely understand one another through time. Demons think in terms of aspects of persona that like or dislike, accept or reject, respect or disrespect, and dream or un-dream with others through time. Comings and goings and partings of the ways are a part of demon lore fables. Dragons think in terms of honor, unconditional acceptance, forgiveness theory of self and care of the heart. The home is the hearth for dragon dreamers to sustain the family.


Demons in a theme of ohana dragon dreaming often are more kind through time. Dragon dreaming regions sustain demons in a gentler dream. Dragon dreaming regions are becoming smaller in this cycle only to expand in about 30 years time. Dragon dreamers are best to remain in dragon dreaming regions if possible. Dragons foster dejection often in demon dreams. Dejection is a feeling of being unwelcome or unaccepted by others. Often the dejection occurs in a happenstance of self. Demonic self dejects dragons finding a means of depriving them of care of the heart. In polarity, the demon only feels loved if another dragon feels unloved in polarity between two dreams.


Apartheid Between Red Nation and Metaphysical Dream Lore


Humanity is entering a time of deep spiritual reflection upon itself. The self of humanity is accolading a system of apartheid between red nation and metaphysical lore of dream. The apartheid may afflict some red nation tribes in finding their sustenance in gatherings of their own separating more deeply from others in metaphysical pursuits. The dreams of dragons and demons are at an all-time high of strife of conflict. Demon dreaming is considered white bad medicine at this time. Demon dreams often foster greed-based principles as metaphysical concepts. Greed is un-useful to dragon dreamers as it causes poverty and loss in dragon dreaming regions.


White and western humans often adore dragon dreaming regions as celebratory for holiday or vacation themes of life. The values of the property and cost of living rise so greatly in resort regions that are highly prized that the locals only create a living in working multiple jobs for low wages. The underlying resentment can boil over into strikes against the travelers or others investing and profiting more greatly than the local populations. In this era dragon dreaming regions in part may revert back to the locals due to the apartheid motions underway in the world lore of self.


Dragon dreams are not necessarily associated with spiritual mastery. Spiritual mastery dreams are changing in this time period. The red nation lore of medicine wheel or ohana hypothesis has been damaged due to solar and planetary disturbances. Another type of lore is entering the world dream to foster spiritual mastery to new heights of new levels of development. There are two major arcana lore at play for mastery pursuits ahead. Both are eastern in stature as the solar dreams of the east remain undisturbed. Mastery dreams are major arcana fostered in association with the Tarot dreams of life. (Please see “Yogananda Tales of the Heart” in Light Wave 5: Yogi Tales of the Divine for more information.)


Dragon dreamers are family oriented to witness life in an ohana driven fostering. Families fostering connections with spirit often witness dragons as nonphysical realities surrounding the home or in the natural world. Children of dragon dreamers may be enticed with viewing nature spirits in the outdoors and share of their visions through time. Often one parent is gifted at attuning to spirit and may share of stories and themes of the nonphysical dream foyer with children. Families of spirit are a unique happenstance within the dragon dreaming thresholds of life.


Dragon Fable of Fate   


Paisley is a lovely dragon dreamer of older years. Her silver hair glistens in the sun. Her round belly is a soft and gentle place for her two grandchildren to sink into in order to feel loved. Ian and Ulysses are two darling and rambunctious young dragons emerging into their teens in a few years. Paisley is already beginning to miss the younger years that she adored her two grandchildren. No other grandchildren appear possible as her son Jerry is divorcing and choosing never to wed again. Her daughter Isabella is unable to conceive but fostering therapy with a specialist to see what may be possible.


Jerry’s wife Sophia is a difficult demon. She is vicious and often blocks her sons from visiting much with Paisley due to her own conflicts within. Paisley does not understand Sophia but attempts to counsel her to soften the difficult divorce underway. Jerry earns a good living but Sophia is going for blood. She wants the house, the belongings and a large sum each month of alimony that Jerry cannot afford. Fortunately, the attorney has confirmed that the two live in a region that fosters a 50-50 split in a divorce happenstance. Sophia only turns more vicious as the truth is better ascertained about her divorce.


Suddenly Sophia and her two sons disappear. No one knows where they have gone. No one witnessed the three drive off for a soccer match only to not return for a family Sunday meal at Paisley’s gracious home. Jerry is beside himself. The cell phone is turned off. There is nothing other to do than report his two sons and his wife as missing. The media takes flight and photos appear in newspapers and other billboards in town. Jerry is fluxed into a major depression. He cannot sell the home or do anything much outside of work. He cannot eat and drops two clothing sizes from a husky six-foot dark-haired man into a thin and bony structure that barely holds his pants up unless belted tightly.


Paisley is not only worried about the loss of her grandsons but also is concerned about her son Jerry. She notices he is aging rapidly and unable to sleep most nights due to the distress he feels within. Paisley invites him to sleep in his former bedroom for a time and spend more time with her. He moves in finding the home he had shared with his wife and sons unbearable to be with. Just as the court is about to approve his capacity to sell the home and remove his wife from the deed of trust, Sophia returns with two boys in tow. She has returned to claim her share of the property only to depart again soon she states.


Jerry obtains a restraining order to foster his two sons back to their birth home. The courts take action and soon Sophia is unable to depart the state until a resolution is found for the family circumstance. The incapacity to return to her mother’s home is difficult upon Sophia. She feels she should have left her sons with her mother in another state unknown to her marital family. Her mother is not someone Sophia ever chose to share or meet with her husband’s family even at their wedding. Sophia’s mother is a former alcoholic and was an embarrassment unto her in her youth. The deep wounds led her to state that both her parents and grandparents were deceased.


The two boys Ian and Ulysses are distant with their father. For Paisley, she feels that they are not the same two children who departed. They appear different somehow as if it is two other children were brought to her nest and not her grandchildren. Paisley shares how she feels with Jerry. Jerry agrees and an attorney is hired to foster an investigation into his real children’s whereabouts. The two boys with Sophia have different hair colors but not eye colors and speak in voices unfamiliar unto Paisley or Jerry.


The investigator discovers Sophia’s non-deceased mother residing in another state and pays a visit to her home. Two other young men are witnessed there. Photos are taken by a device unknown to Diane, Sophia’s mother. The photos more resemble Ian and Ulysses than the two boys who arrived with their mother. A court case is opened and the judge grants a warrant for the arrest of the two boys along with Diane. The three arrive to a court hearing along with Sophia to discuss what is going on. Ian and Ulysses are teary eyed in viewing Paisley and Jerry. They share that they had no phone and could not remember the home number or Paisley’s home number to call. They are unhappy and unclear as to why Sophia kidnapped them.


Sophia is polite but felt her sons would be removed from her care if she returned with them. She was upset and chose to return to her mother’s home for a time to think her life through. One month turned into two years as she was so un-decisive as to how to approach a return back home unto Jerry having departed with her children out of state. She decided to adopt two step sons that resembled the real children and foster them with her former spouse as if they were the real family members, collecting the funds she desired in order to return to her real children. She is deeply and sincerely afraid of losing custody over her real sons.


The court does not object to her adoption of the two others; just the decision to remove the legal children from her spouse without his agreement. The case is ruled in favor of Jerry who obtains full custody without visitation rights for Ian and Ulysses. Jerry and Paisley are relieved but sad about the fate of Sophia, her mother and the two adopted children. The two adults are to be put in a short-term sentence system with parole. The two adopted children may be returned to other foster care families due to the difficult experience of strife associated with appearing in court. Sophia never sees her sons again.


Years later Jerry meets another beautiful dragon dreamer who is older and very kind. The two wed in a quiet ceremony fostering a space of their own. The two boys are off to college and Jerry feels less troubled about their fate in association with Sophia in their maturity. He suggests that they choose to visit their mother and other grandmother to make amends at some point if they feel called. Neither Ian nor Ulysses wish to rekindle a relationship with Sophia after feeling kidnapped and wounded in the separation of their family. Each is vying to heal a wounded heart that has yet to mend within.


Paisley spends lots of time with Ian and Ulysses to foster an understanding of what to forgive in order to heal the heart from the experience of vast travesty in the family. Ian and Ulysses sincerely appreciate all the talk and stories of life experiences of Paisley and others that she has known through time to foster personal healing. They each do mend to a certain extent but are wary of fostering children with anyone. Ulysses announces he is choosing a gay partnership for life with someone he has met in college at Christmas of his fourth year away from home. Paisley is not surprised but Jerry feels devastated at his son’s choice blaming Sophia for the outcome of his life.


Ian chooses to wed a lovely dragon dreamer in his late twenties. The two are beautiful together and foster a grandchild in their third year of marriage. The child is born early and remains in the hospital for a month in an incubator until deemed safe to return home. Kate stays at the hospital while Ian flows in and out from his job to the hospital until the baby is safe and sound at home and in their arms. The incident triggers his own wounding of the loss of his flavor of family within. Ian seeks out counseling to foster a release into forgiveness of his past plight of the night.


The counselor has a flair of understanding that allows Ian to perceive the incident with Sophia in a new light. He is loved deeply by Sophia who cannot bear to think of losing him and chooses instead to evacuate the two boys into a safe habitat instead. The new perception allows Ian to foster a threshold of forgiveness to begin to release the trauma of his past. His daughter Jennifer grows up a beautiful young dragon dreamer who ignites a flame in his heart fostering a full bloom of his accolade of self again. Ian heals fully within due to the deep love of his daughter who fulfills his heart.


Dragon Fable of Spirit


Kannon is a delightful spirited dragon dreamer. He fosters a degree in nutrition and becomes a gifted clairvoyant who witnesses the diseases of others in the etheric. Kannon’s business as a naturopath and psychic thrives and some foster a certain threshold of healing with his perceptive therapy. He chooses to begin to teach small classes in the evening in his office. The classes grow and soon he fosters a larger office in an older home with wooden floors and a magnitude of elegance. Kannon furnishes the home in part as a sacred shrine of himself to foster the healing of others within.


Camille is a client of Kannon. She fosters the healing of what appears to be a spinal injury from a car accident through his therapy. Camille is drawn to Kannon as a beloved. She seduces him following a kind date and the two lust for one another over the eve. Camille wishes to remain for the weekend but Kannon requires space for his inner focus and meditation time. He packs Camille a delightful bag of nutrients from his practice wears and sends her on her way to an organic café for breakfast. She is perturbed that Kannon will not join her for breakfast and calls him on her cell phone to complain.


Kannon feels guilty and quickly puts on some clothes and walks to the café as it is only a short distance from his practice. The practice has an apartment upstairs where he fosters his private life. Camille suggests he use the whole home and not just the apartment for his livelihood as it is beautiful. Kannon thinks about this from a standpoint of being a very simple male that needs space from his clients for his life sustenance. Camille suggests that the two of them lease another home that is separate. He contemplates this for a time to see if she is the right person for him to live with.


Kannon adores the lovemaking and sensual playfulness of Camille. She is always dressed in something sexy and cute. Her bouncy but long red hair shimmers in the autumn highlights that her hairdresser carefully manicures at a high cost. Her finger nails are adorned with diamonds in a red hue to match her autumn colored hair. Her toe nails always match and she procures recurrent pedicures to keep her feet soft and delightful to touch.


Kannon frequently thinks of Camille finding himself getting aroused. Camille is always on his mind and he misses her when she is away for a holiday of her own for some time with her girlfriends. He ponders if she has other lovers but dismisses it as probably not so. This is so for Camille who entertains three men at a time to retain her sexual interests on high. One man is simply not enough. She ponders how she will retain this flight of fancy if she moves in with Kannon.


Kannon is not the best of lovers that Camille has ever had. Sex is important unto her. Her other lovers rarely entertain the concept of developing a life together. Kannon’s recurrent income is a good potential relief of her need to work so hard to sustain her lifestyle and beautification systems of expense. Kannon enjoys the sex but feels she is unsuitable as a life partnership. He chooses not to move in with Camille.


Camille conceives a child in the spring. Kannon is disturbed as he thought she was on the pill. Camille does not desire a child at this time in life and chooses to abort. Kannon is relieved but also haunted by a baby entity for a year to follow. The child wishes to be born soon and desires Camille or someone else as the mother. The child wishes Kannon’s DNA as a superlative fostering of a dragon dreamer that could master spiritually in life. For Kannon, this is not an unusual experience. For Camille, she thinks he is nuts and chooses to cease to be with Kannon concluding the union.


Kannon misses Camille but feels he must move on with his life. He continues to foster classes as clients come and go. Nina arrives as a delightful and stunning blond in need of healing her neck and shoulders. Kannon treats her with infrared systems of heating elements and certain nutritional substances along with psychic counseling. She is suffering from many nonphysical forces that use her neck as a place to attach. Nina has had one whiplash experience and the neck now always aches. There is a marginal shift due to Kannon’s therapy until one night the two foster a lovemaking encounter. Suddenly Nina is not in pain anymore and desires Kannon as a steady date. In turn Kannon now finds his neck aching frequently.


The lovemaking is unusually delightful for Kannon. Nina enjoys the sex but desires more to be held and massaged. The two negotiate as Nina has taken workshops on partnership and intimate dating suggestions from a nationally syndicated teacher of the subject. She goes through a list of what pleasures her and what does not so that Kannon will understand. She invites Kannon to answer the same questions to foster a better understanding of their unique sensual needs. The entire experience leaves Kannon bleak within. Somehow the magic of what unites the two has been lost and to the famous teacher. He chooses to conclude the union as a result.


Nina disappears and Gabriela arrives upon the scene. Gabriela is more boyish in style and aggressive in the bedroom. Kannon is a tad tired by the light of the morn after a rigorous night under cover with Gabriela pinned underneath him having many orgasms. He marvels at her erotic aptitude but feels drained following. Kannon witnesses a psychic vampire of a female in Gabriela and over time chooses to abate the union from his life. Gabriela fades into another lusty witch of a female who adores making love outside or in unique places in town almost but not really visible to others. Kannon is enticed and drawn into a new union with Yasmin.


Yasmin is a handmaiden of witchery and enjoys Kannon’s psychic perception gifts and talents. She is skilled at spell casting and understanding the cycles of the moon and other interests that Kannon is more entertained by. Yasmin’s clairvoyant skills match his in aptitude. The two are drawn together through the third eye as well as the bedroom along with spiritual practices which appear to align kindly in their two lives. Yasmin desires a child and Kannon witnesses the baby entity around her frequently. Kannon feels Yasmin is the best possible life partner he has met thus far.


The two marry one sunset evening in a sacred ceremony fostered through a minister of their heart. Kannon and Yasmin dance into the night with a few friends in celebration of their choice to wed. Yasmin minds not living above Kannon’s practice and uses some of the home in the evening and weekends to entertain and foster her own aptitude of clientele. Many come to Yasmin for tarot readings or spell casting rituals to alter their life dream. The two choose to teach classes together and the motion gathers more to attend than either could foster alone.


The two foster a child Lilith in four years. Lilith is a beautiful and kind baby girl born with a cleft pallet. Kannon and Yasmin work upon the child endlessly from a psychic perception context. They apply castor oil packs hoping for a full healing to be fostered. There is some change and in time they opt for surgery to correct the face of Lilith into her divine beauty for life. The surgery is not good. The medication damages the child’s brain. Yasmin and Kannon question their guidance incessantly about their choice to opt for surgery. The mind flux is deadened for a time but in the introduction of certain nutrients, sparks again three years later.


The autistic behavior fades and Lilith learns to speak. The love of the three fosters her choice to revive and find the means to be with her parents rather than deject them for choosing for the surgery for beauty over her mindset development. Over time Lilith recovers all of her faculties and by her high school years she is most gifted at school. Her spiritual understanding of life is immense due to her parents’ professions. Others at school are nurtured by Lilith’s perceptions although sometimes find her perspective on life a little too “out there” for their spiritual and Christian focuses.


Lilith studies astrology instead of going to college. She sets up a small practice in association with her parents’ gifts and talents. She succeeds graciously and often has repeat clientele fostering a nice income for a flat of her own. The apartment is decorated in spiritual accolades of dreaming with incense burning into the night along with candles that scent the room. Lilith nearly dies as a fire catches when she falls asleep leaving a candle to melt on the floor. She puts the fire out in time calling the fire department just in case.


Lilith feels awkward in the experience of the fire but finds her center again in the avid counseling of her parents. There is something she needs to clear that will catch fire in her life otherwise, possibly a serious car wreck where she is burnt alive. Lilith fosters forgiveness avoiding the dream of travesty ahead. She departs a union with a man prone to racing his car around town. He dies alone in a sad accident that overturns his car on the freeway. Lilith feels grievous over the incident when the apparition of the young man appears in her hallway each night following. Finally, she and her parents guide him into passing fully into the light and he vacates the premises of her flat.


Kannon and Yasmin are delighted as Lilith fosters a union with a very kind but somewhat older friend of the family. Trey has lost his wife in an accident and desires a new union now that his grief has subsided. He owns a small restaurant of organic flavor that Lilith often dines within alone. Trey finds himself drawn to dining with her on nights that the business is not busy. Lilith flirts exorbitantly in her desire for a mate. The two wed in six months’ time and unexpectedly in a civil ceremony. A sacred ceremony is created for the two on the part of Kannon and Yasmin six months later. Lilith is pregnant and chooses to foster the ceremony soon for her own sake.


The ceremony is planned for the life of the three due to Kannon and Yasmin’s perception over the spells to be incantated for the new family to be. Trey has one other child that is much kinder around Lilith than when alone. Lilith somehow soothes little Sylas into behaving better. The ceremony is a blessed occurrence of a few friends who are wined and dined in organic flair in Trey’s restaurant to follow. The two dances into the night with a local musician of metaphysical lyrical notions in celebration. The song of the union is called “I am the one of the two forever in the forever of myself.” The lyrics accolade a spell and incantation of fostering the union of the two and not the three or four.


Soon Lilith visits home to discuss her strife with little Sylas. He took her matches and caused a fire in the family room burning one of her sacred scarves. She now has removed all her lighters and matches to a place Sylas cannot find them. What is the fire in my life now? She ponders this with her parents. Kannon and Yasmin feel that Sylas should be given up for foster care as he is a disturbance to the incoming baby. The three cast a spell and incant a dream for Sylas to find a family of demons more suited to his nature.


Trey objects to the choice to give up Sylas for foster care. Sylas is turning age eight and will mature out of the ill behavior as the male hormones flow. Let us try putting him in many after school activities that allow him to spin off excessive energies instead so he is more peaceful in the evening, Trey suggests. Lilith sees that an accident is on its way somehow due to Sylas’s presence in her life. Somehow Sylas fosters a pattern she witnessed ahead of time with a former boyfriend who died in a car wreck she could have been present in. Lilith does not wish to foster an accident or any problem of this nature ahead given the soon to be born baby girl.


Trey finds the psychic perception of Kannon and Yasmin interesting but does not wish to live such a life with his new wife. He chooses his son over Lilith and soon she moves back home. Lilith is grateful to depart both Sylas and Trey who has turned out to be a most stubborn older man with little flexibility available to fosters better dreams of the two or the family. Lilith gives birth to a beautiful baby girl Elena. She carries on in her astrology practice receiving some alimony fostering a small home of her own. Lilith and Elena spend many hours with Kannon and Yasmin who enjoy co-parenting their beautiful grandbaby.


Trey often wishes to spend time with Elena too. Lilith is often concerned as he picks her up for the day that the two will foster an accident killing her child. She witnesses the dreams play out frequently and turns her attention to clearing the patterning that arises in both Trey and Elena through time. The accident is offset until Elena turns age sixteen. On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Trey crashes the car killing himself and injuring Elena. Elena is rushed to the hospital and is brought back to life after fostering the healing of her ribs and two broken legs.


Lilith is distraught at the experience as the pattern had been worked upon so many times through the years in raising her daughter. She is sad about the loss of Trey and grateful that Elena can mend. Following some physiotherapy and with youth on her side, Elena recovers all her aptitude to dance. Elena desires to master dance therapy and aid children possibly in mending physical or emotional disturbances through movement. Elena fosters a leading role in a dance theater production that is local. She is highlighted in the press in photos of motion that are beautiful in the expression of who she is within.


Elena fosters many unions through time. Lilith chooses not to marry again and is less and less interested in men. The two are in conflict over male issues. Over time, Lilith transfigures her lifestyle into a gay partnership with a beautiful and older female who deeply resonates with her psychic gifts and talents as a fellow astrologer. The two motion to co-publish a book of a unique perspective of astrology that is masterful in its perceptions of key aspects in any chart through time. The book is published and the two foster some interest which leads to workshops in their region. Some travel quite a distance to attend due to the unique work the two fosters in the public eye.


Elena is upset at the gay union of her mother. She finds it difficult to share of her mother’s choice with each new boyfriend that she finds herself between the sheets of. Elena is sensual but wishes a lifelong mate. Wyatt arrives in her life and appears to be the one. He is entertaining and sensual and gifted at making a good living as a salesman with large bonuses. Elena is poor but is a dancer of great beauty, talent, grace and wit. Wyatt would prefer someone professional but is delighted with her presence that somehow soothes him in the daily stress of meeting the goals of his sales manager.


Wyatt proposes and the two are wed in a unique island happenstance in an adroit hotel of gentleness. Some friends join the two, and Wyatt flies Lilith without her partner to the gathering. Lilith is upset that her beloved and partner cannot attend her own daughter’s wedding. She confronts Elena upon arrival upsetting her into tears. Now she feels distraught on her wedding day, she voices unto her mother. The two make amends and the wedding day unfolds peacefully without much glamour to match the region that the vows are exchanged within. Lilith feels that the union is somehow cursed due to the lack of care of the two over her life and with one another. She ponders her daughter’s choice in a mate as he seems so unloving in stature.


Elena fades in size and weight over time developing MS symptoms. Kannon treats her continuously with various nutrients in an attempt to offset her declining physical structure. She is unable to conceive and soon Wyatt finds delight in another lover. In time he chooses to divorce in a heartless flavor due to his inability to find compassion for the ailments of his wife. He desires a child he states, and waltzes off marrying another shortly after the divorce is finalized. A child is quickly conceived.


Elena is heartbroken and dies a few years later unable to recover her loss of self. Lilith, Kannon and Yasmin mourn the loss of Elena but also experience her frequently as a nonphysical guide. Somehow the loss of her is less painful in the continued experience of her presence fostering the flavor of the care of the heart. Elena continues to work from a nonphysical stature for years ahead fostering support of her mother and grandparents in a new manner of divine oscillations dream.


Dragon Summary         


The beauty of the dragon dreamer is the possibility of a beautiful life of love and care of the heart to experience and express. The dragon dreamers are a caring breed of human that fosters unity and oneness in a paradigm of the heart accolade of self. The dragon dreamers are lovely humans who share of themselves in all ways possible to foster forgiveness within. The dragon dreamers are a sincere oscillation of truth in a refraction of potential mastery of self. Mastery of self takes flight as dragon dreamers motion into major arcana paradigm of life fulfillment.


Dragon dreamers are lovely people to know who care about even those who are demons in nature. Demons sometimes ignite potential strife in oscillations of insincerity of possessiveness to nurture one and not the other or the group. Possessiveness expresses itself in many manners in life. Some may take it so far as to kidnap another or oscillate a motion that segregates and apartheids friends and family of care in the life. Possessiveness can also flux as narcissistic behavior that fails to consider the needs and requirements of others.


Demons are often difficult for dragon dreamers to understand or anticipate the actions of. Sometimes demons foster accidents or dreams of strife of illness upon others. Demons tend to possess and care and reject others in counterbalance. Dejection can be experienced as accidents or disease through time. Dejection is a loss of self that triggers a deep affliction of non-care within. Non-care within fosters disease or the choice to exit the physical through death.


Dragon dreamers foster lengthy lives of fulfillment of dream together. Those that marry witness beautiful children and magical moments in time together if each is a dragon dreamer of the heart. Demons in dragon families do cause turmoil until they either mature and leave the nest or are departed from. Dragon dreams of spirit sometimes foster those who are psychic or masters of fate dreaming dreams that they desire through intention to forgive the karma in the life.


Dragon dreamers of spirit sometimes foster an understanding of what transpires before life and after death along with the perception of the etheric condition and karmic tapestry associated with all dreams. Spirit directs the life to flow in syncopation with oscillations of the divine aligning the life into new forensics of field that motion the dreams onward and into continued moments of deep beauty. Dragon dreamers of spirit foster beauty in each that they touch and if they can.


Dragon Beauty


The beauty of the dragon

Is a care of the heart

To be present

To witness the life

As an unfolding of Spirit

In an oscillation Divine

In a rapture of the many

As the Beloved within

Is experienced

Through time

In the heart accolade of Self


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For My Beloveds throughout Time and Space

Pure Love


The Inspiration for this treatise on the Forever Love between Twin Flames and Divine Counterparts.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 3: Divine Counterpart and Twin Relationship. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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