Image of a pristine island in the middle of the ocean. Transcending Competition and Disunity

Chapter 3: Transcending Competition and Disunity


Releasing Mechanical and Fear Based Thoughtform    


This chapter and the entire Workbook 2 are devoted to working upon key emotional patterns that lead to disunity and discordant relationships in the dance of life. Bringing the biological ascension along is the first step; the next is to work upon the emotional triggers that cause life to be less than unity based and in the flow. Unity creates a flow that allows for a dance in which humans relate harmoniously together, and do not step upon one another’s toes. The reason for this is much like ballroom dance; each knows where their feet belong in the dance of unity and in so being, move around one another gracefully and in harmony. Unity based dreams will cause the flow and harmony; all that is required is to attune to the dream and broadcast it unto others, and so divine timing and magic can become one’s way of being.


What is divine timing? Divine timing is a syncopation of dream that allows all to align with one another and dance in sync together. Those attending our Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) events and learning to come into the flow understand exactly what this translates into; it translates into harmony and magical times together. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


Once long ago, this is how all humans danced together in your ancient red tribes. As each strives to release the discordant patterns within that cause another type of dance that is less than harmonious or dissonant, one can begin to emerge into the unity and create magical times instead. As those who are ascending learn to weave a dream of unity and magic, one’s field and thoughtform will pull in others for the ride and you will manifest the joy and magic you are searching for with others and in most other encounters.


However, in order for this to become so, each must confront one’s discordant thoughtform within. Most discordant thoughtform is held in place by childhood trauma of one sort or another, and as the trauma is released through forgiveness and a new inner family constructed, the foundation from which one is operating can shift towards unity. One’s childhood memories can be compiled and edited just as one may edit a document upon the computer. As new childhood memories are constructed from peaceful, loving and unity-based circumstances that occurred in parallel lives, then the foundation that one stands upon adjusts accordingly. Then one is more likely also to create peaceful, loving and unity-based experiences in the dance of life as this is all one has memory of in this lifetime.


There are also ancestral experiences that parallel childhood trauma; this is recorded in the cellular structure. As the cellular trauma from ancestral experiences is released in parallel to the inner family healing, then the associated part of the body can ascend into the crystalline blueprint. In so doing, ancestral records of trauma are also erased allowing a strengthening of one’s new foundation of unity. So, working upon childhood trauma is a good way also to ascertain ancestral trauma and create a complete ascension through a thorough release of all karma associated with any given vibration one has ascended into. Read more