Image of a pristine island in the middle of the ocean. Transcending Competition and Disunity

Chapter 3: Transcending Competition and Disunity


Releasing Mechanical and Fear Based Thoughtform    


This chapter and the entire Workbook 2 are devoted to working upon key emotional patterns that lead to disunity and discordant relationships in the dance of life. Bringing the biological ascension along is the first step; the next is to work upon the emotional triggers that cause life to be less than unity based and in the flow. Unity creates a flow that allows for a dance in which humans relate harmoniously together, and do not step upon one another’s toes. The reason for this is much like ballroom dance; each knows where their feet belong in the dance of unity and in so being, move around one another gracefully and in harmony. Unity based dreams will cause the flow and harmony; all that is required is to attune to the dream and broadcast it unto others, and so divine timing and magic can become one’s way of being.


What is divine timing? Divine timing is a syncopation of dream that allows all to align with one another and dance in sync together. Those attending our Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) events and learning to come into the flow understand exactly what this translates into; it translates into harmony and magical times together. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


Once long ago, this is how all humans danced together in your ancient red tribes. As each strives to release the discordant patterns within that cause another type of dance that is less than harmonious or dissonant, one can begin to emerge into the unity and create magical times instead. As those who are ascending learn to weave a dream of unity and magic, one’s field and thoughtform will pull in others for the ride and you will manifest the joy and magic you are searching for with others and in most other encounters.


However, in order for this to become so, each must confront one’s discordant thoughtform within. Most discordant thoughtform is held in place by childhood trauma of one sort or another, and as the trauma is released through forgiveness and a new inner family constructed, the foundation from which one is operating can shift towards unity. One’s childhood memories can be compiled and edited just as one may edit a document upon the computer. As new childhood memories are constructed from peaceful, loving and unity-based circumstances that occurred in parallel lives, then the foundation that one stands upon adjusts accordingly. Then one is more likely also to create peaceful, loving and unity-based experiences in the dance of life as this is all one has memory of in this lifetime.


There are also ancestral experiences that parallel childhood trauma; this is recorded in the cellular structure. As the cellular trauma from ancestral experiences is released in parallel to the inner family healing, then the associated part of the body can ascend into the crystalline blueprint. In so doing, ancestral records of trauma are also erased allowing a strengthening of one’s new foundation of unity. So, working upon childhood trauma is a good way also to ascertain ancestral trauma and create a complete ascension through a thorough release of all karma associated with any given vibration one has ascended into.


What Is Competition?   


Competition is a state of being that pits one against the other out of judgment and superiority. Those that judge themselves better than another are in competition with the other; those that judge themselves less than another are also in competition with the other. Therefore, competition encompasses both the superior and inferior position in the dance of life. In order to transcend, one must embrace a new thoughtform of unconditional acceptance in lieu of all judgmental patterns.


Unconditional acceptance is a state of being that embraces one another as each other is. In order to embody unconditional acceptance, one must peel away the layers of armoring and masks that one wears and allow the emergence of the authentic self. It is in the authentic self that one begins to embrace oneself as one is, and in so doing, then can embrace all others as they are. This is a state that one knew in early childhood before one became conditioned to be in fear or behave outside of one’s authentic self.


Most humans try and accommodate others to one degree or another; the accommodation of others creates a form of mask and a set of personality entities that dance with the field causing one to behave in a particular way to please or control others but is not true to the authentic self. Most of such behavior is learned in childhood and teenage years along with early adulthood in response to those appearing in authority over one’s life, such as teachers, parents, bosses or other adults.


The mask that most wear to accommodate the needs of others rarely feels good; for one is denying their real and true self in the dance. Generally, in any relationship, there is one who bends to an extreme to accommodate the other. In particular this is so for red nation and Anu relationships. Those who are red nation at heart and have been in relationship unto those of Anu archetypal nature may well understand this. In the union, one becomes what the Anu need and not who you are. Ascension brings about peeling away the layers of programming that causes one to compromise oneself for another, and then the true self can begin to emerge. As the true self emerges, it not only feels good but one learns to stand in one’s truth and follow one’s heart’s desire in the dance of life.


The Nature of Competition     


It is out of competition that we bend to the will of another and become who they need us to be. Now this may not appear like competition, but so it is. For it is out of feeling unworthy or inferior that one bends to the will of another. For those of red nation inheritance, you were born feeling as though you had no value other than what you could contribute to another. The other was the all-important one and self is to be sacrificed. In the sacrifice of self, one bends to the will of another becoming what they need us to be rather than standing strong in our truth.


Self-sacrifice is not only a behavioral pattern; it is also an energetic phenomenon. Self-sacrifice often causes one to give records for regeneration and health or karma for a good dream and a happy life to another and take on records of disease, depression or strife in the exchange. This also is red nation nature, to give of oneself to a point of one’s own demise. Why would anyone do such a thing? Well, the patterning is unconscious and held in place through so many ancestral experiences, it is difficult to alter the dance without releasing enough of the karma at cause of why one self sacrifices.


It is out of competition that one self sacrifices. The one who receives the benefit of what you give them believes themselves superior and worthy of the better dream for the good life of health and happiness; and you the unworthy one deserves to be diseased or live a life of struggle or misery, failing to fulfill upon the dreams that one desires. How and why did this come to be? This sense of superiority vs. inferiority? The pattern is really a master slave thoughtform anchored upon Earth by the Anu in the breeding of their slave nation. The Anu considered themselves of course superior unto the slaves and could use them anyway that they desired.


Over time, the red nations’ peoples were pulled into the Anu slave manifestation planes and dream. Especially this was so for those red nations’ humans that lived with the Anu in close proximity, such as Persephone, Rosetti and Athena’s red nation spouse (known as Onton). For those of red nation nature, they related unto the Anu from the point of view of being inferior and a slave and someone to be used and controlled in the unconscious. As a result, each of the above cast of characters fell into sacrificing of themselves for the Anu. Those related unto them tend to do the same today.


The Nature of Anu Bridge Patterning         


The Anu struggled with regenerating themselves along with ongoing bouts of depression. The regeneration of the Anu failed over time and in particular after the ice shields broke; for they had lost their special pyramids used for rejuvenating the form as they sank under the ocean. As a result, the Anu chose to create energetic pyramids of global proportions by moving electrical chi through their slaves. The Anu altered the pull of the moon to cause their slaves to breed en masse; then through billions of slaves, the Anu regenerated themselves depressing their dreams of death and disease upon the slaves, and stripping the dreams of love and life from them.


Over time even the slaves were not enough to regenerate the Anu adequately; and so, some of the Anu chose to marry red nation peoples or take on red nation lovers. In the sexuality between the Anu and a few red nations’ peoples, the Anu tapped into entire tribes related to their lovers or spouses. The tribes then were treated like the slaves taking on dreams of death and disease and transferring unto the Anu dreams of life and love. The red nations’ spouses or lovers did not understand that this is what was occurring in the unconscious, however most became either mentally or physically ill over time.


The Anu created an ongoing sour music that was a result of the blending of electrical and magnetic tones of creation. The sour music translated into sour dreams that led to depression, boredom and even paranoia in the case of Merduk or Innana who extended their lives too long. Rosetti continuously healed Innana and Apollo, her spouse. The end result was that Rosetti became so depressed, and after a hundred years of such a state, chose to commit suicide after which Merduk obtained the body and drank the blood for his own regenerative purposes. This is a correction to the original section on Rosetti from Chapter 3 Workbook 1 where it appeared that Merduk bled her to death; further records have been revealed showing that she committed suicide and he then took of her blood.


The depression Rosetti, Persephone and Onton experienced in a recurrent fashion was the result of taking on the sour dreams of their Anu partners. Often those related to Rosetti, Persphone or Onton take on depression of others of Anu descent or archetypal nature in present time. This is an example of sacrificing the good dreams and good karma for the sour dreams and sour karma of another and then experiencing the sour dream as depression and a lack of fulfillment or boredom. As those that take on sour dreams of others cease to do so, retrieving and recasting the dream to be one of fulfillment and joy, then the depression can lift and the life can change for the better.


Depression can also be related to hormonal imbalances in the nervous system. Working with the herb St. John’s Wort along with many others that support the ascension of the nervous system is one way to balance the hormonal system so that biochemical depression lifts. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 6 Chapter 14 “Language of Light Tri Tones and Herbs” for more information.) Biochemical depression causes thoughtform that is sour or electro-magnetic (half Pleiadian, half Sirian thoughtform) to catch upon the brain causing one to think depressing, helpless and hopeless thoughts. As the biochemistry is altered to attune unto Language of Light instead, one begins to think thoughts of greater hope and possibility leading to a lifting of the depression through biological ascension.


Bridges between Anu and red nations’ spouses or lovers co-created an extensive shared energy flow together that extended the life of the Anu. The energy would flip flop from magnetic to electrical in nature between the two. The electromagnetic pulsations running between the two led to sour music that also distorted the relationship. Innana often had fights with Rosetti. Apollo also was unhappy in his marriage to Rosetti. Persephone was endearing to Merduk in the beginning but they had a love-hate type of relationship as she matured more and asserted herself. Onton had long bouts of depression and listlessness that Athena II did not understand. Those creating archetypal relationships like this in present time may experience parallel types of depression or anger in the union.


In the bridge patterning, one sacrifices of one’s regeneration and spiritual knowledge unto the one of Anu inheritance and takes on sour or depressing energy flow in exchange. Therefore, those in this type of dance should vie to retrieve their spiritual and regenerative knowledge and return the sour music at cause of depression or boredom in the dance of life creating separate and sovereign fields. Transcending the need to sacrifice oneself at all however is the underlying dance that requires attention unto in one’s spiritual mastery.


The Authentic Self         


Self-sacrifice can be expressed in many ways. Another manner of sacrificing of self is to do what another wants when the body clearly desires to do something else. Most children are raised in circumstances at school where they have to do what the teacher wishes most of the day and barely have an opportunity to do what they might like to do in the physical. This conditions the child to sacrifice of self to each future authority figure ahead. Today it is perhaps even worse with children entering school at age 2 and 3 and being forced to learn to read and write before they enter kindergarten.


For some of you, childhood memories of freedom to play outdoors did occur and this is a good place to start to begin to acknowledge one’s authentic self. The authentic self is expressed in a variety of age ranges within one’s inner family. As each works to clear trauma that did not allow one to self-express in childhood or teenage years, then the expression of the authentic self can come forward in the now. One might think of the authentic self as the inner children, teenagers, adult and parents each being able to freely express through oneself when appropriate in the dance of life. In order for this to come to be so, each part of one’s inner family requires cleansing of trauma that stunted one’s self expression at an earlier time in one’s life.


Self expression is often the largest sacrifice that one makes in order to conform to the needs of others around oneself, whether this be at home, in the marriage, with one’s children, with friends or at work. Generally, it is the freedom to freely express that is repressed in childhood as parents and adults often dislike enthusiasm and too much noise. Children are noisy as they are excited and full of life. Soon and over time all the excitement and life is snuffed out giving away to someone who can sit and listen and learn to read, write and do math, but has lost their enthusiasm for existence. As one heals the inner child, the enthusiasm you felt for life and nature at an earlier time will return and be expressed as passion in the dance of life. The recovery of one’s passion for life is a part of the expression of the authentic self.


How was passion for life lost over time? In teenage years, there were many hopes and dreams for an exciting and fulfilling future. Often these dreams were discouraged by parents or teachers leading to non-pursuit of the desired goal. Or perhaps if one did pursue a particular goal, but it was not what the body really wished to do. One initiate whom we shall name Enzo wanted to be a mountain climber and teach groups about the outdoors; this dream went to his brother who fulfilled upon it while Enzo became first a chef (his grandfather’s dream) and later an engineer (his wife’s dream).


The chef career was to take Enzo to Europe or some place exciting he could live; this too never manifest. Instead, he married Hestia in archetype, became depressed, gave up his dreams of the mountains to pursue a degree in engineering so that he could earn over $100,000 per year to sustain Hestia’s needs. The electricity of the engineering job was making Enzo ill and Earth ascertains that he would already be dead of liver cancer if not for the choice to ascend.


Another initiate whom we shall call Lucia would have loved to become a chiropractor or counselor and would have been good at either occupation. Although she fulfilled upon a degree in psychology, the family dream pressed her back into printing and computer graphics, and later causing her to manage the family business. This caused her to also become depressed due to the dance between Rosetti and Innana, as Lucia’s mother had Innana archetype and continuously pressed her sour dreams upon Lucia. The only other dream Lucia could pursue was real estate, which was her mother’s dream. This was more liberating in the beginning but it was not until she bridged into her work with high school students as a career and college counselor that her real goal of becoming the counselor was fulfilled upon and brought her body great joy.


For both Per and Asur’Ana, each compromised their authentic self to participate in the former occupations that they worked at and relationships that they had, until they broke free and chose to fulfill upon their dreams of becoming spiritual teachers. When Per first came to be with Asur’Ana, his former persona required breaking down so that he could move into his authentic self.


What followed was spiritual boot camp under the guidance of Dara to break down the persona enough so that the real Per could emerge. This took many months of hard work but produced someone who could surrender and channel spirit as a spiritual teacher and later counselor for those in the school. For channeling Earth, nature and soul requires first the foundation of the authentic self to be present; through which then the spirit world can freely channel through what it has to say without interference.


The authentic self hides behind layers of programming and patterning associated with one’s occupation and life history. The longer one has worked in a particular endeavor, the more rock solid the programming can be. However, Per is an example from Mother Earth’s point of view of the fact that even those in their 50’s can release the box and step out into the authentic self. Therefore, releasing the masks and boxes that confine one into behavior, duty, obligation and relationships that do not serve can be transcended in any age allowing the emergence of the authentic self and then a life of greater joy to be born.


How Masks, Machines and Programming Work  


Humans wear masks which hide the authentic self. Masks can sometimes appear much as what they are known upon the physical plane; something that covers one’s face. The mask is created from an etheric shield that then descends over the face or body and appears a certain way associated with a group of personality entities that are channeled. As the mask descends, one plays the role that the personality entities were designed for. If one is to be a helpful servant, then this is the mask and persona that enters the field and drives the behavior; if one is to be the good student, then this is the mask and persona that steps forward causing the associated behavior; if one is to act as the nasty ogre in power, then this too is the mask and persona that steps forward in the associated behavior.


Most human behavior at two DNA segments is nothing but masks and persona driven and there is little authentic self available, except perhaps in play and when adults allow their inner children to shine through. Many adults however are so serious that there is no inner child left other than one that is well disciplined (is seen but not heard). As ascension takes off, the masks are dismantled along with the personality that drives them. This is accomplished more or less in the ascent to 1,024.


What follows in continued ascent is confronting another type of system from an earlier time period in one’s ancestry that also interferes with the expression of the authentic self. Whereas the mask and persona dance is a two segment phenomenon, mechanized rings of thoughtform and personality entities drive human behavior after 1,024 is mastered. The karma for this type of personality system is from the Atlantean and pre-Atlantean time period in which humans fell from rotational fields to mechanical fields in the dance of technology that parallels present time human civilization.


Many Lemurian ancestors relocated to Atlantis over time much as Hawaiians have moved to the mainland today. Atlantis was a time of great travel and relocation that had not been possible prior to this era due to a lack of technology. Even the Native American Root Race left the European continent upon large boats that had been hand crafted from wood. During Atlantis, planes, trains and automobiles equivalent to what has developed today or better also existed. Humans could move from one continent to another in ease, or travel back and forth in short time periods as a result. This caused folk from Atlantis to move to Lemuria as well.


Those Lemurian ancestors that moved to Atlantis lost their rotational flow and moved into mechanical behavior and patterns. In the mechanization, ascension became difficult or came forth in a false sense. This too is another cause of false ascension in the history of Earth. It is for this reason that Terra will not allow mechanical fields to move beyond 2,200 segments in present time; as otherwise what is created is false ascensions without boundaries and law that can be used by dark forces to destroy Earth. Therefore, the pathway for ascension requires releasing all mechanical thoughtform as it came to be within one’s Lemurian or other red nation ancestors.


About Mechanical Thoughtform and Behavior Programming


The mechanical thoughtform is dismantled in the ascent from 1,024 to 3,000 segments and gives birth to the authentic self. Mechanical thoughtform consists of loops of machines that sit in the field and associated programming within the etheric body. The programming is a string of commands in the form of beads of cause and effect that are interconnected like a chain or necklace. Each bead holds emotionally charged images from this life or one’s ancestral experiences. When the necklace engages, it calls forth a particular set of personality entities and a machine to function within the field. The machine and personality entities then elicit a particular emotional response, behavior or action upon the physical plane.


In order to release any given machine, the entire loop of mechanical thoughtforms associated must be disbanded and transmuted. Most thoughtform loops come in groups of 7, 12 or 18 depending upon the level of deprogramming one is working upon. The closer to 3,000 segments one masters, the larger the number of thoughtforms are strung together within any machine and mechanical behavior associated. It is for this reason that we have provided a checklist of thoughtform in Chapter 2 of Workbook 1 and Chapter 2 of Workbook 2 to better understood and be able to diagnose the loops that require releasing in order to move beyond mechanical behavior and into the authentic self.


The machines and programs within the field are replaced with movement that is rotational and associated with the Language of Light colors and shapes as well as sounds. Mechanical sounds tend to be electrical and sour in nature. An electrical mechanized field therefore creates sour music as it spins. Sounds that are magnetic and rotational create a beautiful symphony in the field. This is one way that one’s level of mastery is discerned; by the sound that one’s field rotation makes as it spins. Also, the colors and clarity of field are assessed in dreamtime.


In order to release the programs and machines associated with mechanical and persona-based behavior, one will erase the beads of cause and effect that attach to the etheric body first and through focus and intention. The pale lavender tone of divine union is useful for this purpose. The beads themselves are actually related to the ownership signatures discussed in earlier volumes of the Ascension Insights series.


Certain mechanical thoughtforms are associated with certain false gods and the planes that have been used to manipulate humanity since the fall of Atlantis. As one transcends mechanical thoughtform, one releases association with the planes of the false gods which is associated with the Kumara based thoughtform of fear, lust, greed, judgment, death, pain and suffering. This then also gives birth to the authentic self that can experience a life of greater peace and joy ahead.


As the beads of the programs are erased, then the spinning of the field can dissipate the machines associated. Taking the time to focus upon spinning up the field as one releases each program is a useful tool to assure that the entire machine or group of machines is transmuted. One can use any of the ascension meditation recordings that Asur’Ana has recorded for this purpose; or take a gentle 30 to 45 minute walk or swim. Machines can self recreate and for this reason it is important to intend to transmute all machines that are associated in any given loop of behavioral programming.


As you erase the old mechanical thoughtform, it is important to release the personality entities associated by breaking all agreements to dance with them and flushing them down the Aurora through one’s grounding chakras. Then one can intend to integrate the new or Language of Light thoughtform in place of what one is releasing. The new information flows from the Oversoul down the chakras above the head and into the crown region where it is then received by the akashic record keeper. The record keeper then adds tones to one’s library of knowledge and launches new energy flow that is rotational to replace the machines that one is dissipating. This is how transformation out of mechanical states of being occurs, allowing the authentic self to emerge.


For those that must continue to live in a mechanical world of others at work or with family, one will learn a magnetic field rotation that will press back upon others that which is not of one’s own thoughtform. This energy flow is mastered generally around 3,000 segments and is known as Beehive energy movement. The Beehive energy movement creates a strong field rotation that repels electrical straight-line movement, returning it to sender or dissipating it as it enters the field. This then creates the boundaries necessary to continue to live in a mechanical world and carry on in the ascent.


Flower of Life & Beehive (WB 2, Ch 2)


Electro-Magnetic Programs and Mechanical Loops       


In order to master Beehive flow, there is another level of programming to be released that appears amongst those who have been primarily magnetic in this lifetime or have magnetic ancestors. Those who are more magnetic than electrical will have a different formation of programs that are electromagnetic in nature. These programs appear as interlinked Figure-8 patterning that does create a Flower of Life energy flow that is similar to Beehive, but without the middle loop that creates balance. Therefore, competition and jealousy will occur amongst those spinning Figure-8 energy flow due to the imbalance within the flow itself.


Let us take a single Figure-8 as an example. One end of the “8” can be larger than the other due to more chi being upon one side than the other. This will create one that is “greater than” and one that is “lesser than” leading to the same competitive patterns as amongst those who run straight lined machines in the field. In parallel, straight lined machines will tend to either give or take chi causing a parallel “greater than” or “lesser than” or master slave dance between humans.


In order to step out of the game of being either larger than life or smaller than life, one balances out the chi to sustain a size of field related to one’s mastery in ascension, or in other terms, create a field that expands only from the chi generated by the rotation of the molecules and the movement of the kundalini through the etheric body. This is how one steps out of being larger or smaller in field size; by generating just the right size field founded upon mastery. The right sized field will hold power and truth and one will begin to relate to others from the vantage point of equality.


How does one deprogram Figure 8-flow? In parallel to other psychic machinery, each group of Figure-8 flow will have programming in the etheric body that are also beads of cause and effect strung together into a chain. As the beads engage, a particular rotation of Figure-8 flow will move in the field calling a particular set of personality entities to enter. The persona and pattern then elicit a particular behavior, emotional charge or action upon the physical plane.


To remove Figure-8 programming, one must first erase the beads of cause and effect in the etheric body. The beads of cause and effect may have childhood memories of trauma recorded within them; or they may have ancestral life trauma recorded that parallels. As the beads of cause and effect are erased, then the Figure-8 flow can be altered to a new pattern of the Triple Lotus. The Triple Lotus patterning will spin a completely magnetically charged thoughtform associated with the Language of Light.


Embracing Triple Lotus Flow (WB 2, Ch2)


About Personality Entities and Machinery


Every level of mechanization, whether it is straight lined or Figure-8 will have its own set of personality entities associated. The human vessel is a channel of Spirit. As such, each is at choice about what one allows to flow through the field and what does not. Any entity or group of entities that are negative, project harmful thoughts, or are condescending and judgmental of self or others need not be engaged with. Long ago, Asur’Ana discovered that all the negative entities that would cause her to feel ashamed and incompetent need not be channeled.


The body commands the nonphysical. However, the nonphysical have been dominant for so long and humans in such great forgetfulness that one may subordinate to the nonphysical rather than taking command and charge over the field and what you will or will not let through. As each chooses to take charge, one can then prune the personality to foster your ascension and support you in your journey until at some point, you transcend personality entities all together. This requires about 3,000 segments in mastery to accomplish, but as it is so, then you will foster channeling of Ancestors, Nature and Mother Earth as well as Soul in lieu of all personality.


Personality entities are fractured bits of soul that are so small that they are in fear or trauma and know very little. Even the persona in more joyful states such as those that engage while one dances, feels fulfilled out in nature, or enjoys a particular preoccupation are still limited in the capacity to guide an evolving human. It is therefore better to release the personality that is negative and non-supportive altogether, and then work your way to releasing all other personality entities over time creating another form of channeling that involves the ancestors.


It is the ancestors in particular that have interest in ascending humans and agreements to guide the individual life for the purposes of evolution Home. You can call forward the more ancient ancestors to guide you now, even if you still are loaded with mechanical programs and the personality associated. Gradually and over time and as each program is disbanded, and each group of personality entities removed, you will move to a place of only attuning to the ancestors, Earth, nature and soul in the day to day life.


The channeling required for working with the ancestors is a Triple Lotus pattern. Ancestors attune to the Language of Light in the field and then can work with you and communicate through you in the dance of life. Some ancestors will channel through Figure-8 patterning; however, the most neutral ancestors will work through the Triple Lotus movement of any initiate’s field. Mother Earth and nature also attune better to the Triple Lotus for communication purposes, and so this is also for soul and the creator that envisions the dream for the life.


About the Language of the Nonphysical     


All kingdoms and all nonphysical are choosing the Language of Light as the primary language for all communication. The Language of Light is a magnetic series of tones that elicits balanced communication that is non-judgmental and unity based. Any communication that is judgmental in nature is not communicated in the Language of Light. Upon Earth, there are thousands of languages in the human kingdom along within the many species originating from other creations. Electrical based languages in particular elicit the greatest judgment and the greatest competition.


Magnetic languages create the greatest neutrality and acceptance of all of life. Some magnetic languages however are so strong in the pull that they too elicit judgment. So, this can be for the Arcturian language associated with Arcturian DNA in particular. It is the Sirian language that is closest to the Language of Light; and yet the Language of Light is a modification of Sirian thoughtform, and not as it was originally seeded in the Grand Masters upon Earth. Those attuning unto the Language of Light will discover that the language itself assists in balancing the field. A balanced field creates non-judgment and a non-competitive state of being. For in balance, there is no greater than or lesser than, or smaller or larger; each are equal regardless of level of mastery.


The Beehive flow co-creates group unity by causing each to relate in equality; without anyone puffing themselves up to be greater than life; or shrinking down to be the doormat of the group. In the Beehive flow, each receives equal chi to what they give leading to a field size founded upon level of mastery rather than an artificial acquisition of chi. It is the acquisition of excessive chi that causes humans to puff themselves to sit on top of the pyramid in western geometry, or sit on the outside of the box in eastern geometry. As each moves out of the paradigm of pyramids and boxes and the associated machines or Figure-8 flow that is mechanical, then one can transcend into another way of being that sustains equality rather than competition in the dance of life.


The nonphysical attunes to the language that one is running. If the language is competitive, then one will draw to oneself nonphysical forces that like to compete; like to shame you causing you to shrink to nothing, or like to inflate you into believing you are bigger than life. Therefore, taking a look at what languages you tend to run in your inheritance is a good place to begin; and then the conscious choice to edit the languages, purging all of those from foreign creations that cause judgment is the next step; and replacing all associated thoughtform with the Language of Light the third step. This shall tend then to draw nonphysical that also speaks the Language of Light, and such forces will tend to be more unity based and therefore are better suited to guiding ascending humans in their spiritual lessons.


The Nature of Ascending Soul


The nonphysical field of any human is a combination of machines and programs, moving energy systems, personality entities, ancestors and soul and angels. Soul and angels have multiple purposes within an ascending field. Soul is present to release parallel karma and thoughtform as the physical is also releasing in the ascent. Soul too has become mechanized and is working its way into more conscious fabric in clearing the same mechanical patterns that the physical fell into overtime and in the many falls in consciousness upon Earth. As humans transcend mechanical ways of being, so does soul accomplish the same goal. Soul does not press its mechanization into human fields however; this is held outside and in another reality where soul recasts itself, and generally this occurs in the Aurora of Earth at this time.


Soul and in particular the Oversoul that sits at the end of the source chakras above one’s head has the job of assisting humans in all spiritual lessons. The Oversoul will send communications through angels in the Language of Light. These communications can be attuned unto during meditation or during dreamtime while asleep. The communications are a broadcast of understanding of the spiritual lessons one is learning at this time, or near future lessons to be learned ahead.


In recent months and due to ongoing problems of humans reaching their Oversoul, there is now a tether from the first source connection chakra above the head to the Oversoul and Creator above this. Ascending humans can follow this tether to commune and connect with one’s Oversoul and Creator. The Oversoul also oversees all genetic records one is gathering and assists in compiling them for continued ascension. New genetic records descend each night down one’s source chakras to be gathered by the akashic record keeper and then added to the ascension grid work around the etheric skin. This is the purpose of one’s Oversoul.


Above the Oversoul is the Creator. The Creator holds the dream and vision for the life experience upon the physical plane as well as the dream for the ascent of the body. It is the Creator that one works with each night in dreamtime to assist in weaving the best possible dream for the life and continued ascent. The Creator also assists in holding proper boundaries of true spiritual law within the field. The Creator is a new aspect that has been cast by the Tao to assist in supporting human evolution. There is a tether from the Oversoul to the Creator so that one may consciously commune during meditation by following the cord up one’s source connection chakras. The Creator will offer communication surrounding guidance for the dream for one’s life, ascent and health.


Angels come in many forms and assist in the spinning of one’s field as well as recasting any damaged part of the etheric body, chakra system, subtle bodies or dreamtime light body self. Sometimes ascending humans have bad ascension days due to difficult karmic encounters that may have violated parts of the field. It is the Angels that assist in reweaving the field for continued ascension during dreamtime and as you retire for the night. Forgiveness and a willingness to release karma with the associated party are paramount to the process of recasting. Without forgiveness or the release of karma, the Angels cannot reweave the field. Therefore, the intention to forgive and release will allow the Angels then to do their job during recasting in the temples each night.


The recasting Angels generally work at night or during meditation time. Those Angels that support and sustain the field rotation remain with the field during the day only and then are replaced by the recasting Angels as you retire for sleep or meditate. There is now a tether from the chakra just under one’s feet to the healing temples in the Aurora. One can trace this tether to find one’s way to the healing temples before retiring and to request the recasting Angles to reweave one’s field overnight in support of the continued ascent.


Sometimes there is interference in the attempt to connect to the healing temples, and this is one of the reasons that Earth has created a tether so that each may find their way more of the time and receive the healing offered. Sometimes barriers in the form of machines or planes can formulate under the home preventing one from reaching the healing temples. Sometimes Angels that are not from Mother Earth can enter the field and add mechanisms that are non-supportive of ascension or block the recasting process. Intending to remove the machines and planes along with non-Mother Earth based angels will correct the problem. Then one can reach down to the Aurora and request a new set of recasting Angels in dreamtime.


Sometimes nonphysical forces that are non-supportive of ascension have karmic cause to be present in the field. Intending to release the karma for such forces will alter the agreements enough that they can be removed. Sometimes karma is also added from others to allow for the presence of non-supportive forces; as one returns all karma that is not one’s own to its source of origin, then there is no agreement for their presence and they can be removed. Sometimes one has to become angry in order to flush out non-supportive or harmful forces from one’s field or home. Most of such forces are in fear of anger and rapidly leave as one asserts one’s boundaries.


Working with the Inner Family to Release Mechanical Loops


Most programming was laid in at a particular age and in relation to an emotional charge and occurrence that perhaps was less than nice to experience. Parents, teachers and other adults including baby sitters are often gifted at programming children for good behavior; or to take on darkness, disease or sour dreams of others. Generally, programming is laid in through the unconscious but has the effect of creating an emotionally charged experience in the life dance. The emotionally charged memory then becomes the first bead upon the necklace of cause and effect. Other beads from ancestral experiences form the next beads. Then each time that another emotionally charged circumstance arises of parallel nature, another bead of set of beads are laid in causing the necklace or program to grow in size.


The larger the program, the more dominant the behavior in the dance of life and more frequently that it engages as it is easier to trigger. In the end, Asur’Ana and Per discovered programs with millions of beads and these were the codependent behaviors that they required to transcend in order to master Bodhisattva level evolution. Some of the programming that directs the life engages every day and this is why it grows to become a string of millions of beads of cause and effect. Those working upon Bodhisattva level evolution will master as the last of these types of large and life determining programs are erased allowing a deeper level of truth to emerge within the authentic self.


To remove any program, the first incident and emotionally charged experience that created the first bead must be acknowledged and erased. Parts of the inner child, teenager or young adult most likely fragmented in the experience, and so gathering up the lost pieces of self allows for the healing and then erasure of the first bead. As the first bead is erased, all other parts of the necklace begin to fall apart as the original cause has been removed. One will use the pale lavender tones to vaporize the first bead. There may be other ages that are significant to the chain of cause and effect however, and these too must be acknowledged and erased. If parts of self also fractured in the associated experiences in teenage or adult’s years, these too have to be gathered up and reunited in order for the erasure of the associated program to be complete.


There will also be ancestral trauma recorded in other beads within each chain or loop of programming. This too must be acknowledged and forgiven for the transcendence to be complete. Ancestors are easily traced to the associated lineages in one’s tapestry of ancestry where the entire life can be reviewed; it is as the understanding of the entire life is brought to consciousness that the forgiveness of the experience can then come forth. Most of such work is done in dreamtime, however in bringing the ancestral information to consciousness, transcendence of karma as well as programming can become a conscious phenomenon amongst those focused upon the goal during meditation.


Program chains will be interlinked with others that are associated in the loops of 7, 12 or 18 thoughtforms that are associated. In order therefore to completely transcend a particular loop of mechanical behavior, one must erase all 7, 12, or 18 chains of cause and effect that are associated. As all the beads of cause and effect related to an entire loop of thoughtform fall apart, then the machinery and personality associated can also be released and spun off through the rotation of one’s field for a complete transcendence. If any part of any of the necklaces or machinery remains, the entire loop and machinery may self recreate. For this reason, ascending humans must be thorough in their introspection of the thoughtform that drives one’s behavior.


Sometimes there is also a necklace that is a master chain of cause and effect that directs the entire loop. This necklace has to be erased first or the entire chain will be reformulated before you can transcend it. Therefore, discerning which thoughtform and the associated program is the dominant one in any given loop is useful to clearing a pattern the first time that it is attempted. Personality entities can also reprogram the field with the behavior that they are associated with. Removing all personality associated with any given loop of programs and thoughtform therefore assures that this does not occur.


Emotional Charges and Fractured Pieces of Self  


The beads of cause and effect are actually laid into the form through the fractured parts of the field that shattered due to emotionally abusive or charged experiences. As a program engages to be released, one may go out into the fractured piece of self and re-experience the emotional charge from the original cause of a particular program. Often this occurs if one is not conscious of the need to release a particular loop as it is up to be cleared in association with the karma that one is clearing in dreamtime in one’s ancestry. Then one awakens and draws an experience into the day to day life that parallels the program one is ready to transmute. Then one relives the trauma from childhood, teenage or young adult years that caused the program to form in the first place.


If this occurs, one may have a difficult time sleeping or doing much of anything. The best solution is to intend to move your consciousness out of the fractured pieces of yourself stuck in time from an earlier moment of trauma in the life dance. You can then intend to gather up all the fragments and send them to the Aurora for recasting; and go about erasing the program by searching out the original time in the inner family timeline that the first bead was created in the chain of cause and effect. Then you will be able to erase the program and all others associated and the emotional charge that you are feeling will release simultaneously.


Ascension is not easy work. The next layer of programs will engage as they are ready to be released and as you continue to rise in vibration through the development of crystalline cells and a Triple Lotus rotation of the molecular structure. The life mirror around you will give you hints as to the next loop of thoughtform that requires transcendence of for a smoother ascension days or weeks ahead. Paying attention to the mirrors will allow you then to search out programs and beads of cause and effect that are related. Then you can be on top of the game by erasing the programs before they engage and cause you a traumatic emotional experience. This is how Asur’Ana and Per learned to work and it sufficed to create a smoother life dance between them as well as in association with their school, DAS.


More About Competitive Programming     


Competitive programs create behavior that pits people against one another rather than coming into unity where they can work collaboratively for a common goal. Not all mechanical programs foster competition; some programs actually foster collaboration. As one chooses to release one’s own competitive programming, one will call forward collaborative programming in others that surround oneself. This is how others will adjust to the internal healing that is occurring in one’s own ascension and begin to mirror the unity within. In one’s own erasure of all competitive patterning within, it will then call a mirror unto oneself of others who will collaborate. This is also how the dance of unity can be fostered within the mechanical world that one lives within.


Competitive programming has thoughtforms that are associated with better than or lesser than concepts. For example, “I Succeed” or “I Fail” has a better or lesser then concept behind it. Another example is “I Am Beautiful” or “I Am Ugly”. In total, about one third of the 144 concepts explored in Chapter 2 of Workbook 1 and Chapter 2 of Workbook 2 foster competition. Two thirds however do not foster competition as much; they foster either collaboration or usury. Roughly one third of the remaining non-competitive thoughtform is usury based; and the other one third creates a form of collaboration that can then foster unity in the dance of life. Usury is a subject of its own that will be focused upon in another chapter of this workbook in the year ahead.


Competitive Programming and Pyramids   


Those who are highly competitive and sit on top of the pyramid will have mostly if not 100% competitive programming as their birth nature, and generally of the “greater than” side of the polarity. Those who sit on the very bottom of the pyramid also will have mostly if not 100% competitive programming but of the “lesser than” side of the polarity. For those that find themselves often at the bottom in the dance of life, releasing all the competitive lesser than programming will assist one in reverse polarizing to the upper half of the pyramid where you will receive a better dream. This is how many in our program have succeeded at passing their tests easily in school, or creating a better job circumstance with better pay to allow the funds necessary for traveling, building ascending community or other endeavors.


Those who tend to be on the upper half of the pyramid but are red nation in ancestry will have some competitive programs of the “greater than” polarity, and some programs for “usury”. The Anu use those in the upper half of the pyramid as a source of chi and foundation for their fame or position of authority. In releasing the programs and thoughtform for competition and usury, one will be then able to step out of the pyramidal flow altogether.


Some red nation ancestors naturally end up on the upper half of the pyramidal system. This is so for Rosetti, Persephone or Onton ancestry. Why is this so? These ancestors lived within the Anu pyramidal system where a special place for them was formed within the energy flow. Each was suspended in the upper half of the Anu pyramid when they were alive. As such, each experienced a life of luxury compared with other red nation ancestors living from the land and in their tribes. The memory of having a life of luxury has recreated itself in the ancestries of those related to Rosetti, Persephone or Onton over time, and often such humans wind up in superior positions within the pyramidal system today.


Per had Onton ancestry as did his father and older brother. This allowed all of them to have a position in the upper half of the pyramid. In so doing, his father could catch a dream for manifesting a successful Norwegian manufacturing business that supported the family in an upper-class manner. As Per’s brother took over the family business a decade ago when his father retired, he also sat in the upper half of the pyramid and continued to generate wealth for his family.


Per chose to focus on his spiritual journey and ascension path and do something differently after receiving a good-sized inheritance from his father. First, he became a baker and started a baking business to fulfill upon his passion for food and cooking. Then six years later, Per chose to start a small, green and sustainable organic coffee and tea company where he currently works as the CEO and also sat in the upper half of the pyramid. Per continues to bake delicious vegan breads, pizzas and pastries for Asur’Ana and himself to enjoy to this day! He also invests much of his inheritance in creating an ascending community and in photonic green technologies.


Some of Rosetti, Persephone or Onton ancestry may also create relative fortunes for themselves today or have done so in times past. Alas for any ancestor of this nature that created a small fortune for themselves, now there is poverty karma that must be experienced for depriving others of enough in counterbalance. The poverty karma may cause one to sit on the bottom of the pyramid as a result. Through forgiveness, one can conclude with the poverty karma associated with all ancestors that created small fortunes, and come to a state of balance. Asur’Ana had Persephone ancestry and so experienced poverty karma in her childhood in Vietnam before immigrating to the US.


In a state of balance, one manifests just enough for a comfortable life and fulfillment upon the world service agreements with Earth for travel to land that one must gather ancestors for continued ascension. If one cannot travel due to restrictions because of Covid-19, then one can travel to that location during dreamtime instead.


The Pecking Order of the Slaves       


Many reading these materials also have many slave ancestries. Slave ancestries host a load of competitive programming that is master-slave associated. The master slave programming has to be released in full in order to complete all karma associated with such lineages; and then in the completion, the slave lineages can be sealed and cease to have an effect over one’s life. Most working upon the ascent from 1,800 to 3,000 segments are working upon completing all slave karma and sealing the associated lineages in order to give birth to a new life which is more red nation in nature and unity based. It is red nation lineages that shall foster a new movement of energy that is rotational and Beehive in nature and also generates equality and unity in human behavior as well as group relations.


For most with slave inheritance, dancing within the pyramids is a part of the karma and there are agreements held within such lineages. During the era of the Anu and amongst the slaves, smaller pyramids formed that were under the direction of the larger pyramids of the Anu. The smaller pyramids also formed a pecking order of those on top, those in the upper half and those in the lower half within slave civilization. So, this occurs today in most regions in the West as humans of slave ancestry have fallen into parallel energetic flow in present time.


The Anu themselves had a pecking order amongst them. Zeus sat at the top of the Media Pyramid and was the most powerful of the entire family. Innana and Merduk were next in section beneath which held the dreams of Law, Luxury, Money and Prestige. Underneath Innana and Merduk was Athena who held the Education and Arts dream, Hera who held the Marriage and Family dream, Ares who held the Government and Military dream, Apollo who held the Commodities dream, and Diana with the Real Estate and Work dreams. At the bottom was Hermes with Construction dream, Demeter who held the Food dream, Dionysus with the Medical dream, and Hestia who held the Health dream.


The bottom of the pyramid was a mirror of the above held by slave ancestries associated with the Anu in a parallel pecking order. Each of the slaves were drawn for 60% Anu DNA blended with 40% Native American Root Race DNA. Hercules who was related to Zeus is at the top of the slave pyramids in the Media dream. Eros that shares Innana inheritance and Thanatos that shares Merduk inheritance are next in line holding the Law, Luxury, Prestige and Money dreams. Beneath this is Helios that holds Education and Arts dreams, and Eros again holding Marriage and Family dreams.


Hephaestus who is related to Ares holds the Government and Military dreams, and Oracle of Delphi who is related to Apollo holds the Commodities dream, and Poseidon who is related to Diana holds the Real Estate and Work dreams. At the bottom Pan who is related to Diana holds the Construction dream, Poseidon the Food dream, and Helios the Medical and Health dreams. Some slave ancestries doubled up in position as there were not 12 but only 8 that had been incubated over time.


Those who have slave inheritance will align themselves within the pyramid according to the same patterning depending upon dominant archetypal nature. Therefore, if one has the dominant slave inheritance of Pan for example, one will find oneself within the pyramidal structure in the bottom position. In the bottom position, one will subordinate unto all Anu, giving them your chi to sustain their dominant position; you will also subordinate to Hercules who is at the top of the slave pyramid along with others above oneself.


Also, those slave archetypes related to various Anu can demonstrate parallel relationship discord or patterns amongst one another in the dance of life. For example, those of Helios and Hercules archetypal nature may be drawn into relationship just as Athena and Zeus were. The relationship between Helios and Hercules archetypes may be equally argumentative and end in divorce just as Athena and Zeus’s relationship failed.


Eros and Thanatos archetypal natures may find themselves at war with one another just as Innana and Merduk battled it out to the horrific end. Eros and Pan archetypes may find themselves falling in love just as Innana and David once demonstrated, and then later create large arguments that are violent ultimately leading to separation and divorce. Such is the nature of holographic patterns that will repeat within all whom are related until they are released and transmuted through ascension.


Pecking Order Pyramid (WB 2, Ch 3)


Lineage, Ancestors and Programming


Ascending initiates are made up of many lineages each with their own archetypal natures. Sometimes the archetypes of individual lineages will play out with others with other lineages in a particular karmic dance. Humans are multifaceted and play out one archetypal nature with the spouse or partner, another with each child, another with each parent or other family relation, another at work with the boss, and yet another at work with various workmates, and yet another with various friends. The point is that humans relate to one another in a specific archetypal dance that is related to the lineages that each possesses.


It is up to each ascending initiate therefore to map their archetypal patterns as each lineage underlies the programming and persona that results in one’s mechanized behavior. Underlying why one has been programmed in a particular manner for a particular behavior and response in the dance of life are the lineages that the ancestral karma was derived from; and the ancestors associated most likely held the same programming when they were alive as one does today. As one releases one’s mechanical programming and thoughtform, the ancestors associated can also release the related patterning so that future generations need not be born mechanical in nature. This is how one will clear the pathway ahead for the generations to follow who will enter the world at one’s vibration or higher and as their authentic selves.


Therefore, in order to complete with any loops of mechanical thoughtform and programming one is releasing, one must also intend to release the associated ancestral karma. The karma will appear in the beads of cause and effect within the program itself making it easy to discern which lineages are associated. As one releases the ancestral fabric of the karmic cause to participate in programming, one will also cease to program others or allow oneself to be programmed oneself in the dance of life.


Holographic Replication Devices         


Sometimes after erasing a program or series of programs, the entire series of loops self recreate. The cause of the self recreation is machines that are designed to retain your programming. Sometimes the machines that recreate programming have their own beads of cause and effect, in which case these too must be erased in order for the transcendence over a particular series of mechanical thoughtform to be complete. Sometimes there are machines only that recreate one or more programs by reinstating the original beads of cause and effect. Sometimes there are entities or devas (small angels) that sit within the field and their entire purpose is to reinstate programming.


The underlying cause of this is simply the desire to retain one’s vibration. As your ancestors fell in frequency by losing consciousness and conscious field rotation, they begin to rely upon mechanized programs instead to hold their thoughtform in a particular vibratory bandwidth. If the programming was lost, then they fell in vibration again, and so such ancestors learned to create programs to retain their programming. This appears to be the original cause of this type of recreation system or holographic replication devices for mechanical based programming.


There are also entities that prefer you to retain programming that allow them to engage with your field or use your energy for some other endeavor or dreamtime plane that they have constructed. This is where the entities that may reprogram one’s field will originate from. If such entities will not leave your field and continue to reinstate the programming you are vying to release, one may require shattering them and then will be able to fully transcend.


Mirrors and Projection Based Programming       


Sometimes there will be false programming intertwined with real programming in one’s field. The false programs will appear as a string of beads that host mirrors rather than real cause and effect emotionally charged memories. The emotionally charged memories of others are then projected upon the mirror-beads and this then causes one to experience a mechanical thoughtform without the thoughtform being legitimately being recorded as of one’s own inheritance. Sometimes mirror based beads can be intertwined with real beads of cause and effect and then this prevents the pattern from releasing, as it self recreates through the projection of the pattern of another upon one’s field.


The choice to erase the mirror beads intertwined with any program is the easiest way to transcend this type of manipulation. Mirrors are useful energetic patterns to create boundaries; one can intend mirrors at the edge of one’s field to create a boundary between oneself and all others. You can also use mirrors to return patterns that are not your own; however, it is best to use the fire element to transmute and fire is conscious enough now to assist in returning what is not your own to its source of origin without requiring mirrors to do so. Mirrors used to move patterns around or move karma around are against true spiritual law, but something that the Anu became very gifted at.


The Anu in their time period mirrors 18,000 years of death and disease karma onto to their slaves and the red nation peoples via their spouses or lovers. They utilized mirrors for this purpose. This is where the mirror beads originate in history and is a part of the Anu Slave lineages primarily. As you transcend your Anu slave karma, this type of programming is erased in full that requires mirrors to sustain.


The Anu were also gifted at programming their slaves to be who and what they required. Generally, it was their closest personal slaves that were the most programmed by the Anu to behave properly. Often the finest hotels or restaurants today host a dream from the servants of the Anu in present time. They wait upon those frequenting such places hand and foot, and this is what the Anu programmed their slaves to do for them.


Later and as Innana became increasingly insane, her servants could not please her enough; and she sometimes killed those that displeased her greatly. This is where the abusive slavery dreams of the Southern US late last century were replaying. As we release all karma for slavery of the Anu, such types of dreams can be erased from the human civilization leading to a new day where each is honored as God Goddess in form.


The Dance of Programming Others  


Humans are very good at programming one another. It is unconscious human nature of those who hold a lot of spiritual knowledge for ascension to be more gifted at programming others than many others without such knowledge. Asur’Ana was so gifted that over time she programmed her mother to remain saner around her thereby minimizing the difficult entities that would abuse Asur’Ana through her mother. As a former school teacher, she once also participated in programming her students; until she recognized that this instilled pain into the field thereby creating karma. For one cannot lay in programming upon another without using the vibration of pain. Programming is held in place by the frequencies of pain and suffering and it is for that reason that it creates karma to unconsciously program another.


Asur’Ana learned therefore to deprogram only instead and gave her students the skills to do so themselves; and then created new patterns and thoughtform that did not require pain to integrate. The Language of Light patterns do not rely upon pain to be fostered but rather the vibration of love. It is the vibration of love that causes the Language of Light to spin within the chakra and subtle body systems along with dreamtime self.


If one is programmed oneself in one’s associations and through a boss or teacher, friend, sibling or parent, it puts the field into pain. It is for this reason that karmic encounters are often painful as current programming is triggered and more beads of cause and effect are laid into the chain. The actual experience of being energetically shattered is often related to the addition of more beads of cause and effect within the programming loops triggered in any karmic encounter. The addition of more beads widens the gaps already within the field often causing parts of self to fracture off. As one releases the program loops entirely along with ancestral karma associated and retrieves the fractured bits of self, one can then recover from a karmic shattering through recasting.


Ascending humans will have to be careful of the current educational paradigm. For the current paradigm programs students so that they learn the material associated within the course of study offered. An ascending initiate attempted to go to massage school and found the programming so difficult that it caused them a health problem. Programming can be removed through intention after it has been laid in however; and so those attending courses should choose to remove any programming laid in each evening after school. Parents can also intend to do this for their children who are still in school to allow for the retention of the authentic self into their teenage and adult years.


Programming triggered in day to day living is an ascension opportunity. For any triggered program is easier to erase and release than those that lay dormant or invisible and behind the scenes. Therefore, one can use their life experiences to allow for the continued transcendence of all mechanical thoughtform and the behavior associated. As all mechanical thoughtform is left behind, one moves more fully into the authentic self. The authentic self allows for a fuller and more vibrant life dance due to increased capacity to self-express.


Self Expression and the Authentic Self       


Self expression is very limited or fractured due to the mechanical programming that one has danced with within and throughout one’s more recent ancestry leading back in time to the era of Atlantis. Why is this so? Mechanization fractures the field; as the field is fractured so is self-expression fractured. Self expression occurs in association with the capacity to rotate all parts of the field at once. The fracturing that mechanical programming causes also causes parts of the field to rotate separately from all others, and some areas to rotate very poorly if at all and particularly this is so at two segments of DNA. The lack of rotation or poor rotation of some parts of the field then causes self-expression to be limited to the parts of the field that rotate well.


Generally, some chakra regions are more fractured than others as they receive the majority of the mechanical programming. Most will have two to three chakra regions that received the most program chains. Wherever one has the most program chains, the chakra will spin very poorly leading to a lack of self expression associated. If the grounding chakra is affected and spins slower or not at all, it will lead to someone who is not well grounded in the dance of life, or in other terms may express as a bit of an “air head” or “feather head” as our Native Ancestors may call it. If the sexual chakra is affected and hosts the majority of one’s programming, then running sexual energy may be difficult and one’s sensual or sexual expression may be limited.


If the power chakra region is affected, it leads to someone that subordinates greatly in the dance of life. If the breath of life chakra is affected, it creates someone who has difficulty remaining in present time and tends to remorse over the past or escape into the future. If the heart chakra is affected, it creates someone who fails to love and may be very cold hearted. If the throat chakra is affected, one’s ability to express verbally may be impaired. If the dream catcher chakra is affected, then one may struggle with manifestation. If the pineal and pituitary chakras are affected, this will make it difficult to perceive clearly. If the crown chakra is affected, it will affect one’s ability to anchor spiritual knowledge as well as attune to one’s Oversoul for guidance.


Subtle bodies will also fracture as the chains of beads expand becoming thousands or more in length. If the mental body is fractured by the program beads, then one’s ability to language is compromised. If the emotional body is fractured, one’s ability to feel is compromised. If the intuitive body is fractured, one’s ability to commune with soul is compromised. If the creative body is fractured by the program beads, then one’s ability to manifest is compromised.


As the mechanical programming is removed from each of the regions that it represses one’s self expression, then new forms of expression may come forth in the emergence of the authentic self. The authentic self has capacity to express in all possible ways and freely move chi through each chakra region and subtle body. To the degree each region is freed up, a more expanded level of self-expression can come forth.


Many in our program are discovering new ways to self-express due to the freeing up of the field through the releasing of mechanical thoughtform and the integration of the Language of Light. Some are choosing to express through art and painting; others through making clothing, jewelry, song, dance or music; and some through teaching or becoming a healer for ascension. Each truth in action inherent in the authentic self will have a different manner of expressing that gives joy, satisfaction and fulfillment upon the physical plane.


The fracturing of self expression, not only leads to boredom, but non-fulfillment in the dance of life. For there are many forms of expression that one might like to engage with but does not appear talented at or capable of. This too then leads to the belief that one is not worthy or lovable upon the physical plane. This last era of fracturing to two segments has created the largest number of unhappy humans that cannot self express or feel fulfilled than in any other time period in human history. Perhaps this speaks to the vast limitation of self-expression that most are locked into at two segments of DNA.


At this time humans are either fracturing into greater limitation or ascending into greater freedom. Those fracturing into greater limitation are falling to 1.5 segments of DNA which is a very painful place to go. Most of those falling to this level of vibration are living in the large cities in current human civilization, and are falling into deep dissonance. The dissonance is then expressed as drug use to appease the pain, or the creation of violence upon the physical plane.


Some places are also falling faster than the region can ascend and this too is leading to violence and terrorism as you are witnessing in your current world mirror. The solution to this is to give birth to ascension; and as this occurs more evenly around Earth as a whole, such places will self-heal and the peoples living upon the land will then come to peace. This is coming, and it may take eight years or more of continued global evolution to fulfill upon.


Programming and Current Human Media


The media is also a problem for ascending humans. The media causes humans to become interlinked via a large matrix grid that has been constructed in the globalization of television and the internet. The matrixes unite fields and then lay in programming as well as strip information deemed necessary unto evolution to a higher frequency. This also occurred in Atlantis and unfortunately not enough disengaged from the hold of the media in this era to launch ascension. This too is karma that those who are ascending and choosing not to engage with the media can release so that future generations simply do not attune to the television or computer for such long periods each day.


Television shows in particular are used to lay in programs of stagnation and non-movement into the audience. The vibrations of television or movies actually add poison to the field causing it not to spin as well thereafter. Engaging in one movie may undo 10 days or more of ascension work by reprogramming the field of mechanical thoughtform one has just released, or triggering other mechanical thoughtform and laying in new beads of cause and effect that further shatter one’s field. Asur’Ana heard clearly from her guidance many years ago to stop watching television and not to go to any movies or she could not ascend. She chose to heed her guidance and then this became the policy of Per as he joined her in the co-direction of the school.


The problem with the media is with antimatter and antimatter dreamtime planes. This may be less so with written materials than movies or television; however, even the dreamtime associated with some magazines that Asur’Ana and Per subscribe unto must be dismantled as they read or it would negatively impact their field. Why is this so? In reading the materials you enter the dreamtime of the author. This dreamtime may be set up to strip the audience of certain information or program the field to agree with what the author has to say. Therefore, one must be careful as to what one reads as well as watches if one’s intent is to sincerely ascend in this lifetime.


Earth is working upon weaving a new dream for written media in particular where it can be held harmless in nature. This will be so in the new dream and for the educational system that young children are going to attend in particular. As enough ascending children attune to the new dream, they will anchor new dreamtime planes surrounding each school, and the planes will bring an end to programming and other mechanisms that interfere with ascension. It will however require a certain number of ascending pupils to anchor, and this will begin to come about in 2028 in some regions with higher vibrational land around the globe.


Over time however and leading to 2036, most schools in rural environments may have enough ascending students to anchor the new educational dream. The teachers are anticipated to attune to this dream and reconstruct the curriculum accordingly; and those who cannot attune will have no dream to participate and will leave their posts. This is how Earth is choosing to support the ascending little ones to not lose their information or path in the era ahead.


Adults who are raising ascending children would fare better if you simply gave the television away and limited the time upon the computer to a short period each day or just enough to do homework. Ascending adults also may have to choose between the attachment to the television and one’s choice to ascend; and also choose to give the television away. Television hosts dreamtime planes that are even more caustic than written materials. The movement of film upon an electrostatic screen presses static and radiation into the environment; this then shoots holes in the molecular structure of one’s etheric body. Spending hours in front of the television will literally prevent ascension from taking off; and cause a fall in consciousness amongst the ascending children allowed to focus upon the TV for too long each day.


Asur’Ana recognizes that she fell in consciousness due to the unlimited time in front of the television over summer in her teenage years. She fell into a deep depression as her DNA frayed due to the ongoing exposure of radiation. As she later spent her summers assisting her mother in the hair salon business, her DNA self healed and she rose out of the depression that the television had caused. Perhaps it is a good thing that many adults work long hours as this takes them away from what might be spent as long hours in front of the television.


However, some work environments are almost as caustic as the television if they are in large cities or filled with a lot of computer equipment. For those working in such environments that choose to ascend, Earth would guide each to create an office in a more rural environment or suburb as a first step. The next step would be to fill your office with living plants and a small water fountain to assist in transmuting the electric static of the work environment. The more plants, the easier the work environment will be for those who are ascending.


Discerning One’s Truth in Action     


As the authentic self emerges, one will desire to give expression in a way that resonates with one’s truth. Truth in action is determined by the new astrological signs that have been orchestrated through the nature kingdoms for ascending humans. Each new sign has three dominant Language of Light tones associated with the first ten notes of the scale. The first ten notes are the tones that are also reflected throughout the entire scale of 144 thoughtforms, and therefore it only requires mastering the first ten notes and one can easily master the following 144.


Mastery over the tones is simple; one learns to spin the colors and shapes demonstrating them within one’s chakras, subtle bodies and dreamtime light body self. This is also the same for dual and tri tones concepts. Dual tone concepts are particularly useful for the dissolution of mechanical programming. One can learn the movement of each dual tone therefore and apply it to the programs and machines in one’s field to assist in one’s personal transcendence into the authentic self.


Those ascending to 3,000 segments will have three astrological signs that one is related unto. One sign will be the primary truth that one is ascending into. The second two signs are considered overtones within the field. As one examines and muscle tests or pendulums the three signs, one primary and two secondary, then one can discern what base notes of the Language of Light represent one’s truth. Base notes that occur twice, or three times in the examination of all three signs are what make up the truth in action. We will give examples from Asur’Ana and Per’s early ascent and mastery of Bodhisattva.


The Bodhisattva has six astrological signs that are related unto oneself. Two are considered primary and four are secondary or overtones of the thoughtform associated with each sign. Therefore, there are six thoughtforms that sustain one’s truth. For Asur’Ana the primary signs were Bear and Owl and so her primary truth had to do with Harmony and Purpose. Her secondary truths included Tiger, Dragonfly, Hawk and Fox. This gave her a secondary truth of Ascension, Peace, Illumination and Evolution.

Asur'Ana's Truth in Action (WB 2, Ch 3)


As you examine the Language of Light associated with the tones of each sign, you will see that there are three non-conditional governance tones present, two of breath of life, power, structure and non-conditional love as well as unity. So, Asur’Ana’s truth in action as she mastered Bodhisattva was non-conditional governance founded upon breath of life, power, non-conditional love, structure and unity.


Per’s truth in action as he mastered Bodhisattva level evolution involved the primary signs of Wolf and Swan making his expression related to Divine Union and Communication. The secondary signs were Elephant, Horse, Crow and Deer adding the thoughtform of Compassion, Freedom, True Law and Unity to his truth. You will also see as you take into consideration all six signs that there are three each of the freedom, divine union and unity tones present of the Language of Light, and two each of compassion, power and forgiveness.

Per's Truth in Action (WB 2, Ch 3)


This caused Per’s truth in action at the time to be related to freedom, divine union and unity with an emphasis upon compassion, power and forgiveness. You can see also how the truths in action of Asur’Ana and Per worked together to co-create the birth of their school as all the necessary components were present together.


Over time, Asur’Ana and Per have gone on to embody the entire wheel of astrology each in their personal evolution and now are embracing yet another astrological system associated with the Great Central Sun. This system will be written about in the years ahead and as Earth deems it necessary to the ascension of humanity.


We will now to take the time to write about each sign and the truth in action that it represents. We invite each reading these materials to assess the truth in action that one is becoming as the authentic self emerges. It is the truth in action that shall begin to mold the dream for your life expression ahead, the interests that you may hold, and the things that you might like to manifest in the dance of life.


It is as one embodies one’s truth in action that the dance of competition shall cease. This can only occur as each layer of mechanical programming and competitive based thoughtform is transmuted and transcended in the choice to ascend. As the truth in action emerges, it allows for a fuller expression of self in the dance of life. From the fuller expression of self, there is joy, there is freedom, there is fulfillment, and there is love. In so being, there is an opportunity to create a joyful dream ahead leading to the end of depression, disunity and worthlessness within your ancestry. As the map carvers succeed at this goal, it shall give birth to joyful and unity-based children related to each inheritance ahead. This is the hope and dream of Earth.


Truth in Action and the New Astrology for Ascension


1. PEACE BEARER – Dragonfly or Lion Kingdom

Peace Bearer

  Peace Bearer 1





Keynote: Forgiveness in Action

Truth in Action: Forgiveness, Non-Conditional Love and Power

Colors: Pink, Peach, Silver

Animal Relation: Dragon, Winged Lion

Aquatic Relation: Seahorse

Birth Year: 2019, 2037, 2055


The Peace Bearer strives to cause peace wherever they go and with whomever they engage. It is the nature of those of this sign to endeavor to settle disputes through communication, forgiveness and understanding rather than conflict and argument. It is also the nature of those of this truth to work in collaboration with others rather than in competition. Allowing all other truths to be expressed around oneself is also an attribute of this particular sign. Those of this sign make good healers and teachers of ascension if this is the desired dream that one wishes to manifest. Those of this sign will also be gifted at infusing peace into any work of art or jewelry, clothing or other handmade expression including music and dance.


2. TRUTH BEARER – Buffalo Kingdom

Truth Bearer

Truth Bearer 1






Keynote: Truth in Action

Truth in Action: Power, Non-Conditional Governance, Non-Conditional Love

Colors: Peach, Ivory, Silver

Animal Relation: Buffalo

Aquatic Relation: Tuna

Year of Birth: 2020, 2038, 2056


The Truth Bearer strives to express truth in all areas of the dance of life and with whomever they engage. Truth can be perceived as spoken or unspoken in nature. If there is not the need to speak the truth, then those of this nature will tend to demonstrate the truth through their energetic flow and actions upon the physical plane. Those of this nature will make good healers and teachers of ascension who will demonstrate truth in action to their students or clients. Those of this sign will also be gifted of infusing truth into any physical plane creation including art, poetry, music, song and dance. Those of this nature will also be good at working with ascending young children or teenagers and assisting them in moving into their truth in action.


3. HARMONY BEARER – Bear Kingdom

Harmony Bearer

Harmony Bearer 1






Keynote: Harmony or Synthesis in Action

Truth in Action: Breath of Life, Unity and Structure

Colors: Gold, Pink, Lavender

Animal Relation: Bear

Aquatic Relation: Flounder

Year of Birth: 2021, 2039, 2057


The Harmony Bearer will strive to harmonize those around oneself as well as to sit within a state of harmony within one’s own field. Those of this nature are gifted at the art of synthesis of field or arranging the tones of creation in a manner that creates balance. Those of this nature are gifted at teaching others to also synthesize and harmonize within. As such they would make excellent healers or teachers of ascension, or be gifted at working with ascending children and teenagers in the dance of life. Those of this sign are also gifted at assisting the land around oneself to harmonize. This then allows the land to ascend. In community, those of this nature will assist the group in harmonizing enough to continue to ascend together.


4. FREEDOM BEARER – Horse Kingdom

Freedom Bearer

Freedom Bearer 1






Keynote: Freedom in Action

Truth in Action: Divine Union, Freedom, Power

Colors: Pale Lavender, Pale Yellow, Peach

Animal Relation: Horse

Aquatic Relation: Manta Ray

Year of Birth: 2022, 2040, 2058


The Freedom Bearer will strive to free up the energies enough for ascension of field and form. Those of this sign will also be gifted at embracing change, or assisting others at embracing the life changes that ascension makes possible. Embracing change allows for a flow and freedom in the dance of life that may take this type of individual to many places in travel and exploration. Such an individual would also be good at gathering with others to create community and shall assist the community in continuing to ascend by freeing up the stuck energy within the group or upon the land. Those of this nature will also be fluid in the roles that they play within community and may enjoy many expressions including gardening, cooking, building, working with the animals (milking cows), constructing furniture or creating beautiful works of art that everyone loves.


5. COMPASSION BEARER – Elephant Kingdom

Compassion Bearer

Compassion Bearer 1






Keynote: Compassion in Action

Truth in Action: Non-Conditional Governance, Compassion, Unity

Colors: Ivory, Turquoise, Pale Pink

Animal Relation: Elephant

Aquatic Relation: Walrus and Manatee

Year of Birth: 2023, 2041, 2059


Those of Compassion Bearer sign will demonstrate a loving nature in all circumstances, and will be able to express a truth of compassion in action. Compassion is necessary in order to forgive; and those of this nature will be very forgiving as well as be gifted at leading others to forgive rather than hold on to grudges that causes ascension to cease. Those of this nature make excellent counselors or healers or teachers for ascension. They also would be gifted at leading groups from a place of compassion as well as working with children or teenagers so that they learn to relate to others from a foundation of compassion.


6. COMMUNION BEARER – Turtle Kingdom

Communion Bearer

Communion Bearer 1






Keynote: Communion in Action

Truth in Action: Divine Union, Forgiveness, Non-Conditional Love

Colors: Pale Lavender, Pink, Silver

Animal Relation: Turtle

Aquatic Relation: Sea Turtle

Year of Birth: 2024, 2042, 2060


The Communion Bearer will be gifted at hearing the nonphysical realms including Earth, nature, soul, and the ancestors. They will as such make excellent channels for others as a counselor or healer of ascension. They also may be quite gifted at bringing through written materials about ascension or writing novels of ancient history that spawns interest in unity based governance. Those of this sign are very sensitive and may have a tendency to withdraw and be by themselves or prefer nature to human relations. Those of this nature may also make excellent gardeners and assist the vegetable and fruit kingdoms through communion in embodying a crystalline form that better provides the nutrients for ascending humans.


7. WISDOM BEARER – Eagle Kingdom

Wisdom Bearer

Wisdom Bearer 1





Keynote: Wisdom in Action

Truth in Action: Non-Conditional Governance, Structure, Power

Colors: Ivory, Lavender, Peach

Animal Relation: Eagle

Aquatic Relation: Porpoise

Year of Birth: 2025, 2043, 2061


The Wisdom Bearer will be gifted at putting spiritual lessons into words that will be easy for others to understand and embrace. Those of this nature may be gifted authors of all kinds of written information along with teachers of ascension. Those of this sign will also be gifted at working with young people assisting them also in understanding the spiritual and karmic dance that they struggle with. Those of this nature make excellent counselors and healers of ascension; as well as poets and musicians creating the new words and sounds of ascension.



Illumination Bearer

Illumination Bearer 1





Keynote: Illumination in Action

Truth in Action: Unity, Compassion, Freedom

Colors: Pale Pink, Turquoise, Yellow

Animal Relation: Hawk

Aquatic Relation: Jelly Fish

Year of Birth: 2026, 2044, 2062


The Illumination Bearer will be gifted at perceiving the nonphysical realms, the auric field, the etheric body, chakra system, subtle bodies and the patterns that require releasing in order to ascend. Such individuals will make excellent healers for ascension due to their ability to perceive the nonphysical stuck points and blockages in the etheric body. Those of this sign will also make excellent counselors as they will readily perceive the spiritual lessons that others are learning. Other skills may be easily learned by those of this nature due to their ability to clearly channel the nonphysical for any other expression of a gift or talent, such as art, music, dance and song.


9. JOY BEARER – Squirrel Kingdom

Joy Bearer

Joy Bearer 1






Keynote: Joy in Action

Truth in Action: Breath of Life, Freedom, Divine Union

Colors: Gold, Yellow, Pale Lavender

Animal Relation: Squirrel

Aquatic Relation: Otter

Year of Birth: 2027, 2045, 2063


The Joy Bearer will be gifted at bringing laughter, play and enthusiasm to the dance of life. Those of this nature will assist others in learning to look at the “lighter side” or “humorous side” of the life circumstance. In acknowledging what is funny, it is sometimes easier to forgive and transcend. Those of this nature will also be gifted at expressing their joy through their art, music, design work, cooking, gardening or any other task that they undertake. Those of this nature will also help to remind others to commune with the land and experience the joy and love possible in the relationship unto Nature and the natural world.


10. UNITY BEARER – Deer Kingdom

Unity Bearer

Unity Bearer 1






Keynote: Unity in Action

Truth in Action: Power, Forgiveness, Unity

Colors: Peach, Pink, Pale Pink

Animal Relation: Deer

Aquatic Relation: Seal

Year of Birth: 2028, 2046, 2064


The Unity Bearer will assist others around them in maintaining and mastering Beehive energy flow. In this flow one does not step upon the foot of another and one dances around one another in harmony and grace. It is those of this nature that will be good at assisting ascending community in remaining in the flow of the Beehive energy. In remaining in the flow, a smoother life together will unfold. Those of this nature also will make excellent teachers and healers of ascension due to their ability to teach others unity relations. The dance of unity also will create peaceful relationship to the land in which the land can thereby ascend. Those of this nature shall also be gifted at assisting the land in ascending and assisting Earth in perceiving stuck points so that she may release them in her own global ascension.


11. TRUE LAW BEARER – Crow Kingdom

True Law Bearer

True Law Bearer 1






Keynote: True Law in Action

Truth in Action: Compassion, Divine Union, Forgiveness

Colors: Turquoise, Pale Lavender, Pink

Animal Relation: Crow

Aquatic Relation: Salmon

Year of Birth: 2029, 2047, 2065


The True Law Bearer will assist humans in learning to live together again under true spiritual law. True spiritual law is karmic agreements and nothing can occur unless there are agreements for it that are legitimate to the ancestry. Those of this nature will make good counselors of ascension as well as leaders in community as they will assist the individual as well as community in minding spiritual law. Those of this nature also assist the land upon which they live in minding the law so that karmic infractions cannot occur that would prevent ascension of those living upon the land.



True Purpose Bearer

True Purpose Bearer 1





Keynote: True Purpose in Action

Truth in Action: Breath of Life, Non-Conditional Governance, Structure

Colors: Gold, Ivory, Lavender

Animal Relation: Owl

Aquatic Relation: Eel

Year of Birth: 2030, 2048, 2066


The True Purpose Bearer will give direction and purpose to one’s own life dance as well as a group of others or a community as it forms. Purpose can be defined as cycles of completion that occur in each cycle of continued ascension. It is often the purpose of events such as DAS dreamtime workshops or meditation retreats that then draw the cycle of completion to closure so mastery of the group can be fulfilled upon. Those of this sign shall be gifted at guiding groups towards ascension and completion. They will make excellent teachers of ascension or leaders of community. They also will make excellent teachers of young children or teenagers also guiding the group of young people through a cycle of ascension and completion of group karma.



Communication Bearer

Communication Bearer 1






Keynote: Communication in Action

Truth in Action: Breath of Life, Freedom, Unity

Colors: Gold, Yellow, Pale Pink

Animal Relation: Wolf

Aquatic Relation: Mackerel

Year of Birth: 2031, 2049, 2067


The Communication Bearer will be gifted at languaging thoughts in the Language of Light. As such, they will be gifted at unity-based communication with others or unto a group of others. They will make excellent counselors and healers of ascension along with teachers. Working with young people is another preoccupation of this sign; as well as bringing forth written materials that reflect the Language of Light so that others can begin to think in the unity paradigm. Poetry and music are other areas that the unity thoughtform could be expressed for those of this sign.


14. DIVINE UNION BEARER – Swan Kingdom

Union Bearer

Union Bearer 1





Keynote: Union in Action

Truth in Action: Divine Union, Freedom, Structure

Colors: Pale Lavender, Yellow, Lavender

Animal Relation: Goose or Swan

Aquatic Relation: Penguin

Year of Birth: 2032, 2050, 2068


The Divine Union Bearer will be gifted at expressing love in action upon the physical plane. Such individuals may create ascending partnerships that then teach others how to sustain a loving and ascending relationship. They will therefore make excellent teachers and healers of relationship issues. Relationship is reflected within the inner male and female within; and so, such relationship can also be interpreted as the relationship unto oneself. As you love you, then love becomes possible in the life mirror, and those of this sign will make excellent examples of this truth. This truth is also needed in association with raising ascending little ones, and so those of this nature will make excellent parents to ascending children.


15. ASCENSION BEARER – Tiger Kingdom

Ascension Bearer

Ascension Bearer 1






Keynote: Ascension in Action

Truth in Action: Forgiveness, Power, Non-Conditional Governance

Colors: Pink, Peach, Ivory

Animal Relation: Tiger

Aquatic Relation: Shark

Year of Birth: 2033, 2051, 2069


The Ascension Bearer will be gifted at the focus of ascension in the personal life experience. This individual may rather focus upon ascension more than any other preoccupation, which may make it difficult to manifest enough to subsist. Those of this nature may find it easiest to have ascension as a preoccupation such as becoming a healer or teacher of ascension where the focus can then be included in one’s work and be used to sustain one’s existence. Those of this nature will be gifted at keeping other ascending humans on track by helping them focus in a direction that sustains the evolutionary journey home. Those of this nature may also make excellent teachers of teenagers in community that are taking their evolution to the next phase due to the movement of their kundalini following puberty.


16. EVOLUTION BEARER – Fox Kingdom

Evolution Bearer

Evolution Bearer 1






Keynote: Evolution in Action

Truth in Action: Divine Union, Non-Conditional Governance, Non-Conditional Love

Colors: Pale Lavender, Ivory, Silver

Animal Relation: Fox

Aquatic Relation: Marlin

Year of Birth: 2034, 2052, 2070


The Evolution Bearer will be gifted at the focus of evolution Home to a new dream of the Great Central Sun. Such individuals will be gifted at holding a new dream for themselves or for a relationship or for a group of others such as an ascending community. Those of this nature may be more focused upon ascension than any other occupation and much like the Ascension Bearer, may find it easier to make ascension one’s occupation by becoming a healer or teacher of ascension. Those of this sign will also be gifted at holding a dream of the ascent of the land in collaboration with Earth, allowing all other kingdoms to evolve, including one’s ascending garden.



Evolutionary Truth Bearer

Evolutionary Truth Bearer 1






Keynote: Evolutionary Truth in Action

Truth in Action: Structure, Compassion, Power

Colors: Lavender, Turquoise, Peach

Animal Relation: Antelope

Aquatic Relation: Flying Fish

Year of Birth: 2035, 2053, 2071


The Evolutionary Truth Bearer will assist each in the group to retain their unique truth in action upon the physical plane. Those of this nature will assist in weaving a dream of collective and collaborative truth for groups of others or ascending communities as they are born. Those of this sign will also be gifted counselors of ascension helping others to find their expression of truth in the dance of life. Those of this nature also would be gifted at working with children or teenagers to assist them in finding their expression of truth as they mature.


18. FULFILLMENT BEARER – Porcupine Kingdom

Fulfillment Bearer

Fulfillment Bearer 1






Keynote: Fulfillment in Action

Truth in Action: Breath of Life, Freedom, Power

Colors: Gold, Yellow, Peach

Animal Relation: Porcupine

Aquatic Relation: Puffer Fish

Year of Birth: 2036, 2054, 2072


The Fulfillment Bearer will be gifted at creating fulfillment in the dance of life and assisting others or a group of others in doing the same. Those of this sign will be gifted at creative projects of all kinds and also be gifted at uniting others into creative collaboration such as a group of musicians playing together, or a group of artists co-creating something beautiful or useful to the community. Those of this nature will love to create with their hands and work with others to do the same. They will also be gifted in teaching children and teenagers all kinds of crafts and skills in the dance of life that also leads to a sense of fulfillment.


Please click here for Chapter 3 Worksheets


Flower of Life and Beehive in PDF


Embracing Triple Lotus Flow in PDF


Asur’Ana’s Truth in Action in PDF


Per’s Truth in Action in PDF


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This workbook is lovingly dedicated unto each who is willing to go within and look honestly at the patterns playing out in one’s dance of life. In choosing to understand the unconscious and choosing to forgive, one can choose to reprogram oneself into unity-based thoughtform so that a new life of integrity, honor and peace can be born.

Love and Namaste,

Mother Earth



Creational © 2022, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 2. Aligning With Earth, 2022. Digital.

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