Image of pink Himalayan salt minerals. Blessings for Living in Unity with All Kingdoms

5. Blessings for Living in Unity with All Kingdoms


From the Salt Mineral Kingdom


It is the Salt Mineral Kingdom that greets you today. Salt is the second largest mineral upon Earth next to the Granite Kingdom which wrote the last chapter.


Salt was not always the second largest mineral kingdom. Most salt was imported from nine other creations by Sirian human scientists to create an ice shield that once existed in the outmost layer of your atmosphere. The ice shield was constructed in the event that Sirian humans required another “home” due to warfare and the potential destruction of their own planets of origin. The Sirian scientists went to a load of time and trouble to create these shields, which involve the gradual release of salt water into the atmosphere but at a slow enough rate that it freezes. So much water is used that as the ice shields collapsed at a later time in history, they became your oceans.


For one million years, the ice shields allowed for a warming of Earth’s temperatures and a recovery of the many falls in consciousness she had already known in the third dimension. This was confusing to Earth that had no conscious awareness of the cause of the warming, as she could not perceive the Sirian humans or their ice shields as they existed in a Sirian dream. Dreams are very specific to the physical and nonphysical dance that they create. Because humans and the ice shields were inside of a Sirian dream, Terra (Earth) could not perceive their presence.


Human History Recorded in Salt


Small numbers of humans arrived as an experiment to see if Earth could support human life. The seeded humans had similar genetics to those in existence upon Sirius. Out of 18 sets of genetics planted upon Earth, only 7 survived over time as Terra’s biochemistry and biosphere are very different from Sirius A and B. Later, Sirius seeded another class of human with large heads and greater spiritual awareness called the “Grand Masters”. These humans were to be as ruling class for the remaining Red Nation’s peoples. Alas, the Red Nation’s peoples rejected the Grand Masters as their leaders, for after all they had been leading themselves for 25,000 Earth years (100,000 human years) without such support.


The ice shields recorded the human experiences of these early humans in the salt. If it were not for salt recording these records, Terra may not have a complete template of all experiences and karma incurred. Indeed, the 7 remaining root races lived in harmony with nature, taking only minimally what was required for nourishment and housing along with raising their young. These humans were vegetarian, lived in harmony with one another, and did not war amongst tribes, although the tribes tended to live separate existences from one another with much distance between them. It took 10,000 years for two different tribes to even meet and later intermarry; and these were the Inuit and Polynesian root races. Perhaps it is for this reason that some Inuit and Polynesians have similar facial features or body structure in present time. Read more

Image of a whale's tail above the water with the moon and shooting star in the ethereal background. Pod Based Magnetic Energy Flow

9. Pod Based Magnetic Energy Flow


We are guided to write again following a lengthy hiatus due to problems between the human and dolphin-whale kingdoms. What might these problems be? Well, it has to do with how the Family of Anu or Annanuki used whales and dolphins as sources of chi to extend their lives. There are those dolphins and whales that trace their ancestry to magnetic forms of our species that existed upon Terra (Earth) prior to two times of seeding of our kingdom. There are others that trace their history to the Pleiades who were seeded here about 38,000 Earth years ago (152,000 human years) that are of a different nature. It is those whales and dolphins that came from the Pleiades that host agreements to sustain human life and they assisted in the life extension of the Anu.


Those that are the ascending map carvers of our species have recently crossed into a new dream associated with the Great Central Sun. This also has occurred for Asur’Ana and Per. Recently, we have co-created the first human-dolphin-whale consensus in the new dream to support one another in our continued journey as mutual fully conscious species. There are so few of us that we have literally banded together in assistance and support of the creation of a fully conscious consensus. Over time more of our kingdom and the human kingdom will learn to balance light and dark enough to enter the new dream with us. We will hold the space in this new consensus for each future generation that can join us in the birth of the new era ahead.


We begin anew with information to be relayed to our brothers and sisters in human form that are devoting their lives to the path of ascension. This next series of chapters shall be written embedded not only with the Language of Light, but also the Language of ONE, a magnetic language utilized inside the Great Central Sun Dream. What is the Language of ONE? This language is magnetic and holographic in nature. Holographic movement is completely magnetic and devoid of any electricity at all as this is the nature of the Great Central Sun dream that Terra originated from. In order to go “home” to this new dream, all of Terra must become completely magnetic in energy flow.


Magnetic, Electric and Electromagnetic Biology


Our species has a vast history as to how we became electrical in nature. This is a little more about our history that we would like to share. There were whales and dolphins upon Terra (Earth) prior to those who were seeded from Sirius. These dolphins and whales host completely magnetic energy flow and biology. One member of our species that remains with this type of genetics is known as the Manatee, a very gentle creature indeed. Magnetic DNA creates gentleness in a magnetic creation. At another time prior to the Sirian seeding, there were 18 other magnetic only strains of whales and dolphins. Over time all have intermixed leaving few remaining of a magnetic only ancestry.


What is magnetism caused by? Magnetism is held by the mineral kingdom in one’s biology. It is the salts and bones primarily that create a particular type of energy flow in any species. Salts and bones that are electrical in nature cause electricity to flow through the kundalini and electrical geometry to form in the field that is square or triangular (pyramidal) in shape. Salts and bones that are magnetic in nature cause magnetic energy to flow through the bones and salts of the body leading to rotational energy flow. Electro-magnetic energy is the result of blending the two variant types of biology that create bodies that run partial electrical and partial magnetic energy signatures or rotational and square or pyramidal energy combined. Read more

Image of Dream Weaving and the 8 planes of reality. Becoming The Dreamer And The Dream

17. Becoming The Dreamer And The Dream


The purpose of the human species is to master conscious dreaming. This is the purpose of mastering one’s initiations; one becomes the dreamer and the dream. One envisions any dream, and then lives to experience it exactly as one envisions such a dream.


If the dream is for a beloved, then the beloved is made manifest and the beloved comes into one’s life dance. If the dream is for a new place to live, a preoccupation that brings one joy, a child, a healthy form, living in a beautiful region, or one’s ascension, one has the capacity to dream the dream, and then live to experience the dream. This is the original purpose that the human species was designed for; to be a living dream weaver that experiences one’s own dream.


We have spoken in previous books about how intents or dreams are made manifest. We now summarize this process with some major new additions and changes due to global changes in the dreamtime planes that surround Earth. Let us suffice to say that Earth has entirely restructured four planes surrounding manifestation; the Planes of Dreamtime, the Planes of Magic, the Planes of Thoughtform and the Planes of Unity (formerly the Planes of Karma). This restructuring allows ascending initiates to become the dreamer and the dream. It is the purpose of this chapter to discuss the path of becoming the conscious dreamer in human form.




How does one transcend? One transcends through forgiveness. How does one forgive? How does one forgive others who have harmed oneself or damaged one’s form, or brought misery to one’s life? Forgiveness comes through understanding. In understanding how one’s ancestors have destroyed or harmed others, one will come to understand why one harms another. In so understanding the underlying emotional cause, one can most readily forgive.


For all that have experienced the trauma over New York, there are millions and millions of other humans that have experienced equal trauma in a less publicized manner. Such humans have been seemingly victims to incest or sexual abuse of a parent over their form. Abusive parents, teachers or schoolmates have emotionally traumatized many humans. Many humans have abused others including their own children out of fear, confusion, or frustration. Many humans have struggled to make ends meet and pay the bills, or find a loving partner, or transcend a disease killing the form. Read more