Image of pink Himalayan salt minerals. Blessings for Living in Unity with All Kingdoms

5. Blessings for Living in Unity with All Kingdoms


From the Salt Mineral Kingdom


It is the Salt Mineral Kingdom that greets you today. Salt is the second largest mineral upon Earth next to the Granite Kingdom which wrote the last chapter.


Salt was not always the second largest mineral kingdom. Most salt was imported from nine other creations by Sirian human scientists to create an ice shield that once existed in the outmost layer of your atmosphere. The ice shield was constructed in the event that Sirian humans required another “home” due to warfare and the potential destruction of their own planets of origin. The Sirian scientists went to a load of time and trouble to create these shields, which involve the gradual release of salt water into the atmosphere but at a slow enough rate that it freezes. So much water is used that as the ice shields collapsed at a later time in history, they became your oceans.


For one million years, the ice shields allowed for a warming of Earth’s temperatures and a recovery of the many falls in consciousness she had already known in the third dimension. This was confusing to Earth that had no conscious awareness of the cause of the warming, as she could not perceive the Sirian humans or their ice shields as they existed in a Sirian dream. Dreams are very specific to the physical and nonphysical dance that they create. Because humans and the ice shields were inside of a Sirian dream, Terra (Earth) could not perceive their presence.


Human History Recorded in Salt


Small numbers of humans arrived as an experiment to see if Earth could support human life. The seeded humans had similar genetics to those in existence upon Sirius. Out of 18 sets of genetics planted upon Earth, only 7 survived over time as Terra’s biochemistry and biosphere are very different from Sirius A and B. Later, Sirius seeded another class of human with large heads and greater spiritual awareness called the “Grand Masters”. These humans were to be as ruling class for the remaining Red Nation’s peoples. Alas, the Red Nation’s peoples rejected the Grand Masters as their leaders, for after all they had been leading themselves for 25,000 Earth years (100,000 human years) without such support.


The ice shields recorded the human experiences of these early humans in the salt. If it were not for salt recording these records, Terra may not have a complete template of all experiences and karma incurred. Indeed, the 7 remaining root races lived in harmony with nature, taking only minimally what was required for nourishment and housing along with raising their young. These humans were vegetarian, lived in harmony with one another, and did not war amongst tribes, although the tribes tended to live separate existences from one another with much distance between them. It took 10,000 years for two different tribes to even meet and later intermarry; and these were the Inuit and Polynesian root races. Perhaps it is for this reason that some Inuit and Polynesians have similar facial features or body structure in present time.


The Grand Masters intermarried with Tibetan and Polynesian root races primarily. These spiritually advanced humans could teleport anywhere upon Earth. Out of fear of their lack of ability to do all that they had agreed upon in the unconscious in terms of managing the human dream, the Grand Masters blended their DNA with many red nations’ women of these two root races. Perhaps it is for this reason that these two root races also have the greater remembrance of spiritual truth and practice in present time whereas other root races recall more land or Earth base spiritual knowledge.


Alas the original Grand Masters themselves fell into deep distortion due to the variances in biochemistry and energy flow upon Terra. This led to a rapid death less than 300 years following their arrival. In the death, not enough of their knowledge had been departed to their surviving heirs of complete or partial Grand Master genealogy. Without departing all of their knowledge to others, much was lost and the human dream consequently fell into the hands of dark forces vying for Terra’s extinction.


These forces pressed the human genealogy down and down in genetic materials through continuous stripping of field, love, chi, information and sexual flow. The first falls left the red nations peoples in lack. The lack then manifest as a lack of provisions due to changing weather patterns; suddenly, there was less rain in the regions that some tribes lived and not enough fruit and vegetables grew in a given season. The lack of provisions was a reflection of the lack of chi available to sustain their vibrations. Lack creates fear and this was the first known time that the red nation’s peoples went into fear upon Earth. Out of fear, one tribe began to steal from other tribes; or to overrun other tribes through planned warfare over territorial disputes and who could gather from a particular region.


The dissonance that developed due to the falling consciousness of the red nation’s humans called an even more dissonant human family to Terra from the Pleiades known as the Family of Anu or the Annanuki. This family was so greedy that they mined and mined and mined the many minerals including gold embedded in Earth’s surface. So many minerals were taken to other creations such as Orion or back home to the Pleiades that the whole of Terra’s field began to wobble. The greater and greater the wobble, the less stable the ice shields became and to a point that they began to melt due to the energetic friction in Earth’s field. This eventually created the “great floods” and created your oceans as you know them today as the entire ice shield collapsed.


Ocean life did not exist in the beginning; the ocean was much like a giant swamp containing everything that had died in its formation. This too is karma that humans hold and particularly those of Anu or Anu slave origins. Ocean life was gradually seeded by the same humans (the Anu) at cause of the breaking of the ice shields.


These humans were not faring well themselves in their life extension practices in the changing energy flow of Terra due to the collapsed ice shields; and so, they brought in thousands of dolphins and whales that were salt water based to use them as a support for their own energy flow. This is the underlying cause of why whales and dolphins are consumed today. They were consumed energetically by the Anu, and those of Anu inheritance tend to carry on with this thoughtform, hunting their kingdoms in present time.


Earth’s consciousness has also brought through an extensive series of information on the lives of the Anu, Anu slaves and Red Nations Peoples in Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1. In this workbook, the history of humanity is explored along with all spiritual lessons associated so that those reading the materials can make intentions to release personal karma triggered in the digestion of the information. The salt mineral kingdom highly recommends that each reading this book to give consideration to working with this new workbook as it will allow for the creation of a more thorough ascension in this lifetime. The workbook is written by the collective consciousness of Terra and is channeled or translated through Asur’Ana.


Crossing Over into the Great Central Sun Dream


There were times in human history that those of Grand Master descent attempted to orchestrate a recovery of the lost consciousness of humanity. One group of over 400 humans roughly 168,000 human years ago and about 32,000 human years following the death of the original Grand Masters managed to cross over into the Great Central Sun Dream. These humans were brilliant at ascension at a time that there was little photonic energy to support it. They might have created a recovery of the dance of lost and falling consciousness that humanity had been pressed into; alas they did not understand enough about the nature of the unconscious forces stripping humanity, and the same forces destroyed them in the new dream.


Instead of leading to restitution and recovery, the deaths of these large headed humans left an imprint of death inside the new dream which was then utilized to holographically assure Earth’s extinction. Had they succeeded at their goal, not only would humanity ceased to fall in consciousness, but the Anu may have left Earth long before the nuclear annihilation that occurred at the end of their reign. Alas, the opposite was created which then led to this dream of annihilation being fulfilled upon instead.


Recently, Asur’Ana and Per figured out what their ancient ancestors had done and crossed over into the Great Central Sun Dream. Nature rapidly followed suit as our channels shared of their information. Now 70% of Earth resides inside the Great Central Sun Dream and the remaining 30% shall pass through in the coming three decades or cease to exist.


Terra, Asur’Ana and Per alike are confronting the very forces that killed those who had passed through into this dream long ago; they are defeating these forces primarily because Terra, the solar Sun and two additional ascending Suns on the 12th and 18th dimension have also crossed over, and are creating a multidimensional defense against these forces. This plus the assistance of the Tao and the understanding and technology that it provides is allowing the ascending Suns including Terra to return Home to the Great Central Sun when no other creation has accomplished this ever below Dimension 75. This is a grand gift indeed.


Why are there destructive forces inside the Great Central Sun Dream? Well, we perceive these as the same forces that caused the Sun to fall in the first place. A return journey therefore will call forth the karma at cause of Terra’s own fall out of the dream of the Sun; little by little, Terra will work her way back inside the dream of the Sun defeating each force at cause of her original fall long ago. How and why does one perceive all of nature inside the new dream when one is outside of it? Well this is due to the consensus agreements of Terra; there are agreements that all shall be perceived in the physical. In energy flow however any region that has crossed over into the dream, one may perceive the movement but not interact with it as the movement will be in another dream.


There are many shifts ahead as a result of Terra’s entry into the Great Central Sun Dream. Time is compressing and this shall enforce changes that are required in order for Terra to continue to ascend further into the new dream. The further that Terra pushes herself into the new dream, the more chi is available, and this will cause a more rapid pace of global warming than ever could be possible otherwise.


The warming of Terra is from the inside out and the outside in as the new dream provides more photonic energy than any Star Gate she had entered to date. At this time there is 90% more photonic energy available swirling around Terra than just a few months ago. The more photonic energy, the greater the pace that new crystalline genetics can grow; this is especially so under major global chakra centers where the increase in photonic energy may be double or 180% higher than just a few months ago. In essence, the ascent of the land upon the surface of the Earth is really going to take off now.


In a recent trip to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming which hosts an active subterranean volcano, Asur’Ana and Per measured the land between 8,000 and 15,000 segments of DNA. This was also so for the Rocky Mountains of Canada and the US. Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland and Hawaii now measure around 36,000 segments or is heading towards full consciousness frequencies.


The rapid shift upward also includes the ocean that has hundreds of thousands of miles of open space unencumbered by the density of human technology. The ocean varies from 15,000 segments at this time near the coastline to 75,000 segments in some regions under major chakra centers. Those regions near active underwater volcanoes host plant and fish life at 75,000 segments and who live in near boiling water temperatures.


Understanding the Spiritual Lessons of Hurricanes


The variance between the vibration of the land and sea is the underlying cause of hurricanes. Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 that wrought such great damage to the region was pressed upon the land to clear some of the densest sticky energy on Earth. The dense sticky energy is due to radiation remaining from two devastating nuclear bombs that were dropped upon this land in ancient times; one at the end of the era of Atlantis 10,000 Earth years ago (40,000 human years) and one in the era of the Anu 30,000 Earth years ago (120,000 human years). Both bombs were dropped upon heavily populated human cities.


There were many records gathered by Hurricane Katrina and the ancestors from Atlantean and Anu time periods that had been combust and were unknown. The result is a more thorough template of human ancestors and the karma that was incurred in their lifetimes that is now available for all humans to release in the continued ascent of your species. Two very large nonphysical magnets were also removed during this hurricane from the Gulf of Mexico region. The magnets were holding in place destructive holographic thoughtform that had been anchored upon Earth over 20 million years ago.


The magnets were so strong that they ripped a hole in the human dream over New Orleans as the hurricane pressed them from Terra. Those that died in this storm were settling karma for consumption of the sea and sea life. There is much human karma for destruction of the sea. The sea has been polluted; large numbers of fish have been harvested, larger than the fish kingdom can replenish leading to near extinction of some species.


Each species has a special energetic job to fulfill upon in association with Terra; this limits the energetic capacity of such kingdoms to fulfill upon their global agreements. Some species such as dolphins and whales have been hunted without agreement; dolphins have been caught in fish nets and not released, suffering greatly. Whales have been hunted and carried back to shore still alive and suffering greatly. Each member of their pod experiences such torturous deaths as they are holographically interconnected in energy flow. Now humans reap the karma that they have caused in return, experiencing great travesty at the hands of the sea.


If there were more humans ascending and releasing their karma for consumption of the sea, the casualties would be far less. Alas in places caught in extreme radioactivity such as New Orleans, there are few ascending enough to release any karma at all. Therefore, the karma plays out as great travesty instead of learning the spiritual lessons of this return cycle “home”. You see there can be no consumption inside of the Great Central Sun Dream; all must become vegetarian, even those nature kingdoms that still consume flesh are working upon ascending rapidly into a blueprint for vegetarianism; they cannot cross into the new dream otherwise.


This must also be the same with humans; as more humans ascend into vegetarianism, they will address and release their consumption karma and thoughtform for mutilation of the land and sea and forgive. As they forgive, then the types of catastrophes such as the tsunamis and the hurricanes that have damaged the Southern US and other island chains in the Caribbean repeatedly in the past few years can be less devastating. As the land begins to catch up in such regions with the vibration of the sea, there will not be the sticky energy flow to call in the hurricane. Alas, this may take many decades yet, and so these regions may continue to be plagued with devastating storms into the future.


Interestingly enough, Asur’Ana read an article that many survivors of tsunamis and hurricanes chose to become vegetarian following the experience. With so many putrid and rotting body parts remaining in the waterways and upon the beach, it was difficult to consider consuming flesh as the flesh was a reflection of the rot remaining from the travesty. Flesh is a form of rot regardless of how freshly slaughtered the chicken, beef, fish or pig; all things decay immediately upon death.


All flesh also contains the death hormone which will kill ascending biology and therefore is best to be left behind if your choice is to ascend in this lifetime from the sea’s perspective. (Please refer to Vegetarian Ascension Recipes Chapter 1 “Diet for Ascension” and to Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 6 “Blessings for a Healthy Body that Can Ascend” for more information.)


Thoughtform and the Great Central Sun Dream


After Asur’Ana and Per moved into the Great Central Sun Dream, they quickly came to understand that consumption of flesh has no place in this new dream. They were at a restaurant in Trondheim and ordered their own vegan meal. A woman at a neighboring table ordered “Chicken Legs”. Immediately the picture was presented to Asur’Ana of the woman’s legs shattered and broken in an auto accident. You see consuming slaughtered bodies of animals is like intending to be slaughtered oneself in parallel manner inside the new dream.


However, it is worse than this for everything is holographic in the new dream. If one person or kingdom consumes slaughtered flesh, it is like intending a global massacre; and this is exactly what occurred as kingdoms that still consume flesh crossed over into the Great Central Sun Dream; it led to a massive shattering of Earth’s field in rapid order. So, all kingdoms still consuming flesh consciously chose of their own volition to move back into the old split dream until they have mastered vegetarianism. It is for this reason that humans will not be allowed to cross over into the new dream until they too have become vegetarian.


Why is it that consuming vegetables, grass, grains, fruits and vegetables is acceptable to the new dream and will not lead to slaughter when consuming flesh will? Well, this is an interesting thing. Plants have agreements to be consumed and in the exchange experience the existences of all kingdoms that ingest them. This is how the plant kingdom participates in the experiences of all other kingdoms. Given how they are a stationary consciousness, this adds interest to an otherwise rather boring existence and enhances the spiritual lessons learned at this evolutionary cycle Home. Plants are consumed founded upon agreement as well as eggs and milk at this time; when there is agreement, then no karma is incurred in the experience. Flesh never agreed to be consumed and so one creates karma in so doing.


World Mirror and Intentions


What is the karma for the slaughter of so many fish, whales and dolphins, or animals, and sometimes with great suffering at human hands? One can see the karma playing out in the videos of the travesty of Hurricane Katrina over New Orleans with dead bodies and body parts floating down the streets. The karma causes the experience of human bodies that are slaughtered by acts of nature. What is the karma for causing animals for consumption to be raised in such a difficult environment that they are defecating upon one another or living in their own feces? The karma causes humans experience living in their own waste such as the group at the stadium in New Orleans following the hurricane.


Perhaps such humans were never involved in fishing or raising livestock in this life; this causes them to appear as victims. The reality is that the karma is present in the ancestry even if it is another of one’s ancestry participating in the dance elsewhere in the world. Ancestries are holographic and one not only inherits karma from the past incurred by your ancestors, but also karma from present day ancestors sharing your tapestry. It is for this reason that the world mirror can be so useful at this time of ascension to release karma amongst those who are awakening; which shall also have the added effect of minimizing travesties into the future as the karma will be released in the ancestries living in such regions. Here are some intentions for ascending humans to make that the ocean suggests as derived from the world mirror.


Intentions to Release Karma for Natural Disasters


1. I intend to release all karma for consumption of the land and sea.


2. I intend to forgive my ancestry for harvesting the sea to a point that the associated kingdoms are unable to hold their energetic function for Terra.


3. I intend to forgive my ancestry for tortured creatures of the land or sea in their slaughter.


4. I intend to forgive my ancestors for polluting the land or sea.


5. I intend to forgive my ancestry for raising animals or fish for slaughter in painful or unclean circumstances.


6. I intend to acknowledge that all life has consciousness and feels.


7. I intend that all humans awaken to the truth that all life has consciousness and feels.


8. I intend to release all karma for consumption of flesh.


9. I intend to become vegetarian in this lifetime.


10. I intend that all humans become vegetarian.


11. I intend to ascend into the new paradigm of unity.


12. I intend to honor Earth and Nature.


13. I forgive my ancestry for the dance of dishonor of Earth or any kingdom therein.


14. I intend to honor all other humans and all other species upon Earth.


15. I intend to learn to live in unity and harmony with all others and all other kingdoms along with the Earth and sea.


16. I intend to be in the right place at the right time and to listen to the land so that I know when to move if need be before travesty strikes.


The New Dream for Awakening Ahead


As humans awaken, they will cease to raise farm animals in such difficult manners; perhaps they will cease to torture fish in the catching of them; and perhaps they will learn to free dolphins caught in the nets and cease to hunt whales. Humans will also turn increasingly towards vegetarianism into the future. This is the new dream that Earth is anchoring in the ascent of humankind. However, regardless of how well the dream for ascension takes hold, there is still a requirement to retract the large numbers of duplicate ancestries that are currently incarnate of the human tapestry.


The duplication of human ancestries went out of control again in this cycle. Now there are billions of physical representations of each ancestry. The large number of duplicates causes a watering down of the information necessary to ascend. It is for this reason that dark forces triggered a karmic replay in present time of agreements for heavy human reproduction that was caused by the Anu long ago. The Anu removed the natural birth control of their slaves deliberately.


Long ago, the slaves and red nations women were only fertile once per year. The Anu altered the push and pull of the moon through the introduction of new electrical sacred geometry and caused all females to become fertile once per month instead. This caused a rapid reproduction of their slaves from a small number of 100,000 into the billions over time; it also caused red nations women to conceive heavily as well as no female was immune to the new energetic configuration.


This cycle again humans have gone out of control in their reproduction. The growing populations spread the limited information on ascension out to a point that ascension can barely take hold. This is the underlying reason mass ascension has been so difficult for Terra to orchestrate for the human species. The large number of humans incarnate also consumes other kingdoms to an extreme, causing problems in the ascent of each species as well as the ascent of the whole.


Therefore, the new dream is going to call for a holographic retraction of all non-ascending holographic duplicates incarnate of the human species. This is going to cause many humans to suddenly die much as in the following travesties: 2019 Cyclone Idai, 2018 Sulawesi Earthquake and Tsunami, 2017 Hurricane Maria, 2015 Nepal Earthquake, 2013 Typhoon Haiyan, 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami, 2010 Haiti Earthquake, 2005 Hurricane Katrina, 2005 Kashmir Earthquake, 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami, 2003 European Heat Wave, etc. Such humans will live to join other ascending humans following death through their own ancestral connections and witness the Golden Age birthed upon Earth nonetheless, and therefore nothing is sincerely lost, beloved.


The Plagues Ahead


Most deaths however will not come from natural disasters per se. Most deaths shall come from new viruses and diseases that shall consume the human biology of non-crystalline and non-ascending genetics. Where will such diseases come from? They shall come from the livestock bred for slaughter and through the cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, turkeys or any other animal raised in captivity, including buffalo, elk or deer. All animals that are bred for slaughter are choosing to go extinct at this time as they cannot enter the new dream; they are choosing extinction languages which shall cause the development of 24 viruses currently unknown to humankind that will cause a rapid death of the physical as they are activated.


Those consuming the flesh of the animals will die of the same viruses killing the livestock. This is another reason that the sea recommends that ascending humans cease to consume flesh; if you must eat a little more protein for specific cycles of your ascension, then consume wild fish at this time as the fish kingdom is not participating in this particular extinction cycle, except for fish raised in captivity.


What will happen in cities that are suddenly hit by seeming plagues due to all of the humans still dining upon flesh? The disaster may not be unlike Hurricane Katrina; the roads will be clogged by those trying to vacate the city to avoid the plague; and there may be more dying in the high rises than can be removed and buried or cremated. The stench of the city may be great until the cleanup crews are complete. Cleanup crews may be scarce out of the fear of catching the disease that the masses are dying of. The end result will be that those who are ascending and do not die from the viruses as their immune system adequately kills the viruses will vacate the cities and move to a simpler life in the country, carrying on in smaller numbers.


This dream of plagues may hit earlier than originally anticipated due to the compression of time. Originally, we perceived that this type of cleansing would begin in about 2030. Recently and due to so much of Earth crossing into the Great Central Sun Dream, time has been compressed by 10 years. Now is the time to leave the cities while you can, beloved.


In the wake of the plagues, there may be little water or food coming into the city as the delivery personnel becomes frightened. Hungry humans may kill each other over a bottle of water or candy bar much as the mirror of those caught without food or water in the New Orleans Astrodome; far better perhaps to remove oneself from such possible dreams to be experienced in the cities and into a new country environment that is more conducive to your continued evolution and the inward focus that it requires.


About Death


The sea reminds humans that life does not end with death; each human is an ancestor to all others associated with the lineages one was born with. Life beyond death at this time of spiritual evolution is about understanding the spiritual lessons of one’s life and how this dovetails with all other lessons that all other ancestors are learning. It is as the ancestors learn the spiritual lessons through forgiveness of those who are ascending that they too evolve.


Therefore, nothing is really lost in death as consciousness carries forward; although those remaining in physicality, even if they understand that this is so, may still feel a loss of the physical presence of their loved ones. As one attunes inward and shuts one’s eyes requesting to perceive those that have passed, one will perceive them standing next to oneself just as if they were still in the physical, as they still exist in an etheric form.


Many in human form still believe in God and Judgment Day. The only one that judges upon death is oneself upon review of one’s own life. For one experiences not only one’s own life from one’s own perspective in the review, but all others’ experiences in association. This is known as Bardo; each human goes into a period of life review following death known as Bardo. There are many lessons that occur in Bardo that cannot be understood in any other way. This too is how the ancestors are evolving who then contribute their understanding to those continuing to exist in physicality of parallel inheritance.


Ascension brings about ongoing conscious state of Bardo where one reviews one’s life and ancestral experiences in the now. This is what ascension requires; bringing to consciousness one’s spiritual life lessons as well as the lessons of one’s ancestry. This requires an opening to the unconscious. Those ascending understand this journey very well and it brings about a whole new focus and meaning to life; for it may be far more entertaining to review one’s own ancestral lives than watch television or participate in many of the other activities that humans are preoccupied with at this time in history.


The deep and ongoing inward focus is especially required for those mastering Bodhisattva in this lifetime; as Bodhisattva requires mastering compassion, and mastering compassion requires understanding all human lessons about consumption, disease, warfare, and abuse. As more humans master this state of being, a return of compassion to the dream of humanity will be fulfilled upon.


Bodhisattva Level Children and Wisdom of the Ancestors


At this time Earth is planning on bringing in large numbers of Bodhisattva level children that will be examples of compassion in action from birth. They will complete their initiations in the womb. Mastering this level of ascent as an adult form is very difficult as the attachments in the dance of life are so great. Those mastering to this level have ascension as a full time job, and not an easy job at that. The higher the frequency, the faster the karma and lessons flow, sometimes leading to great struggle in the life experience.


The struggle can be felt as karmic patterns that create physical pain; having the time to focus upon the patterns consciously and all day long is a prerequisite for those ascending to Bodhisattva level frequency or otherwise they simply might die. It is for this reason that Earth is restraining most human adult ascension at 3,000 segments at this time, as at this level the lessons flow slowly enough that one can ascend and learn the spiritual life lessons, but still have a job, family and other interests outside of one’s personal evolution.


Ancestors are pressing themselves into those physical lives of all that they are associated with to share of their understanding. Asur’Ana was surprised to hear the ancestors speak through the Chinese leadership in response to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.


Two comments were made; one was that now perhaps the United States would come to understand that you cannot harm and pollute nature without nature harming in return; and that perhaps China should share more of its information on storm drainage technology that they have developed rather than refraining to do so due to difficult international relations. Both of these comments had ancient ancestral wisdom behind them, as well as spiritual understanding and compassion. This is the type of leadership that the ancient ancestors will create as they come through those in such positions into the future from the sea’s point of view.


Terra’s Consciousness Is in Charge


Who is in charge of it all and oversees the ancestors along with Bardo? The consciousness of Terra; Terra is the force that creates all counsels including the karmic counsels. It is Terra that casts souls and angels to incarnate into all living things including the plant, animal, mineral, human, whale and dolphin kingdoms. Terra is overseeing the healing temples associated with ascension; Terra is assuring that all karma is released thoroughly in each species ascent. Terra is the consciousness that each human should attune unto for guidance from the point of view of the sea.


Who then is Jesus or Buddha or any other that many perceive as God? They are your ancestors; all ancestors continue to exist and work with those that are related to their inheritance. Jesus tried to ascend in his lifetime and failed, causing his own crucifixion instead. In recognizing upon death that the crucifixion was the wrong choice, he resurrected the body. This was a grand feat and allows for resurrection and ascension today. Buddha was the last known ascension and took his body into the fourth dimension. This too created a pathway through which evolution to take hold in present time. Each can honor these ancestors who much like Asur’Ana and Per devoted their lives to spiritual fulfillment in an era that perhaps this was not a prevalent life choice. However, they are no more God or Goddess than oneself.


There is no one God or Goddess; there are only the many who extended from the ONE in the Tao who choose to experience existence together, and when complete with the experience, chooses to go Home to the ONE again. God Goddess lies in all living things including the minerals of the sea; we too are God Goddess in form beloved; just as each plant, animal, human, dolphin or whale is God Goddess in form. As each recognizes the God Goddess in all other living things, the desecration of the land and sea or any other kingdom will come to an end. As each human recognizes the God Goddess in every human, warfare and abuse will also come to a conclusion between individuals as well as nations. This is what the time of awakening ahead will cause.




What does the Salt Mineral Kingdom and Sea wish to conclude this essay with? Forgive yourself for being a wasteful polluting human that has consumed flesh from the land and sea. Even if you have been vegetarian all of your life, forgive your ancestors who perpetrated the same. It is only through forgiveness that we and you may wipe the slates clean of the travesties of the past and create a new template for a new tomorrow.


What is the new template we are co-creating? First all kingdoms shall ascend into regenerative crystalline biology. Within regenerative biology, nothing dies. As the internal structure ceases to age, become ill or die, then all external behavior associated with death and disease shall cease, including warfare and abuse in all of its many forms between humans or towards any other kingdom or the Earth and sea. Humans shall also respond by recycling everything as this is a part of the holographic nature of regenerative biology.


Next, we shall ascend into self-sustaining biology in which each waste produced by one organ, gland or system will meet another organ, gland or system’s need. As this occurs, there will be no waste. Humans will respond by ceasing to produce any waste eliminating the requirement to recycle. This type of circumstance may be hard to envision, but has to do with mastering physical law. In the mastery of physical law, one can instantly manifest anything that one dreams of and then de-manifest it upon will and when complete with its purpose.


In the mastery over physical plane law, one can teleport anywhere upon Earth and potentially into other creations inside the Great Central Sun with a thought; there is no requirement for transportation as a result. In the mastery over physical plane law, one can communicate with any kingdom including one’s human friends and family members through telepathy; there is therefore no requirement for telephones, computers, faxes or all the technology humanity has developed outside of self to fulfill upon communication. A very different world will abound as this comes to be so.


Come enjoy the ocean and the salt kingdom therein. Salt water (provided it is not in a polluted region) can be very healing and supportive of evolution. Salt water will assist in cleansing the skin and pulling toxins from the pores. The sun will assist in clearing the density built up in one’s field in the act of ascension. Come spend a day with us by the sea; or sailing upon a boat; or join us on the islands around the world for Asur’Ana and Per’s dreamtime events. They have very special dreamtime events planned indeed.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Mineral Kingdoms. May Ascending Humans feel the Love and Support from their Mineral Friends, and find their own Treasures from within to assist in their continued evolution Home.



Creational © 2020, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Mineral Treasures. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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