Image of a horse and a zebra in the wild. From the Horse and Zebra Kingdoms

37. From the Horse and Zebra Kingdoms


Section 2 Introduction


This new section offers another series of articles from the animal kingdoms exploring Language of ONE thoughtform. Language of ONE symbols have made themselves known as crop circle formations around the globe. The crop circles are really consensus based geometrical patterns and language that is emanating unto Earth via the Star Gates that she enters related to the Great Central Sun, some of which are captured upon farmlands.


It is the desire of the animal kingdoms supporting the new astrology of ascension to create another set of written materials supportive of learning Language of ONE algorithmic patterns. As the brain learns algorithmic patterns of the Language of ONE, a deeper level of unity will be understood, and then out of such understanding unity relations will be more greatly born in the dance of life amongst ascending initiates. It is as unity relations is born over time that peace between humans, between nations and upon Earth will become a living breathing reality.


The crystalline brain is unlimited in its capacity to learn new algorithms once embodied, regardless of how far one may ascend in a given lifetime. Once one has brought the brain and nervous system into a crystalline blueprint, one can expand one’s awareness without limitation to yet other thoughtform that holds even greater unity in its understanding, which is what the Language of ONE offers, deeper levels of unity. Generally speaking, this is mastered by 2,800 to 3,000 segments of DNA. It is as humans understand unity and learn unity-based algorithmic patterning within the brain that they will begin to move towards unity-based relationships with all others. This is important as it is only as humanity returns to unity that peace upon Earth becomes possible.


Blessings for Becoming a Co-Creator with Earth


Horse Kingdom and Zebra Kingdom


Our earlier chapters introduced and focused upon the unity concepts and thoughtform of the Language of Light single, dual and tri tones. The Language of Light is an ascending thoughtform that all species are choosing to embody and communicate with so that all ascending sentient species may understand one another. Those ascending in human form must also embody the Language of Light and are tested in healing temples held by Terra (Mother Earth) and Tao in the core of Earth or Aurora to assure that this is the thoughtform one is mastering. Those embodying the Language of Light fall under certain archetypal patterns associated with the new astrology for ascension.


Solar Astrology of Pleiadian System


What exactly is the new astrology that the Horse Kingdom and many other kingdoms govern? The new astrology provides for the human species an ascending set of archetypal patterns that are essentially a script for life that causes relationships between humans to flow in a more unity-based manner. Read more