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37. From the Horse and Zebra Kingdoms


Section 2 Introduction


This new section offers another series of articles from the animal kingdoms exploring Language of ONE thoughtform. Language of ONE symbols have made themselves known as crop circle formations around the globe. The crop circles are really consensus based geometrical patterns and language that is emanating unto Earth via the Star Gates that she enters related to the Great Central Sun, some of which are captured upon farmlands.


It is the desire of the animal kingdoms supporting the new astrology of ascension to create another set of written materials supportive of learning Language of ONE algorithmic patterns. As the brain learns algorithmic patterns of the Language of ONE, a deeper level of unity will be understood, and then out of such understanding unity relations will be more greatly born in the dance of life amongst ascending initiates. It is as unity relations is born over time that peace between humans, between nations and upon Earth will become a living breathing reality.


The crystalline brain is unlimited in its capacity to learn new algorithms once embodied, regardless of how far one may ascend in a given lifetime. Once one has brought the brain and nervous system into a crystalline blueprint, one can expand one’s awareness without limitation to yet other thoughtform that holds even greater unity in its understanding, which is what the Language of ONE offers, deeper levels of unity. Generally speaking, this is mastered by 2,800 to 3,000 segments of DNA. It is as humans understand unity and learn unity-based algorithmic patterning within the brain that they will begin to move towards unity-based relationships with all others. This is important as it is only as humanity returns to unity that peace upon Earth becomes possible.


Blessings for Becoming a Co-Creator with Earth


Horse Kingdom and Zebra Kingdom


Our earlier chapters introduced and focused upon the unity concepts and thoughtform of the Language of Light single, dual and tri tones. The Language of Light is an ascending thoughtform that all species are choosing to embody and communicate with so that all ascending sentient species may understand one another. Those ascending in human form must also embody the Language of Light and are tested in healing temples held by Terra (Mother Earth) and Tao in the core of Earth or Aurora to assure that this is the thoughtform one is mastering. Those embodying the Language of Light fall under certain archetypal patterns associated with the new astrology for ascension.


Solar Astrology of Pleiadian System


What exactly is the new astrology that the Horse Kingdom and many other kingdoms govern? The new astrology provides for the human species an ascending set of archetypal patterns that are essentially a script for life that causes relationships between humans to flow in a more unity-based manner.


What are unity relations? Unity causes humans to begin to relate from equality rather than from a hierarchical system of better than or less than, wealth or poverty, power or powerlessness, hope or hopelessness, health or disease, mental or emotional, intuitive or creative, abusive or kind, or loving or hateful in nature. Unity thoughtform rises above the polarity enough that one can begin to relate to one another as God Goddess in form rather than use, own, possess, compete, fear, judge, shame, blame, belittle or hate one another. It is hate in particular that hosts the most difficult human pattern in all relationships.


The current script and solar astrology that humanity operates within is really a Pleiadian system that was set up long ago by the Family of Anu, a family of Pleiadians that came to Earth to strip mine her of gold to extend the existence of their planets of origin. The family of Anu incubated a set of slave nation peoples derived from 40% Native American Root Race DNA and 60% Pleiadian DNA taken from the Anu’s own genealogies primarily to mine the gold and wait upon the Anu hand and foot. A set of scripts for the life of the slaves was set up along with an astrology that was solar in nature to direct the dance of life of their slave nation. The scripts are very limited and have fallen over time into patterns of judgment, greed, lust, pain, suffering, death, and fear.


Slaves were devised to be subordinate and serving of their “masters” or the “Gods” who were immortal. In reality, the Anu were not immortal at all, but they extended their lives for over 18,000 years in two cases; and so, from the perspective of the slaves they were immortal as the slave life span was less than 500 years at the time of incubation.


Therefore, built into the slave archetypes is aging and death, as this is how the Anu retained a certain level of control over the slave existence, by being perceived as much greater than simply because the Anu knew how to extend their lives. Because the slave scripts lead to death, another script is required to cause humans to ascend instead into regeneration and life again. This is the main purpose of the new scripts behind the new astrology which allows for an archetypal script that leads to regeneration rather than death.


Slave archetypes are driving the human dream again along with Anu archetypes in this given Anu based cycle that is concluding imminently. As a result, there are those related to the Anu in inheritance who have a script of dominion and are inflated into such positions at this time, and those who have the script for the slaves that serve the Anu and work for them also at play at this time.


Those of red nation inheritance have often been pressed into scripts of slavery, as this is what occurred when the Anu were dominant upon Earth; they enslaved everything from the people to the land in order to extend their lives. Today humans of slave and red nation inheritance alike not only find themselves enslaved to those of Anu inheritance, but also extending the Anu lives in the unconscious. This is the underlying cause of false ascension at this time.


The game of life extension carries on until the karma that is related has been released in full. Life extension of another may not amount to anything other than giving another one’s chi, life force, dream for life, grid work and information and in return taking on the dream for death and disease along with other sour dreams that may lead to depression or suicide, accidents or other life travesties. The dance of giving of the good dreams and taking on the bad dreams of others is so extensive due to the fact that the Anu participated in the game for so long that there are few lineages that were not compromised over time. As a result, those who are ascending today may discover themselves in circumstances where one is sacrificing of oneself for another in one capacity or another.


Editing the Scripts to Allow for Life, Regeneration and Ascension


The archetypal scripts of all humans were doctored in the era of the Anu to not only be complacent to Anu rule but to self-sacrifice for the life extension of the Anu biology. This occurred due to certain forces in the nonphysical that accessed holographic archives and altered the archetypes to support the life extension of the Anu. In recent years, ascending humans have retrieved the keys for how the holographic archives were doctored, and have edited the scripts to allow for ascension in lieu of life extension to come forth.


Those in the dance of extending the life of another, whether the other is one’s parent, sibling, spouse, guru, spiritual teacher, boss or any other, can evolve into another script which allows the ascension of each to come forth. Extending the life of another by sacrificing of oneself leads not to ascension for either party; it leads to life extension for the one of Anu descent and death of the one who could ascend. This is what has occurred in many time periods upon Earth and has led to continuous falls into greater density or matter rather than a rising out of the decay, death and fear thoughtform that life extension practices breed.


Why does life extension breed decay, death, fear and hatred? To extend the life of a few way beyond the physical genetic capacity to live, great resources must be gathered and then used to fulfill upon the task. Why is this so? Beyond about 2,000 years that the Anu Pleiadian biology was designed to live, the grid work and energy systems along with DNA begin to go sour or decay.


To clear what had gone sour and begun to decay, it required ten thousand times the energy that it would take when the biology was in its youth to sustain itself. The twelve Anu in general extended their life 10,000 years each generation; this is 8,000 years beyond what the biology was capable of sustaining. As a result of this, it took 90,000 times more chi to sustain the life each 1,000 years beyond the 2,000 years they had already lived. This chi had to come from somewhere, and about 70% of it came from the Anu slaves; the other 30% was stripped from Mother Earth and all kingdoms along with the red nation indigenous peoples alive at the time.


Two family members of the Anu (Innana and Merduk) extended their lives 18,000 years and into a state of insanity in the end. Over time it took 150,000 times the chi than their youthful bodies could generate to sustain the life another 1,000 years. The ongoing confiscation of chi along with the strip mining of Terra’s gold led to a decline in global vibration. As the global vibration declined, the ice shields that the Sirians had so graciously constructed to aid in the sustaining of Terra’s vibration through a very radioactive part of the universe fell apart creating your oceans. The Anu stripped 80% of the gold from Terra’s surface to accomplish this task. After this, most of the mines were underwater and so the strip mining ceased.


Life Extension of the Pharaohs


What does the loss of gold equate unto? The loss of gold equates to a loss of love. Love is the essential “glue” that holds life together and allows for evolution Home. Without enough love, extinction is the only possible future. As there was not enough love upon Earth due to their own strip mining of gold, the Anu fell into hating one another enough to create a family war, and continued to battle it out until the bitter end of a nuclear annihilation.


Without enough love, the red nations’ peoples fell into their own disputes over land with the slaves. In the end, the Native American Root Race (which was really native to the European continent in present time) constructed large boats and sailed off to a new world or the North American continent today. In the new world, they could be at peace and not under the constant battle over resources with the growing Anu slave populations.


Although the red nations’ peoples left for better land and greater freedom, no freedom was really to be had, as they had embraced the Anu archetypes and astrological patterns associated with the slaves. In time, the red nations’ peoples in the new world also enslaved one another as a result. For a long time, there was peace amongst the tribes and enough resources to allow as many as 10,000 different nations of Native Americans to grow to inhabit North America.


Alas as the Anu cycle recurred, as do all cycles ahead, there were those amongst them that rose into the position of “god” again, becoming the Pharaohs. The Pharaohs fell into the same life extension patterns of the Anu, but under the guise of ascension. The Pharaohs went on to conquer red nation tribe after red nation tribe and enslave them into a tax system that sustained the Pharaohs in great wealth. Over time, conquered tribes became slaves to tribes that had been conquered earlier in Egyptian history.


Pharaoh Tutt in particular fell into gathering larger headed humans for the purposes of ascension. Indeed, many larger headed humans of the time gravitated towards this path feeling it was their real purpose. Alas, the path was not really ascension but life extension of the Pharaoh, with all in the group sacrificing of themselves to retain the life of a small group of elite governing the group and continent. The dance of the Pharaohs is another level of karma that many ascending initiates will discover that they must transcend in order to step out of the game of self-sacrifice.


Self- Sacrifice Leads to Disease and Warfare


Self-sacrifice on any level really does not serve as it only takes away from the energy flow required to expand the field and ascend the biology. Self-sacrifice leads to warfare and disease and not ascension, in the Horse Kingdom’s perspective. How is this so? When one self-sacrifices enough chi, grid work and information, the body falls into disease as it can no longer sustain itself. As the consciousness falls along with the biology, humans fall into dissonant behavior patterns that are arrogant, abusive and war mongering or in other terms hateful.


Disease is the result of hatred turned inward; warfare the result of hatred turned outward. Lose enough consciousness and information, and so much dissonance will be created internal to self that hatred is then given birth unto. All patterns of internal or external hatred in this creation are founded upon self-sacrifice for the benefit of another. The other also loses in the end as to the degree one takes from another to sustain one’s existence, to such a degree over time one will also self-sacrifice for another in karmic counterbalance. Over time even the Anu fell into hating one another. How did this occur? This is interesting story, and the Horse Kingdom will explain from recent records gathered of Innana’s life.


Over time, Innana took and took and took from the slave nation’s peoples, the red nations’ peoples and Mother Earth to extend her life. The karma rolled over Innana eventually and she had a brief love affair with a Pleiadian man upon one of her journey’s home for a visit. The Pleiadian man was a famous physician that Innana visited over some health care issues. Their sexual encounter was very explosive; however, Innana ended up stripped as greatly as she had unconsciously stripped the slave nations and red nations’ peoples alike.


The end result was a fall in consciousness for Innana because her grid work, information, chi and consciousness went to the doctor’s patients to aid in their recovery, and she fell into hating herself, and then turning the hatred upon her half-brother Merduk. This led to a war between the two that culminated in a nuclear winter for Earth.


You cannot hold one side of the polarity forever from the Horse Kingdom’s point of view. Stripping others to extend your life or have a better dream, and sooner or later you too will be stripped and experience sour dreams, and if not in this lifetime, then in another ancestral lifetime ahead. Many are living such ancestral lifetimes in the now and finding oneself self-sacrificing for another.


Many are experiencing depression at this time or even suicidal tendencies; yet others are finding themselves ill; yet others find it difficult to manifest enough upon the physical plane; and yet others are struggling to create friends to share the life dance with or a beloved to share the life journey with. Whatever one is deprived of, one can look around at the archetypal dance surrounding oneself as to whom has the very thing that one most desires in the dance of life, and one may well discover that one is self-sacrificing of the associated dream to the other.


Self-Sacrifice Is A Natural Part of the Red Nation Way of Being


Where does the pattern of self-sacrifice come from? In reality, self-sacrifice is a natural part of the red nation way of being. Red nations’ people shared a common dream that each partook of. The dream included the natural world and so nature was viewed as a part of the whole or a part of the tribe. In this manner, plants, animals and trees must be taken into consideration within the dream as well as each member of the tribe.


The red nations’ peoples agreed that each was to be supported by the whole, and each was to have enough. If one season there was not enough of this or that, all was split amongst the tribe and each did with a little less. One of the books Asur’Ana read about early Hawaiian civilization shed light upon this. One outsider noted that if a single cookie was given to a Hawaiian family, they would split it amongst themselves each having a bite. To such a degree is its red nation decree to share that even the smallest of treat is also to be shared by all.


In the sharing, nature was also to be taken into consideration. It is for this reason that red nations’ peoples would not strip all the mushrooms or berries or other resources from the forest, as some needed to be left to allow for proliferation of future resources as well as sustain the other kingdoms that also required such resources for self-preservation. All was to be shared. In times of abundance, sharing everything does not lead to lack of the individual. In times of scarcity or drought, sharing everything may mean that many go hungry only eating a little, but at least each has something.


Over time, the Anu set in motion many energetic patterns that the red nations’ peoples did not understand or detect. The energy dynamics from the Pleiades led to scarcity upon the physical plane, primarily due to the electrical tones of creation that combust the water element. The combustion of water element then leads to droughts in which there is not enough rainfall to sustain all vegetation. Red nations’ peoples were vegetarian at this time in history and did not farm. Earth was a “Garden of Eden” at this time and the plant life was generous in its offerings of fruit, nuts, grains and vegetables, providing amply for all who simply gathered what they required each cycle. Earth was also subtropical in most regions allowing for the fruits to be generated year round.


Having no rainfall was uncommon and unanticipated on the part of the red nations’ folk. It took far more than the twelve Anu to generate enough radiation to cause droughts however. It was as the slave populations grew into the billions that the overall radiation of such groups of humans became so great that massive droughts occurred all over Earth. Much like Australia that today is struggling with droughts that are destroying their farming industry, many regions that red nations’ peoples thrived were struck with ongoing droughts that forced them to move. Some also took to farming after this point to assure that future tribes would always have enough, copying the dream of the Anu slave nations.


The Anu slave nations did not gather (except for fishing); they were trained by the Anu to farm. The farms of the slaves were extensive, not unlike farming practices of today. The farms tended to grow a single substance to excess without the consideration to how plants self-fertilize. The farms were also outside of the towns and villages of the slaves who traded or purchased their foods for other resources with those in the farming industry. Farms separate humans from the natural world dream and the source that provides one’s food. As humans separate from food, they also separate from the natural world dream. As this occurs, humans cease to share with the natural world, and may overpopulate, over pollute, and over farm, taking away from the habitats of the other creatures that also share in the dream of the land.


Become A Part of the Natural World Dream


Today you are in a cycle where humans have moved far away from the natural world dream. It is in separating off from the natural world dream that the natural world cannot provide for humans if your farms fail; as the natural world will not know what you require as you are outside of its dream. It is in separating off from the natural world that humans also cease to take care of nature or treat nature as if it is not a part of the whole. It is in separating off from the natural world that humans then cease to have a part in Terra’s evolution ahead. It will because so many are separated off and living in an ancient slave dream that so many shall perish; as they will cease to have a dream the further that Terra ascends and cancels any and all non-resonant dreams. No dream equates to no life and no life provisions.


The only solution to this dilemma is for ascending humans to be restored into the natural world dream and become again a part of the whole. However, one must also be wary of sacrificing yourself to the natural world dream once you return to existing within it. For the red nations’ peoples sacrificed of themselves when the natural world dream became compromised in the life extension of the Anu. As the Anu took more and more of Terra’s gold, the red nations’ tribes tried to shore up her vibration and energy flow and became ill in so doing. As the Anu took more and more of Terra’s chi, the red nations’ peoples gave Earth their chi to shore her up, and again became ill. As the Anu slaves took more and more land for their farms limiting the natural resources that the red nations’ peoples relied upon, the red nations’ peoples gave more and more of their chi to the Anu slave farms.


So may many ascending initiates today give of themselves to the natural world and end up self-sacrificing from the belief that one must share one’s dreams with all others evenly, including the land. Sharing dreams evenly only works if there is nothing that vampires the whole. It only takes a small number of vampires to destroy the whole; it only took twelve Anu to begin to destroy billions of red nations’ peoples living upon Earth. Earth was never designed to host leeches upon her. Everything in a consensus reality is to contribute and receive in equal exchange what is required to subsist. The only kingdoms that leech are those from other creations that do not host the proper language and energetic movements to be supportive of Terra.


Each kingdom that is non-resonant is choosing to ascend into resonant genetics at this time from its more ancient inheritance, or perish through extinction. In so doing, in time no plant, animal or mineral kingdom shall leech Earth any longer. This also must come to be so for the human kingdom, which leeches far more of Earth’s resources than all other non-resonant kingdoms combined.


Complete with Those Whom You Are Self-Sacrificing Unto


One cannot share in a dream if there is a leech in the group. Those who wish to leech and take more than they give will over time leave any ascension groups as it will create enough imbalances to cause further ascension of the whole to cease otherwise. Terra is in a parallel dilemma; if she does not extinguish the life of that which leeches, there will come a point where she cannot ascend any further due to how much chi those who leech take from her overall resources. Humans are the primary cause of the lack of chi necessary to ascend, and shall have vast populations the require cleansing as a result of this truth.


For those who are choosing to ascend, you cannot afford also to be spending time with those who leech you excessively of your resources needed to evolve, or you too will cease to ascend beyond a certain point. The best solution is to ascertain who is taking too much of your resources and to whom you are self-sacrificing unto, and then choose to complete with such individuals clearing all karma between you through forgiveness.


Additionally, one must forgive parts of self that have leeched in this lifetime or in other lifetimes within your ancestry, as one has done it all so to speak in one’s lengthy inheritance. Understanding the archetypal natures of others is helpful in this goal, and it is for this purpose that the Consciousness of Earth has compiled Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension Workbook 1. The workbook allows each to begin to assess the archetypal dance one has been surrounded in from birth, what position that one holds in the dance due to one’s inheritance, and allows the spiritual lessons behind the dance to come to light so that one can choose to forgive and complete.


Unity-Based Truths


It is only as one completes with the archetypal script that one was born with that one can ascend into a new archetypal script related to the new astrology. What are the new scripts like? Mostly the new scripts are modified red nation patterns that operated in unity at the time that they were alive. One will have many ancestors related to a particular script in the new astrology, and this will be the truth that one will ascend into that is unity-based. Unity-based truth relates to all others from equality and unconditional love. Unity-based truth honors one another and the contribution of each unto the whole. Unity-based truth honors all kingdoms and the whole of the Earth. Unity-based truth seeks to give of oneself to the group and receive in balance. Unity-based truth seeks to self-express in joy and allow for the self-expression of all others also in joy.


Unity based truth seeks to love all others, but understands that if another cannot love in return and vampires or takes more than they give, that one cannot keep loving and loving until there is nothing left of self. Unity-based truth desires for each to have the fulfillment of dream that each longs for; however, you now also will come to understand that you cannot sacrifice your dreams for others or weave dreams for others so that they will be fulfilled at your own expense.


Unity-based truth seeks to empower self and all others; however, now you will understand that you cannot empower another to such a degree that you lose your own power and then fail to ascend. Unity-based truth seeks to stand in one’s unique truth and allow all others the same; however, now one will understand that one cannot sacrifice of one’s own truth for another that perceives one’s truth as more desirable than their own.


Those of sincere red nation inheritance will move backward in time and recover one’s truth as it was expressed in more ancient times in your red nation ancestors. This truth brought forward today will not resemble present day red nation truth as reflected through indigenous groups or tribes; it will be a unique expression of even more ancient holographic recollection of unity.


It is true that indigenous peoples are also ascending, and in so being they too are evolving to a more ancient truth that will encompass a larger picture of the dance than in present time. The ancient ancestors are pressing those who have red nation origins today to embody greater wisdom so that tomorrow they can become the leaders of their own tribes and potentially nations as well. This too will create a dance that is different from what has been in the past, and will allow the light to begin to shine again amongst indigenous groups.


Those who are white with ancient red ancestry will also have to release the thoughtform, patterns and programs that cause one to live a script related to the slave nations of the Anu. As one releases 60% of the associated programming, one will begin to embody their ancient red nation truth and then can receive a script for unity associated with the new astrology for ascension.


Responsibilities of A Guardian


The new astrology for ascension is founded upon the energy flow within the Great Central Sun and is not related completely to anything outside and in this current region of domain. Most archetypes today are distorted and from fallen genetic and behavioral patterns. The new archetypes therefore are to be revised so that humans can restore a fully conscious state of being, and then ascend to another dimension of thoughtform with Terra over the coming 1,000 years.


The archetypes themselves however will not be like what has fallen. The Tao is choosing to edit the scripts to reflect the nature of human relations as they occurred in the Great Central Sun, shortening the pathway to unity. Most of such changes are occurring through algorithmic formations that will allow those with a crystalline brain to understand the larger concepts of the Language of ONE.


The Language of ONE is a consensus based thoughtform. As such, one is a part of the consensus, and is a guardian of the consensus. As a guardian, one has responsibility to contribute to the consensus and in return receives what is required to subsist. As a guardian, one has responsibility to assist in the ascension of one another and the land and all kingdoms that reside upon the land. As a guardian, one can learn to be an equal with Mother Earth or any other kingdom.


Now this may seem unusual, as how can something as small as a human be equal unto the whole of the consensus known as Terra? This is perhaps a large lesson and a new algorithmic pattern for those who are ready. Every part of the consensus is equal; no matter how large or how small, or one’s level of mastery, or one’s physical shape or form. All are equal; embracing equality with Earth is the first step out of being codependent with her. Many would like to replace one’s former saviors or false gods with Terra’s consciousness. Then when things do not go well, you scream to Earth to be saved; saved often from yourself and your own karma. No one can save another from their karma. Each must take responsibility for the karma that one has, and learn to clear it along with the patterns associated to move into a unity-based script.


Those who self-sacrifice become the savior of others; then one seeks the savior in another such as Terra when one has not enough because one has become depleted by giving away everything to others. When one has one’s own truth, power, love, dream and enough chi, then one can hold one’s own; and contribute to the consensus upon which one resides. Then one need not rely upon Earth as a savior but as a co-creator in the dance of life. This is also the role of the guardian, to co-create your human life in collaboration with the consensus that you reside within.


Terra Is Learning Not to Sacrifice Herself Anymore


Terra also is learning not to be the savior of other creations. For eons of time she too has sacrificed herself for 18 creations upon this dimension and a host of other creations upon other dimensions numbering over 100. Terra has self sacrificed for the same reason that red nations’ peoples self-sacrifice. She has believed that one must contribute to the whole and that each should have enough, and that each should do whatever they can to assure that each has enough.


Alas, this has included self-sacrificing herself leading to her own demise and falls from the 24th to the 18th to the 12th to the 5th to the 3rd dimension. Enough of so much self-sacrifice, and as such, each creation she has supported is being cut off, and what has been taken is to be retrieved, until Terra recovers herself enough to step out of the delusion of physicality and back home to the heart of the Tao.


So, this is the same for each human. This existence is only the biggest delusion of all; that one must self-sacrifice in so many ways that it is difficult to subsist; that one must be imprisoned to a 9 to 5 job that one hates in order to pay the bills and pay the taxes and raise the family and put food upon the table; or be imprisoned in a marriage of non-love to be supported in the dance of life. The delusion is so great however that your DNA believes that this is so; working your way therefore to a sovereign way of being and out of the current system or box is a lengthy journey. One takes one step at a time.


Guardianship creates a sense of internal fulfillment that one can only understand as it is restored. For those of red nation inheritance, becoming again a guardian of Earth fulfills something deep within oneself that is related to your original casting within the Great Central Sun as a human being. Humans always were the guardians of the consensus that they reside upon; something occurred in the Great Central Sun causing fall after fall, and humans as guardians sacrificed of themselves there too. It is time to cease self-sacrificing and begin to weave a dream in collaboration, honor, unity, equality and love with Mother Earth.


Real Love


Real love of the Tao does not expect another to give more than one gives; real love of the Tao does not expect another to self-sacrifice so that one can have a better life. Real love calls for responsibility; responsibility for what the language that you hold within in your programming causes upon the physical plane. There is not one incident that one manifests, even homelessness, that one is not at cause of. One holds programs and beliefs that call a particular dream to oneself. Sometimes some of the programs and beliefs are not one’s own and have been projected upon oneself. These can easily be returned. However, underlying the projections will always be a thread and series of programs that are related that one also believes.


Remove the original programs and forgive the karmic cause, and one will be able to integrate other thoughtform that is Language of Light and Language of ONE based. This thoughtform will cause a different dream to be caught, a dream of unity in which there will always be balance and always enough. Through such languages, the fulfillment of each dream that one holds can then come forth as a co-creator with Mother Earth.


We leave you with these thoughts. Namaste.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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