Image of feet meridians. Effective Techniques to Support Ascension

10. Effective Techniques To Support Ascension


There are many techniques that are supportive of ascending initiates and this is what we wish to delve into today. Recently, the Nut, Vegetable and Fruit Bearing Plants gave some assistance in association with nutrition to support the ascending field and form. (Please see Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 6 “Blessings for a Healthy Body that Can Ascend” for more information.) Nutrition is an important manner to support ascension because if the biology does not have all the necessary ingredients to modify a particular part of the cellular structure, then often this region is skipped over leading to gaps and holes in the ascension through which one can then be manipulated. Therefore, providing a solid nutritional foundation on an ongoing and recurrent basis is important to the goal of ascension in this lifetime.


Lack of Appetite


Sometimes initiates suffer from intermittent or long-term lack of appetite. The underlying cause of a lack of appetite is generally a desire to cease to digest one’s spiritual life lessons. For in failing to eat, one also fails to ground adequately into physicality and ceases to process the incoming information from soul down the chakras connecting one to one’s source; and also ceases to release what one is no longer needing down the grounding cord for transmutation by one’s larger chakras in the Aurora or core of Earth. Eat and one will begin to process their ascension again as well as ground soul into the physical, or so many initiates have discovered.


There are dark forces that prefer you to fail at your transcendence also in any field. These forces generally sit in the space between the ley lines of energy flow of the etheric body, chakras, subtle bodies and light body dreamtime self. As one intends to shatter those consciousnesses that desire one’s failure in the space between, then one can begin to push out that which is interfering with one’s need to provide nutrition to the ascending biology. An ascending body will always desire to eat as there are always nutrients necessary to the biological transmutation process underway each day, week or month of ascension. If one fails to feel the body’s requirement to eat, then something is interfering.


Releasing Diet Machinery


There can be machines associated with appetitive control from a desire to be thin through dieting. If one did not diet much in this lifetime, then this type of machinery may be associated with ancestors who dieted in earlier time periods in human history that one is related unto. The thin female has been a recurrent “fashion model” in many eras including Atlantis and the era of the Annanuki. Innana (Venus or Aphrodite) was famous for her thin and frail looking form with rather small breasts that she believed was the most beautiful female figure upon Earth.


During the era of the slave civilization associated with the Anu, women desired to be thin and chose to limit their food intake to accomplish the goal of appearing like Innana. The Anu themselves of course did not require limitation of food as they held a silica based crystalline structure that much like the crystalline form ascending initiates are embodying today cannot eat enough calories to sustain itself. Innana could eat whatever she wanted and remain thin. Read more