Image of ripe mangoes on a mango tree. Blessings For A Healthy Body That Can Ascend

6. Blessings For A Healthy Body That Can Ascend


From the Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Bearing Plants Kingdom


It is the Fruit, Nut and Vegetable Bearing Plants that desire to communicate with you today. We are writing primarily to speak to the difficulties of meeting the dietary requirements to support ascension. Foods today are often highly processed. In the preparation of foods weeks, months or even years before they are eaten in the canning, drying and freezing processes that prevail in your current food industries, humans are receiving less and less nutrition through every meal consumed. The end result is a lot of “empty” calories that lead to over eating which then leads to weight problems in your current civilization.


Processed Foods and Empty Calories


There are empty calories in most human meals today because they are depleted of enzymes and nutrients necessary to sustain life. The lack of nutrients in the meals consumed cause the body’s hunger mechanisms to be triggered in shorter time periods than if the meal was filled with the substances that the body requires to sustain its own biochemistry. The end result is eating far more than is really necessary to sustain the body’s activity level which leads to weight gain amongst many humans.


Many restaurants rely upon pre-frozen, pre-cooked, irradiated and canned foods. Pre-frozen, pre-cooked, irradiated vegetables and canned foods are also readily available in the grocery stores of most countries. Little may be prepared fresh outside of salads in any given meal, and even the fruit and vegetables therein may have fewer enzymes due to irradiation. The end result is food source that is low on the necessary enzymes to break itself down in the digestive process and low on nutrients to sustain life.


Vitamins in particular become easily oxidized if food has been frozen, dried or canned. Asur’Ana has discovered that frozen berries have half the vitamin C of fresh berries. Although frozen foods do not decay liked canned foods do, the freezing process destroys enzymes and vitamins. Canned foods tend to hold vitamins better than freezing but decays over time and lose their life force and molecular structure. Decayed foods have less life force available as a result. Life force equates not to calories but chi absorbed through the energy systems of the field. The less life force available in the food, the slower the field rotates leading to tiredness and once again triggering the requirement to eat perhaps more than required otherwise.


GMO Foods, Pesticides and Herbicides


There is the issue of genetically modified foods, which often have lower nutritional value even if it is fresh. The reason being that the chemists designs the DNA of GMO foods to grow larger than normal for a greater yield; this leads to half the nutritional value. There is only so much nutrition or minerals that can be pressed through the roots and stems of a plant, and if the vegetables or fruits grow equally as fast to twice the size in the same time period, then there is half the vitamin and mineral content available through the yield. The larger GMO strawberries from California had only half the vitamin C of the non-GMO strawberries in Europe. This requires one to eat twice the food to receive the same nutritional value; again, leading to weight gain or under-nutrition. Under-nutrition can lead to other problems over time such as disease and birth deformity.


Many countries are refusing to allow GMO foods upon their store shelves. In the US, there is a problem with GMO foods that are unlabeled in the grocery stores. Laws are being changed now to require labeling so that one knows what one is purchasing. In the meantime, buying organic may be the only assured means of purchasing non-empty vegetables and fruits with less nutritional value due to genetic modifications in the US.


The other problem with many of the fresh vegetables in many countries is all of the pesticides and herbicides sprayed upon them. This leaves a toxic residue that has to be removed from one’s bloodstream following ingestion of the food. Asur’Ana has taken to going to the farmers markets (or sunshine markets) as much as possible in an attempt to avoid commercially produced fruits and vegetables loaded with such toxins. Fortunately, more and more humans are demanding organic produce in the US, and this is becoming more frequently available upon the grocery store shelf. As more humans demand organic foods, so they will be produced more en masse, and ascending initiates can help push this thoughtform into the mainstream by buying organic in the now, even if it costs a little more.


Pesticides and herbicides do not take into account the cycle of life that the insects support. The insect kingdom allows for many attributes of plant life that would not occur otherwise. Bees pollinate the flowers so that the fruit, nuts or vegetables can grow. Ants aerate the soil. Worms transmute decay so that the components of nutrition necessary to the plant as well as the animal or human that ingests the plants requires. Upset this process and now you have to create alternative means to cause the plants to grow. This is where fertilizers enter the dance.


Fertilizers artificially stimulate the plant to grow without life force from the kingdom associated. Herbicides prevent the death of the plant that would normally occur due to a retraction of soul. The end result is a food with less chi, life force or nutrition that would be produced if the kingdom is involved in the dance; also, the food is filled with substances that are not healthy for humans.


The souls of most kingdoms have retracted from human farms in many time periods due to the lack of love of the farmers and the land. This is another time period in which the souls of nature have retracted from your farms. This retraction began over 100 years ago, which has triggered the same response that occurred in two other time periods of human history, one in Atlantis and one in the era of the Anu. As soul retracted from the plants, fertilizers were concocted to force the food to grow without agreement with the plant kingdoms. Herbicides were concocted to treat the diseases that would destroy any plant as the life force of soul retracts. And pesticides were concocted to prevent the insects from destroying the plants at the request of the plant kingdom that was retracting its life out of the game.


The end result was the same problem as in present time; empty foods filled with toxins and lacking in nutrition that do not fill the body with life force, as there is no soul present to exchange chi in the sharing of the fields. Many ascending initiates have recognized this pattern and have intended to push soul back into the farms of all organic farmlands in their dreamtime gatherings. This is indeed beginning to be so and each will find soul in some of the organic produce upon the market shelves. One can muscle test which produce holds soul. Asur’Ana loves to pick organic fruits and vegetables that have soul within as then there is a delightful exchange of energies in the preparation and enjoyment of the meal; meals also taste wonderful when soul participates in the dance.


Weight Gain, Obesity and Empty Foods


For those who have grown up on “junk foods” or pre-packaged foods with little vitamins, enzymes or mineral content, and are addicted to eating this way in the now, the problem is that one consumes empty foods. One eats but the body fails to receive the nutrition it requires to sustain the biochemistry; the result is that one gets hungry more rapidly following such a meal than if one had eaten a meal filled with the necessary vitamins, enzymes and minerals required to sustain life. One then eats more frequently leading to weight gain.


Generally, processed foods are craved due to food programming and personality entities that enjoy a particular taste even if the food is non-nutritious to the body or making the body ill. This is also the same for such things as candy and cigarettes along with alcohol that has failed to be blessed to support evolution. To break the habit of eating processed foods that one is addicted to, the plant kingdom suggests going on a three-day fresh fruit or fruit juice fast.


As one only consumes the fruit or fruit juice, all the food programming will come up to be cleared. Then one can intend to deprogram themselves of addictive food machinery through one’s conscious freewill choice and intention. As this occurs, one will be less likely to crave empty foods and be capable of hearing their real nutritional requirements of the body. One can call upon the plant kingdoms to support one’s goals of beating the addiction to non-supportive food substances or other addictions such as cigarettes or television.


About Obesity


Obesity is a hormonal problem more than a dietary problem from the plant kingdoms’ perspective. The imbalance of hormones in the metabolism of the form cause the cells to fail to feed upon the sugar and nutrients offered through the blood. The body then turns the excessive sugar in the blood to fat. Due to the lack of nutrients received by the cells following mealtime, the cells feel starved which then triggers the desire to eat again. This causes those suffering from this problem to eat even more. The overeating, regardless of what is consumed never fully satisfies the cells due to the lack of hormones necessary to trigger their ingestion of the food, and the more that is eaten, the more sugar that is turned into fat leading to obesity.


Obesity can be ascended out of in the restoration of the crystalline hormonal system. Through ascension, the proper hormones for cell metabolism can be retrieved from an earlier time in one’s ancestry causing one to ascend into a new system where there can be balance between dietary intake and meeting the body’s energetic and nutritional requirements in any given day. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 4 Chapter 4 “Ascending into A Regenerative Biological System” for more information on crystalline biology.)


Excessively Thin Forms


Excessively thin forms are also starving in the plant kingdom’s opinion. Those who are thin generally do not digest their food very well as either they fail to produce enough enzymes or they have such a scarred intestinal tract that little can be absorbed in the act of digestion. Thin humans can therefore eat much more food and remain small as a result as little is absorbed through the intestines. Thin humans are basically starving for lack of nutrients to a parallel degree as those who are obese.


The end result is that frequent hunger will be triggered due to the starving cells causing those who are thin to eat more food than perhaps one would otherwise. The excessive food passes through the intestines undigested leading to excessive bloating, flatulence and heartburn. Eating foods rich in enzymes such as fresh papaya or pineapple along with green salads and fruit can be somewhat helpful in breaking down the food for those of this nature. However, ascending into the crystalline digestive tract will improve digestion over 100% in such cases in the plant kingdom’s observation.


The Crystalline Digestive Tract


For those ascending at this time in history, the intestines will be rebuilt in several stages along with the stomach, digestive system and enzymes. This process is known as the “turning of the intestinal tract”. In the journey to 3000 segments, an entirely new intestine is constructed over the old, and then the old is released into the intestines allowing for a turning. Much like pulling a sock through itself, the old intestine is released out of the bowels over the course of a six-to-eight-day period leading to many bowel movements and feeling full for a time without eating much at all. As this concludes, one will have a fresh tract, much as a newborn child, and a stronger intestinal wall than prior to ascension.


The stronger wall and mucous membrane that forms in the new intestinal tract allows for stronger digestive enzymes to be secreted. The stronger enzymes allow more of one’s food to digest in any given 24-hour period than one’s pre-ascension biology. This allows more to be assimilated out of what one eats in any given day leading to a greater ability to absorb the nutrients required for continued evolution and regeneration of the crystalline cellular structure.


Diets to Remain Thin


There is a tendency for humans to prefer “thin” over “medium” or “heavy” builds as a preference for beauty in the current paradigm. This has led many humans to become obsessive over weight. Many starve themselves deliberately to remain thin when they would have a much healthier body capable of ascending to a new vibration at a medium to heavy weight by current standards. The obsession to diet in order to remain thin leads to a “starvation” response inside the body, for the body is not receiving the necessary calories or nutrition to sustain itself while upon a diet.


The end result is that the body turns more of the blood sugar to fat in preparation for the days that one diets so that there is enough fat to convert back to blood sugar to sustain consciousness of the form when one fails to provide enough calories in the diet. If one diets frequently, the body learns to store more and more excessive fat to convert to sugar to provide the calories one requires to retain consciousness in any given day of dieting. The end result is that one will gain more weight due to a diet than if one simply ate what one requires to meet one’s daily nutritional and energetic needs.


There are diets popular today that also destroy the intestinal tract. This makes the plant kingdoms very sad. These diets recommend eating foods high in protein and fat and low on carbohydrates. Flesh contains the highest sources of protein and so this is what is suggested as the primary food to eat many meals of per day. Flesh in the forms of poultry, meats, fish and wild game contain large amounts of the death hormone.


About the Death Hormone


Any living animal that is slaughtered, including a human that dies in an accident or upon the battlefield, secretes death hormone throughout the cellular structure. Death hormone is secreted through the pituitary gland and enters the blood stream in enormous amounts in such a circumstance, which is then ingested by each cell in the biology so that there is a rapid death of the form. Slaughtered food contains loads of the death hormone as a result; this includes all meat, poultry, fish, shellfish and snails.


Death hormone kills living cells. The more meat and other flesh that one consumes, the more that the intestines and biology will decay or die due to the high level of death hormone contained in the food; the more that the intestines die, the less nutrients or calories that one can absorb, and the more “thin” one will become. It is interesting for the plant kingdoms to note that in this time of possible ascension that the desire to be thin is so popular that humans are willing to destroy their own intestinal tract to accomplish the goal.


Plants, fruits, nuts and grains do not produce death hormone. Our kingdoms do not die in the same manner as a living animal, bird, fish or mammal. Our kingdoms die by gradually removing our life force from our embodiment. It is for this reason that there is rarely a rapid death of a plant, bush or tree unless there is a forest fire; instead, there is a slow death as we retract our chi allowing diseases created through bacteria, viruses or other agents of destruction to gradually take hold. One can therefore consume as many vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains in a raw or cooked form and not consume an ounce of death hormone in the process.


About Colonics


There are other practices that kill the intestines. One is known as colonics. Having a colonic to clear the intestines may be a good cleansing technique if applied in balance and only to the degree required to regenerate in ascension. One initiate had colonics once per week for about a year to clear out a lifetime of intestinal decay due to eating too much meat. He was a heavy meat eater, and over time discovered that he required a vegetarian diet as the consumption of flesh was destroying his intestines faster than he could regenerate them through ascension. At this point, he chooses not to eat meat, and is a vegetarian. For the time that he had the colonics, it assisted in the regeneration of his intestinal tract in ascension.


There are actresses or famous folk who desire to remain thin and have a special type of colonic utilizing sea salt to flush the entire system so that they can have a flat stomach. The salt is so excessive in this practice that it destroys the tract rather than just flushing it out and allowing for regeneration. Once again it is interesting to note that humans desire to remain thin to such a large degree that they are willing to kill a part of the form to accomplish the task. This of course will only lead to other physical complications and disease in the long haul; for if one is incapable of absorbing enough of the nutrients necessary to sustain the hormones or the glands, organs or systems in one’s biology, then over time one will become ill.


Slaughter Thoughtform and Violence


Birds and chickens have agreements to give of their eggs to other kingdoms including humans to be eaten. One is not breaking spiritual agreements therefore in consuming eggs as when one consumes flesh. There has never been any agreement between an animal, fish or bird kingdom for the consumption of their flesh; this is why eating flesh breaks spiritual law for there is no agreement for it. Therefore, one creates karma for oneself in eating flesh.


The eating of flesh also requires slaughter or hunting thoughtform; as one hunts another kingdom, one will ultimately end up hunting one’s own kingdom, which is what gave birth to warfare amongst humans over time and in your history. Some ascending couples also found that eating meat caused friction and “warfare” between them; slaughter thoughtform is the foundation of abuse and conflict in all behavior. As one gives up eating flesh, one can then transcend slaughter thoughtform and as such move beyond abuse and disharmony in one’s life relations. If they had not chosen a vegetarian lifestyle, it is doubtful that these couples would still be in relationship today.


About Vitamins and Minerals


There is another problem that the plant kingdoms would like to point out. Due to their lack of nutrition in the empty foods that humans are consuming, many are turning increasingly towards taking supplements to make up for the missing nutrients. The problem with supplements is that they are a very strong dose often of a single substance that it is poisonous to the body, or throws the body into such great imbalance that disease will be the end result over time. No plant would ever produce something with such a large amount of a single substance unless it was harmless to ingest by the animal kingdoms.


What substance is available through nature in large doses? It is vitamin C through the “Acerola Cherry”. The sour acerola cherry produces a fruit with over 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C within it. Why is Vitamin C acceptable in larger doses from the plant kingdom’s point of view? Vitamin C is water-soluble and is released through the urine if not required by the body. Chances are if an animal eats of acerola cherries, they require a large dose of vitamin C or they would not be attracted. Vitamin C is not really for colds and flus, as most humans believe; it is a substance that cleanses the blood and intestines if one has become overly toxic. However, colds and flus can be symptomatic of an overly toxic state of being in which the body produces a load of mucous as the cells discharge the toxic substance en masse.


There are other substances that humans think are water-soluble but really are not; such substances can be stored in the fat leading to problems with the tissue surrounding the fat. One initiate had a difficult time regenerating her reproductive system for some time in her ascension. The uterus would go repeatedly into a cancerous state. Why? She had taken way too many high dose vitamins at an earlier time, particularly B vitamins. The excessive B vitamins had been stored in the fat of the abdomen and surrounded the uterus and ovaries causing such a great imbalance that the tissue of the uterus became cancerous in ascension.


In the end, the fat was transmuted removing the excessive B vitamins and pushing them out of the waste management of her form, allowing her a full recovery. However, this is only one example as most vitamins other than vitamin C will be stored in the fat of the body if they are taken in excess. This leads to disease over time in the associated regions and cells nearby.


Minerals are less likely to be stored in the fat as they are water-soluble. Drinking mineral water is therefore one useful means of assuring that one has enough minerals to support and maintain the bone structure and teeth in ascension. Most essential trace minerals can also be ingested through the use of fresh herbs and green leafy vegetables as well as milk products in the diet. Herbs and vegetables draw trace minerals from the soil and hold them in their leaves and stems, even when dried.


The Use of Herbs in Ascension


Herbs will never provide such a large single dose of any one substance. Most herbs contain fifty or more compounds, some of which are vitamins and minerals, and some of which are other substances useful to healing, ascending out of disease, or ascending parts of the biology that are having difficulty in their transmutative process. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” for more information.) Herbs are really a food that is used for flavor in cooking or as a tea or tincture for healing and can be useful in ascension.


As of late, Asur’Ana purchased a small herb garden from the nursery. Her daily salads or meals are filled with small amounts of fresh basil, rosemary, a little mint and dill along with thyme. The bitter herbs assist with the cleansing of her blood and provide small dosages of vitamins A, E, D, C and B along with chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is also a good blood cleanser and contains ingredients necessary to the construction of the 18 types of white blood cells in the crystalline immune system. And so, Asur’Ana supports her immune system in remaining strong in consuming the fresh herbs and greens. Fresh herbs will have greater nutritional value than dried herbs.


Over time, some initiates have been put on a regimen of herbs to support problems in their ascension. The herbal regimen was muscle tested and the herbs explained how they were supporting the transmutation of the form by providing certain key nutrients that they had not learned to manufacture themselves. Once the body learned to manufacture the needed substance, they each went off their herbal treatments as the healing had been fulfilled upon. Generally, this was accomplished in six weeks or less on a group of herbal tinctures or teas.


Herbal teas are another nice means of ingesting herbs. The wonderful thing about herbal teas is that small dosages of helpful substances can be added daily to one’s diet as a tonic without becoming overly toxic to an ascending form. The herb kingdom suggests that one muscle tests or pendulums the tea or teas supportive of one’s detoxification or phase of ascension each month at the health food store, and then treat oneself daily or weekly to such teas. Giving the body what it needs daily is far better than having to take larger dosages of certain substances after a health crisis has developed in the ascent or life. The body will store away the small amounts of particular substances that it perceives as requiring in the coming months of ascension allowing one to be better prepared for the continued biological changes.


Homeopathy and Flower Essences


Homeopathy is perhaps a better form of treatment for those with physical ailments that one is trying to transcend through ascension than vitamins or other high dosage supplements. Homeopathy is tiny dosages of herbs and flowers that capture the vibration of the plants that they are associated with. The vibration then assists those taking the medicine in recalling the vibration of the plants; as the vibration is recalled, one can then have the vibration available to move one’s energy field. All disease, even those ascended into, is ultimately blocked etheric energy; as the etheric energy moves again, the body can begin to recover.


We are not going to list homeopathic remedies in support of ascension, as this type of medicine is generally specific to certain conditions or symptoms. One can therefore select the homeopathic remedy necessary founded upon the symptoms that have developed as a result of one’s choice to ascend. Most symptoms in ascension clear of their own volition due to the completion of a cycle of resurrection in a few weeks. Therefore, this would only be so for chronic symptoms that do not clear in a month or more that can develop over time due to a blockage or stuck point in the etheric body. The homeopathy will assist in releasing the stuck point with the vibrations provided assisting the process of evolution.


Flower essences are good in the support of emotional upheaval associated with ascension. Flower essences assist in stabilizing the emotional body allowing one to release whatever requires processing therein. Here are some useful flower essences in ascension.


Flower Essences Useful in Ascension


Flower Essence Pine – useful in mastering forgiveness of self and others – associated with the Forgiveness tone in the Language of Light.


Flower Essence Cherry Plum – useful in transcending the ego and negative ego in ascension – associated with the Structure tone in the Language of Light.


Flower Essence Crab Apple – useful in transcending shame – associated with the Power tone in the Language of Light.


Flower Essence Cerato – useful for transcending inner or outer judgment – associated with the Compassion tone of the Language of Light.


Flower Essence Sweet Chestnut – useful in releasing pain – associated with the Breath of Life tone in the Language of Light.


Flower Essence Oak – useful in transcending codependence – associated with the Non-Conditional Love tone in the Language of Light.


Flower Essence White Chestnut – useful for creating deep restful sleep so that the body can regenerate – associated with the Freedom tone in the Language of Light.


Flower Essence Heather – useful in transcending loneliness and anchoring the beloved within – associated with the Divine Union tone in the Language of Light.


Flower Essence Impatiens – useful in mastering a state of inner peace – associated with the Unity tone in the Language of Light.


Flower Essence Mimulus – useful in transcending the fear of the unconscious and opening to one’s clairvoyant capabilities – associated with Non-Conditional Governance tone in the Language of Light.


Having fresh flowers inside along with houseplants and trees is also useful to sustaining one’s hope, releasing one’s emotions and retaining a forward momentum in ascension. Some flowers that are good in the indoor or outdoor garden and hold the first 10 notes of the Language of Light include:


Flowers Useful in Ascension


Gardenia – associated with the Forgiveness tone in the Language of Light – useful to assist on in releasing grudges.


Lavender – associated with the Structure tone in the Language of Light – useful in the purification of the field so that one can embrace a new energy flow.


Poppy – associated with the Power tone in the Language of Light – useful in learning to stand in one’s own truth and power as an ascending human.


Snap Dragons – associated with the Compassion tone of the Language of Light – useful to remember to have compassion for self and all others.


Tulips – associated with the Breath of Life tone in the Language of Light – useful to remember to breathe deeply regularly or master conscious breath.


Freesia – associated with the Non-Conditional Love tone in the Language of Light – useful in remembering to love oneself and all others.


Pansies – associated with the Freedom tone in the Language of Light – useful in assisting one in releasing cords of attachment in ascension.


Orchids – associated with the Divine Union tone in the Language of Light – useful in learning to commune with Earth and Soul.


Jasmine – associated with the Unity tone in the Language of Light – useful in learning to dance in unity with all others.


Ginger – associated with Non-Conditional Governance tone in the Language of Light – useful in learning unity in group relations where each contributes unto the whole.


Planting the flowers of the Language of Light in one’s garden or having flowers in one’s home associated may bring great joy to those who are ascending. The flowers will introduce the vibrations of the ascending language into one’s home or garden so that one can remember to recall missing notes in the scale in any given day, or to release karma for why notes are missing in one’s field.


Essential Oils


Essential oils will stimulate the skin and nasal passages, which then has the effect of causing one to move their chi along the skin and spin the surrounding regeneration chakras. It is for this reason that bathing in a tub with essential oils and salt, or using a spritzer to mist oneself, or having a massage with certain essential oils blended in the oil, or putting on lotions with certain oils can be helpful in ascension, as it helps to move the energy upon the skin. Ascension is about rising in frequency, which requires an ever-increasing spin of one’s chakras, subtle bodies and field.


Essential oils can assist in clearing the environment of negative or destructive forces that tend to cling to human fields. Asur’Ana burns essential oils of lemon, orange and lavender or other floral scents in her home for this reason. She has found that crystalline skin enjoys essential oils upon it for balance, or to intake certain nutrients that are hard to receive through the blood from the digestive tract to the skin. One of such nutrients is beta-carotene, which can be found in carrot oil. The skin requires small amounts of beta-carotene to regenerate. Certain oils are also useful to the skin such as jojoba, avocado, apricot kernel or coconut oils. These oils contain fatty acids useful to regenerating the skin. Coconut oil also contains an anti-fungal substance that can be useful for irritated skin. One can blend small amounts of essential oils with any of one or more of these carrier oils for a good skin lotion to be applied daily.


Here are the essential oils that hold the first 10 notes of the Language of Light. Please note that some of these will be different from the flowers that hold parallel vibrations in a different form.


Essential Oils Useful in Ascension


Geranium or Rose Geranium – associated with the Forgiveness tone in the Language of Light – stimulates the fire element in the field and augments the ability to release grudges of the past.


Lavender – associated with the Structure tone in the Language of Light – stimulates the air element in the field and assists in the release of density.


Sandalwood – associated with the Power tone in the Language of Light – stimulates the earth element in the field and assists in grounding into one’s power and truth.


Lime – associated with the Compassion tone of the Language of Light – stimulates the water element in the field and assists in the emotional release process.


Eucalyptus – associated with the Breath of Life tone in the Language of Light – stimulates the air elements and assists in clearing the nasal passages and stimulating the skin to release toxins.


Grapefruit – associated with the Non-Conditional Love tone in the Language of Light – stimulates the water element and assists in recalling cellular love.


Lemon – associated with the Freedom tone in the Language of Light – stimulates the water element and assists with the transmutation of physical and emotional scars.


Orange – associated with the Divine Union tone in the Language of Light – stimulates the fire element and assists in teaching one to commune with Earth and Soul.


Jasmine – associated with the Unity tone in the Language of Light – stimulates the fire element and assists in balancing the chakras and energy flow.


Ylang Ylang – associated with Non-Conditional Governance tone in the Language of Light – stimulates the earth element and assists with embracing change.


One can blend a few drops of many of these oils in a carrier oil or a spritzer filled with water in varying combinations that can be cleansing and healing to wear and smell. Some initiates’ favorites are:


Uplifting: Orange, Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit


Transmutation: Rose Geranium and Sandalwood


Cleansing: Lavender, Orange and Eucalyptus


Energizing: Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit and Orange


Healing: Jasmine and Ylang Ylang


There are also many other oils available that can be useful and one should allow their nose to guide oneself as to what is required in one’s current level of evolution. Some essential oils are woodsy and have the effect of causing one to ground to Mother Earth, as they are associated with the earth element, such as Sandalwood and Ylang Ylang. Some are stimulating and cause a faster movement of field such as lemon, grapefruit, and lime, which are associated with the element of water. Some move the breath of life, as they are associated with the air element such as eucalyptus and lavender. And some cause one’s kundalini to burn brighter such as orange, jasmine and geranium, which are associated with the element of fire.


Those oils one is attracted to will therefore be associated where one is weak in their elemental make-up from birth. The smell of the associated essential oils will remind one to call the missing element or elements into one’s field.


Creating Complete Meals for Ascension


The plant kingdoms now wish to delve into how to create complete meals in any given day of eating. Complete meals will provide all the nutritional requirements for the day; a week of complete meals will provide all the nutritional requirements for a week of ascension. Foods will vary day-to-day and week-to-week depending upon the phase of ascension one is undertaking in the moment, or what part of the biology one is healing in the choice to ascend.


Some days or weeks of ascension will require more carbohydrates. Carbohydrates such as potatoes, bread, pasta and rice will absorb toxins that the body is releasing for easier transportation through the bowels. Some substances released in ascension are quite poisonous to the system. Allowing such poisonous substances into the intestinal tract without something to absorb them could poison the intestines; or if the bowels cannot absorb enough of the poison at a single time, they remain in the blood poisoning the arteries and veins. Therefore, one will crave in such moments carbohydrates to absorb the excessive toxins and poisons that one is releasing from a particular part of the form that is regenerating in a given week.


Proper bowel function is also imperative to ascension. Some initiates who tend towards constipation may find that the poisons released in the cellular structure cause the feces to become sticky and hard to move. Herbal teas that have a laxative affect are most useful in these moments. The persimmon leaf used in Dieter’s Tea from China is good for better bowel movement as it increases the water in the waste management systems allowing for smooth moves. One must be careful about Cascara Bark which is often put into other Dieter’s Tea, as this is a poison and causes the bowels to cramp in the rejection of the substance; far better perhaps not to give more poisons to an already toxic system in ascension from the plant kingdom’s point of view.


Some days or weeks of ascension will require more enzymes. This is the time that the body is breaking down decayed regions of the form so that they may become crystalline. The enzymes in fresh fruit and vegetables will allow more enzymes to be made available through the blood to break down the decay. These are times that one will crave citrus fruit such as oranges and grapefruit along with pineapple, mangos or papaya. Fresh leafy greens and herbs in salads are also helpful in supplying fresh enzymes.


Some days or weeks will require more fermented foods in ascension. Fermented foods contain even more enzymes than fresh vegetables for the purposes of breaking down the food that one is ingesting as well as breaking down parts of the form that have decayed or degenerated so that it can be resurrected and converted to the crystalline structure. Fermented foods are also important to the health of the crystalline intestinal tract.


Such foods include yogurt, sauerkraut along with pickles, olives and other pickled vegetables and fruits such as chutney. Fermented soy in Japanese cooking in the form of Miso is also soothing to the digestive tract. Pickled ginger is warming to the digestive system stimulating the meridians that surround the stomach, spleen and small intestines. Having varied types of fermented foods over the course of each month assures the health and continued maintenance of a healthy crystalline intestinal tract.


Cider and other forms of non-alcoholic fermented beverages are also useful in ascension. Fresh and non-alcoholic apple, pear or cranberry cider is stimulating to the digestive system and provides enzymes that support the cleansing of the tract.


Some days or weeks of ascension require more fats to support the ascension or regeneration of the form. Non-cholesterol based fats are required at the times that the nervous system is undergoing a transmutative cycle. Such fats include olives, olive oil, nuts, nut butter, nut based oils, and avocados. Safflower and genetically modified canola or corn oil provide less useful fatty acids and are not recommended to support ascension.


Cholesterol based fats are required as a large part of the biology is becoming crystalline. The crystalline cells are coated in lipids that resemble cholesterol; craving foods high in cholesterol such as coconut, cheese and eggs are useful at these times. Coconut has almost as much of the type of cholesterol that supports the crystalline cells as milk products. One should always give to the body what it craves so that one is meeting their nutritional needs in any given cycle of ascension.


About Complete Meals


Through food combining, one can create complete meals that are not only nourishing and supportive of ascension, but are fulfilling enough that one may not need to eat again until later in the day or the next morning. Complete meals will contain proteins, fresh foods with enzymes, fermented foods, fats or oils and carbohydrates all together. The end result is that all is provided for in one’s ascension and in such a manner that one may not require eating again for many hours or longer.


Asur’Ana discovered early on the gift of the fresh fruit bowl for breakfast. This fruit bowl has a load of fresh fruit, whatever is in season. Sometimes it would have small bananas, papaya, mangos and pineapple; sometimes fresh berries and strawberries; sometimes grapes, melon and blueberries.  The fruit is topped with shredded coconut and hazelnuts or sliced almonds or other nuts of choice. Initiates who are not vegans can also add organic whole milk yogurt to their fruit bowl.


Some initiates also add a few slices of cheddar or cream cheese as a side serving, along with some banana bread or blueberry muffins and butter. The fruit provides a load of sugar, enzymes and bulk; the cheese protein, and the yogurt a fermented food; the nuts and coconut along with butter provide fat; and the bread or muffins carbohydrates. This counts as a complete meal to an ascending form as it provides enough nourishment that one may not need to eat again all day.


Complete meals actually digest more easily with the crystalline digestive system and feel more fulfilling. This is because digestive enzymes in the crystalline form hold substances to break down protein, fat, and carbohydrates or sugar all at once. Giving the stomach therefore all three substances provides something for all the crystalline digestive enzymes to work upon leading to a sense of being full and nourishing the body at the same time. The addition of fermented foods provides friendly bacteria that assists further in allowing more of the nutrients to be absorbed through the intestinal wall.


Nourishing the ascending body allows for a “feel good” that comes not only from what one eats, but also through the communion with one’s food and the kingdoms associated. As one chooses to bless the food as one is preparing it or before one eats at a restaurant, the food will taste better and allow for the experience of love and joy to be shared with those kingdoms choosing to provide foods for ascending humans.


Complete meals can be created in any combination as long as the food source provides protein, carbohydrates, fats and fermented foods together. Sometimes it is the fermented foods that are less common at a meal in the West. In Japanese cooking, fermented foods are offered at any meal and include miso soup, pickled ginger or burdock root, cabbage or beans. Therefore, it is easy to create a complete meal in a Japanese restaurant. One can have a complete meal with vegetarian sushi with pickled ginger, miso soup, tempura vegetables, tofu and rice. The miso and ginger allow for the fermented food, the tempura vegetables provide the fat, the tofu a form of protein, and the rice the carbohydrates. For as light as Japanese cooking can be, this type of meal is very satisfying.


In Western cooking, one can have a vegetarian lasagna and a salad with garlic toast to create a complete meal. The lasagna has protein in the cheese and carbohydrates in the pasta; the salad provides fat in the form of oil in the salad dressing. And if there is not enough “fat” in the meal, one can always add dessert such as coconut pudding to accomplish this goal!


Chinese cooking also allows for complete meals. Chinese food utilizes soy sauce, which is a fermented food. A meal of hot and sour soup, kung pao vegetables, and fried rice accomplishes this goal. Tofu can replace the eggs used in making fried rice for those on a vegan diet. The tofu or eggs in the fried rice provide protein; the vegetables and the rice provide the carbohydrates in this meal. The use of fresh ginger, garlic and other herbs adds a tonic affect as well. Again, this type of meal can be very satisfying for an ascending body.


In parallel manner, Thai food also allows for complete meals. Tom Yum Soup with Tofu, Vegetable Curry with coconut milk and basil, and steamed Jasmine rice make a delightful combination. There are endless combinations from all types of recipes that can provide for the possibility of a complete meal. The plant kingdoms perceive that humans are lucky in their ability to grow and gather foods from all parts of the world that makes for the possibility of not only complete meals, but also variety and joy in the kitchen.


Balance of Raw and Cooked Foods


Earth estimates that most ascending initiates work best with about 25% raw vegetables and fruit; 25% lightly cooked, roasted or steamed vegetables; 20% protein in the form of nuts, beans, tofu, (add cheese and eggs for those not on a vegan diet); and 30% carbohydrates in the form of bread, rice, polenta or pasta. One will then adjust these ratios over the course of any given phase of ascension for the special requirements of the moment.


Diet will also vary from person to person. Some folk require more fresh foods daily than others. Asur’Ana is one of these; the plant kingdoms tell her she is like a bird. Lots of fresh fruit, herbs and salads are a natural part of her daily diet as a result with fewer cooked foods. Also, simple grains such as rice, quinoa, polenta, or oatmeal are helpful for her occasionally irritated intestines. The simple grains can absorb excess enzymes if she has eaten too many raw foods.


On the other hand, another initiate whom we shall call Gabriella, needs more cooked foods such as potatoes with hot peppers and cheese. Why does her system require more cooked foods? It is really about biochemistry. Gabriella tends to have a system that requires substances that are released only in heating or cooking the food. Heating food creates a biochemical reaction that alters the chemistry increasing certain nutrients and decreasing others.


If one cooks tomatoes for example, vitamin C increases and vitamin A decreases. If one cooks carrots, beta carotene increases and vitamins B and A decrease. If one cooks beets, vitamin C increases and vitamin A decreases. If one cooks corn, vitamin D and E increases and A and B vitamins diminish. One can see that eating the foods cooked and raw therefore may be useful, and this is what some initiates often do: have raw vegetables in a salad and in a cooked form each week.


Gabriella feels more grounded and certain of herself upon the physical plane in eating cooked and heavier foods, such as potatoes and cheese or beans and rice. Heavier cooked foods can assist with grounding if one is having difficulty with this upon a bad ascension day. Eating also stimulates digestion, which allows one to begin to digest one’s spiritual lessons as an ascending being as well as one’s food. Often a non-desire to eat or lack of appetite is really a desire to cease to process spiritually speaking. In those moments, eating can then trigger the next phase of emotional release work that accompanies the act of inner transmutation in ascension.


Milk and Milk Products


Milk and milk products can often be problematic for some digestive systems prior to ascension. What is most problematic about milk? Primarily the homogenization and pasteurization process; in homogenizing the milk, the fat is emulsified into smaller particles and the digestive system may not produce the right enzymes to break it down. Pasteurization destroys the natural enzymes that are secreted by the cow into the milk to assist the calf in its digestion. Therefore, choosing raw milk if one can obtain it may be the best solution. However, many states in the US do not allow for the sale of raw milk and Hawaii is one of such states.


Organic half and half digests easier than homogenized milk. The reason for this is that the added fat in the half and half retains some of the enzymes that are lost in the non-fat and low-fat varieties of milk. Therefore, some initiates utilize half and half in soup or upon their cereal.  Yogurt or kefir are also a good substitute for milk as the bacteria aids the digestion even if the milk has been pasteurized. Almond milk and soy milk are also good milk substitutes and easy to digest. Coconut milk may be another delicious substitute for milk as it has cholesterol that a crystalline structure needs. Coconut milk can be poured over cereal as well as used in baked goods along with soups or Thai curries and is as high in cholesterol as half and half.


Milk products can be loaded with a lot of substances utilized by the farmers to extend the lives of the cows living in congested circumstances. This can include HGH (Human Growth Hormone) along with antibiotics that are injected into the cows. The plant kingdoms suggest obtaining organic milk products and cheeses as a result. Hard cheeses can be mucous producing even with an ascending digestive system. One can have soft cheeses such as organic cream cheese, goat cheese or cottage cheese in lieu of harder cheeses as a result. These digest easier and provide the necessary minerals and cholesterol.


For those not on a vegan diet, organic butter and free-range eggs should be an ongoing staple in any ascending diet. Butter not only lubricates the intestines for easier movement, but provides three essential fatty acids to the regeneration and creation of crystalline cells. Eggs provide eight essential amino acids also required by the crystalline cells along with substances that foster new growth to occur in the ascending biology. However, if one is on a vegan diet, no worries, one can skip the butter and eggs! (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 14 “Ascension, Nutrition and Disease” for more information on how as a vegan, Asur’Ana, skips eggs and all dairy products, and still has a crystalline structure.)


Nuts and nut butters along with avocado and olives provide the other essential fats to resurrect and sustain the crystalline nervous system. A fat free diet therefore interferes with the sustenance necessary to ascend and sustain a crystalline biology and is not recommended.


About Disease and Fats


Fats are highly misunderstood by humans today who are concerned about such things as heart disease. Heart disease is created through a lack of oxygen and an inability to detoxify the blood. As toxins build in a non-ascending form, they will gather in the blood where they can scratch or break the arterial wall. A clot forms due to the broken arterial wall and when it breaks free, causes a stroke or heart attack. The underlying cause is not cholesterol or high blood pressure but a lack of detoxifying the body over time of the mucous build up within the blood.


Toxins build up through polluted living environments and food sources along with water that is high in toxic substances. The plant kingdoms advise those intending to ascend in this lifetime to leave the cities and the highly populated suburbs that surround the cities. There is not enough oxygen in the cities due to all the cement and the lack of trees. The lack of oxygen creates a lack of oxygen in the blood. The less oxygen in the blood, the more rapidly the cells of the body will age and die.


Oxygen is a necessary substance to cell life. As cells fail to receive enough oxygen, they begin to go into distortion. The distortion leads to the production of mucous, which is really only a part of the cells that has died and then is excreted into the blood or neighboring region of the biology. The mucous then can collect around portions of a gland, organ or system rendering it unable to receive nutrients or discharge further toxins producing cancer.


The mucous can then begin to coat the inside of the arteries, veins and lymph causing less permeability to feed or detoxify yet other cells in the body. The mucous can then attract to itself yet other toxins that build up and tear a hole in an artery or vein leading to a heart attack, stroke or aneurism over time. Mucous can also coat the intestinal walls leading to a point where little is absorbed in the digestive system. Mucous is all the result of the dying portions of cells sloughed off due to a lack of oxygen. This is also how humans age over time.


Oxygen is vital to life. It is perhaps this truth that humans building and living in your cities have failed to take into account. The lack of oxygen in the cities might begin to be corrected with the addition of many houseplants and trees inside all living dwellings and workplaces. This would begin to provide the missing substance necessary to the sustenance of life. However, this is only the beginning of the problem, as the plant kingdom perceives it, as the excessive electricity in all cities is even more poisonous to one’s health and well-being than the lack of oxygen. Moving to the countryside is most important therefore if one is taking their ascension seriously and will resolve this problem in our opinion.


Why is electricity poisonous? Electricity provides a form of chi that is too excessive and fries the cellular structure and nervous system over time. Earth and humanity are a part of a carbon-based system that is best suited to magnetic energy flow. The introduction of electricity is really the result of many manipulations to Earth’s field over time where she receives the electrical pulsations from other star systems. Over time, these pulsations will be shut off and Earth will detoxify herself completely of all electricity. This shall occur following entry into the Great Central Sun and in the coming 100 years of continued global evolution. Cities however have the highest rate of electrical pulsations, which will only destroy the cellular structure of those living therein instead of allowing regeneration and ascension to take off.


Body Size and Weight in Ascension


Ascension brings about roughly a five to twenty percent increase overall in size and weight, depending on one’s genetic package. Why is this so? Ascension resurrects decay. Decay is cells that have imploded in upon themselves and have collapsed. As decay is resurrected, one expands. One also expands in the addition of the many glands and organs associated with ascension, including the crystalline diaphragm, which sprouts out over the rib cage, and the new glands for filtering the blood supply, which increases the waistline. Each of these organs causes the formation of what have been called the ascending “Buddha Belly”.


However, there’s another strain of the crystalline structure in which there is no changes in body size whatsoever. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 2 Chapter 5 “The Crystalline Form” for more information.)


For about half of the initiates, the reality is that the body is going to expand in ascension; expand into a new and healthier structure that does not age, is less likely to become ill, and is more likely to allow one to witness the coming times of change and cleansing ahead. Allowing the body to expand to whatever size is required to hold one’s new and higher frequency is a prerequisite to ascension. One cannot control the body weight and size without limiting ascension in the long haul.


Some bodies add fat surrounding the form in order to ascend. Fat holds a higher frequency than protein in the muscles or minerals in the bones. For a time, the weight gain may be necessary until another level of evolution or vibration is mastered. The bones may also expand in ascension and may become twice as thick as one’s pre-ascension structure. Ascension requires giving up the belief in the current paradigm of beauty, which really is not beautiful at all from our point of view. Most current fashion models have little life force emanating through them and are too skinny that they look starved.


What are such humans really starving for? They are starving for love. Somehow each believes that the love they are searching for will only occur if they are beautiful and thin enough. Alas this is a great lie; love can only really be embraced as soul returns to dance with the body in the act of communion. Communion requires ascending into another biological state of being that recalls the energy movement of love. Ascension requires the increasing of vibration to over 1,800% greater than what one was born with, and the opening of the kundalini energy flow to allow for such a shift. This cannot be accomplished and remain thin as in one’s pre-ascension state beloved.


The reality is that your ancient ancestors stood 10-12 feet tall in their crystalline structure and existed in a holographic state of being at 15,000 segments of DNA. Over time, the incoming children will ascend into such a structure. As they do so, they will recapture the magnificence and beauty of the human species before so many falls in consciousness began. This is what ascension and generational ascension is all about.


For those in these times of cleansing ahead, it is those who can ascend that will create the pathway for the incoming ascending children. One therefore contributes greatly to one’s species through ones’ personal ascension. Perhaps it is time for more to put their egos and negative egos aside, and allow the expansion that ascension causes, as well as the gifts of inner love through communion that accompany such a state of being. One shines their light from within in so becoming.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Plant and Tree Kingdoms. May Humans and Nature live side by side in support of one another in the New Ascension Dream.



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