Image of feet meridians. Effective Techniques to Support Ascension

10. Effective Techniques To Support Ascension


There are many techniques that are supportive of ascending initiates and this is what we wish to delve into today. Recently, the Nut, Vegetable and Fruit Bearing Plants gave some assistance in association with nutrition to support the ascending field and form. (Please see Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 6 “Blessings for a Healthy Body that Can Ascend” for more information.) Nutrition is an important manner to support ascension because if the biology does not have all the necessary ingredients to modify a particular part of the cellular structure, then often this region is skipped over leading to gaps and holes in the ascension through which one can then be manipulated. Therefore, providing a solid nutritional foundation on an ongoing and recurrent basis is important to the goal of ascension in this lifetime.


Lack of Appetite


Sometimes initiates suffer from intermittent or long-term lack of appetite. The underlying cause of a lack of appetite is generally a desire to cease to digest one’s spiritual life lessons. For in failing to eat, one also fails to ground adequately into physicality and ceases to process the incoming information from soul down the chakras connecting one to one’s source; and also ceases to release what one is no longer needing down the grounding cord for transmutation by one’s larger chakras in the Aurora or core of Earth. Eat and one will begin to process their ascension again as well as ground soul into the physical, or so many initiates have discovered.


There are dark forces that prefer you to fail at your transcendence also in any field. These forces generally sit in the space between the ley lines of energy flow of the etheric body, chakras, subtle bodies and light body dreamtime self. As one intends to shatter those consciousnesses that desire one’s failure in the space between, then one can begin to push out that which is interfering with one’s need to provide nutrition to the ascending biology. An ascending body will always desire to eat as there are always nutrients necessary to the biological transmutation process underway each day, week or month of ascension. If one fails to feel the body’s requirement to eat, then something is interfering.


Releasing Diet Machinery


There can be machines associated with appetitive control from a desire to be thin through dieting. If one did not diet much in this lifetime, then this type of machinery may be associated with ancestors who dieted in earlier time periods in human history that one is related unto. The thin female has been a recurrent “fashion model” in many eras including Atlantis and the era of the Annanuki. Innana (Venus or Aphrodite) was famous for her thin and frail looking form with rather small breasts that she believed was the most beautiful female figure upon Earth.


During the era of the slave civilization associated with the Anu, women desired to be thin and chose to limit their food intake to accomplish the goal of appearing like Innana. The Anu themselves of course did not require limitation of food as they held a silica based crystalline structure that much like the crystalline form ascending initiates are embodying today cannot eat enough calories to sustain itself. Innana could eat whatever she wanted and remain thin.


Calories are gathered from the breath and oxygen is converted into blood sugar in the crystalline diaphragm. One therefore cannot diet and lose weight after one has ascended 80% into the crystalline structure as one will always manufacture the necessary blood sugar through the breath to sustain one’s physique.


Innana did not have a carbon-based diaphragm as she gathered energy through electrical flow rather than the breath; this created a different type of feminine form than some of the larger Red Nations Peoples who had large diaphragms and round bellies due to hosting carbon-based DNA. This is where the preference for a smaller female frame comes from, as it was the preference of the Anu. Alas even the slaves had different sized forms and many were heavier like the red nations folk; perhaps this speaks to the fact that the slave nations were drawn from 40% Native American Root Race DNA blended with Anu DNA that this is so.


Ascending initiates come in all sizes and shapes. Therefore, if one is larger and heavier, it may simply be one’s DNA to be larger than what is popular; and for those with ancient Red Nation Root Race Inheritance that are ascending, this will most likely be so. Embrace your larger forms as they hold a higher frequency and are a reflection of your ancient red ancestry. Dieting has no effect upon a crystalline structure anyway and so one can eat as much of anything that one desires and remain the same size. So, enjoy your treats and sweets too as often the body will crave the sweets out of the desire to experience the “sweetness of life”. As one eats sweets, one then draws a sweeter dream towards oneself in the physical, beloved.


Asur’Ana and Per have gone on 3-day fruit fasts themselves for a time for the purposes of cleansing. They did not lose an ounce of weight in the process due to their ability to gather blood sugar from the air. Weight can be deceptive also as one masters their magnetic energy flow in ascension anyway; if one is more grounded, then one will weigh more; and if one is less grounded, then one will weigh less upon a scale.


If one is heavier and larger in size, one can intend to move the center of their grounding from the first chakra in the tailbone into the heart in the chest and this will lighten up one’s weight by 30%. Some larger initiates have done this if they are walking up hill in a hike so it is less strenuous upon the physical vessel. Each who has gotten larger and heavier due to the ascending form can intend to do the same and enjoy physical activities such as walking or hiking in greater ease.


Complete Meals, Snacks and Herbal Teas


Dieting has no place with those of crystalline biology and one should strive to release all programming and mechanization hosting thoughtform around this so that one can more clearly hear their body’s nutritional requirements each day, week, month and year of one’s continued evolution. By and large, ascending initiates should eat two meals per day and some snacks in between. Complete meals are one way to make sure that one receives all requirements necessary to ascend; complete meals host some proteins, carbohydrates or sugars, fats and fermented foods. Striving therefore to create complete meals once or twice per day is a useful means of assuring one is receiving all nutrients required to ascend.


Supplementing with herbal teas that one muscle tests or pendulums requiring in the coming 3 months of ascension is also a useful tool in supplying small amounts of certain substances required to the continued transmutation of the biology. There are many lovely teas available of herbs in most health food stores worldwide even if some regions are eliminating the high dosage supplements from their shelves. Worry not about this as high dosage supplements are generally overly toxic for an ascending form anyway. One can make tinctures from the teas as well and here is a simple formula for this.


Making Easy Herbal Tinctures from Home


4 Teabags of Tea or 4 Tablespoons of Dried Herbs of desired remedy

1 Cup boiling purified water


Soak the tea bags or herbs in the hot water for an hour. Remove the bags or strain the tea and boil down to one quarter cup remaining fluid. Fill a tincture bottle with 75% tea and 25% vodka, gin, or rum. If one abstains from alcohol, vinegar or vegetable glycerin can be easily substituted. Shake well.


One can then take their tea in small dosages of 20 drops or so 3 times per day. This is useful in travel or when at work, although brewing tea in a hotel room is not so difficult. Asur’Ana and Per take their teas on the road along with an electric hotpot and water filter so that they can heat purified water each evening.


Snacks that are useful in between meals are fruits, nuts, dried fruits, trail mix, freshly made popcorn (made in oil on the stove top and not in the microwave) or veggies that are easy to nibble upon. Asur’Ana and Per often crave fruits in the afternoon and usually snack upon apples, bananas or pears. The snacks allow the digestive system to continue to operate through the afternoon rather than shut down. This allows for the continued processing of physical plane spiritual lessons during the waking hours.


The time of fasting is left for during the night and in the dreamtime hours when the body rests and ascends in the physical. As a human withdraws consciousness from the body in sleep, the digestive system should shut down so that all the energy can be put to resurrecting the biology into the crystalline structure. It is at night that the greatest growth of new DNA also occurs in any ascending initiate.


Problems with Sleeping


Many initiates have problems with sleeping. Generally speaking, if the body cannot fall asleep easily, it does not feel safe for some reason. Therefore, Earth invites initiates to ground the bedroom, ground the bed, ground the apartment complex, home or hotel you are staying in. And then intend to remove any entity that is within one’s home or hotel that does not allow the body to feel safe. Send such entities to the Aurora.


Often Asur’Ana and Per also intend to return any parts of self humans have left in the airports, train stations, trains, cities or hotels that they transit through, as humans tend to leave parts of themselves and their entities behind in their journeys. One can send them to the Aurora to the Temple of Ancestry. The reason for this is that humanity is fracturing at this time into greater density if they are not consciously choosing to ascend. In the fracturing, bits of self are left everywhere. This is especially occurring due to the electrical media that humanity entertains themselves with; as such media hosts a load of unconsciously destructive energies and entities that seek to strip and take any human field apart that they touch.


Therefore, if you have not removed the television from your home, and have difficulties sleeping, we would advise that you do so. The television will insert billions of entities into one’s living room the moment that it turns on. Asur’Ana and Per even go so far as to unplug the television in the hotels that they stayed at as even the connection is enough to press such entities into one’s field and environment. It is due to all the harm that flows through the television that we guide ascending initiates not to partake in the media and to minimize such forms of entertainment or even to eliminate them altogether.


Instead of watching the television, go outside and enjoy the sunset, take a walk, meditate or take a candle lit bath. Put on some soothing music as music does not have the same patterning associated as television (unless it is heavy metal or rock and roll). Soothing music often hosts positive forces that are non-harmful in nature and can be listened to as much as one may desire as a result. On the airplane, take a portable mp3 player or smartphone with you and listen to soothing music at that time too; you will find yourself much more rested after a long flight than if you watch the movie instead.


The body must relax in order to sleep. You may find it useful to work with the meditations from our books; please record these meditations and play them back as you settle down to go to sleep or during a long flight. For your convenience, Asur’Ana has also recorded these meditations for one’s use that can be found at the end of this article by clicking on the link, “Ascension Meditation Recordings”. One can also listen to a guided meditation that one has come up with oneself that is associated before retiring and intend to utilize their intentions to clear out your home as well as your field. Then the body can relax.


Sometimes, however, there are substances that the body is detoxifying that will cause the nervous system to become agitated; sometimes the nerves even fire causing muscle spasms and pain in ascension. This can be a sign of excessive electrical flow through the field as well. Therefore, intend to send all electrical flow in your field, form and environment in such moments to the Aurora for transmutation. Then fill your home and field with the magnetic Language of Light from the Aurora in its place.


There are herbs that are also soothing and assist the nervous system in relaxing if there is a load of tension that prevents sleep. Angelica Root is one; Passion Flower and Valerian Root are two others. One can muscle test and utilize the tinctures from such herbs as needed before bedtime in order to create more restful sleep. Generally, such herbs need to be ingested four hours before sleep, so one may actually wish to take the tincture or have a cup of the associated herbal tea after dinner. The substances will also digest better with greater possibility of being absorbed through the intestinal tract when ingested along with one’s meal.


Waking Up Suddenly at Night


Often initiates wake up suddenly and perhaps the body has gone into fear. The heart is pounding, and perhaps one recollects a strange dream experienced while asleep. Dreamtime is a confusing experience to the consciousness of the physical form; for dreamtime is recorded in symbolic images that may have little to do with the actual patterning one is working upon in ascension. One can interpret the symbolism behind the dream and potentially understand what it means. Symbolism is different for each genetic package and this is why dream interpretation books or information may have little to do with one’s own personal dreamtime.


Some dreams are of parallel lives that one is working upon integrating in the ascent. Parallel life dreams may host people that one knows physically but will be experienced in different roles in the dream. If awakening from a dream of a parallel life, one can intend to retrieve all parts of self off of the associated plane of reality and integrate it. Then one may quite naturally drift off to sleep again.


Violent dreams may be associated with violent dreamtime planes that one’s light body has become trapped upon while attempting to return to the physical. One can intend upon awakening to roll up all confusing or violent dreamtime planes in one’s region of origin or region that one is traveling through, and send them to the Aurora for transmutation. For over a year, Asur’Ana worked upon the violent dreamtime in Honolulu, rolling up whatever she perceived. The year of 2001 that she lived near downtown, the city of Honolulu received the award for the least crime of any city in all of the United States. One can therefore impact one’s own regional environment in the choice to remove these types of dreamtime from Earth, as they do act out in physicality as they step down.


Where does violent dreamtime come from? Primarily, it is from the warfare of the Anu 31,000 Earth years (124,000 human years ago). The warfare included dreams of rape, murder and violence perpetrated by the soldiers against civilians in the cities that they conquered. This dreamtime was created by Merduk (Hades) and projected upon humanity. Over time, this dream for violence shall be completely removed from all planes surrounding Earth. Until such time, the dreams will continue to play out until there are enough ascending humans to weave a new dream and a new day for your civilization. As those who are consciously ascending choose to actively remove violent dreamtime planes, the pace will increase at which the new dream of unity, honor and hope can be anchored for your human brothers and sisters to then live to experience.


Sometimes one’s light body dreamtime self becomes shattered in the violent dreamtime; sometimes entities will try and cut the silver cord that attaches the dreamtime self to the physical body in the solar plexus region; this would cause death if the silver cord were to be completely severed. If you awaken suddenly and in fright, intend to reweave any tatters in the dreamtime light body along with the silver cord. You can call upon the angels and healing temples for ascension to assist. Once repaired, your dreamtime self will be ready to return to dreamtime and you will fall asleep again in ease. (Please see Chapter 6 of this volume for information on all healing temples available to ascending initiates.)


Massaging the Main Meridian Access Points


There are main points in the hands and feet that host the entry points for the kundalini side channels and meridians that lead to major organs and glands in the biology. Massaging the hands and feet each day is a good way to stimulate the chi to run through the meridians of the form. Massaging the scalp is also a manner of stimulating those meridians that enter the field through the head. It is also a nice way to relax the body before retiring for sleep. (Please refer to the end of this chapter for 3 charts on the meridian access points for the hands, feet, and head.)


One easy way to massage the feet is to take a 45-minute walk around the neighborhood or in a park. The meridians of the feet will be massaged as one walks and the lymph will turn its fluid through the body which is a daily requirement to support one’s health and continued ascent. The lymph fluid hosts nutrients and white blood cells to absorb toxins and viral agents released in ascension and so some exercise is required in order to fulfill upon this each day.


A 45-minute swim will massage the hand and feet meridians due to the pressure of the water. The pressure of the water also assists in turning the lymph fluid and is another useful daily activity to support one’s health and ascension. Jacuzzis and saunas are also useful, but without some physical movement for 20 to 45 minutes, the lymph does not thoroughly turn. Therefore, Asur’Ana and Per have found if they cannot swim that they must walk and this suffices to assist the body in its requirements for each day of ascension.


In addition to the walk, one may also massage the hands and feet. In Chapter 7 “Blessings for Remembering the Ancient Past” of Dancing with Trees and Plants, a recipe for hand and foot cream was offered. One can take a little of this cream or any lotion one prefers and massage it into the hands and feet before retiring for sleep. The foot cream recipe will assist in the dissolution of scar tissue in the form of bunions and calluses upon the feet as well. The massage will stimulate the side kundalini channels and organs associated with the meridians that originate in the hands and feet.


Many have heard of Reflexology. The meridian points Earth offers are different from Reflexology charts. The meridian access points increase in size due to ascension into the crystalline form. However, there are many minor meridians that we have not mapped as well as ley line junctures that run up the legs from the feet or down the arms from the hands to many other parts of the biology.


If one massages between the toes for example, one will trigger energy up the ley lines and minor meridians into the neck and shoulders. If one massages the back of the feet leading to the ankles, one will stimulate ley lines that reach up to the shoulder blades in the back of the heart. If one massages the tops of the feet, one stimulates ley lines that reach the breasts and upper chest. If one massages between the fingers, one will stimulate ley lines that reach the teeth, jaws, eyes, ears, nose and mouth. If one massages the top of the hands one will stimulate ley lines that reach the forehead and skull.


Massage is a wonderful way to stimulate all the organs and glands of the biology to properly function. The problem is that often massage therapists do not always hold the Language of Light vibrations as they have not ascended themselves into such a state of being. As a result, the therapist may run too much electrical energy into the ascending initiate’s field and meridian system leaving one feeling sore and beaten up rather than rested and relaxed thereafter. Finding a therapist that is ascending may be one solution; or for initiates to give each other massages in trade. Another is to massage oneself where one can, such as hands and feet along with calves and scalp.


Asur’Ana and Per have found that a retractable hand held shower head with massage flow is also useful. One can use the pulsations of the water to massage one’s back, legs, hips, chest, feet and hands. They do this each night before retiring if they do not have a large enough bathtub to bathe in their living environment or hotel. This type of shower head also will massage the scalp before and after shampooing and conditioning the hair, stimulating the meridians that originate in the scalp each morning. One can also exchange head and face massage with another, or massage the points of the head oneself.


Most of these points develop in the ascent to 3,000 DNA segments. It is the kundalini from the Aurora that energizes the feet and hand meridian entry points; it is the fire from the solar Sun that energizes the head meridians. It is for this reason that taking a 10-minute sun bath or a walk or swim in the sun is useful each day in ascension as it energizes the meridians of the upper body and brain.


What to Do on Bad Ascension Days


Long ago, Asur’Ana offered up a “Sun Meditation” to assist in energizing the entire field. We will offer this meditation up again as a solution in particular to a bad ascension day. Bad ascension days are caused by karma triggered in the ancestry and following a karmic encounter with one or more others. Sometimes the experience of a bad ascension day is one of feeling overly tired or flu-like. The development of a cold is also a reflection of a karmic shattering that has affected either the head or chest. Diarrhea or menstrual cramps and bleeding outside of one’s cycles is a sign of a karmic shattering of field that has affecting the pelvis on a bad ascension day.


Why is one shattered in this manner, with entities from the field of another or even within one’s own field ripping apart at one’s own grid work? Well this has been how humanity has fallen beloved; the dark have used one another to pull each other apart. The only solution to this dance is to ascend beyond it through intention. Ascending beyond the conflict underlying a bad ascension day occurs through intention, and in the piecing of oneself back together again.


First, one must intend to release the karma associated with the shattering including the original cause. If the original cause is unavailable in one’s own akashic records, one can attune to the Temple of Karma and pull the cause as known from the future and then intend to release or forgive it. Then intend to retrieve whatever information was lost in present time and in the ancestry involved at all times in history that the pattern repeated.


One may also need to return information taken as one’s own ancestors battered another in the unconscious in parallel manner. One will also need to intend to cease to participate in the dance oneself and in the unconscious as mirrored in the experience for an absolute completion with the game into the future. As all components of the experience are released, understood and forgiven, then one transcends up in vibration releasing the ties underlying the conflict, leaving one free to continue to evolve.


In the process of clearing upon a bad ascension day, taking a walk, sun bath, swim or hike in the country or by the beach is very useful. As one physically moves, one can begin to intend to piece oneself back together again. The movement will foster an increasing spin of energy field that will quicken the pace that one may retrieve whatever one lost, whether it be moving energy systems, grid work, chi or information. One may also require resurrecting one’s guardians and soul or angels if these too become compromised. Working with the Temple of Soul and Temple of Guardians will be useful in this dance.


Taking a mud bath is also a good way to support the detoxification of the form in ascension. Sometimes the case of the flu or cold or a bad ascension day is not only due to a karmic encounter, but also the result of a load of toxins being released in the biology due to the transmutation of sick or decayed cells. Having a mud bath will pull the maximum amount of toxins possible out of the largest organ of the body known as the skin. Some initiates have used French green clay or white clay (bentonite) for this purpose. Invariably the symptoms of the cold or flu disappear in a day or two with one or two mud baths in a 4-hour period.


Mud Bath Treatment


1/2 Cup Clay

3/4 Cup boiling purified water

Essential oils as desired


Mix 1/2 cup clay with 3/4 cup boiling water. Add essential oils as one tests to be supportive (lavender and eucalyptus are generally helpful). Spread all over the body (except for the scalp) and allow to dry. Stand in front of a warm fire, go out into the sun (if you have a private place to do so naked) or wrap oneself up in a sheet and cover with a blanket and take a short nap.


When the clay is dry, rinse off the mud in a warm shower. Alternatively, one can also climb into a hot bath for 45 minutes or so and allow the mud to release in the water. The water will pull out even more toxins.


Salt Scrub


1 Cup Epsom or Sea Salt

2 Tablespoons Massage Oil of Choice

Essential oils as desired


Mix all ingredients together. Following each shower, take a palm-sized amount of the scrub and spread it all over the body, wait 2 to 5 minutes, rinse and towel dry. The scrub will remove dead skin cells, and the essential oils will draw out toxins for up to two hours following. The salt scrub is useful with each shower taken daily or at night as a substitute for a bath.


Advanced Sun Meditation


  1. Sit outside and facing the sun. With the eyes closed to prevent sun damage, look directly into the sun while shielding the sun with one’s eyelids. Do not wear sunglasses.


  1. Inhale deeply and then exhale slowly. Allow the sun to enter the pineal gland in the center of one’s head. Imagine the warmth of the sun filling first one’s head, and then spreading down the core of one’s spine.


  1. Inhale deeply and then exhale slowly. Then imagine the core radiating out to fill one’s entire grid work from head to toe with the vibrations of the sun. Breathe slowly in and out as this is occurring.


  1. Inhale deeply and then exhale slowly. Move the fire of the sun through each meridian in the form, opening and cleansing each to the best of one’s ability from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head and through the arms and hands.


  1. Inhale deeply and then exhale slowly. Blow the fire of the sun beginning with the chakras under the feet leading to the Aurora in the center of Earth. Imagine an inferno raging under you as you clear out everything with the fire element that is in the grounding energy flow.


  1. Inhale deeply and then exhale slowly. Now move the fire through the feet, knee and hips chakras, along with the three chakras that sit under the hips. Imagine that you have an inferno raging from your hips down and clear out everything that no longer resonates.


  1. Inhale deeply and then exhale slowly. Next move fire through the major chakra centers above the waist through the top of the head. Imagine the upper body becoming an inferno raging from your waist unto the top of your head.


  1. Inhale deeply and then exhale slowly. Now push the fire through the chakras above the head leading to one’s source. Imagine an inferno raging above the head, clearing anything or anyone interfering with your connection to your oversoul.


  1. Inhale deeply and then exhale slowly. Intend to increase the pace of field rotation now to spin off the density as there is enough fire to do so. Take many deep breaths inhaling and exhaling as you spin up the field.


  1. Inhale deeply and then exhale slowly. As you complete, intend to slow the field back down to a comfortable pace of field rotation. Now fill the field from the grounding chakras through the chakras above the head with the element of water to wash away the ashes of that which was transmuted with the fire element in working with the sun.


  1. Inhale deeply and then exhale slowly. Now fill the field from the grounding chakras through the chakras above the head with the element of air to blow away that which no longer resonates in your life dance.


  1. Inhale deeply and then exhale slowly. Now fill the field from the grounding chakras through the chakras above the head with the element of earth to connect with a larger body of the consensus that you are a part of. Intend to allow the global patterning associated to be pulled off that is not one’s responsibility to transmute as a single human.


  1. Inhale deeply and then exhale slowly. Now intend to synthesize the field into a rainbow of tones from densest to lightest in color. This will have the effect of releasing anything remaining that is not your own to clear.


Collapsing the Space Between


Another technique that has proved useful to those mastering Bodhisattva level evolution and in our Group Mastery Program this year has been to intend to collapse the space between. The space between is the region of domain that sits between the chakras, between the subtle bodies and etheric body, between the subtle bodies and one’s dreamtime self.


Often initiates have very tiny little chakras with a load of space between. This creates a fragile field that wobbles easily and therefore one is more easily shattered. The recent group at our Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) workshop further discovered that if they chose to inflate the chakras to near touching and collapse the space between that it created a far more stable field that the dark could not work through to harm. This was the first absolutely harmless event DAS has ever known, and it is now understood that the dark use the inflated space between to harm self and others.


Therefore, intend to puff up the chakras and subtle bodies to near touching and inflate the lotuses (if you have them open) to the edges of the subtle bodies. This will create a stronger field that can ascend in greater ease. Often initiates will feel tired. The tiredness is the result of not enough chi running through the kundalini energy system; as not enough chi runs, then the chakras slow and collapse in size leading to small chakras with large gaps in between.


In such moments, take four or five deep breaths and exhale slowly while intending to call back all the lost chi. Then intend to puff up the chakras to near touching and allow their rotation to reenergize your form. As you do so, you will feel better and carry on. Then you can begin to focus upon who drained all your chi away and clear the karma without requiring going to sleep in the process. Here are some intentions that shall be useful in this exercise.


Intentions to Reduce the Space Between

(Attune to the Temple of Grid Work in meditation to receive support in this goal)


  1. I intend to collapse the space between to 25% of my total energy flow in the etheric body.


  1. I intend to uncast any machinery or patterning that suspends my space between more than 25% throughout my etheric body that is non-karmic or other creational in nature.


  1. I further intend to release all karma, patterning or thoughtform that causes portions of my etheric body to host space between greater than 25% in size.


  1. I intend to collapse the space between to 25% between my etheric skin or genetic grid work and ascension grid work.


  1. I intend to uncast any machinery or patterning that is non-karmic and suspends my space between more than 25% between my etheric skin or genetic grid work and ascension grid work.


  1. I further intend to release all karma, patterning or thoughtform that causes portions of the space between my etheric skin or genetic grid work and ascension grid work to exceed 25% in size.


  1. I intend to collapse the space between to 25% between my small, medium and large chakras.


  1. I intend to uncast any machinery or patterning that is non-karmic and suspends my space between more than 25% between all chakras.


  1. I further intend to release all karma, patterning or thoughtform that causes portions of the space between my chakras to exceed 25% in size.


  1. I intend to collapse the space between to 25% between genetic grid work and subtle bodies.


  1. I intend to uncast any machinery or patterning that is non-karmic and suspends my space between more than 25% between my ascension grid work and subtle bodies.


  1. I further intend to release all karma, patterning or thoughtform that causes portions of the space between my etheric ascension grid work and subtle bodies to exceed 25% in size.


  1. I intend to collapse the space between to 25% between the mental, emotional, intuitive and creative bodies.


  1. I intend to uncast any machinery or patterning that is non-karmic and suspends my space between more than 25% between my mental, emotional, intuitive and creative bodies.


  1. I further intend to release all karma, patterning or thoughtform that causes portions of the space between my mental, emotional, intuitive or creative bodies to exceed 25% in size.


  1. I intend to collapse the space between to 25% between the subtle bodies and dreamtime self or light body.


  1. I intend to uncast any machinery or patterning that is non-karmic and suspends my space between more than 25% between my subtle bodies and my dreamtime self.


  1. I further intend to release all karma, patterning or thoughtform that causes portions of the space between my subtle bodies and dreamtime self to exceed 25%.


  1. I intend to collapse the space between to 25% between the dreamtime self and my light body body-double.


  1. I intend to uncast any machinery or patterning that is non-karmic and suspends my space between more than 25% between my dreamtime self and my light body body-double.


  1. I further intend to release all karma, patterning or thoughtform that causes portions of the space between my dreamtime self and my light body body-double to exceed 25%.


Running the Sexual Energy 100%


In order to sustain ascension, one must sustain the field and vibration that one has mastered and then continue to build upwards in chi. Those in Group Mastery discovered as of late that it was their own tendency to fail to run the sexual energy during the day more than 40% to 60% of capacity. In reality, the sexual energy should run 100% of capacity if one is going to sustain one’s vibration, let alone continue to ascend upwards mastering the next initiatory level. Retraining oneself to move the sexual energy 100% of capacity therefore is a good focus.


First, we invite those reading this book to muscle test or pendulum what the average percentage one runs the sexual energy over the course of the day. Many may find that the sexual energy runs quite nicely at night, (one may even have the symptoms of night sweats); but while at work or out and about over the course of one’s day, that one turns the sexual energy down or shuts it off altogether. By late afternoon, one will be reaching for the coffee and chocolate due to tiredness that really comes from a lack of sexual energy flow to suspend the rotation of the chakras and energize the field. When the sexual energy ceases or drops, the rotation of the chakras and subtle bodies dwindles and eventually will cease to spin. This will lead to excessive tiredness at certain times of the day as a result.


Sometimes there may be no permission at work or with the family to run sexual energy; in which case one will intend to break any of such agreements with employers, workmates or family members and intend the boundaries of the New Consensus for Ascension into the workplace as well as at home. One may also require addressing patterning or machinery that shuts down the sexual flow or shunts sexual energy unto others. As one releases such patterning while intending 100% of one’s sexual flow into the physical plane, then one will be able to push 100% of one’s sexual energy through the field. Generally, one will feel better and more energized as sexual energy runs 100% of capacity.


To retrain oneself to run 100% of one’s sexual flow during the day, Earth recommends placing post-it notes in bright pink wherever one traverses; on the mirror in the bathroom, on the computer, upon one’s day timer or calendar, upon the refrigerator, and in the car. Each time one notices the bright pink post-it note, one will remind oneself to turn up one’s sexual energy 100%. One can also place a blue post-it note alongside the pink one and each time one sees this, one can remind oneself to puff up one’s chakras, subtle bodies and light body dreamtime self and collapse the space between to 25% of the overall field. As one does this, one will have more chi running through the field overall and will not only feel better, but be better prepared to ascend.


There is another gift to the added sexual energy flow; one will have a stronger field overall when running the sexual energy 100% of capacity making it more difficult to have one’s field shattered extensively in a karmic encounter. This will lead to minimal bad ascension days and may prevent future cases of colds or the flu. In further collapsing the space between within one’s field, one will have less space for the dark forces or false gods to manipulate through. In so doing, one will reduce the voices of the false gods to a mere squeak rather than a roar as they will have less space to communicate; and one will therefore be able to easily hear the guidance coming from one’s Soul, Oversoul and Source along with Earth and Nature through holographic communication.




We hope you have found the information shared in this chapter useful in your continued evolutionary path of ascension. We invite those who resonate and feel deeply that it is one’s true purpose to map make to Bodhisattva level evolution in this lifetime to consider joining us in our DAS Self-Realization Study and Group Mastery Programs. We have an exciting new program to be launched for those in the Self-Realization Study that has to do with map carving conscious dream weaving for the human species. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join these dreamtime programs by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep.


For those who resonate but do not feel that one is a map maker, we have an additional program known as the Community Studies. This dreamtime program is test running a 36-chapter book designed to heal patterning associated with disunity, struggle, fear, pain and non-love in the life expression. As one comes to a greater state of unity within, the life dream can then begin to emerge as a joyous dance that fosters a state of inner fulfillment. This is the purpose of these studies. Again, the Community Studies Program is open to anyone who is interested; just make the intention to participate during dreamtime before falling asleep.


Advanced Sun Meditation MP3


Hand Meridians in PDF


Feet Meridians in PDF


Head Meridians in PDF


Space Between Reduced to 25% in PDF


Kundalini and Sexual Energy Movement in PDF


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE


Hand MeridiansFeet MeridiansHead MeridiansSpace Between Reduced to 25%Kundalini Energy


This book is lovingly dedicated to those in Human Form willing to become the Dreamer and the Dream. Through Ascension, one may learn to consciously dream weave and intend one’s life, and then live to experience the life intended. This is the gift of Ascension. It is Mother Earth’s Greatest Hope that more shall choose the Spiritual Path of Ascension in this lifetime due to the gifts that this Path makes possible for each.



Creational © 2021, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 6. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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