Image of a baby seal kissing his mother. The Love Of A Seal

22. The Love Of A Seal


Blessings of Sacredness and Honor


The Seal Kingdom


Seals much like Walrus live along the shorelines of land and sea. We also live in the cold arctic where we live, swim and play freely feasting off the untouched fish that are prevalent. Humans have a difficult time moving in and out of many regions that we live, and here we experience a relatively untouched life expression under most circumstances. In so doing, we hold the octave of unity open in vibration and tone for all to feel.


Experiencing Existence as a Collective


Seal is related to the new astrology sign “Unity Bearer.” (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information.) Indeed, our lives and family relations occur in unity, with each watching out for one another, and assuring that all have enough to survive. If fish is not abundant, our children are allowed to feed first and foremost to assure the preservation of our species. We have long worked in unity together, and it is why we were selected to hold this particular sign for both humanity and Earth to ascend into.


Seal has much to say to ascending human initiates. Each species has always observed humanity. Now at this time of ascension, nature is holding the gate open for human ascension. Therefore, we are in observation in particular of the ascending humans upon a daily basis. You have much to teach us, as it is often through our observation of you that we learn something about ourselves that requires transcending in order for our species to ascend. So, humans may also observe nature and learn something about yourselves as ascending beings.


In recent years, humans have spent untold amounts of time filming nature. Perhaps in this era of awakening this is a good thing. Such films allow humans to touch into the intimate orchestration of our lives in a very personal way. However, understand that the physical reality that one observes is only a portion of reality in which we exist. For first and foremost each species is a nonphysical vessel and associated with a host of angels and souls that sustain an intricate weaving of global energy. It is from the nonphysical that most species experience their existence, and not the physical. Why is this so? It is because we experience existence as a collective.


Seal experiences its life as a collective of seals that exist all over the world; some in the arctic, some along the coastlines of the continents, and some in zoos or aquariums. In recent years however and as our karma for participation in zoos or aquariums was fulfilled upon, our souls withdrew. This is also so for all species held in such institutions; human souls that have karma to learn and understand about imprisoning animals now ensoul all species in any zoo or aquarium. Therefore, if you wish to commune with our species, one must go out into nature where we freely roam. Read more