Image of a baby seal kissing his mother. The Love Of A Seal

22. The Love Of A Seal


Blessings of Sacredness and Honor


The Seal Kingdom


Seals much like Walrus live along the shorelines of land and sea. We also live in the cold arctic where we live, swim and play freely feasting off the untouched fish that are prevalent. Humans have a difficult time moving in and out of many regions that we live, and here we experience a relatively untouched life expression under most circumstances. In so doing, we hold the octave of unity open in vibration and tone for all to feel.


Experiencing Existence as a Collective


Seal is related to the new astrology sign “Unity Bearer.” (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information.) Indeed, our lives and family relations occur in unity, with each watching out for one another, and assuring that all have enough to survive. If fish is not abundant, our children are allowed to feed first and foremost to assure the preservation of our species. We have long worked in unity together, and it is why we were selected to hold this particular sign for both humanity and Earth to ascend into.


Seal has much to say to ascending human initiates. Each species has always observed humanity. Now at this time of ascension, nature is holding the gate open for human ascension. Therefore, we are in observation in particular of the ascending humans upon a daily basis. You have much to teach us, as it is often through our observation of you that we learn something about ourselves that requires transcending in order for our species to ascend. So, humans may also observe nature and learn something about yourselves as ascending beings.


In recent years, humans have spent untold amounts of time filming nature. Perhaps in this era of awakening this is a good thing. Such films allow humans to touch into the intimate orchestration of our lives in a very personal way. However, understand that the physical reality that one observes is only a portion of reality in which we exist. For first and foremost each species is a nonphysical vessel and associated with a host of angels and souls that sustain an intricate weaving of global energy. It is from the nonphysical that most species experience their existence, and not the physical. Why is this so? It is because we experience existence as a collective.


Seal experiences its life as a collective of seals that exist all over the world; some in the arctic, some along the coastlines of the continents, and some in zoos or aquariums. In recent years however and as our karma for participation in zoos or aquariums was fulfilled upon, our souls withdrew. This is also so for all species held in such institutions; human souls that have karma to learn and understand about imprisoning animals now ensoul all species in any zoo or aquarium. Therefore, if you wish to commune with our species, one must go out into nature where we freely roam.




(NOTE: Asur’Ana is a vegan and does not support hunting under any circumstances.)


Seal and all nature kingdoms do not experience death upon an individuated basis. Instead, we experience birth and death as the ebbing and flowing of chi or energy in a yearly cycle. When the chi is high, our young are born; when chi is low, many have died perhaps due to an aging form; perhaps due to the hunting of humankind. Indeed, human has enjoyed the softness and warmth of our pelts. This we would freely offer up if man would only hunt in communion and out of the sacredness of all of life. When man hunts in other manners, it causes great pain to our species and each species that is hunted so.


The Native Americans have remembered to hunt only as needed and out of unity and union with the kingdoms. When a sacred instrument is therefore created from the skin or body part of a species hunted in sacredness, the thoughtform of slaughter is not embedded but rather the love and power of the species; for as the hunter connects to the species, the form is offered up out of love in the request. In so doing, the form hunted is a gift, and not taken without agreement.


When nature is killed or gathered in sacredness and for sacred intent, sacredness shall shine through the skin, fur or body part associated. When nature is killed in a non-sacred manner or slaughtered, there is only pain recorded in the associated body part. For a long time, one initiate whom we shall call Lydia would roam the stores of Banff looking at and touching the beautiful furs therein. She could not bring herself to purchase even an inexpensive set of earmuffs made of mink. Instead, she purchased a large wool scarf handmade in Pakistan to keep her neck and head warm in the cold wind of Banff. Lydia finally understood why she could not enjoy the fur from the furriers. For she had felt the pain that the animal was in at the time of the death and it was repugnant to her.


This year Lydia is traveling to Jasper in January where it is even colder. She has purchased a fake-fur lined coat mimicking sealskin. This will suffice to keep her warm and not hold the pain therein. Perhaps if more humans felt the pain of the fur, they would not purchase them, or pay the exorbitant prices that they do for such things. However, humanity lives in such great pain themselves that the painful fur is only a reflection of humanity’s own state of being. Perhaps as more humans rise out of the pain through ascension, they will attune to such a thing and cease to purchase fur again. In so doing, the furriers will be put out of business, and humanity will learn to work in honor and unity with all other kingdoms again.


Human Souls are Ensouling Animals Held in Captivity


Most kingdoms that are raised for fur such as mink, opossum, fox and beaver are choosing no longer to ensoul those species held in captivity. Again, human souls are being placed into such embodiments so that humans can come to understand the pain that they have caused. This too is simply because such kingdoms are complete with the karmic cause of such an experience, and as such are free to withdraw as soul. Recently many foxes held in captivity died due to bacteria in their food. Seal would offer up that they died as their soul retracted, for it is soul that sustains life beloved.


Nature would freely offer of itself to support the life of any human or any group of humans if asked in a sacred manner. This would include offering of our fur to keep one warm. However, the new blueprint for humans to be born into the future in the colder regions of Earth contains the genetics to grow one’s own fur. Humans will look a bit like apes perhaps. However indeed this is the blueprint for your future ancestors who live in colder climates, until Earth has warmed enough to become a tropical oasis again from North to South Pole. This too is coming, and therefore the fur is only a temporary pattern that will allow for the survival of your species.


Ascension brings about sovereignty. In the loss of consciousness, human became the least sovereign of all, requiring taking from nature in the form of housing, fur and fire to stay warm, thereby hunting animals for their pelts. Nature, in contrast, developed fur in a sovereign manner for surviving the colder climates that developed after the breaking of the ice shields. The purpose of ascension is to become sovereign again requiring nothing outside of self to survive. It is for this reason that the future human blueprint for ascension for those in cold climates includes fur.


At the time that the ice shields were in place, Earth had not snow but a mild temperature ranging from 72 to 78 degrees all around, except at the poles, which ranged from 68 to 73 degrees. It was at this time that human was seeded and did not require fur to survive as a result. As human lost consciousness prior to the breaking of the ice shields, all but a few humans lost the ability to modify the DNA to adjust to the temperature change. This is why humans fell into a state in which housing, fire and fur from other kingdoms were required to survive in the cold.


Panda Bears and the Abominable Snowman


There is the myth of the Abominable Snowman. Such humans do indeed exist in small numbers in remote and primarily frozen parts of Earth, and are those who had enough genetic remembrance to grow fur to survive after the ice shields broke. Such humans stay away from civilized life and retain biology of 36,000 segments of DNA. Much like the Panda Bears in China that is all that remains of 36,000 segments within the nature kingdoms, the Abominable Snowman holds the records of human form at 36,000 segments. Within polarity all things are always expressed, and this is what these two forms demonstrate. There will always be that which retains the memory of what was even if everything else falls in genetic materials.


It is for this reason that the capture of some Panda Bears that have been placed in zoos has been so problematic for their species; for they do not wish to fall in consciousness being the last remaining species with 36,000 DNA segments. As a result, they have chosen not to procreate, and to withdraw the genetic materials out of those held in such a manner so that the information does not fall into the hands of the dark forces in association with humankind. For if this occurred, it could interfere with the ascent of nature. Thus far, the attempts to cause Panda’s to breed in captivity have by and large failed; it is because their kingdom refuses to be manipulated in this manner. Furthermore, as the biological records are being removed from those Pandas held in captivity, most will become ill and die in the coming times of cleansing.


Humans do many things that are very painful to nature out of their lack of understanding. However, in placing human souls in animal embodiments in laboratories, zoos, aquariums, kennels raising animals for fur, or theme parks, humans will come to understand. It is for this reason that such soul changes have been orchestrated by the consciousness of Earth. For humanity has to learn that manipulating and using nature in any manner, even for entertainment, is not appropriate, as it harms and causes needless pain. Now human souls will holographically record the pain that humanity has placed nature in within such creations. In so doing, humans will learn over time and cease to do such things into the future.


Fourth Dimensional Earth


Life indeed was a tropical oasis when the ice shields were in place, however it was sustained not through the global warming of ascension, but through the manipulations of human scientists from Sirius who created the shields about 1.2 million years ago. For Earth, perhaps the breaking of the shields was not a bad thing, as ascension makes possible learning how to manage one’s temperature as a consensus and in a sovereign manner. Therefore, this is occurring now as Earth is rising in vibration through conscious intent, and one day earth will be a tropical oasis again.


Fourth dimensional Earth will not know extremes in temperature, for within the fourth dimension there is not hot or cold; only balance. It was as Earth dropped from the fourth into the third dimension that the experience of hot and cold became prevalent for each species. At this time, the fourth dimensional Earth is being rewoven; first as an etheric phenomenon, and later one that will become physical. The karma for how fourth dimensional Earth was lost has been uncovered and released.


Years ago, Asur’Ana visited the volcano that is active upon the Big Island of Hawaii. The crater appears as a dead wasteland in the third dimension, much like Mars or Pluto in your solar system. However, if one closes their eyes and looks at fourth dimensional Earth through one’s clairvoyance, one perceives a valley teaming of life with trees, birds, waterfalls, rivers and lakes. This will be so as life retracts from the third dimension into the fourth; in the third dimension, Earth will look like a desert wasteland; in the fourth dimension, Earth will be teaming with life. Each species must come along for the ride, and this is what the path of ascension offers; and opportunity for one’s future ancestry to survive this ride upwards in global vibration and temperature. Earth anticipates it will be 300 years into the future that only fourth dimensional life will remain. Therefore, there is time for each species to orchestrate a generational ascent.


Here is where so many humans upon the spiritual path are in confusion. Many humans wish to ascend in a single lifetime and in the current embodiment to the fourth dimension. No species is choosing this primarily because it is not possible. Ascending the form from 2 segments of DNA to 3,000 is a 1500% biological change. Ascending a form from 2 to 6,000 segments of DNA is a 3,000% change.


This is more than enough to accomplish in a single lifetime beloved, and the reality of the truth of the matter is that it may not be easy to accomplish without becoming ill. The chances of becoming diseased in the ascent from 2 to 36,000 segments in a single lifetime are so great, that all species including humans are choosing for a generational ascent; except for the few that must pioneer the way clearing enough karma to allow for the ascending births.


Clearing Karma on Behalf of Humanity


Asur’Ana and those who are fully conscious initiates understand this. It is a precarious journey; and yet it is necessary and they will take it as far as they can to clear the karma to assure the survival of the human species. For if humanity fails to ascend, so Earth will also fail to ascend, and all would become extinct. Therefore, to think that the internal pressure within each of these initiates is not great would be a great lie; and it is what causes them to transcend through some very difficult personal patterns both internal and external to themselves.


Most would not like the life that Asur’Ana and these high-level initiates have lived. For one, they have had to give up most connections to their families, children and friends, as the karma is complete. Ascension requires completion of karma and separation when it is fulfilled upon. For another, they live a rather isolated life in which their own companionship is their main ongoing source of sustenance, as few others resonate. Dissonance through non-resonant relations only causes them to become ill if it prevails long enough in the day-to-day interactions, and so they retract out of the need to remain in peace and harmony within. Seal offers up that such a life would not make most humans happy.


Therefore, accept beloved your limitations, and enjoy the freedom that the ascent you do master offers in your life dance. Compete not with others who are doing more than yourself in the greater understanding that humanity is all one species, and there will always be a few dedicated enough to ensure the survival of the whole.


What would Seal like to close with? We invite human initiates reading this book to embrace the sacredness of all of life. As you go to eat, commune with the species giving off their life to sustain oneself. If you go to purchase an item made from the flesh of an animal, then honor the animal, blessing them and thanking them for the gift of their life. In so doing, our kingdoms can bless you in return and the circle shall be complete. As the circle completes, and the blessings go all around, all of the past atrocities in one’s ancestry towards nature can be forgiven. Through forgiveness, a new day will dawn, and we will all learn to live together in unity and joy again.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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