Image of a humorous looking penguin with its arms/fins outstretch. The Walk of a Penguin

23. The Walk Of A Penguin


Blessings for Non-Attachment


The Penguin Kingdom


The Penguin kingdom has been observed with great curiosity by the human species. Often, we are perceived as “cute”. In the wild, we exist in very cold climates in which few other mammals can survive. Asur’Ana once observed a beautiful nature film played on a long flight to Europe. In the film, hundreds of Penguins pulled close together sheltering the young in the middle due to a fringed storm. We have survived as a species in such climates by pulling together in unity as a collective.


Lack of Feeling and Reverse Polarization


Penguin holds the vibration of Divine Union along with Swan and Goose in the new consensus astrology. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information.) Divine Union is a state of being in which one holds one’s unique truth within the tribe or clan, and yet functions in unity together, collaborating for a common goal. In the goal of the life of Penguin, the survival of our species has us collaborate body heat during the coldest times of the year. Then in the warmth of the spring, summer and autumn, we hunt, swim, nest and procreate in joy, building our body fat to yet again to survive the coming winter. Without the union and unity of the group, none of our species could survive, as we have not hands to building igloos or other places to reside to retain our warmth otherwise.


Penguin has observed that human’s function in great disunity. It is out of disunity that one human does not care for another leaving others homeless upon the streets, or starving in another country far enough away that one does not need to observe such a painful dance day to day. It is easy to shove away such pain if it is not in one’s own backyard; furthermore, the electricity and electrical thoughtform that humanity resides within hardens the hearts in such a manner that most do not feel; it is in the lack of feeling that humans treat each other in such painful manners.


Penguin observes how painfully most sensitive children are treated by unknowing parents who are so hardened themselves that they have long forgotten how it feels to be open hearted. Soon and generally before the age of 4, the child has become hardened themselves due to the brutality of the dance. One initiate observed such and in particular after the birth of her son. Her son opened her heart, and as it opened not only did she feel, but began to perceive the brutality of behavior of others around her, particularly parents towards their children. It is no wonder that war and the brutal games that are played between nations have become the norm, as so this is also the norm for family relations, particularly in the West.


A part of the cause of this lack of feeling is the result of reverse polarization. Reverse polarization is the result of the dropping of the two nuclear bombs upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which caused a shift between the male and female energies in those countries associated, including Japan and all countries in the West. Read more