Image of a humorous looking penguin with its arms/fins outstretch. The Walk of a Penguin

23. The Walk Of A Penguin


Blessings for Non-Attachment


The Penguin Kingdom


The Penguin kingdom has been observed with great curiosity by the human species. Often, we are perceived as “cute”. In the wild, we exist in very cold climates in which few other mammals can survive. Asur’Ana once observed a beautiful nature film played on a long flight to Europe. In the film, hundreds of Penguins pulled close together sheltering the young in the middle due to a fringed storm. We have survived as a species in such climates by pulling together in unity as a collective.


Lack of Feeling and Reverse Polarization


Penguin holds the vibration of Divine Union along with Swan and Goose in the new consensus astrology. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth” for more information.) Divine Union is a state of being in which one holds one’s unique truth within the tribe or clan, and yet functions in unity together, collaborating for a common goal. In the goal of the life of Penguin, the survival of our species has us collaborate body heat during the coldest times of the year. Then in the warmth of the spring, summer and autumn, we hunt, swim, nest and procreate in joy, building our body fat to yet again to survive the coming winter. Without the union and unity of the group, none of our species could survive, as we have not hands to building igloos or other places to reside to retain our warmth otherwise.


Penguin has observed that human’s function in great disunity. It is out of disunity that one human does not care for another leaving others homeless upon the streets, or starving in another country far enough away that one does not need to observe such a painful dance day to day. It is easy to shove away such pain if it is not in one’s own backyard; furthermore, the electricity and electrical thoughtform that humanity resides within hardens the hearts in such a manner that most do not feel; it is in the lack of feeling that humans treat each other in such painful manners.


Penguin observes how painfully most sensitive children are treated by unknowing parents who are so hardened themselves that they have long forgotten how it feels to be open hearted. Soon and generally before the age of 4, the child has become hardened themselves due to the brutality of the dance. One initiate observed such and in particular after the birth of her son. Her son opened her heart, and as it opened not only did she feel, but began to perceive the brutality of behavior of others around her, particularly parents towards their children. It is no wonder that war and the brutal games that are played between nations have become the norm, as so this is also the norm for family relations, particularly in the West.


A part of the cause of this lack of feeling is the result of reverse polarization. Reverse polarization is the result of the dropping of the two nuclear bombs upon Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which caused a shift between the male and female energies in those countries associated, including Japan and all countries in the West.


As women begin to run male energy and men female energy, the energy moves up the field pushing soul from the form. As this occurs, the ability to emote or feel also subsides for it is soul as it accesses the heart that interprets the emotions emanating from the emotional body. No soul, no emotions, and then humans fall prey to becoming increasing brutal towards one another. Women become like men moving out into the work force and abandoning their children; men become like women, soft but bored. Boredom predominates in the Western dance due to the reverse polarization and lack of emotions, which causes humans to seek entertainment and possessions outside of self to fill the vacuum within.


Furthermore, such a state leads to disease as without feeling one is also hard pressed to discern one’s own biological needs, or perceive disease as it is stepping down into form; for it is also soul that feels and interprets the energy that surrounds the form. It is for this reason that so many humans are surprised as they become sick; or one suddenly perceives that one has cancer, or suddenly has a heart attack, or suddenly discovers that one has some other disease.


Beloved, the cancer or the heart attack or other disease was stepping down into the etheric for 8 years before manifesting in the physical. Why could one not feel the pain that the form was in before it became physical and take action to release the karma instead? The reverse polarization makes it difficult, as soul is so far above the form that it cannot do its job of transcribing physical information into the nonphysical where it can take action to prevent such an outcome.


In order to ascend beyond 800 segments, one must master a state of groundedness. This requires that one learn to run the proper energy for one’s biological gender. In other terms, one must run female energy if female in form; and male energy if male in form. For those who are indigenous or have indigenous ancestry, such ancestry has genetic encoding for grounding. One can bring such information forward to allow grounding to become a natural state of being. In so doing, soul exists within form where it not only can discern what is occurring in the etheric, but also can assist with the necessary changes to the grid work, genetics, chakras, subtle bodies and the larger auric field to assure that one ascends.


Retrieving Lost Pieces of Fractured Soul


As one ceases to reverse polarize, one will also begin to feel again. Perhaps one will also perceive the brutality of others around oneself. Asur’Ana remembers watching parents and children at so many parks and playgrounds, with adults yelling and hitting their children, each of which splintered and fractured as a result. When one abuses another, the soul fractures. As soul fractures, there is less and less soul available to anchor and hold soul in form. It is also for this reason that so many in the West have little memory of childhood, for in the fracturing due to the brutality at home, the memories leave as the soul splintered off. Ascension requires that one retrieve all such lost pieces of splintered soul, not only from this lifetime, but all other lifetimes that one fractured in parallel nature in one’s ancestry.


Where do such fractured piece of soul go? Most of such pieces of soul hide out in other objects associated with the human dance. Every toy in the toy store, every doll, every object one wishes to collect, from décor, to furnishings, to pictures, to bedspreads, to wall coverings, to carpets, to jewelry and clothing have fractured pieces of soul associated. One purchases the items that one’s own soul exists within in a fractured off state. In essence, one is gathering up oneself as one shops, bringing home merchandise filled with one’s own soul. Furthermore, the need for so many possessions by so many humans is simply the quest for oneself that has been lost over time and due to the fracturing of soul and spirit into material objects. The more possessions one accumulates, the more fractured one’s soul has become.


As one ascends, one will pull the pieces of soul out of the objects that one has accumulated, and integrate them internal to self. Then what happens? One may discover that one no longer requires the possession to feel whole and complete. One may even begin to free oneself of such possessions as now they feel heavy or like a burden rather than a gift; and one may sell them off or give them away.


Letting Go of Possessions That One Doesn’t Need


Therefore, Penguin invites ascending initiates reading this material to take inventory. What has one stockpiled in their home or homes that one really does not need, or has not used in years, or has not worn in years? Are there properties one has purchased or inherited that one no longer requires and can now sell off? Are there furnishing one no longer needs? What is one ready to give up to create a greater freedom of energy movement around oneself so that one may continue to ascend?


Perhaps one will then take the time to give away or sell off what one no longer requires, and release the attachment associated. For every object that one possesses, there is a cord of attachment from the etheric body to the soul fractured that sits within the possessions. The more that one possesses, the more cords of attachment that one has. Intend to retrieve the soul inside of the possessions, and one will integrate such lost parts of self in one’s ascension. One will then also be free to pass the possessions on to those who can use that which one cannot. In so doing, one will free up one’s field for continued ascension.


There is an old saying in the United States of “Indian Giver”. Native American peoples lived a nomadic life in the US through the mid-1800’s and the Trail of Tears, after which they were imprisoned upon reservations by white settlers. Native Americans would often give a gift to a white settler, and if they saw that the settler had no use for it, they would take it back. Such Native Americans were then coined “Indian Givers”, or one who takes back a gift for no apparent reason.


However, from the perspective of the Native American, there was a reason to take back the gift, as it was not appreciated or had no use to the receiver. In their tribal thinking and due to limited resources, one would only have that which one could use, and if something were not of use, then it would be given unto another that was in need. Such humans existed in balanced giving and receiving, and in so doing, only took from others or from Earth what was needed to sustain the life dance, and received enough in like kind in exchange.


The current preoccupation of humans acquiring so many things, and such an abundance of inexpensive merchandise available in particular in the West, is a sign of the greater fracturing of humankind. Asur’Ana has observed in her travels how inexpensive merchandise from the Orient and South America is prevalent in most countries in the West, including Europe and Australia. Such merchandise makes possible a lifestyle of consumption of larger numbers of objects, and perpetuates a system that does not value recycling or taking care of what one owns; why do this when one can simply purchase a new one for so little and throw the other away? This of course contributes to the piling dumpsites of the US and other nations.


In the observation of Penguin, each time humans have fractured due to nuclear warfare, a cycle of consumption followed in which more and more objects were created to hold more and more pieces of soul that had shattered from the human field. More and more humans became preoccupied with collecting more and more objects, which only held the soul that once was contained within one’s own field. The cycle underway of consumerism and consumption is the worst that Penguin has ever witnessed in the human expression upon Earth. It is also sign of a deep shattering of soul that occurs prior to a phase of extinction. Our soul has witnessed such extinctions in 20 other creations that have ceased to exist throughout time, space and form.


In order to ascend beyond 1800 segments, balanced giving and receiving must be mastered. Balanced giving and receiving requires that one only take what one can use, and give up that which others may be in need of. As this is mastered, one will find that one always has enough to subsist, or travel as needed in one’s global service work to Earth. The gradual release of unnecessary possessions in ascension is also a sign that one is gathering up one’s own fractured state of being, and becoming whole within, requiring less outside of oneself for comfort or safety. The more that one relinquishes, the freer the field becomes, allowing for the energy movement necessary for continued ascension.


Completing Upon One’s Karma


However, ascension is not about freeing oneself before the karma has been released and completed upon. One ascending couple sold everything, purchased a camper, and have been living upon the road for the past year or more. This couple is an example of false freedom, for they had not settled the karma with the employers or the land that they had lived upon most of their lives before they cut their ties and left. Instead, they cut their ties without releasing the karma, and freed themselves by taking the dream of freedom that other ascending initiates had earned in their own evolution, displacing their karma onto others to burn off in lieu of themselves.


A false ascension creates schisms in which one’s field can then be used by the dark to harm Earth or other ascending humans. This can accrue more global karma that one can burn off in a single lifetime, preventing further ascension. Therefore, it is wise to be thorough, to integrate every piece of soul, and complete every piece of karma in one’s ascent. Ascension to the next dimension requires the clearing of all karma to completion. In order to accomplish this task, one must live their life, fulfill upon all agreements, and then upon completion, one can then free oneself from the associated debtor.


After completion of one debt, generally speaking there is more karma awaiting settlement that will carry one onto their next preoccupation and continued life dance. Ascension is not about escaping life by cutting all ties and leaving, but rather moving into life, fulfilling upon the karmic bonds, and then freeing oneself through completion.


This does not mean that one may not move to a new region. However, before one leaves the region that one resides, one must be sure that the karma is completed upon first. Otherwise one may leave a large part of oneself and one’s soul still attached to the land behind that one had failed to collect up in one’s ascension, only causing one to fracture in the move rather than ascend.


This is what happened to this couple; they left such a large portion of self behind upon the land that they had once owned that they quite naturally had to take of other initiates fields along with their dream of freedom to fill themselves. This only meant that they took the freedom others had earned through karmic completion for themselves rather than freeing themselves through karmic completion. This led to a very incomplete ascension, and may even lead to disease if the schisms are not integrated by this couple into the future.


As one completes with the land that one resides, all ties, all cords of attachment to the land and the possessions in such a region must be pulled up and integrated into the etheric body of the form. Each strand of attachment must be rewoven within. Such a shift does not occur overnight, but a little at a time over a many year period, as the form and field can only ascend so fast in the third dimension. As the last cord is pulled and united with the etheric body from the land upon which one resides, then one can move and not leave a part of self behind. This is also the same for any change; whether it be a job, marriage, divorce, or separation from family or children. All cords of attachment must be released and rewoven within, and then the separation or change will be fulfilled upon in ease, and one will not fracture in the process.


Further fracturing of soul does not serve ascension as the entire purpose of ascension is to re-piece oneself back together again; pulling all soul back that was once a part of one’s ancestral inheritance, uniting it into one larger and ever-growing field that moves up in vibration along with the form. Therefore, anything that leads to further fracturing of field does not serve ascension, which can include a change or move that occurs before the karma is completed upon in full. The same is true for family relations. Many ascending initiates in Penguin’s observation wish to end relations with family members they are disgruntled with under the guise of a completion before the karma has actually been entirely fulfilled upon. Ascension is not an excuse to end relationships before they are completed in full beloved. One only then creates another of equal problem to settle the karma with and through instead.


One initiate did just this; they were escaping a bad family member that held a load of guru lineages and practiced unconscious black magic. Lo and behold, they found themselves in a job in which the employer’s relative held the same black magic lineages as their own relative; furthermore, they found themselves subject to the same unconscious manipulative dance in their new job as with their relative. You see, until karma is completed upon, one is called to the dance. If one ends the dance without completion, then another will be called into the dance to fulfill upon the role. Perhaps one is simply better off concluding the dance with the original partner and completing in full instead.


Now, there are times that they may not be so, and we will explain this. One initiate has had a very unconsciously abusive husband who would have killed her long before the karma could be settled. Under such a circumstance, it was better to conclude the dance before the ancestral karma was completed upon, by ending the marriage through divorce, and focusing upon her ascension by living a single life, or calling upon another partner to settle the debt that was less abusive, as this allowed for her continued ascent instead of death. Therefore, this may be similar with those who find themselves diseased or ascending into disease; perhaps one has to conclude the dance, as it is so harmful that one would not survive. Then one can intend to call another to complete the karma with that is less unconsciously harmful in nature.


There are no absolutes nor is there right or wrong. There is only the dance. If one concludes a dance before it is time, then one will be called to conclude the dance at another time if one’s intent is to ascend in this lifetime. Therefore, if one leaves a region prematurely, one will be called to return into the future to pick up one’s own missing segments of soul that one left behind. This may also be the reason that many initiates travel into the year and years ahead in one’s ascension; one is called to a particular land for a time to retrieve what one left behind either in this lifetime, or at another time in one’s ancestry. And so, it goes upon the path of ascension.


Living from a State of Non-Attachment


Non-attachment is a state of being in which one anchors to the Aurora instead of to the land surrounding where one lives. As one anchors to the Aurora, much like a pivot, one can be anywhere upon Earth’s surface and be at home. Home ultimately is in the heart anyway, or so Asur’Ana has found. In finding such, she is at home in any country and in any moment of her journey. In order to re-orchestrate one’s anchoring to be fully into the center of Earth, 3000 segments must be embodied in full in one’s ascension. Then one will be free to be wherever is required to continue to ascend. This re-orchestration of anchoring is an inherent part of the map for ascent from 2,200 to 3,000 DNA segments.


Possessions can also come in the form of plant, people or pets as well as land or possessions. Penguin notices how humans often attach to one another in the separation from Mother Earth. Ascension brings about a gradual and increasingly greater connection to Earth and all kingdoms therein. In learning to commune with Earth and nature, the requirement to cling together through attachment can then be released, as one no longer feels “all alone” or abandoned. Earth has learned her lesson, and it is a large lesson in her global ascension. She rejected humankind and found herself rejected by the sun in parallel manner. One cannot reject another without being rejected oneself. And so, it goes in human relations as well. Earth is learning to embrace all humans as an integral part of her consensus.


Rejection is an act of hatred, and not to be confused with choosing to separate from another that is making one ill. Real rejection occurs in the act of hating another. Rejection of another is nothing other than self-hatred. If another has rejected oneself in the dance of life, it is a sign that one hates oneself, perhaps unconsciously, or has ancestral karma for hatred that is being mirrored outward in the life experience. It is hatred that leads to expressions of warfare and disease in the human dance. Sometimes one may separate from another because they “hate” the other. This always is a sign that what is mirrored in the other is hated within oneself.


There are many parallel lives. Humans that one hates only mirror a parallel life in which one mimics the same attributes. One sincerely hates oneself in such a dance. As one integrates the parallel life in the act of ascension, one forgives and embraces oneself as one is. In so doing, one can embrace all others in a parallel manner, and non-conditional love can then be born in the life dance. Non-conditional love is the foundation of a non-attached life expression.


Attachment is a form of false love. The false love attaches into others owning them and possessing them. In ownership or possession, one becomes property. As property, one is dispensable if one no longer serves. As one becomes dispensable, rejection is experienced, as one no longer feels loved as one is set aside. However, there was no love in the dance in the first place; only possession and attachment. Therefore, such forms of rejection are really simply the result of ownership and possession thoughtform inherent in the human expression. Humans also “own” Earth, and in so doing Earth is dispensable, which is why humans mutilate Earth so, and pollute her with toxic substances, and raise and keep animals for food under such deplorable conditions. Earth and nature have become property to humanity and therefore something to use for their own gain.


Earth is learning that she is not the property of anyone or anything, regardless of dimension, regardless of life form. She is her own consensus and her own truth, and her truth is emerging in her ascension. In parallel manner, each ascending human learns that they are not owned by anyone; nor is one the property of another; nor is another the property of oneself. All species, including humankind are God Goddess in form worthy of honor and non-conditional love.


Now, does it mean that when one separates from another that is harming oneself and making oneself ill that one ceases to honor or non-conditionally love such an individual? If anything, the path of ascension is about forgiveness, and in the forgiveness the unconscious harm ceases. As the unconscious harm ceases, one can then unconditionally love such a human from a distance. It is the forgiveness that births non-attachment and a non-attached way of life. However, one cannot get from attachment to forgiveness without releasing and completing upon all associated karma. Therefore, it is in the act of releasing karma that non-attachment and a non-attached way of life is also born.


Consumerism and consumption will cease as more humans ascend thereby becoming more whole within. In being whole within, one does not need anything outside of self to sustain one’s well-being. We have watched Asur’Ana observing the store Wal-Mart with all the laden shelves filled with so much merchandise for Christmas in the US. She has long given up celebrating such holidays, as they only perpetrate the thoughtform of consumerism and consumption. However, she also understands the lonely hearted roaming the store, and buying buying buying, collecting only that which is really and truly of one’s own essence in the shape and form of gifts and objects. Retrieve the lost soul that one is searching for, and the need for the possessions and consumerist behavior will cease in one’s life dance. Anchor such as global thoughtform as an ascending being, and so it will be one day for all humans.


What would Penguin like to close this chapter with? Intend to embrace a non-attached way of being as an ascending being. In so doing, one will free oneself. One is imprisoned; imprisoned not only by thoughtform that does not serve, but by the possessions one has surrounded oneself with. Dispossess oneself from the land and home that one resides within, and from the objects or people one has accumulated, and freedom is the end result; freedom to ascend; freedom to regenerate; freedom to bear witness to the coming times of cleansing ahead and the emerging Golden Era.


Do call upon our kingdom if you are so guided from within. Namaste.


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