Image of an inquisitive looking goose. The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg of Unity

29. The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg of Unity


Blessings for Divine Union and Communion


The Goose Species


The Goose Kingdom has much to say to ascending human initiates today. Goose much like the Swan Kingdom shares responsibility for holding the gate for human ascension and represents the holographic archetypal pattern of Divine Union Bearer in the new astrology for ascension. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth”  for more information on these new holographic archetypes.)


Humans Existed in a Separate Dream from Earth


What is Divine Union? Divine union is a dance of energy that prevails over the field that allows Earth, the consciousness of form and Soul or one’s I AM Presence, Oversoul and Source to commune together for the common experience of life upon the physical plane. Long ago, humanity lost its interrelatedness to all of life upon Earth and its connection to soul. How this occurred is now becoming better understood through the gathering of ancient human records through human ascensions at this time in history.


Long ago and in ancient times, soul danced with human form that had been seeded from a third dimensional planet known as Sirius. However, human form danced not with Earth, as there was no agreement for a relationship between humanity and Earth. Instead, human form continued to dance with Sirius, and because Sirius appeared much like Earth 200,000 years ago and in the third dimension, humans felt as though they communed with Earth and her nature kingdoms. In reality, they were communing with Sirian nature kingdoms while living upon Earth.


Here Goose perceives the problem of humans traveling long distances upon spacecraft and entering other creations where parallel consensus realities exist. Such consensus realities may look and feel similar to “home” or wherever the human originates; but they are in a different creation and have different agreements. Humans have by and large assumed that they could live anywhere that they chose given the technology that they had. Alas, if there is no agreement for their existence upon a particular planet, then humans moving and living in such a place have no place in the dream or consensus reality of such a planet. So, this occurred between humans and Earth long ago.


It is this truth, that humans have existed in a separate dream from Earth, that is the main cause of the feelings of separation between humankind and Earth in the perception of Goose. The separation comes from no interconnection or grounding unto Earth, but a grounding instead to a parallel dream from Sirius anchored around Earth for humans to exist within. There may be parallel species upon Sirius such as dragonfly, horse, goose and pig that humans upon Earth recognize; but such species dancing upon Earth have no relationship to the dream of their relations dancing upon Sirius. Read more