Image of an inquisitive looking goose. The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg of Unity

29. The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg of Unity


Blessings for Divine Union and Communion


The Goose Species


The Goose Kingdom has much to say to ascending human initiates today. Goose much like the Swan Kingdom shares responsibility for holding the gate for human ascension and represents the holographic archetypal pattern of Divine Union Bearer in the new astrology for ascension. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 19 “A New Astrology for A New Earth”  for more information on these new holographic archetypes.)


Humans Existed in a Separate Dream from Earth


What is Divine Union? Divine union is a dance of energy that prevails over the field that allows Earth, the consciousness of form and Soul or one’s I AM Presence, Oversoul and Source to commune together for the common experience of life upon the physical plane. Long ago, humanity lost its interrelatedness to all of life upon Earth and its connection to soul. How this occurred is now becoming better understood through the gathering of ancient human records through human ascensions at this time in history.


Long ago and in ancient times, soul danced with human form that had been seeded from a third dimensional planet known as Sirius. However, human form danced not with Earth, as there was no agreement for a relationship between humanity and Earth. Instead, human form continued to dance with Sirius, and because Sirius appeared much like Earth 200,000 years ago and in the third dimension, humans felt as though they communed with Earth and her nature kingdoms. In reality, they were communing with Sirian nature kingdoms while living upon Earth.


Here Goose perceives the problem of humans traveling long distances upon spacecraft and entering other creations where parallel consensus realities exist. Such consensus realities may look and feel similar to “home” or wherever the human originates; but they are in a different creation and have different agreements. Humans have by and large assumed that they could live anywhere that they chose given the technology that they had. Alas, if there is no agreement for their existence upon a particular planet, then humans moving and living in such a place have no place in the dream or consensus reality of such a planet. So, this occurred between humans and Earth long ago.


It is this truth, that humans have existed in a separate dream from Earth, that is the main cause of the feelings of separation between humankind and Earth in the perception of Goose. The separation comes from no interconnection or grounding unto Earth, but a grounding instead to a parallel dream from Sirius anchored around Earth for humans to exist within. There may be parallel species upon Sirius such as dragonfly, horse, goose and pig that humans upon Earth recognize; but such species dancing upon Earth have no relationship to the dream of their relations dancing upon Sirius.


In essence, this left humans without communication with any other species other than themselves, which lead to feelings of being separate and abandoned. Ascending initiates may begin to process the underlying cause of this karma to allow for a return of divine union, or communion with Earth in so understanding this.


Living in a Parallel Sirian Dream


The Grand Masters after their seeding attempted communication with another species known as the dolphins and whales living in the numerous fresh water streams and ponds upon Earth at that time. The whales and dolphins also lived in a parallel dream separate from Earth that also originated from Sirius, as Sirian scientists had seeded them upon Earth during the time period that the ice shields were created through Sirian technology. These ice shields later became Earth’s oceans as they collapsed.


Alas, the non-verbal languaging of the dolphins and whales had mutated over the 1 million years that they had been present upon Earth, and the Sirian Grand Masters could not understand their languaging. Furthermore, Sirian non-verbal languaging in the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms is different from the non-verbal language of parallel species upon Earth. This left the Grand Masters isolated, except for a few species that they brought with them, one of which was the Tiger Kingdom.


Tigers have a special relationship upon Sirius to the spiritual elite in human form. Tigers often roamed freely in the temples that were often constructed in the mountains of ancient third dimensional Sirius. Both Tigers and Panthers came from Sirius originally, although Panthers appear to have been an “accident” in how they arrived upon Earth. Several panthers that were pets to those humans upon the Sirian star ship escaped 300,000 years ago and bred leading to their continued presence upon Earth in present time. Both Panther and Tiger continued to thrive upon Earth in a separate dream that included humans, whales and dolphins due to their origins from Sirius.


Sirian humans also seeded many forms of plant life that did not originate upon Earth. Many tropical fruit bearing trees and bushes originated upon Sirius, including kiwi fruit, mountain apples, jackfruit, star fruit, sour sap, guavas, pears, bananas, kumquats, mangos and passion fruit (also known as liliquoi in Hawaii). The vegetables known as tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, asparagus, sweet potatoes, eggplant, along with several strains of mushrooms including Shiitake varieties also originated from Sirius.


When the red race humans were seeded 300,000 years ago, they were provided with enough fruit and vegetables to survive in the event that Earth had not enough food bearing plants. Over time humans have planted and harvested the same crops generation after generation, and in essence remember eating such food source long ago in one’s ancient ancestry in another star system.


Such fruits, vegetables along with Panther and Tiger and the human species along with dolphins and whales have existed in a parallel dream from Sirius for roughly 50,000 to 300,000 Earth years (200,000 to 1.2 million years as humans track time). Long ago, one of Asur’Ana’s Grand Master ancestors saw the split in the two dreams and strove to unify them, and attempted to allow humanity upon Earth to become a part of Earth’s dream. At the time, Earth rejected this proposition, and Asur’Ana’s ancestor died of shattering blows unto their field.


Earth regrets this choice, as had she embraced the Sirian dream of humans along with whales and dolphins, she would also have had a say in the turn of events such as the presence of another humanoid race upon Earth from the Pleiades that eventually lead to a nuclear annihilation. Earth however rejected embracing such dreams, and such dreams were then used by dark forces to push a fall in consciousness and fall in vibration upon all of Earth. This occurred through the parallel dream that humans, dolphins and whales alike lived within.


Unifying All Dreams and Holographic Planes for Ascension


Dreams are projected from the holographic planes surrounding Earth. There are holographic planes for all kingdoms and species upon Earth. It is the hologram that attracts the dream from the Solar Sun and steps the dream down into the physical through seven manifestation planes of reality. Therefore, there is a holographic blueprint for goose, and this allows the presence of geese upon Earth, and directs their birth, death and rebirth cycles along with migration and life patterns in the physical. As the Sirian scientists seeded life upon Earth, they added a separate holographic plane within the dream anchored around Earth for all life forms, such as whales, dolphins, humans and the food bearing plants. It is such holograms that sustain such species in present time and in the physical just like Geese.


As the Pleiadians arrived roughly 24,000 years after the death of the Grand Masters, they brought with them numerous other species that also became united with the human dream from Sirius. These included many colorful forms of parrots and birds such as the peacock species, kangaroos, horses, turkeys, pigeons, and finches; and later after the collapsing ice shields created your oceans, many aquatic species were also seeded including colorful fish, shark, and electrical varieties of dolphins and whales. Each of such species was added to a dream that surrounded Earth from Sirius, and had a hologram associated added in the holographic planes, but this was not a part of Earth’s consensus dream for herself.


Now at this time of ascension all dreams and holographic planes are being unified. This is occurred in the gold and silver bandwidths of tones of creation that are above the highest Quad Tone in the Language of Light. Each species living in the wild and upon the land that sits in the gold and silver octaves is now a part of one global consensus dream. This includes any wild form of animals and plants that humans seeded from other star systems at other times in history. This makes Goose happy, as all are a part of the whole in the new dream for global ascension of Earth. This is also so only for a few humans, whales and dolphins that have embodied the gold and silver tones in their respective ascent to date.


Species Non-Resonant to Magnetic Ascension Are Choosing Extinction


Some species however are choosing extinction, as they have not the genetics necessary for ascension into a magnetic biology that is resonant with the Great Central Sun. This includes farm animals consumed by humanity along with many forms of parrots and parakeets along with certain colorful fish that prevail in or near coral reefs, along with many forms of coral itself. These corals hold an electrical tone of creation and are non-resonant to a magnetic ascension, and so many of the dying coral reefs at this time and in particular near the equator are really a holographic retraction of their species off of Earth as they are incapable of ascending at this time in history.


There are two types of holographic planes of reality surrounding Earth. One holds the blueprint of all form that exists upon Earth, which includes the plant, animal, mineral, dolphin, whale and human forms. Yet another holds the holograms or blueprint for the souls that dance with form upon Earth. All of these holographic planes are under great modification at this time of global ascension.


Those species that have not a holographic genetic blueprint from magnetic Great Central Suns with parallel flower of life patterning resonant to Earth are being removed at this time. This means that within 25 years or so such species associated with non-resonant holograms shall go extinct. Roughly 20% of each group of species in the plant, animal and mineral realm falls into the extinction category. Therefore, these species shall cease to be in the physical in the coming quarter century as they support not global ascension.


Many do not realize that it is the dream flowing from the holographic planes that sustains one’s life. One can be alive today and dead tomorrow; the cause? Ultimately, it is the cancellation of dream upon the physical plane that causes the death, although the death may appear to be caused by accident, disease, murder, warfare, or simply old age in the dance of life.


Dreams step down seven manifestation planes into the physical plane. The death therefore occurs sequentially upon each of the seven planes until it occurs in the physical, and generally for those at 2 segments of DNA, this takes roughly 7 to 8 years to accomplish from beginning to end. Therefore, any death has occurred upon 7 planes over 7 to 8 year period prior to occurring in the physical, and is no accident; death is a choice when karma is complete or to settle karma, or now due to holographic retraction.


Holographic Retraction


What is a holographic retraction? Holographic retraction cancels the dream for any species associated. Humans with silica-based origins or in other terms Anu Slave holograms or Annanuki Holograms are the first to experience a holographic retraction in the quarter century ahead. The reason for this is that each associated has the wrong biology for ascension upon Earth. Silica-based electrical genetic structures cannot ascend within a carbon-based and magnetic system, and such is the nature of Earth and your Great Central Sun.


As the holographic retraction hits the 8th manifestation plane, which is the physical plane, there will be a load of humans dying for no apparent reason. Goose asks ascending initiates not to worry about this; your ascension assures that you are not a part of this cleansing at this time. Those with carbon-based biology are capable of ascending; in so doing, one will extend one’s life and become the dreamer and the dream again. Goose sees that the times of cleansing shall begin roughly in the 2026 to 2028 timeframe for all silica-based life forms.


Goose also reminds those readings these materials that life carries on after death. All human consciousness shall carry on to witness the future ascent of those with magnetic biology upon Earth. Why is this so? All humans exist are a part of one species, even though perhaps the genetic and holographic origins come from other places.


Parts of the human consciousness shall peel off returning home to their place of origin as well, bringing the lessons learned here upon Earth to their own star system for the understanding. For humans are related in a multidimensional and multi-creational manner, and really are one species regardless of creation. This is also so for each species upon Earth. We too are sharing of our ascension information with others of our species upon other dimensions and in other creations so that they too may one day choose to ascend home.


Sirius Seeding of Human Form to Settle Karmic Debt with the Pleiades


At this time, ascension brings about the possibility of becoming the dreamer and the dream again. What is the dreamer and the dream? Long ago, the red humans seeded upon Earth could modulate their own dream. They could intend consciously what they wished to experience, and then watch the dream as it stepped down seven manifestation planes until it finally occurred in the physical. Such dreams were simple preoccupations, which included gathering food from the lush rainforest that the valleys of Earth were then global wide, some limited farming practices, the manufacturing of clothing from local resources, marriage and procreation, and spiritual focuses including sacred rituals that generally revolved around the nature kingdoms. This dream did not include ascension or evolution however.


As the Grand Masters were seeded about 100,000 years later, they carried the dream for ascension. As their holographic nature was added to the holographic planes, the possibility for evolution was also seeded. Sirius claims that this was never their goal; that they were only fulfilling upon agreements with the Pleiades to settle a karmic debt in seeding a limited human form upon Earth. The Pleiades and Sirius had warred and warred over territory that was intergalactic. One of the regions of domain the two humanoid forms warred over was Earth.


What was so important about Earth that it qualified as of enough value for humans to kill one another in their space wars over? This Goose has pondered, and it has to do with gold and other minerals considered of import to third dimensional technology of such humanoid civilizations. In the end, the Pleiades won the rights over Earth and the Solar System in a war with Sirius. Sirius offered to seed humans to mine the gold and minerals under Pleiadian jurisdiction in exchange for a portion of the proceeds. This was fulfilled upon, and then Sirius in a sudden change of course, chose to ascend to the next dimension through conscious intention.


Sirius’ Ascension Caused Earth’s Annihilation


Sirius ascended about 120,000 years ago, 80,000 years after the seeding of the Grand Masters, and around the same time as the nuclear desecration of Earth by the Pleiadian Anu that was the result of their family war games. Interesting is it not that Sirius would ascend in the same year that Earth was annihilated in nuclear fission through human warfare and sank in vibration? Is this an accident? No, it was the result of a split in light and dark in which Sirius climbed the dimensions in equal amount and pressure of a parallel fall into greater density upon Earth; which pushed Earth into second dimensional consciousness as Sirius rose to fifth dimensional consciousness.


All of this occurred through the human Sirian dream anchored around Earth; and Earth understood at this juncture that she had made a large mistake in not embracing the human dream as a result. For if she had embraced the human dream, Earth would have directed the human dream in a different path, and most certainly would not have directed humans into annihilation.


Here we get in the manipulation tactics used by dark forces prevalent outside of the boundaries of the Great Central Sun from which Earth originated. Manipulation of all kinds has become the prevailing game of the dark. How can they manipulate one place to ascend and another to fall so that they will have a place to dance upon? Within each dimensional bandwidth are light and dark nonphysical forces that battle it out; often the battles are run through the physical realms leading to rises or falls in consciousness and human warfare.


How did this dance of light and dark play out upon Earth and through the human species? With the Sirian seeded humans came souls and holographic soul planes that danced with the red race. As the Grand Masters arrived, new souls and holograms were added to these planes associated with the Grand Master biology and consciousness.


The souls ensouling the original red race with a limited biology became jealous of the information that the Grand Master biology and souls held. Such limited souls then chose to shatter the Grand Master holograms taking of the information for themselves. This led to the death of the Grand Masters a year and a half later as they became shattered in the physical due to psychic blows of equal magnitude. Furthermore, the Grand Master souls all hightailed it back to Sirius leaving the Grand Master embodiments soulless, and thereby unprotected by forces of the dark desiring the information therein for other purposes.


This was the first war run through physicality by nonphysical forces upon Earth that destroyed form; as the karma for this incident was recorded in the human dream, such an incident played out again and again throughout history. 24,000 years after the Grand Master deaths, a race of humans from the Pleiades arrived to mine gold known as the family of Anu. With them they brought another set of souls and human holograms that became intertwined with the holographic planes.


The Anu also created a slave race after discovering that the red race seeded by Sirius had no interest in working in the harsh conditions of the gold mines, and was too docile to force into labor. New souls of even greater limitation were imported to ensoul the Pleiadian human slaves, with additional soul holograms anchored in the holographic planes for humankind.


Limited Souls Took Information and Caused Fall in Consciousness


These extremely limited souls included the Melchizedek Order and the Counsel of 12 along with the ascended masters that never really ascended. Once again, these limited souls became jealous of the information that the red souls and red humans held. Once again, they reached into the red human holograms, shattering them and taking of the information. Each time the red nation holograms were shattered, the entire red nation lost its information to the nonphysical realms, and a fall in consciousness followed. However, this time the shattering was so great that 8 billion red humans lost their lives as the ice shields broke filling the valleys that they lived within with water. Any shattering in the nonphysical will become physical over time, and so this occurred en masse for the red nation at this time in history (152,000 years ago).


One might say that the very souls that shattered the Grand Masters taking of their knowledge now experienced in karmic return the shattering of their own red forms and a near-extinction of the red race. Such is the nature of karmic return, it will push the dance around and around in circles, repeating without end, until through the conscious choice to ascend the karma can be released and a new dance launched. It is this time period in particular that a new dance is being launched beloved; and this requires the understanding and releasing of all karma from ancient times. This is why Goose is writing about this information today unto ascending human initiates. Your story is our story; and we must all heal together in order to ascend.


After the ice shields broke killing the majority of the red nation, a war broke about between the red souls that originated from Sirius and the white Pleiadian souls ensouling the Anu and their slaves. This war was run through the human embodiments of the Annanuki themselves along with other red chiefs, priests and priestesses. The nonphysical wars lead to disease and a deterioration of form and another fall in consciousness. The fall in consciousness of the Anu caused them to go insane. In the insanity, two family members began to war upon one another, and created slaves to participate in battles over gold mine territory. These wars raged for over 1,000 years and culminated in a nuclear annihilation.


Now Goose would like to point out that it is not the job of the nonphysical realms to war upon form or through form. Yet it has become so, and this is how much of the psychic harm and battles between sorcerers or witch doctors became prevalent within the human unconscious.


160,000 years ago, and after the development of the Pleiadian slave race, the red gods and souls utilized ascension to gain dominion over the nonphysical dreamtime realms surrounding the human species. This allowed such red souls to retrieve the information that the limited souls or white gods ensouling the white slave race had taken in the shattering of the red human holograms. These red souls or gods used false matrix-based ascensions to ascend their thoughtform into dominion. They ruled for a long time, and plotted how to end the Annanuki reign of dominion so that they would simply leave Earth, leaving the dance to the red souls and red nation humans.


Dominion of the Red False Gods and White False Gods


Alas, their plot included the annihilation of the Annanuki who they hated. This translated into a nuclear holocaust of all of Earth. However, for a long time thereafter, the red gods ruled all dreamtime associated with humanity, and felt as though they had “won”. The red gods and the false ascensions of red humans embedded the red gods into the nature kingdoms. This is why the red gods are often associated with trees, valleys, mountains, streams, lakes or oceans, or various nature kingdoms. The red human nations set up shrines or religious systems around these gods and the associated nature kingdoms or land following the false human ascensions.


This is where the Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses such as Pele, Goddess of the Volcano come from; they were simply red souls that ascended falsely about 160,000 years ago and became embedded in the land. However, such souls have nothing to do with Earth or the nature kingdoms or the land per se, and are separate from the souls under the dream of Earth ensouling the same volcano or land.


Pele exists in a separate Sirian dream associated with the human species that co-exists in the same time-space region of the Hawaiian volcanoes, which are ensouled in the consensus of Earth by another group of souls altogether. At this time and due to the unification of all dreams, the red souls that had embedded themselves into the land through false ascensions are leaving Earth, as they have too much karma to ascend at this time in history.


Later and in Ancient Egypt, the white human gods associated with the Anu chose to get even with the red gods. They chose also to create false human ascensions of their own and utilized the pyramids of ancient Egypt about 60,000-72,000 years ago to do so. In so doing, such white souls inflated themselves into equal power as the red gods over the human dream. This is where the “ascended masters” as false gods originated. They were simply limited souls that were anchored upon Earth to ensoul a limited slave race incubated in a laboratory by the Annanuki that inflated themselves into dominion through false ascension. However, the origins of the red false gods are no different; the red souls were brought to Earth to ensoul a limited red human form incubated upon a Sirian space craft and also inflated themselves through false human ascension into dominion.


It is not the purpose of the non-physical to destroy the physical in battles for dominion. Such battles only lead to disease, and so has such battles harmed the human form again and again throughout history. As the white people settled in the United States and Canada, thousands and thousands of red nation people died of small pox and diphtheria. This also occurred as the white people settled in Hawaii, with most of the Hawaiian population being wiped out in a short time period thereafter. What was the real cause of this? The white gods and the red gods were battling it out through human form for the dominion over the human dreamtime, and destroyed the form of the humans involved in the process by creating disease.


All disease and warfare patterning in the human species have their origins in the battles of the nonphysical. Form including human form is a vessel for Spirit. Form responds to the guidance and direction of Spirit; if form wars, then spirit must also be at war. The wars today between the East and the West, between the US and Iraq/Iran, and between Israel and Palestine, are simply the red and white false gods warring it out both physically and non-physically. For the red gods are associated with Palestine, Iraq and Iran along with the East and the white gods with Israel and the United States along with the West.


The only way to end the war is to remove the false gods and souls ultimately at cause. And this is what Earth is doing in modifying the holographic soul planes currently in the recasting underway. All of such souls and their holographic dream projections are being cancelled at this time in history. In time, as this change steps down into physicality, the nonphysical forces dancing in human form and that desire to war will simply cease to exist.


The End of Battles Between the East and West


All souls and holograms originating upon Sirius or in the Pleiades or any other creation are being returned to their creation of origin at this time in the holographic recasting underway. New soul holograms to dance with the human species are being anchored; such souls shall not be at war with one another but rather desire unity and working together to create ascension of the entire human species. As this comes fully into physicality, the battles between the East and West shall also come to an end.


Goose guides human initiates to bring this future into present time and anchor it around oneself and in one’s region of origin now. One can bring an end to the souls or false gods that are red or white warring amongst each other now. One can replace such souls within oneself and all others surrounding oneself through conscious will and intention with new souls that are harmonious and supportive of ascension.


In so doing, one’s neighbors may come to a greater level of internal peace. In so doing, more shall be capable of ascending, as the souls surrounding form will guide form in this direction rather than into a constant unconscious battles for dominion. This is perhaps the greatest gift in Goose’s estimation that one can give oneself and everyone else around oneself, beloved. Such a gift shall birth a new day in which soul and form live in harmony, and as this occurs human form shall come to peace with each other, in each region, and between each nation.


False Ascensions


Ascension is not to inflate soul into power or dominion. Ascension is for evolutionary purposes. The karma for false ascension is being resurrected at this time and examined by karmic counsels of the Great Central Sun and of Earth. Such records show an incredible misuse of ascension knowledge for the purposes of inflating soul at the expense of the health and well-being of form. Do you know that all of Buddha’s disciples died following his ascent? They were blasted with so much fission to inflate the thoughtform of the associated souls that it killed those attached and supporting his ascent. Now this is not what ascension is for. Nor did Buddha ascend to the next dimension; he died in an implosion of fission entering a void of non-existence.


The false ascensions do not lead to a human form that lives upon the next dimension and therefore does not lead to human ascension. The false ascensions only inflate soul into dominion, and kill the form. Most diseases are rooted in the scarring that occurred from this form of false ascension, as in it the body combust into a pile of ashes, and because there was no fourth dimensional physical form constructed to ascend into, the ascended masters died in a nuclear implosion. The scarring from this is immense and was passed on in future generations associated with the ascended master lineages leading to disease of all kinds. Underlying most diseases associated with too much heat or combustion is false ascensions in the tapestry of ancestry as well as nuclear warfare karma.


There have been more legitimate forms of ascension upon Earth; the Mayan, Inca and Anasazi ascensions into the fourth dimension within the past 10,000 years is an example of a real ascension where a fourth dimensional form was created, and the consciousness gradually moved from third dimension into the fourth through the collective choice and will to ascend. These races continue to live a simple tribal life in the fourth dimension to this day. Therefore, false ascension is not necessary, and is not what Earth will allow into the future.


There are groups of humans creating false ascensions today, most of which are in the current metaphysical movement. In a false ascension, the light body or body double ascends but the physical vessel experiences no genetic modifications to construct a fourth dimensional physical form. In so doing, ultimately the form would cease to exist through combustion and no real ascension shall occur. Those associated will only become ill in Goose’s estimation if they do not choose to retract from such a dance.


The only reason that such false ascensions are occurring in Goose’s perception is the desire of the red and white false gods to retain dominion over the human dream. Often, they use the sacred geometry produced by such groups to battle it out with each other. Goose guides ascending initiates therefore to withdraw from this dance in such spiritual groups; one may get ill otherwise and until these souls are cleansed more fully from the physical planes. It is for this reason that one may be very careful about what spiritual organizations one chooses to affiliate with at this time in history, or participate in the events of.


Making Peace with Earth


One may also choose to separate from both the white and red false gods and their remaining dreamtime planes of reality and commune with Earth instead. Goose observes that there is great fear in many humans surrounding communion with soul or the nonphysical. And how can this not be so? The nonphysical surrounding human form has often used the communion to harm another group or human associated with another set of false god souls! If one is harmed in the communion, then why would one seek to commune?


This speaks to why humans today are almost soulless in their separated off state at 2 segments of DNA. Humans disconnected from soul as communing with soul became a dangerous proposition. Soul could support the life of the form or it could harm the form with its endless nonphysical battles. One’s ancestors have experienced such so many times that there is an unconscious knowing that this is so; and so, humans would rather stay isolated from soul where it is safe instead of connecting through communion.


For a long time and because the human dream had been constructed as a separate dream from Earth, nature did not understand this. Neither nature nor Earth knew or understood the dance of the souls and false gods ensouling humanity, and how they used the human form to rage their wars against one another. This too is partially Earth’s cause, as Earth rejected the human dream and desired instead that the human species go extinct. Why is this so? Humans have destroyed creation after creation causing them to go extinct. However, the means of preventing this was not to separate from the human dream, but to take charge of the human dream and direct humanity in a new manner in which unity and honor could prevail.


Earth did not understand this 200,000 years ago and as Asur’Ana’s ancient ancestor approached her about unifying the two dreams upon Earth. Now Earth understands, and is taking strides to manage the human, whale and dolphin dreams, and redirect them into a dance that supports the ascent of the whole.


Asur’Ana acknowledges that it is painful to be rejected by the planet that one resides upon. However, she has also voiced that in the review of human history in other creations, she could not blame Earth for desiring humanity to simply become extinct leaving her free to ascend unencumbered with such a species. Therefore, she has forgiven Earth in the greater understanding, and the two have come to new agreements in which Earth along with the Tao now ensoul both Asur’Ana and Per. In so doing, the past travesties are being put behind them and the two are learning to work together towards the common goal of ascension. This has healed the rift between Earth and Asur’Ana’s ancient Grand Master ancestors.


For a long time in her ascent, Asur’Ana also rejected Earth. She sought souls from other creations and dimensions with greater knowledge to assist her. Such souls did provide information that supported her continued mastery; but sometimes the dance also came with problematic nonphysical forces that tried to destroy her. And so, she has withdrawn from working with any nonphysical force; and is turning instead to working with the souls of Earth, the Great Central Sun, Nature and the Tao. In so doing, she has made peace with Earth and nature, and a new day may now unfold.


Each who is ascending at this time and in their own way may require making peace with Earth. Anger towards Earth for this dance of seeming abandonment may be a part of the process. We have had initiates describe the outrage that they feel at understanding that Earth intended human extinction long ago and shortly after the Grand Master seeding. Outrage is a part of the process; and as it passes, the red rage turns pink and melts into forgiveness. In the forgiveness, one can forgive Earth, and Earth can forgive mankind for his atrocities, and all may “kiss and make up” leading to a new day and a new era to be born ahead.


Commune with Earth and Nature


Earth has a powerful thoughtform. She can command her dream. She can alter the dream for the human species to one that moves towards communion and a state of divine union after which the desire to war or harm will simply fade into a distant memory. Many foresee this future, but underestimate the process that may be required to get from here to there. But change is occurring through the process and the understanding gained that could not occur otherwise. One of which is the recent shift in the holographic soul planes surrounding Earth that shall simply remove the red and white false gods from their playground. Let them take their battle someplace else.


Goose invites initiates to also end the battle of the red and white gods in one’s own field and life. Intend to release the karma for how one’s ancestry allowed these nonphysical forces to rage their battles within. In so doing, one will not only come to greater internal peace, but will not ascend into disease. Intend to release the karma for the false ascensions associated with one’s ancestry. In so doing, one may transmute the scarring in one’s form today associated with the fission in such an experience into regenerative biology. Intend to release the karma for the disciples that supported the false ascending masters and died as a result. In so doing, one will transcend the need to be the martyr, or sacrifice oneself, or be crucified in order to ascend.


Peace with Earth is required in order to commune with Earth or with nature. Therefore, intend to heal the rift between Earth and self and all rifts that have been present in one’s lengthy tapestry of ancestry and throughout one’s ancestral experiences. In so doing, new souls will come to dance with one’s ascending field; and these souls are now under the direction of Earth and emanating from new holographic planes within the human dream. Such souls shall support ascension; however, before one can release the dance of the false gods and red and white souls from Sirius and the Pleiades, one must also transcend the associated karma.


Goose invites humans to go into nature to commune in peace, honor, unity and harmlessness. Nature will not shatter one’s field as one opens the heart and intends to connect. Nature is harmless and never participated in the warfare of the red and white false gods. Asur’Ana learned this long ago in her early ascent, and spent long hours along the ocean, reservoir, or parklands in California. In the communion, nature could perceive into her ascension, and advise her in a manner that sometimes held greater awareness than the souls that embodied her.


It is because nature has been such an effective ally in her own ascension that nature was invited to hold the gate for human ascension. We hold this gate both holographically and through our forms and energy fields. The holographic gates have to do with a new archetypal patterning for the human species that shall be harmless in nature, and strive not to war, but to work peacefully together and with all other kingdoms. All humans shall ascend gradually and through many future generations fully into these new archetypal patterns as well as into a regenerative biology and genetic structure.


Unity-Based Polarity Is Gold and Silver


Through our forms and fields, nature will provide a window into the peace and unity that becomes possible later in one’s ascent and as full consciousness is mastered. For nature holds now the gold and silver planes of reality and tones of creation, which are not only peaceful, but unify the extremes in polarity. This is necessary in order to enter the Great Central Sun returning Home, as the Great Central Sun does not function in extremes, but in a form of polarity that is unity-based.


What is unity-based polarity? Unity based polarity is gold and silver instead of black and white. Gold and silver mimic each other, dancing in the opposite direction, much as if one were watching one’s own movement in a mirror. It is black and white polarity that says one creation can ascend and another must die or become extinct. In gold and silver polarity, all may ascend Home.


We hope that we have inspired you upon your personal journey of ascension. Do call upon our kingdom as a gatekeeper of ascension. We honor you and look forward to the dance of unity that shall one day prevail amongst all kingdoms, including humankind.


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Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Animal and Nature Kingdoms. May their Gifts, Wisdom and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Gifts from The Animal Kingdoms. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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