Image of a lovely scene in nature. The Thoughtform Behind Disease

20. The Thoughtform Behind Disease


The records are beginning to come together through the continued ascent of the map carvers to document the cause of the experience of disease, aging and death in the human experience and upon Earth. This is a part of the work of all ascending initiates in the year of 2020, to explore and compile all records for disease, aging and death so that the karma can be released in the years ahead. It is also our wish to bring such records to consciousness so that one may go within and release such patterns assuring that one shall not ascend into disease.


It is possible to ascend into disease. When patterns are unknown, they can manifest in the physical. One can ascend into disease and out of it, and so it is not to be feared per se, but ascending into disease is a major sign that something has gone wrong in the ascent, as the body is so out of balance that disease is created upon a cellular level. For those that are having a physical ailment that has emerged due to one’s ascent, we also recommend reading Chapter 15 “Symptoms of a Problematic Ascension” in Ascension Insights, Volume 2, and following the suggested intents.


The record gathering has taken ascending initiates to Greece in dreamtime to unlock the records of Mt. Olympus. Mt. Olympus was a region inhabited by the Annanuki long ago, and was where they reigned from more or less for their 20,000-year dance. Mt. Olympus exists under the Mediterranean ocean near the island of Crete. From Mt. Olympus, the thoughtform of the Annanuki continued to be broadcast. This has since been shut down as Earth has gained a better understanding of how such thoughtform originated, releasing all of her karma therein. This allows the only remaining languages to be broadcast now upon Earth to be the Language of Light, and the Language of the ONE, which unifies the Language of Light into a yet higher frequency and understanding of unity.


Returning to Unity-Based and Magnetic Patterning


What does it mean to alter thoughtform in this manner? It means that Earth is returning to the unity-based and magnetic patterning and energy flow that was once a part of her heritage. Such magnetic unity-based thoughtform is a pre-requisite for ascension within your creation. Those that cannot transcend and embrace the new thoughtform will be left behind, or in other terms, complete through death. The human species along with all species upon Earth are modifying the genetics of the form to embrace this new languaging over the coming 20 generations.


What does altering the language broadcast upon Earth or within any species do? Such a shift alters the very fabric of creation. The fabric of your creation has been badly blended into a dissonant set of patterns and tones that sound much like a bad high school band that is out of time and playing in different tunes. It is such dissonant sounds that lead to not only warfare and dissonance between humans and between species, but also disease and aging. For disease and aging is simply a reflection of an internal cellular dissonance that is the result of drawing genetic materials from the dissonant fabric of tones of creation. Read more