Image of a lovely lady with her back turned and reaching toward the Sun to represent rising above all problems in ascension. Symptoms Of A Problematic Ascension

15. Symptoms Of A Problematic Ascension


The ascension map has been updated to allow for a unification of light and dark within. This will allow for a more thorough assimilation of the dark and unconscious that one should be integrating in order to ascend up in vibration.


In this chapter, we will shed light on the symptoms of a problematic ascension so that those experiencing such a dance may seek to rectify the dilemma through conscious intent. Solutions shall also follow in relation to what requires intending, in particular just before one falls asleep at night.


It is in the half awake and half asleep state that one’s intents are most clearly heard from the universe and then can be relayed back into one’s life expression until enough of the subtle bodies have been rectified to allow intentions to be heard during one’s conscious awake state. For this reason, we suggest that initiates utilize this time upon awakening or upon falling asleep to make their intents in relation to their desired manifestations in this life expression. If this includes the intent to ascend, then this is the time that one should intend to ascend, along with all other intents one wishes to see come to fruition.


Problems Releasing Karma


Rectifying the Tapestry of Ancestry

One of the major problems with karmic release uncovered by the mapmakers of ascension was an inability to release all karma necessary to ascend. This caused a deeper inquiry into why karma was not being released, only to uncover that most humans have manipulated lineages within their tapestry of ancestry. One sign of an inability to release karma is a lack of change in a particular circumstance or a particular harmful pattern that will simply not go away no matter how much that one intends it to be released in full. Another sign is a diseased part of the form that simply will not resurrect.


In ascension, one is forever changing, releasing old karma such that a new “you” may be born. Along with the release of karma, change also follows in the life dance. So, another symptom of problems in releasing karma is that one thinks they are ascending, but nothing changes. They do not leave the spouse, or sell the house, or change jobs, or move into their respective soul’s purpose. Ascension should bring about the gradual relinquishing of all that does not serve the choice to ascend, and changes related to the completion of the karmic dance with those presently in one’s life. If change is not occurring in the physical, then the karma is failing to be released, and if this is so, then one is not ascending or is creating an incomplete ascension.


The tapestry of ancestry holds the keys to all of one’s biological karma. It has been uncovered in recently released karmic records of Jesus Christ, that he opened the tapestry of ancestry in the early part of his short period of ascension prior to his crucifixion. At this point in history, the dark accessed the tapestry of ancestry within Jesus and all humans, and chose to manipulate the lineages. Through manipulation of lineages, karma was added to Jesus’ life to cause his crucifixion. Unfortunately, not enough was understood about this at this time for Jesus to understand and rectify the circumstance. It has required our channel to complete her initiations to Full Consciousness to understand this problem in full.


As a soul chooses to incarnate in human form, the soul constructs a body in the womb of one’s mother. The body is constructed in drawing from 144 lineages that are carefully chosen by soul from one’s extended ancestry to bring about a particular outcome and dance in the life experience and expression. For the past 2,000 years, it has been prevalent amongst humans to barter away lineages, swapping them for others in the unconscious dance. In so doing, one may start out with one set of lineages and end up with an entirely different set by the end of a given life. What this equates to be is that the original dream for the life by the soul incarnating into the womb is never fulfilled upon as originally planned or designed.


Further, when one goes to ascend, one attempts to release karma based upon lineages that are not one’s own, as they have been swapped out with others. In so doing, one cannot release the karma, as the karma is not one’s own in the first place! The karma is so twisted that little actual biological inheritance may be understood until the tapestry of ancestry is rectified in full. For the past 2,000 years human have swapped and swapped out lineages, until no lifetimes fulfill upon any mission that soul originally intended. Lineages are so scrambled that almost all attempts to ascend have been failing in mapmakers global wide.


In the greater understanding of this dilemma, which began to be uncovered about a year ago in our channel’s own experience, a massive attempt to create a complete and full tapestry of ancestry for all human lineages began. This tapestry is complete now for all human lineages back in time roughly through 120,000 years of human history now. It is anticipated that within the coming year, all lineages shall be traced back a full 200,000 years to the original seeding of humankind upon Earth.


In ascension, one releases karma for certain time periods during certain phases of initiations. For initiations 1 through 1024, one is working upon the last 2,000 years of history, from the crucifixion of Jesus until present time. For initiations 1024 to 4200, one is working upon the period from 2,000 to 10,000 years ago. For initiations 4,200 to 7,500 or mastering Bodhisattva level evolution, one is working on the period from 10,000 to 20,000 years ago. Due to all of the lineage swapping prevalent since Christ’s incarnation, those whom have mastered 1,024 to date may not have released all of their karma. Furthermore, the karma released in the phases of initiations that follow may likewise not be complete due to twisted lineages early in the tapestry of ancestry.


The following are some suggested intents for those who know that they are ascending, but unsure as to how complete or incomplete the ascension may be. In so intending this, one shall begin to facilitate a restitution of these major problems in the map to ascension. Perhaps this speaks of the difficulties of the mapmakers who often proceed forward only to go back and rectify a problem encountered. Asur’Ana has found that this forward/backward movement in ascension to be an ongoing part of the mapmaking process. Therefore, going back to rectify something in mapmaking is to be expected. One continues to increase in vibration nonetheless, as more and more of the leaks in one’s field that cause one to lose chi day to day or week to week close up in the more thorough release of attachment-based karma.


Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 15 “Solar Counsels Take Charge of Human Ascension” for restrictions on human ascension based on holograms and lineages.


I Intend to Rectify My Tapestry of Ancestry and Process All Karma in Full

As you choose to bring in the original 144 lineages your soul chose at birth for your particular embodiment, you will be able to discern karma which failed to be released earlier in the ascension. The karma that went unreleased can now be processed in full. However, this shift in the tapestry of ancestry shall also change many things, including the ascension grid work. One will have unresolved schisms as well that now may be rectified in full and embraced.


I Intend to Recreate My Ascension Grid Work to Reflect My Original Birth Inheritance

The ascension grid work sits outside of the etheric grid work, chakras and subtle bodies. The ascension grid work is utilized to download a new genetic blueprint that is crystalline to the current grid work. As the current grid work receives the new blueprint, the devas and angels holding the form together transcribe the blueprint causing the old cellular structure, decay or scar tissue to resurrect and become crystalline. As the lineages change, the ascension grid work will change to reflect the true inheritance for the form. For some, one will find that certain ongoing problems in their ascension can now be rectified, for one was trying to embody the wrong blueprint for one’s particular genetic inheritance.


I Intend to Draw My Ascension Blueprint Only from Those Lineages of Red and Magnetic Sources

Each ascending initiate shall have many lineages. Some are related to the paired down slaves in their ancestry that were manufactured in the laboratory by the Annanuki and Orion scientists. Such lineages can ascend no further than 5,024 segments of DNA as this was all the genetic material utilized to create such forms. Such genetic material is also highly electrical and therefore not useful for ascension. One will therefore wish to draw from those lineages that go back to a fully conscious inheritance or one with full 36,000 segments of DNA. If one has no inheritance of this nature, one will wish to draw from their red slave inheritance, which has a composite of 15,000 segments of DNA.


One does not wish to draw their ascension blueprint from Annanuki or Orion related lineages. Why is this so? The Annanuki and those from Orion were electrical in nature. Earth is releasing her electrical discord and requires her human ascending masters to do the same. Therefore, a magnetic blueprint is required, and one may intend to draw their blueprint from lineages that are magnetic only to avoid further problems later in one’s ascension. We will be discussing some of such problems later in this material.


The Language of Light and One’s Tapestry of Ancestry


The blueprint from 1,024 to 1,800 segments requires the rectification of the lineages to be the truth in relation to one’s tapestry of ancestry. One’s truth shall be founded upon 3 main tones within the first 10 octaves of the Language of Light. (Please see the “Ten Octaves of Love” from Ascension Insights, Volume 1 for more information.) As one can discern what their magnetic truth is based upon their birth inheritance, then one may proceed and ascend into their truth, and embody the magnetic only biology that regenerates. The regenerative biology brings an end to aging, illness, disease and deformity. A biology that regenerates is a prerequisite for the next phase of ascension, which is known as soul infusion.


As one’s tapestry of ancestry has been rectified in full, and all 144 lineages are present and known (one may work with the Temple of Ancestry to have their lineages sorted through in meditation or dreamtime), then one’s truth can be discerned. One’s truth will have a main tone within the Language of Light, and two sub-tones. Each sub-tone will alter the main truth to a particular focus from which one’s soul’s purpose shall be related. The ten main notes in the scale of the Language of Light are as follows.





1. Forgiveness (pink)

Forgiveness is the tone required for releasing karma and moving beyond karma to a new state of being that is founded upon resonance of purpose. Those with a main or sub tone of forgiveness are gifted at causing ascension in others, or in other terms triggering ascension of those seeded for such a purpose. One may find that a preoccupation as a teacher or healer of ascension would be the natural outcome of such a truth.





2. Structure (lavender)

Structure is the tone required to restructure or reorder one’s life from a foundation of separation to a foundation of unity and unity-based relations. Those with a main or sub tone of structure shall be gifted at reordering their life or the lives of others. Such a truth will find that one affects the foundation of all others that one touches. Such folk will be instrumental in causing the old foundation to crumble for humankind bringing forth a new foundation of unity and Unconditional Love for all.





3. Power (peach)

Power is a tone that allows true law to reign again. True law is law founded upon the truth behind cause and effect or karma along with soul agreements. Those holding power as a main or sub tone will trigger the veils to be lifted upon all others that wish to manipulate a circumstance into being other than what it is, or put on pretenses of any kind. Such folk will force others to become their authentic self, and be gifted at becoming and being their authentic self. In the greater dance of humanity, those carrying the power tone shall allow the truth to be seen and again empowered over all that exists in non-truth.





4. Compassion (turquoise)

Compassion is a tone that allows oneself and others to synthesize into a state of balance. Those with compassion as a main or sub tone are natural healers, as they know how to run tones that cause others to come to balance. Such folk are also gifted at walking in balance in all that they do. Those with compassion as a main tone will assist in balancing all of human civilization so that humanity at large may ascend out of the paradigm of separation and into the unity again. Compassion in action is one that walks in balance and balances all others that one touches.


Breath of Life



5. Breath of Life (golden yellow)

Breath of Life is a tone that allows for creative self-expression in all manners that it may be made manifest in the human dance. Those with a main tone or sub-tone of the Breath of Life will be drawn to all forms of creative endeavors, from art, music, dance, singing, painting, sculpture, acting, teaching, or public speaking. This tone frees the truth so that it may be fully expressed in either an artistic or spoken manner. In the larger human dance, this equates to all secrets held over time becoming known. In ascension, this tone allows the hidden karma and patterns to surface for cleansing.


Non-Conditional Love



6. Non-Conditional Love (silver)

Non-conditional love is a tone that allows one to embrace all others and allow all others their dance of life. Non-conditional love is also the tone that lifts the veils upon codependent thoughtform allowing for the transcendence of codependence in ascension. Those gifted at such a tone may find that they are natural counselors aiding others in releasing the codependent relations and emerging into a newfound foundation of unity in its place. Upon a larger scale, those holding this tone will bring forth the transmutation of codependent relations in all areas of the human dance over time.





7. Freedom (pale yellow)

Freedom is a tone that releases attachment, freeing oneself and others from all ties that bind. Freedom has the effect not unlike forgiveness of triggering ascension, but carrying ascension to the next step. First one must forgive and release the karma, and then one must release the attachments and free oneself in the physical from the circumstance that enslaves. The freedom tone allows the ascension to be anchored in the physical. Therefore, those with freedom as a main or sub-tone will have the effect of causing ascension to become a physical reality, both for oneself, others, and in a larger scale, for humanity at large.


Divine Union



8. Divine Union (pale lavender)

Divine Union is the tone that causes soul to dance with form and Earth in an ongoing exchange of energy that allows ascension to come forth. Divine Union is also the tone that causes harmony between the two or a group as soul dances in harmony with other souls. Those with a main or sub-note of Divine Union shall be instrumental in bringing forth a new form of relationship based upon unity in significant partnerships as well as group relations. Upon a larger scale, those anchoring the Divine Union within human civilization shall cause a new form of human relations to emerge, one that is founded upon unity, equality, non-conditional love and joy.


Unity Consciousness



9. Unity (pale pink)

Unity is the tone that brings forth unity relations. Unity relations are founded upon the principals of the greater good of the whole taking precedence over the individual needs of each part of the whole. For humanity or Earth, this translates to only acting in a manner that serves the whole, the whole of Earth as a living consciousness, the whole of humankind, and the whole of all other species upon Earth. In ascension, unity translates into only acting in a manner that allows ascension to come forth for oneself, humanity, all other species, and Earth as a whole. Those with a main or sub note of unity will anchor such awareness, first in their life expression and then in relation to all others. In a larger scale, such folk shall anchor the new paradigm of unity for all of humankind to emerge into.


Non-Conditional Governance



10. Non-Conditional Governance (ivory)

Non-Conditional Governance is the tone that allows all other tones expressed thus far to be orchestrated into group relations. Those who hold Non-Conditional Governance as a main or sub-note will find themselves gifted at leadership capacities and directing others in a manner that fuels the concepts of unity in action within a group. Such folk will also be gifted at orchestrating gatherings or productions of a unity-based nature, from theater, to music, to dance, to events. Upon a larger scale, those holding this tone shall allow for a new form of governance that is unity-based to emerge to lead humankind.


How Does One Determine Their Truth in Action?


Each ascending initiate shall discover that they have one of the above ten tones as a main tone, and two of the above ten tones as sub-notes. These three notes define one’s truth in action as an ascending initiate. Only as one knows their truth can ascension really begin; otherwise what is one ascending into? If one embraces a truth that is not their true biological inheritance, one is only ascending into a non-truth, and this is only a repeat of all problems that exist for humankind in the current paradigm.


One can only determine their truth in action once their tapestry of ancestry has been thoroughly pieced together to match one’s original birth inheritance as designed by soul in the womb. One may work with the Temple of Ancestry to piece together a complete tapestry and then from the new tapestry determine what one’s truth in action is. Once one knows their truth in action, one may begin to embody the Language of Light.


Embodying the Language of Light in Ascension


We have made changes in the manner in which the Language of Light is embodied. The changes have been necessary as it has been discovered that embracing a multi-toned language is far too complex for most humans and leads only to failed ascensions. Therefore, the One Source has simplified the path of ascension so that more humans shall succeed. This involves embracing all 48 symbols in the Language of Light but in one tone at a time, or one of the above ten octaves only. Therefore, ascending initiates shall master all symbols and their movement and sound, but only in one color or octave at a time.


For those embarking upon the journey to Bodhisattva, this equates to embracing one main note or color plus 2 sub-notes or colors as one completes their initiations to Bodhisattva in full. As one masters the first three octaves of the foundation of the Language of Light, one has mastered Bodhisattva level evolution. Of course, the biological changes must come forth along with the energetic changes.


Initiations 1,800-3,000

During these initiations, one will embody their main note in the Language of Light. This will be one of the 10 octaves of vibration listed above. As one has their aura photo taken, the tone shall clearly appear in the field, generally at the top. It is also during this phase of ascension that the personality is mastered or transcended in full, allowing one’s main truth of forgiveness, structure, power, compassion, breath of life, non-conditional love, freedom, divine union, unity or non-conditional governance to emerge in its place.


One’s dream begins to be rewoven during this period. The dream is an energetic weaving that sits behind the neck and determines one’s life manifestations. The dream for one’s life should be founded upon one’s truth in action, which again is the main tone in the scale of the Language of Light that one is embracing. The dream interacts with the four subtle bodies, mental, emotional, intuitive and creative. All four subtle bodies are gradually restructured so that all are present and each hold equal amount of chi.


Before 3000, it is not unusual for initiates to be missing two subtle bodies or have them so low in energy that they are not present at all. This equates into individuals whom are intuitive and emotional but not mental, or mental but not intuitive and emotional, or capable of manifesting with ease, or have great difficulty in manifesting. As all four subtle bodies are rewoven in the choice to ascend, a more well-rounded human evolves that is mental, emotional, intuitive and creative in nature after initiation 3,000. This allows one’s dream to begin to be made manifest in the physical, when perhaps prior manifestation came forth with great difficulty in the initiate’s life expression.


Initiations 3,000-4,500

During initiations 3000-4500, one begins to infuse the second sub-note within the Language of Light into one’s field. In so doing, if one has an aura photo taken, the second color will begin to be present. The second sub-tone refines one’s truth in action. The second sub-note is infused into each of the 48 symbols within the Language of Light and mastered in sound and movement. As each symbol is mastered with two tones in sound in movement, one graduates on to the next phase of ascension.


As the second tone is added, one begins to transmute electrical discord in the field and form. One begins to release more attachment in the grid work of the field. In particular those tones that have ceased to move which are related to the seven Kumaras of pain, suffering, greed, lust, fear, judgment and death, begin to be transmuted. Initiates may find themselves often feeling such discordant emotions as they are transmuted and then transcended in full. Go into the emotions and choose to clear them along with all karma that holds such vibrations in the field. In so doing, one shall transcend the paradigm of pain and separation in their life dance and begin to emerge into the new unity-based paradigm in its place.


Initiations 4,500-7,500

During initiations 4,500-7,500, one begins to infuse the third sub-note within the Language of Light into one’s field. Again, if one has an aura photo taken, the third tone color shall be clearly seen as one completes these initiations. One shall also add the third tone to all 48 symbols within the Language of Light mastering each note with three tones present in sound, movement and color. As all three notes are mastered in full in all symbols therein, one has mastered Bodhisattva level evolution.


One transcends all remaining electrical discord and ownership in this segment of initiation. What this translates into is that all ownership signatures that are electrical in nature are released in full as one masters Bodhisattva. Bodhisattva is about movement towards harmlessness. Harmlessness equates to no electrical energy flow, as electricity mutilates and cuts through a rotational energy flow. Therefore, to embrace a state of harmlessness, all electrical energy must be transmuted from the cellular structure along with the energy field and grid work at large.


Signs of Not Embracing the Language of Light


If one has a white aura that is devoid of color, or an aura with a great deal of white opaque energy that causes the tones to be very pastel in color rather than vibrant, this is a sign of not embracing the Language of Light in ascension. The Language of Light is magnetic. White and all opaque energy flow is a sign of electrical signatures and tones being present in the field. Over time and in ascension towards Bodhisattva, all electrical discord is transmuted in full. If one’s field is becoming more opaque and less clear, this is a sign that one is creating an electrical ascension. One may wish to have an aura picture taken to assess their condition.


If one is not embracing magnetic only tones, then one is moving towards an incomplete ascension. Incomplete ascension is equivalent to the splitting of light and dark. The splitting of light and dark involves the separation of the unconscious rather than the integration of the unconscious.


The splitting of light and dark is a natural desire for many spiritual aspirants. One desires to move towards the light, however sometimes in such a desire, one may not choose to face one’s own darkness within. It is in the disowning of the dark that light and dark are split. In ascension, the dark must be integrated, and if it fails to be integrated, one shall manifest their darkness in their life dance rather than transcend. Below are signs of splitting light and dark rather than integrating the unconscious in full in the act of ascension.


Signs of an Incomplete Ascension or Splitting Light and Dark


Ongoing Life Dramas and Traumas

Ascension brings about transcendence through addressing the unconscious and sometimes violent and disharmonious patterns within. If the violence and disharmony manifests outside of oneself in others around one, on a recurrent and unrelenting basis, then this is a sign that one is failing to integrate the unconscious. This is not to say that the odd negative experience that allows a pattern to come to consciousness is what we are speaking of here, but rather disaster after disaster after disaster over a sixth month or longer period. This is a sign of an incomplete or partial ascension.


Why does drama and trauma increase in an incomplete ascension? One is reaching for the unconscious in order to ascend, however if one is failing to transmute all karma in relation to the unconscious, then the unconscious cannot be integrated. Instead one’s own unconscious darkness manifests in the physical. Sometimes such physical symptoms may include illness, or death of many others around oneself, or turmoil everywhere one goes.


One cause may be operating from an impartial or incomplete tapestry of ancestry, or one that has been bartered away over time. In rectifying the tapestry of ancestry and releasing one’s true birth karma to the level that one has ascended thus far, one may rectify this dilemma.


Ascending into the Opposing Polarity

If one partially ascends and does not unify the two poles of light and dark that are opposing in one’s original make-up of inheritance, one may ascend into the opposite life dance instead of moving into unity. What this means is that one may ascend from health into a disease, or from financial success to great financial struggle, or from a marriage to a divorce, or from a loving relationship to a separation. Moving into the opposing polarity does occur often in ascension, but generally if one continues to ascend, one modifies the two opposing poles enough to emerge out of the polarity and into unity. In unity, one knows only health and is capable of manifesting their needs. If the relationship supports one’s ascension, then the separation does not occur but rather the two ascend together.


Sometimes ascending into the opposing pole is not a negative experience. We have seen initiates ascend from struggle in manifestation into great wealth. They stopped at this point because they liked the outcome rather than continuing to ascend. Although this may be perceived as the end-all result of ascension, it is not, as unity precludes great wealth and is about coming to the middle road in all that one does. We have also seen initiates manifest the love of their life, and perceive this too as the end all in ascension. A loving relationship also is not the goal of ascension; the goal of ascension is to ascend. One must keep going, unifying all poles or opposites within coming to the middle ground surrounding all personality characteristics. Not until one has come to the middle ground in all extreme poles that one inherited from birth has one more or less attained Bodhisattva as an evolutionary goal.


If one finds that they have ascended into an opposing pole rather than unifying the two polarities in ascension, then one must intend to rectify the circumstance. Sometimes the underlying cause may indeed be the lack of the proper birth tapestry at the beginning of the ascension. As one seeks to rectify their birth tapestry, there is an opportunity to get at all of the karma to be released. Karma holds any extreme polarity in place in one’s life dance, whether the polarity is illness, poverty, or struggle of any kind or whether the polarity is great wealth.


Ascending into Financial Struggle

We have seen initiates equate struggle with ascension. One initiate recognized that it was not appropriate for them to pay taxes as they continued to ascend. Rather than balancing the scale with the IRS, they chose to go up against the IRS for taxes owed. This manifested great struggle in which this individual eventually was evicted from their home and lives in a temporary shelter. This individual perceives that their war with the IRS is a part of their goal as an ascending master, that they must “take a stand”. It is not the goal to take a stand against the old paradigm in ascension beloved. Ascension brings forth the internal transcendence to a new paradigm of unity. As one transcends within, unity relations occurs external to self automatically. One need not fight a war with another or an institution for that matter in order to ascend, nor is it the goal of ascension.


Yet another initiate ascended into the inability to manifest. After close to 50 years as a nurse and with a rather good income, this initiate lost job after job after job. Over time, they had to file bankruptcy. Eventually they forfeited their mortgage to a foreclosure. This initiate ascended from a very good ability to manifest into an equally difficult time manifesting, and never continued to ascend and balance out the two poles in full. The result was financial struggle instead of ascension.


To ascend out of such a circumstance, one must choose to continue to ascend. In continuing to ascend, one shall move from the extremes of easy manifestation to the inability to manifest, and then on to the middle road, which is abundance. In an abundant state, one manifests what they need at any given moment on the path. However, abundance precludes extreme poverty or wealth.


Generally, in ascension, one should not be forced into bankruptcy, but rather bankruptcy is chosen as a means of releasing a state of imbalance in which one has been paying upon a false debt of un-owed karma. Often initiates who intend to ascend shall not manifest enough to pay upon bills that are false debts. As the debt continues to build, one solution is to file bankruptcy or cease paying upon the false debt, and then one comes to balance. In a state of balance, one can then manifest just enough to fill one’s needs.


The experience of manifesting just enough is a sign of having unified the polarity of poverty and wealth in ascension. The experience of a relatively smooth life without major conflict or difficulties is a sign of having unified the polarity of drama/trauma and boredom in ascension.


Ascending into Success

One initiate, who had struggled more or less as a pharmacist most of their lives ascended into a state of success. In the success, an opportunity came forth to purchase a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, which indeed brought forth great wealth for this initiate. Although the wealth may be a desired outcome in a life of polarity, in ascension, wealth creates cords of attachment between all others that provide income to such an initiate. This initiate ended up increasing attachment to all utilizing the pharmaceuticals manufactured instead of releasing attachment through ascension, and this therefore prevents their continued ascension. Attachment in a higher vibration form will decay the form more rapidly than if one ascended not at all, particularly if one increases in attachment rather than releases attachment.


Yet another initiate ascended into a great ability to manifest. They were indeed a healer and teacher, and indeed they manifested more and more and more clients than they hardly had time for. Although one would equate this with success, instead each new client was cording into this initiate’s grid work increasing the attachment rather than allowing for non-attachment in ascension to follow. The increasing attachment later caused this initiate to become ill over time.


Initiates often desire fame or fortune in the unconscious. If one is not careful and ascend into the polarity of fame or fortune, one will manifest the result of such a polarity and then fail subsequently to ascend. One finding themselves in such a dance will have to release the unconscious desire for fame and fortune and transcend to the middle path. The middle path involves gathering only the funds or individuals that resonate with one’s soul’s purpose in the greater dance of world service to Earth. This precludes gathering for ego-based desires.


Ascending into Disease

We have seen initiates ascend into disease. This too is the result of leaving the extreme polarity of good health and entering the extreme polarity of disease. One cause of disease is ascending into the opposing polarity of success and then subsequently creating so much more attachment that the cellular structure becomes diseased. If this is the case, then one will have to choose to release the attachment by examining the underlying desire for success.


Often the cause of the disease is the lack of the presence of the soul anchored in the form to hold the crystalline cellular vibration and the extensive auric field and chakra system of an ascending initiate. The crystalline cellular vibration requires the presence of soul to continuously infuse the grid work of the etheric body with chi. The extensive auric field and chakra system of an ascending initiate requires soul to modulate the movement of an ever increasing field size. Without soul’s presence, there is not enough chi. Without enough chi, the cells begin to decay faster than they can be reconstituted and resurrected leading to disease instead of continued ascension.


Fantasy realities are often at the root of why soul fails to be present to infuse the grid work and field with chi. If one engages in television or movies or other media, the media places one into a fantasy. In the fantasy, which is an electrical based reality, soul retracts. If for a long period the chakras cease to spin, one shall drop significantly in vibration. If one becomes trapped in a fantasy for days, one’s ascension rolls backwards. If one finds oneself in a fantasy most of the time, then one will ascend only so far before disease is the outcome. If there is not enough chi to sustain the energy of one’s large field, this ultimately causes the cells to decay.


Fantasy realities are so numerous and can even be a part of one’s ancestry. However, if the ancestry is true to one’s biological inheritance, then the fantasy realities can be dismantled in the choice to ascend. If the karma is not one’s own, then the karma cannot be released and therefore the underlying fantasy that is related cannot be dismantled. Therefore, correcting the tapestry of ancestry is the first step to rectifying an ascension that has manifested a disease as a result of the lack of presence of soul.


Therefore, a good goal for anyone that has ascended into a disease is to dismantle the fantasy realities allowing soul to commune with the form on a recurring basis. An ascending initiate must learn to commune. In a state of communion, and only in such a state, the fantasy ceases. Communion is a function of soul entering the field and form and engaging with the heart chakra, causing the heart to expand. In such moments, one may feel overwhelmed with emotion. Sometimes pain comes up to be cleared, but after the catharsis completes, joy remains.


Communion can be experienced between soul and body, body and earth, or two souls that are willing to open their hearts through two forms together. One of the easier places and safer manners to experience communion is with nature. Go outdoors. Look at the sky. Look at the trees, hills, lakes or ocean nearby. Take a deep breath. Then intend to pull soul into the heart and expand it out until it touches the soul in all kingdoms around oneself. Then feel, feel the unity and union that occurs in such a moment. Allow soul to infuse the grid work and auric field with its love and chi.


One may also try another simple exercise utilizing breath and walking to anchor soul. Take a 30-minute walk. With each two or three steps, breathe in and then two to three steps later breathe out. Continue to focus upon the breath along with walking. The breath shall bring one fully into the moment. Do not allow other random thoughts to cross your mind, bring your attention back to the breath. The combination of walking and breathing will anchor soul into the form. Allow the soul coming into the form through the crown to touch upon the soul inside of the soul cavity behind the heart. Then invite soul to ground all the way through the legs and out the feet deeply into the center of Earth and into the Aurora. Sometimes one may feel great pain in such a moment, but allow the pain to cathart or purge.


Be aware that not all pain may be your own. Intend to release and return all pain, anger or fear belonging to another to its source of origin and only feel one’s own emotions in the moment. Then allow the soul within the heart to reach out through the heart connecting with all kingdoms that surround one. One may wish to stop and sit quietly, perhaps with eyes shut in this moment, and feel. Feel the communion. Feeling is a prerequisite to ascension. Often from the fear of the pain, one does not adequately anchor soul inside of the form, which leads to a disease in ascension rather than ascension. As soul is properly anchored, one may now recover and reverse the disease that one has manifested.


Ascending and Aging Instead of Regeneration

A second cause of disease in ascension along with the experience of aging further rather than regenerating is ascending into an electrical energy flow rather than a magnetic energy flow. If one increases electricity by embracing electrical sacred geometry, which is Mer-Ka-Ba shaped rather than rotational in nature, one is running greater electricity in the field. Electricity is too strong of an energy flow for the grid work, and fries the cellular structure as it moves through the grid work causing the form to decay more rapidly than it can resurrect and ascend.


In such a case, one may not feel the pain that the form is in as the electricity has the effect of numbing one to the pain. As a result, the electricity may age the form into a disease if not caught and rectified rather rapidly. One telltale sign of aging rather than regeneration is the reflection in the mirror. Is your skin becoming more supple and are the lines disappearing upon one’s face, or is the skin looking more aged and the face more haggard? What about the rest of the form? Take an honest look, and if you appear to be aging faster than prior to ascension, this is a good sign that you are embracing an electrical rather than magnetic energy flow in ascension.


Now is the time to reverse this problem before it manifests into a full-blown disease. One will require replacing their electrically based sacred geometry with a magnetic energy flow only. Such is available through the Temple of Ascension once one has corrected their tapestry of ancestry. One must then hold the ongoing intent to replace all electrical sacred geometry with magnetic only geometry in the chakras, subtle bodies, grid work and molecular structure.


If one has ascended into electricity, one can also reverse this through ascension into a magnetic only energy flow. This shall avoid the outcome of an early death, and make possible the continued ascension into the next dimension in one’s life experience, if one has the holograms and lineages for it. Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 1 Chapter 15 “Solar Counsels Take Charge of Human Ascension” for restrictions on human ascension based on holograms and lineages.


Becoming Increasingly Mechanized Living in Fantasy Realities and a Lack of Communion

Another symptom of electrical sacred geometry is the increased mechanization of the field. Soul does not desire to sit in the midst of electricity as electrical impulses shatter soul. Therefore, soul retracts, and the only manner in which one may then hold an enlarged auric field is to mechanize the field to sustain its continued rotation. This equates to an initiate that is always in a fantasy and never in communion, for no soul is present in the form and field.


Ascension is about infusing soul into all parts of the field. Mechanizing the field not only defeats the infusion of soul, but defeats the purpose of ascension, which is to become increasingly conscious or fully conscious. Full consciousness translates into a field that is fully infused with soul, not one that is an energetic electrical machine. The energetic electrical machines cause fantasy realities to increase rather than decrease in ascension, as all fantasy realities are electrically based. One can then be in a fantasy about their ascension which has no basis in reality surrounding moving towards a more magnetic energy flow and infusing the form and field with soul. Over time, no machine is going to run the chi with enough attunement to the needs of the form, which shall leave the fields of such initiates in great imbalance leading to physical disease.


We have seen many initiates ascend into greater mechanization and fantasy than communion and unity. One sign of this type of failing ascension is the increased polarization of personality, often causing such folk to swing between acting demure and passive to emotionally abusive in nature. Often such folk would be kind and demure with their family and abusive towards others at work or anywhere outside of the family environment. Yet others would swing from superior condescending of others in one moment to feeling ashamed of themselves in another. All such behavior is related to the increasing electrical discord, which equates to shame and abuse in human behavior.


Such initiates were often drawing their template for ascension from lineages related to the Annanuki. It appears that the Annanuki became increasingly mechanized and soulless in the life extension practices. Such an energy flow led to insanity in their life dance. In a certain sense, the swings of personality in such ascending initiates in our experience resembled a kind of insanity due to the uncontrollable outbursts and/or condescending behavior displayed. Ascension that is magnetic leads to increasing peace and decreasing shame, anger, fear, pain, suffering, judgment or lust within. One can assess for oneself, based upon their own internal state of being along with external behavior towards others, as to whether or not ascension to a magnetic form and field is really coming forth. If not, then one may choose to take action to rectify the circumstance.


Ascending Relations

Ascending relations are complex. If one completes upon karma in ascension, then the relationship shall end. Such relationships may include lovers, significant others, spouses, family, and friends, along with employers, employees or fellow workmates. The goal in ascension is to complete each segment of karma in full allowing the change in relations to follow. As the relationship ends, the remaining attachment between the etheric body and one’s friend, spouse, family member, workmate, employer or employee can then be severed in full. One cannot release the attachment and remain in the relationship.


However, some relationships shall transcend along with one’s ascension, and generally such relations will be with other ascending humans. As such, there will be soul agreements to cause one to continue to dance with the other. Such relations shall be more joyous than those based upon karma, because generally karmic bonds are not resonant but rather discordant leaving one disharmonious after engaging with such relations. This is not true in all cases, as there are some karmic bonds that are more harmonious than others, and often it is such bonds that transcend into soul relationships after the karma is released in full.


We have seen initiates fail to take action and make the move out of the relationships or out of the job when the karma is complete. This causes karma to be created in the other direction, and does not allow for a complete release of all attachment between the parties. In so doing, the continued ascension shall lead to a diseased state as the attachment compromises the cellular structure by depriving certain cells of chi on an ongoing and recurring basis. The outcome of not allowing the change when it needs to occur is either a cessation in one’s ascension or the manifestation of disease if one continues with ascension. So, one must allow the change into the physical of all relations as the karma is completed upon.


We have seen the opposing side of the coin with initiates, out of the fantasy of escape, choosing to try and end their karma with a particular employer or region too soon. This only resulted in the experience of homesickness rather than transcendence, and ultimately a return to the region in which the karma requires completing upon. Therefore, in ascending relations, one must be sure that the karma is complete as one chooses to make the change.


Ascending Beloveds

Sometimes two souls come together with grand plans. One chooses to ascend, and perhaps the other does not. This causes more discord than if one were alone rather than in partnership. Sometimes both ascend together, and this is most beautiful. In ascending relationships, both parties must ascend and in unison with only a small vibrational difference between. The purpose of ascending beloveds is to unite two fields as one, enhancing the vibration of both. This is not an enmeshment, as one may think of two united fields in the old paradigm, but divine union between the two, which increases the vibration and size of the auric field of each.


If one engages in a partnership where one partner ceases to ascend, the divine union between the two will be compromised, and ultimately one’s own ascension shall likewise be compromised. Therefore, ascending beloveds or family members, must ascend together at a pace that is not too far apart, or the ascension of the union or the whole is compromised.


In ascension, sometimes the desire for the beloved is great, particularly as one addresses the loneliness within. However, finding a partner that is harmonious enough to allow for ascension is difficult. For in polarity, one has extremes, and until the extremes are modified enough to allow for internal harmony, harmony in relationship is almost impossible. Therefore, many initiates will find that they ascend well beyond initiation 3,000 and maybe even fully to Bodhisattva before the ascending partner comes into the life dance.


We guide initiates to allow this to occur when it is time. If one is presently in a relationship with a non-ascending partner, as the karma is completed upon, the relationship shall end. Then one may move forth and create a partner that is willing to consciously choose to ascend alongside oneself. There shall be many ascending partnerships, and if this is what one desires in one’s heart, then one must intend it so, but allow it only to manifest as one is ready. For a disharmonious partnership only leads to non-ascension.


If the disharmony in relationship is great enough, the disharmony may translate into a disease in the form of an initiate. Therefore, the initiate may require ending the partnership, and perhaps even before the karma is completed upon in order to recover their health to ascend. Under such a circumstance, leaving the relationship is paramount to ascension. One shall create in the future another encounter to complete upon the karma that could not be under such a circumstance. Therefore, one must do that which supports one’s ascension under all circumstances, and there is no right or wrong. Each is unique and shall carve a unique path home, and perhaps this is truly an illustration of such.


Addressing the Space Between in Ascension

Another change to the map in ascension is the addressing of the space between. Until now, the ascension map has called for a restructuring of the positive energy flow in the grid work, chakras, subtle bodies and auric field. What about the space between? This too must be restructured, beloved, and is a sign of splitting light and dark in the map for ascension thus far. It is also often through the space between that there is attachment that must be released, and through such attachment records, chi, grid work, or information is moved from one party to another.


The new map for ascension requires the space between the grid work, chakras and subtle bodies also to be changed out and become increasingly magnetic in nature. As the space between becomes magnetic, one’s boundaries hold with ease, and one is not forever losing information in each step of ascension. The space between is comprised of serpents. (Please see Chapter 10 “The Dance of Light and Dark” for more information.)


Within your creation, all is comprised of three main components. One component is known as soul, which is in the form of a dragon or an angel and incarnates into form. The second component is known as the angels, which also can be humanoid in appearance and holds the function of transcribing the genetics into the chakras, subtle bodies and grid work of the form for the dragon or angel souls to incarnate into. The third component is known as serpents, which hold the space between. The serpents hold the space between the grid work, chakras, subtle bodies and auric field along with the space between genetic encoding. The serpents allow for the experience of density of form so that it may reside upon a particular dimension of your creation.


In ascension, the angels transcribe the genetics from the old blueprint to the crystalline blueprint and then allow the form to regenerate accordingly. The ascension grid work is drawn from one’s own ancestry, which held a crystalline form at some point in the ancient past. Such blueprints should come from those lineages related to the original red seeded race, which were magnetic only in energy flow. The dragon or angel soul sits inside of the form and experiences and directs the life purpose and ascension.


There is no soul present for humans with only 2 strands of DNA who have not embodied the ascension blueprint. Soul infuses into the form beginning at initiation 1024, and continues to infuse into the form more fully in the initiations leading to Bodhisattva and beyond. The further that one ascends, the more soul that sits inside of the form. Ascension is complex, and most humans will never bring to consciousness all of the details, including our channel, for it would be overwhelming. Part of the overwhelm experienced in trying to understand too much is the simple loss of consciousness through the paring down of genetic materials surrounding the brain. In this dimension, the brain has less capacity to understand than perhaps in any other dimension within your creation that a human form exists upon. Sad, but the mapmakers are carving a path out of this dilemma into a new and recovered state of being for future generations in the human dance upon Earth.


Any form is a combination of cells that clump together to form different organs and functions. Between the cells are inter-cellular substances, which in essence are a form of glue or paste that hold the cells together. The space between the cells is a physical manifestation of the serpents that hold the space between the varying and complex movement of energy surrounding the form. Until now, the path of ascension has not addressed either the space between the components of the energy field, or the space between the cells. This modification has now come down as a part of all segments of initiation beginning at initiation 1,024.


Reconstruction of the space between cells is important to the health and well being of the form. For regardless of what organ that a given set of cells exist within and are designed to do, the main method of reaching the cell with appropriate nutrients, oxygen or for the purposes of waste management involves the inter-cellular materials. This inter-cellular material must also become crystalline in nature or all crystalline cells shall fail to be fed or detoxified properly. Therefore, the new blueprint involves the transmutation of the space between all cells to a more fluid substance that resembles tapioca or gelatin allowing for greater ease of transportation of substances to and from each cell. This shift in ascension shall allow for a greater ease of overall detoxification of the form in the act of ascension.


In ascension, addressing the space between is similar to addressing one’s dark side, or hidden agendas. In an incomplete ascension or the splitting of light and dark, one has failed to address their own darkness. Sometimes the darkness may be light and not dark, because one’s unconscious is filled with many aspects of self-disowned. Sometimes such aspects contain gifts and talents necessary to one’s soul mission. Sometimes the unconscious aspects also contain parts of self that are lost, lonely, grieving, resentful, jealous, abusive, angry, violent or out of control. As one addresses the unpleasant parts of self and integrates them in full, a more complete ascension will result. One shall also become more “whole within” which shall be reflected in an internal state of peace.


The space between the grid work, subtle bodies and chakras contain agreements, contracts and ownership signatures along with attachment related to the unpleasant parts of self left disowned and unintegrated in an incomplete ascension. Therefore, as the space between in the energy field is given a new blueprint and new magnetic only serpents descend to hold the negative space between in the field, such agreements, contracts and the related attachment and karma can be released in full.


Sometimes one will discover serpents in the space between that are far larger than they should be. One initiate has discovered serpents almost as large as her form curled into a small space between the grid work, which had become terribly distended as a result. Why are such large serpents present in her grid work and upon Earth? Many other dimensions have shunted off their density upon Earth and upon the human species. Often such serpents are from other incomplete ascensions on dimensions above Earth and within the human species.


Earth has been like a waste containment facility for all dimensions above, as has the human species along with all other species upon Earth. Earth is no longer willing to hold the density for other dimensions, and is choosing to return such serpents to their dimension of origin. As the space between is addressed in the initiations, each initiate shall likewise return those serpents not originating in the third dimension back to those humans, planets or stars that they belong to. Mother Earth will assist with all release of such serpents within her ascending masters in human form. One may simply call upon her for assistance.


Sometimes, due to the lack of addressing the space between in ascension, a disease may manifest, as the attachment in the negative space of the grid work, chakras, and subtle bodies has gone unreleased. As each chooses to allow the space between to ascend along with the positive side of the energy field, a complete ascension is assured.


One Can Ascend Out of a Negative Creation!

One can ascend out of a disease, or out of any dilemma or circumstance that one has created for oneself. The main point of this chapter perhaps is for initiates to keep on going, to keep on ascending, and to not give up. For in giving up, one shall only experience what all of your ancestors have already experienced a million or more times, which is being enslaved to a life that they hated and ended in death. Ascension is about the transcendence of death and the birth of joy, and in so doing, one will face their own fear of death, which may include disease.


I Intend to Ascend Out of My Predicament and Simply Rise Above It!

In facing the fear of disease, one may manifest a disease and then de-manifest it recognizing that disease is just a teacher, a teacher about imbalance. For disease is a reflection of an imbalance that has become cellular, and nothing more. As the imbalance comes to balance again, the disease subsides into health, and the ascension of the form may continue.


So it is for all life drama and trauma. Drama and trauma is also a sign of imbalance. Perhaps in addressing the issues of imbalance reflected in the drama and trauma before they become cellular, the disease can be avoided. However, and if not, disease is not an end, nor need it be a failure or failed ascension. One will have to intend however to ascend out of the disease, just as one chooses to ascend out of their drama and trauma.


Transcending Disease and Change

Recovering from disease requires harmony within and without. For each who finds oneself diseased through ascension, or diseased before ascension begins, one will need to look in the mirror and see what humans in one’s life dance are at cause of the ongoing and underlying disharmony in one’s environment. Sometimes it may be one’s spouse, or family, or child. If so, one will require separating from those at cause. Sometimes one may find it is their preoccupation that is at cause of their disease, and then may require choosing to leave in full finding a new type of work to sustain oneself. Sometimes one may find that it is their region of living that is at cause, and one may then require relocation to heal in full.


Allow the change, beloved, towards a more peaceful existence and there is an opportunity for recovery. The peaceful existence shall create the harmony necessary to recover from the disease.


One initiate discovered that their job as an electrical engineer was making them severely ill, with symptoms of vertigo to such an extreme that they could barely walk. This initiate chose to leave the job, accepting disability and a retraining program. This shift was not easy as the initiate’s entire foundation and concept of who they were had become defined by their occupation. However, the vertigo forced the issue. They indeed separated from the job and refused to return, allowing the authorities to agree to assist in financing them in a job retraining. This initiate is just about to graduate from massage school and is on their way to a new life of far greater joy and harmony with their choice to ascend. They have also recovered their health in full.


Yet another initiate who had manifested a case of chronic fatigue plus the symptoms of an autoimmune disease in their choice to ascend discovered that their spouse was the underlying cause. In choosing to separate and divorce, creating a separate living environment therein, this initiate is well on their way to recovery. The underlying karma between the spouse was vampiring their chi at such a rate that this initiate was dying. In allowing the life changes necessary to move out of the environment at cause, a recovery became possible.


Leaving a disharmonious circumstance comes hand in hand with the completion of the karma with all concerned. Therefore, one must also intend the completion of all karma, and then allow the change. As the change comes forth, one becomes free. In the freedom, one may now begin to heal the form, and as the form heals, one may then continue to ascend. If the karma is so great that one cannot heal without making the change, then perhaps the change will have to come first and the karma shall be released at a later time. Each case is unique and therefore requires a unique set of actions taken to allow the recovery from a disease through ascension.




Ascension is not an easy journey. Initiates will find themselves challenged with every fear that they have ever known, and in a sense forced to face each fear and transcend each in full. Such is the purpose of ascension, to face the thoughtform at cause of one’s own ancestries loss of consciousness and one’s current life predicament, and transcend it, transmute it, ascending above and beyond it so that a new way of being may emerge.


Such a way of being is indeed biological, and is known as biological unity. Out of a state of biological unity, one may enter a living dream that is created through one’s own conscious choice and transcended thoughtform. This new dream is founded upon the principles of honor as honor is the foundation of unity, honor of self, all others, and all others kingdoms. As one enters an internal state of honor, one’s life experience also becomes founded upon honor, and one manifests only a dance that honors with all others therein. In so doing, one may enter “heaven” living upon Earth in present time.


As more humans move into the dance of honor, civilization will restructure itself accordingly. This is the hope and the dream that our channel has stood by and focused upon, not giving up hope that a map for human ascension would be carved. So, it has now been accomplished, with modifications. Perhaps this speaks of determination and an unrelenting and willing intent to be of service to the Divine Plan. Perhaps others may learn from our translator and find the internal determination to ascend out of their greatest difficulties, including a disease.


After all, it is often the greatest difficulties that teach initiates the most about their own strength as the underlying issues and patterns are mastered. So, it has always been in ascension beloved. In the density of a place like Earth, the tests become more challenging than perhaps any other dimension within All That Is. However, to the degree there is challenge, to such a degree one also masters, and therefore those that succeed shall inspire souls inside and outside of time for eons of time to come. They shall inspire such souls to do the same, enter a deteriorated creation and assist in resurrecting it.


The purpose of soul is to learn. If soul does not venture into the unknown, lessons are missed. Perhaps Earth speaks of many lessons missed by many souls. Such souls are now choosing to learn such lessons and the dance is now being rectified in the form of an intervention of the One Source. In so doing, all shall learn and grow beyond a circumstance that requires placing any other soul or creation in such great pain. And so, may it come to be! May Earth and all species upon her including humankind ascend Home!


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This book is lovingly dedicated to those Courageous Souls who choose to walk the Path of Ascension within this lifetime on Earth. May you bring the Love of God Goddess/All That Is with you in every step of your walk.



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