Image of a lovely scene in nature. The Thoughtform Behind Disease

20. The Thoughtform Behind Disease


The records are beginning to come together through the continued ascent of the map carvers to document the cause of the experience of disease, aging and death in the human experience and upon Earth. This is a part of the work of all ascending initiates in the year of 2020, to explore and compile all records for disease, aging and death so that the karma can be released in the years ahead. It is also our wish to bring such records to consciousness so that one may go within and release such patterns assuring that one shall not ascend into disease.


It is possible to ascend into disease. When patterns are unknown, they can manifest in the physical. One can ascend into disease and out of it, and so it is not to be feared per se, but ascending into disease is a major sign that something has gone wrong in the ascent, as the body is so out of balance that disease is created upon a cellular level. For those that are having a physical ailment that has emerged due to one’s ascent, we also recommend reading Chapter 15 “Symptoms of a Problematic Ascension” in Ascension Insights, Volume 2, and following the suggested intents.


The record gathering has taken ascending initiates to Greece in dreamtime to unlock the records of Mt. Olympus. Mt. Olympus was a region inhabited by the Annanuki long ago, and was where they reigned from more or less for their 20,000-year dance. Mt. Olympus exists under the Mediterranean ocean near the island of Crete. From Mt. Olympus, the thoughtform of the Annanuki continued to be broadcast. This has since been shut down as Earth has gained a better understanding of how such thoughtform originated, releasing all of her karma therein. This allows the only remaining languages to be broadcast now upon Earth to be the Language of Light, and the Language of the ONE, which unifies the Language of Light into a yet higher frequency and understanding of unity.


Returning to Unity-Based and Magnetic Patterning


What does it mean to alter thoughtform in this manner? It means that Earth is returning to the unity-based and magnetic patterning and energy flow that was once a part of her heritage. Such magnetic unity-based thoughtform is a pre-requisite for ascension within your creation. Those that cannot transcend and embrace the new thoughtform will be left behind, or in other terms, complete through death. The human species along with all species upon Earth are modifying the genetics of the form to embrace this new languaging over the coming 20 generations.


What does altering the language broadcast upon Earth or within any species do? Such a shift alters the very fabric of creation. The fabric of your creation has been badly blended into a dissonant set of patterns and tones that sound much like a bad high school band that is out of time and playing in different tunes. It is such dissonant sounds that lead to not only warfare and dissonance between humans and between species, but also disease and aging. For disease and aging is simply a reflection of an internal cellular dissonance that is the result of drawing genetic materials from the dissonant fabric of tones of creation.


As the tones become increasingly magnetic, they also become resonant and harmonious again. Such a new fabric allows a new genetic structure to come forth that is devoid of the disharmony prevalent in the past. This allows for not only resurrection and reconstitution of a current form through adult ascension, but the ability to ascend out of disease and the end to the experience of disease, deformity, aging and death in future human generations.


How will this occur in reality? In reality, those adults who choose to ascend will create the first wave of resurrection of the human biology. Incoming children will take it through to the next level in the coming 15 generations, each generation being more harmonious in nature than the last. In a parallel manner, Earth and all other species are following the same pattern, a generational ascent into increasing harmony. One day there will be no need to consume anything. All shall be provided internal to the form and via the air. Not only will food become a thing of the past, but also the lion will lay with the lamb, as there will be no consumption of flesh or even plants required for the sustenance of nature. Therefore, it will also be so for the human species.


Mastering Thoughtforms


Perhaps a civilization without the requirement to eat is one that is hard to fathom. So much of the time of the human species goes towards growing that which sustains the form. For those that are not directly related to growing food sources, one is working to have enough to purchase the food to survive. In any case, over 90% of the human attention and focus has become driven by the need to survive, and this in and of itself takes away from the real work that being human entails.


What is the real work that being human entails? Being human is God Goddess in form. God Goddess in form is designed to master thoughtform. Mastery of thoughtform has little to do with eating or the many endeavors including entertainment that humans currently preoccupy themselves with. It has to do with turning inward and understanding that all lies within oneself.


One can alter the thoughtform and alter the fabric of one’s reality. The fabric of one’s reality is not only one’s biology, but also one’s experience in the dance of life. Much of the current human dance is devoid of joy, devoid of magic, and devoid of little other than pain, disillusionment, suffering, or an anesthetized state that may have appeased the pain, but one then suffers from boredom. This is not what God Goddess in form was designed to experience, and the coming 15 generations of ascension will alter the focus of the remaining human populace to becoming inner directed and master their own thoughtform, thereby altering the collective fate to one of ascension rather than extinction.


Facing Extinction


Humanity is facing extinction. For all else in your creation is choosing to ascend, ascend out of a paradigm that is so dissonant and does not allow for balance and joy. Humans being God Goddess in form must choose to ascend. Nature and Earth will not carry any species. Few are choosing to ascend at this time, and many will become extinct or in other terms, complete in death, in your coming quarter century.


Some of such humans have not the internal awareness that this is a choice possible now. Yet others have genetics that have sunk lower than 2 strands of DNA. Approximately 20% of the current human world populace falls into this category. What is the cause of sinking to 1.5 strands of DNA? Nuclear energy. Some of such energy is the result of nuclear bombs dropped in recent times, such as Nagasaki or Hiroshima. Yet others causes are from the use of radioactive and electronic devices upon a recurring basis, which causes the DNA to spiral down further than before such technology was developed and used so prevalently.


Little do humans realize that the electrical energy most have surrounded themselves with is causing another fall in consciousness at this time in history. If not for ascension, this would lead to the extinction of the human species altogether. Such a dance is not new. The devices developed by the Annanuki caused a fall in consciousness of the red race that also fell into the habit of relying upon such in more ancient times. Such devices were radioactive rather than electric, but they had the same effect; they caused the DNA to spiral and fray causing a drop in consciousness for those that used such devices heavily. The spiral downward was not rectified and was passed down thereafter to future human generations.


The use of electronic gadgetry will come to an end as there is no further electricity to harvest. This is coming, and more rapidly than most realize. Electricity and radioactivity are foreign energy movement that came to be due to human manipulations over Earth. Earth is completing her karma rapidly and shutting down all such energy movement. This will cause a rapid detoxification of all such energy in the coming 25-year cycle.


Some initiates living in Norway and Sweden experience random stopping of electrical trains causing them to be late and inefficient at this time. This is an example of a place that is becoming more magnetic, enough so that electricity is ceasing to run for sometimes up to 2 hours. There are also reports of intermittent black outs in certain regions all over the globe. These are examples of the early stages of a waning electrical supply.


We perceive this shift as a good thing, as humans are so addicted to such devices that they would most likely not give them up out of their own free will volition. This would cause a fall in consciousness for humanity rather than a rise in consciousness possible now at this time of global ascension. We invite those devoted to their ascent to minimize the use of such devices; throw away the television, move preferably away from the density of the city which has the greatest level of electrical and radioactive frequencies, and focusing inward rather than outward upon one’s internal mastery and state of being.


Earth Chooses to Return Home to the Tao


What is mastery? Mastery is coming to understand one’s dance and the thoughtform at cause of the dance within oneself and all of one’s ancestors. There are so many ancestors in the current human tapestry to process and clear for that it has taken Asur’Ana nearly a decade to clear all of her karma from her personal history. And it is not over yet, as now she is addressing holographic karma. One will be addressing karma from now until one ascends to the next dimension, and then beyond as one chooses to return to the Tao. This is what Earth is choosing; likewise, all species also choose to focus upon the ascent Home.


Long ago, the Dara Soul Group proclaimed that ascending up the dimensions was ridiculous. For those that have ascended to the 5th and 12th or other dimensions above in your creation have ascended into the same dance that they left behind upon the dimension beneath. Mastery is not about moving up the dimensions with the same dance. It is about transcending the dance and exiting the paradigm that one exists within. This is how soul evolves. Dara claimed that one could learn all of the lessons of this Creation upon Dimension 3 if one so chooses to in human form, ascending direct from human form back to the Tao. So, Asur’Ana is choosing, and so each may choose to do if one intends it.


Self-mastery through ascension will take one out of disease and to a regenerative form that does not age or become ill. If one goes the next phase of ascension beyond this, one will move to a self-sustaining form that requires not nutrients or nourishment to exist or continue to ascend; if one moves beyond this yet further, the ascent Home to the Tao begins in the nonphysical, and this requires one to relinquish all thoughtform and karma related to one’s creational dance. As this is accomplished, one exits the dance in total, returning “home” again to the Tao. It is not a short journey beloved, but it is one Earth has chosen, and therefore all species therein must choose a parallel journey or continue their dance elsewhere in the third dimension.


History of Disease


Now we turn our attention to disease. Disease not unlike warfare has interesting roots and thoughtform of cause that we wish to explore more fully in this piece. As the global karma for disease and deformity is released in full, genetics will be constructed for incoming children in which disease and deformity is no longer a possibility for the incoming form. As such, humans will not only evolve out of the need to war, but end the internal war that disease, aging and deformity represent.


War is violence. Disease and deformity are an internal violence. Viruses attack healthy tissue, which is no different than soldiers destroying healthy humans or other soldiers upon the battlefield. Deformity is the result of the missing encoding of a particular segment of DNA to construct a particular part of the form. Often, this is the result of a maiming or accident in the history of the ancestry that plays itself out every so many generations in the form of a birth deformity.


Release the karma, and one can ascend out of the deformity, and one’s future ancestors will not be born with such a form again. Release the karmic cause of the disease, and one can ascend out of the disease. Furthermore, one’s future ancestry will never experience such a disease again.


When we speak of ancestry, we mean not just one’s children. Ancestry is holographic and each human is related to over 2 billion others currently incarnate upon Earth. If one has ancient red roots, then one is related to all of red origin that hold one’s lineages which includes members of indigenous populations along with other regions that have held predominantly red skinned humans, including Africa, Tibet, India, Hawaii and Australia. Humans are one species beloved, and as one releases disease karma or warfare karma, one does so for all 2 billion others who are related. This is why it takes only a small number of map carvers to release the karma and change the fate of humankind.


What is the history of disease? The records from Mt. Olympus revealed many things. For one, the Pleiadian Race came with a language that is violent. Violence is any act that pierces or manipulates a field in an adverse manner. The Pleiadian race had moved into a destructive thoughtform that had the energetic effect of shattering the field and energy flow of another. This occurred most likely long ago and the cause of the Pleiadian dance is unknown as it exists in another creation, which is not only of the past, but separate and distinct from the creation that Earth resides within.


It is not Earth’s responsibility to understand the cause of another creation, only her own, and therefore such records will never be researched in Earth’s ascent. They will be however researched as another planet within the same creation that the Pleiades resides ascends. Such ascension will occur in the past as the Pleiades exists from the past, and only is present due to a rift in time. One can say that this alternative planet is ascending concurrent with Earth in the past, and there are many records shared back and forth to allow this to be so.


As the seeded red race danced with the Annanuki, they became ill, sometimes with entire tribes becoming extinct in a few short months. This karma has repeated again and again. As the white people came to the Americas, the red people fell ill of diseases that they knew not. However, underlying the diseases was an energetically abusive dance that was not a part of the red manner of relating. Red energy has remained rotational, which embraces another in harmlessness. White energy, which is rooted in Pleiadian genetics is straight and pierces holes in rotational energy, causing the field of another to tatter leading to the form becoming ill.


The Pleiadian thoughtform is the result of 12 beliefs that over time and in their reign of dominion also became global thoughtform. Such thoughtform does not honor, and the Annanuki dance was a direct relationship to their own inherent thoughtform of dishonor. As such, it was no wonder that the Annanuki raided Earth to a point in which she fell in vibration and consciousness, with her ice shields collapsing becoming your oceans.


For the sake of those who are ascending, we would like to explore these 12 thoughtforms in greater detail. One may use what is shared to begin to understand how one’s own thoughtform is related, choosing to transcend such thoughtform and infuse the field with more and more of the Language of Light in its place. In so doing, one will also release the need to harm externally or internally.


Ascending into a Regenerative Form


What does it take to move towards a regenerative form? Well, first one must release their karma for warfare. This was explored in last year’s materials. Indeed, the global karma for warfare was released in 2019. This does not however release such karma upon a personal level. Each must process one’s own ancestral karma for the dance of warfare in order to complete with war as a thoughtform.


However, Earth has completed with all warfare karma in 2019. What does this global completion bring forth? The course of the future destiny of humanity has shifted beloved, and no world war will develop that could lead to a nuclear catastrophe. This is not to say that there is not violent karma to be completed upon in the human dance that will continue to play out, as such karma must be settled. If karma cannot be settled through ascension, it will be settled in the experience of the thoughtform in the physical.


Many may be concerned about the recent turn of events in the Middle East. Indeed, this region has deferred its karma for warfare upon 19 other nations over the past 36,000 years. Now the karma that was incurred upon the land has come home to roost. Either humanity will ascend out of the need to war, or they will destroy each other enough to learn the lesson of warfare.


What is the lesson of warfare? It is that one cannot destroy another without being destroyed oneself. And being destroyed hurts. Due to the delay in karma, one can destroy in one lifetime and not experience the repercussions of such a choice until many lifetimes later. Due to the karmic deferment prevalent in the Middle East, warfare karma has been delayed far more than a few lifetimes, at least 36,000 years of human experience. Therefore, such a region has a pent-up energy and karma to experience the destruction that has been delayed.


The forces of the dark knew that this delayed karma would come home to roost at this time in history within the Middle East. They were more or less counting upon this time to add a little more karma from somewhere else to escalate the warfare into a disastrous outcome of nuclear annihilation. This is how nuclear annihilation was brought forth in 3 other times in your world history, including the most recent incidents in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The karma added would have caused the current state of affairs to yet again escalate the dance into a World War III. In the completion, this will not occur as the addition of foreign karma is outlawed. This has occurred hand in hand with the completion of Earth with the warfare karma of the human expression.


Completion is an interesting thing. It settles the debt, balancing the scales so that there is no further opportunity for the dance to continue in present time. Of course, the dark would like to continue the dance, as in so doing there is yet again another opportunity to potentially create the warfare that would destroy Earth allowing the dark to retain their dominion. In the completion, the dance ends and the beings wishing to continue the dance are removed, as they are violating true law.


True Law states that when complete, one has learned the lesson of a particular dance, and in so doing one need not dance that way any longer. Earth has learned the dance of allowing karma to be manipulated in such a manner that humans are propelled into extreme violence that becomes globally harmful. In so completing with such karma, no World War III will develop, and the potential future for such an outcome has now disappeared upon the planes stepping down into form.


Bringing Earth and the human expression to completion surrounding the dance of warfare precedes humanity itself evolving out of the need to war. Therefore, the coming 25-year cycle will see to fruition the need to war put behind the human species once and for all through human evolution. It shall be an amazing thing to witness beloved, and those who are choosing to ascend will ride the wave witnessing these coming times of transition and evolution for the whole of humanity.


12 Thoughtforms of the Annanuki


1. DIANA, Goddess of the Hunt

Thoughtform: Hunt or Hunted, Disappear, Hide or Blend

The thoughtform of hunt or hunted, disappear, hide or blend causes one to feel hunted down by something greater than oneself that one is powerless to defend oneself against. One then chooses to hide or blend in with nature or the scenery in order to protect oneself. The bottom line thoughtform that is the result of hunting or being hunted is the fear of survival.


Up until such a thoughtform became global, there was no concern about survival for the red seeded race. Life was a Garden of Eden, in which nature provided abundantly for all needs, including food, shelter and love. The current human civilization on the other hand is founded upon the thoughtform of survival, in which all time and energy goes into providing the seeming sustenance for the physical form to survive.


The thoughtform of survival pits one against another in times of lack. Many a human has killed one another over time for food or shelter. Many a human has starved another out of the fear of lack or ancestral memories of starvation. Why do the wealthy hoard? They too have ancestral memories of starvation and lack and hoard to excess out of such unconscious fear. Unfortunately, such a dance also creates in others the very experience that such humans fear.


The experience of being hunted occurs often upon the battlefield or in times of war, in cases of murder or espionage, or in the experience of rape. The Annanuki hunted down those red peoples that presented a problem unto them. Furthermore, Zeus in particular, freely raped whichever women he so chose to and without punishment or repercussions. Such karma is reenacted to this day in all cases of rape of the feminine. Nature also experiences being hunted as one species preys upon another for sustenance, or human preys upon nature for the same reason. As one transcends this thoughtform, one will also have to forgive one’s ancestry for preying upon the nature kingdoms, along with one another in human form.


Merduk, who was after their power and information, hunted down the priests and priestesses of the red race. Many of such priests and priestesses were consumed following death so that Merduk could retain their knowledge upon a biological level. This is how the thoughtform of hunt and hunted became a part of the red dance thereafter.


2. APHRODITE/INNANA, Goddess of Love

Thoughtform: Shatter or Shattered, Dissect, Consume

The thoughtform of shatter or shattered, dissect, and consume causes another to penetrate one’s field shattering one apart, or dissecting one into pieces that can then be pulled out of one’s field and “consumed” by another. This form of consumption was both physical and energetic for the Annanuki. Records revealed last year both the energetic consumption of the red race for chi along with the physical consumption of several priests and priestesses for their knowledge.


Consumption of flesh was not a part of the original red dance. The red race ate of the fruits of the Garden of Eden, as there were an abundant supply of fruit and vegetables available in a tropical environment that Earth was at such a time in her history (approximately 192,000 years ago).


As this thoughtform became prevalent, the need to consume flesh followed. This occurred as the lush vegetation burnt up in the nuclear annihilation at the end of the war between Innana and Merduk. At such a time, humans resorted to eating of flesh to survive. However, humans became so accustomed to this that the consumption of flesh never stopped even when there was adequate food again from vegetable and fruit sources, in particular this occurred for those humans related to the slave race.


Such is the nature of a fall in consciousness; one may not ascend out of the dance unless one so consciously intends it so. Consuming flesh is the result of a fall in consciousness from the nuclear explosions. The slave race that remained were not prepared for evolution, as this is the manner in which they had been constructed in the laboratory, to be of a nature that would not seek to evolve. Alas, such a nature also then was unable to repair a fall in consciousness as it occurred as they lacked the very information that would allow them to repair the DNA and restore their original level of awareness.


The red race, however, remembered how to repair DNA to a certain degree. Many indigenous cultures as they separated from the white people eliminated the diseases that had occurred in the interactions, ascending out of the fall caused in the dance. Many indigenous cultures also ascended out of the need to consume flesh, and some even ascended into the fourth dimension as recently as 32,000 years ago. Such cultures are known today as the Anasazi along with the Incas and the Mayans.


As the red race again interacted with the white race during certain phases of recent history, again the consciousness dropped and disease became prevalent for the red nations. At some point, the current red race lost the remembrance of how to alter the genetics. This led to disease becoming prevalent therein in most places upon Earth, even those cultures with little outside contact with the current human civilization. Ascension is changing this as the records are revealed at last from Earth’s archives on how to alter the biology through conscious choice.


The red race is ascending and more or less en masse in indigenous cultures. Within your “civilized” cultures, ascension is few and far between with current statistics. Ascension is as low as 1 out of 18 in North America, 1 out of 18 in Europe, 1 out of 12 in South America, 1 out of 8 in Hawaii, 1 out of 6 in Africa, 1 out of 13 in China, and 1 out of 17 in Japan. On the other hand, in indigenous tribes global wide the statistics show that 1 out of 4 or 5 are ascending at this time.


3. MERDUK/ HADES, God of the Underworld

Thoughtform: Experimentation, Cut, Mutilate or Torture, Science

The thoughtform of experimentation, cut, mutilate or torture, along with science causes another to be able to cut one apart or experiment upon one’s embodiment or field, mutilating and torturing the form by putting one in great pain. Merduk was a master scientist that thrived in his experimentation. Often little concern was given to whether or not the experiments put another or an animal in pain. Such thoughtform plays out to this today in the form of torture, imprisonment, or experimentation upon humans or animals. The experimentation by German doctors upon humans during World War II is an example of this thoughtform coming to roost in recent times.


Much like a wheel, thoughtform cycles through as an energetic dance causing patterns to emerge at particular times in history. One would say that the time of Hitler was the re-emergence of the Merduk-Hades thoughtform, perhaps more than any other. Merduk not only experimented heavily upon humans and animals in his scientific experiments, but also was responsible for annihilation of the slaves as they became overpopulated. Auschwitz was an example of this history repeating itself within the related cycle. Merduk also wished to rule the world and conquer all other members of his family in power. This too was mirrored in Hitler in recent times.


Science and the need to experiment come out of a lack of knowing that is innate and biological. If one attunes inward, one can know anything that one so wishes as one’s thoughtform permits. There is not requirement therefore to experiment upon another to know or understand, only tune inward. One can see in this that the Annanuki were so lost that they only desired to tune outward to know. Although their knowledge extended their lives for upwards of 8,000 to 18,000 years, the consequence was the creation of a fall of the consensus reality known as Earth. There are dire karmic consequences for the souls and forms involved in such a dance, and they will be working their way out of such karma for eons of time as a result.


4. ATHENA, Goddess of Wisdom

Thoughtform: Confuse, Invalidate, Challenge, Confront

The thoughtform of confuse, invalidate, challenge, or confront causes one to become confused as to what is truth, and in the confusion, one loses their way or their communication with their source and I AM presence. In the confusion, one perceives oneself as not knowing; in the lack of knowing, one feels invalidated or inadequate for the job. This thoughtform also causes one to challenge or confront the truth of another, invalidating another’s truth. This is also the underlying thoughtform of educated or learned knowledge.


Learned knowledge became a part of the slave dance. The slaves were not born “knowing” but rather were taught and educated. This was a direct result of how far the genetic material had been paired down to manufacture such a race. Indeed, much of the Annanuki time and preoccupation was given over to educating the slaves enough to serve them properly and in a way that the Annanuki liked. This is where the concept of educated knowledge comes from.


The red race, on the other hand, was not interested in educated knowledge, but rather knowledge that one is born with. Such knowledge occurs as a knowing or understanding that one need not be taught as it lies within one’s genetics. If one is attuned with nature, nature will also show one where the food is, where the shelter is, and where one will be safe from certain weather patterns or other naturally occurring disasters. Again, all such knowledge comes from within and through one’s communion with nature.


With internal knowing, one follows one’s own truth. One’s truth is one’s truth and there is no need to challenge, confront, confuse or invalidate another, for each has their own inherent truth and knowing. Each member of the tribe contributes their knowing to the benefit of the whole, allowing the whole to survive. Or so it has worked for many a red tribe even in recent times.


In present time human civilization, knowledge is obtained in University or in studying with this expert or that. This is directly related to the belief that wisdom is not inherent, and must be learned, which is a slave thoughtform and not a red thoughtform. Alas, mastery and ascension cannot occur through studying with anyone.


Self-mastery occurs only from within as one accesses one’s own ancestral knowledge on how to transcend and alter thoughtform. Those with primarily inherent slave lineage have not such a capacity to ascend or transmute thoughtform, and these lineages are destined to become extinct in the times ahead due to Earth’s choice to ascend. As such and through generational ascension, there will be a return to inherited truth and knowledge that requires not education to bring forth, as it will again be a part of the biological inheritance of each and every future human.


5. APOLLO, God of Communication

Thoughtform: Twisting of Communication, Inversion of Intents

The thoughtform twisting of communication or inversion of intents twists intention making such communication the opposite of what one has expressed. In so doing, one’s intent for ascension becomes intent for death in relation to how the communication is received by the solar system and relayed back into one’s life dance. Why would any being wish to twist communication? The Annanuki were educated manipulators. In twisting communication, one can say one thing and mean another, causing the other to fall for the con. In the con, one gives something and receives nothing in return. Or so the red race found in their dance with the Annanuki over time.


It was in the twisting of communication that Earth’s own thoughtform became manipulated over time. For as such a dance registered within the human expression, soon Earth found herself subject to the same dance. This is how the magnetic language that was prevalent before the Annanuki arrived became distorted; it was twisted into its opposite meaning causing polarity to emerge. As thoughtform became distorted or polarity-based, so did the biology. This ultimately led to the experience of aging, disease and death as a biological phenomenon for all species upon Earth.


Magnetic communication is clear and direct. Nothing is hidden, as there is no agenda other than one of unity. Unity functions in the paradigm of clear and simple requests for cooperation, collaboration and support of one’s purpose. This is the thoughtform Earth and humanity will ascend into. Such a thoughtform will create a very different civilization than the one that one perceives now; for the current civilization is founded upon communication that manipulates. Look at your advertising media! All such a communication does is manipulate those attuned to it into purchasing something that rarely fulfills upon what is offered. Unity-based thoughtform will advertise only what can be fulfilled upon, and this shall be founded upon truth rather than non-truth.


Non-truth is the result of twisting communication. Communication or thoughtform was twisted from truth into non-truth. It is non-truth that manipulates, deceives, denies, seduces, disrupts, confronts, argues, harasses and ultimately wars. It is just such thoughtform that creates a biological system that is related, which has a very limited and short life span and one that often causes extreme physical pain through disease.


6. ARES, God of War

Thoughtform: Conquer, Destroy, Surrender, Broken Will

The thoughtform of conquer, destroy, surrender or breaking one’s will cause one to break the will to live of another. In so doing, the other is conquered and either surrenders or is destroyed. In the current paradigm, one company conquers another through corporate takeovers and buyouts. The company that is overtaken surrenders. Sometimes it is also destroyed or dismantled as it is re-orchestrated under new management. As it goes in the financial world, so it goes in human relations.


Love has become associated often with conquering another. This is what the period of courtship is about. Sometimes the conquering is simply to seduce another to have sex with oneself. Sometimes it is to seduce another into a long-term imprisonment known as marriage. Marriage is not founded upon unity, love or joy in the current paradigm, and generally one gets the better end of the deal in such an agreement. In recent centuries, it was sometimes the male who was free to have his lovers and dance at work leaving the woman at home with all of the work and raising the children. Today, the roles have reversed and sometimes the female ends up with the better bargain. In any case, it is a far cry from unity, and related to the paradigm of conquering another.


In the dance of relationship, often the one conquered ends up ill. Sometimes they also end up the victim to physical violence or rape. However, most humans repress their violence enough acting it out unconsciously, which leads to energetic violence instead. One party beating up the other recurrently and energetically in a marriage or long-term relationship, and the other party will end up diseased. Generally, this occurs sooner or later in any longer-term marriage or relationship, killing one of the spouses. One can see that in the current paradigm, there is no love associated with marriage, only violence veiled as love.


Ascending couples will create a different dance that will give birth to a new era between partners, whether one is heterosexual or homosexual makes no difference. There is just as much violence in same sex relationships as opposite sex ones from our analysis. Often times the result of the violence is delayed enough that it appears to be a loving union for a time. In the current human genetics of 2 strands, it takes roughly 8 to 10 years for the violence to step down into physicality leading to disease. This means that a marriage or relationship beginning at age 27 will manifest the cancer or other disease roughly around age 37.


7. HERA, Goddess of Marriage

Thoughtform: Usury, Prostitution, Worship, Adoration

The thoughtform of usury, prostitution, worship, and adoration causes one to be used and prostituted by the other who is worshipped and adored. This is the current paradigm for union. It is usury that allows one party in any relationship to be targeted with the energetic violence inherent in the human dance. It is why often it is only one spouse that becomes ill over time. Sometimes in a family, the disease is deferred on to a child who may be born deformed or becomes ill at an early age. Sometimes children heal their parents unconsciously taking on the disease so that they will not die abandoning them.


It is the one who is worshipped or adored that gains the benefit of health in the current paradigm. Perhaps this is why so many gurus of financial, spiritual or cultural fame live a long and healthy life. The disease that might form is deferred onto the following, and often the closest friends or spouse become ill instead. This is the dance of worship and adoration; it allows one to defer illness or deformity on to another.


8. DEMETER, Goddess of Fertility

Thoughtform: Slavery, Dominion, Confinement, Prison

The thoughtform of slavery, dominion, confinement, and prison causes one to be the “God or Goddess” and the other the servant or slave. The servant or slave is property that if it misbehaves can be confined, imprisoned or killed at the will of the God Goddess. This thoughtform allows for the dance of dominion that prevails in the current human experience. Such dominion is not restricted to human encounters, but includes the human preoccupation of seeking to control Earth. No part of the consensus, beloved, is greater than the whole of the consensus, and therefore no part should control the whole.


The Annanuki enslaved Earth to an energy movement that was non-resonant for the sake of their own quest of immortality. This confined and imprisoned Earth into a period of annihilation and falls in consciousness that makes the possibility of ascension almost impossible. Nothing is impossible, or so Earth reminds herself again and again, and this has fueled her climb out of such a disaster.


Prison comes in many forms. Prison can be a marriage, disease, job, family relationship, beloved, preoccupation, or addiction, along with an actual term of imprisonment for breaking the law. Most humans perceive not the prison that they live within, for they have padded the cell with enough illusion to make it palatable. However, as the veils lift, the prison will not seem so palatable any longer, and then humans will strive to free themselves from whatever imprisons oneself.


It is the underlying dance of being in prison in a particular circumstance that generally causes disease. For if one denies the misery that one is in and fails to give expression to it, the misery becomes cellular leading to decay and eventually disease. Ascension lifts the veils enough that one can acknowledge the pain that one is in. One will also lift the veils enough to perceive and feel the unconscious abuse that flows through your fellow humans. This can be disconcerting as one discovers that their best friend or spouse annihilates them recurrently in the unconscious. However, as one transcends the thoughtform at cause, the annihilation will cease and one will recover their power to not be prostituted or enslaved ever again. As it is for ascending humans, so it is also for Earth.


9. HESTIA, Goddess of the Home

Thoughtform: Codependence, Attachment, Care Taking Patterns

The thoughtform of codependence, attachment, and care taking patterns causes attachment and codependence in relationships, along with the need to care take another, or drag another down one’s path. Codependence is related to the severing of genetic material in the many falls in consciousness of the human species. Genetics were once a straight energy flow that was contained in tubes. As enough genetic material was removed, the genetics spiraled, with portions fraying outward rather than being contained within the tube. The frayed DNA then connected outward rather than inward causing attachment between those who are related.


Furthermore, as there was missing genetic material to form the etheric grid work of the etheric body, went missing segments of grid work, the grid work frayed. Such fraying grid work extends outward connecting to other grid work outside of oneself causing attachment. Therefore, all attachment and codependent behavior is related to frayed genetics and grid work, which intertwined humans together rather than allowing each their own sovereign energy movement.


The problem with frayed genetics and grid work did not originate upon Earth. Sirian humans seeded upon Earth already had 8% of their genetic material frayed. This caused a baseline of attachment and codependence that escalated into global thoughtform as it failed to be repaired in human ascension upon Earth. Any pattern prevalent internal to the form in ascension becomes global thoughtform if it is not transmuted during the act of ascending.


It was perhaps as the thoughtform of attachment and codependence became global that then a species of humans that functioned in such a paradigm such as the Annanuki would be attracted to Earth. One can see in this how the red race created their dance with the Annanuki in not being thorough in their ascension.


Ascension brings about a restoration of the DNA. All missing segments of knowledge are retrieved and restored, causing the DNA to cease to spiral but become one large tube of straight information that is complete and whole in nature. As the DNA is complete and whole for any segment of the form, the frayed grid work and genetic encoding is repaired leading to non-attachment. As the grid work is repaired, the related biology can then receive enough chi through the grid work to resurrect and become crystalline.


As the body becomes crystalline, one moves out of codependence, as the attachment to others is released as the grid work is resurrected causing the circuitry to be restored into a self-connecting pattern. Circuitry comes in male and female links, and as the male and female circuits are hooked together within, one becomes whole and sovereign again in energy flow. As one becomes whole within, one needs not another to feel complete, and as such leaves behind codependent behavior forevermore.


10. ZEUS, Supreme God

Thoughtform: Deferment of Karma, Deferment of Thoughtform

The thoughtform of deferment of karma and deferment of thoughtform causes karma or patterns to be deferred upon another and then experienced in the other’s life dance. The Annanuki were supreme at deferring karma. They each deferred karma 8,000 to 18,000 years to avoid death and fulfill upon their dream of immortality. All karma for death was deferred on to the slaves and red race, which subsequently began to die at an earlier and earlier age. For the red race, the life spans fell from 2,000 to 800 years in less than 18,000 years. For the slave race, the lifespan fell from 500 to 100 years in this same time period.


It is the deferment of karma that causes one to reap something in one life and not live to experience it. Instead, one’s future ancestor experiences the karma, and then feels like a victim in not perceiving the original cause of the effect. Victim thoughtform has become a prevalent one in the current human paradigm, so much so that it is difficult for even many ascending humans to believe that one totally creates one’s experience of reality. Even for Asur’Ana, this was a difficult concept to come to absolute rectification with.


Why is it so difficult? There are so many payoffs to being a victim. One does not have to take responsibility for their current expression, but can blame it upon another. One does not have to believe that their ancestry was dark and killed, maimed, abused, violated and so on, as only others are dark along with their ancestry. This perhaps is the largest stumbling block of all for humans that are ascending, for if one fails to see their own internal darkness and release the related karma, it will manifest, and it may manifest as disease or death before one has an opportunity to transcend the thoughtform in full.


The deferment of karma is over. Earth is tallying all karma at this time and each human at cause will either ascend out of the karma, or live to experience it. Deferment of karma between nations is also being rectified such that each nation releases its karma in full allowing ascension of the whole of humanity to unfold. Such karma is not pretty, and may make life difficult into the future for certain nations. However, understand that each individual and nation has reaped the cause of the effect, much like the violence in the Middle East is the effect of a cause delayed from 36,000 years ago.


11. HERMES, God of Death

Thoughtform: Disease, Death and Decay, Poison

The thoughtform of disease, death and decay, and poison causes death and decay to become a part of the dance, along with poisonous substances. Death and decay are the result of an inherently dissonant biology. Hermes and all the Annanuki came to earth with dissonant biology. They deferred the dissonance on to Earth and on to the red race to waylay the outcome of disease and sustain their lives rather than ascending out of the thoughtform at cause of the dissonance.


Poison is a substance that puts the form in greater dissonance leading to disease or death. Such a presence of substances that could poison the form was not prevalent until the Annanuki arrived upon the scenes. The Annanuki also created poisons deliberately to kill the slaves, much like those annihilated in Auschwitz who were gassed to death.


The origins of disease are Annanuki related, but have a history that preceded it upon Sirius. Sirian humans in their own ascension failed to release all disease karma. Humans upon Earth absorbed such karma along with shattered DNA and etheric grid work from their Sirian ancestors. This caused an unconscious predisposition to disease that later manifested in the arrival of the Annanuki. The Annanuki like their Sirian counterparts deferred the disease on to the red race, which eventually manifested in the physical as ailments.


12. DIONYSUS, God of Addiction

Thoughtform: Seduction, Veils, Illusion

The thoughtform of seduction, veils and illusion causes one to be seduced by another by perceiving one’s own truth in the “mirror” that the other represents, and causes one to assume that the other is like oneself. In entering the dance, one is then betrayed or annihilated, or any one of the above patterns committed towards oneself. Seduction requires the movement of energy in a manner that hides something so that it is beyond the perception of another. This the Annanuki mastered well, as they veiled their intent enough to be more or less embraced by the red tribes that surrounded them. This was necessary or otherwise the red tribes would have killed the Annanuki had they perceived down to the truth of their dance.


Illusion is a fantasy that may cause one to believe that life is one way when the underlying dance in the unconscious calls one to understand that the dance is very different than one perceives. This is the problem with disease, as humans fail to perceive the violence that underlies the dance and is energetic in nature in almost all interactions. It is the violence that shatters the subtle bodies, grid work, etheric body and chakra system, and as this occurs enough and in the same region, it steps down into form causing disease.


What is it about the current human dance that causes one to be in such an illusion? Primarily the vibrations of electricity and radioactivity that surround most humans numb one to the energetic dance. If one cannot feel the etheric body, how can one know that it has been compromised? Then, humans are surprised when suddenly there is a heart attack, or cancer seemingly and surprisingly develop. If humans had been attuned to how the etheric body felt, they would have felt the blockages long before it manifested in the physical. Then action could be taken prior to the physical manifestation of disease to alter the lifestyle and preoccupations at cause.


As one ascends, one feels the etheric long before the physical. This is due to the rising vibration of the cellular structure. Therefore, one can no longer live in the illusion of harmlessness that pervades the current human relations. There is nothing harmless about humans. They are extremely harmful, and became so in counterbalance to the repression of rage and warfare patterning out of the physical dance. As the warfare polarized into the nonphysical, disease prevailed. In polarity, one will either have warfare or disease. Perhaps disease is easier for a civilization to live with, but it is simply the opposing pole of the same thoughtform.




The Annanuki contributed the foundation of thoughtform that caused disease in the human expression upon Earth. However, there was an underlying predisposition in the red seeded race towards disease from the deferment of karma from Sirius that called the Annanuki to the dance. Had this karma been released in the act of ascension, or returned to the source of origin, then the Annanuki might have never manifest upon Earth.


In a similar vein, Earth had absorbed disease karma from Sirius and 8 other planets over time. Each planet had ascended and not processed their disease karma in full. Earth therefore had an unconscious predisposition to disease that manifested in the mirror of the human dance. One can see how one creates one’s own reality as such, for had Earth understood this and returned the karma, perhaps humanity would have never arrived upon Earth at all.


We hope that those reading this information avail themselves to the processing of assessing one’s own internal state of being. Each will find that one to two of the above 12 thoughtforms prevails as a part of one’s genetic predisposition. As one understands their inherent nature, there is a greater possibility of transcendence. For all humans fell into the dance of the Annanuki thoughtform, regardless of race or origin. Even the indigenous cultures must deal with such thoughtform, as it underlies all disease.


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This book is lovingly dedicated to our most Beloved Mother Earth who is a physical form and consciousness, friend, and comrade who shares intimately in our Ascension Journey. May all of the lessons of distortion be learned and may Earth ascend Home.



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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 3. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.


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