Image of sunlight on gentle trees in the forest. Workbook 1 Chapter 4 Worksheets

Workbook 1: Chapter 4 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1, Chapter 4: Group Dynamics and Pyramidal Energy Flow.


Transcending Pyramidal Energy Flow and Disunity-Based Group Dynamics  


This section is devoted to assessing one’s genetic predispositions in association with disunity-based group dynamics and pyramidal energy flow. Each will see that one has played many roles in different regions of domain in this lifetime. Some may play the beautiful one role with family and the rejected one role with their beloved; or the charming one role at work and the imprisoned one role at home. Each can also assess the nature of their birth family in the neighborhood.


Different roles in different circumstances have to do with variant lineages that one was born with along with others that one has known over time. Each may find that one plays a different role with variant friends or family members or children. The roles one plays were roles that the ancestors of both inheritances played long ago. As one releases the karma for their role in any relationship, the role will change.


Perhaps one will move into a more unity-based role with family drawing forward the red nation lineages that they possess rather than the Anu or Anu slave lineages that pitted one against the other, or caused a loss of information in one direction or another. This is how one begins to mold their lives towards unity; by clearing the karma that is disunity based in each ancestor and each lineage that one is born with, and in so doing, one will alter the relationships to all others in the dance of life.


Pyramids, whether they be box shaped or triangular in nature define the position that each in the family or at work or in the neighborhood or within the region holds. Pyramids therefore press folk into worker bee, six positions of power, or six positions of strife. International pyramids define the power structure between nations. National pyramids define the power structure within the country. Regional pyramids define the power structure of the business and governance in any region. Neighborhood pyramids define the power structure amongst families. Work pyramids define the power structure between organization or corporations as well as those who work within them.


Most ascending initiates have engaged with at least 8 pyramids in this life to date if not more. Defining which ones that have defined your position in life is useful to understand so that one may begin to retrieve power, information, and knowledge to support ascension in the game. One can also begin to redefine the dream that one participates in to become a lotus rather than pyramidal pattern; in so being one will call a unity-based dream into the dance rather than a competitive hierarchical dream. Read more