Image of a placid lake along a rocky peninsula. Group Dynamics and Pyramidal Energy Flow

Chapter 4: Group Dynamics and Pyramidal Energy Flow


Group dynamics is a subject that has been written of extensively for those who have participated in the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) for any length of time. The entire purpose of this organization has been to understand the current human game and then map carve another way of being that creates greater unity amongst those participating in the program. It has been a long hard road to co-create ever increasing unity, and the success of the group is more or less spoken to in the birth of the Community Program. For this program could not exist if those in DAS had not constructed a successful path to unity in group relations. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


What is unity? Unity is a state of being in which one exists in collaboration and equality with all others. There is no one in charge above oneself; each is responsible for self-governance, or in ascension, for handling one’s ascension on their own. The group may support the evolution of the individual, but each must do their part to ascend, as no one can really ascend another anyway. As each does their part, then the whole of the group can evolve.


If one fails to do their part, then the group can fail, or the group can choose to remove those who are failing from the dreamtime Community Program, so that the group can transcend. If anyone ceases to serve the group, then they are removed as this is acting from unity. Unity equates to the greater good of the whole; if anything does not serve the whole of the group or the whole of Earth, then it is evicted or removed.


In dreamtime, there is also a movement of greater unity amongst those ascending in human form global wide. Humans are pulling together in dreamtime and in the temples. They are working together to assure that each succeeds at ascension. One example of this is the “buddy system” where groups of 3 in each tier in the new and third consensus make sure that the other arrives at the healing temple each night. Just in case an entire group is lost, each group assures that two other groups arrive. Furthermore, an overseer makes sure all groups are present in case 3 groups did not arrive that were looking after one another. The system is causing greater success as ascending humans are receiving the support that they require to evolve.


There are other changes underway as well. Schisms have been a large problem in the past with parts of the ascension failing to take hold in the physical. Some of the underlying cause has been faulty angels who were part of a group of forces desiring to see ascension fail for humanity. As these forces have been removed, now the manner in which the angels have caused schisms deliberately in ascending humans has been perceived.   


However, humans are responding differently to this than at other times in this journey; they are saying that each must look after the ascension and not rely upon angels or nonphysical forces to do it for them; and so there is also now another buddy system launched where three work together each night to perceive the problematic or schismed patterning in the other so that it can be focused upon and attended to and a more thorough ascent come forth. Those assigned to one another in dreamtime have opposite karma so that the patterning can be perceived more readily in another as it is different. In so doing, humans are now helping each other to ascend, and in so being, it will be less likely that a nonphysical force will dupe ascending initiates into the future.


Any nonphysical force caught causing a problem is taken to a special counsel and “uncast” or “recast” if they have fallen into distortion. As humans watch out for one another, they catch faulty patterning within the nonphysical that the nonphysical must attend to as well to ascend. Therefore, this new dance is supportive of physical and nonphysical alike in the choice to ascend. It has been a long road to this goal, but it is finally being fulfilled upon at this time.


Group Dynamics


Now more will be explained about group dynamics. In most groups of one hundred, there are six that rise to power and six that fall to failure. This is suspended by one in the middle who is known as the ring leader. It is the black magicians that cast the spells to determine who is in power and who is not. In reading through the following roles, each may begin to consider the positions that each has held within groups that each has affiliated with in this lifetime. If one is not one of the seven major positions below, one will be a “worker bee”. Eighty-seven from any group will hold a neutral or relative position but give their power, chi, information and dream to those in power.


1. The Ringleader

(Related to Merduk, Zeus and Athena Archetypes Along with Pharaoh and Sorcerer Inheritance) (Zeus and Innana, and Grand Master Holograms)


The Ring Leader is the one who manipulates the dream of those in the group in such a manner that six end up in positions of power and six others end up taking on all karma and darkness for the empowered ones. The ring leader holds a mer-ka-ba or box shaped pattern in the field in which the two sets of six are polarized against one another in energy flow; positive dreams go to one set of 6 individuals who become powerful and negative dreams go to the other set of six who take on the darkness. The two in opposition of polarity suspend the dance to an extreme.


Many a Hollywood “talent agency” host good ringleaders, polarizing the stars into power and someone else probably in the dance of life of the star into the opposing role taking on the star’s darkness. Most governments have good ring leaders who polarize one into presidency or the role of prime minister and another into failing to be elected. Ring leaders generally only manipulate within their own group; therefore, those of different parties or groups each have their own ring leader that propels one into power and another into failure.


The ring leader may or may not have any physical plane power for their role. Many a ring leader of corporations or governments may host a very non-important position upon the physical plane. However, in the nonphysical, the ring leader has the most power. In dreamtime corporate gatherings or governmental meetings, the ring leader would be the most affluent individual over the course of the gathering. One will say in this that the ring leader wields nonphysical power.


Each in the group gives their power to the ring leader to create those in power and those who fail in the dance of life. In the corporate environment, six out of 100 lift to power and 6 end up failing. The remaining 87 are “worker bees” or in other terms play a more neutral role without much glamour, authority or power. This is also the same in any other type of group in the current human dance.


Amongst families, neighborhoods are also split into parallel patterns where six out of one hundred families rise to power in one of the following categories and six fail. The other eighty-seven play more neutral roles in the dance of life. As you read through this information, see if you can understand the role of your family this lifetime in your childhood neighborhood. Therefore, there will be one family out of a hundred that holds the ring leader position in the neighborhood. This family more or less is in control over all other positions in the neighborhood. If one of the twelve families moves or relocates, the ring leader will draw another family of parallel polarity into the neighborhood to hold the positions of power and non-power intact for the neighborhood.


Groups also have ring leaders. Out of any one hundred groups, six rise to power and six fail. Group ring leaders also exist to facilitate this. This is how the corporate take-over game is played; the six corporations rising to power out of the one hundred will seek to devour other corporations to expand their power, chi and energy flow. There are also corporations and groups that are a reflection of the dynamics spoken to below.


Group Power Dynamics


2. The Beautiful or Perfect One

(Related to Innana, Zeus, Eros, Pan, Hercules, and God Goddess of Fire and Ash Archetypes)           


One of the six in power out of one hundred end up with the dream of the beautiful or perfect one within the group. Sometimes this individual ends up the guru; sometimes this individual ends up the movie star or famous musician; sometimes this individual ends up the model; or sometimes this individual ends up the CEO or President or Prime Minister. In high school, this individual might end up the prom queen or king.


The beautiful one suspends their position by taking on the beauty of the group and reflecting it back. The group sees its own beauty in the individual as a result and therefore suspends them in the beautiful one role. Each in the group gives the beautiful one their inner beauty that they then perceive mirrored in the other. Often the beautiful one is perceived as beyond imperfection, and yet within they might feel quite different from the public image. Princess Diana was an example of this in recent history.


The family that is beautiful in the neighborhood may look physically beautiful, and may appear to have the perfect house, with the perfect furniture and the perfect lawn and backyard. Perfection is the name of the game, and each will do their best to be more perfect than any others. The children of this type of family may end up the homecoming king or queen or the class president; the parents may hold the seemingly right values to be respected by others or the local church. This family takes on the “beautiful” or “winner” karma of the neighborhood.


3. The Rejected One or Black Sheep

(Related to Merduk, Thanatos, Hephaestus, Rosaletti, God Goddess of Love, and God Goddess of Sexuality Archetypes)


The ugly duckling, black sheep or rejected one is perceived as inept or non-beautiful to the degree that the one who is held in the position of the beautiful one is perceived as perfect. The ugly one takes on the darkness of the beautiful one and then acts it out. Sometimes this individual will go so far as to take on disease or accident karma for the beautiful one. If the rejected one dies out of disease or an accident, another in the group is pressed into the role of taking on the darkness for the beautiful one and becoming the next rejected one.


Sometimes those playing the rejected one or black sheep will go so far as to be removed from the group. If this occurs, another assumes the role of taking on the darkness of the beautiful one. The rejected one also receives a projection from the group of all that the group perceives as non-beautiful, discordant, ugly or disgusting. As the dream from so many is pressed on to a single individual for discordance, they will often appear ugly and act out in discordant ways in the group dance further alienating others from enjoying their company or embracing them.


The family that plays the rejected one role in the neighborhood may not only look homely or un-kept, but may also have the least kept house upon the block, with the most junk in the back yard. This family may also have one or more diseased, deformed, retarded, insane or sick members of the household. This family takes on the disease and deformity along with insanity karma for the neighborhood.


4. The Martyr or Saint

(Related to All Jyreion Archetypes, Hercules, Oracle of Delphi, and God Goddess of Spiritual Knowledge Archetypes)   


One of six in power in any group ends up with the dream of the martyr or saint. This is the one who sacrifices of themselves for everyone else’s gain and looks pure and of the light. Sometimes they even go so far to crucify themselves for the power that it gains them in the group. One can think of an employee who overworks themselves for the corporation but has a high-ranking position in exchange as a good third dimensional example of this pattern. The manner in which Gandhi would starve himself to press changes into the relations between India and England is another example of the role of the martyr or saint in action.


The group projects their light upon the one in the role of the martyr or saint. In so doing, each perceives their own light mirrored within this individual. Within and in their own internal landscape, the one playing the martyr or saint role may feel far from pure as they see their own discordant or judgmental thoughts; and yet others do not perceive this and rarely do they share of their internal experiences further allowing the illusion to continue. Those who become more closely involved with the one playing the martyr or saint role may perceive beyond the illusion and then become very disappointed, or perhaps even leave their association as a result.


The family that is saint like may be the neighborhood preacher or priest of a local church, or a family that is very religious in nature. This family tends to try to appear “pure” and “superior” due to their religious or spiritual preferences. This family too will try and hide any faults or skeletons in the closet that might cause them to appear less than “saint-like”. This family takes on the religions and dogmatic karma of the neighborhood and then expresses and experiences it to an extreme.


5. The Black Magician or Sorcerer

(Related to Merduk, All Jyreion Archetypes Along with Pharaoh and Sorcerer Inheritance) (Zeus and Innana Plus Grand Master Holograms)      


It is the one who takes on the darkness for the Martyr generally that plays the role of the black magician or sorcerer in the unconscious. A sorcerer is one who gathers the unconscious spiritual knowledge and dreams of others and then utilizes the dream weaving skills to cast black magic spells to suspend those in power or those in non-power in the group. It is the black magician that sets up the spells for the ring leader to suspend six in a positive role and six in a negative role out of any group of one hundred.


It is also the black magician that can weave a new dream surrounding a leader causing them to topple from their position and end up replaced by another, who has been spelled into their role in the leader’s place. Sometimes the sorcerer is sought after to cast black spells against those that the leaders are in fear of. As a result, the magician or sorcerer is exalted for their darkness. This was so for Merlin who was exalted by Arthur, King of England as Arthur used Merlin to cast black spells against Arthur’s enemies, and love spells upon those who Arthur lusted after.


The black magician family will appear as the black sheep of the neighborhood; perhaps the children are consistently in trouble as they are the ones caught stealing or breaking into the other houses, or caught having sex with their boyfriend and are now pregnant at age 13; or found taking drugs or drinking excessively. Perhaps the parents also participate in such a dance. This type of family will tend to be non-religious, and if anything may subscribe to voodoo or Satanism if expressed to an extreme. Perhaps they will appear a little like the “Addams Family” television show. This family takes on the “lawless” karma of the neighborhood.


Black magicians are also associated with most famous spiritual gurus in present time. It is the black magician of the guru’s group that propels the guru into the position of the exalted one. Sometimes the guru can hold the position of exalted one and black magician simultaneously. The largest gurus that have masses of humans worshipping them (Dalai Lama and Sai Baba) each play both the exalted one and black magician simultaneously. In this manner, they can cast their own spells to hold a vast and large group made of many individuals united into a single pyramidal or box shaped energy flow.


Sai Baba is at the top of a group that incorporates over 144 groups and 800,000 individuals. The Dali Lama is at the top of another group that also incorporates 144 groups and 900,000 individuals. These two spiritual groups did not exist at the time of the Anu but rather came to be during the era of the Pharaohs. The Pharaohs held a large pyramidal structure in the region known as Banff in present time and the black magicians a parallel pyramid in the region known as Europe in present time. The information on these energy systems appear to have been moved around the turn of the century so that these energy structures could be used to launch the current pharaohs and black magicians into power again at this time in history.


The pharaoh-based and sorcerer-based energy structures are non-conducive to the holographic flow of the Great Central Sun as the angular edges cut up rotational energy movement. They are therefore non-conducive to global ascension and are being shut down at this time due to interference. Many involved in the groups associated will find their power diminishing in the times ahead and their dreams cancelled as the new human dream that is lotus-shaped begins to take precedence over the human dance. This will allow a phasing out of the present day pharaohs and sorcerers and the birth of initiates who are having legitimate ascents to step forward becoming the future spiritual leaders of tomorrow.


6. The Gifted Creator

(Related to Zeus, Apollo, Athena, Demeter, Hestia, Eros, Hercules, Helios, Pan, God Goddess of Mother Earth, Authentic Power and Sensuality, All Jyreion Archetypes and Grand Master Archetypes)          


One of the six empowered folk end up with the ability to manifest for the entire group. The creative one plays the role of holding the group dream. This is different from the black magician who casts dark spells to manipulate some into power and others into failure. The creative one instead holds the dream for the success of the group. If the group is a corporation, then the creative one holds the dream for the products or services that the corporation offers. A creative one that holds the dream for a spiritual group will hold the dream for the gatherings and nature of the gatherings.


The creative one can also end up wealthy or prosperous as they receive a far larger chunk of the group dream than any other. Sometimes they will take the group dream and use it to manifest their own successes. The gifted creator can be a dream manipulator, but are not necessarily a dream broker in the unconscious; the gifted creator is simply a conduit for the receipt of the majority of the dream of the group. Those in the group then rely upon this individual to weave their personal dream.


The family that creates will be successful in many ways; the mother and or father will be successful at their preoccupations. The children will succeed at school and be talented in a multitude of ways in sports, music and other skills. There will be enough due to the success for toys and other recreational items along with vacations. However, there may be or not be the love that the children need in the family dynamics, although from the outside in it may “look good”. This family takes on the good creative karma of the neighborhood and then succeeds with it.


7. The Impoverished One

(Related to All Slave Archetypes and All Red Nation Archetypes and All Grand Master Archetypes)  


The one that holds the darkness for the gifted creator ends up the impoverished one; all dreams are bartered away; nothing goes right; the impoverished one barely make ends meet, as they always receive a small dream. Sometimes those of this role end up homeless upon the streets. The group further projects all their dreams of failure, lack and homelessness upon the one who takes on this role. If this individual falls out of the group or is fired, another assumes the role in polar counterbalance to the one holding the creative one role.


The impoverished family will take on the poverty karma of others in the neighborhood and as a result, this family will always experience lack. Perhaps the children will have to wear hand me downs or shop at thrift shops. Perhaps the mother or father will find themselves on welfare or unable to hold a job for too long. Perhaps the family will live on the dole for their entire life. This is the pattern that Asur’Ana’s family played out in her childhood in Vietnam before her family immigrated to the US.


Perhaps the family is actually quite wealthy but the parents are spendthrifts and as a result, withhold from themselves and their children as if they were really poor; as this polarity can also be expressed in this polarity as well. Perhaps this also speaks to the fact that poverty is a state of mind or way of being and has nothing to do with the bank account.


8. The Charming One

(Related to Zeus, Innana, Eros, Hercules, God Goddess of Co-Creation, and All Jyreion Archetypes)


Charm or an ability to seduce or make folk laugh and feel at home is another form of dream that is pressed upon one in power in any group; the more charming and capable of seduction the individual is, the more power that he or she holds over a captivated audience. Sometimes this individual is the gifted salesperson; sometimes they are also a movie star or famous comedian; sometimes they are a powerful statesman, leader, or politician. Sometimes this type of individual is also a good thief or con man, or spy.


The charming one hosts a load of personable personality entities that entertain those around this individual. The group further projects their dream to charm and entertain along with and charming personality entities on to the individual that is perceived as so charming. In so doing, the charming one rises to power as a most entertaining or interesting individual within the group.


The charming family will be most popular; perhaps this is the family all the other kids in the neighborhood go to, as they feel more understood and accepted by them than by their own family. Perhaps the parents are psychologists or schoolteachers or spiritually aware; in their awareness they appear knowledgeable and wise. As such, this type of family may be sought after to counsel others having problems in the life dance. Those expressing this polarity take on the “wisdom” karma of the neighborhood.


9. The One Who Fails

(Related to All Slave Archetypes, All Red Nation Archetypes and All Grand Master Archetypes)        


The One Who Fails is suspended in the darkness of the charming one. The one who fails always fails; nothing that they attempt in life works out. Businesses attempted fail; or they fail at school or university; or they fail as spouses or parents and become alcoholics or drug addicts. The reason there is so much failure in the life of the one who fails is that the entire group projects their failure dreams upon this individual. This is Asur’Ana’s pattern in life until she started on her ascension path. As she gradually cleared karma for the pattern, and came to the middle path with her career or preoccupation, she’s able to manifest enough funds to fulfill upon her spiritual mission.


Sometimes others seek to save the one who fails. Alcoholics Anonymous has an excellent record of helping associates to reprogram their script for being the failed one of the group into the worker bee, after which there is a form of transformation. However, the transformation is not through ascending out of the role as much as swapping roles between physical and nonphysical. The alcoholic becomes alcoholic upon a parallel plane and recovers in the physical. This is known as polarity reversal.


The family that fails may have parents that are drug addicts or alcoholics that have difficulty holding on to their jobs or succeeding at much of anything. This family may wind up in divorce or separation as they may take on all the separation and failure karma from all other families in the neighborhood. Often the children of this type of family may wind up parenting their parents.


10. The One Who Is Free

(Related to All Anu Archetypes, All Jyreion Archetypes, and Pharaohs and Sorcerers)            


One of the six empowered by any group receives freedom at the expense of the one who is enslaved and takes on all of the karma for the free one. Perhaps the one who is free holds a position in which there is travel within the corporation, and enjoys the dance of flying here and there and experiencing the world; while the one who is enslaved takes care of the office back home. Or if they are the spouse, they do the housework, raise the children, and cook while the husband is out having a wonderful time on the road or worse yet, having an affair.


The one who is free can also be associated with those who fail to be convicted of a crime even if they are guilty of it. This polarity can suspend someone who is quite abusive in power such as Hitler. Hitler played the free one up until he committed suicide. Another example of this is Sadam Hussein who played this role until the US threw him out of power. Such leaders are suspended in a polarity of freedom as the entire group or country or world gives them their dream of freedom in the dance of life.


The family that is free may have very liberal ideals; perhaps they practice open sex; perhaps they are gay and are married and have adopted children or become pregnant through artificial insemination. This family may also have strange spiritual practices that are metaphysical in nature. Those expressing this polarity take on the “freedom” karma of the neighborhood.


11. The One Who Is Enslaved

(Related to All Slave Archetypes, All Red Nation Archetypes and All Grand Master Archetypes)          


The one who is enslaved or imprisoned takes on the prison karma of the one who is free. Often the one in this role live to be convicted of a crime that they may or may not have committed. This may occur as the entire group, country or world presses their karma for imprisonment and enslavement on to the individual or leader taking on this role.


Sometimes the enslaved one is not imprisoned really in the physical, but feels imprisoned or enslaved within by life circumstance. Perhaps they are the one in the family that takes on the responsibility of nursing their mom or dad and feel enslaved to the experience; or perhaps they are the one in the family at home rearing the children and feeling enslaved as a result. The group presses the lack of freedom dream upon this individual, causing the experience of feeling enslaved.


The family that is enslaved will be enslaved to a great degree to circumstance. Perhaps they are employed as the housekeeper or maid for another wealthy family, and find themselves imprisoned to low income in the dance. Perhaps one of the parents commits a crime and is imprisoned in the legal system. Perhaps one of the parents work in a circumstance that feels like a prison and in so doing, the energies of work prevail at home leading to a feeling of confinement or a lack of freedom. Those expressing this polarity take on the “prison” karma of the neighborhood.


12. The One Who Is Exalted

(Related to All Anu Archetypes, All Jyreion Archetypes, and Pharaohs and Sorcerers) (Half Innana and Zeus, and Grand Master Holograms)          


In any group, there will be one who is awarded for accomplishing the most. Accomplishments of the exalted one may be due to real talent or capabilities; occasionally, there is one who is exalted for not really accomplishing much of anything, but were gifted at hiring talented people and then taking credit for it all. In the current fragmentation of the human DNA at 2 segments, it may be difficult for humans to be both extremely talented and capable of holding the dream of the exalted one simultaneously. This is seen often in Hollywood or the Grammy’s where the producers receive rewards that really belong to many others that assisted in creating the film or music and the producer was simply gifted at finding talented people to work with.


The exalted one wields a load of power. The group gives their power to the exalted one who then holds the power of 100 or more. If one is exalted over a nation, then one may hold the power of each in the nation, which is how presidents and prime ministers become elected. Those who are the most gifted at gathering the power of the nation rise into the role of prime minister or president. Those who are most gifted at gathering the power of each in a region rise into the role of governor. Those who are most gifted at gathering the power from all in the corporation rise into the role of CEO. Those who are most gifted at gathering the power from a spiritual audience rise into the role of Pope or Guru.


The exalted family will hold a key position in the neighborhood and region. Perhaps the mother or father is an elected official in the local government; perhaps they are the president of a firm that is successful, or the principal of the local school. This family will have a good reputation, and therefore will seek to “hide” any skeletons of truth that may occur in the closet so that no one knows, as it may affect their position in the region. Therefore, secrecy may abound in this type of family. This family takes on the exaltation karma of the neighborhood.


13. One Who Is Exiled

(Related to All Slave Archetypes, All Red Nation Archetypes, and All Grand Master Archetypes)       


In counterbalance, there will always be one who commits such a horrendous crime that they must be exiled from the group. The one exiled takes on the darkness for the one who is exalted. The exalted one may be rewarded for bravery upon the battlefield while the one exiled may be the one discovered to have been spying and giving the secrets away for the military and then sent to prison. The one rising to power as president may be rewarded for how they handle national problems while the one exiled in counterbalance is imprisoned or even tortured. The one rising to power as CEO in the corporate dance will have another who is fired or perhaps even caught sharing corporate secrets with other organizations and then exiled. The pope rises to power while the parish priest is found guilty of child molestation and exiled. The group displaces their dream and karma for exile on to the one who is exiled who then lives to experience the dream.


The family that is exiled may be thrown out of the neighborhood for many reasons; perhaps they were unable to pay the rent and were evicted. Perhaps the mother or father committed a crime and was sent to prison. Perhaps the neighbors chose to have this family removed due to being perceived as a villain, spy or traitor. For whatever the cause for removal, this family takes on the karma for exile from all other neighbors and lives to experience the karma in some life drama or trauma.


Pyramids Defined


Group dynamics are held in place by pyramidal energy flow. In essence, each group of 100 creates a pyramid that holds some suspended at the top that are the six in positions of power. Those at the very base are the six taking on the darkness of those in power. The 87 worker bees assume a position in between these two groups.


In current human civilization, the one on top with the most power and can be likened to the CEO in a corporation or the president or prime minister of a nation or are queen or king of a monarchy. A smaller number of individuals in the upper tiers of the pyramid have the next level of power or are the Vice Presidents of a corporation or Regional Governance within a nation or are the wealthiest of the land. A little larger group of individuals sits in the middle of the pyramid, which one can liken to “middle management” in a corporation or middle class of a nation.


The largest numbers of individuals in the pyramid reside in the base which is equivalent to the employees of the corporation or the lower middle class of any nation. The lowest tier hosts those that are lower class or sit in poverty. Underneath this are those who are institutionalized in prisons, mental wards or special environments for the retarded and dysfunctional. Underneath the pyramid altogether are those who are rejected by civilization and are the homeless, untouchables, gypsies and starving ones.


How and why does society exist in a pyramidal system in the East and West? Well, this is the primary energy signature that reigned in the era of the Anu. Humanity is just leaving behind another cycle where the Anu have been in dominion and as a result, most cultures have some sort of pyramidal system that stratifies humanity based upon class, preoccupation, gifts, talents and capabilities along with wealth. Those at the top of the system exist at the top of the energetic pyramid; those at the bottom of the system exist at the bottom of the pyramid or outside of it altogether. The stratification of those in the East is in a slightly different formation that is box like instead of pyramidal; however, the end result is the same for those at the top of the box have the most and those at the bottom the least, and those underneath are the outcasts of society.


The box or pyramidal stratification system creates a hierarchical structure where those at the top receive the most chi and most dream; it is for this reason that those at the top of your civilization pyramids often create large wealth for themselves. Dream and wealth are synonymous; if one has 1 billion in the bank, it is equivalent to the dreams of 1 billion worth of houses, yachts, possessions, furnishings, cars, food and so on. It is why those who hoard money create such extreme problems in human civilization, as the wealth itself creates a deprivation of dream in which many will live without equal to the dream hoarded.

Pyramid Defined


Banks, Media and Dreams


It is also for this reason that banks have so much “dream” to loan. Want a car, yacht, boat, house, grocery store, shopping complex, or to go back to school? The bank can loan you almost any dream you would like to manifest for a price. The cost of the dream is interest; the interest is not only paid in the form of dollars upon the amount borrowed, but also in the dream that one holds.


As a matter of fact, borrowing for anything costs you twice; it costs you the interest paid upon the loan and it costs you dreams that will never be made manifest due to the manner in which the banks take dreams in exchange for their loans. It is a funny system, but one that the Anu set up; the reason was that the Anu borrowed the dream for life from their slave civilization through the money system primarily. So, in the use of money, dream for life was taken from each slave to extend the lives of the Anu.


The Anu also stole dreams from the Pleiadians who visited the Anu resorts during the first half of the Anu reign. The resorts were filled with fantasy realities and slaves to fulfill upon the fantasies. The Anu tapped into the fantasies that the Pleiadian guests participated in and stripped them of their dream for life, wealth, travel, sex, love affairs and business deals. This is how the Anu enjoyed themselves and extended their lives for the first half of their reign.


The media in present time and Hollywood along with Bollywood in the East strip humans of dreams for life in parallel manner to the Anu resorts of long ago. Do you know how many billions of humans will never experience much of anything and live very boring lives due to the magnitude of dream that is confiscated by Hollywood or Bollywood? For each who chooses to engage with a movie, or watch this or that soap opera or weeknight show, or musical recreation, dream is lost unto the dream weavers of Hollywood and Bollywood.


This is how Hollywood or Bollywood gathers dreams unto itself to create greater and greater hit movies or musicals that more and more will engage with, leading to larger and larger focus upon their entertainment; and of course, more and more dream is lost by those who watch. This is also why humans also lead boring lives by and large, for they have given their dreams away to Hollywood and Bollywood and now will not be able to experience much of what they might like to in their lives.


How many humans watching a television show or soap opera that depicts a love affair, marriage and honeymoon in a tropical resort will now never live to experience such themselves? If the movie or show or soap opera or musical is very popular, thousands and thousands will never live to have such an experience, as they have given the dream away to Hollywood or Bollywood in the engagement with the show.


Also, Earth would like to point out that the body does not know the difference between watching television or a movie and real life. For the body, watching an evening comedy show upon television is like having dinner with your friends in the physical. The body thinks “Ah, we just had dinner with our friends last night (when in reality you really watched a television show) and now we will have a few days of quiet and not do much of anything as we are tired. This is the result of the body being so stimulated by the television that it no longer seeks to create friendships or relationships in the physical or call such a dream into the life dance.


There are some in human form that spend more time watching television than living their lives. How many of you go to work each day and listen to others chatter about the shows that they watched last night? You see the body somehow thinks that the television characters are real and are their friends. The reality is that there is little remaining dream for the life anyway due to the engagement with the television where each has lost it all to Hollywood or Bollywood anyway.


This is very sad as there can be no real fulfillment in watching television and it leaves humans feeling empty, depressed, disappointed and even suicidal in the end. Perhaps the current epidemic of depression that is hitting mainstream society really has to do with the loss of dream for anything other than boredom as all the dreams are being confiscated through the media; and then in the boredom humans become depressed. Stop watching the television and perhaps one can begin to create real life experiences for oneself that bring one joy and lead to real fulfillment of dream instead!


Prior to the use of media, fiction novels created a parallel phenomenon amongst those who were wealthy enough to read them. Centuries ago, it was only the wealthier in society that received enough education to read let alone have the time to spend involved in novels. However much as with television today, the novels trapped their dreams and those engaging the most in novels may have lived rather boring lives in this time period as a result.


Again, the body does not know the difference between the real life experience of a drama and trauma and the reading of a drama and trauma in a book, or the watching of a drama and trauma upon the stage or upon the movie screen or TV. The body perceives these dramas as real and then chooses to call dreams that are less traumatic to the life in compensation leading to boredom and non-fulfillment in the life experience.


The Origins of Stripping Human Dreams


All of this dance of media and the stripping of human dream it is a left over pyramidal energy flow from the Anu resorts that used a parallel system to strip the dream of traveling Pleiadian visitors so that the Anu would have more dream to weave for themselves and to extend their lives. The regions in the West that foster Hollywood and the East that foster Bollywood are the same grids that hosted Anu based resorts 38,000 to 46,000 Earth years (152,000 to 184,000 human years) ago. After the ice shields broke sending the Anu resorts underwater, the Anu sought another means to steal dreams for life to extend their existence and chose to take it from the slaves. For not only did the Anu harvest chi from the slaves, but also dream.


Dream can be equated to possessions, life experiences, and one’s continued existence or life extension. The Anu were after all three attributes of dream; they wanted to possess as much stuff as they could, have as many life experiences as they could, and live forever. The slaves were set up to sacrifice themselves unto this goal. The Anu had lost their pyramids to regenerate themselves as well as their resorts to strip dreams from their Pleiadian clientele.


It was Merduk that foresaw that everything that they needed could be fulfilled upon through the slaves if the populations grew to be large enough. In this way, the Anu no longer required creating resorts again and upon higher ground. The Anu had long become bored with their resorts anyway, and this was something new and fresh to focus upon; creating a slave civilization that they were master or god goddess over.


The Anu went about the creation of their civilization in a very deliberate and orchestrated way. They even went so far as to hire experts from the Pleiades to come to Earth and advise them. The Pleiadians experts did arrive and some stayed for a few years, but most found the Anu too strange in nature to desire to remain any longer. By and large, those that the Anu hired came up with 18 structures for the slaves to function within. Unconsciously these Pleiadian “experts” assisted the Anu in weaving the slave civilization dream, which was an extension of a dream from the Pleiades that was pyramidal in energy structure. The ocean was programmed in the beginning to support this energy flow and electrical dolphins and whales imported and released into the wild to assist.


The Anu cycle came and went. The slaves existed within this system for 10,000 years. In the beginning the populations of the slaves grew to be about 100,000 and all aspects of slave civilization were set in motion. By the end of the era of the Anu, there were millions of slaves. And yet this was not enough dream and chi to extend the lives of the Anu any longer. The predisposition however to give of one’s dream to those of Anu ancestry and unto those in power remains to this day; and human masses give their dream to those in power in so many ways, not unlike the end of the slave era that concluded 30,000 Earth years (120,000 human years) ago.


Lotus vs. Pyramidal Dream   


For those who are ascending, each is offered an opportunity to step out of the pyramidal dream of your current human civilization. There have been other types of dreams run over time amongst the Red Nations Peoples and Grand Masters that were far more unity-based. These dreams were of rotational lotus patterns instead of pyramids or boxes. The lotus pattern dream leads to greater equality and unity in human civilization.


How and why is this so? The lotus has no greater or lesser within the flower; each petal sustains and suspends a dream of each individual or each tribe. No one is outside of the dream of the lotus; each has a place within the whole. No one petal upon the lotus is any greater than any other; this leads to a dream that expresses collaboration, sharing and equality. This is the dream that those in the DAS community program are choosing to restore in the co-creation of community together. The structure of this lotus looks much like the structure symbol of the Language of Light when rotating.

Image of an exquisite white lotus with yellow center.










The pyramidal dream functions in almost every arena of current human life. This was not so one hundred years ago. One hundred years ago, there were vast regions in which the pyramidal dream had yet to touch the many humans living therein; primarily these regions included Africa, South America, the Western US and Canada, Mexico and Australia along with Polynesia and a host of islands global wide. One hundred years ago, the lotus-based dream was dominant in more of the human dream than the pyramidal based dream. Within the past one hundred years, the cycle has shifted. The lotus dream has faded and remains only in pockets interspersed with pyramids. The pyramidal dream dominates through the cities filled with high-rises global wide as well as the countryside where humans reside. Why is this so?


Anything produced in the cities carries the pyramidal dream with it to wherever it goes. Large stores such as grocery stores, department stores, and shopping malls carry the pyramidal dream into the countryside. This infused pyramids into the rural regions global wide, unless such regions are absent of any large-scale merchandisers or electricity in present time. Television also projects a pyramidal dream anywhere anyone attunes unto it. Therefore, even those rural environments relatively free of the mass merchandisers experience the pyramidal dream due to the manner in which television has pervaded human life. Computers are having a parallel affect.


On the CNN News, Asur’Ana read about a small country town in Burma that is one of the last to receive electricity in recent years. This town saw a dramatic shift as households embraced the television. Chairs and couches were no longer placed facing one another for conversation; instead they faced the television. Families were no longer speaking to one another; friends were no longer stopping by after work to chat as everyone was more interested in watching the latest evening show. This was the observations of the reporter who wrote the article.


Is this not the dance that occurred in the West in the past 50 years? Families that once conversed in the evening and had regular visits from friends no longer speak to one another and the friends no longer stop by. Parents who once played with their children after work use television as a baby sitter, or are more interested in the evening shows than what their children have to say. Humans have lost the time and ability to communicate and share with one another due to the heavy focus upon the media. This not only occurred in this time period, but in the era of Atlantis as well.


The History of the Media Based Pyramidal Dream     


How did the media become the number one pyramid of all pyramids present in the current structure? The Anu used holographic projection devices to entertain the slaves periodically. As all slaves went to the amphitheater to watch the Anu’s projection, they felt informed and loved in a fantasy-based way by their “gods” and “goddesses”. Alas, the Anu used these projections as the primary means of stripping the chi from the masses of slaves that they required to spin their pyramids and regenerate their forms to extend their lives. The holographic entertainment only occurred four times per year in the early slave civilization and in one large amphitheater constructed primarily for this purpose.


Towards the end of their reign, the Anu were broadcasting nightly entertainment in seventeen amphitheaters located in hugely populated slave cities throughout what is now Europe to strive to gather enough chi to sustain themselves. The slaves went by the droves to watch; however, they also were falling further and further into diseased states of being along with shortened lifespan due to how much chi that the Anu took. In the beginning, it took 100,000 slaves living a 300-year lifespan to sustain the Anu. In the end, it took 2.8 million slaves living less than 150 years to sustain the Anu. This was the result of the sinking of Earth’s vibration which thereby provided less chi to sustain the slave energetic flow.


The media gathers almost as much chi from the masses of humans alive today as the Anu at the end of their reign. Most of the chi that the media obtains does not even benefit the humans involved. The chi is absorbed by second dimensional entities and transferred to sinking Alpha Centauri that is feeding from Earth’s remaining electrical current in a last attempt to save itself from the final phases of extinction. As the last human dies that participates in this dance or if the media is suddenly shut off due to dwindling electrical supplies, Earth will finally be free of the constant drain on the part of Alpha Centauri, and will be free to ascend home into the dream of the Great Central Sun.


Pyramidal Position      


Humans that choose to ascend are going to fail if they continue to participate in the media to any great extent. The media-based pyramids are being disbanded; however, those who entertain themselves will not be free of the position that one holds in association with the pyramid. Those at the top of the pyramid collect dream, chi, information, moving energy systems and grid work from those in the middle tiers and deposit their karma, dark dreams and density in exchange.


This is how those in positions of power, whether it is governmental or media-based power youth themselves for a time and live the life that appears to be better than most others. After the age of 55-60 however, those in power generally relinquish their positions at the top to someone new; they then rapidly age and die thereafter as they cease to collect the chi necessary to regenerate.


One will notice how most Hollywood stars look youthful and vibrant up through about 60 after which they rapidly deteriorate. This is also the same for ex-Presidents and Prime Ministers who generally fall into disease after their term is over. The only exception to this is the queen or king of a royal family who will always be on top of the pyramid until death, just like the Anu themselves.


Those in the middle tiers of the pyramid take on the karma and provide some of their dream, information, chi, moving energy systems and grid work to those in the tiers above them. Those in the middle also take dream, information, chi, moving energy systems and grid work from those underneath them in the bottom tiers along with depressing their karma and negative dreams upon them. Those in the middle of the pyramid are equated to the middle class who have generally a better life than those of lower class experience and at the bottom of the pyramid as there is a greater variety of dream to choose from available.


Those in the bottom of the pyramid lose the most and gain only karma for bad dreams. The bad dreams may include disease, accidents, difficulties in manifestation, depression, psychosis, and any one of billions of dreams that are less than joyful or fulfilling. Those at the bottom are generally larger in number than those who are middle class and struggle often from birth through death.


Those outside the pyramids receive the darkest dreams of all that even those in the bottom reject. Such humans may end up in prison, in a mental ward, deformed or dysfunctional, homeless on the streets or drug addicts and alcoholics. In many societies, the very last tier creates a place for those of this nature. Out of creating a place in the pyramidal dream for social rejects, institutions were invented to house them.


In some countries, the bottom of the pyramid contains the drug addicts. This has occurred in the Netherlands where drugs are prescribed for the addicts and they are given homes and food to sustain themselves. In Europe and Australia, the bottom of the pyramid for those who do not function well in society remains, and social services by and large financially provides for most humans living in such countries. This may change as the pyramids themselves collapse with the birth of the Grand Master Cycle ahead. As the Grand Master Cycle takes precedence, the lotus-based dream will flourish once again, causing social upheaval amongst humans as the current infrastructure collapses.


Those who find their way to working within a lotus-based dream again will fare better than those who do not in the coming times of transition. This is also why Earth is choosing to bring forth these teachings; to assist ascending humans in constructing and living within a lotus-based dream in preparation for the changes ahead. If this can be fostered to a great enough of a degree, gentler times can occur ahead for all of humanity as there will be a bridge into another way of being that is resonant with the Great Central Sun.


The 18 Types of Pyramidal Dreams         


There are 18 Pyramids in action today as a result of the Anu. These pyramids cause each to lose information necessary to ascension and gain karma from others as one engages with them; or lose karma that one requires transcending to master a complete ascension. We are going to highlight the types of pyramids and give each a brief description of how they work so that one can understand how pervasive these devices are. Each can begin to take inventory of the pyramids one is most predisposed to dancing with in your current life experience. Pyramids one dances with are primarily associated with occupation and interests as well as groups one has affiliated with and the group dynamic position one holds therein. The worksheets associated will give greater focus and direction to the self-analysis part of this chapter.


1. The Money Pyramid


The Money Pyramid creates a false system of bartering in which one exchanges something that is not from the natural world for goods and services. Perhaps if money were constructed out of valuable metals, one would retain an exchange that had some resemblance of balanced giving and receiving. Instead, humans have backed paper money with real gold, but have sold or bartered the gold away leaving only the paper remaining. The paper itself has no inherent value other than what humans believe it to be worth.


The money pyramid was constructed in the era of the Anu who had all 18 paradigms in operation in their slave civilization. Money was in coin and paper form in the era of the Anu; however, it was only of value within their limited civilization. The Red Nations people had no use for the paper or coin; and looked at it as inconsequential or of no worth. The Red Nations peoples retained balanced giving and receiving amongst themselves until the era of the Pharaohs went into full swing in a much later time period.


The money pyramid is complicated with credit, loans and insurance. Credit allows one to borrow paper money that has no worth upon the basis that one will repay it with large interest. The act of borrowing on credit creates an ongoing transference of one’s chi and dream into the money pyramid on top of the interest that one pays, which is why those that are ascending and that use credit often find themselves depleted of capability to weave their own dream.


The money pyramid moves around dreams. If one borrows upon credit to purchase a house, the dream for the house is given to the human by the money pyramid, for a cost. This may be interesting for those of you that are homeowners wherever you live; for first there is the exorbitant amount paid for a place to live, and the interest extended over 30 years. Most will pay for the home 4 times by the time that the loan is paid off, if one does not refinance. However, this is only the beginning; in exchange for the privilege of the dream to own a home, one will be paying chi and 25% of one’s dream to the money pyramid for 75 years or until one’s death, whichever comes first.


During the era of the Anu, the Anu collected the 75 years’ worth of chi and dream from slaves that were homeowners to extend their lives. Per is well off financially and was able to buy a lovely house by a Norwegian fjord without having to obtain a home loan. His wealth in this lifetime is a karmic return for thousands of impoverished lives in his ancestry. Per uses his wealth for sustainable business ventures, including that of starting an ascending community.


Mother Earth arranged for Asur’Ana to meet Per, her beloved twin, so that they can unite forces to assist with global ascension at this time in history. Asur’Ana would never be able to afford a tiny house nor have a home mortgage in the current paradigm on her own. This will change as the Money Pyramid ceases to exist because the rules of the game will be in the hands of the new ascending consensus rather than the pyramid.


Money is an artificial concept that reflects chi, but not always. There are those of great wealth that do not have enough chi to resurrect their diseased forms. Unlike the era of the Anu in which the Anu harvested chi from all eighteen pyramids concurrently, humans today are lucky to harvest chi from only one to two pyramids if they are associated and in the upper tiers of energy flow. Therefore, wealthy people can continue to harvest plenty of chi to create more wealth, but no chi to retain their health. Money therefore cannot buy health; it may buy many treatments, but ultimately it may not extend the life much in the end.


This is an interesting outcome from Earth’s point of view as during the era of the Anu, their wealth also bought them chi in the form of life extension; which also included extending their health. One can see in the falls that the pyramid has inverted in upon itself causing limitation of the type of wealth anyone associated with the Anu can have. This is important, as it allows those of Anu inheritance to experience all the disease they have caused upon the slaves over time so that karma for the entire dance can be settled, and a new era be born ahead.


2. The Health and Vitality Pyramid


This pyramid involves athletes and sports of all kinds along with those that live a simple life but in good health and with enough chi to remain active into their later years. Those in the middle to the top of this pyramid will have good health and those in the bottom will have poor health, disease, illness, accidents or other travesties. This is separate and distinct from those who fall outside of the pyramids altogether and are homeless, insane, imprisoned or retarded. However, it is interesting to note that in present time, institutions have been constructed to house those in these categories, creating in some countries another tier in this pyramid underneath the bottom tier.


In many countries such as the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, the tier under the Health and Vitality pyramid allows each to be provided with a place to live and enough to eat. This minimizes crime. It has been interesting to note that in places such as Vancouver and Sydney, there is not a large “inner city” where crime, drugs and homelessness prevails. This is due to a place in the dream for each within the regional dream. It is when there is no dream that homelessness or living upon the streets occurs.


Sometimes even in countries that provide a dream for the lowest branch of humans, some fall through the cracks. Usually these humans are utilizing drugs and the planes associated with drugs have no place in the dream, often leaving them homeless and destitute regardless of where they live. When one has a place in the dream, then one will be able to manifest what one requires in any given day, week or month of life. In the West, the pyramid is so large and so strong that most fall into the category of having enough as they have their place in the dream.


However, one can see in this what may occur global wide as the pyramids are inverted now deliberately on the part of the consciousness of Earth. The pyramids global wide will begin to shatter. Humans will lose their place in the dream; homelessness may become rampant until humans ascend into the new consensus energy flow and then in so doing, partake in another dream that creates order in the life dance. It is why there may be a period of great chaos ahead in the transition from a pyramidal dream to a magnetic circular dream, and many who will fall out being incapable of ascending into the new paradigm.


Why will many fall out and be unable to move into the new paradigm? They lack the genetic encoding to create a circular energy flow to align with the new lotus shaped dream that Earth will broadcast for humanity at large, replacing the pyramidal dream in full. Alas, we cannot allow the old electrical dream to remain, as if we did it would simply deter Earth from the goal of her global ascension. And so, a period of chaos in the interim is anticipated. The best thing that ascending humans that are aware can do is to retreat into the far country and tend to one’s own garden; there one will find a dream one can easily align with in the natural world leading to a day of greater ease ahead.


3. The Military Pyramid


This pyramid directs all military based organizations associated with the current human paradigm. During the era of the Anu, this pyramid was primarily pushed into a territorial defense group that monitored the borders of the slave civilization. Slave civilization sometimes went out to conquer certain Red Nations regions for the associated natural resources deemed necessary to their own existence, or for profit and gain within their own civilization, or for the Anu. Sometimes the red nations’ tribes attacked in retaliation and as a result, an army of sorts was created to patrol the borders of slave land. Originally, this type of military was never used against the Anu.


Then Merduk expanded the Military Pyramid through conscious intention to create the necessary modality to wage a war upon Innana and her slaves. The war machine is directly related to Merduk’s inflation of this sector of the slave civilization pyramids. Every so many cycles, the war pyramid inflates again causing another world war that leads to nuclear annihilation, just as it did in the era of the Anu.


Pharaoh Ramen also inflated the Military Pyramid and then went on to build armies to wage wars to conquer Red Nations tribes in order to capture the large headed humans bringing them all into one region of domain to be stripped. In essence, this pyramid projects a dream of warfare and conquering through force in all of its variant possibilities. As the Military Pyramid inflates in any region, the region may be overrun by another force, or may go on to conquer other regions.


As Hitler came to power, this pyramid inflated in Germany caused Germany to overrun part of Europe. As Winston Churchill and Roosevelt deflated the war pyramid in Germany, they won WWII. It was the international war pyramid that became activated again during Vietnam along with 9-11. This pyramid has been disbanded in full now and Earth anticipates that the fighting shall dwindle over the coming decade and then fade into a distant memory. The power of the military pyramid is being pressed into other regions of domain at this time on the part of the consciousness of Earth to prevent any possibility of the creation of WWIII.


4. The Food Pyramid


This pyramid allows for farming and food gathering in all of its many expressions in present time. Over time the Anu had the slaves farm larger and larger numbers of acres, some of which was procured in territorial wars with the Red Nations Peoples. Large amounts of food to feed the out of control and increasing slave populations were created during this era. This occurred primarily as Merduk manipulated the slave birth control so that they would have more human bodies to run their life extension through. The more humans, the larger all pyramids grew as an energetic force.


The Anu however did not desire their slave nations to grow to be global wide, as this would be harder to control and maintain upon their part. The Anu only desired enough slaves to serve them and make life more entertaining, or to feed off of energetically to sustain their lives. Therefore, as the populations of slaves grew too large, they opened concentration camps in three regions far outside their slave civilization to exterminate the old, diseased, insane and unwanted.


In the beginning, these camps were run near Germany and upon the grids known as Auschwitz in present time. This was too close however, and soon the slaves figured out that where the authorities were taking their relations was not the beautiful dream that they were told. Therefore, the Anu moved the camps to distant shores and regions that the slaves could not travel to on foot. Such regions appear to be near Chicago, Toronto and New York in present time.


The Anu splintered the food pyramid into two forces in the creation of the concentration camps; those in the concentration camps starved if they were not executed deliberately. They lived and worked under harsh conditions not unlike prisoner of war circumstances in Japan or Germany during WWII. Wherever this fractured pyramid is expressed, there are harsh circumstances for those held within it. Those living as “untouchables” in India are one expression of this dream in present time. The circumstance in Palestine and Syria are also examples of these pyramidal dreams running in present time. The solution is to remove this type of dream and anchor another dream in its place, and this shall be accomplished through the ascending children of the Middle East in the coming decade.


The food pyramid creates an abundance of food for humans at the expense of the natural world. Red Nations Tribes did not grow food at the expense of the natural world. They may have farmed small regions, but by and large all red nations tribes learned to subsist from gathering what was readily available from the land. Prior to the breaking of the ice shields, there was an abundance of food as Earth was a global greenhouse. Food grew off the vines on the side of the trails; there was no requirement therefore to farm if one knew where to go to harvest the abundant resources already prevalent upon Earth. This is what the red nations peoples learned to do.


The Anu were unfamiliar with the food source of the red nations people. Therefore, they imported foods that they were familiar with from the Pleiades and attempted to farm them through the efforts of the slaves. Many foods failed in the biosphere of Earth, as the sun was yellow-orange rather than blue-green in color. Some foods modified themselves and did make it becoming a prevalent food source for the slaves and Anu alike.


The Anu also enjoyed milk and milk products. Early on and before farm animals were imported from the Pleiades, the Anu milked the slaves for their own “ice creams” and “cheeses”. The Anu ate of this just as they drank of the blood of the slaves. Later the slaves milked the cows, sheep and goats in parallel to how they had been milked by the Anu, and created forms of cheese that prevail unto this day.


The bottom line is that the food humanity relies upon today is outside of the natural world and contained in the pyramidal dream of the Anu. As ascending communities are formed, the current foods farmed by humanity will be cultivated therein; this will create a dream in the natural world for provisions that humans rely upon. Such provisions will one day occur naturally and without the requirement to farm as a result.


As the Anu overran the natural world with human farming practices, they created deprivation in the natural world. The natural world suffered great lack due to all of the acres of land held hostage to farming plants that were not a part of the global dream. So, this has occurred again in many time periods, including the era of the Pharaohs, Atlantis and in present time. The creation of any lack requires karmic counterbalancing. Humans may know a period of starvation into the future that shall be the karmic return of the starvation of the natural world caused by your current farming practices. The intention to release the karma for starvation on the part of ascending humans may allow the difficult times ahead to be lessened.


The starvation may be the result of the collapse of the current Food Pyramid. As the pyramid collapses, there will be no dream to foster the current farming practices in your civilization. As this occurs, crops may die or not be planted as there are no humans willing or capable to facilitate the farms. The new consensus can assist by creating a new dream for farms that provide enough food for all so that the ascending children will make it through the coming times ahead. This is one dream that Asur’Ana and Per have perceived as vital to the future ascension of humanity, and it is why this dream is focused upon during each dreamtime event now and will be focused upon into the future.


5. The Commodities Pyramid


The Commodities Pyramid governs the buying and trading of commodities or that which is deemed valuable other than money. Gold, diamonds and pearls were common commodities during the era of the Anu. Also traded were metals used in construction or exported to the Pleiades for the gain of Pleiadian currency. Today the commodities pyramid also includes gambling and insurance along with the buying and selling of stocks upon Wall Street.


The dance of commodities leads to the overvaluing of some objects and the undervaluing of others. Asur’Ana has pondered the beauty of natural shells from the ocean. And yet shells by and large are considered of little value compared to pearls; and pearls of little value next to diamonds, rubies and emeralds. By and large, the value of certain minerals or rocks over others follows the preferences of the Anu, who obtained more money in trade with the Pleiades for diamonds, gold, pearls, rubies and emeralds.


Trading upon paper, as you know it in association with Wall Street was not a phenomenon during the slave civilization of the Anu; nor was insurance a prevailing concept of the time. The concept of stocks, bonds and insurance is the result of the fracturing of the commodities pyramid. Over time each pyramid has fractured into smaller counterparts that have continued to spin in a pyramidal energy flow. The fractured commodities pyramid gave birth to the concept of making money through the trading of paper rather than trading real objects.


One can think of the trading of paper as a merger of the money pyramid concept and the commodities pyramid concept. As the two pyramids collapsed due to falls in vibration, they merged into another new pyramid that combines the concept of money with bartering or trading. The problem with trading paper is that it creates more karma than trading real hard commodities or objects. How and why is this so?


Paper has no value to begin with as it produces no chi. Minerals have a value founded upon how much chi that they produce. If one trades equal chi in the form of money for a mineral that produces chi, then one creates no karma as the scales are balanced through the mineral in the transaction. This is also so for metals or living things such as plants, trees or animals. It is when one trades money or chi for paper that cannot produce chi that one really indebts oneself to something that cannot provide any return upon the investment. It is through the trading of paper that the current large-scale ancestral karmic debt that most humans find themselves in today has been caused. Asur’Ana and Per recognized this long ago and simply forgave their ancestors for trading paper or participating in the dance of insurance or interest.


Insurance and interest are two other related areas that also create great karma. Insurance collects money founded upon the fear of an accident or natural disaster. Accidents and natural disasters are predictable phenomenon if one knows how to dream weave; they also can be avoided by choosing to release the associated karma before the dream ever manifests. Therefore, one does not require insurance as one masters one’s own dream weaving.


In failing to feel in control over the human dream, humans have become preyed upon by those who like to use fear as a means of creating wealth. Alas, putting others in fear to create wealth creates a whole other kind of karma in addition to the profit associated with trading paper; it creates karma for manipulating others into giving one chi in the form of money for nothing in return, unless of course the accident or natural disaster does indeed manifest.


Long ago, one initiate got into an accident that was not her fault. Over the course of 3 years, the car insurance company that had insured her car for 10 years had paid out every cent they had earned in the time that she had associated plus interest; this led her to the understanding that she had to create the accident to balance the scales with the car insurance company in her choice to ascend. Now she holds only the minimum insurance required and balances the scales through intention rather than manifesting accidents. So, each may do the same.


However, we point out that there are so many humans in the West that have paid insurance for so long that the requirement to create accidents or natural disasters to settle the debt that the insurance companies have manifested is great. Those carrying insurance may then go on to call in a dream for an accident, hospitalization, disease as well as natural disasters that harm them or their property in counterbalance. The dance of insurance will actually create disasters in the end for those participating in the dance as a result. It may be why it is best for each to settle their karma with the insurance companies and then carry the bare minimum by law (for the car in particular) and step out of the game otherwise.


Interest creates profit for doing nothing but loaning paper to purchase something such as a home or car. Interest therefore creates karma in the exchange. Over time, Asur’Ana came to the understanding that she had paid so much interest upon her credit cards that she had paid off the initial debt 3 times, but that the credit card companies owed her. Therefore, she defaulted on the debts to balance the scales.


The credit cards were taking so much of her creative flow that Asur’Ana’s ability to manifest had come to a standstill. As she defaulted upon the false debt, then there was enough chi to manifest the funds to pay the rent and travel as deemed necessary in her ascent, as the chi ceased to go to the Commodities Pyramid. Then Per showed up to help her out and provide for her so that she can focus on the ascension writing and teaching that they both co-create in DAS.


Weaving of a dream free and clear of having to pay any entity or physical force money or chi is a freewill right for all that exist within the Tao. One need not pay anyone or anything to exist. Ascending initiates can learn to balance the scales with the landlords and banks that they must deal with in the current paradigm through intention, as most overcharge and do not relate in balanced giving and receiving.


We look forward to a time when this is no longer so and each simply creates balanced giving and receiving with the land, finding one’s home in the natural world, and working with the garden to provide one the food and shelter required for the continued ascent. As the commodities pyramid is collapsed, so this will one day come to be.


6. The Real Estate Pyramid


Real Estate and property ownership was a prevalent part of the slave civilization of the Anu. This was not so with the Red Nations Peoples who viewed all the land of Earth as a part of the whole, and incapable of being owned or divided. The Anu therefore had their largest conflict with the Red Nations Peoples over the concept of land ownership. The Anu overran the Red Nations peoples by force. Later as their slave civilizations expanded, they used the slave military to expand into land that they desired to farm or to support the livelihood of the slaves or themselves taking even more provisions from the Red Nations Peoples.


The slaves were allowed to purchase land from the Anu for a cost. The cost was not collected in money as much as it was labor and chi. The cost of housing inflated, as there were larger numbers of slaves born causing the Real Estate Pyramid to inflate in size. The inflation of the real estate pyramid caused housing in prime regions of the slave cities to go up and up and up in value, creating wealth amongst the slaves. Out of the wealth, suddenly slaves could act as the Anu, hiring others to clean their house and wait upon them hand and foot. In so doing, the slaves began to experience life that paralleled the “Gods and Goddesses” that the slaves worshipped due to wealth.


In present time, any region under the main eighteen global pyramids has inflated real estate values. This has also occurred in other regions as the numbers of humans has increased in population. The increasing population causes the real estate pyramid to inflate in prime areas. Prime areas or areas in which the wealthy live have a very clear or clean dream. This is because the dream is in the center of the pyramid and not in the edges of electrical energy flow produced by the spinning of the mer-ka-ba. Those regions held in the edges of electrical flow tend to be dirty, unattended too, junkyards or inner cities. Housing in these regions tends to be reasonable, but fewer also wish to live there given it’s less than desirable feeling thus pressing the values up and up in the better living regions.


Some regions that Asur’Ana and Per have worked in also have a clear dream; the clear dream is the result of ascension and not a pyramidal flow. The clear dream attracts investors who have large money to spend because wealth has always been attracted to the clarity of dream in the center of the pyramid. Because the dreams resemble themselves, the wealthy are attracted; however, the wealthy will find that they will lose their wealth through their investments in ascending regions into the future.


Why is this so? Nature will recoup its loss of chi by collecting it through those who are wealthy and purchase homes in ascending regions. This is one manner that the scales shall be balanced between nature and humanity. Therefore, many very wealthy humans with investments in ascending regions under the major chakra centers of Earth may discover that they lose their wealth ahead due to the settlement of karma with nature.


Property boundaries will be a part of the new consensus ascending communities. This has to be as those who are not ascending may interfere with the communities otherwise. Therefore, Earth is choosing to create a new energy flow surrounding real estate that ascending humans live upon, along with land purchased in time for community. It is hoped that enough funds are raised to purchase the land outright and without a loan to prevent chi being taken in excess from the community. Property taxes will be paid for through the community that may offer online services or raise organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and seeds that are ascending and sell them for a small profit. This will allow taxes to be paid until governments more or less disband themselves due to a lack of communication and capacity to travel.


Those who rent or own property in present time and are ascending may choose to bring their residence into the new energy flow of the new consensus in the now. This will assist in keeping landlords and banks from taking one’s chi excessively. Some have karma with the landlords and banks that must be settled. Once settled, one will most likely move or sell off the property. Perhaps one will then invest in land suited for community at a later time.


In the inversion of the real estate pyramids, property values will decline and decline, even in previously prestigious neighborhoods during the times of cleansing ahead. The real reason for this will be the declining pyramid; however, it may be augmented in physicality with a larger number of deaths due to disease. This will make property costs very inexpensive. Food on the other hand may become very expensive as the Food Pyramid collapses. Why would this be so?


Food is cheap and housing expensive at this time. As the pyramids collapse, the inverse of this will be experienced for a time, with housing becoming cheap and food expensive. This may be so if farmers fail to produce much, as crops that are non-ascending and non-organic will fail. This may quite naturally cause humans to return to gardening again to provide for themselves and their families. Over time and as there is not enough governance to collect the taxes; humans will once again live freely from the land. This may take 50 years or more into the future to occur however.


7. The Marriage Pyramid


The Marriage Pyramid will affect anyone associated that is married, even those who are gay. This pyramid hosts a large number of agreements between marital partners that were originated by the Anu. In the Anu agreements, one is married for life and can have two children. This was to restrain the slave populations, and indeed it did work, more or less amongst those who were married at the time. Perhaps this is also why at this time of inflation of the pyramids in the Anu era, humans in the West are limiting themselves to 2 children. With the high divorce rate, this applies also to second marriages; so, one may have two children per marriage in this lifetime per the agreements held within the Marriage Pyramid.


The Marriage Pyramid was used to strip chi from couples during love making to extend the lives of the Anu. This is how Innana regenerated herself in her life extension practices, by taking the sexual energy of each married slave couple as they made love. Before the Marriage Pyramid was instigated, there was a Sexual Pyramid in its place. Sex was experienced outside of marriage for a long time in slave civilization and couples rarely wed. However, as the number of births went out of control, and women were no longer able to intend not to conceive, then the Sexual Pyramid was altered to become a Marriage Pyramid to act as a form of birth control.


When the Sexual Pyramid was in place, Innana had more sexual energy to youth herself with. As the Marriage Pyramid occurred, sexuality waned amongst the slaves and as a result Innana had to find another way to take chi for life extension. It was at this time that Innana chose to take chi through real estate and commodities as well as money pyramids through the slave civilization.


The Marriage Pyramid creates an invasive outside energy that can manipulate couples when making love in present time. Asur’Ana and Per did not understand this for a long time. It has only been recently that they have separated from the inflated marriage pyramids in present time. Couples who are having problems with harmfulness during intimacy may find that in separating in full from the Marriage Pyramid that such manipulations cease to occur.


One can see that in present time how the Sexual Pyramid expanded in the 60’s and 70’s leading to birth control pills and freedom in sex. Then the Marriage Pyramid overran the Sexual Pyramid in the 80’s creating AIDS and the fear of sex. There is less sex occurring amongst humans in this time period as a result of the dominion of the Marriage Pyramid. As this inverts, it may create another period of great liberation in sexuality followed by the movement towards communion and divine union amongst humans instead.


Love making in divine union is an entirely different experience as it involves soul. Love making now is by and large soulless in human experience. As those who are couples invoke soul to engage with the form during love making, one may experience ecstasy together as the love pours into one’s field and is expanded through the two fields united. The ecstasy can then be shared with all other kingdoms in divine union, allowing blessings to flow from human to nature and back again. As enough in the new consensus master this, love making will take on a new meaning therein.


8. The Family Pyramid


The Family Pyramid creates agreements surrounding the nature of parenting children. Over time, extended families splintered, particularly as grandmother and grandfather were taken to the extermination camps in the era of the Anu. This left mothers and fathers alone to raise their children. One can see that this fracturing of the family pyramid is occurring again in the West even though there are no extermination camps for the grandparents. Instead, grandparents are rejected and put in separate housing, a retirement home or nursing care rather than retained in extended family circumstances. This is a replaying of this karma of separation of the extended family in present time from the extermination camps of the Anu.


The family pyramid creates a pecking order within the extended family. Extended families can be considered parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and the spouses of those that are mature enough to be married. In the era of the slave civilization, the extended family included 144 others that were related through birth, marriage and procreation. Today they include much smaller numbers of 36 or less as the pyramid itself has fractured.


The family pyramid places the parents on top or in the middle and the children on the bottom. Grandparents go on the very bottom and are stripped by the parents to extend their lives. Children receive karma and density from their parents to extend their lives. Each in this program will have been a part of a family pyramid and can begin to assess how this affected one’s childhood. The family pyramid also presses each into group dynamics that will be spoken to later in this chapter.


The new consensus is bringing about a new type of family energy flow that will allow for extended family amongst ascending initiates that is lotus shaped and rotational in nature. In preparation for community building, this energy is being launched into the human dream on the part of Earth. Over time and as the family pyramid collapses, humans may separate from blood relations and form new families associated with the soul’s purpose and ascension. This may be how many an ascending community is born that is unity and equality based.


In the period of cleansing ahead, many adults may die leaving large numbers of children to be raised together or even by themselves. If enough of the children are ascending, they will attune to the dream projected upon them from Earth, and will know therefore how to take care of themselves and survive. Many also may be highly gifted and psychic, being capable of hearing the nonphysical realms as well to receive support and guidance from Earth.


The times ahead may be modified into less chaos as more adults ascend. It is too soon to tell exactly what dream will step down in what region. The more that ascend in any given region, the more fields that there are to hold the new ascending dream; this may lead unto less problematic times ahead than we can perceive in the now. It is for this reason that Asur’Ana and Per perceive the requirement to bring in many more ascending children to hold a new dream for their parents and neighbors; the more ascending children that are born, the less difficult the times of transition can be. This requires many more ascending adults to hold space for the ascending children.


9. The Work Pyramid


The Work Pyramid holds the dream for work for all major regions of Earth. This pyramid originated with the Anu with only 8 areas of work; these included farming, education, the arts (music, dance and theater), food service (restaurants), government, health care (hospitals), banks and real estate. All work was associated with these 8 areas of slave expression. Each was expected to work a given period of each week in exchange for their home and food. However, work was never as rigid as it has become today or as demanding in the era of the slave nations. There was far more time for the slaves to play, drink, dance or think, attempting to understand more than the limited biology allowed for.


Over time and in the current cycle, the work pyramid has fractured into many smaller rigid structures. The fractured structure of the work pyramid requires much more chi in present time to sustain its spin so that a longer work time is necessary so that the pyramid does not collapse. As each works five days a week and eight hours per day or more, the work pyramid gathers the chi to sustain itself.


In the era of the Anu, the work pyramid was the primary source of chi that Zeus and his descendants regenerated themselves from. In present time, the CEO and those upon the upper tier of the work pyramid receive the chi from all the employees; most of this chi goes into sustaining the dream of the corporation which is a pyramidal energy flow. It is the chi taken from one at work that ages humanity so rapidly at this time in history. Step out of the work pyramid and one will therefore have more chi to put towards one’s ascension.


The work pyramid interferes with ascension more greatly than any other pyramid other than the media pyramid from Earth’s point of view. Much of the current work structure creates needless things from the point of view of the natural world. Humans work hard to create more “possessions” than they really need to subsist. The possessions strip the natural world of resources required for global evolution. There is no spiritual truth in the creation of possessions and so humans move off track to their real soul’s purpose in such a focus. The desire for possessions causes humans to strive for wealth rather than spiritual awakening. The focus upon wealth or success even pervades the metaphysical movement which somehow believes that those who are gifted spiritually succeed in business rather than master spiritual lessons.


The possessions contain parts of human fields that are fracturing due to the incessant dropping of vibration induced through the electronic media. This is why so many are consuming so much; they are in search for themselves outside of themselves in “objects”; and as they purchase the objects and bring them home, there is an artificial sense of wholeness and fulfillment from the outside.


As ascension is more greatly launched, humans will begin to reunite their fields, pulling the splintered pieces of self out of the possessions, leading to greater wholeness within instead. This will also lead to the need for less “possessions” and will create a time in which humans will begin to give away that which they do not require causing an abundance of “stuff” available for very little into the future. As beautiful possessions are available inexpensively or for free, humans will cease to purchase new, and this will bring an end to so many industries that mass produce so much junk. Or so Earth perceives into the future.


All Asur’Ana and Per can think of as they peruse the mall is great sadness of seeing so much “stuff” that humans really do not need. So much time is devoted to working so that humans can possess more stuff from the malls that there is no time for much anything else. If ascending humans simply scaled back upon their artificial desires created through the work pyramid in the form of possessions, one may find that one has quite enough for travel or other dreams one would like to make manifest.


There is a Hawaiian saying “Want more? Then desire less.” Or in other terms, if you want to experience abundance, then desire to own or possess less. Perhaps this speaks to the innate wisdom of the Hawaiian people recalling another time in recent history when they did live freely from the land in a state of abundance, and without all the malls or resorts or need to work such long hours.


It is the work pyramid united with the money pyramid that is behind the large scale shopping malls and grocery stores in present time. Grocery markets at another time may have only stocked food and then been associated with the food pyramid. Today due to the fracture and uniting of many smaller pyramids, food is now displayed alongside merchandise and other products of gadgets having nothing to do with providing sustenance to the biology in the advent of “superstores”. The creation of superstores is due to a merger of the food, money and work pyramid.


It is the work pyramid that strips those who frequent the mall or superstore of chi and dream. Karma to buy more is also deposited upon oneself through this pyramid while at the mall or superstore. This is another reason that Earth suggests that ascending initiate minimize the times in the malls and grocery stores and try and find smaller markets to shop within as one is less likely to be stripped in the interaction. The chi is taken to suspend the rotation of the pyramid to create more work and then more stuff to possess or purchase to make yet others wealthy.


It is also hard to remain in the workforce and not get stripped. For this reason, Earth will work with each ascending human to create a sovereign form of income that is outside the current work paradigm or pyramid. There are some smaller employers that may function in a Figure-8 magnetic dream in rural regions around the globe. Regions down under in Australia and outside of the cities still function in a Figure-8 dream; so, one can be employed and sit in a Figure-8 dream in such regions.


One is less likely to be stripped of ascension records in the exchange while working for someone within a Figure-8 dream and this therefore better supports ascension. There are also Figure-8 dreams available throughout rural regions in most countries, but one will have to be choosy about who one works for and where one lives in order to accomplish creating such a job.


Over time the new communities will sit entirely outside of the work pyramid altogether. It may be for this reason that the communities may not feel like work at all, but rather as many coming together to play together to create what is required to subsist through the times ahead. There may be the opportunity for many forms of artistic expression that also creates beautiful structures and interiors for all to enjoy, along with music, clothing, and of course, farming and gardening. This is the dream that Earth is holding as the work pyramid collapses.


As the work pyramid collapses, so also will the money pyramid collapse. So many are extended so far out on credit that there is bound to be a collapse of some kind ahead, especially as enough die and cannot fulfill upon their debts. The end result will be a collapse of the current modality of work as well as money and real estate as you know it. As this occurs, there will be much land for little that will be available along with open space, and humans will turn to tending to their garden again to survive. This too is a dream Earth is projecting upon humanity for the times ahead.


10. The Education Pyramid


The Education Pyramid provided a foundation of learning for the slaves so that they understood the Anu. This was the primary purpose of the educational system that the Anu created for the slaves. The slaves learned to speak a derivative of Pleiadian which parallels the Greek Language today. Some learned to write. Some who were very bright went into special universities that Athena personally attended to. This was less than 1% of the slave populations however. The desire to have the education on the part of the slaves due to the few who actually received it during the era of the Anu has led to a dream where widespread access to Universities and education has become viable in present time. One could say that each slave desired to read, write and understand, and present day human civilization is a reflection of this desire.


Over this past century and as all the pyramids were expanded through false ascensions occurring global wide, the education pyramid has expanded to an all-time high. Now all may have an education if one desires it so. Current educational standards educate humans to participate in the dream of the pyramid and not an ascending dream. Therefore, education may be a means to a different life within the pyramid; however, any life one may wish to create may be available without education through the new consensus dream. Earth holds no limitations in the dream and one’s preoccupation does not require a degree in her perspective.


However, one’s beliefs may limit the dream, and so as one tends to believe that one cannot create a new occupation without using education as the means, so this will be. Alter the belief and one will create a new occupation without requiring the use of the educational pyramid as a means to one’s goal.


The educational pyramid holds dreams associated with the other seventeen pyramids in terms of occupation. If one would wish to become a farmer and raise food, going to school to understand botany would be a good choice as in the process, one could acquire a dream for farming, working with plants in a nursery or research in medicinals such as the creation of drugs.


If one wishes to become a lawyer, going to school for law will allow one to acquire a dream for becoming a lawyer or elected official. If one wishes to become a chef, one can go to chef school or pastry school and receive a dream to work in a restaurant or bakery. If one wishes to become a teacher or a part of the university, going to school and one has the opportunity to receive the associated dream. If one desires to become a doctor, going to medical school or chiropractic school or acupuncture school will provide a dream associated.


As the educational pyramid has fractured in this cycle, there are more schools to educate and certify humans in this occupation or that than ever. One can go to trade schools that specialize in certain training and receive a dream for a particular trade. Along with the dream for any occupation is identity machinery and personality that understand enough about the occupation to support one in doing a good job, more or less. Therefore, it is through the education pyramid that humans receive “identity machinery” and “identity entities” or personality entities over time and in association with any occupation one has held.


Identity and personality interfere with the ability to clearly hear Soul, Nature, Earth or one’s holographic knowing. Therefore, for those that choose to go back to school to change occupations and are ascending, one will need to become cognoscente of how teachers will program you with new identity and persona associated with the school you are attending. One will learn to create new boundaries that do not allow for any programming that does not support ascension.


From a standpoint of holographic wisdom, education is unimportant other than learning the fullness of one’s language so that one can communicate with others. In time, language may become more telepathic and involve pictures, movement and tone rather than words. As this occurs, humans may cease to speak; but may continue to tone sound for the enjoyment of music. Earth perceives this to be so in about 600 years into the future and due to the continued evolution and ascension of your species.


Ultimately, as the educational pyramid collapses, there may be a period where many young folks receive little education in the structured fashion as you know it in present time. Education has become so rigid due to the fracturing of the pyramids that there is little room for creative self-expression or intuition. The incoming ascending children may actually therefore benefit from the collapsing educational system, as they will be left free to hear their own inner truth and the guidance of nature instead. The ascending children will also be born with holographic wisdom, and as education collapses, they will be educated out of their own holographic awareness.


Education is an important attribute of community from Earth’s point of view. Earth will be making a dream available for the ascending young born in community to receive a very different type of education. Reading, writing and math may still be a part of the experience, but in modalities that are associated with the natural world. Teachers within these communities may be channels of Earth and nature that create beautiful lessons that nurture the children each day of school. Such lessons will provide a new dream for all education of the future as human civilization moves into the new era ahead.


11. The Arts Pyramid


The Arts pyramid allows for creative expression in multiple formats, from music and musical instruments, to painting, to clothing making, to decorating the outside and inside of homes, to gardens that are artistic and beautiful, to singing, dancing and acting. The Anu enjoyed entertainment and those who were talented were offered an opportunity to study the arts under the educational system of Athena.


These individuals learned dance that is similar to Ballet in present time, along with development of voice and acting skills. The Anu often turned out for prime performances and those involved in the arts felt much rewarded in this. Those in the arts also lived in a more beautiful region and with greater wealth in the Anu civilization. Perhaps this is why those in Hollywood or Bollywood follow suit today becoming a form of wealth and affluence all of their own, as this occurred also in the time period of the Anu.


The arts pyramid perhaps more than any other pyramid creates fame in present time. The fame of hundreds of thousands of others watching oneself perform or sing or act creates a level of power that is akin to the “Gods” or Anu themselves. It fills one with a feeling of being omnipotent in human form. Some find fame also frightening and difficult to embrace in present time; this is simply because of the fear projected upon the famous ones on the part of the audience in present time. This type of fear was not prevalent in the era of the Anu or Atlantis, and so fame created a very different experience then than in the now. However, it is the memory of the omnipotence of one’s ancestry that drives folk to attain fame in present time, even if it does not provide exactly the same feeling.


The arts pyramid also creates dreams for creative expressions of all kinds, from writing plays and books, to writing songs, to painting, sculpture, clothing making, land sculpture, floral arrangements and even cake decorating. Any creative expression within the Anu based system is held within the arts pyramid. Those participating in the creation of art contribute their chi to the arts pyramid. Those purchasing art, sculpture, clothing, paintings or watching a play or someone perform music also give chi to the arts pyramid. It is for this reason that Asur’Ana and Per have learned to create their own dreamtime planes for all music that they listen to so that they no longer give chi to the arts pyramid in present time through such preoccupations.


Creativity also occurs in the red nation Figure-8 dreams. Those involved with pottery making, basket weaving, jewelry making, indigenous dance, drumming, chanting and music often is associated with red nation dreams. If the artist becomes famous, it is because they have moved over to working in a pyramidal dream and left behind the Figure-8 dream, for Figure-8’s only create limited fame and not great fame. It is interesting to note that Hawaiian music now has a Grammy Award all of its own. Instead of one artist winning, a compilation disk of many artists won. This is an example of a Figure-8 dream that creates limited fame and not great fame of a single individual.


Those working creatively in a Figure-8 or lotus dream will manifest abundance but not great wealth. Abundance occurs as one creates an expression in the form of art, music, jewelry, pottery, baskets, drums or other creative project with the individual who it is being made for in mind. As one creates the art with the one in mind that it is for, the art will formulate itself to be resonant with the one who is to receive it, even if one does not know the individual in the physical. As the one who the art is for (or the associated lineages that have karma with oneself) passes by the art, they will be drawn to purchase the creation as the art was made with them in mind. Art created in this manner is an excellent ascending preoccupation from Earth’s point of view.


As the Arts Pyramid collapses, those of fame through the arts will pass upon the physical plane, as they are held at the top of the pyramidal energy flow. As this collapses, those at the top may become ill or commit suicide. However, this will allow some to rise into leadership in the arts that are ascending instead. Over time there will no longer be great fame or wealth associated with artistic endeavors.


The arts are perceived as a necessary part of community; humans desire beautiful structures and environments to ascend within. Humans enjoy creative self-expression in all of its possible formations. Earth and nature have no problem with this desire and it can be implemented as a part of the dream for the future. Beauty outside of self is a reflection of beauty within; ascension brings about the emergence of beauty from within and therefore beautiful living environments will indeed resonate.


12. The Luxury Pyramid


The Anu loved their gardens and pools. Innana had parklands that were acres and acres large that were maintained by the slaves in a beautiful garden for her own exploration and enjoyment. There were beautiful mineral pools that she also used to regenerate herself. In the gardens were also restaurants to serve the Anu with slaves at their beck and call. Only the most highly educated of slaves were allowed to work in such gardens in Mt. Olympus. This is where the concepts of luxury today come from.


The luxury pyramid holds the dream for fine dining, luxurious resorts, spa services, expensive and beautiful clothing, expensive entertainment, and expensive hobbies such as skiing, yachting, sailing, flying and so on. In more recent times, such hobbies have become more affordable for the middle class in many nations which is a sign that the luxury pyramid has grown to encompass more than those with extreme wealth in present time. This too occurred in the latter era of slave civilization as well as in the era of Atlantis.


Many of the regions associated with luxury may be more pleasant to experience than those that are not. Why is this so? There is less electrical haze in these regions than in other regions. The luxurious regions are held in matrixes that hold clean and clear energy within them. The non-luxurious regions hold electrical haze and humans respond by allowing such regions to become inner cities, junk yards or lower-class neighborhoods.


The problem with luxury-based regions however is that the pyramidal dream is not a part of the natural world from Earth’s point of view; luxury is defined by matrix thoughtform. Inside the matrix of luxury is no connection to nature. Nature is generally leveled in the building of the luxury resort or home site; then nursery plants are trucked in and grounds created founded upon the gardener’s design and dream and not necessarily the dream of nature. The grounds and plants are thereby soulless although perhaps beautiful to look at. This does not allow the luxury resorts or properties to feel good to ascending initiates who desire soul of the land to be around them.


As an ascending human, one straightens out the dream where one lives and calls soul back into the land. As this occurs, other humans living nearby may respond by beautifying the land or buildings in the region. Junk yards may become luxury home sites or a new golf course as a result. This is also how Earth will cause humans to clean up the toxic mess; by bringing all land into a beautiful dream and anchoring the vibration of sacredness. As all land is sacred, all humans will respond to the land through beautification and from love.


Humans respond to a clean dream; they clean up the land and buildings and region. This may also cause the region to go up in value over time where many ascending initiates live, as it will become associated with a luxury region due to the clean and clear energy flow therein. Asur’Ana has witnessed the property values doubling upon the Big Island upon Hawaii in 3 years. This appears to be occurring throughout the islands.


The increasing value is due to the crystal clear dream which calls those that like clarity of energy and associate it with wealth and prestige. Alas, they are in for a surprise as nature is taking chi back from those of great human wealth in Hawaii or who invest in Hawaiian property, and one day they will lose their wealth as a result. This is nature’s way of recouping the chi taken by humanity in the stripping of the natural world to create excessive and needless possessions.


Over time there will be so many regions with crystal clear energy that builders of prestige resorts will get confused. Many will try and set up a new resort in what appears to be a region that will become a large “hit” and very popular, and there will not be enough interest to create the wealth that the builders anticipate. Into the future there may be so many crystal clear regions due to the clearing of electricity through ascending human fields that the contractors will make many “mistakes”.


This will bring an end over time to all of the wealth gained through the construction of prestige properties. As this occurs, the cost of housing will come down to a balanced value that allows for greater opportunity of home ownership amongst all levels of income. This will precede a time when housing will become free as there are few remaining to collect the mortgage, taxes or rent.


Beauty is a necessary attribute in ascension. Beauty is about self love, honor, peace and joy. All shall experience beauty therefore in the environment around oneself, the clothing that one wears and the housing that one constructs. This is the new ascending dream for humans that Earth is holding. However, this dream shall not be outside of the natural world. Therefore, the natural world shall direct the shape of the house and the nature of the landscape along with pools, and the cloth that the fabric is woven of as a co-creation between Earth, humans, soul and nature. In so doing, all shall participate, all shall be a part of the consensus and a part of the community or home in which humans reside. In so doing, the love and expression of co-creation can be shared amongst all kingdoms in unity, peace, honor and joy.


13. The Prestige Pyramid


The Prestige Pyramid directs who has authority and power and who does not in the dance of life. Prestige may be associated with money, but not always, as prestige has to do with how one is received by others. If others perceive oneself as powerful and with authority or knowledge, then they will receive one as prestigious. Out of perceiving one as prestigious, one receives the power of others, inflating oneself to larger than life energy movement.


The Anu were always at the top of the Prestige Pyramid in their era. Under them were their most educated slaves who had “presence” or were “god like” in the Anu’s opinion. Prestige and the arts pyramid often go hand in hand with those of great fame in present time, although sometimes prestige and the education, money, or commodities pyramids may also interlink. Interlinking Pyramids means that those involved draw chi from all platforms and from all others contained in the lower tiers beneath them.


Prestige in the pyramidal system has everything to do with the ongoing transference of power and chi from one to another. Earth is vying for ascending initiates to create a new form of prestige that is recognized due to spiritual accomplishment and mastery of compassion in action instead of taking the power of others. As spiritual mastery is valued over ability to acquire fame, wealth or power, then a new day will be born where unity and non-conditional love can reign.


In Red Nation existence before the era of the Pharaohs and in a lotus-based dream, prestige was founded upon contribution to the tribe. All had worth and value and a certain level of prestige that they were acknowledged for in their contributions unto the group. In the acknowledgement, each had a place that was not held in place founded upon another above or beneath oneself. This allowed equality to be the modality for the tribal relations. Equality can be equated with non-codependence. The pyramid in its very format creates codependent relations; one is dependent upon those beneath oneself to provide one chi and one’s dreams; and those above oneself are dependent upon oneself to be provided for in chi and dream. One is therefore caught in codependency within the pyramid.


Breaking free of the pyramidal system will lead to non-codependent relations and an ability to weave one’s dream unencumbered. What does this translate into? It translates into each learning to weave his or her dream in conjunction with Earth within the group or tribe. As each weaves their own dream, and moves their own energy to create the chi one requires to subsist and manifest, then no one is codependent upon the other. This leads to different types of relationships in which each may be honored for the gifts that they bring to the whole; and no one takes responsibility for another’s well-being or spiritual evolution. This is the new dream Earth is vying to create in the ascending communities of tomorrow, and to experiment with the associated energy flow at DAS dreamtime events in the now.


14. The Government Pyramid


The Anu did not wish to oversee the day-to-day governance of the slaves as the populations grew to be too large. This was overly time consuming, and so a hierarchical form of governance founded upon the present day concept of Democracy was formed during their era. In this pyramid, there was one elected official per region, plus one elected “President” of the whole slave civilization. The elected officials met with the President in a form of “Congress” to determine changes that affected all of the slaves.


In the early days, many of the slaves were held in environments that were akin to chattel that received little education. Educated forces were therefore assigned to govern and handle the disputes of those living in “less aware” circumstances. Over time, the slaves chose to create their own educational system to allow knowledge to be more accessible to all during the latter half of the Anu era. As the next generations of slaves were better educated, the governance of those living in less privileged circumstances became easier. One can see the fulfillment of this dream again in present time, as education has become available unto most in both the East and West and this does ease the issues of governance.


Today the government pyramid creates governance of all kinds. Those at the very top of the pyramid tend to be the Presidents or Prime Ministers. Those in the upper tier tend to be elected officials from states or provinces. Those in the lower tiers tend to be regional governance such as governors or senators or magistrates. The government pyramid also creates a form of pecking order between nations in association with power.


Those nations with the largest governmental pyramid have the most power, such as the US, England, and Europe which is now gaining power due to the uniting under one currency and constitution. The power of Europe is exceeding the power of the US in present time and this is why the US dollar has fallen. Asia has pyramids that dance in power in association with the West as well, and they too have their own pecking order of power between all countries of the East. It is interesting to note that the more powerful Eastern nations such as Japan and China have both pyramidal and box like energy flow associated and are drawing upon the power of the Anu to retain their power with the West.


The conflict between Eastern and Western governance in present time has to do with the nature of leadership. In the Anu system, leadership is founded upon education as well as royalty. Royalty can be considered akin to being one of the “gods” or born with Anu DNA. Elected officials can be of any slave lineage as long as they are gifted at learning in the Athena educational system. One can see that the current model of Western life is founded upon this system today and leadership by and large is either of Anu inheritance or well educated.


Reptilian pyramids tend to create leadership founded upon a monarchy or family ties. Those of the right inheritance end up in leadership, and education is not enough to create a position of power above those who have the prestigious family ties within the system. This is also true in the Middle East where Sheiks are in power as well as India where those with the right family relations tend to be in power in present time.


It is when reptilian pyramids become intertwined with Anu pyramids that military governance tends to take over and assumes power. This occurs as the pyramidal and box shaped military pyramids unite into a single large flow and overrun all other pyramids becoming the most powerful force of all. This is why the military then steps out and overthrows the monarchy or those in power due to family ties in the old reptilian system. One can see this currently occurring in China and Korea along with Thailand in present time.


Reptilian pyramids have a slightly different infrastructure than Anu pyramids. Whereas those on top of the Anu pyramid are not expected to take care of those underneath, in the Reptilian system, the leadership is responsible for the welfare of those underneath and until death. Hence the experience of corporations in the East that are expected to take care of employees and their families until death.


More recently, the box shaped pyramids gave way to pyramidal flow in the larger cities of Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo; as this occurred, the need of the corporation to take care of everyone faded, and suddenly there were vast layoffs as an economic crisis hit. The corporation was suddenly freed of the responsibility of taking care of the employees until death. This was vastly disturbing to those who experienced it, however so it has come to be so.


Those living in the more rural regions of Asia may still experience Reptilian box shaped dreams in which the family must take care of the parents until death; or the employer must take care of the employees until death; and the governance is responsible for the needs of the people. Those in the box shaped dream are more greatly provided for perhaps than those within a pyramidal dream, but it is still a codependent system nonetheless. All codependence requires transcending in order for the path of unity to come forth in ascending initiates. Reptilian box shaped energy flow also tends to compress fields into descending vibrations, and so for those of Asian inheritance, one will need to move out of the box shaped dream and into a lotus-based dream as one carves the map of ascension.


Earth perceives that another type of governance more akin to the tribal red nations’ modality of leadership shall be map made ahead within ascending community and within the new consensus lotus dream. It may be that ascending communities will have a council or group that shall oversee any dispute or problem within the living environment. Karmic agreements will be taken into consideration and each pointed inward to first settle the karma within. If this does not settle the dispute, then the council may vote upon a settlement that appears fair to the circumstance.


Over time however, self-governance should be an internal state of being where one simply flows with the ins and outs of True Spiritual Law from within. As this comes to be so, the nonphysical councils may oversee disputes upon the physical plane as well as in the nonphysical. There may be a need for a channel that relays the result of the nonphysical councils’ decisions to others upon the physical plane. As each turns inward opening to holographic knowledge, one will be able to seek one’s own counsel from within; and as such all shall self-govern into the future, and the requirement for physical plane governance will cease. Earth perceives that it may be 300 years of continued human evolution before this comes to be so, but is a part of the future human dream.


Government Box


15. The Law Pyramid


The Anu created laws for the slave nations and the agreements for the law were held within the pyramid. The law was much like the 10 commandments. It was illegal to steal, kill, harm, beat, threaten, torture or murder another (except in the concentration camps). Later on, after the Sexual Pyramid became the Marriage Pyramid, it also became illegal to commit adultery in the Anu civilization. Adultery included prostitution, and prostitutes were often convicted of a crime in later slave civilizations.


Crimes in the beginning had no reform; generally, the neighbors decided the outcome. Perhaps the criminal got away with the crime with a warning; sometimes they were hung or stoned to death. Much as in medieval times or in the outback of the West, the local residents of early slave civilization took the law into their own hands.


Later as slave civilization grew, prisons were also constructed. This occurred after the Anu created concentration camps to exterminate the weak, ill or aged of the slave populations. As the Anu imprisoned the weak, ill or aged, then the slaves turned to imprisoning each other in parallel for crimes that they perceived as wrong. One can see that this pyramid is in full affect today with prisons becoming the norm global wide.


By and large the law in the era of the Anu, Atlantis and present time has little to do with True Spiritual Law. The law has grown as the Law Pyramid has fractured into an exponentially complex topic, through which the law can actually be broken but still be considered the law. Lawyers have grown in numbers exponentially all over the globe. In the requirement to make a living, more and more lawsuits over simple problems that would never have required an attorney have now emerged.


The more that people sue over some occurrence that they would not have before, the more employers and businesses feel pressed to carry insurance to protect themselves. One can see in this how the law pyramid and commodities pyramid have united in this dance in recent times, and is reflecting how it has now become the law to carry insurance, such as auto insurance, home insurance or malpractice insurance. The cost of insurance is added to the cost of all services or products manufactured. This causes the cost of living to go up and up.


The interesting aspect of most law suits is how one tries to blame another for a circumstance that was created out of one’s own belief and karma, and in so doing, one never takes responsibility for one’s own cause of one’s own dream manifestation and the spiritual lesson behind it. Someone slips at the grocery store and sues the chain. The chain settles for $20,000 or $40,000; and now the cost of goods must go up to handle the rising cost of insurance that will go up due to the settlement.


The one who sues never looks at why they slipped in the first place and therefore fails to learn the spiritual lesson behind the experience. Perhaps they slipped because they are slipping up in their life dance and should really take a look at this instead. Instead they use the experience to blame the store and try to create some added income for themselves.


Perhaps the income was owed by the grocery store for over charging for the food due to insurance and lawsuits that have increased the cost of their products and food. So, the grocery store settles what is owed to the lineages shopping in their store for decades of overcharging in the settlement. However, the continued lawsuits and insurance only ensure that there will always be the need for more settlements for the grocery store to pay out as they are charging too much. Therefore, the insurance and lawsuits continue to be recreated again and again to balance the scales. This is another example of how insurance causes problematic circumstances along with lawyers seeking to make a living by suing others out of blame.


Recently, Asur’Ana read a news report of a case in the US where a neighbor was fined $40,000 as his dog escaped and killed the cat next door. The one who lost the cat complained of sleepless nights and emotional turmoil due to the loss of her pet; and that the dog had attacked once before and failed to be restrained. The success of this story will inspire many others along with their attorneys to sue for parallel circumstance.


Law as it is causes humans to fail to learn the spiritual lesson behind a particular life creation. Perhaps the lady who lost her cat could look at what the cat represents as a mirror for her life dance rather than seeking money as compensation. The loss of her cat may be a mirror of a much larger problem brewing in her dream. Perhaps she is about to have an accident upon the physical plane and the death of the cat is a reflection. Perhaps she is about to manifest a disease that is stepping into physicality that will kill the form. Rather than suing another out of blame, this human could be working upon releasing their accident or disease karma and creating a brighter future for themselves instead.


Those involved in legal battles of any kind are pulled into the legal pyramid. If one sits in the top half of the pyramid, one will win one’s case. If one sits in the bottom, one will lose one’s case. In the above case, this lady sat at the top of the pyramid, hence the settlement. It is genetic predisposition and karma that determines where one sits within the law pyramid. Attorneys who tend to succeed along with law firms who win their cases sit at the top of the law pyramid; those that struggle and tend to fail at most cases sit at the bottom of the pyramid. Those who are ascending may find it difficult to sit inside the legal pyramid at all due to how it cuts up one’s ascending field, and therefore may require settling the debt through forgiveness rather than seeking restitution through a legal battle. Such a choice would also be a reflection of true spiritual law.


True spiritual law does not allow for the breaking of creational laws in its pure form. Breaking laws is an act of lawlessness, and your current legal system is highly lawless from Earth’s point of view and it does not always mind the karma behind the exchange. Often karma is manipulated through law firms allowing for a win when the case should really be lost in order for the real ancestral karma to be settled between parties. This type of karmic manipulation will cease as true spiritual law is more fully anchored into the old consensus through the guardians of Earth. As true spiritual law is anchored, then the laws that are enforced in present time will shift to be a reflection of karmic law.


If there is karma for stealing, then karma is settled in the stealing. Stealing in this circumstance is not therefore breaking the law but rather a settlement of karma. However, one need not steal to settle the karma, as those who are mastering spiritually can forgive the debt instead. Through forgiveness, one need not be stolen from nor steal from another again. One also need not participate in the patterns of brutality that are either physical or energetic in all their varying forms as one forgives one’s ancestry for participating in such practices.


Real law has to do with evolution. All that supports evolution aligns with the law; all that does not is illegal. Earth is switching to this type of legal system within her own energy flow. As this occurs, any energy pattern including the triangular pyramids of those of Anu inheritance or the rectangular pyramids of those of Reptilian inheritance becomes illegal, as they compartmentalize holographic flow and are non-resonant to ascension. Those running these patterns work against Earth and therefore are outside of the law from the point of view of True Spiritual Law that Earth is now embracing.


As humans embrace real law, they can then enter the dream of the natural world and allow the natural world to provide for oneself shelter, food and all that one requires to continue to live and ascend. One will not require minding any other law other than karmic principles. Karmic principles will cause one to pay a debt unto another only until it has been forgiven, after which the scales are balanced in full and the debt is therefore cancelled. Through forgiveness one can find one’s way to freedom. In the freedom, all may ascend home to the Great Central Sun.


16. The Medical Pyramid


The medical pyramid holds all occupations associated with health care and drug use in present time. More recently homeopathic, naturopathic, acupuncture and chiropractic pyramids have united with the medical pyramid. This was not so 200 years ago when these practices were considered separate and distinct energy flow in their own right. Perhaps this is why the exams for those attaining their naturopathic or acupuncture licenses are similar to a medical exam, and requires all the same knowledge in the educational system.


The medical pyramid has become increasingly inflated as the modalities of health care united under one umbrella. Perhaps it is for this reason that in the US, doctors and surgeons are one of the most highly paid professionals perhaps other than CEOs. In other countries where national healthcare employs all associated, earnings are less and the workload difficult. In these countries, the medical pyramid takes a lower position than other pyramids that create greater wealth, such as the law pyramid or the government pyramid.


If the medical pyramid is large and dominant, doctors will feel like god, particularly if they are at the top in their field. A patient then feels like a slave or subservient and expects the doctor to know more about the patient’s body than the patient does and to heal them. Patients then go along with whatever prescription or surgery that is suggested without question and without turning inward to perceive what the body really requires to heal. Patients may also be so separated off from body level consciousness that they really do not know what the body requires to heal; and probably did not feel the disease stepping down the manifestation planes before it occurred upon the physical plane.


The medical pyramid today has created a circumstance in which there is widespread belief that one cannot heal themselves, and that one has no personal responsibility in causing a disease. Diseases may be genetic, but one is a victim to the circumstance instead of the creator of a karmic circumstance that now one can retrieve one’s power through and then heal from. Doctors also generally strip patients of their own power to heal to make sure that their predictions of continuing lack of health or death are accurate.


The medical pyramid is associated with a series of energy systems that involve the stripping of grid work from those that are dying or have karma for it, and the weaving of grid work into those who will survive or heal from their medical treatments to one degree or another. In the movement of grid work, one receives grid work from another in any treatment; whether one had surgery, or went to chiropractors, or naturopaths or acupuncturists over time.


Those who survive within the hospital or in their medical treatments are generally pulled into the upper half of the medical pyramid; those in this position receive grid work, moving energy systems, chi and information to survive from those in the base. Those who do not fare so well end up in the bottom of the medical pyramid and are the ones who are harvested in order for the others to survive.


Asur’Ana read an interesting article in a recent Kauai publication. In this article, the author was pondering the power of one’s thoughts. Two men came in for medical examinations with the same name. One was diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live. Indeed, this individual died in 4 months. The other was diagnosed with pre-cancer and guided to take action through diet and exercise to change the outcome of potential death. This individual took the doctor’s advice and reversed the symptoms, receiving a clean bill of health a year later.


It was not until the nurse pulled the chart that it was acknowledged that the diagnosis was mixed up; that the one who now had the clean bill of health should have died. The author contemplated the power of positive thought. In reality, the medical pyramid pulled the one who died apart and transferred the grid work to the other who recovered and survived.


Earth advises that hospitals are places to stay away from if at all possible on the part of ascending initiates. The reason for this is that the medical pyramid and associated machines are set up to take immediate action to pull apart those who are dying and push their grid work into those who can survive within any hospital. Not a good place for ascending initiates. Acupuncture, chiropractors and naturopaths are less problematic as they do not host the pyramids and machinery that hospitals do. However, one will still have to be mindful of losing information and grid work in such visits and strive to retrieve whatever one has lost thereafter.


The medical pyramid also hosts drug planes. The drug planes are associated with all the medication prescribed by doctors and psychiatrists. Those who take drugs, whether they are legal or illegal or prescribed, attune to the drug planes. The drug planes host entities that will pull apart an ascending field and take one’s chi. The chi goes to those of Anu inheritance in the medical pyramid. The Anu harvested chi from slaves in their use of drugs such as hemp (marijuana), opium (poppy) and cocaine (coco leaf). These drugs were introduced to the slave populations as the slaves grew them for the Anu. Over time, the Anu used the drugs to anesthetize the slaves to keep them from rising up as a collective against them. They also used the drug planes to take chi to extend their lives.


Vitamin and supplements are also associated with the medical pyramid and one can lose chi through their consumption. Vitamins and minerals are an extraction of a single nutrient or series of nutrients from living food that are processed in parallel manner to drugs and host no connection to their kingdom of association. One cannot exchange blessings therefore through vitamins and minerals as there is no kingdom connected. When one takes vitamins, one also attunes to planes that the Anu created to extend their own lives through supplements. Such planes may not be helpful in ascension.


Homeopathy and herbs do not take chi through the medical pyramid however, especially if one connects that which one is ingesting to their kingdom. The kingdoms do not take chi; they support the form through providing the necessary vibrations or biochemical information to ascend. One can connect to the kingdom through the act of blessing. In blessing the herb, one communes with the kingdom and bypasses the food or medical pyramid in the energy exchange.


Peyote or other mind-altering drugs also trigger the spinning of the medical pyramid in one’s field. It is for this reason that Earth does not advise the use of drugs of any kind for those who are serious about their ascension. Alcohol is not associated with the medical pyramid. It is associated with the food pyramid. Those who are alcoholic tend to allow entities to enter their field from the food pyramid that spin them out of body. The Anu used mead, beer and other alcohol to anesthetize the slaves so that they would fail to rise up against them. They also used the entities that would engage with the slaves’ field while drunk to strip chi for their continued life extension practices. Therefore, getting drunk or drinking heavily is not recommended in ascension as one will lose chi in the dance.


In the act of blessing alcohol, one allows the kingdoms associated to dance with one’s field in a state of communion. One must choose alcohol that has something conscious associated in order to exchange blessings. It is for this reason that Per enjoys gin, rum, and tequila. Fine gin is made of distilled botanicals that he can commune with in the exchange of blessings; rum is made from cane sugar; and tequila the Agave cactus. One must have a conscious kingdom to connect to in order for blessings to be exchanged. Vodka has been problematic in Per’s experience, perhaps because the potato kingdom is so depleted of chi that it has little consciousness remaining at this time in history. This will be corrected as more humans choose to bless the potato kingdom over time.


Rice-wine or sake and beer are two other favorites of Per. For a long time, rice-wine and rice itself was an empty food; so many had consumed the soul of rice that it took some real focus and blessings to begin to restore the consciousness behind rice. Recently, Per has noticed that the rice he has been eating has been filled with greater joy and capable of communing. This also has occurred in his experience of sake. Per has always loved beer and has thoroughly blessed the hops kingdom as a result. Asur’Ana chooses not to consume any alcohol due to practicing the Inner Light and Sound Meditation.


Holographic knowledge restores a state of being where humans can become their own doctor prescribing herbs or whatever one requires to heal and continue to ascend. As one opens to holographic communication, one would be capable of going into the woods and communing with the plants and knowing just what to bring back and make tea of to heal. This was so for many medicine man and woman ancestors that each has as a part of in one’s birth tapestry. As each chooses to bring these ancestors forward, one will recall one’s ancient knowledge and begin to self-doctor, stepping fully out of the medical pyramid.


The ascending children of the future will know how to self-doctor. Just as a sick animal can go into the woods and consume what they require to restore their health, these children of the future will intuitively know in parallel manners. They will also be gifted at treating their parents in the difficult times of cleansing ahead, provided the parents are willing to listen. This is the dream for self-doctoring that Earth is holding for the future of humanity and within the magnetic lotus-based dream.


17. The Construction Pyramid


The Construction Pyramid allowed for the expression of the construction of all buildings, pools or roads required to support slave civilization along with the Anu themselves. Anu building styles are reminiscent of Greek architecture today with large white structures and marble pillars open to the air. Marble statues of the gods and goddesses were also common. Mt. Olympus existed upon the equator and was a tropical region not requiring heating of any kind. This was also so for the slave civilization of the times, who emulated their structures to parallel to what the Anu perceived as beautiful.


Over time and as the slave civilization grew to be excessively populated, housing was less than beautiful for those who were poorer or not so famous. The poverty of the slaves became the most excessive towards the end of the era as the Anu themselves were too busy with their warfare games to pay attention to the state of their slave cities. Up until this occurred, the Anu would tour the cities and press the slave governance to “keep things tidy and clean”. As Innana and Merduk became obsessed with their wars, they ceased to care and the state of the cities and the inner cities in particular became very run down and filled with clutter, not unlike inner cities today.


The Construction Pyramid today involves all construction modalities from human housing in cities and suburbs or the country, along with roads, trains, airplanes, cars and transportation, plus merchandise of all kinds including clothes, electronics, home appliances and home décor that is machine made. As the construction pyramid fractured, it united with the work pyramid to create machine manufactured objects of all kinds. One can see in the consumptive society that you live within today that the pyramids for objects are at an all-time high, causing humans to continue to think of new objects for yet other humans to consume; all for the purposes of creating wealth in the money pyramid. One can see how the money pyramid, construction pyramid and work pyramid have become intertwined over time as a result.


As all pyramids collapse, there will be less and less constructed over time into the future; much of this will occur due to the cleansing of the large populations of humans that cannot ascend. This will make many homes and already created objects available unto those remaining. In time, it may be less expensive to decorate one’s home from décor auctioned off from those that have died than purchasing new décor in the store. As this occurs, humans will cease to purchase new, and this will close down the factories in due course as there will be no use for what is produced nor will manufacturing produce a profit.


In the era of the Anu, machined goods did not prevail. Most objects were hand made up until the war broke out between Innana and Merduk. Then slave civilization went into full swing to manufacture armament to defend their gods. Much like WWII, it created a booming economy for a time within the slave nations cities. Women also went to work in the factories as men sacrificed themselves as soldiers in the war of their gods.


Working in factories perhaps more than any other experience cause humans to become like a living machine; much as the machines that they run, factory workers are expected to be on time and work throughout the day with few breaks and little care if the body is tired or not, or if the body really desires to do a particular job or not. There is deep internal pain and suffering in the bodies of all factory workers as a result; these emotions are embedded in the clothing, furnishings, products, jewelry or any other product that is manufactured in this manner.


Long ago, Asur’Ana became attuned to the pain that those who were manufacturing clothing and appliances were in within the factories of the East. She began to send blessings back so that those caught in this position could begin to wake up, take a stand, create a union, and create better circumstances for themselves. In time few will be willing to work for pennies, and then mass slave labor as is currently available in the current human dream will fade into a distant memory.


Handmade objects or art or clothing hold the love of the individual who created them. This is a far more beautiful to have in one’s presence or to be worn upon the body than a machine-made garment with all of its records of pain and suffering. In time, more will awaken to this truth and begin to choose to go back to hand made products again.


Asur’Ana and Per have hired several seamstresses in Norway to sew clothes for them. They find that by and large the cost to produce a garment is not much more than paying full price for a garment in a fine department store. Asur’Ana would love to sew herself but has not the time given all the writing and daily ascension focus. Perhaps more will choose to sew again or learn to design clothing for those who are ascending. This is a good ascension preoccupation from Earth’s point of view as one can design for those who are to purchase custom garments and infuse love into them.


Earth desires to create a human dream of construction that resonates with the natural world again for future ascending communities. In this dream, the materials utilized will come from the land. The dream for the buildings and its construction will be offered by the land in a way that resonates with the trees, birds and animals already inhabiting the region. Even the garden will have its place as designed by the plants and vegetables themselves. This is the new dream for the human species in which many will inhabit an area in harmony with nature and in unity with Earth. As the map makers or map carvers create such a community, the map will then be administered to the entire human dream global wide.


18. The Master or Media Pyramid


The Master or Media Pyramid united all the other seventeen pyramids into a single energy flow during the era of the Anu. This single energy flow was not implemented in the beginning of Merduk’s experiment. However, over time and with the dropping frequencies of Earth, more and more chi was required by the Anu to regenerate and prevent aging. It was roughly 600 years after the launching of the original 12 pyramids that the Media Pyramid was also launched uniting the first 12 to regenerate the Anu. Later, an additional 5 pyramids were added as perceived as necessary to govern slave civilization.


It was the Media Pyramid that was activated through the holographic projections of entertainment at the slave gatherings in the amphitheaters. As the Media Pyramid spun, the Anu gathered more chi than in the spinning of each of the other seventeen combined. Over time, the entertainment was increased to a nightly event to assist in sustaining the Anu. This came to be so in particular after the war between Innana and Merduk began. Innana used the media to program those who worshipped her into continuing to fight for her cause. Merduk did the same with the slaves that he raised half way around the world from Innana. In essence, the media was used to program the slaves to do what their gods and goddesses desired without thinking or questioning the dance.


It is interesting that the media in present time is used in a parallel manner. The media is used to program humanity into subservience and failing to rise up against those in power. The media programs humanity to go along with the wars that the war mongers create for purposes that are never really understood by the masses. The media is used to squelch those that would like to question the authorities, until the authorities leave office after which the dance may change.


The Media Pyramid has also fractured in present time into 38 pyramids that war against each other. Hollywood is at war with the US government over power and its stance upon world events such as the war in Iraq or Syria. Network stations war with one another for viewers. News anchors war with one another over who is perceived as “better” or “worse”. Magazines are at war with each other over who has the most up to date information. Governments are at war with the Media for telling the truth. Authors are at war with one another over who is going to have the next bestseller. Underlying this dance is the war amongst those on top of the 38 Media pyramids.


Those at top use the masses reading or viewing their shows to inflate their pyramids larger than the others, and occasionally one knocks another out of the game; the recent removal of several key media newscasters in the United States is an example of this as of late. This is the war of Innana and Merduk being played out in present time through the media. The war has moved from the battlefields to the Media Pyramid through the conscious intention of Earth, as it is a safer place to have a war play out and settle the karma of Innana and Merduk. The Media War will not create a nuclear holocaust and so it is a good thing.


As the karma settles leading to the times of cleansing ahead, the large-scale media hosts will become a remembrance of the past, and humans will live more rural lives where their primary contacts have no global presence as there is not the electricity and travel to allow for it. This will bring about a new day of equality and each contributing to the whole in a local and regional sense and is the new dream Earth is weaving for the human species in the century ahead.


The media today is used to strip and harm all who entertain themselves in this manner. The media is also used to strip dreams of life, health and joy so that more films can be produced out of such dreams. As ascending initiates cease to choose to participate in the media, and set boundaries necessary for the minimal use of the computer, then ascension can come forth without such encumbrances. The media can be an addiction that is no better or worse than the use of cocaine. In some respects, television and the planes associated with cocaine are similar; both shoot the field full of antimatter which numbs the field to the pain that the body is in. As one gives up one’s addiction to the media, one is therefore more capable of feeling the pain so that it can be processed before it turns into a physical ailment or disease.


Earth perceives a need to create entertainment in community. Communities can create cyclic celebrations that each prepares food, gifts to exchange, special clothing and entertainment for. Perhaps some will learn and perform a special dance; others create music, and yet others meditations that heal and bless the land and Earth for the sustenance the community has received over a time. Celebrations are necessary to humans and so this shall be woven into the future dream of the human species.


The Dance of Group Dynamics and Pyramids   


Each in this dreamtime community program will perceive those pyramidal energies or box shaped energies that one has danced with in this life. Each was born into a family and so one is almost automatically a part of the “family pyramid” or “family box”. Within this pyramid or box, one will play a role associated with group dynamics of the family as well as all other associations one has known over time including groups one has affiliated with. Perhaps one even played one of the roles of power or non-power within the family structure or other groups in the life dance. Each can take time to assess their role amongst their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins as well as close family friends, church, spiritual affiliations, work, and one’s in-laws and their extended family.


There are special healing temples for those working with these materials. The pyramidal and box like energy flow can be released so that one can step into a new dream that is lotus in nature. The Temple of Codependent Energetic Flow is the temple that assists in this process. Pyramids and box shaped devices are pervasive in most human fields. One can dismantle them and replace with rotational moving energy that is filled with the Language of Light and the triple lotus in their place. The Temple of Codependent Energetic Flow will assist. To the degree one disbands all pyramidal or box shaped energy in the field, to such a degree one will be able to begin to flow with holographic movement of the Great Central Sun. This is the hope and dream of this program.


The worksheets to follow will create the focus necessary to assess one’s participation in the group dynamics and pyramidal energy flow in the current human dance. One can also begin to search for karmic records of ancestors who participated in the same game. As one releases the original cause for how one has been caught up in a particular group dance in this life, the dance can change into one of unity, equality and joy instead. This is the purpose of this exercise.


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This workbook is lovingly dedicated unto each who is willing to go within and open the heart in order to forgive oneself and all others. As it is only as one forgives oneself and one’s ancestors along with all others and their ancestors that a new life of unity, honor, joy and peace can be born.

Love and Namaste,

Mother Earth



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Asur’Ana. Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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