Image of sunlight on gentle trees in the forest. Workbook 1 Chapter 4 Worksheets

Workbook 1: Chapter 4 Worksheets


These worksheets are to be used with Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1, Chapter 4: Group Dynamics and Pyramidal Energy Flow.


Transcending Pyramidal Energy Flow and Disunity-Based Group Dynamics  


This section is devoted to assessing one’s genetic predispositions in association with disunity-based group dynamics and pyramidal energy flow. Each will see that one has played many roles in different regions of domain in this lifetime. Some may play the beautiful one role with family and the rejected one role with their beloved; or the charming one role at work and the imprisoned one role at home. Each can also assess the nature of their birth family in the neighborhood.


Different roles in different circumstances have to do with variant lineages that one was born with along with others that one has known over time. Each may find that one plays a different role with variant friends or family members or children. The roles one plays were roles that the ancestors of both inheritances played long ago. As one releases the karma for their role in any relationship, the role will change.


Perhaps one will move into a more unity-based role with family drawing forward the red nation lineages that they possess rather than the Anu or Anu slave lineages that pitted one against the other, or caused a loss of information in one direction or another. This is how one begins to mold their lives towards unity; by clearing the karma that is disunity based in each ancestor and each lineage that one is born with, and in so doing, one will alter the relationships to all others in the dance of life.


Pyramids, whether they be box shaped or triangular in nature define the position that each in the family or at work or in the neighborhood or within the region holds. Pyramids therefore press folk into worker bee, six positions of power, or six positions of strife. International pyramids define the power structure between nations. National pyramids define the power structure within the country. Regional pyramids define the power structure of the business and governance in any region. Neighborhood pyramids define the power structure amongst families. Work pyramids define the power structure between organization or corporations as well as those who work within them.


Most ascending initiates have engaged with at least 8 pyramids in this life to date if not more. Defining which ones that have defined your position in life is useful to understand so that one may begin to retrieve power, information, and knowledge to support ascension in the game. One can also begin to redefine the dream that one participates in to become a lotus rather than pyramidal pattern; in so being one will call a unity-based dream into the dance rather than a competitive hierarchical dream.


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Chapter 4 Worksheets in PDF


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This section explores the thoughtform that restrains one in the current human paradigm. How does one pull oneself from the current paradigm? First one chooses to alter all thoughtform associated within into the Language of Light. As this occurs, the biology alters from its current state into a regenerative system. This is a gradual process that will take years if not a decade or more to fulfill upon. However, as one lifts beyond the current paradigm, one will begin to make changes in the way that one lives. Here are some suggested changes that are helpful to support the continued evolution to 3,000 DNA segments and beyond in this lifetime.


10 Ways to Support Ascension


1. Fill Your Home and Office with Plants and Running Water: Turn the home or office into an indoor garden so that it can participate in the natural world. Plants and running water will remind you that you are a part of Earth and the natural world and to call such energies into the dance.


2. Create an Ascending Garden: Turn your back yard into a vegetable garden or place some pots on your lanai or patio filled with tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers and lettuce. Intend to work with the kingdoms to modify the biochemistry to serve ascension. This shall be in preparation for another time in which many pull together to work the garden together for this common goal.


3. Give the Television Away and Cancel the Subscription to the Newspaper: The media not only programs the field with needless cords of attachment, antimatter energy and fear based thoughtform, but also causes us to focus outside of our self. Instead take time to be in nature, work with your garden, meditate, read information helpful to ascension, and detoxify the form through baths, swimming and other forms of mild exercise.


4. Relocate Out of the City: The cities are so dense and so filled with compounded matrixes that one is more likely to be stripped living in this kind of environment making ascension difficult. Making plans to relocate unto the country is a wise choice for those devoted to ascension in this lifetime.


5. Create A New Job That Is Outside of the City: Working in the city causes too many hours each day to be spent in a dense environment that is non-supportive of ascension. Take the skills that you have and see if a parallel job cannot be created in another region that is less dense and therefore more supportive of one’s goal of ascension in this lifetime.


6. Cut Up the Credit Cards and Pay Them Off or Default If There Is No Karmic Debt Owed in Return: Continuing to pay on credit debts that one does not owe in karma only causes one to lose chi and then fail to be able to manifest one’s dreams. Perhaps it is far better to declare bankruptcy or default upon the credit that is not really owed as one will then have far more chi to ascend and weave one’s dream with. Credit can consume as much of 30% or more of one’s chi on a daily basis. Intend to begin to use debit card, cash or check in all transactions and whenever possible.


7. Pay Off the Car and Maintain the One You Have or Use Public Transportation Instead: Car loans like any other kind of loan tie one into the money pyramid. Car loans and the insurance associated can take upwards of 20% of one’s chi and dream for manifestation. Choosing to maintain an older car also anchors the thoughtform of ceasing to throw away that which still has a use or in other terms, the concept of self sustenance.


8. Pay Off the Home or Move Someplace You Can Purchase Outright or Lease Instead: Mortgages will consume 30% or more of one’s creative flow through the money pyramid. As an ascending human, one loses more chi through the mortgage than one can produce in any given day of ascension. It is therefore best to free oneself from this type of debt and as the karma with the financier is complete.


9. Cease to Carry Needless Insurance: Insurance only ensures that one needs to create an accident or illness or theft to collect upon the insurance and to balance the scales of karma created with the insurance companies in the dance. This calls dark dream unto oneself needlessly. As one is complete with karma for insurance, it is far better to pull out of the game. Perhaps one will pay off the car in full and instead of buying new, carry the minimum insurance required by law and balance the scales energetically. Perhaps one will convince one’s employer to give one the health insurance proceeds as a bonus each year. Cancel the home insurance and ground the home placing protective guardians around it instead.


One initiate would leave the home unlocked recurrently in a bad neighborhood in the Berkeley Hills of California. She would always place guardians around the home along with grounding it to the core of Earth and no one ever disturbed the premises. Asur’Ana has also heard of several fires extinguishing themselves at the doorstep of homes that were grounded. This can also be so for floods or any other natural disaster including hurricanes and earthquakes. Ground the premise and nothing will be disturbed even if all the neighbor’s homes are wiped out. Ground the car and it will never be disturbed. Ground yourself and you too will be safe from accidents.


10. Cease to Participate in Interest and Investments Associated with Trading Upon Paper: Trading on paper creates more karma than one understands due to the bartering of dream and the suffering and poverty it causes. It is best not to participate in this type of game therefore as an ascending human. Instead invest in land or real estate for future ascending community, or to provide for one’s own needs.


We hope you have found this information useful in your personal path of ascension. We will continue to focus upon information that supports creating a complete ascension in this lifetime and rising into the unity paradigm in the chapters to come.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This workbook is lovingly dedicated unto each who is willing to go within and open the heart in order to forgive oneself and all others. As it is only as one forgives oneself and one’s ancestors along with all others and their ancestors that a new life of unity, honor, joy and peace can be born.

Love and Namaste,

Mother Earth



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