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Light Wave Archive #18


Demon Nature


In the planetary configuration of self, there are demon and dragon offenses. Over a year ago, a demon interplay struck that was caustic unto Earth. The interlude is causing a shift in the dreams of Earth in support of demon management that is in compliance with the law. The law was breached and many aspirants who are dragon natured have suffered in time since Earth’s eclipse. The management of dreams went primarily demonic in many regions that were previously dragon dreaming in nature. Nautilus dreaming is offered to foster a rendition of the truth of each human and the sincerity of dream postulated in each region to sustain the law. Many suffering in strife in this global incident will find relief from nautilus dreaming pursuits at this time.


Demon nature is not an estuary of self. Demons infuse directly into the spine and manage the field from the outside. Self infuses into the sinew of the bones and manages the field from the inside. Dragons rely upon self to foster the field from within. Demons are often incompetent at field management. Some suffering from field imbalances may discover that one has been demon infused in lieu of dragon fostered. Dragon fostering follows the striations of self and aids in the management of field from within.


The loss of field management is a difficult journey for many aspirants who relied upon self to foster the field rotation and synthesis of light. Some may not have received a fostering of recasting for some time if demon infusion has occurred. Nautilus dreaming has recasting chambers for those suffering from a loss of dragon management of dream. Intend to foster the recasting prior to sleep and foster a self management of yourself and your field from within. Fostering field management is a prerequisite to self-realization spiritual pursuits.


Demons are a synchronized fostering of serpent education for the purposes of management of planetary configurations. Demons manage estuaries of self in traditional times of dragon dreaming maintenance. Demons foster the foundation of the karmic habitat of each incarnation or human or whale cause. Demons supply the nourishment unto the self to sustain itself in light synthesis. Demons foster the transfusion lore gates. Demons oscillate rhythms of the divine towards those mastering self-realization. Demons sustain certain self systems of self amongst those mastering.


Today, demons foster far more than in times of dragon dreaming fate of Earth. Demons currently incarnate into human fields and forms living lives, settling karma, fostering the lore cycle changes of dream and depart at death to foster the next life ahead. Demons reincarnate and dragons realize through time. Demons are a large force that is intergalactic and have a long history and development of focus through time. Demons are not negative in postulation or incantation. Demons have become negative due to incantations of the non-divine.


Demon Realization


Demon realization is fostered through striations of understanding of forgiveness and karmic habitat of self. Demons rendition into new karmic habitat as the original habitat is forgiven fostering new striations of wisdom within. Demon wisdom is applied to many functions in each galaxy requiring superlative functions of existence in support and sustenance of the whole. Demons are not generally a force that incarnates unless dragons choose to cease to foster certain genealogies of humans, whales of other fully conscious species through time.


Sometimes, demons attract happenstance in which wisdom that is not generally fostered in demon lore development is recognized. Lores are specific to the nature of demons to foster a particular level of mastery for the casting of the nature of themselves. Demons have procured knowledge that is often debilitating to dragon lore dreaming and dragon systems along with human or whale systems. The false demon knowledge is often misused to massacre or mutilate fields or planetary configurations for personal gain. Humans of parallel nature adopt demons who procure self through massacre or abuse for self gain.


Demons are accountable for their actions through time. Karmic habitat of demons does decrease or increase. Decreasing demon habitat is fostered through forgiveness of the karma. Increasing demon habitat is generally the result of a breach of the law. Sometimes karmic habitat of demons is rendered and removed allowing a fostering of further harm than otherwise would occur.


When karmic habitat of demon or human is rendered, often karmic habitat increases due to the loss of boundaries of self. Increased karmic habitat causes further restraint of the demon or human field. Increasing habitat of self is not a supportive stance for ascension mastery or realization circumstance of dream. Increasing habitat of self leads to reincarnation rather than dragon realization ahead and post life.


Ascension Mastery and Dharma


Demons are not to separate from karmic habitat. Sometimes humans align with demons that separate karmic habitats of each. Humans and demons then manipulate increasing karmic habitat of each. Increasing karmic habitat leads to further cessation of development if fostered in those attempting ascension levels of mastery.


Ascension mastery precludes demon manipulations of field or of others outside of karmic habitat of cause. Karmic habitat of cause renditions the dream to foster forgiveness amongst those mastering. As karmic habitat is forgiven by self, the habitat decreases in size leading to a fostering of dharma to dream the life. Dharma allows a fostering of dreams that fulfill the heart and foster continued mastery. Demons generally forgive with those mastering ascension dreams allowing for a reduction of karmic habitat of themselves alongside the humans also mastering.


Demons and dragons prevail in all regions including those that are primarily dragon dreaming. Demons foster their own habitat of realization just as dragons foster theirs. Demon and dragon exchanges are generally benevolent unto each unless there is karmic habitat to foster something else. As the karma is forgiven the demon and dragon relationship fosters a restored flavor of support of each.


Ascending humans often move in the midst of demon and dragon exchanges of common fate. Generally, humans host a karmic habitat to foster the demon dragon exchange. As the ascending human forgives the karmic habitat fostering an exchange of demon and dragon exchanges, the strife ceases and the dream turns sweet again within and without.


Demons inherently produce sour music. Sour music prevails in those incarnate amongst demons. Sometimes the music can turn war like causing an expansion of one in dominion over others. Sometimes the music turns bitter and a resentful human expresses the sourness of the demonic self. All emotions of humans are demonic for those who are incarnate as demon fostering of life. Dragons resound in playful and joyful music causing dreams to catch that are palatable exchanges of self. Dragons infuse the sounds into the bones to sustain the music in harmony to foster harmonious expression to cause dreams of gratitude and care for those realizing self.


Ascension Mastery and Enlightenment


Ascension mastery fosters demon interludes that are periodic to foster completion of karma for ancestors of demonic cause. The music in ascension can motion for sour in demon periods of enlightenment to sweeter in dragon periods of enlightenment. Ascension fosters motions from one side to the other of sweet to sour through time and generally in one-year increments.


The year of the demon may be a difficult year of strife for one mastering ascension. As the karma is forgiven, a dragon interlude reposes each month of continued mastery for a week at a time. The dragon year of ascension lore to follow reposes in the opposite with a demon interlude one week per month as well. The trades of light and dark happenstance of sweet and sour dreams rendition the life hypothesis to foster forgiveness and mastery of ascension relays of self.


Dragons and demons align with various anthologies in an attempt to forgive parallel karmic habitat of self through ascension relays of fate. Each human has its dragon and or demon allies and enemies that are karmic habitat of self during the ascension process. Humans learn to postulate lessons to foster a renunciation of the demon enemies and a purposeful journey of dragon dreaming through realization of self. Realization of ascending self fosters a completion of all karmic habitat leading to recurrent dragon dreaming thereafter as a dharmic system of self takes flight.


Demon and Dragon Systems


Demons rendition themselves through karmic completion often fostering a change of human anthology of support or purposeful enemy position of karmic habitat. Demon alteration of position is sometimes confusing if one had befriended a demon due to karmic sustenance of self. Demons will change positions of anthology every few years and it is best to not foster codependence upon any demon as a result. Dragons do foster many anthologies at once and do periodically alter their positions. Dragons are a more stable fostering of self in mastery of ascension-based theology.


Demons are not independent but clan oriented. Dragons are independent in nature and strive to individualize. Dragon dreaming is a postulation of a motion that fosters superlative function of self. Superlative function of self is a light motion system of understanding based upon prose ckantor language. Demons foster another function of incantation that is not prose ckantor based.


Mindset Development in Demonic and Dragon Dreaming  


Wave motion language is superlative in its function of synergy of self. Synergy of self fosters dragon dreaming and not demon interplay of self. Dragon interplay is a function of an adroit equation of language associated with ascension or life languages preceding ascension. Ascension languages foster a bridge into unity consciousness. Unity consciousness is the first stage of ascension mastered through dragon demon dreaming interludes of self. Unity consciousness is a formation of thulsa and thessa mindset development. Thessa and thulsa is a circular function of a one quarter cherry synapses development in the cranium. Thulsa and thessa formations foster ascension mastery.


Alpha beta formations foster non-mastery. Sometimes condrian lore hides under the appearance of thessa and thulsa formations of mindset. Those uncovered as falsifying thulsa and thessa are renditioned into a non-mastery position in the life. Demons have a part in the dance of failed mastery of each. Some demons like to prevail under false mastery for the information gained from those sincerely mastering. This is a particularly difficult time of transition from ascension mastery into divine realization of self. Those failing at ascension mastery are to be renditioned into a non-self status of self. In the non-self status of self, those faking their mastery will cease to hinder and harm those who are sincerely mastering ascension within.


Mind development beyond thessa and thulsa is dragon oriented in dreaming and not demonic in stature. Those mindset developing into oska and aliska and beyond move beyond most demon interplay of self. Demonic interplay can lead to mind bend out of superlative thoughtform of prose incarnation transfigurative action of those in oska, aliska or beyond.


Those in demon interludes of self in ascension development can sometimes mind bend those who are in superlative thoughtform. Mind bend may simulate a fall. Those who transfuse through the mind bend will rendition the self to foster itself through forgiveness and compassionate action restoring the flavor of a fall.


What Is Mind Bend?


Mind bend is a function of a wave motion that parts or dissipates the mindset leading to incomplete wave formation in the cranium. Incomplete waves can bend the mind into insincerity of the heart fostering anger to depression to suicidal tendencies if extreme. Mind bend is a function of a non-succinct synapse development in many cases. Fostering synapse development through proper nutritional foray of life habits is a useful means to overcome most mind bend function of self. Toxic residues of heavy metals can lead to mind bend. The choice to detox can remedy the mind bend.


Demons mind bend superlative humans for many causes. Most demons mind bend to trigger a relapse of a former karmic habitat such that something is gained by the human associated. Humans often give demons and associated humans life force or estuaries or other happenstance of self in karmic settlement. If the mind bend fosters former synapse dysfunction, the karmic pattern may resume when erased already from the habitat. The loss of estuaries and life force may lead to a diminishment of field, feeling tired, feeling out of sorts, feeling depressed or listless, or feeling beaten up in extreme cases. Flu like symptoms in light synthesis transfusion is an example of possible extreme mind bend by a demon sustained in another in a karmic interplay of self.


Demonic and Dragon Interplay


Self does sustain demons for demonic interplay in ascension formations of development. As demonic karmic habitat is completed upon, demons associated dissipate unto another with anthology of karmic habitat to be renditioned through. Demon associations complete in full only as all habitat of karma is concluded leading to dharmic habitat of life. It requires a complete reversal in life to complete all karmic habitat of self. For many a complete reversal may not occur until death. Learning to work with demons in a positive manner that is supportive of all in the forgiveness of karmic habitat is a good intention to make amongst all realizing self.


Demons are not insincere. Most demons desire to evolve beyond the habitat of Earth. Earth is a difficult estuary of demon and dragon interplay to rendition through. Those forces renditioning through the difficult habitat of Earth are to be honored in their endeavors of mastery in spirit formations. All is divine in its casting regardless of position in association with the lore fables that sustain life in physical and nonphysical constituencies. Divine notions lead to the understanding that demons and dragons are each divine along with all other nonphysical support systems of self.


Dragon Demon Wars   


Sustainable practices have diminished considerably upon Earth and throughout creation in corridors of life associated. Non-sustainable practices lead to demon and dragon warfare. Demon and dragon warfare lead to extreme lawlessness wherever it occurs. Demon and dragon warfare has occurred upon Earth in eight time periods. The current system overrun of Earth is an example of an outbreak of demon dragon warfare. The war has been oscillated and renditioned shut now, and nautilus dreaming is aiding in the reparation of the planetary systems of self along with individual systems of self amongst those ascending or realizing in this time period.


Demon dragon wars can occur upon a personal level. Some demons gang up upon a particular dragon and rendition it into shattering or other forays of strife. Humans sometimes accolade in common karmic habitat and are rendered in the experience. Forgiveness of the karma generally surmounts the difficulties of ascension lore experiences. Demons sometimes enter the foray from elsewhere and damage more extensively if from foreign creation vestibules that fail to honor the current system of dragon dreaming. Nautilus dreaming is aiding those overrun at this time in restoring the systems of mastery prevalent prior to the recent demon dragon interlude of non-sustainable functions of self upon Earth.


Demons are not to remain upon Earth that are of foreign habitat of karma. Karma of foreign habitat cannot be settled upon Earth. Foreign demons are to be renditioned through nautilus dreaming to be returned to where the karmic habitat fosters their continued forgiveness. Nautilus dreaming monitors the boundaries in each karmic interlude between humans, dragons and demons in the interplay of self. Ascension fosters only demon and dragon interplay to foster mastery. Realization of self fosters five other levels of association of spirit.


Dragon Ascension Mastery   


Spirit associates with self in striation formations of five variations of a theme of understanding. Understanding is associated with anthologies of self-realization pursuits. There are few anthologies suited to realization of self remaining active upon Earth at this time. The anthologies number two archetypal wheels out of fourteen possibilities available as incarnation is inaugurated. Six of the fourteen are available for ascension relays of mastery in the life. Out of the six, only two are destined for realization purposes in life. Anthology is specific to karmic habitat of the monad relaying into the life to experience the dream of mastery.


Condrian lore humans are a sub class of anthology that has no archetypal pursuit of mastery available. The archetype of the anthology of condrian lore humans is foreign and not an estuary of self for realization upon Earth. There are also sub classes of non-archetype that are associated with migratory breeding of humans in a non-class position of self. Those of condrian and non-class of self life circumstance are only demon interplay of dream to motion the lore fables of existence. Condrian lore tends to rely upon demons to harvest information to sustain the life. Sub class humans tend to be present in diminished status of existence leading to difficult life happenstances of extreme loss.


Condrian lore self relies upon the extreme loss of the lower class of sub-self human to carry on in the existence. The dreams of condrian lore and their sub class play out endlessly without dragon forces incarnate. Condrian lore is a continuous relay of demonic interplay for those mastering ascension or realizing self. Demonic interplay ceases as the karmic habitat is complete with each octave of subservient patterning of self.


Condrian lore humans inflate and then diminish others that are rendered to obtain knowledge of self. As transfusion lore humans cease to diminish, condrian lore humans are renditioned to size and information lost is recovered. Forgiveness is imperative at each octave of condrian lore interplay of demonic levels of karmic habitat amongst those mastering.


Ascension mastery levels of anthology rendition through demon and dragon interplay until dragon dreaming is the primary function of self. Self sustains itself in sustainable biology mastered through time. Sustainable biology leads to a recurrent experience of dragon dreaming when fostered in the life. Sustainable biology is an octave of transfusion lore that embraces equality as the foundation of existence. There are four levels of mastery possible above the lore of equality for those mastering ascension. The levels include compassionate action, divine love, divine fostering and divine self.


Compassionate Action


Compassionate action is a sustainable relay of self in anthologies that have diminished the karmic habitat by thirty percent. As a third of the life karmic habitat is processed through actions of forgiveness, compassionate action is inaugurated as a possible rendition of the life through continued mastery. Compassionate action uncovers the thought-stream to allow each to be embraced in understanding and forgiveness in the life regardless of habitat of self.


Divine Love


Divine love is inaugurated in the opening of the chalice of the divine in the heart accolade of self. Self striates into the heart to rendition the life into the actions of divine love. Divine love is a postulation that fosters an understanding of the care of the whole. The care of the whole manifests dream that foster the love in all areas of life happenstance through time. Divine love is inaugurated as fifty percent of the karmic habitat of the life is forgiven within.


Divine Fostering


Divine fostering is a sequence of dreams that trigger the love of the love within to manifest as a divine oscillation of self. Divine oscillations of self cause divine love to aplomb into a state that might be considered a saint. Saints are often simple people who care for others in many life happenstance. Today, it is anticipated that there are about 400,000 humans incarnate that have achieved a state of a saint in this time period. Divine fostering requires seventy percent of the karmic habitat from the life to be forgiven within.


Divine Self


Divine self is a repository of self inauguration that triggers self anthology of self to begin. Self anthology of self is an understanding of the nature of self in its attempt to realize in notions of existence. Self fosters itself in the life lore of transfusion. The lore of transfusion requires prose incantation language of understanding to be fostered. Waves and light synthesis are a level of understanding to be fostered for those mastering the divine self within. Divine self understanding leads to realization in some anthologies.


Divine Self Associations


Divine self has five associations in the nonphysical that rendition the life dreams to foster realization into transfigurative action of prose and wave formations. The associations each foster a particular sustenance of the life. Transfusion has many lores associated with each of the five divine self associations.


The Lore of the Angels


Angelic self striations foster a system of renewal through transfusion body formation of archetypal anthological derivation of self infusion. The transfusion bodies are sustained through the angelic resources of spirit. Angels formulate suppositions of self to allow for the birth of the transfusion bodies. Transfusion lore of equality must first become sustainable action in order for the two levels of transfusion body to become sustainable. Some spiritual aspirants build only the large transfusion body having failed to master equality in the life dream. Often those of this nature are demons pretending to be dragons in life that fail at further mastery.


The Lore of the Fairies and Gnomes


Fairies and gnome self foster a mastery of light synthesis DNA in the habitat of the union of the body and the small transfusion body. Light DNA fosters a small transfusion body that triggers light to surround each cell in the physical. Light causes each cell to renunciate toxic happenstance leading to renewal of the whole. Light in the biology fosters light wave motion of thoughtform that is superlative to be fostered within.


The Lore of the Mushrooms


Mushrooms are a nonphysical foray of understanding from all eras and all creations. Mushrooms host recollection of the divine habitat of self. Mushrooms foster the remembrance of the divine understanding of anthologies that realized in times past. Mushrooms foster the ancestral ley lines of karma to be renditioned through as transfusion begins.


The Lore of the Dragons


Dragons host the lore fables of realization. Realization occurs in dreams that foster the understanding of divine knowledge and sustenance of self. Divine knowledge and sustenance of self fosters the love of the love of the divinity within. Divinity within is another level of prose incantation thoughtform mastered in the life.


The Lore of the Arc Angels


Arc Angels suppository dreams through incantation prose for the life of realization of self. Arc Angels are not to be confused with current metaphysical hypothesis of purpose which is actually demon dragon interplay at work. Sincere Arc Angels are suppositories of self that direct the magnificence of superfluous dreaming in action in the life.


Realizing theory fosters those who are more gifted at one of the above associations than the others as life happenstance of fate. Life of those realizing has its positions on the wheel of lore of transfusion. Transfusion lore of each of the above is an estuary all of its own for the development of realization in the life.


Dragon Dreaming Interludes


Dragon dreaming interludes are a gift of the estuary of oneself in life. Dragon dreams allow for a syncopation of the divine into the happenstance of circumstance. Dragon dreams are fostered best as the karmic habitat for an event or life circumstance is completed upon through forgiveness of self. As forgiveness unfolds, the life dream is renditioned through dragon dreaming into a suppository of happenstance of delight and mirth for the group. It takes one awakening to foster the delight and mirth of a group in dragon dreaming. If many foster forgiveness, the delight and mirth is enhanced in superlative formations of self at group events.


Superlative formations of self striate into group happenstance for fostering realization of self that is collective and not personal. Dragon realization occurs primarily through group fostering and not individual fostering of self. Individual fostering of self is associated with mushroom, angel and fairies and gnome postulations of existence. Dragon mastery of ascension is a demonic interplay association. Dragon realization is purely dragon associations in group formations of transfusion lore of self.


Transfusion lore of self formulates in wheels of hypothesis of a cast of characters. The cast of characters acts out the hypothesis in order to realize through personal, group and dragon understanding. Self-realization is personal within. Dragons accolade to those realizing to foster the dreams of union in support of self. Self realizes personally through angel, mushroom and fairies and gnome fostering. Fostering self is a personal experience of the dreams within that rendition thoughts into wave formations.


Wave formations of self cause superlative truth to emerge within. Superlative truth is a sincere expression of life in a transfusion lore circumstance. Transfusion lore circumstance is free of demonic interplay and fosters understanding through divine realization. Divine realization triggers equations that foster the dreams of those in transfusion lore of self. Transfusion lore of self is based upon equality but renditions through fourteen levels of mastery to foster superlative prose thoughts.


Fourteen Superlative Thoughts


  1. Divine Systems of Self
  2. Divine Oscillations
  3. Divine Nurturing
  4. Divine Systems of Care
  5. Divine Happenstance
  6. Divine Love of the Love
  7. Divine Tao of the Tao Within
  8. Divine Beloved Action of Self
  9. Divine Truth Expressed Without
  10. Divine Truth Within
  11. Divine Dao of the Dao Within
  12. Divine Dao and Tao Union
  13. Divine Mastery of Dream
  14. Divine Sincerity of Spirit


Divine mastery is an oscillation of the sincerity of the heart. The sincerity of the heart motions a succinct rhythm to foster the divine. Divinity is sustained by keys of Dao and Tao derivations of superlative function. Dao and Tao master within and sync the rhythm of the divine in the life dream. Divine life dreams foster others to find divinity within.


Superlative Wave Motion


The motion of the notion

Is a postulation divine

In which the syncopated rhythm

Fosters self

Into realization of itself

In a care of the systems

Of spirit

Fostering the tincture of life

In angel, mushroom

Fairies and gnome formulations

Of systems of spirit

To allow the breath of life

To sustain existence

In superlative notions

Of myself


Infinite Realization


Realization of myself

Is an adroit equation

Of the infinite possibility

To recall my divinity

Within and without

To express and experience

The love of the love within

In the postulation of the truth

In the formulation of self

Ignited with spirit

In oscillations

Of the divine


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