Image of multicolored waves. Light Wave Archive #18

Light Wave Archive #18


Demon Nature


In the planetary configuration of self, there are demon and dragon offenses. Over a year ago, a demon interplay struck that was caustic unto Earth. The interlude is causing a shift in the dreams of Earth in support of demon management that is in compliance with the law. The law was breached and many aspirants who are dragon natured have suffered in time since Earth’s eclipse. The management of dreams went primarily demonic in many regions that were previously dragon dreaming in nature. Nautilus dreaming is offered to foster a rendition of the truth of each human and the sincerity of dream postulated in each region to sustain the law. Many suffering in strife in this global incident will find relief from nautilus dreaming pursuits at this time.


Demon nature is not an estuary of self. Demons infuse directly into the spine and manage the field from the outside. Self infuses into the sinew of the bones and manages the field from the inside. Dragons rely upon self to foster the field from within. Demons are often incompetent at field management. Some suffering from field imbalances may discover that one has been demon infused in lieu of dragon fostered. Dragon fostering follows the striations of self and aids in the management of field from within.


The loss of field management is a difficult journey for many aspirants who relied upon self to foster the field rotation and synthesis of light. Some may not have received a fostering of recasting for some time if demon infusion has occurred. Nautilus dreaming has recasting chambers for those suffering from a loss of dragon management of dream. Intend to foster the recasting prior to sleep and foster a self management of yourself and your field from within. Fostering field management is a prerequisite to self-realization spiritual pursuits.


Demons are a synchronized fostering of serpent education for the purposes of management of planetary configurations. Demons manage estuaries of self in traditional times of dragon dreaming maintenance. Demons foster the foundation of the karmic habitat of each incarnation or human or whale cause. Demons supply the nourishment unto the self to sustain itself in light synthesis. Demons foster the transfusion lore gates. Demons oscillate rhythms of the divine towards those mastering self-realization. Demons sustain certain self systems of self amongst those mastering.


Today, demons foster far more than in times of dragon dreaming fate of Earth. Demons currently incarnate into human fields and forms living lives, settling karma, fostering the lore cycle changes of dream and depart at death to foster the next life ahead. Demons reincarnate and dragons realize through time. Demons are a large force that is intergalactic and have a long history and development of focus through time. Demons are not negative in postulation or incantation. Demons have become negative due to incantations of the non-divine. Read more