Image of a beautiful pink lotus with sparkling orbs surrounding it. The Nature of Divine Relationship

The Nature Of Divine Relationship


Divine relationship is a state of being in which there is an intermarriage of energy flow throughout the field that is sustained by the two. The intermarriage of energetic flow is sustained as sacred tantric fusion. Tantric fusion suspends a connection between all centers associated with knowledge, vision, dreaming, love, divine will, and the kundalini energy flow. Tantric fusion is a state of being long forgotten except for perhaps the most mastered of those of esoteric synergy today. Tantric fusion creates a complete marriage of union between the two, and was a revered state to master in ancient times.


Mastering a State of Tantric Fusion


Tantric fusion creates a very different relationship than relationship known today between the male and female. Relationship of tantric union sustains a state of synergistic beauty and a love that is so deep that ecstasy is experienced in each rise of completion in mastery. The ecstasy is the result of the complete surrender of the beloved unto self and one another.


Surrender is a state of being in which one lets go into the void of infinite possibility and releases unto the divine within oneself along with one’s partner all attributes of self. As the attributes of self release, one is purified in the flame of divine union. In the void there is a synergy of reflection of love that is mirrored unto one another in such a large context that there is only love and nothing more. Love this deep is pure magic to experience and when offered is a divine life in the making for the two.


The divine partnership life is about the mastery of the divine flame within. Mastery is founded upon photonic movements that ignite the flame of divine union between the two in tantric light wave synergy. The divine flame causes an ecstatic state of being to be experienced in the nervous system of the light wave brain and tantric body; as the divine flame ignites, the light wave brain and tantric body work together to foster the experience of love within and between the two. Each level of mastery ignites the divine flame a little more greatly leading to the experience of heightened love. Heightened love is also a synergistic connection between the heart void which expands to encompass the two.


Tantric Beloved Relationships


Tantric beloved relationships cause a different variety of tantric fusion than what is created between twin flames. There are many types of twin flame relationships. Divine twins create a relationship that causes a special nature that is of a holographic script of divine union of an extreme and often difficult nature. Those of divine twin nature are unique and are rarely present in a relationship except in times of mastery in any cycle. More commonly, there are tantric beloved relationships between other types of twins who also create a unique synergy of fusion that is also beautiful to experience.


Synergy of fusion is a special light wave formation that involves many movements that are esoteric in nature and invoke a level of truth within. The truth within is of pure light and holds light-based scripts and thoughtform along with planes of dreaming to attune unto between the twin flames. The dream planes are associated with relationship in tantric fusion and non-fusion. Fusion unites a relationship in union and non-fusion dissipates the unity of the two. There are other forms of fusion that may result in other types of scripts other than divine relationship and they are not tantric in nature but involve groups and family.


Tantric translates into synergy of the couple or the divine pair that choose to unite in the truth of love of the two. The love of the two is a special place for a pair to venture unto and has many possibilities associated. The divine pair may choose to live together or simply be a tantric couple that engages periodically to experience the synergy that they relish within. Synergy creates a natural high but also causes certain chemicals to be released within the brain which may mimic certain drugs available today; however, it is a natural experience and without the side effects of drug use. Drug use will interfere with the natural high of a sincere state of tantric fusion and therefore it not recommended.


Tantric twins are those who are of parallel archetypal resonance and have a special union due to the magnetism between genealogies and cellular structures. The genetics of divine twins causes an attraction to an extreme. In other dimensions of creation, divine twin relationship was revered and preferred simply due to the potent synergy possible. Today and upon Earth, the opposite may be true as to the degree the twins attract, they also repel in extreme polarity. The attract-repel nature creates nemesis dreaming that can be caustic in nature. The origins of nemesis karma are associated with twins that repel; and it is in the rejection of the twins that the origins of non-love lie. As one twin rejects the other in nemesis thoughtform, which is non-love in all of its actions, including hatred.


Troubled Relationships Today


Beloved relationships have far reaching complications upon Earth due to the natural dis-synergy that humans reside within. Dis-synergy is a state of being that has the opposite effect of synergy which tantalizes and energizes causing a state of love and fulfillment to emerge between the two. Dis-synergy causes a state of such distress that it can lead to bitterness, non-truth, non-love and non-freedom along with non-personhood. Non-personhood is a state of being that is devoid of expression due to a lack of life force enough to sustain the life. Dis-synergy is the root of warfare and abuse along with aging and disease.


Dis-synergy is so much more prevalent upon Earth than synergy that it is almost a common state of being that each lives without question; and yet suffers as a result of. Dis-synergy leads to depression and nemesis dreaming which is destructive in nature. Dis-synergy is a level of thinking that is a very obsolete way of creating disunity in a system that once sustained synergized unity.


Dis-synergy is directly related to counterpart karma of holographic origins within the ancient ones. The ancient ones fell into polarity and as such the synergy within the counterpart dance fell apart. The nature of extreme poles and the counterparts was discussed in a previous chapter; however, we would like to point out that the positive and negative poles of counterpart relations is so commonplace that rarely is the possibility of synergy into the unified state of script expressed upon the physical plane. Those mastering relationship can make it a spiritual goal to accomplish a state of unified holographic dreaming together and as such rise out of the polarity of the counterpart expression that leads to the experience of nemesis.


Nemesis is really a dance of darkness that has plagued humans upon many dimensions of thoughtform. Nemesis is almost like a plague that takes hold in certain cycles and renders relationship to a point of divorce or separation. Again, we are on the brink of nemesis patterning and it is the goal of this book to bring the karma to consciousness so that it may be released and then another state of union begins to emerge through tantric light wave synergy. Nemesis is such a natural state of being that it prevails in most human dances today. Nemesis is the enemy or non-friend that does not support one’s sustenance or life. There are extreme nemesis and less extreme nemesis dreams; there are also nemesis dreams that are group related; and there are nemesis dreams that are also cultural or within the world at large.


Nemesis is the foundation of all darkness that has ever prevailed in any creation. Nemesis can be healed but requires deep introspection into the nature of light and dark, life and destruction, and many disturbing emotions that prevail in humankind. As nemesis is transcended, a state of synergy into the light can be sustained. Nemesis also breeds a state of dis-synergy in which nothing holds together leading to aging, disease and death.


Tantric Fusion into Dis-Synergy


Tantric fusion is a state of unification of light waves between fields. In a state of fusion, there is a series of light formations that unite and strengthen the overall field of the two or the group. The light waves bend and flow between the two or many and cause an interaction of power that unites and fortifies each into wholeness. In a state of wholeness, there are strong boundaries and any invasive force is prevented from entry. Synergy is a powerful manner of sustaining unity and boundaries in the dance of life.


Dis-synergy has the opposite effect and causes gaps and holes to appear in the group formations and this then leads to a state of powerlessness and diversion into depression along with other possibilities including a shattering or rendering of energy field. All rendering begins with a state of dis-synergy. Dis-synergy is so prevalent that there are those gifted at causing a state of synergy to cease. In the cessation of the flow of synergy, many problems emerge in human thinking; one of which is depression but also suicidal tendencies along with many forms of insanity. Dis-synergy is so prevalent in the current human dream that more exist in such a state than not. The pathway out of such a state of being is to master a light wave brain and nervous system and learn to synergize.


The path of divine partnership is a mastery over a state of synergy. Divine partnership mastery creates the strongest tests of synergy than one could ever experience in any other format of dream. Synergy of the two requires an ongoing presence of field and a state of love to sustain. Those choosing to master synergy shall be propelled into relationship and learn through the trials and errors of couple patterning how to learn to synergize at all times.


Tantric synergy is the best manner of learning how to unite the field within a partnership. Tantric synergy requires male and female waves that unite into a common flow with each segment of wave created by one another. Couples can be straight or homosexual in esoteric tantra. Esoteric tantra is founded upon love and love can exist between any couple as well as between parents and children, although sexuality is not expressed in the tantric fusion of family.


Divine Surrender in Relationship


A state of divine surrender prevails as tantric synergy is fulfilled upon. Surrender is a state of being where the female relinquishes unto the male all that he requests including her love, power, truth, and freedom along with any other pattern requested. As the female surrenders unto the male, the male draws into himself the associated discord and purifies it through intention returning all that is useful unto her in a renewed state of flow. In the completion of surrender, the male then surrenders unto the female who then purifies his imbalances as well. The act of surrender is a tantric art that when fulfilled upon is most exuberant; but requires the utmost of trust and love to be safe within. Surrender is not a practice that is recommended for any couple other than those devoted to a life time of divine partnership.


The art of surrender can also be applied within to cause one to relinquish the patterning unto the God Goddess of one’s being. In tantric understanding, one’s inner beloved is one’s God Goddess within. In the act of surrender, you will self-purify of the discord within and find your way to synergizing within your own field. Synergy within does not require another to fulfill upon; however, there may be pallets of light grids to attune unto to fulfill upon the fusion surrender alone. Pallets are spherical formations where light grids intersect and are something that the field can fuse to in order to draw upon Earth’s light to create a state of tantric fusion. (Please see the chapter titled “Fusion Energy Systems: Transfusion into Regeneration and Renewal” in Light Wave 1: Transfusion for more information.)


Drawing the Right Partnership for Fusion        


Fusion requires the right counterpart or twin to fulfill upon in a divine relationship. Twins and counterparts of nemesis are not a recommended partner for fusion. Nemesis causes dis-synergy and will cause a deflation rather than inflation of solidity of flow that is mutual in the support of the pair. Dis-synergy in relationship can and will make you ill over time; and therefore, is suggested to be avoided except perhaps for the karma to be cleared in a short-term experience. Dis-synergy in relationship also leads to depression.


The right partner for divine partnership is very specific unto the holographic scripts you were born within. Holographic scripts define the nature of oneself in the dance of life. Twin and counterpart natures are special and when resonant create a beautiful light stream that forms between the hearts. The light stream is a type of fusion that is considered tantric light wave synergy. The light stream between twins can extend into the void allowing for a communion that is deep and beautiful to experience. The light stream can also form between nemesis twins and sometimes leads to a rendering of the heart. The rendering of the heart in such a circumstance can also make one ill by compromising the immune system.


Light formations between twins and counterparts vary depending upon the nature of the two personas expressed. Some twins form beautiful rainbows between them; others narrow bandwidths of gold and silver; yet others a full spectrum light that is much like a mosaic; yet others a marbling of fusion and synthesis of colors. Every fusion is unique and no two pairs will do it exactly the same even with variant partners of the same holographic script. The formations of tantric fusion cause a beautiful dream to catch for each couple associated. Dreams are attracted to the colors expressed and the brighter and clearer the fields, the more greatly beautiful the dream caught. Beautiful dreams in tantric fusion are loving and fulfilling to experience.


Tantric dreams are cherished as the high moments of expanded states of being in any given life. Many never experience such a state of being today. Even those practicing tantra in its current reflection of the original prose and levels of mastery may not experience the beauty and joy of a real tantric fusion. Prose are statements of intention that can be reiterated between beloveds to sustain a beautiful dream between the two. So lost is the art of fusion that few recall the prose necessary to sustain such a state of being. There is the possibility however amongst those mastering certain levels of light wave synergy that tantric union can be experienced again and the prose-based intentions recalled. This is the purpose of this series of articles on the divine teachings of relationship of Shaktar and Shakti.


Introducing Shaktar and Shakti


Shaktar and Shakti were masters of divine relationship in their lifetime of long ago. The lifetime was upon another dimension of existence upon Earth. The layers of thoughtform and love experienced however remain, although Shaktar and Shakti are long discarnate; and can be experienced again as you master the same flow remaining from their experience of tantric fusion. The thoughtform causes a synergy of life into the breath of all existence. The breath is a necessary component to sustaining a state of high fusion. The breath causes the ebbing and flowing of the light waves back and forth to sustain the high fusion.


We thank each for reading what we have to say. We will continue in this series in the coming years offering up our stories of tantric relationship to better understand the levels of mastery associated with divine partnership. To conclude we offer up a poem of prose. Prose is a language that is associated with tantric mastery. Prose is a form of poetry that is lyrical in nature and defines the scripts and lessons of the mastering pair. The prose are often sung in a sweet melody that have special meaning. There are also prose that are useful to sustaining a resonant dream around oneself. The following are three prose we offer up for this purpose that are helpful to the experience of synergy.


I am beautiful and I am beautiful and I am beautiful

I resound in the love that I foster within

I breathe in the sweetness of myself and my beloved


The purpose of the three above prose has to do with sustaining synergy. Synergy is founded upon beauty, resounding sweet music of love and the breath which swings the light waves to and fro within or between parties in the divine rhythm of relationship. Beauty is a natural state of love and in the love, one is beautiful unto the beloved. Sweet music is a duet that plays between the beloveds causing the love to flow. The breath retains the timing of the music so that the duet flows in harmony. The prose can also be invoked alone but are more powerful between two or many; however, you must be with others who synergize and do not dis-synergize as otherwise the prose have little effect.


We wish those that choose to live lives of tantric mastery to restrain themselves from having more than one partnership at a time. Divine partnership is a special union that requires a commitment to the dance of the two. Dances of three or more only complicate the dis-synergy as it arises and confuses who may be contributing to the effect. The effect of dis- synergy can also flow through unto another rendering a third or fourth party in the dream of tantric flow. In today’s caustic human expression, it requires a brave heart to choose to synergize; and choosing the right partnership that is of a loving and healing nature unto each is most important.


Divine Union Within


There is a union deep inside

That touches upon the divine

The union of the partnership within

Precedes the partnership without


The partnership within

Must find its way to a love

So deep and so clear

That a state of union is reborn


The union within

Must be mastered long before

The union without can ever enter

The dance of life


Dancing and flowing to and fro

back and forth

Side to side

Like two flowers swaying in the wind


The flowers dance in synergy

In the prose of freedom

In the flight of the bumblebee

In the dusting of the pollen

In the metamorphosis of union

Of the two within


Peace in the union of the two

Is sustained in the flow

That is synergized and whole

United in the fullness

Of the Love of the Love of the Love within


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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 3: Divine Counterpart and Twin Relationship. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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