Image of Counterpart Chart. Holographic Counterparts In Polarity

Holographic Counterparts In Polarity


Tantric Relationship Lore appears to have existed each time those of ancient archetype went into divine union relationships and is a magnetic dream that is meant for couples to explore their relationship to one another. It is a dream of sorts devised long ago through holographic dreaming for couples to understand themselves and choose for change. They are were never meant to be something other than this; however, something happened and suddenly humans of ancient holographic nature fell into the lore, and became it, thinking it was the only dream to be dreamt. This is a fable of sorts that great humans fell into and in so being they fell into a state of being that is very caustic.


Tantric Lore


Nemesis nature is the caustic side of the tantric lore fable. Nemesis is a pattern that is very difficult to transcend as it is so destructive. Often those who get into nemesis patterns with a beloved perish before they ever understand what is required to be transcended in order to depart. It is for this reason that we present this information for those who are in the current cycle of evolutionary fulfillment.


Tantric lore is an ancient study of polarity of light and dark in the dance of relationship. Relationship can be defined as partnerships, beloveds, gay couples, parents and children, siblings, aunts and uncles, family dynamics, school and work relations, or any other association one may have. Those in this dance are not of all archetypal nature upon Earth; only those of ancient biology of those seeded with deep spiritual understanding.


Tantric lore is also about tantra. Tantra is not about sexuality per se although those that are confused sometimes associated it with it. Tantra is about light waves that permeate the field creating balance, synergy and harmony between the two or the many. Tantric light waves are a form of light synergy of woven threads of thoughtform that generate emanations that glow and heal along with energize and warm the field and form. Light waves are a fabric of sorts that generates heat and allows for fusion to light wave tapestries that generate photonic pulsations that can be moved through the field and spine to synergize energetic flow and stimulate the nervous system and brain into a heightened awareness and state of being that can be ecstatic to experience.


Light waves will be defined in a separate series of essays that define another thoughtform that we will call Tao based. Tao based thoughtform is light infusions that appear as waves and command through movement, sound tone and emanations. The combinations elicit a particular command that directs the creation whether the creation is one’s own field or the Earth or any other reality. As such, you are your own creation and can choose to command the dream for the life experience in any direction you would choose for. Therefore, you can choose to transcend the patterning of tantric lore and synergize into the wholeness of the original archetypal nature of your ancestors before they fell into polarity as your own creator within.


As you analyze your life in relation to these polarity scripts, you will see the roles that you have played along with others. Roles are only scripts that are sustained in the holographic archetypal planes and can be modified into something else through intention. Scripts are like reels of movies that flow over the field eliciting a particular sequence of dream and behavior. Alter the movie and the dream or behavior alters too. It is the DNA however that calls in a particular movie; and so, alter the DNA and another dream can be caught.


Altering DNA is an act of evolutionary fulfillment in which one chooses to become the structure of a more ancient time in which the unity paradigm was a standard way of being. The following defines the polarity scripts the ancient ones fell into.


Counterparts in Polarity


The Counterpart of Resonance in Polarity

Prince or Princess of Life


The light polarity of the counterpart of resonance is the prince and princess of life. The prince and princess of life sequences energy in such a manner that it sustains the health and wellbeing of self or one another. Individuals of this nature gather life force unto themselves and then disseminate it unto each that they support in the life dream. Those of this nature also gather sexual flow and light unto themselves and distribute it to those that they support through life agreement. Those of this nature often appear light and loving in nature and most request their presence as it is necessary to their existence to do so.


Mastery over this state of being has to do with learning that life and life force is infinite in its possibility and therefore does not require someone else to distribute or disseminate it in order to survive. Life force can be gathered unto oneself through a series of sequences of algorithms associated with the kundalini energy flow.


Sorcerer of Death


The nemesis polarity to the counterpart of resonance is the sorcerer of death. The sorcerer of death sustains death in a real manner so that physicality can depart into non physicality. Death dreams create death and this type of individual helps those that need to pass to receive a death dream; and sometimes others too who have karma for death outside of disease. Death is suspended in a series of sequences in which the dream simply ceases to animate thereby leading to a frozen physical structure which then ceases to exist in whatever dream. In mastery, death is a concept that is transformed in order to give birth to ongoing life and regeneration of physicality. In the ongoing act of transfusion and light wave synergy, death can be left behind in the act of transfusing up the dimensions.


The Counterpart of Service in Polarity

Prince or Princess of Marriage or Union


The light polarity of the counterpart of service is the prince or princess of marriage or union. This individual holds the marital or union contracts for all in the group. They dream the dreams of marriage or unions and allow the relationships to emerge. The relationships are founded upon scripts that succeed, fail, become bitter or remain harmonious over time. All dreams are sequences of possibility that then are drawn into a particular field to be experienced as a script. One could say that those of this nature hold the possibilities of union and then disseminate them to those that have agreements to experience union in the given life script.


Union of the beloved outside of self is a concept that must be transcended in the act of mastery to learn to be whole and complete within. In so being, one then transcends the requirement to have the beloved on the outside and has the Tao beloved within. The Tao beloved within causes an ongoing experience of being loved and in so being illuminates the form and field.


Sorcerer of Non-Marriage or Non-Union


The sorcerer of non-marriage or non-union holds the nemesis polarity to the counterpart of service. This type of person holds marriage or the beloved as a sort of prison and avoids it at all costs; or causes dreams of non-union to occur within themselves or the group. Union and non-union hold a large number of agreements that direct the life at large into variant scripts that either are joyful or sad or somewhere in between. Non-union is a joyless state of being that often leads to depression or great sadness in the act of mastery. Sorcerers are individuals who master dreams and energy flow in unconscious bargains and interactions. Sometimes they render not only humans but also Earth and her kingdoms.


Non-union is a state of being to transcend in spiritual mastery so that a state of divine union within and without can be mastered. As a state of divine union is mastered, one transcends non-union and therefore moves into a configuration of unity with the natural world and all others. Unity with the natural world allows for an ongoing flow of union to occur between one’s own body and the bodies of nature, including plants, animals and minerals.


The Counterpart of Truth in Polarity

Prince or Princess of Illusion


The prince or princess of illusion is the light polarity unto the counterpart of truth. This type of person creates illusion wherever they go sometimes lying in the dance of life. Illusion is a vastly misunderstood word for transfiguration. The prince or princess of illusion can con veils or transfigures to hide anything that they wish to appear as they wish to the individual, family, or tribe to perceive. Transformatists alter thoughtform in order to don veils. Transfigurists repaint the field in a veil of what they desire to be perceived so that they can hide beneath the truth of their inward state of being.


Illusion is a Transfigurists and Transformatists concept that must be transcended in the act of spiritual mastery in order to perceive clearly down unto one’s own truth along with the truth of all others. Illusion is also a sequence of dreams that distort the perception of oneself or others. As the sequence of veils are transcended, then the illusion dissipates leading to clearer possibility of perceiving down to the truth. As the truth is perceived, one can then take appropriate action to dream those dreams one desires.


Sorcerer of Judgment


The nemesis polarity of the counterpart of truth is the sorcerer of judgment. Individuals of this nature often judge of themselves or others greatly. Judgment is a state of being where one dislikes or likes characteristics of self or others and then acts out of blame and shame and sometimes violence against those judged. All acts of violence originate in judgment whether it be of another, a leader, a group or a nation. War is a collective judgment of one tribe or nation of another and vice versa. Judgment is associated with nonphysical forces that are channeled through the living dream of any field.


Judgment is an illusion that must be transcended in the act of spiritual mastery to embody a state of compassion. Compassion is a state of being beyond shame and blame. Judgment is also a sequence of dreams that cause veils of illusion to occur that creates the experience of blame and shame. As the dreams are clarified and purified through light, then the veils can transfigure into another state of being where compassion can be born.


The Counterpart of Compassion in Polarity

Prince or Princess of Love


The prince and princess of love is the light polarity of the counterpart of compassion. Individuals of this nature tend to love everyone and are naive unto the darker attributes of life. Individuals of this nature tend to sequence dreams in which they and others can feel love and others that they do not know feel unloved. Those of this nature also enjoy the romance that precedes the marriage and weave dreams of such a nature for self and others to experience. Love is a vibration that holds compassion as a foundation for existence.


Mastery over the polarity of love requires that one open the heart chakra and embrace real love; and real love loves all humans light and dark alike; and loves all experiences made manifest in the forgiveness of difficult sequences of dream leading to struggle. Love is also an augmentation of fire element to cleanse and purify the field created out of the act of blessings.


Sorcerer of Hatred


The sorcerer of hatred is the nemesis polarity of the counterpart of compassion. Those of this nature hate that which loves and loves that which hates. Sometimes they love those who are hateful in the unconscious but are perceived as lighter in nature in the physical; sometimes they hate those who love in the physical for real as a nemesis of love. Those who hate can invoke the dance of pitting one against the other in the tribe or nations against one another leading to conflict or war. The act of hatred is a nemesis pattern that causes the whole to deteriorate and die. All acts of hatred lead to aging and disease within and warfare without.


Hatred is a polarity of thoughtform that must be transcended in the act of spiritual mastery to cause deeper and deeper levels of love within. Hatred is a nemesis in which love is inverted to such an extent that it ceases to exist. Love is a polarity of action as is hatred; and as hatred and love are untied, hatred ceases and false love fades into real divine union within and without in the dream.


The Counterpart of Vision in Polarity

Prince or Princess of Light Synthesis


The prince and princess of light synthesis is the light polarity of the counterpart of vision. The role of the prince or princess of light synthesis is to synthesize light formations so that darker formations are transcended. However, this type of individual often misconstrues light as the only way of being and then fails to perceive or integrate the darkness within. The collected darkness of self or others in the synthesized state of light then can roll over the group causing group problems. This type of individual appears vastly light and sometimes to the point of appearing like a saint or virgin or one of great purity. The light is utilized to refract light on to others for failure to perceive the dark.


True spiritual mastery requires confronting, forgiving and integration of one’s own darkness as it appears in the mirrors of the life script. As darkness is integrated, it is amalgamated into the light into a new sequence of vibrations that modulate the dream into the middle path of unity.


Sorcerer of Dark Synthesis


The sorcerer of dark synthesis is the dark polarity of the counterpart of vision. The sorcerer of dark synthesis takes on the darkness of all others and infuses himself or herself into it to a point of deep depression or suicidal tendencies. Those of this nature sit in such vast darkness that they synthesize the dark upon others or upon the land leading to vast distortion of sour dreams to catch that are personal or regional. Dark synthesis is a polarity of thoughtform that can be transfigured or transformed out of in the act of mastery.


Mastery over dark synthesis involves learning to transfigure and transform dreams of all natures into a middle path variation. Middle path dreams amalgamate light and dark into a unified formation in which black and white cease to exist and become the silver octave of vibration.


The Master Counterpart of Magic in Polarity

Prince or Princess of Joy and Happiness


The prince or princess of joy and happiness holds the lighter polarity of the master counterpart of magic. Those of this nature are not only optimistic in nature but also provide dreams of joy and happiness unto others or groups to dance within. For those that one likes, they will dream weave dreams of happiness in trade for energy. For those that they dislike, they transfer the sour dreams of others upon. This type of individual tends only to look at the more joyful possibilities and not the entire picture of darkness that may be dreamt into the future. As such they tend to be blind to the darkness of others or within group dynamics. The nature of joy and happiness in polarity is false as it is only sustained by the opposite of sourness depression and suicidal tendencies.


Mastery over the thoughtform of joy and happiness and sustaining lighter dreams allows the darker parts of self to be integrated more greatly into wholeness within. Wholeness within is a balance of light and dark synergy that translates into freedom of expression of self. Mastery over joy and happiness requires finding the middle road of peace and significance of unification of wholeness.


Sorcerer of Sourness and Unhappiness


The sorcerer of sourness and unhappiness is in polarity of nemesis of the master counterpart of magic. Magic is a transfigurist’s concept that allows for patterning in the etheric to be transfigured into beautiful or sour configurations. The prince or princess of joy and happiness configures dreams into sweetness. The sorcerer of sourness configures dreams into those of great darkness, sadness, unhappiness and other systems of sour experiences. Sometimes this individual lives sour lives for themselves; but more likely than not they configure the sour dreams upon others as karmic settlement. Often the sour dreams lead to personal or group discord or regional discord and strife. The sorcerer of sourness is very good at taking positive intentions and reconfiguring them into deep sadness.


Mastery over the configurations of darkness and sour dreams requires unification of the principles of happiness and joy into a new system of unity and amalgamation of light and dark. As the dreams amalgamate into the middle polarity, then the middle path life takes flight.


The Master Counterpart of Sustainability in Polarity

Prince or Princess of Realization


The prince or princess of realization is the lighter polarity of the counterpart of sustainability. The prince or princess of realization realizes dream through forms of transformation and transmutation along with transfiguration. Dreams are dreamt founded upon transfigurative and transformative action principles. Transfigurists transfigure dreams much as an artist repaints a painting; Transformatists transform language to alter the dream from the bottom up.


The prince or princess of realization transforms dreams through transformatists action and transfigurists principles depending upon holographic nature. There are six holograms related to the ancient ones; three are transfigurists and three are transformatists in nature. Those of this realist nature will render dark dreams and then cause them to lighten for the purposes of co-creating a more joyful expression or experience of others.


Spiritual mastery requires transcendence over the requirement to dream weave in realization and instead dream weave through intention where dark dreams are not rendered but transmuted into lighter states of being. Rendering is an act of destruction and further mastery requires no act of destruction be present in the dreaming to be fulfilled upon. Instead destructive sequences are returned to the renderer allowing for karmic completion with destruction.


Sorcerer of Non-Realization


The nemesis sorcerer of non-realization is the darker attribute of the counterpart of sustainability. Non realists do not realize the possibility of transformation or transfiguration. Often their teachings wind up as dogmatic sequences that resonate but lead to non-mastery. Realization is an opening unto thoughtform that transcends the future possibilities of dreams that one is dreaming into sequences of mastery. The non-realist sabotages the possibilities of mastery in their own dogmatic dream. Non realists often become gurus of great to small standing.


In real mastery, one leaves behind dogma and also the energy dynamics of other teachers of dogma that one subscribed unto finding one’s way to internal truth. Realization is often equated with real mastery and is to a certain degree; but further mastery requires the transcendence of the concepts of realization into the thoughtform of alchemy. Alchemy is a state of being where one applies enough light to transform dreams without the need to transfigure or transform. Fusion is an alchemical thoughtform to rise into in real mastery.


The World Service Counterpart of Creation in Polarity

Queen or King of the Kingdom


The queen or king of the kingdom is the light polarity to the world service counterpart of creation. Those of this nature believe that they are the rulers or kings or queens of the family, group or tribe. Those of this nature wind up the leaders but not founded upon anything other than stripping power from each in the family or group. The king or queen of the group or kingdom takes power from each and then rises to power over the whole; and in so being directs the whole but not necessarily upon principles of unity, oneness, harmony or joy. The end result is a leadership that is in the light and a group sustained in polarity of dark and light dancing out its polarity scripts. The polarity scripts lead to in group and out group phenomenon where people come and go.


The transcendence of the king or queen of the kingdom requires that the leadership evolve or depart the group. As the leader chooses to cease to take power from the group and empowers themselves from within through fusion thoughtform, the leader remains and the group may alter into sequences that resonate. Real mastery of this leads to the concept that one is a creator and each is a creator and all may co-create in equality and unity in a dance of co-leadership.


Sorcerer of Sorcery


The nemesis sorcerer of sorcery is the nemesis polarity of the world service counterpart of creation. The sorcerer of sorcery is a dark creator that chooses to manipulate rather than intend their creations. Manipulations involve the stripping or taking of other creator’s creations and then the rearrangement of their creation into a new configuration that suits the sorcerer or those that they serve. Often the sorcerer of sorcery sustains the power of the King or Queen of the kingdom or others in polarity leadership roles. The sorcerer of sorcery is a nemesis pattern to an extreme and can reverse polarize between twins of the same nature. Each twin plays the roles that they play with counterparts in an intricate manifestation of scripts that are holographic in nature.


Real mastery over the sorcerer of sorcery is about allowing sorcery to be redefined into creative actions held within Tao law rather than a state of lawlessness. All sorcery exists in a state of lawlessness where the law is bent to serve the desires of those in power. Sorcerers have much creation-based knowledge but choose to use it outside of the law to sustain their dreams; as the knowledge is used in honor, then the law is sustained and a state of sorcery transcended.


The World Service Counterpart of Vibration in Polarity

Prince or Princess of Alignment


The prince or princess of alignment is the light polarity of the world service counterpart of vibration. Individuals of this nature align the dance of synergy of energetic flow into rainbows of tones of creation that help sustain balance within the family, group or tribe. Those of this nature understand the manner in which energetic formations align in an energetic rainbow to allow for a certain level of polarity-based harmony and unity. The polarity-based harmony and unity has a darker alignment that is suspended in other groups. Intermittently the darkness overruns those of the lightness of alignment leading to a personal or group shattering or rendering of field. As alignment is held within a state of light and dark amalgamation, then the two polarities are balanced and the group rendering ceases.


Mastery over the thoughtform of misalignment is to move into another bandwidth and wavelength of light formations that allows for unification of light and dark such that each ceases to exist through amalgamation. There are many levels of amalgamation that lead to further momentum into the middle path of unity-based dreaming.


Sorcerer of Misalignment


The sorcerer of misalignment is the dark polarity of the world service counterpart of vibration. Individuals of this nature misalign the dance of synergy of energy flow within others or within the group. Misalignment of synergy misaligns dreams by de-sequencing the layers such that the dream dreamt does not flow as it should leading to chaos in the dance of life.


Dreams step down from the manifestation planes in sequences that hold together the past, present and future to be lived. Humans are living dreams that catch their dreams upon the layers of field that surround the body. Misaligned dreams often manifest as struggle as well as depression, sickness, accidents, along with homelessness or starvation. Those of this nature sometimes experience their own misalignment of dream but often simply perpetuate it in the misaligned dreams of others. Sometimes they also misalign the dreams of groups leading to group dynamics of deterioration.


Mastery over the misalignment of dreams requires understanding of dream sequencing and how to de-sequence or sequence one’s own dreams which is a transfiguristic understanding. De-sequencing dreams involves releasing layers of patterns stepping down towards oneself in the manifestation planes and relaying them elsewhere and then re-sequencing the dreams one desire in their place. Dream management is an attribute of spiritual mastery.


The World Service Counterpart of Dream in Polarity

Prince or Princess of Direction


The prince or princess of direction is the lighter polarity of the world service counterpart of dream. Those of this nature direct dream through a series of magnetics that are consensus based. The magnetism draws dreams in one direction and the opposite dreams in another direction. In so being, those of this nature allow light and darker dreams to split and move in one direction or another causing some to have a better time and others to have a difficult time in the life scripts. Dream management augments the dance of group configurations such that affiliated humans can evolve as a consensus of their own. Those of this nature often direct human consensus for ascension.


Transcendence over this level of polarity causes one to understand that light and dark dreams are only fractured off from one another. As the two are unified together in the act of amalgamation, then the light and dark cease and the result is a whole and unified dream that stands beyond polarity.


Sorcerer of Chaos


The sorcerer of chaos holds the polarity of nemesis of the counterpart of dream. Those of this nature tend to create chaos whenever they flow. Chaos is a state of being that precedes change. Polarity based changes requires first the chaos to render what was and then the new dream can be cast to experience. Those gifted at chaos can elicit change; but more than likely they also elicit chaos where things fall apart and then reconfigure themselves into another pattern that more greatly serves. The sorcerer of chaos causes families, groups or civilization to fall apart so that evolution can occur. If no evolution occurs, then the positive outcome of the chaos is never realized; and this occurs in cycles of non-evolution and often leads to war.


Transcendence over chaos requires an understanding that the need to render something prior to transfiguration or transformation is not really necessary. In the act of alchemy, the dream may shift without the requirement to render anything. Alchemy is the application of magic to cause change in any dream.


The World Service Counterparts of Tao Law in Polarity

Prince or Princess of Scripts


The prince or princess of scripts is the light polarity to the world service counterpart of Tao Law. Those of this nature anchor the scripts that each dances within as couples, family, or groups. The current scripts are not inside of the law; instead they are lawless dances of light and dark that everyone dreams and thinks somehow that the way life should be. The truth is that there is no law or lawlessness; only a polarity of script that when transcended allows a real level of creational law to unfold known as Tao Law. It is Tao Law that our ancient ancestors fell out of in the original counterpart scripts founded upon unity and honor. The prince or princess of scripts modifies all scripts to allow for a merger of light and darker attributes so that transcendence into a script of unity may be fostered.


Transcending the polarity of the keeper of tantric scripts requires that one understands polarity within so that the scripts can then be a case for a non-polarity dream that holds the law. The truth is that law cannot exist in polarity; that the act of polarity causes a split between law and lawlessness that ensures that each exists until they are united.


Sorcerer of Extinction


The sorcerer of extinction holds the nemesis polarity to the world service counterpart of Tao law. Those of this nature render dreams to a point that no dream can sustain itself leading to destruction in all of its variant formations and ultimately extinction for the whole. The nemesis sorcerer of extinction may be invisible unto the group or its leaders, however the formations constructed cause the group to anchor patterns of extinction rather than patterns of evolutionary fulfillment. Often beautiful spiritual groups that could fulfill upon collective mastery fall apart due to the sorcerer of extinction and then fail to fulfill upon their purpose.


Mastery over the dance of anchoring extinction requires that one forgive their consensus karma and move beyond it in the greater understanding that many of our ancestors destroyed Earth along with the possibility of sincere mastery in times past. This sorcerer represents nemesis in all of its variations upon a theme of destruction of the whole. Now is the time to move beyond this into another level of group mastery that allows for the evolutionary fulfillment of the whole.


The World Service Counterpart of Biological Knowledge

Prince or Princess of Healing


The prince or princess of healing is the light polarity to the world service counterpart of biological knowledge. Those of this nature are gifted healers as they understand biological sequences of dreams that lead to health, recovery into health or ascension into mastering biology. As the biological dreams are dreamt in a direction of health or recovery of health or ascension into mastery, so this comes to be.


Generally, individuals of this nature are gifted at rearranging the energy systems to flow in a formation that sustains health. Sometimes they are misguided to swap systems between those who are healthy and those who are sick leading to one who recovers and the other who then become ill. There is great karma that occurs as biological dream sequences are tampered with. Those healing in this manner often create more karma than they clear until the act of healing becomes redirected into sequences that are held within the law of the Tao.


Mastery over the polarity of the prince or princess of healing requires understanding that all disease is karmic and can be cleared through forgiveness rather than manipulation of dream sequences. Therefore, rearranging the dreams for health can occur as the karma is forgiven without the requirement to redirect the dream otherwise.


Sorcerer of Biological Distortion


The sorcerer of distortion is the dark polarity to the world service counterpart of biological knowledge. Individuals of this nature throw biological dreams into great distortion leading to disease of all kinds. Those of this nature know how to de-sequence the biological dreaming so that it no longer sustains health. Rarely does this type of individual experiences their own difficult biological dream sequences becoming ill; but more likely than not they cause illness in others instead. Biological distortion is the result of transfusion into the nonphysical utilizing electrical sequences of biology as love is inverted into hatred. As hatred becomes biological then disease follows.


Mastery over the thoughtform of disease requires learning to sequence dreams of the body into harmony and non-distortion. DNA sequences can be edited with more ancient biological instructions to allow for the transformation out of disease, decay or scar tissue. The act of biological transformation is known as ascension.


The World Service Counterpart of Spiritual Knowledge

Prince or Princess of False Ascension


The prince or princess of false ascension is the light polarity of the world service counterpart of spiritual knowledge. Individuals of this nature rise to power in the movement of ascension or spiritual awareness and instead of creating a whole and complete transfusion mislead self or others into a partial or incomplete ascension.


There is great karma for causing incomplete ascension and those of this nature often are unaware of how their persona or their leadership leads to a pathway that leads to non-spiritual evolutionary fulfillment. Those of this nature can be small spiritual leaders to large ones that are gurus or authors that are internationally known. False ascension has many dream sequences that distorts the whole. It is those of this nature that end up leading Earth into extinction for false ascension has led to downfall after downfall of the human kingdom over time.


Mastery over false ascension requires the capacity to monitor the genetic evolution to the utmost of details such that no thread of DNA fails to evolve and no sequence of karma fails to be forgiven; and only those of a high level of spiritual knowledge are capable of such a feat. Those falsely ascending generally do not have enough knowledge for the task and are misguided from within.


Sorcerer of Spiritual Sorcery


The sorcerer of spiritual sorcery is the nemesis attribute of the world service counterpart of spiritual knowledge. Individuals of this nature use spiritual knowledge to cause extinction in sequences of dreaming that are associated. Those of this nature often accompany the prince or princess of false ascension and the two work hand in hand to lead humans astray into mastery that cannot be fulfilled upon in the guise that it is. Those of this nature rarely understand what they are causing as most of the sorcery is run through the unconscious or subconscious in nemesis patterning. This polarity is the nemesis of nemesis in nature and is so destructive that such a human is the underlying cause of all destructive sequences of dreams ever dreamt in any cycle of Earth.


Mastery over the nemesis of sorcerers of sorcerers requires the transformation and transfiguration of consensus sorcery into mastery of consensus. Mastery of consensus allows the planet and all kingdoms upon her to fulfill upon her evolutionary dream. Those of this nature obstruct evolutionary fulfillment of the whole. As those of this nature transcend, then so it flows in a new direction of enlightenment of the whole.




We hope each that reads this book and who is interested in spiritual evolutionary fulfillment begins to see the sequences of patterns with others in the life script related to the above patterns; and also, which polarity scripts that you participate within can be transcended. Ancient ancestry is approximately 10% of the current population of humans upon Earth; and out of this perhaps 1% has the capacity to transfuse in this lifetime. Spiritual warriors of all types however may find the scripts above interesting to explore regardless of ancient ancestry; and therefore, we present this information for your own introspection. For those that wish to transfuse into a nonphysical biological script, we present this as karma that requires transformation and transfiguration prior to transfusion or the transfusion will be incomplete.


Incomplete transfusion leads to hatred upon the physical plane leading to war, and this is vast karma to create amongst those spiritually mastering. Introspection is a necessary attribute of ascension. Looking inward and forgiving any manifestation whether it be through conscious dreaming or the life experience is a necessary part of the journey of transformation, transfiguration and transfusion. Transfusion is an act of purification through light of the density and denser attributes of thoughtform leading to a deeper level of unity than possible otherwise. Transfusion can also lead to a nonphysical state of being that is of the body but of a sequence that can dream in any dimension that it shares thoughtform to do so.


In the chapters to come, we will explore the nature of the energy dynamics of light infusion for each to better understand. Many blessings.


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For My Beloveds throughout Time and Space



The Inspiration for this treatise on the Forever Love between Twin Flames and Divine Counterparts.



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The Ascension Insights series and related books offer information on consensus ascension. This type of ascension involves rising up the dimensions with Earth and as she ascends. These books disseminate information on having a complete ascension with the potential of taking the body with you.


The Light Wave series offer information on another type of ascension known as transfusion. Transfusion is an inward focused process where the Consciousness returns Home to the Source, All That Is, or the Tao, through one’s hologram, and the body is left behind in ascension.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 3: Divine Counterpart and Twin Relationship. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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