Image of a friendly green frog sitting on leaves in a pond. The Croak of the Large Green Frog

6. The Croak of the Large Green Frog


Blessings of Grounding and Communion with Mother Earth


The Frog Kingdom


The Frog Kingdom is honored to speak to ascending humanity today. Frogs and other reptiles that are cold blooded are an ancient part of the history of Earth. Although one thinks of Reptiles as beings from “Alpha Centauri”, indeed this is not so in most cases. Only dinosaurs originated from Alpha Centauri, and such creatures were indeed incompatible with Earth. Their remains never fully decomposed into soil, which is why there is what is known as fossil fuels from their remains.


Silica-Based Vessels Upon a Carbon-Based Planet Leads to Violence


The forms of the dinosaurs were silica based, and Earth is a carbon-based vessel. Therefore, only carbon-based systems break down upon Earth. Frog and many other reptiles upon Earth such as alligators, lizards, and geckos are a carbon-based form of cold-blooded animal. Earth in her own ascension is learning to break down silica based remains, as this is a necessity to complete with those of this nature that have lived upon her global body.


Dinosaurs are not the only non-resonant species to dance upon Earth. Humans associated with the blue-blooded Annanuki and their incubated slave race that has white skin and red blood are indeed also silica based. Such form has never been resonant with Earth, and the continued dance of silica-based vessels upon a carbon-based planet has led to extreme violence over time. Indeed, over time the dinosaurs became increasingly violent and would consume other creatures and flesh. This was at a time that all other species upon Earth were vegetarian in nature. The presence of the dinosaurs created such an abhorrent level of violence that all kingdoms chose to cause their species to go extinct.


All species upon Earth including the Frog Kingdom chose to intend the extinction of the dinosaurs; over time, this created a comet that hit the surface of Earth and created a temporary cooling of Earth’s surface. As the temperature dropped, all of the dinosaurs that were cold blooded simply went to sleep and did not awaken. Indeed, it took us 1,000 years to manifest this outcome; and the comet hit the surface of Earth in the region now known as the Mojave Desert in Southern California. Enough of a cloud of dust rose to cool Earth enough that all dinosaurs died within a six-week period. Many other kingdoms also died, but regenerated thereafter. The dinosaur did not regenerate as all eggs had likewise perished having become too cold to be incubated.


Earth and all kingdoms felt victorious in this manifestation. Apparently, however we had not learned our lesson of why a non-resonant species had come to exist upon our soil. For another species of human origins that was silica based and of even greater manipulative capacities arrived upon the scenes from the Pleiades known as the family of Anu. This family was more destructive than any human or human group today. This family succeeded at mining so much gold and selling it off to other star systems that Earth’s vibration fell more rapidly than in any other time period preceding their presence. Gold is an essential mineral to Earth’s energy flow; if enough is removed, the energy ceases to move and a cooling of Earth’s surface is the result. Read more