Image of a friendly green frog sitting on leaves in a pond. The Croak of the Large Green Frog

6. The Croak of the Large Green Frog


Blessings of Grounding and Communion with Mother Earth


The Frog Kingdom


The Frog Kingdom is honored to speak to ascending humanity today. Frogs and other reptiles that are cold blooded are an ancient part of the history of Earth. Although one thinks of Reptiles as beings from “Alpha Centauri”, indeed this is not so in most cases. Only dinosaurs originated from Alpha Centauri, and such creatures were indeed incompatible with Earth. Their remains never fully decomposed into soil, which is why there is what is known as fossil fuels from their remains.


Silica-Based Vessels Upon a Carbon-Based Planet Leads to Violence


The forms of the dinosaurs were silica based, and Earth is a carbon-based vessel. Therefore, only carbon-based systems break down upon Earth. Frog and many other reptiles upon Earth such as alligators, lizards, and geckos are a carbon-based form of cold-blooded animal. Earth in her own ascension is learning to break down silica based remains, as this is a necessity to complete with those of this nature that have lived upon her global body.


Dinosaurs are not the only non-resonant species to dance upon Earth. Humans associated with the blue-blooded Annanuki and their incubated slave race that has white skin and red blood are indeed also silica based. Such form has never been resonant with Earth, and the continued dance of silica-based vessels upon a carbon-based planet has led to extreme violence over time. Indeed, over time the dinosaurs became increasingly violent and would consume other creatures and flesh. This was at a time that all other species upon Earth were vegetarian in nature. The presence of the dinosaurs created such an abhorrent level of violence that all kingdoms chose to cause their species to go extinct.


All species upon Earth including the Frog Kingdom chose to intend the extinction of the dinosaurs; over time, this created a comet that hit the surface of Earth and created a temporary cooling of Earth’s surface. As the temperature dropped, all of the dinosaurs that were cold blooded simply went to sleep and did not awaken. Indeed, it took us 1,000 years to manifest this outcome; and the comet hit the surface of Earth in the region now known as the Mojave Desert in Southern California. Enough of a cloud of dust rose to cool Earth enough that all dinosaurs died within a six-week period. Many other kingdoms also died, but regenerated thereafter. The dinosaur did not regenerate as all eggs had likewise perished having become too cold to be incubated.


Earth and all kingdoms felt victorious in this manifestation. Apparently, however we had not learned our lesson of why a non-resonant species had come to exist upon our soil. For another species of human origins that was silica based and of even greater manipulative capacities arrived upon the scenes from the Pleiades known as the family of Anu. This family was more destructive than any human or human group today. This family succeeded at mining so much gold and selling it off to other star systems that Earth’s vibration fell more rapidly than in any other time period preceding their presence. Gold is an essential mineral to Earth’s energy flow; if enough is removed, the energy ceases to move and a cooling of Earth’s surface is the result.


This family bartered off other minerals of large stature the size of 10 story buildings. Such minerals were also were necessary to the global energy flow and the sustenance of an ice shield that was suspended in Earth’s atmosphere to prevent the penetration of solar and universal radiation upon Earth’s surface. The ice shield collapsed due to the Family of Anu’s relentless removal of large minerals for large sums of Pleiadian, Orion and Andromeda funds, which drowned the red nations peoples and their own slave race alike along with large portions of Earth’s surface as it collapsed creating your oceans as you know them in present time.


In the end, the family of Anu themselves went insane due to the dropping vibration and their own life extension practices; this caused them to war upon one another until the deadly end of a massive nuclear annihilation 100-fold greater than Nagasaki and Hiroshima. These bombs not only created the Sahara and Gobi deserts but also caused Earth to rotate on her side, creating a great wobble in her rotation. It took Earth over 8,000 Earth years (32,000 human years) thereafter just to realign her chakras. The radiation from these bombs caused the single largest drop in consciousness Earth has ever experienced upon any dimension of life in her history due to the fraying of DNA.


The Crystalline Form Is A Carbon-Based Biology


What is the lesson of Silica based life living upon a Carbon based system? This is your history as a human, beloved. Frog is not in judgment, as it is as much our lesson as it is yours. The lesson is that biology that is incompatible creates dissonance, and through such dissonance devastation and destruction prevails over time along with falls in consciousness. Humans are a dissonant species much like the dinosaurs due to one’s silica-based ancestry. Humans are the only species that wars upon one another and Earth alike by stripping her of natural resources that are necessary to her sustenance and evolution.


There was another type of human that preceded the invasion of the Annanuki. This human was red skinned and originated from Sirius. This human did not destroy Earth but rather tried to live in harmony with her and in service to her. The relations of such humans remain today in indigenous populations around the globe. Some with more recent ancestry to the Anu or their slaves are pulling forward their ancient red roots and ascending into a more harmonious way of being by altering the biology to become completely carbon based. The crystalline form is a completely carbon-based biology, and is the biology that all sentient species upon Earth are choosing to ascend into as it is the only system that will be compatible with the Great Central Sun.


Earth is going home. Earth is learning her spiritual lessons and choosing to release her collective karma and return to the embrace of the Great Central Sun. It has been a long hard cycle of destruction and devastation in Earth’s experience outside of the Sun. The ascent Home will bring an end to the dissonance. All silica-based species including humans of silica-based origins are choosing to exit physicality at this time. Indeed, many may have read recently in the CNN news that the Gorillas in Africa are dying en masse of a deadly virus. The Gorilla kingdom has not the right DNA for ascension and is choosing extinction, and is one of 1,800 species of this nature choosing extinction at this time in history. Those species choosing extinction will become ill in due course and perish, much like Gorilla.


Align with Earth’s Carbon-Based Biology or Perish


However, Frog reminds humans that death is not an end; consciousness carries on following death. The Gorilla consciousness shall return unto the Pleiades where it originated long ago and carry on, learning its spiritual lessons and one day ascending home to its own silica based Great Central Sun. The Gorilla species much like the human slave race is the result of a combination of human and monkey DNA that was also incubated by the Anu in a laboratory. Alas, they have no information to ascend with and therefore shall become extinct during these coming times of cleansing.


This is also so for each species that is choosing extinction at this time upon Earth. Each shall return unto its creation of origin, as they have not the right truth to ascend home into the Great Central Sun of which Earth originates. This too is the lesson of Earth; that allowing any life force upon her surface other than that which resonates leads to falls in consciousness and deterioration of the whole. Therefore, Earth chooses not to allow this any longer; all species must come into alignment with Earth’s carbon-based biology or perish.


It is Frog’s perception that humans live in a dream and existence that is far removed from the rest of life upon Earth, except perhaps for those humans choosing to go into nature for extended periods and experience our dance, or those living indigenous lifestyles or in other terms, living close to the land. Humans have an entire reality that has been concocted that has no relationship to Earth or Nature. This reality consumes humans to such a great degree that most do not recognize that Earth is at an evolutionary cycle that is about to cause great and radical shifts in all kingdoms including the human kingdom. So out of sync humanity is that the dream stepping down for this period of cleansing is most devastating.


The energies of the Photon Belt of the Great Central Sun push all species upon Earth to ascend and release any attachment that one has or one’s species has unto one another or Earth. Those who cannot release their attachment and are rigid in thoughtform shall find that one’s own existence implodes back upon oneself. Now what does Frog mean by this? The rotational photonic energy of the Great Central Sun is increasing in momentum and quantity; Earth herself is further choosing to enhance this energy by compounding its presence. The result shall be the rapid death of those who cannot flow with the new rotating energy movement.


Those of silica-based origins have energy flow that is angular and either mer-ka-ba based or square in nature. Asian humans of Reptilian genetics have square chakras and subtle bodies. White humans of Anu genetics have star-shaped chakras and subtle bodies. The pointed ends of such sacred geometry shall be forced to break off with enough application of rotational magnetic photonic energy. As a result, the chakras and subtle bodies of humans of Reptilian and Anu genetics shall shatter leading to disease and potentially a rapid death of the form, if they do not ascend and modify to rotational magnetic energy.


At this time the intensity of the photonic flow can only be felt under the major chakra centers and in places that few humans reside. One can feel the pulsation in the mountains of Jasper and the Canadian Rockies; or in the Islands of Hawaii; or in the countryside of Sweden and Norway; in the Himalayas of Tibet, or along the ocean of South Africa; or the countryside of Argentina or the mountains of New Zealand. In these regions, those of silica-based DNA that cannot ascend into carbon-based energy flow will rapidly perish. Even the rapid death of the Gorillas is due to the major chakra center in Africa and above the forests that they reside that is shattering their energy flow.


Over time the magnetic pulsations shall be amplified between chakra regions and have parallel affect global wide. The last remaining regions to break apart may be the human cities, but even these shall one day be permeated with photon energy. Honolulu, Hawaii is a testament to this truth as it is subject to 50% more photonic energy than any other city upon Earth due to the pulsations of the global heart chakra under which this city resides. Humans must ascend and come along for the ride moving up in vibration with Earth, or perish due to dissonant thoughtform and energy flow. Alas, many humans have not the right inheritance for ascension, leading to the experience of plagues that may wipe out millions of people in the decades ahead.


Vacate the Cities and Settle in the Countryside to Avoid Plagues


Frog wishes to be honest about the future we see stepping down into physicality for humankind. For those who are ascending, the time is coming where one must vacate the cities and find a place in the country to settle down and attend to raising one’s own garden, and working more closely with Earth and the land to support global ascension. We recommend that one not tarry too long in the choice to alter one’s region of living, as the times ahead may make it difficult to leave if certain regions are quarantined due to disease. Furthermore, one is less likely to be pulled into the energy flow of the disease if one has separated oneself from the masses of humanity enough.


What does Frog mean by this? Disease has an energy flow that is most abusive; it shreds the field leading to death. This is not a new energy flow and all one requires is to enter any hospital or hospice where death is a prevalent experience and attune to the energy movement, and one will understand how diseased humans are pulled apart in the etheric to foster their death. Mass plagues however shall have mass energetic machines that shall foster the death of the multitudes. Such machines develop not due to Frog or even Earth; they develop out of the human thoughtform of consumption and destruction that the masses have failed to transcend and ascend out of.


In time and in the not too distant future, the consumption of humanity shall roll back upon humanity, and humanity shall find itself consumed in an energetic sense by forces that they have agreed for this to be so as a part of one’s genetic inheritance. The only means of removing oneself from the dance of this form of consumption is to ascend out of the very genetic agreements at cause of participation. One further needs to separate from the masses in order to not be pulled into the destructive energy flow.


Commit to a Vegetarian Diet


There have been many periods of plagues in human history. At times past and long forgotten prior to the last Fall of Atlantis, millions and millions died of diseases associated with the consumption of flesh. As the farm animals became sick, much as today the farmers were too greedy to allow the truth to be known; years of consuming the sick farm animals lead to the spread of the very diseases that the animals themselves were choosing to make manifest in order to leave the physical plane and were passed on to humankind.


This pattern is already repeating in present time in Frog’s estimation with the recent outbreaks of Mad Cow Disease, Newcastle Disease and Marek’s Disease. However, Frog will bear witness to the fact that the diseases have been present for over 10 years already, and many in human form already have contracted such diseases through the consumption of beef and chicken.


For those who are ascending, perhaps it is time to commit to a vegetarian diet and consuming organic foods. Ascension is a biological and biochemical process. The less one continues to add toxins and viruses or bacteria through diet or one’s living environment, the more likely that the ascent shall come along as it should and one shall construct a strong healthy crystalline form that can remain disease free into the future. This shall allow one to bear witness to the emerging Golden Age ahead. It is for this reason that Frog makes the suggestion of relocating into the country and choosing a vegetarian diet at this time in history.


Inner Focus of Ascension


Human ego abounds in Frog’s estimation. It is ego that tells one that one is important because one holds this kind of preoccupation, or lives in this kind of house or region, or has this much money in the bank, or participates in this type of entertainment. Ascension brings about the gradual relinquishment of all ego-based preoccupations and the birth of an inward focus that takes precedence over one’s life dance. It is the inward focus and the clearing of karma, thoughtform, and energetic devices associated with a silica-based system, along with the evolution into the crystalline form that provides a new foundation of self import along with an internal sense of self-worth in ascension.


Why does the inner focus bring about a certain level of gratification for ascending initiates? In Asur’Ana and Per’s own experience, there is an ongoing sense of completing with the past and understanding what their ancestors failed to understand in their own deaths. Furthermore, there is a sense of evolutionary accomplishment and purpose. Such a purpose is the entire purpose that one’s ancestry was seeded upon Earth; and therefore, one is fulfilling upon an ancient agreement with Earth in present time, which brings about a sense of inner gratitude, fortitude and well-being.


Many humans struggle with creating the time to ascend while sustaining one’s livelihood or in other terms, pay the mortgage or rent and food necessary to subsist. Frog suggests that those who are ascending simplify one’s life; sell off the home in the city and instead buy some inexpensive acreage in the country. Find a simple preoccupation that takes care of one’s needs in a region that is supportive unto one’s ascent. Then create the time that the inner focus of ascension entails to fulfill upon the task.


Humans are a fully conscious species. Humans are designed to experience ascension consciously. This entails understanding the ancestral karma one is releasing at any given moment of ascension, and learning the spiritual lessons that one’s ancestry failed to learn at the time of their incarnation. If ascension were to occur from the unconscious, then it would defeat the entire purpose that a fully conscious species was designed for, which is to consciously understand one’s evolutionary process. It is for this reason that few will ascend into the upper initiations in this lifetime without such awareness.


Alas there are also those with great inner awareness that have the wrong biochemistry for ascension in this lifetime, but do not understand this so. Some go on to become spiritual teachers leading groups of other humans off track, as they do not understand the real dance of ascension into crystalline biology. Be wary therefore of spiritual teachers or healers purporting to support evolution. If one is not mastering crystalline biology in one’s own ascension, then one has little to offer others about real ascension.


Grounding and Connecting to Aurora of Earth


Asur’Ana has had many experiences with the Frog Kingdom in her life experience. Frog has represented the connection unto Mother Earth for her. Often an encounter with a frog or hearing our croak reminds Asur’Ana to ground unto Earth, or search out interference with her grounding and release it. In California and near her former home was a small creek that ran through the complex. Surrounding this creek, hundreds of frogs would gather and our croaks could be heard in the evening through her bedroom window. Asur’Ana enjoyed our song as she drifted off to sleep on some of those hot California summers nights.


The sound of frog like all sounds of all kingdoms including the bird kingdom holds a particular tone of creation that supports Earth in some manner. The songs of birds generally are for the purposes of communication. Birds relay information to all kingdoms in their travels and connection with one another. It is through the bird kingdom that all news travels around the globe, and the latest news is generally broadcast to all other kingdoms through their song.


Frog does not share information through our song. Instead, frog creates sound that allows all kingdoms to ground unto the Core or Aurora of Earth in an ongoing energetic dance of energies. In recent years, this energy flow for grounding has altered, and now involves a solar connection along with a connection to the Great Central Sun. Therefore, attune to our song if one is ungrounded and in need of assistance to connect unto Mother Earth.


In Hawaii, Asur’Ana came across a large frog that makes no sound. Apparently, the golf course that she was living next to upon the North Shore of Oahu had imported frogs as a means of controlling the insect population. Each time our kingdom would cross the path of Asur’Ana in her daily walks, we would remind her to ground and remain connected unto Earth. A dead frog run over by the car was a sign of death karma thrown her way, or perhaps a manipulative device that would unground her that might cause an unnecessary accident. Indeed, Asur’Ana has been cognizant of her grounding her entire ascent, and been very careful not to place herself in any circumstance of danger when disconnected from Earth. This has led to the non-manifestation of potential accidents under most circumstances.


Touching Nature Help Humans to Feel Interconnected with Earth


One time, Asur’Ana requested of our kingdom if she could touch one of the large frogs that crossed her path each day. We gave our permission, and slowly Asur’Ana bent over and petted our head and body with her forefinger. This amazed Per who was standing nearby, as we did not move or leave until after Asur’Ana was complete in touching us. This is an example of how each kingdom is willing to work with and support ascending initiates in both a physical and non-physical sense. Perhaps one day more humans will become aware of such an ability and cease to own pets as one can instead go into the woods and pet the wild cats and bears, pigs or deer.


Why do humans enjoy touching the nature kingdoms? This is not to say that Nature does not enjoy being touched; and indeed, if one approaches us with love and honor, we feel the love and honor in the physical and will come closer as a result. Humans have an innate need to validate one’s existence in the physical. For so long humans have existed in a separated off dream from Earth. Such a dream had no real connection with Earth. Therefore, the touch or connection with the animal kingdoms assists humans in feeling interconnected with Earth. Perhaps this is why so many humans love their pets or horses so.


It took Asur’Ana and Per’s ascent to 1,800 segments to correct the patterning associated with an ungrounded state of being and create a true connection unto Mother Earth and her consciousness. This is the same for most ascending humans today; it takes a certain level of evolution to hold enough of an energy flow to commune with Earth. Frog can assist one in developing an energy flow that allows for a more consistent communion with Earth. We do so by teaching one to hold the tones we carry in our song in one’s own field. Call upon our kingdom for this purpose.


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Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This book is lovingly dedicated to the Little Creatures that have crossed the Path of Ascending Humans. May their Gifts and Blessings support One’s continued evolution Home.



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