Image of an opened journal with a butterfly on the left page and a sunflower on the right page. The Dance of Relationship in Ascension

6. The Dance of Relationship in Ascension


Relationship is such an important attribute to human lives. As we speak of relationship, we are not only speaking to the intimate relationship between beloveds or spouses, but also the relationship between any human unto another. Ascension brings about changes in the way that humans relate; this affects all relationships.


Ascension and Changes in Relationship


Sometimes relationship is affected in a positive manner through ascension, in which one feels more “empowered”, “centered”, or “capable of communicating” clearly unto another. Sometimes relationship is affected in a negative manner, in which the karma from prior times in the ancestries cause one or both to fall into nasty patterns rather than allowing for a release through forgiveness. This can cause crisis in relationship for those who are ascending.


The dance of relationship can therefore be turbulent due to ascension. Sometimes as one changes patterning within in association with how one relates unto another in the unconscious, the other gets angry; and perhaps the other will even yell or behave badly towards oneself as a result. The cause? One has released unconscious patterning that the other depended upon to feel empowered, healed or balanced upon the physical plane. If one releases enough of such patterning all at once, the other may go into turmoil as they are unable to cope with all of the energetic shifts and returning attachments between their etheric body and oneself. The end result is a period of chaos for the other who may then “attack” out of the fear that they have gone into.


This is the observation of the Ancient Ancestors who are monitoring human ascension and assisting the map makers primarily in fulfilling upon their task. Change, whether it be external or internal rocks the boat; others who are not ascending at this time are impacted by the waves that the map carvers and map followers of ascension make as they alter the dance of energy flow between oneself and others or the group. The others or group one associates with may or may not embrace the energetic changes with ease; however, over time the others and groups may have no choice but to embrace the change as the ascending field is more powerful and will therefore drive the unconscious dance of energy flow in the long haul.


The Nature of Releasing Attachment


Primarily, how do ascending initiates alter the energy flow with others around oneself? Generally speaking, those who are ascending dismantle straight-line energy flow that allows for cords of attachment between one etheric body and another’s etheric body, or etheric machines that may intertwine oneself with many others. As the cords and etheric machines fall away due to the rising of vibration and quickening of the molecular structure within, the cords and ties implode back upon the other non-ascending field or fields. If two are ascending together, often cords between the two can be released concurrent or simultaneously allowing for non-implosion between fields. However, this is difficult if one is ascending and the other or others are not. Read more

Image of dolphins jumping for joy with a rainbow and the setting sun in the background. Intending A Future Of Unity And Joy

8. Intending A Future Of Unity And Joy


The Whale and Dolphin and Kingdoms have much to say to ascending human initiates today. There have been many changes in the Human along with Dolphin and Whale Dreams. The human holographic planes that were opened a little over a year ago in Earth’s ascension recently revealed the history of the human dream in which the souls or false gods ensouling humanity was pieced together.


Within these archives, the story could be perceived about how the false god souls went into competition and warred upon one another to a point of destroying human form and causing a fall in consciousness. Later their warfare translated into humans warring upon one another, and over time this became so extensive that nuclear annihilation was the result. Such warfare as it was run through human form also was the original cause of disease in the human species. It is soul or the nonphysical that directs physicality; the point here being that it was the nonphysical or realm of spirit at cause of human warfare, as human form is a receptacle for spirit.


Animation of Human Forms


Without spirit, there would be nothing to animate form. The animation or persona of all humans is the result of spirit entering the form and directing the consciousness in whatever is thought, spoken, written or created. Without spirit, human form would simply be unable to function in the world, much like an autistic child or insane person who simply sits and rocks to and fro all day. As a matter of fact, some of the current drugs such as ICE actually destroy the energetic dynamics of how form channels spirit leading to dysfunctional humans who can do little more than an autistic child. If healers who were gifted at reconstructing channeling devices or the mechanisms in which spirit enters form were to work upon ICE patients, there could be some semblance of return to normalcy. This drug accesses drug planes that are so violent in the nonphysical that the physical ability to channel spirit is all but destroyed in a few uses of the drug.


The violent drug planes that ICE accesses are what remains from a series of drugs used by the Anu to control violence in the slaves. Extremely violent humans were drugged into complacency; in essence their ability to channel violent entities was removed from their field, and they became much like an autistic child that cannot relate to the world, but are docile and harmless in nature. It just so happens that this particular drug is similar in biochemical substances to what the Annanuki used long ago, and therefore has a parallel affect. Those using ICE most likely have karma for having been administered the drug long ago in their ancestry and by the Anu, and are simply reliving such karma.


Our point here is not about the drugs per se, but about how humans are animated. If there is no soul or spirit, there is no animation, and one would simply rock to and fro while awake. Human form is animated by many kinds of nonphysical realms at this time in history. For a long time, the Red False Gods animated humans after they were first seeded upon Earth by Sirian scientists. These souls managed the human energy flow and dance in the physical for 100,000 years leading to a lengthy life of 2,000 years and peaceful tribal relations. Read more