Image of an opened journal with a butterfly on the left page and a sunflower on the right page. The Dance of Relationship in Ascension

6. The Dance of Relationship in Ascension


Relationship is such an important attribute to human lives. As we speak of relationship, we are not only speaking to the intimate relationship between beloveds or spouses, but also the relationship between any human unto another. Ascension brings about changes in the way that humans relate; this affects all relationships.


Ascension and Changes in Relationship


Sometimes relationship is affected in a positive manner through ascension, in which one feels more “empowered”, “centered”, or “capable of communicating” clearly unto another. Sometimes relationship is affected in a negative manner, in which the karma from prior times in the ancestries cause one or both to fall into nasty patterns rather than allowing for a release through forgiveness. This can cause crisis in relationship for those who are ascending.


The dance of relationship can therefore be turbulent due to ascension. Sometimes as one changes patterning within in association with how one relates unto another in the unconscious, the other gets angry; and perhaps the other will even yell or behave badly towards oneself as a result. The cause? One has released unconscious patterning that the other depended upon to feel empowered, healed or balanced upon the physical plane. If one releases enough of such patterning all at once, the other may go into turmoil as they are unable to cope with all of the energetic shifts and returning attachments between their etheric body and oneself. The end result is a period of chaos for the other who may then “attack” out of the fear that they have gone into.


This is the observation of the Ancient Ancestors who are monitoring human ascension and assisting the map makers primarily in fulfilling upon their task. Change, whether it be external or internal rocks the boat; others who are not ascending at this time are impacted by the waves that the map carvers and map followers of ascension make as they alter the dance of energy flow between oneself and others or the group. The others or group one associates with may or may not embrace the energetic changes with ease; however, over time the others and groups may have no choice but to embrace the change as the ascending field is more powerful and will therefore drive the unconscious dance of energy flow in the long haul.


The Nature of Releasing Attachment


Primarily, how do ascending initiates alter the energy flow with others around oneself? Generally speaking, those who are ascending dismantle straight-line energy flow that allows for cords of attachment between one etheric body and another’s etheric body, or etheric machines that may intertwine oneself with many others. As the cords and etheric machines fall away due to the rising of vibration and quickening of the molecular structure within, the cords and ties implode back upon the other non-ascending field or fields. If two are ascending together, often cords between the two can be released concurrent or simultaneously allowing for non-implosion between fields. However, this is difficult if one is ascending and the other or others are not.


Up until ascension began about 3 decades ago, the only time that cords imploded in this manner back upon another has been in death. In death, cords between oneself and the deceased party implode in upon the field. Often this collapses the heart chakra if there was a sense of love between oneself and the one who has died. The sensation of grief is actually the result of the imploding cords between one’s heart and the one that one loved at the time of death. Therefore, we guide those experiencing a death to unravel the cords imploding the heart chakra, and as this is accomplished, the grief will cease.


Imploding cords also cause the chakras to shatter in the field of another that one has released attachment unto due to ascension. In so being, there may be a response within the other of either getting ill as with flu like symptoms, sorrow or grief at the loss of the ties, or anger at feeling violated or trespassed upon in the unconscious exchange. It is for this reason that ascending and non-ascending relationships can become turbulent or explosive over time.


What to Do?


Can one buffer the release of the ties that bind? One way to minimize the reverberation of one’s ascension upon others is to intend to delay the returning cords over 24 hours through intention so that chakras within another fail to be shattered. This is what Asur’Ana and Per have intended and has special angels to fulfill upon this, as they do not wish to create needless harm; so, can others intend the same.


Another solution is to pull in another to fulfill the role that one held for the individuals one is releasing ties to in their life dance due to ascension. Most that are attached to oneself depend upon oneself in some unconscious manner. As one pulls in another of parallel inheritance and karma to fulfill upon one’s unconscious role, then the unconscious dance can be transferred unto the other. Then the dependency upon oneself will be transferred unto another and one is free to ascend in greater ease.


One initiate whom we shall name, Beryl, discovered this in her own life dance with her mother and son in particular. Beryl chose to leave her son and mother behind because they were not ascending and continuing to dance with them would compromise her life and health and theirs as well. She perceived that her spouse’s sister had parallel lineages to herself. She transferred the dependency that her son had upon her to her sister-in-law, who moved in and took care of her son for many years thereafter. There was karma settled in the dance, and so this was supportive of all concerned in an evolutionary sense, and allowed her son to continue to feel “mothered” in a parallel manner to how Beryl had mothered him.


Interestingly enough, the personality entities that had danced in Beryl’s field at the time that she mothered her son moved to her sister-in-law in the exchange. Towards the end of the relationship with her son, he defiantly said to her one day “You are not my mother! My mother has become an angel”. In reality, her son perceived the persona detaching from Beryl’s field that was now in the nonphysical and he associated with “mother”. Later this persona entered the sister-in-law and continued to parent Beryl’s son. In so being, there was less trauma in the life changes of all concerned in Beryl’s departure.


Beryl moved her brother’s wife into the position of care taking her mother in parallel manner. Beryl’s mother is an “out of control channel”, or in other terms, lets anything into her field that wishes to do so without boundaries. This led to abusive entities that had been violent towards Beryl in childhood. Over time, Beryl learned to control the violent beings that would enter her mother’s field making for a smoother and less difficult relationship.


Beryl did not wish to release all of these ties and then subject the rest of the family to the insanity her mother was prone unto; and so, she transferred the responsibility on to her sister-in-law who had parallel gifts in the unconscious as a “psychic control”. The sister-in-law quite naturally took over the responsibility of monitoring the entities in and out of Beryl’s mother’s field. This allowed for a smooth transition without needless drama and trauma upon the family in Beryl’s choice to ascend.


Therefore, we advise ascending initiates over time who have found themselves completing with family, friends or spouses and significant others to push the next in line to fulfill upon the unconscious dance and karmic agreements into the role that they are leaving behind. This then transfers the unconscious codependency upon another of parallel ancestry, freeing up the initiate to ascend.


Sometimes as one does so, the spouse, friend or family member will find another partner or friend that may be very much like oneself in nature. Several initiates in the midst of a divorce discovered that their soon to be ex-spouse had drawn in a new lover. The new lover in some cases appeared and acted much as themselves, and took over the energetic responsibilities that they once provided, and they were free then to conclude the relationship and ascend.


Asur’Ana recalls the new woman that entered her ex-husband’s dance after their relationship ended. The new beloved was very much like Asur’Ana in nature. This may be the same for many who choose to complete and push another with parallel ancestry and karma into their place in the dance of life. The “other” will be another one of oneself.


Understand that this is not wrong; karma is karma and it must be settled. Each inherits a small portion of karma for each lineage that one is born with. One is only responsible for clearing one’s own portion of the karma, and there are thousands of others to clear the rest of the karma associated with each inheritance. Therefore, there will be plenty of others to push into one’s role with others; and one need not know who they are upon the physical plane. The intent to do so is adequate, and the Ancient Ancestors will assist to allow ascension to be easier for those willing to walk this difficult path of ascension.


Karma and Turmoil


Sometimes regardless of how one may buffer the returning cords of attachment unto another, turmoil is still the result. What happens then? It is karma that often causes turmoil. Karma is an agreement that causes the flow of chi, power or information in one direction unto another. Others may depend upon the chi, power or information that they collect from oneself to hold their positions in the world, or with family or at work. Suddenly there is less power, information or chi provided by oneself unto another as the cords of attachment that allowed for the exchange have been released through ascension. Now the non-ascending party feels less than, worthless or underpowered. Out of such a state of being, they may attack in an attempt to cause one to re-engage in the unconscious pattern.


Sometimes it is the nature of ascending folk to heal others by synthesizing their fields for them; this is often the case of those who are healers, counselors, doctors, herbalists, massage therapists or other associated careers. Often those taking such roles in society are gifted at healing and synthesizing others so that they find balance within. This is the result of codependent relations with friends, family and clients who depend upon oneself to remain in balance. As one ascends, one begins to break such agreements and the cords of attachment that they occur through, ceasing to heal others unconsciously.


This is necessary, for those who unconsciously heal will often utilize 30% to 70% of their chi in any given day to clear the field of others. Beyond a certain point, one must cease to participate in the dance of unconscious healing or one can ascend no further. The reality is that ascension requires chi to be fulfilled upon. The more of one’s chi is tied up taking care of others in any capacity, the less chi that there is to ascend one’s own biology and energy flow. Over time and the further one ascends, those who are the unconscious healers in any circumstance must break the ties that allow for such a dance, releasing the associated attachment and machinery along with karma. As all karma is released, there is no longer an agreement to heal others in such a manner.


Sometimes as this occurs, the friend or client may fall away from one’s life dance, as they no longer “benefit” as they once did in the prior association with oneself. Such folk may even get angry in the process and, if there is additional karma of another nature, choose to cause one a hassle or problem of a greater nature; as in suing oneself for malpractice, or dissuading others from utilizing one’s services into the future out of bitterness.


The real cause of the bitterness is the inability to forgive another for ceasing to heal them in the unconscious, or empower them, or provide them life force or chi. One cannot take responsibility for the inability of another to forgive; although it is often the nature of those who are ascending into to do so. The bottom line is that no one can ascend another and no one can forgive for another. Each must learn to release their attachment through forgiveness and stand sovereign in energy flow, for the energy movement of the Great Central Sun requires sovereign fields to rotate around.


Attachment and Holographic Flow


Sticky cords of attachment between parties will not allow for holographic flow; therefore, each aware of the path of ascension must intend to move ahead allowing oneself to separate from all others in terms of direct attachment between one etheric body and another. Otherwise, one may not live to witness the coming times of cleansing as Earth enters the Great Central Sun Dream or be available to support the ascending children left orphaned ahead.


The Great Central Sun Dream is a strong holographic movement. Those who are heavily attached to one another and have not perished in the cleansing prior to entry will find themselves imploding as a group upon one another due to the push and pull of energies associated with the holographic dream of the Great Central Sun. Therefore, releasing enough attachment between self and others is a requirement to survive entry into the Sun and beyond.


Does releasing attachment and codependent patterning create loneliness? In reality, attachment creates more loneliness than non-attachment. Attachment allows for one party to depress their feelings upon another. Asur’Ana discovered over time that most of the loneliness that she felt or the longing to be with another was really the result of having the energy of another in her field, or another’s emotional body intertwined with her own. As she learned to return the energy to the rightful owner, retrieve her own energy flow, and disentwine emotional bodies, the result was a feeling of self-love and empowerment within.


Group Codependent Relations


In our observations, it has been very difficult for humans to associate with any ascending group for many years and not become codependent with the group. Ultimately, the codependence causes a cessation of ascension, as the dance of codependence will create more cords of attachment rather than release attachment through forgiveness. There are also those who’s archetypal nature is so rooted in non-change that create more attachment to whomever they associate with instead of releasing attachment in ascension. Generally, this is due to an unconscious fear of change.


Beyond a certain point, those individuals prone to non-change can only go so far as an ascending being, as they will lose as much energy as they generate in any given day due to the increasing attachment. Attachment leaves the field much like a leaky sieve; the more attachment, the more holes created by the associated cords which allow one to “leak chi”. Ascension requires that one learn to stand sovereign without the attachment as each initiation is mastered. In so doing, then one is prepared for holographic flow that desires to wrap around one’s field.


Some expect the group to carry them further up in vibration without releasing attachment. If this occurs the entire group suffers, as the group will lose chi due to the one who is unable to move up in vibration; if there are enough expecting the group to ascend themselves, then the entire group ceases to ascend. The only solution is to remove those who wish to attach to the group in such a manner.


This may be so for personal relations in one’s life. If there are those who wish to create more attachment and more codependence with oneself, there may come a point in the ascent that one must say “good bye”, as the continued association prevents one’s ascension, or if left unattended to, will make one diseased over time.


Attachment and Disease


If there is a load of attachment from one party to another, and one fails to release the attachment over time in ascension, the associated part of the grid work and etheric body will fail to ascend. As a certain region of the form falls further and further behind in vibration in ascension due to how it is compromised with cords of attachment, over time it will become diseased. Perhaps it is far better to release those who would cause one to become diseased before the disease manifests. However even if the disease does manifest, the choice to ascend out of the disease will then force one to separate from those codependently hooked into oneself, if one is sincere about the recovery, as there may be no other path to one’s goal.


This is generally what Asur’Ana and Per have found; they have had to sever their codependent ties to all former students. If they failed to do so, they would become ill and fail to ascend. The students likewise required the release from the group to learn to stand sovereign in their own truth and power, as often they depended upon Asur’Ana and Per or the group for this. Therefore, the separation benefits all concerned from a spiritual evolutionary point of reference.


Sometimes in ascension, separation is called for. Those ascending themselves may understand this more greatly than non-ascending humans still operating in the third dimensional paradigm. One can attempt to communicate why separation is necessary, and this may ease the experience for the other. In our example with the above initiate, Beryl, she wrote to her mother and sister-in-law with detailed letters about why she was retreating from her son so that they would understand. They did understand because of her willingness to communicate, and this did indeed ease the trauma of the experience for all concerned.


Why did Beryl leave her son behind? Her son’s genetic package was from his father and he could not ascend beyond 1,024 in ease. Therefore, it was not her son’s spiritual goal to go any further in this lifetime. Trying to carry him forward was making Beryl ill, and causing him to go insane. And so, she released him to be with those who resonated with his path.


Sovereignty and Symbiosis


The bottom line is that ascension shall restore a state of sovereignty and symbiotic relations in the dance of life. Sovereignty translates into a field that does not attach to any other person, place or object; and therefore, codependence does not occur as an energetic unconscious dance. Codependence is the manner in which the cords of attachment between parties causes one party to carry another by giving them chi, power and information. A codependent group relation is the manner in which the group gives one or more chi, power and information, allowing them to rise to power within the group.


Ascension brings about the release of all codependence in personal and group relations through the release of the cords of attachment between all parties. As there is no outside attachment, there is no way power, chi and information can flow from one unto another. This allows for equality in the relationship and within the group and the emerging unity paradigm to be born in ascension. Equality requires symbiotic relations between parties; symbiotic relations translates into a sharing of resources, gifts and talents so that each contributes unto the group; and each receives in return equal unto whatever is contributed.


In the current human dance, many employed by large corporations give far more than they ever receive, leading to hierarchical codependent relations. In a hierarchy, those on top receive far more than they give. In the case of the CEO, he or she may receive 900% more than is ever expended in association with balanced giving and receiving, taking from each employee. This causes many at the bottom of the hierarchy, such as the secretaries or janitors to receive 900% less than they give. The hierarchical nature of the stratified payroll founded upon position is a good example of this truth. The hierarchical dance creates such great imbalance that it leads to extremes in wealth and poverty global wide, along with homelessness, hunger and starvation.


Asur’Ana and Per and their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) group have been exploring the pathway out of the current dance of inequality for a while. It is not an easy journey out of as each in the current human civilization desires to retain the dance as it is. In order to orchestrate a shift therefore into a new paradigm, another consensus has had to be created to support those who are ascending. The new consensus of ascending humans was the end result of this shift. The new consensus calls for symbiotic relationships between all members of the consensus.


What Is the New Consensus?


A consensus reality is a reality created as each member co-agrees upon certain attributes and agreements. Upon Earth, each agrees that the sky is blue, the plants are green, the oceans are turquoise, and the land is red or brown. Each also agrees to certain boundaries between one another and between each species. Over time, humans have violated the boundaries between themselves and nature by taking too much causing others to become diseased and nature to die; or polluting nature to a point of extinction. This has caused nature to throw humanity at large out of the global consensus. As a result, one will find most humans isolated from nature, and this has contributed to the sense of being separated from God Goddess All That Is within.


As humans began to ascend in recent decades, and learned to embrace harmlessness towards nature in energy flow and behavior, room has been made for a transitional consensus that will one day reunite humans into the natural world again. Earth has called the transitional consensus the New Ascending Consensus for Humanity. This consensus requires symbiotic relationships between humans and all kingdoms in which balanced giving and receiving occurs.


Symbiotic relations are supportive of one another; sometimes one may need more chi to transcend a particular pattern. The ascending consensus therefore provides one more chi; then one will contribute more chi after transcendence when one peaks at the new vibration and energy flow, and after one has mastered the next initiatory level. In this manner, balanced giving and receiving is retained.


As one proves that one will operate in balanced giving and receiving, at some point most likely in one’s future ancestry, one will re-enter the natural world. Asur’Ana and Per re-entered the natural world over two years ago now. They also discovered in so doing that there were many problems with the souls in the natural world who attempted to distort or prevent their continued lives and ascension. These souls have been expelled from Earth as a result. This perhaps points to a grand truth that nothing is perfect, and that everything is evolving including all souls along with the natural world upon Earth.


What Asur’Ana loves most about being in the natural world dream is her ability to commune with the land, air and sea surrounding herself. The communion is healing to her heart and fosters her continued ascension. Communion is also possible for those who are ascending in the New Consensus. All that is required is that one opens one’s heart and one can commune with the whole of Earth. Feeling a part of a larger body is also a joyful experience where one is no longer powerless, as one ceases only to be “human” for a moment in the communion.


One day one will enter the communion and never leave. Asur’Ana is still awaiting such a time, as the periods of dissonance still associated with her continued transcendence often throw her off balance enough to cease to be able to commune for a day or more at a time. She perceives this as a part of ascension at this time in history, and simply pushes through.


What Are Symbiotic Relations in Ascension?


Symbiotic relations are supportive relations. Many have been aware of non-supportive relations in human behavior. Those who seek to belittle, invalidate, argue, harm or violate are non-supportive types of humans. Those who seek to cooperate and collaborate along with validate others, giving thanks or being grateful unto others are supportive forms of human behavior, and are an example of symbiotic relations.


In ascension, symbiotic relations are far greater than human behavior upon the physical plane. In ascension, the unconscious must be accounted for. In the unconscious, although one may be nurturing and cooperative along with supportive in the physical, one may be exactly the opposite in the nonphysical. Asur’Ana was surprised early on to see how opposite her family members, students, and friends were in her dreamtime meetings as compared to the physical persona that she knew upon the physical plane. If they were supportive and loving in the physical, often they were belligerent and argumentative in dreamtime. If they were argumentative in the physical, generally they were gentle and cooperative in dreamtime.


The purpose of ascension is to allow for symbiotic relations upon all planes of reality, conscious, subconscious and unconscious. As humans master enough of the Language of Light, they begin to become harmless upon all planes of reality that they dance upon. Harmfulness is really the result of extreme polarity where upon one plane one is extremely gentle and kind and upon another one is extremely violent and abusive. Through ascension and the alteration of the thoughtform, polarity is modified enough to bring about unity upon all planes of reality.


The Nature of the Unconscious


We guide ascending initiates to become aware of the unconscious nature of those around oneself. The unconscious is comprised of parallel lives and the dreamtime self. The parallel lives express all the personality traits that are left unexpressed in physicality. For example, if one is working, has a spouse, has children, is healthy and lives a middle-class life, one will have parallel lives that express the opposites; in one life one will be single; in another one will be unemployed and on social security; in another life one will be crippled in a wheel chair; in another one will be blind; in yet another one will be married to another spouse without children; and in another one will be very poor; and in another one will be well off. All polarities must be expressed, and if they are not expressed in physicality, then they will be expressed in parallel lives.


Dreamtime selves are opposite in nature to the physical persona. Therefore, if one is good, kind and loving in the physical, one may be abusive, argumentative and not so kind in dreamtime. Ascension begins to modify the extremes through the integration of the parallel lives. As one integrates the opposing forces within oneself, then one begins to come to the middle ground upon all planes of reality. As this occurs, one becomes more similar in nature in the physical and in the dreamtime planes.


Those mastering 6,000-9,000 segments of DNA in the physical at this time in history come to greater unity between the physical and dreamtime persona. Asur’Ana has noticed that those mastering to this level are very similar in the physical as to how they act and contribute to the dreamtime meetings. This is a sign of movement into unity, which is what ascension should foster.


Those having false ascensions or incomplete ascensions do the exact opposite; they become increasingly dissimilar between the physical and dreamtime selves. Sometimes the dreamtime selves become so belligerent and destructive that they shatter the ascension temples and angels. In such cases, the humans at cause are expelled from receiving any further support due to their unconscious nature.


One initiate has a destructive unconscious as described above. They were guided to shatter the unconscious dreamtime self and mold it in a direction that was supportive. In so doing, this initiate was able to access the temples for dreamtime support for their continued ascent. The bottom line here is that the physical dominates the nonphysical. Through intention, one can mold the unconscious in a way that serves ascension. Here are some suggested intentions from the Ancient Ancestors for this purpose:


Intentions to Cause the Unconscious to Support Ascension


  1. I intend to shatter any part of my unconscious persona that is non-cooperative of my physical choice to ascend.


  1. I intend to take all power away from my unconscious to interfere with my physical choice to ascend.


  1. I intend to prevent the ability of my unconscious to make agreements with forces that would inhibit my physical choice to ascend.


  1. I intend to prevent my unconscious from any dreamtime preoccupation other than the utilization of the dreamtime temples for ascension for the purposes of my evolution Home.


  1. I intend to harness the power and information from my unconscious as far out as my field can reach, bringing that information and power into the physical to foster my journey home.


The Unconscious of Others


As one ascends, one may attune to parallel lives that one is living with others that one knows in physicality. Perhaps the relationship in the parallel life is different from what one’s relationship is to someone in physicality. Perhaps one is lovers in a parallel life and not in the physical; perhaps one is friends in the physical but enemies in a parallel life; perhaps upon a parallel plane this individual plays another role than in the physical life dance. If one is an enemy in a parallel life, one may experience unconscious harm in the form of energetic blows, curses, hexes and spells sent one’s way as one engages in the relationship or friendship in the physical. This is very confusing to most initiates, and it is why the Ancient Ones are taking the time to address this issue in this chapter.


What to do? Now the lover or friend or boss that one has, or perhaps even one’s spouse, is shattering one’s field. How can one continue the friendship or relationship or continue to work for this person if this is the case? The ancestors guide each to release the karma in one’s ancestry for the pattern through forgiveness and understanding. Then intend to integrate the parallel life pulling oneself off the plane of reality that one is an enemy with another. Then one will simply move up in vibration above where the dance is occurring, and the experience of unconscious harm ceases.


Asur’Ana and Per have found over time that they would release the karma and move up in vibration, but the harmful dance would recur and recur and recur. Imagine this with hundreds of people that they know. Why was this so? The dark would manipulate their fields into the past. The dark would open time rifts to a time that the dance occurred; or they would manipulate lineages to carry karma that was of parallel ancestries to those who were problematic over time and reinstate the patterning.


All of such manipulations are now illegal under the auspices of “True Spiritual Law”. As of this October past, guardians have been anchored upon Earth into the human consensus that are planetary, solar and Great Central Sun based. These guardians are to block infractions of the law that are not founded upon present day karma that one is transcending. As such, these types of manipulations are finally coming to an end.


Guardians for Ascension


Each who discovers that they have released karma with someone that has been malicious in the unconscious and the dance continues into present time can now request a guardian to block further manipulations of this nature. Understand that in order for the guardian to work, one must have released all of the associated karma between one’s ancestry and the ancestry of the other at cause at the current vibratory bandwidth one is ascending into. Then one can obtain a guardian from Earth by visiting the Temple of Guardianship to block further violations towards one’s field.


Asur’Ana and Per and their DAS group have found that the guardians are very useful to their continued ascension. Life has suddenly become easier as one does not have to repair the field after time spent at the mall, at the grocery store or at work. Sometimes however the guardians can be shattered, hollowed out or replaced by false guardians, after which the harm recurs in one’s field. Visiting the Temple of Guardianship in meditation or dreamtime and receiving replacement guardians generally assists in rectifying the circumstance.


The dark had gone out of control in recent years attacking ascending initiates in any manner that they could manipulate. The dark foresaw an end to their reign; and indeed, this is coming to be so. Now with the anchoring of the Guardians to hold True Spiritual Law, there is a shift, and ascending initiates will be able to move forward in greater ease. The Great Central Sun determined that human ascension would fail otherwise, and human ascension is necessary to the ascent of the whole. Therefore, the Great Central Sun intervened and assisted Earth in anchoring Guardians in support of human and global ascension alike.


The guardians are not only for humans who are ascending; they are for all kingdoms. Each kingdom has their own guardians to prevent continued manipulations from other star systems or from other species, such as humans. Humans are not only harmful in the physical, but have been used in the unconscious to energetically strip Earth and Nature of information and chi. This type of stripping is ceasing at this time due to the intervention of the Great Central Sun and the Guardians that hold true spiritual law between kingdoms.


The reality is that the physical plane has been the most lawless of all planes upon Earth. In order to enter the Great Central Sun in 27 years’ time, lawlessness must cease and true spiritual law must be embraced, as this is what the dream of the Sun calls for. The return of the Ascension Guardians is a sign that Earth and ascending humans are moving in the direction of minding the law again in the unconscious energy flow surrounding Earth, and the Ancient Ones perceive this as a good and necessary shift.


Unconscious Between Beloveds


Often the most difficult patterning occurs between beloveds or spouses that engage in sexuality. Through the sexual energy flow, patterns can occur that do allow for an exchange of information, power, and chi without one’s ability to control it. If both parties are ascending, then each may choose to intend that the sexual flow become harmless in nature. In so being, one will create boundaries in the sexual energy between the two in which guardians will block exchanges that are not founded upon karma in the relationship. If there are karmic exchanges, then in the release of the karma each can retrieve the knowledge inherent to one’s ancestry from the other.


If one party is non-ascending, then it may be difficult to create guardians that can hold the boundaries if sexual exchange occurs; the reason for this is that exchanging sexual energy causes an intertwining of fields between parties. It is for this reason that Asur’Ana and Per recommend remaining celibate if one is not in an ascending partnership if one’s goal is to ascend in this lifetime. One may also intend to create an ascending partnership where both can consciously agree to having harmless boundaries during love making, and invoke the necessary guardians to support the intentions made.


Each can have an ascending partnership if one chooses so. There are no limitations to weaving the dream that one desires. However, the reality is that one must first release all patterning within that locks one in the polarity that would create a non-ascending beloved. As one transcends the polarity at cause of such an extreme, then one can call unto oneself the ascending beloved.


Creating the Ascending Beloved


Transcending the patterning at cause of why one calls in a non-ascending and non-supportive partnership may be cumbersome in nature. One may have thousands and thousands of ancestors that had relationships with other lineages that cannot ascend in this lifetime and would be inherently unsupportive in nature of one’s spiritual goal. One must release all the karma for relationship with non-ascending lineages and archetypes in order to draw a relationship to oneself of lineages and archetypes that can ascend in this lifetime, thereby creating an ascending partnership.


Asur’Ana recalls the layers and layers and layers of patterning that she focused upon transcending in order for Per to manifest as her beloved. The intention to create an ascending beloved was made five years before Per showed up. Asur’Ana waited patiently until he could arrive, understanding that if she manifested a partnership before she was ready, it would only be a repeat of the past relationships that were non-ascending in nature, and filled with turmoil and conflict as a result of failing to understand one another.


Understanding one another is a prerequisite to an ascending relationship. Ascending partnerships must be harmonious; harmonious relationship is founded upon common understanding and spiritual goal. Understanding requires common archetypal nature. There are many archetypes that do understand one another; generally, they are from the same creation in origin. Those who are each inherently from Sirius in archetypal nature, which are grand master and red nation, generally understand one another. Those who are inherently Anu or Anu-Slave in archetypal birth nature also generally understand one another. It is those of red nation or grand master nature who attempt to have a relationship with those of Anu or Anu slave nature that the great misunderstandings in relationship occur.


The Anu family was from another creation. The Anu holographic archetypal blueprint creates personas upon Earth that hold a non-spiritual focus for the life purpose. Those of Anu archetype are generally more interested in money than spiritual goals or family ties. Those of Anu nature would sell their grandmother or best friend if it made them a fortune. And so, they often do.


Those of Grand Master or Red Nation nature in contrast are focused upon spiritual goals, believe themselves to be the guardians of Earth, and hold family ties as far more important than financial goals. It is for this reason that the Eastern cultures do not understand the Western cultures, as the East is more concerned with family and tradition and the West financial gain; which often leads to international disputes if not war.


In the East, family ties are everything. One would never sell out the family or the best friend for a profit. Those of this nature will never understand those of Anu nature, or vice versa. Therefore, the best solution from the Ancient Ones’ point of view is to phase out the non-resonant archetypes from Earth and the human genetic blueprint.


At this time Earth concurs, and all Anu and Anu slave archetypes are to be phased out along with the associated DNA over the coming 30 years of cleansing. This shall occur through the birth, death and rebirth cycles, and over time the Anu persona will not be an available set of genetics for incoming children to choose from in the creation of the body in the womb. We foresee that within 100 years, human civilization will restructure itself to be founded upon red archetypal nature, which places the value of Earth and family ties above all else. In so being, love shall return to be the foundation of human civilization through collective ascension.


For those desiring to create an ascending partnership in this lifetime, one will therefore wish to become aware of the archetypal nature of oneself along with one’s beloved. Chapter 1 “Human Archetypes and Archetypal Nature” from Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 delves into the 38 archetypal natures of humanity. One may attune to this information and the associated worksheets to determine one’s own archetypal nature from birth along with all others that one is thinking of having a relationship with, or currently in relationship to.


If one is red nation or grand master archetype in this lifetime, one will desire to create a partner of parallel nature as to oneself. As one calls into one’s life dance someone of parallel nature, there will be a natural understanding between the two as a result of shared holographic and genetic knowledge. Such an understanding cannot be created through psychotherapy or family counseling between two of variant natures; as the underlying genetics simply will never understand one another. Those of parallel archetypal nature will have an inherent harmony due to parallel genetics. It is only this type of relationship that is suitable to ascension as a couple as harmony between the two is a prerequisite to moving up in vibration together.


Here is why allowing humans to travel and settle in other creations is not a wise choice for the human species at large from the perspective of the Ancient Ones. It creates humans that inherently do not understand one another due to massive genetic differences, and out of such misunderstanding can lead to warfare and ultimately to nuclear annihilation and falls in consciousness as each has experienced upon Earth.


It is our desire as the ancestors to guide humanity in a new direction where the mistakes of the past will not repeat. This can only occur as the genetics that lead to the discord are phased off of Earth; and this is why we take a stand for this shift through generational ascension and evolution. As this comes to be, a new day shall be born in which all humans understand one another and in so being, live together in harmony, unity and joy.


For those who are ascending in the now, one begins to create the life in harmony, unity and joy by intending an ascending partner or intending ascending community to be born into one’s life dance in this lifetime. In so doing, one will begin to carve the map towards this goal in the now, assisting in birthing a new day for humanity ahead. And so, the Ancient Ones guide those reading this book to intend what they really want from their heart, and we will assist in seeing such intentions made manifest in the physical, as it will foster a new day in which real love, unity and intimacy may flow between humans in relationship.


Ascending Friendships


Not all may choose to be in an ascending partnership in this lifetime. There are spiritual paths that are sovereign and in the singular. Those who choose such a path know that this is their truth, and generally there is little internal conflict about it as a result. All may intend to create ascending friendships. Perhaps this is how ascending communities shall be born; by many creating ascending friendships who then choose to move in together, fostering the birth of a new type of living environment in which evolution is placed above all else. Therefore, the ancestors encourage each to intend ascending friendships along with the birth of ascending community.


Friendship in the current paradigm is generally founded upon jealousy, or the feeling of being either superior or inferior to another. Such forms of jealousy, whether they be conscious or unconscious, create harmful energy flow between parties. For the one who is superior inflates their field to be far greater than it should be, and the one who is inferior gives their chi and information away in the dance. Then the one who has given their information away looks at the other and thinks “I’m jealous!” What is one really jealous of? One is jealous of one’s own information in another’s field. Take your information back, retrieve your power, and you will find your own inner truth.


Inner truth is not jealous, nor does it desire to be “like” another. Inner truth understands that it is one’s truth to appear as one does, or dress as one does, or to feel as one does, or fulfill upon the preoccupations that one does. Truth does not question if the appearance, clothing or preoccupation is better or less than another. Truth only desires to be expressed and shared.


Truth was lost as humans began to intertwine and give parts of themselves unto another. As others held parts of you, then you became jealous of the other. And who are movie stars or anyone of fame anyway? They are ones who have taken parts of the selves of all who follow them, and inflate themselves to be seemingly “greater than life”. Those who have lost parts of themselves to the ones of fame then are envious, as they perceive themselves within the star or one of fame. Retrieve the parts of self from any star or one of fame that you have given away, and you will cease to perceive them as anything but human.


Sometimes in Asur’Ana and Per’s experience, those of red archetypal nature may feel jealous of others who are succeeding at their goal of leadership or other creative endeavors. Where does this jealousy come from? It comes from feeling that one should emulate the leader or creative one of parallel archetype, and if one is not succeeding as they are, then one is worthless or useless. Beloved, each archetypal expression has its gifts and talents and spiritual objectives to express. In polarity, no two are going to express even the same gifts and talents in an identical manner. Each must learn to express yourself as they feel called to from within.


Often those who feel jealous have given their gifts and talents to the other of parallel archetype, and then are jealous as the other manifests with their information. The solution to this is to retrieve your own information and then utilize it for your own creative goals. In the act of creation, one will feel fulfilled, and in the fulfillment, there is no room for jealousy or competition.


Sometimes initiates are lazy. Why should they bother to map make when Asur’Ana and Per will do it for them, and are doing such a good job! Unfortunately, Asur’Ana and Per are only clearing karma from their part of the tapestry; it takes many more from the same archetypal and lineage-based tapestry to clear the karma for the entire wheel of humanity. Therefore, Asur’Ana and Per cannot really ascend for anyone other than themselves. The map that they create is an energetic map up in vibration that one may follow; but in order to do so, one must still clear one’s own karma.


Intend to rise above the laziness and fulfill upon one’s own mission in this lifetime. For some this mission may appear small in physical plane accomplishments. This does not mean that you have not accomplished much; it is just that the accomplishments are spiritual and energetic and not as much physical. However, in the ascent to the crystalline form, there is the possibility of allowing for each to find fulfillment within.


Creating fulfillment may require creative expression upon the physical plane. Creative expression requires information and an ability to weave the dream so that the associated experience manifests into physicality. The ancient ancestors will assist each who is ascending in this process, as internal fulfillment is an important attribute to peace in human relations. When each is fulfilled within, there is no place for jealousy or competition, and as jealousy and competition fall away, human relations quite naturally become more peaceful and supportive of one another.


Conflict in Ascending Relationships


Conflict in ascending and non-ascending relationships releases as one releases the karma and associated entities or personality beings dancing in the field at cause. Asur’Ana and Per have noticed that conflict is generally a nonphysical expression coming through them eliciting an argument between the two. Generally, they stop and ask themselves “Who is angry? Who is arguing?”. Then they intend to release the persona or even soul responsible, and they find themselves moving back into harmony shortly thereafter. Sometimes entities from their students or the website or neighbors enter their fields causing conflict. As the entities are moved out, the conflict ceases.


Most personal conflict is the result of souls or personality entities that are in conflict. Perhaps such personality or souls have warred upon one another for eons of time. As they come together again through human relationships, they dance in conflict yet again. As a result of this, Asur’Ana and Per have taught those studying with them to mold the personality towards harmony. One is at choice in terms of what entities one allows to dance with one’s field. One can command those beings that desire to create conflict with others out of the field, and choose to anchor in their place souls or personality that are harmonious.


One can also command the persona of others who are less aware or non-ascending to be harmonious. If the persona of another creates continuous harm either that is verbal, physical, emotional or energetic, one can command such entities to permanently leave the field of another. Earth will assist with such shifts and so one can call upon Mother Earth in such circumstances. In so doing, one can begin to create harmony in circumstances that may have been conflictive for a long time. So, Asur’Ana and Per have discovered in their relations with their associates, neighbors or anyone else that may cross their path in their travels. Here are some useful intents for molding personality for harmony.


Useful Intentions for Molding Personality for Harmony


  1. I intend to release all agreements with all personality entities that are harmful, abusive, invalidating or judgmental.


  1. I intend to transcend the patterning within that calls such personality into my life dance.


  1. I intend to anchor soul and new persona that are resonant and harmonious.


  1. I intend to push out of the life dance those personality entities run in others that wish to create conflict and disharmony.


  1. I call upon Mother Earth and my ancient ancestors to support my goal.


Personality Between Couples


In relationships between couples, often the personality has traveled down the two family trees and lineages for eons of times. It is often why one is so comfortable with their spouse or beloved perhaps even from the beginning of the union; there is comfort in familiarity between the personality beings. However, such beings may also have been in conflict for eons of time. Remove the personality molding for harmony and ascension, and there is a greater possibility of harmony between the couple or beloveds. This is also so for friendships, work, school or any other place that one may dance with another.


One must remember that humans are a living dream driven by a script along with nonphysical forces that enter the field animating the form to live out the script. Without the persona or soul, humans would be dis-animated. One example of this is those who use ICE in Hawaii; a drug that damages the field so extensively that they no longer can channel the personality; as a result, these humans end up rocking to and fro while awake without speaking again. Perhaps this illustrates how dependent humans are upon the nonphysical to animate the life; no persona or soul and no life.


One can also say in this that any drama between oneself and another is also the result of the script for drama plus the personality or soul involved. Alter the script by releasing the karma, and one can cause a different outcome. Remove the personality and soul obsessed with the dance, and there will be peace and harmony restored between parties.


How does releasing karma alter the script? Most human scripts are the result of karma in present time. There is little that any human does that is not the result of karma of one ancestor or another out of the millions of ancestors related to one’s inheritance. As the karma is released, the script need not play out as it did once before. As such, one can redirect the script through conscious dream weaving practices for a different outcome that more greatly benefits oneself and is harmonious. (Please refer to Chapter 5 “Transcending Lack and Impoverishment” of this book for conscious dream weaving information.)


How do you release karma? One forgives. Forgiveness is an absolute release; it cannot be faked or hidden or manipulated. Forgiveness says “I understand why you do what you do as my ancestry did the same to others; and I see now the faulty thoughtform behind the dance; I choose to evolve beyond this and transmute the thoughtform at cause; I choose to forgive my ancestors and you and all others participating in this dance forevermore.” Forgiveness is also an act of love; as one forgives, one opens the heart for the release embracing compassion in its place. Compassion states, “I understand; I have compassion; and I do not have to dance in this way anymore. I am free to dance in a new manner that brings me greater joy.”


For couples, forgiveness is perhaps the single most important attribute of an ascending partnership, whether that partnership be heterosexual or homosexual matters not. In forgiveness, one will forgive anything that bothers you about another. Each has parallel life selves that emulate the other; whatever bothers you about your spouse or beloved, you are like that upon a parallel plane of reality and have been like that in many lives in your ancestry. As you forgive them, you also forgive yourself, and then in the release, a return to harmony is possible.


Also, the personality entities may be more bothered than one’s biological consciousness by certain attributes within one’s partner or spouse. This is important to discern. Asur’Ana often asks initiates who complain about this or that in another “Who is complaining? Who is jealous? Who is bothered? Is it your biology? Is it your personality? Is it soul? Muscle test”. 9 times out of 10 it is personality entities. The reason personality is so judgmental is that they are so limited. Remove the personality and then one is no longer bothered, jealous or is in need of complaining. In so doing, one begins to take command over their physical life experience by defining what can dance with one’s field and what cannot. In so doing, one can begin to create a life of greater peace and harmony, along with ascending partnerships and friendships.


There is also karma; thoughtform and the associated patterning that underlie the personality beings. Through ascension, one can intend to transcend the thoughtform and patterning along with forgive the karma. In so doing, one can begin to anchor soul in lieu of personality entities, which are really fractured bits of soul lost in time and space. Fractured soul sits in the frequencies of fear, anger, pain, suffering, lust, judgment, greed and death.


Non-fractured or reunited soul rises above such thoughtform. As the biology rises above such thoughtform and into the Language of Light, so does soul or the nonphysical that dances with the body. One cannot simply modify only the persona; one must also do their ascension clearing work and ascend into the Language of Light to anchor unity thoughtform and the unity paradigm fully into the life dance along with the nonphysical that surrounds the form.


Partnership as A Mirror


Ascension requires harmony in order to be fulfilled upon. Ascending partnerships must be harmonious therefore in order for two to ascend together. Ascending families also must be harmonious or the dissonance will prevent ascension beyond a certain point. How does one create harmony in ascending partnership and family? One chooses to transcend every pattern mirrored to oneself through the other or others.


Your partner is your mirror. If your partner is abusive and alcoholic, then you have a part of your unconscious that is abusive and alcoholic. Perhaps you have an alcoholic parallel life. Intend to forgive the karma and release the patterning and thoughtform associated with alcoholism and integrate the related parallel life, and one will transcend. Release the karma for every alcoholic ancestor and one will forgive. As one forgives and transcends, the partner will either change and release the alcoholic behavior, or perhaps one will separate completing with the relationship. In either way the separation or change occurs, as it is no longer a valid mirror for one’s own internal state of being.


If your partner is invalidating and angry, then you have a part of the unconscious that is also invalidating and angry. Perhaps you have a parallel life self that uses anger and invalidation to manipulate others. Intend to forgive the karma and release the patterning and thoughtform associated with invalidation and anger and integrate the related parallel life, and one will transcend. Forgive all the ancestors related unto oneself for using anger and invalidation to manipulate others at the time that they existed. As this occurs, the invalidation and anger in the mirror of the partner will have to change. Perhaps the partner will shift inside themselves and become more loving; or perhaps one will conclude the relationship moving on to other interests.


If your partner is non-ascending, then you have a part of the unconscious that prefers not to ascend. You may have many non-ascending parallel lives in which the focus of the spiritual path is of the least of interests. Intend to forgive the karma of all the ancestors that had not focus upon the spiritual path; and intend to integrate all parallel lives in which ascension is not the main focus, and one will transcend. As one transcends, the current partner will either fall away, or take an interest in ascension and begin to focus upon the spiritual path, as a non-ascending partner is no longer one’s mirror. One will also be able now to create the ascending partner if this is what one’s heart desires.


Mirrors and the Life Dance


Mirrors are also associated with all other dances that one participates in. Each person in your life whether they be friends, acquaintances, family, workmates, bosses, schoolmates or those of fame that draw one’s interest in the media are mirrors for one’s own internal state of being. If anyone is difficult to be around or is harmful or abusive in nature, then one has a part of self that sits in the unconscious that parallels in behavior. One also has many ancestors that participated in the same unconscious games.


If one has friends that are gay, then one has parallel lives that are gay; or conversely if one is gay and has straight friends, then one has straight parallel lives. One will also have gay and straight ancestors. If one is attracted to famous artisans or musicians or actors and actresses along with leaders, it is because one has a parallel life of parallel preoccupation and fame. One also has many ancestors who achieved fame in their lifetime.


If one has friends in the military that are killing others upon the battlefield, then one is in the military killing others upon the battlefield upon a parallel plane of existence. One also has many ancestors who killed others upon the battlefield, or were killed themselves. One can see in this that judgment is really self-judgment as one is all things that one perceives in the dance of life upon a parallel plane and in one’s ancestry.


The key to handling the mirrors is to choose to transcend all patterning reflected by others that prevents ascension and evolution; and to forgive yourself and all ancestors for participating in any dance that is harmful upon any plane of reality, physical or nonphysical. Through the forgiveness of self and all others, the life mirror will begin to change.


As one forgives all warfare karma in one’s ancestry, the need for a mirror of a friend upon the battlefield will shift, and this individual may fall out of one’s life, or leave the military. As one forgives all karma for bigotry, the requirement for friends who are persecuted for religious or sexual preferences will shift along with any others who prosecute oneself for one’s own spiritual beliefs. As one forgives karma for hoarding excessively, the need for the extremes in fame and wealth shall cease within. As this occurs amongst enough ascending humans, fame and wealth as you know it will be modified into a new dance of equality and enough for all.


There is no other way to shift the world dance, as you perceive it without personal transformation and transcendence. There is nothing in the world mirror that you have not participated in within your own ancestry. You have done it all beloved; you have been the prostitute and the gay ones persecuted for their preferences; you have been of the wrong skin color and persecuted for it; you have been of the wrong religion and persecuted for it; and you have been the persecutor. You have been the militant upon the battlefield and the terrorist who tortured others along with the ones killed, maimed and harmed.


You have been the mother that has loved the child and the mother who has lost the child due to war; and the militant that killed the child causing the mother’s suffering. You have been the cast out, diseased, impoverished and aged upon the streets without help and without support; and you have been the one who has walked past those starving and sneered at them. You have been all things.




As you forgive all things, the world mirror will change personally and collectively. This is the hope and the dream of tomorrow that we the Ancient Ancestors hold on to; as it is the only dream that will allow for change and allow for a new day to be born. Earth and Nature also hold on to this dream. All that is required is enough to transcend, and the world will transcend with you.


How many is enough? It is not known, but we anticipate that only 10% of the world population requires transcendence to transform the whole. 10% is already ascending, however it requires deeper levels of transmutation into greater genetic information in order to be fulfilled upon. This requires the next generation to be born ascending to 6,000-9,000 segments.


As enough ascending children enter the world, the world shall change. This the Ancient Ones support wholeheartedly and are orchestrating through finding the appropriate lineages carrying the right genealogical information and entering the world for the task. As this occurs, all shall change, and each who is ascending in adult form can thank themselves for intending to ascend, as it is this intent that is launching the generational ascension of humankind.


It is the goal of Asur’Ana and Per to map out the dance between the archetypes in their DAS Community Program teachings. In time, these teachings shall be made available to those outside of their program. However, the Ancient Ones invite those who feel it is their calling to assist in map carving the healing for this program to join us. The purpose of this map is to create ascending community and human relations that are founded upon peace, unity and joy. This cannot occur unless the karma is released through forgiveness that would create a different type of relationship. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


The community program shall delve into the karma that causes disunity between humans so that each participating may choose to release the karma triggered in reading the materials. As the karma is released, there is an opportunity for a new type of relationship to be born that is harmonious. It is only as harmonious relationships are born that ascending relationship or ascending community can take flight. We hope that each has found this information of use. Namaste.


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



With Love and Appreciation, we (Asur’Ana and Per) dedicate this book to the Grand Masters from Sirius. Their Ascension Focus and Dedication have cleared a Pathway into the Fourth Dimension for Earth and Humanity. May Ascending Humans feel Comforted and Supported by their Ancient Ancestors’ Spiritual Knowledge and Legacy in their continued journey Home.



Creational © 2021, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. The Grand Masters’ Insights on Ascension. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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