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Light Wave Webinar #5: Balancing Your Mind in Light Wave Motion


The mindset bends

As you fail to forgive

And love the one

Who is unwell

Care for all

Care for each

Bless yourself

Bless the one who is ill

Love the Earth

And be well


Light Wave Webinar #5 Introduction


The mind requires certain motions to offset mind bend. Mind bend is a function of a dysfunction of the motions of the mind. Mind bend fosters depression to anxiety over life circumstances.


Mind bend does occur between parties in today’s world. Mind bend is the result of a flare of wave from one cortex to another. Some waves between parties lead to depression; some waves lead to anxiety; and yet other waves between parties can trigger peace or humor in the dance of life. It may be wise to learn to mind bend others into peace, harmony and humor than not.


Humor lifts the darkness off each. Those that suffer love to think dark thoughts that depress you or others around them. Lifting those who are depressing into humor offsets the waves that mind bend them into strife.


Those who are anxious will shift their assemblage point in relation to you if you mind bend them into peace. The anxiety will lift and they can repose with you in happiness instead. Read more