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Light Wave Webinar #5: Balancing Your Mind in Light Wave Motion


The mindset bends

As you fail to forgive

And love the one

Who is unwell

Care for all

Care for each

Bless yourself

Bless the one who is ill

Love the Earth

And be well


Light Wave Webinar #5 Introduction


The mind requires certain motions to offset mind bend. Mind bend is a function of a dysfunction of the motions of the mind. Mind bend fosters depression to anxiety over life circumstances.


Mind bend does occur between parties in today’s world. Mind bend is the result of a flare of wave from one cortex to another. Some waves between parties lead to depression; some waves lead to anxiety; and yet other waves between parties can trigger peace or humor in the dance of life. It may be wise to learn to mind bend others into peace, harmony and humor than not.


Humor lifts the darkness off each. Those that suffer love to think dark thoughts that depress you or others around them. Lifting those who are depressing into humor offsets the waves that mind bend them into strife.


Those who are anxious will shift their assemblage point in relation to you if you mind bend them into peace. The anxiety will lift and they can repose with you in happiness instead.


Learning to offset those who mind bend you into depression or anxiety is also a useful tool to learn. Mind waves can be developed to offset mind bend with Dao support. We have many focuses for you to think about in relation to mind bend states of being.


Focuses for Balancing Your Mind


  1. Notice when you grow to be mind bent into depression or anxiety.


  1. Ask yourself the four following questions to better understand.


  1. Whom were you just with that may have mind bent you in some manner? Learn to motion your mind in a counter move to offset the mind bend. The mind bend person arcs into the cortex in a manner that fosters the mindset to flow to the left (causes depression) or motioning to the right (causing anxiety). Learn to straighten out your mind through focus and you will recover more rapidly.


  1. What did you just eat that may be allergic to a state of well-being in your mind? Eliminate the foods that cause you to mind bend easily. Sugar can race the mind leading to anxiety (along with too many carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, grains, potato or sweets). Try letting go of the carbohydrates and foster a high protein diet instead. Craving carbohydrates is also a sign of a need for more protein in light wave motion to balance the mind. Salt can trigger the mind to cease to fire as much leading to depression. Try avoiding salt and using potassium salt instead in your cooking if you are prone to depression or hopelessness. Too much salt is also offset by having more potassium rich foods such as raw veggies, raw salads, raw fruits or raw juices.


  1. What did you focus upon that triggered your mind bend into depression or anxiety? Did you read the news or focus upon negative media? Did you listen to someone’s personal issues and find yourself following their mindset lead instead of your own? Try focusing upon positive thoughts and blessing you and each and the world and see if this begins to motion you out of your mindset disturbances.


  1. What part of the self of you do you transfuse into that triggers you to mind bend into depression or anxiety? Purify the self striations that are sick through white light application until your mind un bends. Your self is located in your subtle body so motion more white light in this direction and see if you feel better ahead.


  1. Some people in your life leave you feeling much better after a beautiful exchange of kinship or romance. These individuals aid you in fostering balanced mindset. It may be better to hang out with those who cause your mind to balance than those who do not.


  1. Sometimes those who balance your mind are mind bent through actions of your own mindset unknown unto you. Try to learn to motion your mind to cause others to grow to be merrier, hopeful, in love with life and in love with you and you will have a better time too.


Please join us for a more in depth understanding of balancing your mindset with application of light rays and motions that lead to more hopeful and beautiful states of being in the emerging you that is realizing you.


This pre-recorded webinar is produced by the planetary Dao to foster you into happier and healthier states of being in the emerging light cycle now underway.


In the care of the whole,

The Planetary Dao

Asur’Ana and Per


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Transcript of Light Wave Webinar #5


Asur’Ana: Good morning or good evening wherever you are. Asur’Ana and Per are here once again from beautiful Bryce Canyon area. We had an incredible time touring Zion National Park. What amazing gates that are still there that are blending and so beautiful; the tundra and the wave patterns and just the graceful marble canyons.


Per: It’s just beautiful. We wish you could all be here. There’s a lot of healing there for the body, mind and spirit. Asur’Ana and I did have a wonderful event and we did accomplish some very nice things together including healing our ethereal bodies and healing the physical body to another level that will be stronger in light motion ahead.


Asur’Ana: Today we’re going to talk about mind bend with the planetary Dao and also the planetary Tao. He’s joining us to talk about mind bend because mind bend is more of a Tao issue than a Dao issue.


Growing the Mind


The Dao heals the body and the spirit so that they syncopate together in light, and Tao works on your mindset. So Tao is the one that enters your field from the backdrop of existence and works on your mind, your synapses, your cortex formation and everything that causes the motion of your mind to syncopate in a way that’s well in the physical. In light, the mind seeks to grow and that can be a problem for you and for many of us in that when the mind grows, it can be unbalanced. When the mind is unbalanced, it folds in one direction or another leading to symptoms that we’re going to talk a little bit about and how to begin to remedy them; for each of you that are motioning or transfusing light, are also growing the mind.


Now when the synapses are forming, they are inert, meaning they don’t motion at all; and once they’re ignited, that’s when mind bend can set in. So you grow all these new synapses, and we make recommendations of all these substances to take to grow the mind; including liquid minerals and zeolite, colloidal silver and gold, and higher levels of protein are the main substances; especially tofu and soy milk provide substances that are very good for growing the mind. Asur’Ana and Per are pure vegan; however, for those that are not yet vegetarian or vegan, fish also is helpful to growing the mind.


As the mind grows, it finally sprouts these new synapses and generally your Tao waits until there is a full set before he turns them on. Now this is wise because if the synapses weren’t in a full set formation, then you’re going to be imbalanced anyway. Once the synapse is much flux, sometimes they don’t stay open and that’s a condition that your Tao then has to surgically work on at night while you rest; and at night while the mind no longer is motioning its waves to try to balance it out. For some returning or motioning into a balance mindset in growth of another level of cortex is more difficult than others.


Children are coming in by and large with 4 to 5 layers of cortex and more fully formed synapses. You see it in peaceful little ones or peaceful young kids, maybe even peaceful teenagers that have a fully formed fourth or fifth level cortex that just sails and soars in waves that say, “I’m at peace and I care and I have a nice time and I’m interested in life but I’m not upset about anything.” So when you have a balanced mind, you’re not upset about anything. For most of us who are a little bit older that are trying to mindset develop, that is perhaps not as easy of a state to achieve as perhaps a teenager with all of its growth hormone in its youth behind him or herself. And yet light triggers the genetics to show up and you don’t have much choice about it in a way.


Cortex Disturbances


It’s happening worldwide that the mind is attempting to grow, and there’s many variable problems or issues about the mind in this current derivative of genetics that is troublesome to the existences of the planet; and that’s a whole another story we’re not really going to get into today except to say that in the malformation of the cortex, there can be deep disturbances that plagued your relationships. Because if the mind goes into tremendous unconscious hate or grief or fear and it ricochet at others, it can put others in grief or hate or fear. This is disturbing to partnerships or disturbing to friendships to be around somebody that has a known condition of a cortex grievance; they call it a cortex grievance.


Most likely, the ones that mind bend you the most have a cortex grievance problem; and if so, you’re not going to feel well in their presence. In most cases you’re going to feel either uncared-for or in fear or aggravated in some fashion or in an emotion that is less than positive in your dance with this particular individual. There’s so many that are befalling set conditions of cortex disturbances that you may be choosing who you spend a lot of time with if you have a choice to. Some of you may be working with people with cortex disturbances ahead and you’ll have to learn to overcome them by creating a much more stable cortex perhaps than would have been otherwise in another society where the minds matched and more or less everything supported wellness rather than unwellness.


Sugar, Junk Food and the Mind Benders


So here we want to get into all the things we know about our society that support unwellness. One is junk food; you know people eating too much sugar and salt; it’s going to create mind waves that surge and then want to bend others. The people on their sugar highs are going to be gifted at mind-bending others into disturbances that they’re not acknowledging until they over consume salt, and then suddenly they’re in their own fear or their own trepidation or their own uneasiness about reality. Then they go back to eat too much sugar and the mind surges again and they feel a little better.


The problem is sugar and salt don’t allow the health of the body to be retained in light because you need many food substances to contain the body and health over time and to feed the cells in their growing light wave DNA. And so, those of that stature that may mind bend may also grow to be very unwell physically over time even though they may feel well as long as they’re on their sugar high.


Now I’ll explain for you why the sugar high isn’t really good. The sugar high leads to a particular substance called glucose being excessively present and in the cortex fluid or the blood of the mind. As you have too much glucose, the waves of the mind surge and then it can burn the growing layers of your cortex to a point that you will not be able to really ever balance the mind perhaps into the future. So, surviving on sugar is really one way to make sure that your mindset never develops into fullness or wholeness or where you would like to be well all the time in everything you do and everyone that you approach and everyone that you care for and so on in your life.


In a society of mind benders and that’s really what you are dealing with; that this is a society of mind benders addicted to substances that aren’t good for the body or the mind really in the long haul. It is primarily sugar but it’s also petrochemicals that trigger the mind to surge and maybe people feel good eating their Doritos or whatever else is coated with some petrochemical flavor. It causes the mind to feel okay for the moment but then in the end they end up bending all their unwell states of being on top of others.


That’s what mind bend is; that “I’m going to send to you my unwell state of being and not experience it in me at all; but I’ll let you experience it over there. I’m going to push it over there in a mind wave that flows from my flaring cortex to your more balanced cortex until your balanced cortex is just like going nuts in one direction or another.” That’s a very difficult place to be if that’s somebody that you’re living with or somebody that you are working with recurrently.


Eating the Right Foods for Balanced Mindset


How do you retain non-mind bend in those circumstances of people addicted to sugar? We’ll get into the media a little bit of what that does to the minds of the masses too. Therefore, mind bend is a function of poor diet and in a way the desire to be well all the time and have enough energy or stamina to live their lives. It’s really dysfunctional in the sense that the cortex will never mature on a poor diet into its full set of synapses. So although light is triggering the mind to grow in many people, they’re going to end up with other disturbances yet in the body for not growing a complete set of synapses and a complete fourth or fifth level of layer of cortex on both sides of the mind or both sides of the cortex and so what will happen is an imbalance in the body.


And so, if you don’t eat the right foods to grow the mind, then the imbalance surges down the spine and sooner or later you end up with either a lung condition, a heart condition, a condition in the liver, kidneys, spleen or pancreas because the mind and its flaring are going to surge one of those major organ groups to a point that it cooks itself and then gets sick. And so, those in the wrong diet for mindset development, even the youth, are going to have physical disturbances that are quite extreme maybe within a short time because light tends to force the issues of disease to an extreme as it surges on more greatly on the planet.


So, for those of you knowing that your mindset is growing, then you really do need to give consideration to the need to provide the right foods for you. And as of the last eight to nine months and in Per and Asur’Ana’s recovery, feeding the mind has become the more important focus than perhaps the organs of the body because it’s understood that if the mind is imbalanced, the organs are going to be disturbed and get unwell faster than if you balance the mind.


So they’re being taught to look at well what do I need to eat for balanced mindset? Here you get into some issues that Babaji brought forward; but we’re going to explain it from an extrapolative level of what does the mind need to synapse properly and motion properly, so that it ceases to either flare or snuff out then leading to a disturbance that you call anxiety or depression, or an over need to anticipate yourself or your future or worry is another term for that, or also a need to be asleep in order to be okay in your life.


Those are the four corners of mind bend; either you’re anxious or you’re depressed or you’re thinking about you’re worrying about something you shouldn’t worry about or you just want to sleep to be well. Those are the four states of being that you can say, “Okay I’m in a mind bend now.” If you’re anxious; if you’re depressed; if you’re worried or if you just want to sleep and Asur’Ana and Per have gone through all four corners many times.


They’re learning over time what to feed themself that helps the mind to stay balanced with a recognition given that our mind bend society just wants to force you in one direction to an extreme, as you engage with people that you have to develop the mind into enough synapses that it ceases to bend almost under any condition. Then you feed the mind what it needs to cease to bend in each condition you engage with and each person you engage with in this life of yours.


The Need for Protein


One of the larger extrapolative needs is protein; but protein that is needed has to be usable to the mind, and the body needs to be able to digest it too. So you need to have enough enzymes in your system in order to digest the protein you’re giving it to the abdomen so that it can reach the mind. Some proteins digest easier than others in certain combinations then you might understand otherwise. I mean some of you like to probably create a fruit smoothie and add a scoop of protein powder to it, and if that protein powder is very good for the mind then it will be good for you to do it that way. Some proteins are good for the mind and others aren’t and it has to do with amino acid blends that sometimes when they come from grains may or may not feed the mind as well as tofu.


If tofu or soy products feed the mind more than protein powder, then we suggest that perhaps you’ll simply use soy milk as the base of your smoothie and then you give the mind a boost and the body has enough enzymes in the fruit that you’re putting in your smoothie to digest all the protein in the soy and feed the mind. Maybe that’s a better morning food for you then say using a scoop of protein powder. Per uses soy milk and fresh strawberries to make strawberry smoothie for Asur’Ana and himself as their morning breakfast and then their mind balances out and they can get on with their day.


So feeding the mind may become a very big observation of you if you’re prone to the four corners of mind bent. If you get tired easily and just want to sleep, that’s a sign that there is not enough sugars available to the mind okay. So sleepiness and tiredness is that perhaps you’re not giving yourself enough fruit sugars. Fruit sugars that feed the mind are very different; they are not necessarily sugars from juice that has been packaged and put on this shelf. It’s going to be from fresh fruit; so you’re better off feeding yourself fresh fruit to feed the mind if you’re tired than you are going for a bottled juice that may also be laced with fructose or sugars that aren’t really good for the mind.


Foods Useful for Mindset Development


Fructose will flare the mind. Now we know that fruits naturally have fructose in it but they’re fresh fruits and they have enzymes; and so, the fructose breaks down into other types of sugars that are actually very good for a tired mind. So when the mind is tired and you want to sleep, you need more fruit. Some of the ones we recommend are in the berry groups or the kiwi. Kiwi is a very useful substance and Asur’Ana and Per have taken to feeding their mind with Kiwi and coconut water for electrolytes. That’s sometimes an excellent early morning substance to give yourself to awaken the mind.


Coffee is also useful in balancing the two sides of the cortex. When you have a cortex disturbance and you tend to bend into anxiety, then the right cortex is over ignited and the left side of the cortex is not igniting enough. And so, coffee tends to trigger the mind to completely open in all synapses. The other substance that does this is ASEA for those that are trying the ASEA product. Cell food also has a way of aerating the blood to cause the synapses to ignite evenly on both sides of the cortex leading to less mind bend.


Another food that’s very good at triggering the back side of the mind to ignite is chocolate; we call the back side the scapula. Those of you addicted to chocolate may have a scapula problem. Now the scapula has to do with the unconscious understanding of your life, and most of you go to sleep to understand your life in the unconscious context of your reality. Chocolate will have a tendency to bring the unconscious to consciousness so you can understand the self of you or your self-realization more readily. So if you feel confused about your path in the moment, try chocolate.


Asur’Ana had this amazing recipe of coconut cream; a heavy coconut cream that you buy in a little box and melt it down and add two huge tablespoons of cocoa powder, throw in goji berries and coconut flakes, and a drop of stevia. Heat it up, melt it, blend it up, put it in a container and refrigerate it and nibble on it. It was a major anti mind bend substance for her for a long time in her early transfusion. So we recommend the chocolate if you want to bring your unconscious worlds to consciousness to better understand yourself, or what you need to forgive about others or in the dance of life, or what you need to find compassion for, or what assemblage point in you need to change to be better in your world of you.


Moving Yourself Out of the Depression or Suicidal Mind Bend of Another


Now when the body gets ill, the mind will sink into depression. So if the body is overly toxic, the cortex ceases to motion as much. Therefore, if you tend towards a lot of depression or a sense of grief a lot, then your body is overly toxic. So what you need to do is do an anti-toxin diet or a detox system; one of which can be fasting on juices for up to a month; another could be fasting on pure water for a week or more, to let the blood purify enough that the mind ceases to snuff itself out.


An overly toxic body is going to create extreme depression or even suicidal feelings. Now that is clearly also a mind bend condition. If you were with people that like to flare their cortex and aren’t well generally in their bodies because they’re not feeding the body well; they’re not exercising it; they’re not doing the right things for themselves. If they flare their cortex a lot due to eating sugar or junk food, then they can force your cortex literally to snuff itself out leading to depression and suicidal feelings even though you’ve purified and fasted and done all the right dietary things that you needed to for your light wave development.


Being around somebody like that recurrently can be very obsessive where it leaves you within yourself. The best thing to do is obviously try to disassociate with that type of individual, but if it’s somebody you work with or as family that you see recurrently then maybe that’s very difficult. So the other obstinate thing you can begin to look at as well is, “What do I need to do to keep the mind well and move myself out of the depression or the suicidal mind bend of another?”


And we talked about blessing here in our prose. Bless the one who is ill and recognize that you may not be so ill because you’re actually well, unless you encounter this person that mind bends you all the way to the left into feeling like you don’t want to live, or you don’t care about life anymore, or you feel depressed, or you can’t see the beauty and the sunshine in the morning or all these things that happen when huge mind bend of depression unfold.


Now there are foods that do heal mind bend of depression and the herbs of rosemary and basil are very useful for that. Also sometimes depression can lift if you add more starches to the diet because the starches stabilize the mind from lopping over on one side or the other. Now what happens in depression is that the left side of the cortex is under stimulated and the right side is over stimulated so the flow of the mind literally goes to the left or falls off your head. In anxiety, it’s the opposite; the left side of the cortex is over stimulated and the right side under stimulated and the mind literally bends off the side of the right side of your head.


Protecting Yourself from the Mind Benders


In any case, a well mind is straight up and holds itself in the middle and rotates itself in the middle and stays consistently in a formation of wave above the head in the center of what you would call your apex of self. Your apex of self forms as a V up here and in theory the mind wave should stay within that V; and if it doesn’t stay within that V, it falls out of the self of you. And so, a mind bend means that you’re not in yourself; you’re in someone else. That’s going to sound very strange to some of you to think about, but what the mind bender does is he throws your mind off in one direction or another and now you’re experiencing the self of them rather than the self of you okay.


So the mind bender may be actually very depressed but they go about eating their sugars or their junk food or whatever they do to try to offset their own depression, and then they send a flare over to your cortex snuffing out the right side of the brain. Then all of a sudden you go into a state of depression and you’re feeling the self of them that is ill due to their own dietary and life habits that really don’t work for them, and then you experience it as if it were you. That is what mind bend does; you end up experiencing the reality of another rather than the reality of you.


The same thing can occur if you’re around somebody who mind bends you into anxiety. They send out a flare; they snuff out the right side of the cortex and then the energy bends to the right; and all of a sudden, you’re experiencing the self of them that is anxious about everything and uses maybe a heavy salt diet to keep themselves feeling well throughout the day. So they’re eating their Doritos and their potato chips, and then mind bend you into their own anxiety which they’re not feeling at all because they’re eating the wrong foods and mind bend you into their own condition. That’s a very sick thing to have experienced recurrently in any kind of condition, of either a live in person, or roommate, or spouse or someone you have to work with day in and day out.


So, what can you do to shore yourself up? One is you can learn not to share realities as much. One of the things in our societies we kind of share a common reality is you go to work and you’re all in a common reality. Therefore, one thing you might choose to do to un-mind bend you is pull yourself all the way into the reality of you and create a work reality that works for you, and not participate in a shared reality where they can bow at you in a way that causes you to be either anxious or depressed.


Blessing also works, and that’s what this prose is speaking to. When you bless, your mind straightens out; when you care, the energy starts to flow up from the chest and up and clear the mind. So choosing to bless the person that perhaps upsets you is one way of clearing the mind, and it is a reaction of heart space to un-mind bend. The mind-heart system was meant to work together, and if you’re subject to extreme mind bend then most likely your heart system isn’t working very well.


Perhaps there’s something in your life that is causing you to feel like you shouldn’t love or you shouldn’t care; perhaps you don’t feel loved enough within due to some circumstance that has befallen you. Whatever it is, it may be worthwhile focusing upon and realizing beyond why you’ve ceased to care or feel cared for within okay. Because non-mind bend is also a heart action and that’s what we want to speak to a little bit today.


Un-Mind Bend Yourself with Nature’s Support


Image of a mountaintop region in majestic Innsbruck


Now we’re going to bring up another one of Asur’Ana’s photos here. This is from a mountaintop region in beautiful Innsbruck. This mountain range spoke to non-mind bend, like straighten yourself out and climb the mountain of yourself, and move your energy of your mind up and up and up until everything that worries you or creates despondency in you just simply clears. There are natural world habitats that are natural mind bend not places to go visit; and it may be very important to find those places that perhaps aren’t far away that you can take them a mini-holiday to and enjoy the space of, to un-mind bend yourself of all that worries you, or your anxieties, or the things in your world that you’re not sure about or you feel unclear about in this time of mindset development.


As the mind develops, it goes through all different emotional constituencies of problems until it balances itself out. Nature can be very supportive to balancing your mind bend if you find those places that cause your mind to go up and straighten itself out, and this mountain range had a lift system that caused the mind to unbend. Some regions are better at this than others so you have to kind of feel them out within yourself to see what makes you feel good or well or straightens out your anxieties as you go and visit the natural world tundra in your region.


Sometimes this mountain spoke to big care space too and that helped because then you could be in the care sway of the Alps. In the care sway of the Alps, the care sway of the heart kind of flushed the mind into another state of being where the worry could be left behind and that’s one of the beauties of a non-mind bend region. Now for those living here, they were probably gentler in their realities than many other places that people live; however, for those that get sucked into the media hype of television, or movies, or game shows, or toy robots or wherever they go it doesn’t have that big of an effect.


Hyperniated Realities


And we’ll explain it this way; although the energy of the Alps would want to say un-mind bend, be at peace, be in the natural world and enjoy your world with one another. People sitting in front of the media do something else; they hyperniate the mind. So if you are still addicted to some television or news or whatever it is, maybe even some of the movies that you might still enjoy or think they have a kind theme, you have to be aware of hyperniated realities okay. Hyperniated realities race in time. So even though the mountain range and the people living here might do well outdoors, the moment they go sit in front of their television; the mind goes into hyper-speed and wobbles back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth.


Now perhaps that’s entertaining while you watch your game show or whatever you’re watching on the TV or movie because it draws your attention into that motion. But in the end what that does is de-syncopate the left and the right sides of the cortex to a point where one or the other snuffs out; and that leads either to the mind bend of anxiety or depression through time. The people of Austria were very depressed people. We had never seen so many depressed little old ladies riding the trains that couldn’t even smile, and we pondered why is that with these beautiful Alps that make us feel good and make our heart sing.


What is it about this we’re not grasping about their reality? It’s an oppression that can hit people to a point where they can’t sing or be well in their own society which says, oh no, you can’t really be that happy. And if you’re really that happy, then you’re sick, or you’re on drugs or you’re not stable or something like that. Austria was one society and Germany too that has this attitude; Switzerland some too, especially the German side of Switzerland, has this attitude that it is unwell to be happy. That’s something really to learn to get out of if you are of that culture because that’s not true. So it’s something for you to realize beyond.


Now other cultures are happier generally as long as you feel well about your life and that can be true in Italy or France or Greece. In America we have this attitude to be happy all the time and if you’re not, you’re sick; so it’s the opposite of Germany that you’re really unwell if you’re depressed or suicidal and you’re only really okay if you are well. In any society, you’re going to have a mixture of anything and the truth is if you feel that it’s wrong to be unwell, and this is also an Australian attitude, that if you’re depressed or you’re tired all the time, then you’re unwell; if you’re happy, then that’s normal.


The truth is in mindset development, you probably can’t offset times of all conditions whether it’s depression, anxiety, or being tired or being worried. You maybe would not be able to offset any of it because the cortex has yet to grown and to grow into its fullness. Now for Asur’Ana, it’s taken four years and she is getting to the point where the mind is much more stable than in earlier times where she’d raced through these difficult emotions and try to stabilize herself by motioning more light up through her mind. So that’s another thing you can think about if you’re bent and wonder one of the four directions you need more light to be motioning up through the mind than before.


Exercise Leads to a Non-Mind Bend State of Being


So how can you accomplish that? Well one way is to get into the mountain stream or an air stream that motions light up that allows you to mind bend like this mountain range. Another way to do that is to take a walk or a bike ride or get into a pool or a Jacuzzi and motion the body. Because as you motion the body, the body starts to produce its own light more naturally and starts to light sway and light transfuse better that will then lead to a non-mind bend state of being.


For some of you, you may need to exercise every day to straighten out your mind and not to gyp yourself on that because that’s what will keep you in a centered and better state of well-being within yourself. I’ll speak to that from the circumference of the mind itself. The mind needs blood, and if you exercise, you get more blood into the cortex. It needs air, and as you exercise, you breathe more because most of you are accustomed to shallow breathing.


Recently, Per bought an oxygen enhancer personal oxygen bar and he finds that very useful to enhance his mind and keep it straight. There are devices like this, but another natural way to go about that is simply to go take a walk or swim and get some more exercise, or dance around the house and inhale more and then you get more air to the mind. So we’re going to talk about the mind and gases here in a moment too because that’s important to mind bend systems.


Frontal Lobe Disturbance and Recommended Foods


Image of the beautiful Limahuli Garden in Hawaii


Now we’re going to go to another picture here and this is one that I very much enjoy. This is Limahuli Garden in Hawaii and it’s up on the ridge. It was very much a peaceful mind bend not like let it all go; if you were here live you would hear the crashing waves at the shore that are very loud beneath. And all of that would just relax Per and Asur’Ana into letting go of whatever was disturbing them in that time.


In the light motions of Hawaii, the waves of the land often mind bent Asur’Ana into worry, and not so much depression but worry about their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS), or worry about Per or herself, and worry about their next journey wherever they were going. And she would un-mind bend frequently by coming here perhaps every few weeks for a long walk. In mind bend into worry, it is a frontal lobe disturbance also.


Your frontal lobe has synapses and if they don’t ignite properly, it can create a surge on the back of the scapula, on the back of the head, that then over ignites the frontal lobe without motioning the synapses in the back of the head. That’s what causes worry; so the scapula snuffs itself out and the frontal lobe over ignites and now you’ve got a state of worry where you’re concerned about everything.


One of the best foods to ignite the scapula is fresh tomatoes or tomato sauce. Tomatoes have an acid in it that is needed to ignite synapses, and so tomatoes should be a regular part of your diet anyway. But if you do a large dose of tomato juice or a large dose of tomato sauce, it will trigger the scapula to ignite to balance out the frontal lobe and then you’ll come more to peace or let go of your worry. Therefore, a diet of high amounts of tomatoes is helpful for that.


The other thing that is good, and this is what Asur’Ana did a lot of on the islands, is pineapple because pineapple also has an acid in it that will ignite the scapula and let go of the worry. The third food that’s really good is broccoli as broccoli has another substance that will cause the scapula to stabilize so the frontal lobe doesn’t over ignite and then leads to more balance where worry can be left behind.


Now on the other side of the equation; if the frontal lobe snuffs itself out and the scapula goes over active in the back of the head, then you’re tired and you want to rest. So the frontal lobe needs to be ignited and we talked about chocolate being helpful for that; but also other foods that are good for that include asparagus, cauliflower and potatoes, especially purple potatoes, if you can find them. There’s something in the purple potato that causes the frontal lobe to ignite more greatly if your scapula tends to be overactive and you feel very lethargic or tired through time. In all of these things, balance is what you’re seeking. You want the frontal lobe, the scapula, and the left and the right sides of the cortex to ignite evenly and then more likely than not, you are in a balanced mindset that says, “Geez, I feel well and I be well.”


Choosing the Right Places and Associations to Heal Mind Bend


Now there are places that will put you into that sense of wellness and not only in nature but some spa systems where you might go for a massage, or a mud bath, or something or a soak in a mineral spring may have a natural wave in it that triggers your mind to balance. And so, those are good places to take yourself on the odd occasion that you may be feeling really mind bend; “Ahh… I need a spa day. Then my mind straightens out and I can begin to allow my mind to heal of what triggers it to bend in one of the four directions.”


The other thing that can be very useful to the state of non-mind bend is the right people, the right associations. Minds were meant to work together and some people trigger each other to come to a state of wellness when others perhaps the opposite. And so, you can choose for friends and associations that lead to you and they feel well. The two minds work together in a syncopated rhythm to draw the waves up and up and up to a point where not only is there like understanding of one another or common feeling of, “Oh geez, this is really nice to be together and talk together; but also I leave feeling well and the mind sways properly in all four parts of the cortex; all four directions are evenly ignited and now I have had a wonderful time and I feel better overall, and I can go about my life and not be so miserable in my mindset development.”


Good partnerships and relationships will keep each other in a non-mind bend state of being. Asur’Ana is very lucky to have Per who really is a good resource of non-mind bend for her, and the same goes for Per to have Asur’Ana in his life. In that way, they are very happy together. However, twin flame love does not last forever on the earth plane; and so, each has learned to rely on herself or himself to be balanced within and in a non-mind bend state of being.


We have one associate who when her husband passed and left her life, it’s been quite a traumatic experience because she relied on him maybe too much for her balanced mindset rather than developing the cortex more fully to hold its own stability. So it’s been a journey of developing the cortex and feeding the body all the right foods until the synapses ignite more evenly and then feeding her body the right diet to allow for a more beautiful state of being to emerge day to day.


Internalize a Mind Bend Not State of Peace


Image of a peaceful overlook where all the taro is produced by the local Hawaiians


Now we’ll speak to one more thing as we pull up another picture. This is another island scene that’s very very beautiful and it’s an overlook where all the taro is produced by the local Hawaiians for their own consumption of poi. It had a beautiful mind bend not repose of just be like a Hawaiian; and be at peace with the land and the sway of who you are becoming in this world, in this journey of yours. Asur’Ana would often stop at this overlook because it wasn’t far from where she was living and just sighed at how beautiful it was to be in Hawaii. There are places like this that are in canyons everywhere; any national park will have at least one or two canyons where you will experience a mind bend not state of peace; but the goal is to internalize that within yourself.


Once you find that, then in your meditative states and even if you’re just at home or anywhere else, you can close your eyes and imagine yourself there and not in your home or office or wherever else stresses you out. Because for spirit there really isn’t time or space or form; that your field can be anywhere you would like to place it and not necessarily where you think you reside.


Some of you may be residing in places of harsh light or working in places of harsh light. In your mind, if you can transit with your field to a place that’s beautiful, it makes you feel well and sit there even though you are at your home or you’re in your office or wherever else you may be. You may find that you learn to feel better within yourself by internalizing the beautiful mind bend not canyon into the infrastructure of your transfusion and light wave systems. And so, we will speak to that a little bit because we have this belief that the body has to be related to the energy systems of everything that’s around you.


The truth is that’s not really true. You can be related to the energy systems of a place that you experienced and have experienced recurrently enough that you can internalize that motion and be in the canyon rather than in the reality of the city, or the train station, or the airport or wherever you have to frequent day to day. Now that’s a learned decision to realize into for those of you that want to be at peace. One of the goals of realization is to make peace with yourself and with each and to find your way to a state of peace. Obviously, mind bend is not a state of peace; it’s quite the opposite.


When you’re not in a state of peace, it agitates spirit; it agitates you; it agitates everything around you and it isn’t the best place to be within you for your day-to-day living. It’s not good for the body either because a consistent state of depression, or anxiety, or tiredness or worry is going to cause the body to get sick if you don’t realize beyond it. Of course, in part you’re growing in mind so there is a physiological need to sprout a full fourth or fifth layer and all the synapses involved. And so, there is a physiological condition that also lies behind a state of non-peace.


The Hypothalamus


When all the synapses come together, then there’s one other condition that we’ll speak to and that’s called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is like the pain-pleasure center of the body and if the hypothalamus is underdeveloped, you can always be in pain. When it fully develops, then it finds its way to more of a state of peace. So, the development of the hypothalamus also needs to come into its full bloom in addition to the four sides of the cortex; the frontal lobe, the scapula, and then the right and the left hemisphere.


The hypothalamus is kind of in the middle of the right and left and front and back sides of the mind. You can think of it as your center point of the mind and what feeds the hypothalamus will trigger it to go into ecstatic reunion. Therefore, ecstatic reunion is a biochemical state of being that can be triggered by certain substances to go into ecstatic reunion. Now some of you may have experimented with drugs over time, and we’re not going to speak to them as right or wrong except if they damage the mind. There are things that trigger the hypothalamus and one of which is ice or also known as meth; should not be used please because it damages the hypothalamus over time, and it may wither and then lead to extreme suicidal feelings and depression over time.


Some Herbs and Drugs That Stimulate the Hypothalamus


Some drugs mildly stimulate the hypothalamus such as peyote, but even so recurrent use of peyote will damage the hypothalamus over time. The body needs to learn to produce its own chemistry that leads to the flavor of ecstatic reunion and this incredible sense of grace and peace and love of the world and love of everything. When the hypothalamus is in full bloom and producing all of its own internal natural biochemistry, living in a state of ecstatic reunion becomes more the norm than not. So you can think of your mind bend also as a result of an underdeveloped hypothalamus that needs certain chemistry in order to bring itself into balance.


There are some herbs that are useful to help stimulate the hypothalamus to producing more of its own internal chemistry, and one of which is hoodia, which is an African stamina herb. In the US, they consider it an herb you take to diet and not eat because you ingest it and you don’t feel like eating, because it’s like falling in love or being in love is another way of thinking about it. So using hoodie as a stimulant for the hypothalamus to produce its own natural chemicals that trigger you to be in more of a state of peace or ecstatic reunion could be another useful substance you add to your daily regimen.


There are other drugs that have been used by shamans throughout the world. Ayahuasca is another one of them. I’m not recommending that you experiment with these because they can be such a large dosage of something that may put you in reunion but then go on to damage the liver or the spleen. That’s a real problem for people that perhaps get into that kind of shamanic drug use too heavily as they actually end up killing the body in the long haul. It’s very difficult to understand the needs of the mind and the needs of the body in a juxtaposition of all the herbs or supplements or the things that you may put yourself on.


Generally, if you ingest small dosages of herbs each day or B complex or vitamin C or some of these things we’ve recommended, you’re not going to injure anything in the mind and it’ll help to heal the body; and that’s the direction we point. But getting your hypothalamus to produce all of its natural chemicals will lead to a natural high and that we are aware of sometimes at events. A natural high is also a gaseous condition that comes up or bubbles up from a pure body leading to the hypothalamus being in balanced in producing its own natural chemistry.


Food Combinations


There are some gases that are very noxious to the hypothalamus. You can look at your own digestion here from another way to point to what causes mind disturbances. If you tend to eat the wrong combination of foods creating a lot of gases that are flatulent oriented and they smell. Those gases still come up and permeate the mind, and it’s a fermentation of the gut that may be one of the biggest mind bends that you could imagine yourself going into overtime, and especially as light is spawned.


And so, if you have indigestion conditions and if you want balanced mindset, you really need to treat that. One of the biggest things that will treat indigestion is food combining. Asur’Ana has learned now after years of maybe having more indigestions than she really needed; not to mix protein and carbohydrates in any meal. If you’re eating protein, you can have it with vegetables or better yet all by itself; and then wait if you’re going to have carbs at least six hours or perhaps into the next day. And if you’re going to have a carb day, have carbs and vegetables that day; and then do your protein and vegetables the next day, and that seems to keep her intestine smooth and nongaseous. As a result, she’s not producing these noxious gases that turn around and mind bend her into worry. So one of the symptoms of indigestion and a lot of fermentation is worry.


Mindset Reset


Now there’s another condition where the intestines may like flood and you get cramping or what you call diarrhea. That can lead to tiredness that it literally triggers the scapula to surge in its motion telling you to rest. Why would that be a need of the body? Well, the body’s saying if the intestines are overactive then something’s wrong in the overall pitch of your motions, and the best way to trigger balance in your motions is to rest for four to six hours; perhaps even into a deep sleep where everything can be reset.


And so, we’ll explain mindset reset okay. When you finally go to sleep, all the synapses on all four parts of your cortex shut down and you go into an inner layer of cortex synapse that motions in your dream time; what you dream while you’re not awake. In dreaming while you’re not awake, what you do is you seek to find out what it is you need to forgive or understand or release to cease to worry or cease to participate in the dance of depression or anxiety in your life. Therefore, as you rest the synapses all reset; they renourish themselves with all the biochemistry that they need, and then you wake up less of a mind bend and ready to live your day.


Herbs Useful for Resting the Mind and the Spine


Now there are substances you can take that will allow the cortex to rest, one of which is valerian root. If you take enough valerian root at the end of a day when you have digestive upset and maybe are in some kind of mind bend of one direction or another; worry, anxiety or even depression, the mind will rest significantly enough that you’ll wake up in a less oppressive state the next day. So valerian root is a good treatment for not only digestive disturbances but for the mind to rest so that you can readjust your synapse motions to keep everything in health through time.


Sleep is very needed to the cortex and sometimes light triggers it to be overly active. Some of you don’t rest much at all and that’s really not good for your cortex growth either because the cortex grows when you rest or you sleep deeply. The Tao comes in and does surgery on the mind when you’re asleep and not while you’re awake at night. And so, if you were prone to not rest frequently enough you might really need to use the valerian root two or three times a week and in relatively large dosages late in the evening or after your main meal or dinner; and then let the cortex go to sleep and that may begin to offset some of the recurrent mind bend that you’ve been going into through time in this life of yours.


The other condition that can be very disturbing is a need to sleep too much in which case hoodia helps, but also ginseng and rhodiola, are two amazing substances to take to percolate the mind. You can go between taking your ginseng, hoodia and rhodiola in the morning, and then doing your valerian root and maybe passionflower in the evening to get it to rest; and they don’t really conflict with one another. Oddly enough, herbs tend to synergize between the sets that you’re taking and the body seems to know what to do with them. You’re trying to rest at night and not during the day unless you’re working a night shift, and that when you go to take your valerian root and passionflower, it says oh we’re going to apply this to letting the mind rest.


Now one of the things that causes the mind not to rest is an overly active spine. So the spine motions its energy up and up and up and it triggers the mind to flux. Therefore, when you can’t sleep at night, the spine is motioning too heavily and the valerian root soothes the spine so that it rests and it goes to peace and then you can go to sleep a little bit and reset your cortex for more balance.


The other herb that’s very good for resting the spine is kava kava and that is a Hawaiian favorite. They even have kava kava bars on Kauai and perhaps on the other islands too where the Hawaiians come and have a kava kava drink at the end of the day rather than alcohol. Kava kava and the Hawaiian structure actually worked very well for some. Kava kava could be very toxic so you need to muscle test for yourself what’s best for you. Valerian root tends to be less toxic in most biology’s and might be the preferred choice to rest the spine and rest the mind so that you can wake up the next day in balance having received your Tao surgery for balanced mindset.


Purifying Your Mind of Disturbing Gases


Now we’re going to go to one more photo here. When we were in Hawaii, often I would go to the beautiful shoreline where there was this amazing perch of a lighthouse; and all the birds would nest along the hills and the waves would crash and the wind would blow and it would like blow your mindset free. There’s something about wind and your mind. The wind when it blows your hair forward clears the mind of gases that may disturb it; you can simulate this maybe by getting on a bike and taking a ride around the block or around the neighborhood and suddenly the air blows through your hair and all of a sudden you feel better.


Image of an amazing perch of a lighthouse in Kauai


It’s because gases can accumulate around the cortex that can disturb it; and of course, many of us sit in work environments where you never really get outside until the end of the day. You may ponder your own disturbances in a gaseous environment of an office that doesn’t work necessarily well with your mind. Now one of the things you could do to help your mind at work is to have a few houseplants around your computer or at your desk because house plants produce oxygen and several other gases that are actually very useful to unbend the mind.


If you tend to live in a house without house plants and your mind bent, please rethink of yourself about how you want to decorate. I would recommend two rather large plants in each room to keep you in a better gaseous state in your mind. The other thing that’s helpful is an air purifier or an ionizer. Air purifiers and ionizers can be purchased for a very small amount of money and the ions will keep the gases around your cortex more pure so you’re less subject to mind bent. That’s something you can have running at your desk in the office because they’re quiet and silent and nobody might even know what it is that you’re running.


The other thing that is useful is an open window if you have an opportunity to have real air coming into the office, but often the way offices are constructed are very barbaric on both the mind and the body in the opinion of the Dao and Tao of Earth. And so, you can rethink that for yourself. The other thing that is nice is a small fountain of running water; the running water will bring about a certain level of ions also, if you don’t have an ionizer that will purify your mind in your work condition or in your home.


Another thing that’s very nice is the salt lamps that are very popular from the Himalayas which produce a natural ion that clears the mind when they’re lit with the right frequency of electricity in a little bowl. So all of these can help you retain more of a mind bend not at home or at work if you just choose to go and apply what’s needed to keep you feeling well. Plants also bring the dream of the outdoors indoors so the plant can hold that dream of the canyon of peace that you’ve come to know in your travels perhaps in your office or in your home so that you just feel well wherever you are.


Verbal Mind Bending


Mind bend is a percolation also of disturbance of what you focus on. So that’s our next thing to speak about is that what you focus on can bend the mind. Many like to focus upon ill things sometimes, and it’s hard not to. Here’s your mother-in-law and she’s coming for a visit and suddenly all you can think about her in dread of needing to see her again, and not really wanting her to be a part of your life but feeling obligated because of the grandkids that she needs to see, and so on and so on and so on. She just keeps coming into your mind and coming into your mind and with maybe some nasty comments that she said to you in the past; and you just can’t shed it out of you so that you can just be at peace.


So what is it about particular percolation with different people that trigger our mind bend into a loop of weirdness, or worry or concern or disturbance, based on what they said or who they are or what it is that they do to us that make us feel uncomfortable about ourselves in our life. Some people are naturally gifted at verbal mind bend where they just tell you the very thing you don’t need to hear to warble you to a point of worry, or anxiety, or upset or disturbance of some sort.


One associate had a mother like this if you ever wanted to tell a daughter the wrong thing, she did it all the time. And so, this associate was mind bent into disturbance most of her teenage years until she moved on to college where she room mated with a twin flame female friend and they swayed and they played and they were happy. However, the moment she got home mom was there again with all their gripes and so she decided never to live at home again at that point because it was too disturbing to be near her mother’s verbal mind bent.


Now what is it about human behavior that doesn’t want a compliment or care that would rather discourage and push people to feel unwell? Here you need to look at your own behavior too. Some of us feel more empowered when we can tell somebody off or tell them that they’re not beautiful or wonderful or disturbing to you or whatever that is. And if so, then understand you’re a verbal mind bender. If you do that enough, it’s going to discourage people to be maybe friends with you because you disturbed them too much.


But it’s more important than that to recognize it is something to realize beyond that being a verbal mind bender isn’t perhaps useful to you because it creates disturbances in others that then will push back on you. In the end, you’ll end up in the anxiety that you caused in others or emotional response of grief or whatever it is that you caused in others and that’s cause and effect. For those that are verbal mind benders in your life, you can learn to accord something different that perhaps changes their position of what they want to say to you.


Create a Meeting of the Minds for Understanding


Now that’s an interesting topic all its own. How can you take the verbal mind bender and unbend them into a way that they feel well and you feel well and you have a kind accord of understanding instead of an experience of invalidation or judgment or downright abuse? Because some verbal mind benders, if they don’t feel powerful enough, will verbally abuse or create an argument out of nothing. It’s an odd experience to be around a verbal mind bender for any length of time because they just create turmoil with everyone they know and they seem to love or thrive on the turmoil. That’s not useful to maintaining a state of peace or health; so in the end the mind bender that likes the turmoil around them all the time either makes other people ill or eventually gets ill in themselves because the disturbed mind creates disturbances in the biology too.


Then there are those that are prone to be very subjected to being verbally mind bend by certain people who just have that tenacity of behavior that does that in order to be in control or in power. As you learn to assert your power or stand in your truth, sometimes they go off even bigger than perhaps they would have in your sudden change of assemblage point, and the best thing to do is try to make peace if you can by creating a meeting of the minds okay.


So with the verbal mind bender the challenge is to create a meeting of the minds where you both understand one another, and then out of that you create a case of understanding or equality. Now here’s an interesting topic about mind bend. In light motion, the light seeks to create equality of space or equality of light in everybody motioning light. In Atlantean society, it was a society of equality. People lived on script; fame was kind of rare; people knew one another and respected one another; and each had a place or a position in the reality of the whole that was considered a value and of purpose.


Each needed to do something to share of themselves in their life focus and were more or less accepted for it unless they were mind benders or had a mental dysfunction; in which case if it wasn’t resolved with the chemistry of the time and the doctoring at the time, they would euthanize. Because they found in their society that the ones that mind bent everything sufficiently enough, it created societal disturbances; so they decided not to allow for that.


The Mind Benders Rule Our Current Society


Now we’re in the exact opposite of a society where anything goes and I think the mind benders rule the world personally. Those that are the biggest mind benders end up the CEOs and the Chairman or end up as the President or the Vice President. They’re good at mass mind-bending in their favor a direction of what they think that the world should think about, the world in itself, and themselves as an elected official or a boss or super boss or however you want to look at it.


And so, mind bend is revered in your current society and you as a realizing human don’t revere that at all. You think it’s stupid; it’s kind of gross that they don’t understand themselves enough to know that you should work through your issues of power, control and abuse to be in power and all these things that we looked at even in ascension derivative of understanding about life. And so, the mind bender craze is kind of a universal system that’s almost ordained as just the way that it is and not something that perhaps can be changed.


Light in its own way is going to seek to balance the scales, or balance the behavior, or balance the systems into a non-mind bend condition of human growth; and that’s what light is going to seek to do. We have many conditions that don’t help it, such as the wrong foods that people are eating day to day or the junk foods, and it keeps them numb to a certain extent to their own internal state of being when they eat their hamburgers every day and their French fries and the food that feeds something other than their own health and their own gases.


Live in a Rural Environment for Better Health


Then here’s another condition you can think about when you’re in a city environment or in a non-rural environment where there is a lot of people eating a lot of junk food, producing a lot of gases that are noxious to their minds and your minds. Is that really where you want to live? So living amongst a lot of noxious deteriorating people trying to motor light, producing all these ill gases is not a very good condition for you to live within either. It’s far better to try to find a more rural region to work and live and play.


If you’re raising children, then certainly that’s true for them too to be and maybe a more rural classroom environment with fewer children that are also hopefully eating better diets. Perhaps in a region that cares more about organic or cares more about health in some way would be better for you and your family too, just from a standpoint of light and gases if nothing else. In the condensed circumstance of a cityscape where many people are living on top of one another in high-rises or living and working on top of one another in a city environment, the mind bend can become absolutely extreme due to the gases that are emanating out of many people transfusing.


Also, many people are trapped in environments that don’t aerate very well and it can lead to extreme mind bend of lucid insanity. In time people may go more insane in the city environment and do weird things in lucid insanity. It’s a gas problem that the gases that are ill that can rise out of people in poor diets and condensed environments with a lot of cement that don’t aerate can trigger the mind to warble to such an extreme that people literally go insane. It’s happened some maybe in the last 10 years, but due to increases the major gates really flush open upon the planet of Earth.


And so, if you are a realizing human, it is best to be in an environment that has enough open space that can aerate your home and aerate your mind. If you have to work in an environment otherwise, then do the things that you need to such as plants, waterfalls, ion machines or air purifiers and whatever you need is probably a prerequisite for you to move the gases that would accumulate over the mind that may blitz you into something else that would even be more disturbing than depression or anxiety or worry or feeling tired.


We’ll say less about that but be aware and do the things that you need to for your own mind. It’s also for your health of the body but ultimately ill health is also a mind bend all of its own that produces such uneven stimulation that the liver swells, or the heart swells, or has a heart attack, or the pancreas swells and now you’re diabetic, or the spleen swells and now you have seizures or strokes. Those are the big conditions that you really want to offset by allowing yourself not just the right diet but the right environment to maintain your health in light. And that is the gift of what we are trying to share today; that you are a beautiful organism, a beautiful human that’s trying to not only mindset develop but learn to light motion.


Light motions best in scenic countryside experiences, or places by the sea, or places in the mountains with the pine trees, or by lakes or rivers or streams because the light will even out and balance itself; and the gases that are noxious will aerate away in the winds of time that flow through each region like that. Humans were never meant to be condensed on top of one another. Even in Atlantean society, they limited their high rises to three levels; one of which was like a big open space with a lot of plants and sitting areas and places for people to entertain themselves. Then they had two levels of apartments above that, and that was all because they learned over time that if people toppled themselves and went into big high-rises some of them would go insane; and they being a society that really monitored mindset, they really didn’t care for that at all.


In the extrapolated context of our current society, the large number is living in complexes that are more than two or three stories high are probably difficult on the mindset of the people inhabiting those realities, and the insanity may amount to a lot of weird things that show up between people or amongst people that you as a realizing human would rather not be around either. So move yourself out of the cityscape if that’s where you’ve grown to work and be or even the suburbs that are too condensed or dense and move into a more rural environment. Perhaps the rent will be less and the air will be purer and the work may pay less but in the end it all kind of balances out.


Be in Your Truth and in Your Center


The last thing we’ll share to you about mind bend is that it is also a state of truth that is not. Mind bend is a not truth and a not truth means that somehow you are not in your truth. When you’re not in your truth, the mind sways either to the left and to depression, or the right into anxiety, or the front into worry or the back into tiredness or listlessness or hopelessness. In a state of non-truth, you’re not in the center of who you are. One of the quickest ways to pull yourself back into your center is to go into your valley of peace or your valley of non-mind bend and begin to bless and care again first maybe about yourself and then maybe about each that may cause you to mind bend or cause you to feel less than well in this life of yours.


Sometimes the mind also can get frozen to a point that making any kind of change seems impossible and that is another state of being that we’ll explain here as we conclude our session on mind bend issues. If you’re frozen about life, it’s a stigmatism in the cortex in the scapula in the back of the mind. If the back of the mind becomes a recurrent flow of a surge, you will reach a place where you will know perhaps you need to make a change.


Perhaps you need to move to a better region that better support your mind or your life and you’ll get stuck into a place where you feel like you can’t make any change. That is a problem with the scapula and it can be physiological, and it can also be a part of mindset development where the frontal lobe synapses are not fully developed yet; and the scapula surges and then you freeze about perhaps doing what is right for your own life to put you into a better state of well-being. So, you end up staying with a job that you hate, or you end up staying with a partner you shouldn’t be with or you end up staying in the region that isn’t working well with your mind, and you don’t motion on to what is better for your body, mind and spirit to be well within you.


It’s very difficult when the scapula freezes to know sometimes when to change and you’ll put it off; well, I’ll do that next year because some part of me just can’t get myself up and going and motivated to make the change that is best for me and my mindset and my own inner state of wellness and well-being. Sometimes in that it’s hard even to give to yourself the things that you really need to be well; like you don’t take yourself to the spa, you don’t get to the hot springs, you don’t swim enough or you don’t do the things that you really need to bring yourself to a state of balance. When the scapula freezes, there can be deep fear about everything that you’re just in fear of even perhaps going out the door for a time.


Mindset Development Experiences


Please understand that sometimes in mindset development these states of being are temporary and eventually the synapses will form and then that state of being may never be experienced again. Therefore, remember that you are growing your mind and to give yourself the foods that foster the mind growth more rapidly so you’re not stigmatism into a mind bend that is physiological for too long of a time. Do the things that work well to keep the mind stable until that sort of problem sorts itself through.


Now Asur’Ana can say, “I’ve been through all of this okay in my own mind growth of five levels of cortex and it isn’t always easy to experience mind bend. But I did learn to try to get out and walk frequently, and try to get out into the hot springs frequently, and try to be with people that left me feeling better or well over the course of my day and that all helped until the mind could actually grow into its own stability and wellness.”


Now some that are just growing into four levels of cortex, these experiences may be less extreme. Four levels are fostered about 12 synapses in the four corners of the mind. So the scapula has 12 synapses; the left and the right cortex each has 12 synapses; and the frontal lobe has 12 synapses. When they all ignite, you’re at peace. That’s what visspa and vesspa mindset is. Visspa and vesspa can cause a very peaceful state of being to assert itself around you almost like an aura that draws people to feel peaceful near you.


People may desire to be in your presence and that’s true for visspa and vesspa people. People generally like you and they want to be near you and the other side of the coin is in most cases there are also those that love to mind bend, that love to be near visspa and vespa people, and why is that? Well, they want to mind bend themselves into your peace and mind bend you into their anxiety or their strife. If they’re very good at it, you lose that sense of overall peace as a visspa vesspa person by being in the presence of someone that’s a mind bender too frequently. Once you disassociate, you often feel better … “Ah… that’s sweet, I’m just happier to be alone because now I’m not mind bent in their presence.”


Sway with Your Twin for Non-Mind Bend State of Being


The other way and gift of our current emerging twin society is to find a twin to sway with in kinship of either friendship or partnership because twins will always un-mind bend one another. You’ll feel better with your frequent conversations over the phone or the occasional times you share space or time together and they’ll become a recurrent blessing in your life to go spend a little time with your twin. So we give you keys to find twins in your region for kinship and for those of you seeking partnership for romance.


And if you found a twin partner, don’t be obscure about it and think you can just go find another one to replace them oh so easy okay, especially if the partner you’re with leaves you in a non-mind bend state of being more recurrently than not. If your partner un-mind bends you from the strife at work, or the strife with your family, or strife with your children or strife with some unwell friends, then you know you’re with the right person. Those that can un-mind bend each other will have a much more gallant time in light motion not only in partnership but also through time in your health.


Twins are known to heal one another, so twin kinship or twin partnership is not only a divine blessing, but it is a way to heal yourself of almost whatever ails you both mentally and physically through time. Asur’Ana had this experience early in her psychic work. Her teacher Victoria was her twin, and they just swayed together and it allowed Victoria to de-age and renew and grow better into her older age after an eight-year sway of kinship that befell them. When it broke apart, they just each had different directions to motion in their lives; but all the same the twins healed one another.


So twins are the best mind bend not friend, partner, kin you can create for yourself. And so, do that for you, and do it for your mind, and do it for your heart space too. Because twins naturally sway in the heart and bless and say hey I care for you; you care for me; let’s be well together; let’s share of our lives; let’s share of our truth; let’s share of what’s right for us to be well together. And with others that we know that may not be well, but we can talk about them some; and maybe bless them some; and try to understand them some; and then seek something else for ourselves too.


Our Blessings for this Webinar


So, our first blessing for you today is for the right diet for your mind bend not and to find the foods that feed your mind and create stability in the four corners of your mind. Some foods will trigger the mind to not worry, and some foods will trigger it to be not depressed. Some foods will trigger it to be more at peace and not go into anxiety, and some foods will trigger the mind to liven up if you feel tired. So our blessing for you is to find your own rhythm of food and give that to yourself to create a more stable mind that doesn’t bend as easily in your interactions day to day with each person that you may engage with.


The second thing is to seek out those people that are natural non-mind bend associations that give you that sense of love and kinship and sway and wellness that you’re seeking for in your life; and to let go of the ones that don’t leave you feeling well, until maybe you so over stabilized the mind with more synapses. Now in some cases, the Tao of your heart may grow two more synapses on the right and the left sides and the cortex. They will do this if you’re prone to flipping between anxiety and depression; in other cases, they may grow two new synapses on the frontal lobe to allow for more balance between the frontal lobe and the scapula so that worry plagues you less.


In this time period, perhaps we need more than the standard 12 synapses per side of the cortex to stay stable; and if that is so, then allow that to grow within yourself until you create your own mind bend not within by having enough flux to be able to straighten out your own mind easily. And so, we bless you with a gift of assessment tonight about what your cortex needs in order to be better in the wellness of you in a stable mindset that flows above you and not to the front, left, right or back of your head.


The last blessing we have for you is for opening the hypothalamus to all of the biochemistry to allow you to experience a state of ecstatic reunion and beauty and grace within your own mindset. There may be substances you want to feed yourself for a time to foster this in order to understand the motions of the hypothalamus that cause the sense of reunion or oneness or wholeness to emerge from within your own mind; you are a biochemical factory.


A High Protein Diet Is Recommended for Mindset Development


Now the eastern Yogis often put people on an extreme vegan diet of a lot of lentils and a lot of curries and non-protein. They found that in the non-protein diet that the hypothalamus surged and suddenly their following was dancing and singing and playing and doing funny things with one another, feeling more enlightened about life. That was true perhaps for the non-mindset development cycle of that time period of emerging spiritual interest in the West and the East alike. Today a pure vegan diet without protein is a sure step towards a very imbalanced cortex growth. It’s going to lead to extreme depression, or extreme anxiety, or extreme tiredness, or extreme worry or in some cases insanity. So although that worked at another time, that’s not a good diet for emerging mindset development.


The Atlanteans knew this and their diets were highly protein oriented and they made all kinds of interesting things from proteins derived from certain generally beans, such as soy beans, and occasionally they would also be given fish if they had extreme mind deterioration and often after age 40. They raised their fish in sacred ponds and froze it and served it as sashimi and it was very expensive script but often it resolved a state of mental and wellness after some of their society turned age 40. So protein is very important to a state of mindset development, but protein also may not lead to the ecstatic reunion or that state of high that that you might be seeking.


Exercise and the Release of Endorphins


Now high is also known as being caused by endorphins, and endorphins get released as you exercise. If you exercise a fair amount, taking a very long hike, chances are your hypothalamus will release the endorphins to a point that you feel very well. Hypothalamus that’s deteriorated may not be able to foster that even after you take a long walk or hike or swim or really exert yourself on your bike or run. We don’t recommend running by the way for many reasons; it’ll damage the nerves in the feet which in the end will have a surge into the mind that can create mind bend all of its own.


Many of you women that have worn a lot of high heels, you’ve probably damaged the nerves in your feet. Then they have to regrow in order to balance their mind in the end as mindset development takes flight. So if you’ve done that then the feet may be unwell too and may need to grow or sprout in a different direction. If that’s true, once the growth cycle is through the mind bend will also cease that may be triggered by your feet. Exercising is one way to get the feet nerves to balance out too even if they’re deteriorated. So the walking, swimming or even the bike ride is useful for that.


Balancing the Nerves and the Mind with Yoga and Music


We’ll explain mind bend from one other standpoint. Not only the nerves in the feet can be deteriorated but also sometimes the nerves in the hands or the fingers and down the arms. And if they don’t balance out, then again another state of mind bend can occur. How do you balance your nerves in your hands? While rubbing your hands is one way, but the truth is that nerves are interconnected all the way through the body to every synapse in your mind. So if you have 12 synapses on every side of the four corners of your cortex, there are nerves that connect to those synapses throughout the body.


One of the best ways to balance the nerves from the mind to the body is simple yoga. Simple yoga positions will begin to balance the nerves from head to toe and also in the mind. Swimming is another way because the pressure of the water and the hertz of the water will trigger the nerves to balance from head to toe, and left to right, bottom to top and so on. So mind bend is also imbalanced nerves throughout the body that trigger the synapses to misfire and surge on one side or one part of the cortex and diminish on the other. Therefore, whatever you do to balance the motions of the nerves in the body is also a mind bend not for the head.


In Atlantean society, yoga was a daily thing to foster, and also light wave dance which is another motion if you think of hula in Hawaii that balances the mind and the body and the spirit. Any kind of dance can do that and feel free to put the music on in your home and move if you feel depressed, anxious or worried and then see how you feel after. Music also has an effect on mindset and some music will balance your cortex and your nerves in your body and other music won’t. So pay attention to what you listen to and what brings about a better state of well-being within you, and put that on frequently as you drive, or you’re in transit, or as you’re at home, or put it on at work maybe with some headphones as you’re at the computer and see how that helps to balance the cortex too.


Now one thing music does is that it triggers a motion within the nervous system that is akin to taking a walk, or having a swim, or riding a bike or exercising in some manner and we’ll explain it. I’m not talking about hyper music with a lot of drumbeat or rock and roll. I’m talking about certain acoustic music that triggers the mind to motion in such a way that the nerves synapse throughout their body as if you’ve taken a walk, or as if you’ve taken a swim, or as if you have gone somewhere amazing and sat in a valley of peace and experienced that in the love of your heart, in the sway of your feet.


Music Is Highly Personal


Because music triggers the synapses to begin to surge in different directions which then triggers the nerves to surge in different directions through the body that then can lead to balance. Asur’Ana has found Enya’s music pretty amazing at balancing her mind, but there are many others. Most of them will be acoustic and not contain words because if you focus on words, it won’t have the same effect as acoustic music. The words trigger a language that would then triggers the nerves to fire in all different kinds of directions that are not necessarily balancing at all because the words have thoughts; and you think different things about the words or the music, some of which may be good or sad or bad or wonderful or whatever; and that doesn’t necessarily balance the cortex flow to your hands and your feet and the left, right, up and down sides of your nervous system.


So pay attention, if you’re subject to a lot of mind bend, to what music triggers the cortex to surge evenly and the nerves to surge evenly head to toe that then will end your mind bend circumstance. Music is highly personal because each cortex has a different flow or flux or direction. So if you’re in partnership, one may un-mind bend by listening to some music while it bends the mind of the other because it doesn’t do the same for that particular circuitry as your own. And so, be aware that in couple-ship you might find music that leaves you both feeling well and that’s what you play together, and leave the other music that works for you personally perhaps to the car or some private space or with headsets for you to listen to alone.


Music to Support Your Mindset Developing Children


Society has produced a huge wave of metaphysical music and one of the Tao’s directions behind the metaphysical momentum of music and spa directed music too, was to support mind bend not amongst those that were to mindset develop this cycle. The Tao of Earth knew that the current system of media and focus of certain things really triggers sometimes more unwellness than wellness in developing mindset systems. If you think about very loud music with a lot of bass and so on that’s going to disturb a mind in mindset development, when maybe it didn’t in the sound-based days of your youth when you like to dance to rock and roll and thought that was kind of fun.


So be aware if you’re a parent with young children that are mindset developing. The music you might have liked to listen to in your rock and roll days perhaps isn’t good for their minds at all and perhaps you’ll switch directions and find something beautiful and acoustic that synergizes and motions beautiful light that then un-mind bends your family or your experiences with your children and your experiences within you too. Children today are even more sensitive perhaps than you were when you were little, and you may have had your ups and downs that you remember, so you can just imagine how difficult it might be to be born with another layer of cortex already, and into circumstances where people don’t always understand you as a child or how aware you are.


The Little Ones Are Very Aware


Kids coming in with four layers of cortex are extremely aware and even though they may not speak all their words you can speak to them as an adult and they will understand you. We have this attitude in our society that young minds don’t know anything and don’t understand anything and you can’t communicate with them as if they were an adult to create the circumstance that is better for each of you to share within.


That’s a very sad circumstance to think of a young child as kind of like a dog or a cat and sometimes people talk to them as if they’re dogs and cats rather than realizing that that little mind knows a lot more than you give it credit for, and you can just sit down and talk to it as an adult and learn about what they’re thinking about. The young mindsets are also set up to channel Dao and Tao and be very aware of things that maybe you don’t even know in your own current cortex levels as an adult.


So be aware that the little ones coming in are aware, and don’t treat them as pets but treat them as young awakened ones that are trying to understand their world and grow into another cycle of light wave motion with minds that are perhaps more succinct to be in a peaceful state; and be well in themselves more greatly, out of which a world might emerge that is better than what we know today. And so, we bless our children and we bless each of you listening to this particular verbal essay on mindset balance.


Balanced Mindset and Knowing Yourself


The mind is that part of you that knows, and when the mind bends you cease to know you. So when you’re anxious you don’t know you; when you’re worried you don’t know you; when you’re depressed you don’t know you; and when you’re tired. You only know yourself when you’re asleep and that’s probably not useful to realization at all. So mind bend is a state of not knowing you and you could say almost in a deep truth of all of this that if the cortex is disturbed, then knowing you is really almost impossible.


If the cortex is balanced, then knowing you becomes quite easy and you become centered in your approach to who you are, what you know and where you need to go, and where you need to be, and where you need to center in order to dream the dreams that bring to you the joy and fulfillment you’re seeking in this life of yours. And so, whatever you need to do to create a mind bend not as a realizing human is like a very important focus because you’ll never realize you if your mind bends; because you can’t, because you’re not really true to who you are in a mind bent state of condition. In this you will understand in maybe the coming year what it is that you need to do for your body, mind and spirit to retain more of a state of mind bend not then mind bend in your day-to-day actions of life.


And as you do that, the centered space from which you can commune with your Dao and Tao in a state of peace will be more available to you. Then your Dao and Tao can orient you towards what it is you need to understand about existence that will take you into other realms of reality where your mind can expand and your heart can grow and in that you’ll experience other conditions of airstream of thought stream that are not available to the media frenzy of humanity. The reason you’re growing your mind is to create enough synapse flow and enough wave to reach like a tuning fork to these other alternate realities and states of being that are very beautiful and blissful and wonderous to dance with in wave motions that match in a syncopated rhythm allowing you to unfold into deeper states of the truth of you.


Mindset Growth and Divine Opening to Gates of Ecstatic Reunion


The purpose of growing your mind is to expand the waves and then touch upon airstream that then allows you to experience realities that have been here through the eons upon Earth that are of realization stanzas states of being that will give you thoughts that are above the mass media circuitry of mind bend. The masses are one big mind bend all of their own and when you attune to mass consciousness, you’re quite naturally mind bent.


So the mindset growth has to allow enough synapses to form so that the waves that you produce above your cortex don’t match the mass media frenzy of where every other human is at in today’s world because that just is pure mind bend. It may create a false happiness but it is not really true to the state of soaring or divine opening to gates of ecstatic reunion that are possible once your mind can match those waves like a tuning fork.


So the whole point of your mindset development is to reach such a state and some of you get lost in the sickness you feel due to the mind bend that’s due to your own mindset growth; and not all the synapse is being in place to take you into those heights as of yet. So be patient with yourself, feed the body and the mind what it needs to grow; feed the body and the mind what it needs to stay in better balance.


Give to the body what you need to create that balance whether it’s yoga, or swimming, or walking, or bike rides or a beautiful place to live or be that works better for your mind. Give to yourself everything you need to let the mind grow and expand into those altered states that are known only by the Yogis, but you see you’re an emerging yogi too.


And that’s the whole purpose of these verbal articles is to recognize that you are a work in progress. No, it’s not perfect yet and some days your mind may bend or bow into conditions as you transfuse that are very uncomfortable or unpleasant to feel or experience within yourself. But as you continue to grow the mind and the synapses form and the full next layer of the mind fills in, then you will grow into the stability and the whole purposeful mission of why you’re mindset developing in the first place; which is to reach another state of being in your mind that is very ecstatic to experience in this life of yours.


Give to Yourself


Therefore, that’s the purpose behind your mindset development, and there may be little ones who come in with full cortexes who bliss out and go into ecstatic reunion long before you. But you are map making a path towards that goal for yourself too. So we invite you not to give up on that, and not to think it’s impossible to accomplish, and not to think that it is beyond your capability to foster this in your middle age or however old you are; and that it is for you to accomplish, and it is for you to take responsibility over also and not fall into the belief that it’s impossible or will never be accomplished or whatever levels of depression some may fall into in this cycle of growth.


Give to yourself everything that keeps the mind straight not only diet but also perhaps more oxygen or ions or also as Per has recently discovered the use of ASEA. Give to yourself what works and allow the mind to grow and expand to be even more stable until you can soar and sail into ecstatic reunion and let the physical world and its needs kind of drift away. Because in truth, the physical is only physical in all of its anxiety, depression, concern and worry and so on as a mind bend that is collective. It’s not real at all unless you participate in its mind waves.


The collective is so good at driving those mind waves that it’s easy to get carried away in them and not stay stable in your mindset. And so, whatever you need to do to separate from mass media consciousness and mind movements is also important in relation to your own state of mind bend not. Sometimes getting yourself out into nature is one beautiful way to get your mind to straighten out because nature doesn’t motion waves of frenzy. They generally motion waves of peace and that lets your mind come to peace too.


So we bless you also from the natural world reservoirs of Zion National Park and Bryce National Park with a wave motion that unbends the mind and lets you find peace and truth and sweetness again within; and to remember to be well with you; and to bless you and bless each and let the heart expand to also clear the mind. And often that is the message from nature. Don’t discount the heart. It’s not all about the mind, and it’s not all about the heart. We need both. So we thank you for listening to us today and hope you find this information useful. We hope you feel the sway and the healing from the planetary Dao. We thank you again. Namaste


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